The Penny Stocks Guide Launches Its October, 12 Edition of the Penny Stock Newsletter

The Penny Stocks Guide, the leading investment newsletter that teaches the basic principles of penny stock trading, has launched its October edition of the newsletter.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Peter Leeds, the leading penny stock analyst who writes the newsletter, has launched the newsletter’s revised edition this week. In this addition along with the published range of top penny stocks, subscribers can also find extensive information about the core principles one should follow while penny stock trading.

The information given in the newsletter is written specifically for amateur investors. With years of research done by expert analyst Peter Leeds, he shares his penny stock trading techniques and top picks. The newsletter is available to all subscribers and is also available to new investors who are signed up for the free 14 day trial offer.

All the recommended stocks mentioned in the newsletter pass the rigorous 29-point Leeds analysis, the carefully constructed method for making penny stock calls that Peter Leeds perfected over many years. The newsletter's refined list of penny stocks continually presents profit-making opportunities. Many result in significant gains and through price appreciation. These small pennys stocks can expand an investor's portfolio and profits many times over.

Penny stocks trading apply to those stocks that are less than $5. In recent times with the bad economy, penny stocks have become very popular due to their small dollar outlay needed to get started. Many penny stocks represent America’s best undiscovered up-and-coming companies. Some of them have gone from $1 /share to $40, turning small investments of $500 into $20,000 in short periods of time.

By following the guidelines of Peter Leeds’s newsletter, investors will not be required to pay steep charges to selfish penny stock brokers who most of time recommend only those company’s shares which give the brokers a certain commission to recommend their names. Peter does not receive any compensation from his stock recommendations or trades.

The Penny Stocks Guide is a comprehensive and impartial resource for investors interested in penny stocks. It provides information about the best penny stocks available in the market. The Penny Stocks Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stock investing, including how to do it intelligently and safely with the least risk. The Penny Stock Guide also offers investors additional resources and research tools to help educate them for future trades. To learn more, please visit

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