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American Medical ID Partners with Marfan Foundation to Raise Awareness on Rare Condition

LogoLeading medical ID manufacturer, American Medical ID has recently partnered with The Marfan Foundation to help raise awareness of Marfan syndrome and related disorders, which put people at risk for life-threatening cardiovascular emergencies. The partnership makes medical alert jewelry such as Marfan awareness bracelets and necklaces, more accessible to people living with these potentially fatal conditions.

Ceiling Tiles Market Poised to Bring in $30.0 Billion by 2020

LogoZion Market Research has published a new report titled "Ceiling Tiles (Mineral Wool, Metal, Gypsum and Others) Market for Commercial, Healthcare, Educational, Industrial and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast 2014 – 2020". According to the report, the global ceiling tiles market was valued at USD 14.8 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 30.0 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 9% between 2015 and 2020. In terms of volume, global ceiling tiles market stood at 990 million tons in 2014.

Renowned Experts Unite in Virtual Event Designed to Change the World

LogoIt is time that people come together and commit to the conscious growth, health and well being of everyone on the planet. Things can begin to change for the better if every person who hears the calling in their heart stops waiting for others to make the change they want to see in the world. Bold dreams are waiting to be birthed, and NOW is the time for people to begin in earnest.

Facebook Ads Expert, Karthic Gurnani, to Help Entrepreneurs and Business Save Millions of Dollars on Their Marketing Online

Facebook Ads Expert, Mr. Karthic Gurnani, continues to expand reputable services to entrepreneurs and business that could save the millions on their marketing over the web. He is the owner of, the leading Facebook marketing provider over the web today.

Chocolate Anus Offers Handcrafted with Finest Quality Chocolates

This season is the most awaited season of the year. With Christmas and New Year arriving soon, people are busy buying gifts for their loved ones. When it comes to gifting, the first thing that comes to anyone's mind is a box of chocolates. So, why not plan a surprising and a delightfully hilarious box of chocolates this year? Chocolate Anus offers the most incredible chocolates shaped in the form of Anus. These Anus-shaped chocolates are available in different flavors too such as Creamy Peanut Butter, Kentucky Bourbon Crème, Sea Salt Caramel, Solid Dark Chocolate, Solid Milk Chocolate and Solid White Chocolate.

Corporate Travel Benefits for Small and Medium Sized Organizations

LogoCost cutting is a continuous challenge and an annual objective for travel programs of various companies be it a large or a mid-sized organization having only a few travelers.

Maid Naturally Now Offers Excellent and Satisfying Services for Residential Cleaning in Spokane

A clean home is almost always a healthier and happier home. But due to busy schedules and tiredness, cleaning the house on a daily basis can be difficult. Maid Naturally offers satisfying and excellent services for residential cleaning in Spokane. The company has a team of cleaning service providers who are professional and experienced and they take care of their client's home as if it were their own. In the case of residential cleaning, they provide their services in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas.

Spex Introduces Innovative New Eyecare Technology to Seattle, WA

LogoDr. Scott Campbell of SPEX in Seattle, Washington announced this week the addition of the revolutionary new Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT.

K9 Safari Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Introduces Dependable Pet Services in Lexington KY

LogoThe agony and stress of pet owners for leaving their pets alone due to long hours at work, annual vacations, weekend trips, or other commitments will now be addressed by K9 Safari Dog Walking and Pet Sitting (K9 Safari), the one-stop-shop for all pet services in Lexington KY. Launched in 2014 by Marlize, a Veterinary Technician for 11 years, K9 Safari offers an array of customized pet services, ensuring that the pet owners are not worried about the safety and health of their pets, when they are not around.

Merchants Auto Shop Announces a Contest Designed to Help with Holiday Bills

Many consumers find they have holiday bills to pay once the season has passed, and Merchants Auto Service Center Hooksett NH wants to help a customer pay off these holiday bills. The shop announces a contest in which individuals will be given the opportunity to win $1,000 to help pay these bills. The contest runs quarterly and the next quarter ends on December 31. Individuals wishing to participate need to enter today for their chance to bring home the cash. Announces November 2014's Financial Support for Pro-Liberty Organizations, America's foremost pro-liberty provider of ammunition, is one retailer that believes in backing words with action. It is's policy to donate 1% of all sales to a pro-freedom organization of the customer's choice. Customers choose from a list of 21 non-profits, charities, think tanks and advocacy groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the CATO Institute, or may include an organization of their choosing. In November, 2014 alone,, on behalf of its customers, donated $594.32 to various pro-liberty groups. $119.91 went to the NRA, $113.15 to Homes for Our Troops, $251.72 to the SAF and $109.54 to Building for America's Bravest, an initiative committed to providing individually designed smart homes for catastrophically disabled veterans to restore their dignity and independence.

Two Generous New Time-Limited Specials Announced for Fusion Townhomes by Lakewood

Lakewood announced the availability of a pair of new special offers at the company's Fusion townhomes development. For a limited time, the "Make It Your Own" promotion will give buyers unprecedented freedom to customize one of Fusion's beautiful, spacious 2- or 3-bedroom townhomes to best suit their needs and desires. In addition, a select group of Fusion's 56 conveniently located townhomes will be discounted by $12,000 for a brief period.

The Heights Adds 66 Condominiums to Their Offerings, Reports

Lakewood proudly announces the addition of 66 condominiums to The Heights townhome community. The Heights offers contemporary residences, lush exterior landscaping, and award winning design, and all are reflected in the new condominiums. Individuals in need of a new residence may find the features available in The Heights townhomes and condominiums to be exactly what they need.

