Top Notch Mobile Spy Software Appmia Offers Multiple Advanced Features Under One Roof


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2016 -- Appmia, the recognized leader on the market of spying apps for mobile devices, has appealed to numerous users through its wide range of features put under one control panel. The number of advanced functions of the app amazes everyone who takes time to explore it through live demo option, yet Appmia still remains one of the most affordable apps in its market segment.

Appmia, the spying app of the new generation, is absolutely undetectable on smartphones and takes very little resources, so there are no visible signs of its installation on the device. However, its powerful toolkit and user-friendliness in exploitation are the characteristics that appeal to all groups of users. Appmia can be employed for both quiet and unobtrusive monitoring of minor children activities and for control over employees (with the explicit consent of the latter obtained prior to installation of the app). The options for monitoring the children and enhancing their security are expanded at cost of adding specific blocking features and filters for keeping potential Internet bullies or predators at bay. Namely, restriction on messages or calls to unwanted recipients allows protecting children from associating with bad companies, and detection of unwanted keywords in text messages alerts the user to potential troubles the children may get into.

About Appmia
Appmia was developed by the dedicated team of tech geeks who employed the spying technology devised for national intelligence agencies. Besides, in the course of development, the wide poll among potential users showed what features were most wanted, and what options should be optimized or redesigned to match the growing market of messaging and calling apps. This two-tier approach allowed the developers to create the app that has the highest level of functionality and at the same time is specifically matched to needs of its potential users.

As the team lead of the developers' group confessed, at the stage of testing the final product testers could not believe they were dealing with a spying app for daily usage. Instead they decided that the app was a secret intelligence project for national security that was called a mobile application for the sake of confidentiality and data protection. As funny as this supposition may be, the app is indeed the new word in security and control apps. Along standard set of features like monitoring of calls, contacts, SMS, emails and web history, Appmia introduces brand-new features that will enable the user to create a strong safety net for children and protect business data from leakages.

Full functionality of this powerful tool can be experienced after purchase, yet everyone can try the selected set of features of the app on its official website The professional support team is at a hand's reach, so it is possible to clarify any potential question right on the spot. To know more, visit the website and experience the new reality of spying apps.

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