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Vitamin B12 for a Sharper Brain Function

Early Detection Can Help Avoid Memory Problems


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Low levels of Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is associated with psychiatric disorders, cognitive problems, with brain shrinkage (or “atrophy”), cardiovascular conditions and anemia. The body might not adequately absorb this nutrient from food sources and hence there can be insufficient blood levels in as many as 1 out of 4 people. Individuals might want to watch for symptoms of low vitamin B12, increase their dietary intake, or opt for B12 supplements. This vitamin is found in various kinds of protein rich food including animal and fish protein.

Certain gastrointestinal conditions, alcoholism, and various medications, as well as ingestion of large quantities of daily coffee can significantly reduce the B vitamin stores in the body. B12 is also known as the micronutrient or energy vitamin that aids in providing instant energy in the body.

Problems with memory, mental fogginess, physical fatigue, etc. are some of the frequent warning signs that one should be watching for. With the deficiency of B12, the tissues in the brain can start shrinking. Individuals who include diet rich in B12 can avoid the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in future. One of the major reasons for deficiency is that Vitamin B12 is not that easily absorbed by the body like other supplements. Vegans or vegetarians are more susceptible to this deficiency because they stay away from fish, eggs and meat. However it is abundantly available in milk and other milk products. And hence vegans should be more careful with their diet.

Fatigue, muscle weaknesses, lowered energy levels, sleeping disorders, mood swings, lethargic feeling, depression, lack of motivation, etc. are some of the other symptoms that need to be watched for. One of the major concerns here is that individuals might not feel the deficiency or see the effects anywhere on the body. And that is why it is important that individuals try to watch for B12 deficiency symptoms. If Vitamin B12 blood levels are low, or low-normal, then it is important to increase its levels in order to optimize and protecting the nervous system, mental and overall health. At West Coast Life Center, we take brain balanced nutrition seriously; Our patients benefit from our holistic and cutting-edge approaches to improving mental and physical health.

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