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Therapeutic New Book Helps Stress and Anxiety Issues Using Breathing, Meditation and Yoga

Dee Cohen, LCSW has released a new eBook titled Anxiety Relief: Psychotherapy Case Studies Using Meditation, Breathing and Yoga. It focuses on breathing techniques and yoga poses to relieve stress and anxiety.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Dee Cohen, LCSW has published a new eBook titled, Anxiety Relief: Psychotherapy Case Studies Using Meditation, Breathing and Yoga. The new eBook will focus on breathing exercises, meditation techniques and yoga poses designed to relieve stress, release anxiety and lift low moods. The book centers around five relatable case studies to help readers see the application of each technique.

Every case study tells a story of one of Ms. Cohen’s clients and describes the different methods used to help each client. Each step is easy to follow and are can help spark insights and connections to similar issues or reactions and show ways to address daily life situations. Cohen’s writing style also allows glimpses into her thought process. Readers can not only help themselves but relate the situations to loved ones as well.

Cohen’s writing style is down to earth and makes it easy for her audience to sympathize the people in each of the case studies. Her experience as a social worker really shines through in this work and allows the reader to see ways that simple breathing methods can be used during challenging moments.

Ms. Cohen works in Florida based as a counselor and, has online courses and workshops and does coaching by phone. She has released this new book in an effort to reach people nationwide. This guide is geared toward “anyone experiencing stress or looking for ways to introduce yoga, meditation and breathing into daily life to increase daily harmony, peace and better responses to difficult situations.”

Ms. Cohen’s book is available on Amazon Kindle and can be read on the Mac, PC and a wide variety of phones and tablets. It can be purchased directly at

About Ms. Cohen LCSW
Ms. Cohen LCSW is a licensed social worker and a certified yoga instructor. She focuses on assisting clients dealing with different levels of anxiety from mild agitation to overwhelming stress reactions and anxiety attacks. She also writes at and offers a home study course for the general public. Ms. Cohen also teaches courses for psychotherapists and nurses that need CEU credits both online and at local workshops.

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Dee Cohen, LCSW
Boca Raton, Florida
Phone: (954) 567-8442