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The New Seafood Policy Has Received Criticism from the Victoria Seafood Industry

Chef Pete Hilcke has joined hands to help Australia’s Port Phillip Bay balance out


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Giving an upper hand to recreational fishing has gathered a lot of criticism from eminent names in Melbourne. Right from the Executive Director of Seafood Industry, Mr. Johnathon Davey, to Chef Pete Hilcke, a number of professionals to save this Victorian treasure. The new policy is said to make it difficult for local markets to procure the produce like before. This means that there will be lesser merchandise available for the common man.

The Chef Pete Hilcke is an advocate of sustainable seafood and his pop up restaurant is largely based on the same. There are many such outlets in and around Melbourne whose menus depend on Victorian seafood and this agitation is to ensure that there is enough for all such entities. Produce such as snapper, whiting, etc, which are the most popular types will not be available to the Victorian population and this has made several people join the likes of the Chef.

It is said that millions of commercial fishermen will not be given access to the Port area and this will result in a shortage of sustainable seafood in and around Melbourne. Since the aforementioned area is a hub for the same, it can be difficult to procure seafood for personal as well as commercial purposes.

Apart from interviews and pictures of Pete, viewers can also check his video on the subject at . He says, "Australia is a fish lover's den and with this new policy, there is little to offer to its people, leave alone the rest of the world. This is an effort to provide fresh seafood to everyone and at a place which is convenient, the local markets. An average Australian meal is incomplete without the inclusion of seafood and this is a sad state of affairs."

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The website claims that commercial fishermen stand to lose with the latest changes. It is these people who have their livelihoods based on fishing in the Port Phillip Bay. According to the Chef, this policy is aimed to please only a specific section of people and the local fishermen's plight has been ignored by the Government.

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