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Omega Fire Protection Launches New Website

LogoPremier fire safety company serving Los Angeles and Southern California, Omega Fire Protection, has announced the launch of a new website.

Global Data Visualization Market Set to Reach USD 7.76 Billion by 2023

LogoAccording to the report published by Research Cosmos, The Global Data Visualization Market was valued at USD 4.51 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a value of USD 7.76 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.47% over the forecast period (2018 - 2023).

THAT Eye Cream Announces Mobile Friendly Skincare Blog

Online beauty brand THAT Eye Cream™ has announced that its website is now compatible with mobile devices. By installing a responsive platform, the brand expects to inform, educate and entertain more website visitors and customers.

Carrie Ott Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Solving Crime

Carrie Ott, linguist, translator, and editor, announced a GoFundMe campaign to raise the level of expertise and develop resources to enhance crime-solving capabilities using language clues. Both the Unabomber and Lindburgh kidnapping cases were solved using forensic linguistics. Today more than ever, these resources are essential in solving crimes.

Surveys for Money 2015 Launches to Help People Make Money from Their Opinions Online

Earning money online is something almost everyone has heard about but relatively few people manage to achieve. Unfortunately for most, the kind of detailed specialism required in coding or design prevent people from exploiting this virtual goldmine. However, there is a third way. Surveys for Money 2015 are offering people the chance to earn money online just by filling out surveys. The site has just launched with all the information people could need to get started right away.

Remy Capillus Now Offering Hair Extensions for Wholesale

LogoThe hair extension manufacturer, Remy Capillus, is pleased to announce that it has real hair extensions available for wholesale to retailers and salons in the market for high-quality Virgin Remy human hair. Remy Capillus supplies their products internationally and delivers them using a careful, delicate process. Industries that opt to sell hair products from Remy Capillus will be able to provide their clients with the finest extensions in the market.

Maid Naturally, a Well Known Cleaning Company in Spokane, Provides Excellent Cleaning Services

Everyone loves living in a clean and fresh environment. But due to extra work, hectic schedules and other factors, people fail to maintain the cleanliness of their home. Maid Naturally, a well-known cleaning company in Spokane, provides excellent cleaning services for both residential as well as commercial properties.

A Place for Writing Different Content and Selling It

There are many passionate writers who require help in completing a work of art and selling it to people across the globe. It requires professionals to achieve the same. Be it coming up with an interesting plot, putting it on paper and publishing and selling it, there are different stages at which the website provides support. Apart from new writers, there are quite a few established ones who have considered the methods mentioned in their pages.

HomeCentric Publishes New Suite of Rice Cooker Reviews in Expansive Homeware Section

Much of what makes a house a home comes from the kitchen. The idea of the home is an idea of community and warmth, sharing moments and coming together to find stability in an otherwise chaotic world. Those responsible for keeping the home therefore need to do all they can to maximize this feeling without losing their own personal life in the process. HomeCentric is a website that has been getting a lot of attention for helping people identify time and energy saving gadgets and equipment that can make mealtimes easier. The latest section on their website covers rice cookers.

Headline Tickets, LLC Offers a 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

Baseball season is now underway, and fans across the country will be looking to purchase tickets for sold out games. Many turn to scalpers only to find the tickets they have purchased are invalid. This is never the case when one chooses to make use of Headline Tickets (, a resale ticket marketplace. This company guarantees the tickets will arrive in time for the event, they will be legitimate and valid for entry and they will be the ones ordered or better. In addition, tickets will be fully refunded in situations where the event must be cancelled and is not rescheduled.

Fire, Allegedly Set by Arsonist, Kills Reptiles at Oklahoma Zoo

In the early morning hours of March 26, a tragic fire struck the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Okla.

The Pinder Brothers' New 'Melancholy Sea' Makes Waves with Sing-a-Long Melodies & Crafty Alt-Rock Arrangements

The Pinder Brothers may not be the first pair of siblings to proffer an intrinsic fusion of vocal harmonies, but add to the mix crafty sing-a-long melodies and enough of a rock edge to engage the masses. That is the musical mantra of these brothers in arms' third full-length release "Melancholy Sea."

Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths Nominated as a 2015 Top Doctor

Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths of NewView Eye Center has been nominated as a 2015 Top Doctor by Northern Virginia Magazine, a prestigious honor that's only given to a handful of medical professionals in the greater Washington, DC area.

One Million Degrees and United Airlines Offer Low-Income Community College Students an Alternative Spring Break

LogoOne Million Degrees (OMD)—a Chicago nonprofit organization that empowers low-income, highly motivated community college students to succeed in school, in work and in life—and United Airlines are working together to inspire civic engagement among local community college students through a unique spring break project. United Airlines is providing financial support for an Alternative Spring Break (ASB), in which 12 OMD Scholars and two staff are traveling to San Francisco March 28-April 4. Throughout the week, scholars will volunteer with a variety of nonprofits and learn about the social and environmental issues those organizations are addressing across the Bay area.

Paul's Tavern Announces Cinco De Mayo Kick-off Celebration

LogoFor the past 35 years, locals and tourists looking for the best nightlife and live entertainment in the Jersey Shore have come to Paul's Tavern for the bar's weekly drink specials and live music. Now, Paul's Tavern has given the Jersey Shore one more reason to join the fun. On May 5, 2015, Paul's Tavern will welcome their new Tuesday night house band with a Cinco de Mayo kick-off celebration.