Keyes Lexus Reports Great Success of Combined 2014 Toy Drive, RC and NX Launch Party

With the holiday season in full swing, Keyes Lexus announced the resounding success of one of the most memorable events of the year. On Sunday, December 14th, the annual Keyes Lexus Toy Drive combined with a special Lexus RC and NX Launch Party at the company's dealership to entertain attendees and do important work for charity. Located at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd, Keyes Lexus is one of the country's top Lexus dealers and service centers, consistently winning awards for customer satisfaction and sales accomplishments. Launches New Online Tools to Better Assist Customers

Chatmeter announces the launch of new online tools designed to further the company's mission of helping agencies and retailers with multiple locations monitor and improve their reputation and online presence. This update to the chatmeter platform changes the game, helping clients cost-effectively manage their marketing analytics across all locations. When making use of these cost-effective tools, marketers find it easier to devise and execute their reputation management and local SEO strategy, tailoring it specifically to each business, industry, and local market they serve.

Legacy Village of Jacksonville's New State-of-the-Art Memory Care Unit - The Harbor - to Open First Quarter of 2015

LogoLegacy Village of Jacksonville announced today that construction on The Harbor, its new 24-bed memory care unit, is scheduled to be completed in early 2015.

New Social Networking Site for Communities "Mycomms" Is Launched Officially

Social networking sites provide people with a platform to stay connected with each other and share their views. However, the new social networking site intends to offer much more than what other popular social networking sites are currently offering. It aims to build communities, where people, volunteers and organizations can come together, discuss their views and organize events in their neighborhood or worldwide.

My Luxury Rings Announces the Launch of Its New Website

My Luxury Rings is a jewelry store that exclusively offers a complete collection of rings, including engagement rings, promise rings, and rings for daily use designed by the best fashion and jewelry critics. The store has just launched its new website that showcases its product range to the online shoppers.

eeMore Offers Free Grid-It Arm Band to Customers, Along with Special Discounts

eeMore, a leading provider of top-quality boxing gear and sports equipment for over a decade, announced a new special offer for shoppers at the company's Amazon Marketplace storefront. Until January 16, 2015, shoppers who buy at least $15 worth of products at the eeMore Amazon Marketplace and use coupon code "GRIDBAND" when checking out will receive a free Grid-It Mobile Arm Band. Equally impressive holiday offers can also be found at the company's main online store. In addition to being one of the top online sources for boxing and MMA Gear products, eeMore also has a popular retail store at 9661 Las Tunas Dr. #A in Temple City.

Svetlana Bridal Couture Brings Couture Designer Bridal Gowns

Svetlana Bridal Couture has announced its Couture Designer Bridal Gowns collection with a special promotional offer where the first 10 brides can get 10% discount on their purchases.

High Impact Exteriors Offers Greens Windows and Doors to Help Save on Energy Bills This Christmas

Energy prices are crawling ever higher, and as winter sets in, more families are finding their budgets stretched by excessive heating bills. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Canada, where temperatures drop to extremes. High Impact Exteriors is a Calgary company that specializes in windows and doors, and the company has expanded their range of green products and dropped their prices in order to help people have the most energy efficient exteriors possible, saving them money on their energy bills that can be better spent on the holidays. Reports Gold Is Mainly Used for Electronics in the U.S.

Consumers often assume gold is primarily used in jewelry, yet reports 38 percent of gold used in the United States is employed for electrical and electronics purposes. Jewelry accounts for 36 percent of gold domestic use with official coins coming in at 19 percent. As advances are made in electronics, gold may once again surge in price and investors need to be prepared for this. Insiders Gold Buying Guide ( remains the place to turn for information on all precious metals investing.

Capture Baby's First Year of Growth with Baby Belly Stickers

Who doesn't love baby pictures? Every proud parent or grandparent certainly needs as many as possible, and there's few things cuter to share with friends and family, not to mention to save for future enjoyment. Now there's a way to make these types of photos more amazing than ever. Baby Belly Stickers, recently announced their launch, offering a innovative way to spice up photos with an amazing selection of baby month stickers that capture a baby's first year of growth. Simply stick the baby belly month sticker on the front of the baby's bodysuit and they offer the perfect prop for photo opportunities. Families just can't get enough of them.

The Vita Hub Publishes Two Important New Guides to Vitamin B12 Injections

The Vita Hub, a leading online source of information regarding vitamin usage, published a pair of important new guides focusing on the topic of B12 injections. With accessible, practical information of this sort in scant supply, particularly compared to the interest The Vita Hub's readers have shown in the subject, the site's editors feel that the new guides will together make for an especially worthy addition to an already strong collection of information. The first guide focuses on the use of vitamin B12 injections for the purpose of weight loss, while the second discusses the efficacy of such shots in treating B12 deficiencies.

Model Trains for Sale Features Top Sellers for Less

Trains, the quintessential favorite toys are also things that adults enjoy. There is a whole new category of train collectors and train hobbyists that is growing with people spending more time, money and effort supporting their passion for trains. Now, train enthusiasts can get all they want at a fraction of the cost by logging on to the model trains for sale event currently going on the website.

Glidden Spina & Partners Team Up with Steven Greenwald Design and Add Unique Artwork to Creatively Designed New Offices

Architectural Firm Now Housed in Renovated Historic Building At the Northern End of West Palm Beach's Financial District.

Food Network Regular Sean Bennett Launches His New Book on Amazon

Sean Bennett's new book is arriving at a time of economic uncertainty. The middle class appears to be declining and the American public seems resentful of the one percent. In our current economic times, people need the answers on how to live well without fear of debt or extreme sacrifice. Sean Bennett is an advocate for following your dreams and obtaining your goals on any budget. By approving the readers caviar dreams on beer bottle budgets, Sean Bennett hopes to be the antidote to financial guru Suzie Orman. In today's economy, people want to live well on a budget. Who wants to sacrifice? Luxury Steals & Deals! is the ultimate handbook to help anyone have it all!