The Countdown Has Begun - E2kWh Now on Indiegogo


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- These days, people are at the complete mercy of power companies. Individuals can be seen to be sitting for hours in the dark and also have to worry about many other things that are connected with electricity. An adequate solution has now been created in order to allow people to power their houses for $0.12 only per day. Now only is this exceptionally cheap but it also allows individuals to be independent and not worry about power companies or anything as such.

No emissions or consumables are now being required since the Sungroup Energy offers the best way to people for sustaining energy. The best part about this source of power is the fact that the energy production needs absolutely no consumables like wind, sun or even water since it is operated with 1 gallon of hydraulic fluid. The exceptional power unit is going to decrease the overall utility bills of people, which is exactly what everyone requires in the first place. The final design of the power unit is ready for all the interested individuals to see on The tremendous power unit design is now available on the exclusive crowdfunding platform which is known as Indiegogo.

Now individuals are given an amazing opportunity to fund the energy group in order to allow them to be able to release their final power design for the purpose of helping people from all across the globe. Quite a lot of days are still left; therefore, individuals can donate freely or as much as they prefer. Personalized thank you videos are going to be given to all those people who specifically their take precious time out for the purpose of helping the company release the splendid alternative energy source.

The company has recently chosen the famous Indiegogo campaign for their project in order to spread the word everywhere in a short period of time. The power units which have been created by the Sungroup tend to decrease the power bills by 30%, which is rather impressive. The project needs to be funded in the first place and that can be only possible with the help of people who wish to contribute a decent amount of money in the long run. Immediate help is required by the company for the purpose of making their project come true in record time. Not only will the exclusive power unit project help people eliminate power bills but it will also allow them to not be dependent on power companies in the future.

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