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Top Ten Most Recognizable Brands Are Announced: Sontex Comments


Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- It has recently been announced what the top ten most recognisable brands are based on their packaging. From a study of 1,500 Britain's the Coca-Cola bottle was rated as the most recognisable packaging, with others in the top ten including Pringle tubes, KFC Bucket and the Heinz Ketchup Bottle.

Importance of Packaging:

- Attractive and recognisable packaging boosts sales due to its professional look.

- Packaging can protect the product from damage in transit and storage.

- Having a product which stands out due to its packaging can help differentiate from other similar products in the market.

- Packaging can also give possible buyers information and benefits of using a specific product, boosting sales further.

- The brands name will be advertised if the product has a good design and a recognisable packaging.

- Packaging can be designed to suit a theme, therefore many brands, such as Pringles, change their product packaging near December, to celebrate Christmas and draw people into buying early to avoid the Christmas rush.

A spokesperson from leading shrink wrap machinery supplier Sontex was keen to comment saying, "Good packaging is essential to all products, not only to boosts sales of the actually product but also to advertise the brands name. We weren't surprised when we found out that the Coca-Cola Bottle was the most recognisable brand, as people of all ages are able to identify the product and brand. Here at Sontex we supply people with a variety of different machinery, shrink-wrapping included. Shrink wrapping machines are essential for when you want a product to look more professional, these machines are used frequently in warehouses as it boosts sales and takes minimal time and training to use. Please contact us for more information, we're happy to help."

About Sontex
Sontex is a UK based supplier of shrink wrap machinery and related materials which include a wide selection of quality shrink wrap films and more. Sontex has over fifty years' experience within the packaging industry and offer a variety of machinery at competitive prices.

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