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VideoConcepts Unviels First Ever Fiverr Gig Aimed at Other Fiverr Sellers

VideoConcepts recently posted a gig on Fiverr that is the first of its kind. It is a gig designed specifically to help other Fiverr sellers.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- VideoConcepts recently posted a gig  on Fiverr that is the first of its kind. It is a gig designed specifically to help other Fiverr sellers. The owner of VideoConcepts has been working on Fiverr and over time noticed that more and more Fiverr sellers were creating videos to generate interest in their gigs. The more creative the video, the more attention they get, leading to an increased number of sales. What VideoConcepts is offering is a video enhancement service to let these sellers showcase their gigs with the best possible video representation. The VideoConcepts gig truly is about sellers helping other sellers.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people come to offer unique services for $5 by posted a Fiverr "gig". Other users in need of help purchase the gig and a deal is made. The website has become so popular that thousands more people post gig everyday so it is becoming more important to stand out. That's why many Fiverr users are making short videos to explain their gigs. This is especially important for people who offer services as a spokesperson. The buyer wants to see what they look like and hear what they sound like.

VideoConcepts is a run by a professional videographer who works directly from a professional studio and has collaborated on projects with a variety of industry standouts including Grammy award winning artists, independent film companies and major corporations in need of branding advice. Currently VideoConcepts offers Fiverr gigs for video editing, HQ video production and promos, video watermarking, existing video critiques, video scoring and now the offer to help other Fiverr sellers enhance their existing videos.

Fiverr sellers who purchase this gig will be getting a professional look at their videos and a new and improved video in return. VideoConcepts will also promote the new video in their live video portfolio area. According to the owner of VideoConcepts, "This particular Gig is one that I am especially proud of. It allows me to help my fellow Sellers increase productivity by presenting a more Professional looking Gig Video to their potential Buyers".

Fiverr sellers interested in getting a better video for their gigs can check the  gig  out and begin the process with VideoConcepts. VideoConcepts is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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