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Dalton Elite Anticipates Flurry of Action This Fall

LogoThe housing market can be a tricky (or treaty) venture, full of varying approaches to the buying and selling of homes. Sometimes quality homes sit on the market far longer than the seller intends, while other times they are scooped up right away; but for buyers and sellers in and around coastal North Carolina, the weeks after Labor Day appear to be a hotbed of activity. Joseph Dalton, of Dalton Elite, knows this surge in activity all too well, having seen the flurry of activity after Labor Day each year. "Fall is an exciting time in real estate around the coast. We see an increase in quality waterfront 'vacation home' listings. These are the types of properties that can be used as weekly rentals and/or family vacation homes all summer. The exciting part about real estate this time of year is that many properties are now available for purchase as a new waterfront dream home or an island investment property. It's such a fun time of year to be coming to the beach, enjoying the warm water, and looking at some property that wasn't available this time last month," he explained.

Seasoned Los-Angeles Based Acting Studios Offer New Student Special

LogoThe Heller Approach offers training and coaching for actors of all ages based on Don Richardson's book "Acting Without Agony". Started by Brad Heller over two decades ago, The Heller Approach offers the highest professional level acting lessons in Hollywood, Studio City & worldwide via Skype and is currently offering a tremendous new student special for group lessons and private Skype lessons. Seasoned and rookie actors alike have seen transformative benefits in studying under Brad and the discount gives them a chance to try something new and see what his approach is all about.

Nutravicity Store Now Online on Amazon

LogoNutravicity which is one of the leading producers of high quality and top notch fitness tools is now online on Amazon where customers and fitness enthusiasts could easily get hold of their fitness products. Currently, their jump rope for exercise is the only product available on their Amazon store initially but according to Nutravicity, they will be putting up more of their products within the next few weeks. Moreover, their Jump Rope Speed Cable is currently priced at $14.47 where you will be able to save $10.52.

Healthy Style Offers Safe and Beneficial Vitamin Supplements

Healthy Style, a reputable online supermarket launched its website which sells vitamin supplements online. This is welcome news to people who are looking for a convenient way of shopping for vitamin supplements that are 100% safe to take.

Roblin's New Movie Examines Anxiety-Driven Psychological Disorders

Robert Roblin feels that his new motion picture, In This Place, is important not just from an artistic standpoint – but from a humanistic angle as well.

"A Look Into My Heart" May Be Michael Egleton's Most Sophisticated Work to Date

LogoOn July 16th, 2014, Michael released his 4th studio album, A Look Into My Heart, guided by the philosophy that “you have to give a piece of you to touch someone else.” It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows him that this thought inspired Michael to give us a piece of him with A Look Into My Heart, a 13 track record comprised of memorable melodies as well as a wealth of insight into Michael’s perspectives on issues surrounding love. From the tongue in cheek and motivating to the consoling and questioning, this album has music for everyone who’s ever loved before.

A Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-the-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: Will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai. This proprietary and exclusive high-antioxidant blend is utilized in all of Xoçai products and provides a wide-ranging class of nutrients, vitamins and health benefits. XoVita™ consistently contributes to the findings that all of Xocai’s products contain the highest ORAC (antioxidant-measuring test) and flavonoid rich products available today. (

Nutravicity's Adjustable Cross Fit Jump Rope Now Available on Amazon

LogoWith more people wanting to lose weight and aiming for a healthier lifestyle, many companies today are producing tons of weight loss tools which include exercise equipment and health supplements as well. One of the top and newest producers of high quality fitness equipment today is Nutravicity. One of their newest products – Nutravicity Cross Fit Adjustable Jump Rope is now available on Amazon. Their Jump Rope Speed Cable is specifically designed to fit various training exercises and disciplines which include CrossFit training, boxing, MMA and more. Moreover, their Jump Rope Speed Cable comes with a fitness e-book which is priced at $47.00.

Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Statements

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Lannett Company, Inc. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between September 10, 2013 and July 16, 2014.

NetSol Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:NTWK) Investor Alert: Deadline in Lawsuit on Sept. 23, 2014

LogoA deadline is coming up on September 23, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of NetSol Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:NTWK).

Tim Hortons Inc. (USA) (NYSE:THI) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover by Burger King Worldwide Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Tim Hortons Inc. (USA) (NYSE:THI), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Tim Hortons Inc. by Burger King Worldwide Inc is unfair to NYSE:THI stockholders.

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc (NYSE:DVA) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc (NYSE:DVA) shares over potential securities laws violations by DaVita HealthCare Partners and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

SurgeryBloom Announces Marketing Webinar for Plastic Surgeons

Referrals are important for a plastic surgery practice, but in many cases, there aren't enough of them to truly expand a business. Many doctors report hitting a level that they just can't get past, and that this feels like a cap on their results. The solution to this isn't as easy as it seems. Local advertising in newspapers and similar outlets often just brings in a bit of incremental business.

New Docta Festival Nurtures Latin American Talent with Free Concerts and Educational Events Sept. 1-7

Thanks to the support of individuals, businesses and grants, the New Docta International Music Festival provides free chamber music concerts and educational events for Argentinean youth. This year’s festival takes place Sept. 1-7 in Córdoba, Argentina.

Global and Chinese Acetate Tow Industry Report, 2014-2019

LogoThis is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Acetate Tow industry. The report firstly reviews the basic information of Acetate Tow including its classification, application and manufacturing technology. The report then explores global and China’s top manufacturers of Acetate Tow listing their product specification, capacity, Production value, and market share etc.

