The Penny Stocks Guide Announces Frequent Buy Price Opinions for the Best Penny Stock Picks

The Penny Stocks Guide announces frequent buy price opinions for the best penny stock picks. Peter Leeds, a leading analyst of penny stocks, author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks' and publisher of the Penny Stock Guide has announced that all buy price opinions of the newsletter will now be more frequently published. This better enables investors to make the best picks in the penny market.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- With the help of Peter's newsletter, amateur investors will no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on penny stock brokers for their advice.

"We have already had short and long term sell price opinions on all our penny stock picks," states Leeds. The leading penny stock analyst further added, “Now investors won't have to wait for the monthly edition of the newsletter to know our price point opinions for the top penny stocks. From this month onward, whenever we learn that the market is taking a turn and prices of stocks are going to fluctuate, we will instantly issue our new list of refined price point opinions. This is just another perk we offer our subscribers to further help them in penny stock trading.”

Peter Leeds' self-authored newsletter also offers a quarterly Quick Fix report which features 10 penny stocks to buy that is undiscovered, undervalued, and all picks are under $1. Penny stock trading has become very popular in recent years. While trading in penny stocks, investors should keep a very close eye on the overall stock market. This is mainly because penny stocks move very fast and a small change in price may be a large change in percentage gain or loss. With the right information and guidance, investors can make great profits in this market.

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