Queens Flushing Meadows Park's Ghosts Doctors vs the NY Mets

When two of New York's noted paranormal investigators say they are feeling a little spring fever for baseball it could only mean one thing -- hunting for spirits around Queen's Flushing Meadows Park, the home of the NY Mets.

Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. Announces Custom Edge Detail

LogoPhiladelphia and New Jersey homeowners hold Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. in high regard for the company's ability to design, build and install granite kitchen countertops in Burlington County, NJ, and the nearby areas. The company constantly seeks to provide beautiful custom work for their clients. Most recently, Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. have announced that they can craft custom edge details for any custom countertop.

Mobile Magnet Announces the Launch of New SEO Service

The mobile magnet, one of the leading SEO experts in the Wodlands, Texas recently launched their latest Search Engine Optimisation service aptly named Project: Annihilation. According to the company website, the purpose of their newest service is to virtually eliminate their clients' competitions from the top page of Google's search results. The website further informed that Project: Annihilation is currently available only to the company's Platinum clients.

Waterstone Landscaping Launches Landscaping Oceanside to Serve Calgary Communities

Culver City landscape design firm Waterstone Landscaping has developed a great reputation in the landscaping industry in Canada. Led by Paul Gettis, they have gone from strength to strength since they opened for business in 2002. Now, they have created a new and exciting venture in the form of Landscaping Oceanside, aiming to deliver the same quality of service to the Calgary area. They have launched a unique website for the business, and have laid out the kind of service Calgary citizens can expect when looking to transform their outdoor spaces.

Boiler Grants Info Publishes New Information on ECO 2 Government Funding Scheme

From April 2015 a new round of funding is released by the government to help people convert their old condensing boilers to new energy efficient models. If a qualifying boiler breaks down, homeowners can receive a grant to replace it with an energy efficient boiler. The new scheme, entitled ECO 2, is now available, and watchdog Boiler Grants Info is recommending everyone apply for the scheme before the general election, to prevent any potential changes in government getting in the way of receiving the funding. The website also includes all the steps needed to apply.

New Sports Blog Is Born

Santiago Colautti Sport is the new blog of Santiago Colautti, a simple sport passionate and journalism student who, like many others in the world, thinks sport is a way of living. They breathe sport every day, talk about sports and interested in everything related to sport.

Research Unveiled: Drinking Earl Grey Tea a Day Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

Earl Grey does not just have unique and delicious flavor, rather it has lots of health benefits too. A research was conducted and it was found that drinking three cups of Earl Grey tea daily may assist lower the risk for heart diseases. In the conducted research, people who drank 3 cups of Earl Grey a day noticed a good drop in the level of blood triglyceride and rise in the good cholesterol HDL in 3 months. An increase in the antioxidant level was also noticed, which essentially helps in fighting against the free radicals that damage the cells.

Recent Research: Drinking Black Tea Daily Can Lower the Risk of Hip Fracture Up to 37%

The recent research carried by the Japanese researchers unveils that drinking 2 to 3 cups of black tea every day could keep people away from osteoporosis. Tea-drinkers are less inclined to break a hip than the folks who never drink tea, research discovered. The men and women who consumed 2 to 3 cups of tea being 37 percent less inclined to suffer a broken hip. However, not all drinks have the same effect. Coffee doesn't possess this benefit, based on the Journal of IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation).

World Landforms, an Informative Portal, Provides Information of Various Continents

The formation of the various geographical features on planet earth has an extremely exciting history associated with it. Gradual changes in the environment and tectonic activity create landforms like lakes, mountains, rivers, reefs, coasts, deserts and continents, etc. World landforms, an informative online portal, provides information about the various continents. There are overall seven continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North America, South America and Europe. The two main characteristics of a continent are a) they are the largest land bodies and b) one of the seven. Though recognized as seven different continents, scientists believe that there are only six continents as Asia and Europe are connected, although separated by mountains.

Black Tea Is Good for Osteoporosis Patients – Research

Researchers in Japan claim that Black tea can help people with osteoporosis, a bone disease mainly affecting senior citizens. Researchers say the simple brew contains a powerful antioxidant, which can avoid the lack of bone-density generally observed in people over 50 which makes elderly people more vulnerable to hip fractures.

JMS Enterprises Now Offering Steam Extraction for Allergies

LogoFor many in the Philadelphia area, the arrival of spring is a welcome event. For some, however, the advent of warm weather and blooming plants also brings the constant itching and sneezing that are symptomatic of seasonal allergies. Many homeowners can alleviate these symptoms with a thorough carpet cleaning that eliminates common allergens from the home. Effective immediately, JMS Enterprises now offers truck mount steam extraction for carpets.

Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms Announces Availability for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

LogoWhen homeowners need affordable, high-quality kitchen remodeling, they often find that updating their cabinets is a simple yet effective way to give their kitchens a makeover. In particular, custom and specialty cabinetry can vastly improve a kitchen's appearance and functionality. To help homeowners remodel their kitchens, Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms has announced that they are offering custom kitchen cabinets in Newtown, PA and the rest of Bucks County, PA this April.