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Tax Preparation Expert Reveals Tips on Speeding Up the 2017 Refund Date

Frank Ellis explains how taxpayers can get their refund from the IRS sooner, in an article recently published on


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- In "How to Get a Fast Tax Refund Date in 2017" on, Frank Ellis reveals that the tax refund amount in 2015 was $2800 for about three-quarters of taxpayers who received one. Choosing direct deposit when e-filing is the fastest way to get a refund. The author says 58 percent of taxpayers used this method and that the IRS is working to boost its efficiency. Most federal tax refunds are issued less than 21 days after tax returns are accepted, Ellis states.

The article also discusses several new refund policies. The PATH Act of 2015 is one of them. It permits the IRS to withhold Additional Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit refunds until the middle of February. Taxpayers claiming these credits can expect their refunds by the end of the month. The changes are to combat fraud and reduce other errors.

In general, the IRS will start accepting e-filed tax returns on January 23. The article says the agency is encouraging taxpayers to file as soon as they get a W2 and have copies of previous returns going back at least three years. Other rules have changed too. Each taxpayer must have their adjusted gross income from the previous year's tax return to file electronically.

Although the IRS opens its tax filing season in late January, taxpayers can start e-filing with TurboTax on Wednesday, January 4. The software enables tax forms to be filed and then securely held until the opening of tax season. A link to additional steps is provided so readers can be even more informed about how to get faster refunds.

To learn more about how to get a faster refund date, and about new refund policies the IRS has put in place, visit

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