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Dr. Valery Popravko Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Introduce C60 Fullerenes Additive for Engine Oils

LogoDr. Valery Popravko from Intellectual Alliance Inc. has spent the last twelve years of his life on researching plasma vacuum technologies and developing applications based on different carbon forms. Constantly working with carbon-based coatings at the nanometer (10-9 meter) level, Dr Valery Popravko has researched the physical and chemical production processes, developing a simultaneous coating process managing pressure, temperature and electrical plasma parameters automatically. The combination of the classical method of producing carbon nanoproducts and Dr. Valery Popravko's achievements and usage of current methods of growing carbon crystals has opened up new options to meet market requirements on commercial volume and cost of carbon nanoproducts.

Dynamic Recycling, LLC Announces Opening of New Factory

LogoDynamic Recycling, LLC is a leading provider of services from unsaleable product disposal to ethanol and cosmetic recycling. They work with a wide variety of industries that include health & beauty, beverages, pharmaceutical, industrial, and much more. Their advanced recycling and disposal procedures have helped countless companies with issues like reducing corporate liability and their carbon footprint, eliminating disposal to landfills and freeing up much-needed warehouse space. The company's ethanol recycling procedure, for example, reaches one hundred per cent recycling through segregation, deceasing and recycling everything, including packaging materials. In addition, they also reuse the makeup water to cool the ethanol processes.

Universal Life Church Thanks Industries for the Blind for the Incredible Services They Provide

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters announced via their Facebook page and Google+ page, that after nearly twenty years they are discontinuing their famous Universal Life Church ball point pen. The reason given for this change is that the supplier has discontinued offering the respective product. After consultation with Industries for the Blind of Milwaukee, WI., the Universal Life Church World Headquarters has found a Sister company thereof, its newest partner in producing their imprinted pens of the future.

Specialty Enzymes Market Expected Up to $4317.2 Million in 2018

LogoThe report “Specialty Enzymes Market by Source(Microorganism, Plant, Animal), Type(Carbohydrases, Protease, Lipase, Polymerases & Nucleases), Application(Pharmaceutical, Research & biotechnology, Diagnostic, Bio-Catalyst) & Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018” defines and segments the specialty enzymes market with an analysis and forecast of the global value for specialty enzymes. It also identifies the driving and restraining factors for the specialty enzymes market with an analysis of trends, opportunities, burning issues, winning imperatives, and challenges. The market is segmented and its value is forecasted on the basis of major regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW).

Seegrid Director of Product Development Interviewed on Manufacturing Revival Radio

LogoManufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, interviewed special guest Jeff Christensen, Seegrid’s Director of Product Development. Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood hosts of the radio program interviewed the material handling leader. Seegrid is the maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for the material handling industry.

Hospital/Pharmaceutical Asset Management Market Worth $6.7 Billion by 2017

LogoThe "Hospital Asset Management Market - Pharmaceutical [Wi-Fi RTLS, RFID (Tags – Active & Passive, Software), IR, Ultrasound, Equipment & Patient Tracking, Staff Safety, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring, Drug Counterfeit] - Global Forecast to 2017 " analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of the World.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Weddings for Summer 2015

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is now planning weddings for summer 2015. This premier wedding venue in Bucks County recommends planning a wedding and ceremony at least a year in advance. Couples who choose an all-inclusive venue, such as Northampton Valley Country Club, will have a much easier time planning than couples who hire caterers, bakers, florists, etc. separately. However, the planning process is still very involved and takes time to get right. The country club is filling spots for next summer now so that 2015 will be another fantastic year of successful weddings in Bucks County.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Offering Private Lessons for Golfers This Spring 2014

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is one of Bucks County’s most renowned and scenic event venues. In addition to hosting weddings and many other private or public affairs, Northampton is also known for having one of the most challenging golf courses in Pennsylvania. In fact, there are many who have visited this golf course in Bucks County and returned time and time again as a guest or a member. Therefore, those who are interested in getting out to enjoy a round of golf after this long, cold winter, now is the perfect time. The golf course is in great shape and ready to be played on.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Offering Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies for Spring and Summer

LogoThose who are in search of the perfect venue for their wedding reception in Bucks County PA, look no further. Northampton Valley Country Club is now offering outdoor wedding ceremonies for spring and summer. When the weather gets warmer, many couples will choose to hold their ceremonies outside. Northampton Valley Country Club offers two outdoor ceremony areas. Their newly landscaped garden area is the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The ceremony areas boast breathtaking views of the golf course, pond and their famous tree-lined drive. Northampton Valley Country Club’s ceremony area is private and it is the perfect location to say “I do.”

Raleigh Pressure Washing Company Provides Clients with Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

LogoReady to start spring cleaning but now quite sure where to start? Raleigh pressure washing company, Fairway Window & Pressure Cleaning, has provided homeowners with a checklist to help them complete their outdoor spring cleaning.

GivMobile's Latest Deal Offers a No-Cost Android Phone to New Customers

GivMobile, a no-contract mobile service that gives eight percent of the customer’s monthly plan to the charity of their choice, recently unveiled its newest promotion to the public. The cellular service provider is giving away a no-cost Android device to customers who sign up for a plan with the company.

Twin Charlotte Offers Specialized Transmission Repairs and Rebuild Services

The Twin Charlotte Transmission Repairs company is a full service automotive repair shop that specializes in repairs of all kinds of makes and models of cars, vans and other vehicles. They handle all types of auto repairs as well as maintenance. Right from simple oil change tasks to major transmission overhauls and repairs, this company offers excellent services. Free towing, free diagnosis, free estimates, etc. are some of the additional services offered for the benefit of the customers. An extensive range of transmission repair charlotte services are offered here including transmission rebuilds. Car owners should be able to diagnose the most common transmission problems to avoid major repairs.

