The Penny Stocks Guide Updates Their List of Most Profitable Penny Stocks

The Penny Stocks Guide has updated its list of the most profitable penny stocks available in the market. Industry leading penny stock trader Peter Leeds has recently announced this month's edition of his newsletter will include these top performers.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- In the latest edition of the informative newsletter, the expert analyst has included the most profitable investments from the retail, mining, biotech and IT sectors. This edition also includes other sectors top penny stocks which are equally ready for growth. These new penny stock picks are a good baromeeter for measuring other potential penny stock picks and is invaluable for anyone is interested in penny stock trading.

All the penny stocks published in the newsletter pass the Leeds Analysis process. The 29-point Leeds analysis is a carefully constructed method for making penny stock calls that Peter Leeds perfected over many years. The newsletter's refined list of top penny stocks continually present profit-making opportunities for investors. Over 30,000 subscribers of this newsletter receive this inveting advice and many have realized significant gains.

Stock investing is a mix of timing, research, and risk management. Finding the right balance of these as an investor is difficult and this is exactly why the Leeds Analysis is so powerful. People want to invest in companies that are financially strong with increasing momentum and rapid growth, but rarely have the time or the experience to know what to look for.

Peter’s newsletter is updated daily and is completely free from bias. Other penny stock brokers take significant commissions from both investors and companies and always give a biased opinion about their penny stock picks. In contrast, Peter Leeds's firm receive no compensation from the companies whose stocks the firm publishes on their newsletter.

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