The Peter Leeds Penny Stock Guide Offers Exclusive Tips and Picks for Making Money on Penny Stock Trading

Many penny stocks represent America’s best, undiscovered, up-and-coming companies. Many penny stocks are trading for pennies.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2012 -- The Penny Stock Guide, the newsletter from Peter Leeds’ leading penny stock investment website, teaches the basic principles of penny stocks trading, and offers exclusive tips and picks for how to make money trading penny stocks. With years of research done by expert analyst Mr. Peter Leeds, his Leeds Analysis only focuses on investing in penny stocks. His research and trading recommendations are provided to subscribers simply by signing up from his website,

All the recommended hot penny stocks mentioned in the newsletter pass the rigorous 29-point Leeds analysis, the carefully constructed method for making penny stock calls that Peter Leeds perfected over many years. The newsletter's refined list of penny stocks continually presents profit-making opportunities and avoids money losing risky investments. Many result in significant gains and growing market caps. These penny stocks can expand investors’ profits many times over in a relatively short investment horizon.

In a nutshell, Peter Leeds provides his subscribers the best penny stock picks. The company is justifiably proud that the Leeds Analysis, with history of accurately finding winning investments, has helped clients achieve large gains.

In broad terms, penny stocks trading apply to those stocks that are less than $1. In recent days, penny stocks trading has become very popular due to its lower priced prices. This makes it very easy for investors to get into these stocks without allocating a large percent of their investment portfolio.

Many penny stocks represent America’s best, undiscovered, up-and-coming companies. Many penny stocks are trading for pennies because they are undiscovered or are new businesses that are not yet well known on the market. Some of the penny stocks have gone from $1 /share to $40, turning small investment of $500 into $20,000 in short periods of time.

Though there is more risk in investing in penny stocks trading than average investments, still it has tremendous reward potential. Penny Stocks are generally not listed on the normal exchanges or markets like NYSE, the NASDAQ or the TSK, but are instead on either the Pink sheet-PK or the OTCBB or Over-The-Counter-Bulletin-Board.

Unlike regular stocks on mainstream exchanges, the best penny stock picks can be doubled or triple in value overnight because of the volume of shares an individual or investment group can acquire and with such a small relative investment of cash. Even small fluctuations in the price can trigger a massive swing in the value of that stock.

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