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The Role of Digital Media in Influencing Consumer Behavior

The sudden uprising of social media and networking has taken the masses by storm. People all around the globe are connected to each other and are just a click away. With social networking, a company can establish interaction between the business and its customers.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- The convincing prowess and influence of the media has long helped people and businesses equally to buy and sell respectively. The existence of various forms of media can be dated far back to the Egyptian era or to that of Mesopotamian civilization in the form of town criers who made public announcements.Word of mouth has always been an effective marketing tool for any business.

In the 21st century, that word of mouth is likely to come from a social media website or smart phone application. According to Edward de Valle, the head of 3A Worldwide, an international media buying company in New York, more than 50% of smart phone users turn to their phones to shop and look for reviews and recommendations from a number of sources to help them make their buying decisions. A study says that most of the consumers who receive a recommendation from a contact on their social media sites have purchased a product that was recommended to them.

Since every hour, millions of people log on to social networking sites, commercialization through social media is reaching more people on a daily basis. Social media enables users to be in control of their news streams and allows them to submit and vote on content.

Before making a purchase, the consumers log on to the social media pages of the brand and see what other people think about the product that they want to buy and how the company handles its customer service. The more information available, the more likely the consumer will make the buying decision based on his or her needs. However insignificant or inspirational a product is, it has got its reach directed to the minds of the consumers. This has increased the buying power of the masses helping them to know the latest brands and services available in the market.

Edward believes the content of advertising and branding must be relevant and must give a value-addition to the consumer, rather than just talking about product placement. 3/A Worldwide works on the theory that when organizations help their clients, investors, share holders and customers through social media outlets, it is more likely to build a long-term relationship. This in turn propels and leverages the brand awareness and growth.

3A Worldwide provides expertise and hands-on approach to their clients in terms of digital media marketing and public relations. It has served a long list of successful clients throughout the nation and has played a pivotal role in elevating their brands.

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