Acclaimed MaxScholar Educational Software Helps Students Show Remarkable Improvement in State Standardized Tests

State standardized tests have been a big problem for some students especially those coming from certain cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, who have traditionally scored lower than their peers. Now there's real hope in this area with the interactive educational software MaxScholar showing real success in quickly helping students improve their reading comprehension skills and ultimately showing drastic improvements in state tests like the New York Regents and the FCAT in Florida.

Chesterfield, Virginia DUI Attorney Extends Legal Expertise to Drivers

A reputable law group is now offering legal services to drivers cited for reckless driving in Chesterfield, Virginia. A driver may face draconian penalties and needs competent representation in the courts of law to mitigate his misdemeanors. The law in these parts treats a reckless driver the same way it treats a person caught with drugs.

Chris Heavens Discusses Youth Football Coach Injuries After Assault

A coach for the Claymont Falcons, a Delaware youth football team, pleaded guilty recently to charges that he punched another coach in the face after an argument, according to a recent report at . The coach had a significant criminal record and the incident received widespread media coverage, with questions being raised as to how a person with a significant criminal record could be permitted to coach a youth sports team.

Voluntary Liquidation - Closing Insolvent Company Safely and Quickly

Voluntary liquidation includes two types. The foremost is when a business's stock holders agree to put the business into liquidation. This is referred as member’s voluntary liquidation. The resources are satisfactory at this point to repay each of the company's debts. The liquidation begins from the moment the decision was created to liquidate the corporation. This really is called lenders' voluntary liquidation.

Westminster Attorneys Assist Families with Will Preparation and Drafting

LogoIt is important for those who are parents and grandparents to create a will so that their assets and possessions are distributed properly and with minimal issues after they are gone. An attorney can help with many different aspects of creating a will, so it is highly recommended that those who do not already have one look into hiring a legal professional for this explicit purpose.

Family Lawyers Henrico, Virginia Opens Doors to Beleaguered Families

There is good news to families who have been hounded by divorce problems. A team of lawyers in Henrico, Virginia is now offering their legal expertise in divorce and family laws to families who are in the middle of a divorce crisis. Those who need help in child custody and divorce proceedings can now ask the help of RSIS P.C., a respected law firm in Virginia specializing in these kinds of court cases.

Middletown Carpet Cleaning Video Released by Hamilton's Carpet Care of Middletown, MD

Kevin Hamilton of Hamilton’s Carpet Care and Hamilton’s Flood & Water Damage Restoration announces the release of their newest video highlighting their support for the local sports teams of Middletown, Maryland.

CERC Oil Tank Removal Offers Free Estimates

When considering the sale or purchase of a house, an often-forgotten but completely imperative area to check is the backyard. Not necessarily the grass type or the hedge work but rather, what is lying underneath the foliage in the ground. Under all that beautiful oxygen-creating plant-life is something which is threatening their existence: an underground oil tank. These oil tanks, which were at one point utilized by families all around, are now reservoirs for environmental destruction. They have remained under the ground in a cool environment, causing their sides to condense with water and corrode them, creating a type of underground acid rain, killing and poisoning the plants and ground around them.

DUI Attorney Loudon, Virginia Experts Offer DUI Legal Services

Drivers who were caught driving under the influence have much to thank for nowadays. A law firm, SRIS Law Group has just opened its doors for motor vehicle drivers charged with DUI. Once their lawyers represent a driver in court, he will likely be acquitted of the charge or will be given just a light sentence.

Liquidation - The Most Popular Bankruptcy Solution

In-law, liquidation is the procedure through which an enterprise (or section of an enterprise) is delivered to an end, and the possessions and property of the company are reassigned. Liquidation is often known as dissolution or winding-up; though dissolution officially describes the final phase of liquidation. The procedure of liquidation also occurs when an authority, customs or company in a region accountable for protecting and gathering customs duties, establishes the ultimate computation or ascertainment of the duties or disadvantage accruing on an entry.

Businesses Reduce Cell Phone Plans with Linq Services' Cell Phone Management Assistance

LogoBusinesses that need to save all the money they can for different aspects of their operation will definitely need to look into the different ways, which they can go about saving on their cell phone service. There are a number of companies that offer services which can reduce mobile costs and eliminate the need to deal with carriers directly, and Linq Services is one of the best. This particular company can help businesses of all sizes save money on their cell phone service so they can put more funds towards other important things.

Generous Fashion Office Suit Blazers for Women Are Now 85% Off, Reports

Any woman that is currently a little bored of some of their work outfits, may be interested to know that there are two Generous Fashion Office Suit Blazers that are available for 85% off for a limited time only.

Fuzzy Logic Entertainment Through Kickstarter Presents "OLD NICK" to Raise $9000 Through Crowdfunding.

LogoA comedy/fantasy about a man who believes he alone must SAVE THE WORLD every night. Starring Drew Smith and American Idol Alexis Grace.

Franklin Virtual High School Offers Variety of Courses

Franklin Virtual High School, regarded as one of the best online schools at in the United States, does indeed help non-traditional students (defined as any student who has not completed their high school education in stereotypical time parameters for any number of reasons) complete their high school education and help them increase their likelihood of being hired or attending a university.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Introduces Flooring Options

RTA Kitchen Cabinets has been taking care of the kitchen cabinetry and accessories needs of families for quite some time now and because of their success has decided to widen their horizons to enabling families to satisfy not only their ability to fill their kitchens with classy and quality ready-to-assemble cabinets at but redo their floors as well.