The Penny Stock Guide Newsletter Provides Beginner Investors Strategic Advice for Penny Stock Trading

"Penny Stocks Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stock investing"


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- The Penny Stock Guide, the world famous newsletter written by Peter Leeds, provides beginner investors strategic advice which is the key for success in penny stock trading. The newsletter is a priceless resource that educates traders on the basic principles of penny stock trading and comes with a published range of best penny stocks available in the market where investors can invest their money.

The penny stocks are meticulously picked and then passed through the Leeds Analysis where it is assessed to check the parameters of market risk and liquidity. With the valuable recommendations in hand, investors can easily pick penny stocks that have the highest probability of making profits. It also offers investors additional resources and research tools to ensure they excel in the penny stock market.

Penny stocks or cent stocks are shares that trade from fraction of a penny to $5. New traders do not like risk, so they can be more comfortable investing in stocks whose values are less than one dollar. Businesses that want to steer clear of the additional fillings for market listings often merely sell their shares over the counter as penny stocks. They are riskier than average investments, but have tremendous reward potential. In general, some penny stocks trade for $3 or $4 while others trade for only a fraction of a dollar.

Generally to identify the best penny stocks, investors need to get at least one year of experience with mid and large-cap stocks first. Usually experts say that successful penny stock trading is viable only after doing wide spread research on the market and learn from the past mistakes. But now with the Peter Leeds's self authored newsletter, investors can learn about the core principles of penny stock trading in a very short period of time. The newsletter suggests that to understand which penny stock to buy, investors should first look for companies that have consistently generated cash and are growing their free cash flow over time. It also is clear to advise investors to avoid companies with a heavy debt load.

The Penny Stocks Guide is a comprehensive and impartial resource for investors interested in penny stocks. It provides information about the best penny stocks available in the market. The Penny Stocks Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stock investing, including how to do it intelligently and safely with the least risk. The Penny Stock Guide also offers investors additional resources and research tools, to help educate them for future trades. To learn more, please visit

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