Diesel Performance Parts Discusses 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Chosen as Champion 'King of the Road'

LogoKowalchick, the owner of a specialty automotive service business, receives the $5,000 King of the Road grand prize as well as $500 for winning one of the contest's 10 weekly rounds. The 2014 King of the Road program garnered more than 550 entries and over 90,000 votes from among the Web-connected Champion community of "Performance Driven(TM)" enthusiasts.

Asia Pacific Minimally Invasive Surgery Spinal Device Market, New Report Launched

LogoThe growth rate of the Asia-Pacific and emerging MIS spinal device market will remain at double-digit levels throughout the forecast period. Increasingly, young surgeons see MIS spinal surgeries as the future of this field. The Asia-Pacific and Emerging MIS spinal device market also exhibits a large demand from patients with back pain, who are becoming aware of the advantages of minimally invasive techniques compared to open surgery. These factors will contribute to the expansion of the MIS market, which is not only growing due to the aging population, but also due to its ability to replace the existing demand for open spinal surgeries.

The Pharmaceuticals Market in Australia Expected to Reach Approximately $32 Billion in 2020, Reveals New Report

LogoThe Australian healthcare market is a mature market driven by universal healthcare coverage and good access to facilities such as government-subsidized medicines. The growing elderly population and its associated disease burden, well-defined regulatory guidelines, the usage of substitute drugs and the introduction of a new manufacturing policy will drive the growth of the pharmaceutical market in future. However, a focus on generic substitution and price cuts will restrict the growth of the market.

Dirty Diesel Customs Prepares to Redesign Website in Nontraditional Fashion

LogoAs part of their 10 year anniversary celebration, Dirty Diesel Customs has secured a new logo and is preparing to implement this new look with a redesign of the current website. “Dirty Diesel Customs made the decision to change our logo and feel this is the ideal time to roll out a brand new web site to better compliment this logo,” says Dennis Craig, owner of Dirty Diesel Customs. The quick and easy ability to search for product will stay intact for customers, offering a more modern and fresh design to the overall look of the site.

Report on Thin Film Material Market Worth $10,250 Million by 2018

LogoThe report “Thin Film Material Market, By Type (CdTe, CIGS, a-Si, Others), End-User Industry [Photovoltaic Solar Cells, MEMS, Semiconductors and Electrical (Circuit Boards), Optical Coating, Others], and Deposition Processes – Global Trends & Forecast to 2018” , defines and segments the thin film material market with an analysis and forecast of the market value. The thin film material market value will grow to $10.25 billion by 2018, at a significant CAGR from 2013 to 2018.

Global Biological Drugs Market Will Reach $2, 87,139.7 Million in 2019: Persistence Market Research

LogoPersistence Market Research Released New Market Report on "Global Market Study on Biological Drugs: North America to Witness Highest Growth by 2020” the global biological drugs market is estimated at USD 1, 61,056.5 million in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2014 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of USD 2, 87,139.7 million in 2020.

Savory Ingredients Market by Ingredients & Application Worth $13,295 Million by 2019

LogoAccording to market research "Savory Ingredients Market by Ingredients (Yeast Extracts, HVP, HAP, MSG, Nucleotides and Others), by Application (Food Industry, Pet Food and Others) & by Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019", the Savory Ingredients Market is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 5.7% between 2014 - 2019 & reach $13,295 Million by 2019.

Indonesia - Consolidation Continues as Customers Embrace Mobile Broadband, Reveals New Report

LogoAfter a period of uncertainty, the Indonesian telecom sector has settled into what looks like a healthy development phase. This country of around 250 million people presents a huge potential market; however, it must overcome some particularly big challenges if it is to successfully continue the building of the telecommunications infrastructure required to support a large population spread over what is a uniquely complex geography. Two of the more significant challenges are the crowded operator market, especially the mobile segment, and the slow rate of implementing regulatory decisions. At the same time, on a broader front, there is no avoiding the fact that Indonesia must also continue to deal with a range of social, political and economic issues that have proved problematic over the years.

OLED Lighting Opportunities 2014-2025: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

The lighting industry is a large, global and yet fragmented market place. The fragmentation is driven both by technology differentiation and customer need diversity. The technologies vying for market share include incandescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), halogen lamp, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and, most recently, organic light emitting diodes (OLED). The target markets are also very diverse, each serving different needs and demanding different price points.

Latest Publication on Global Shipbuilding Market Research Report: 2014 Edition

The shipbuilding industry is involved in the construction and modification of ships and these operations are carried out in specialized facilities called shipyards. Shipbuilding process starts with inquiries from customers, followed by completion of various processes until the vessel is completed. Modern shipbuilding involves multiple participants to design, construct and maintain a ship. The shipbuilding value chain is comprised of three major phases: pre-production, production, and postproduction. In 2013, new ship building orders rose up to an incredible level from last year. Five years have passed since the commencement of the economic crisis which saw the downfall of many shipping companies and shipyards and a dramatic diminution in the number and the cost of newbuilding orders. However, 2013 marked a significant change with a strong revival in ship orders, which tripled compared to last year, and with an increased demand and the volume of the shipyards orderbooks.

Chinese Home Appliance Industry and Market, July 2014, New Report Launched

LogoContinuously affected by the withdrawal of government policies, sales volumes of almost all home appliances in the Chinese market from January to June 2014 declined year-on-year except air conditioner which still managed to keep steady growth compared to the same period of 2013, according to statistics by China's MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology).

News on Worldwide Application Server Market Revenues Are Forecast to Grow 17.5% Year-over-Year from $7.4 Billion in 2013 to $23.1 Billion by 2020

Next Generation Mission Critical Application Servers for the Cloud, Apps, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. The 2014 study has 577 pages, 267 tables and figures. Worldwide Application Server markets are poised to achieve significant growth as Internet of things and the mobile Internet further evolve, driving the market for apps into the trillions in the next few years.