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Spanish Actress Tania Serrano's Dual Role in "Camila" Recognized by Short Film Competition

LogoThe work of Spanish actress Tania Serrano has been recognized by the Best Shorts Competition, a juried film festival for short films based in La Jolla, California. "Camila," directed and produced by Carla Roda, features Serrano in the title role. Serrano plays a rape survivor who creates an imagined second personality, "Lana," to help herself cope with the aftermath of the assault. "She's so uncomfortable in her own skin that she just develops this other identity," Serrano explains. "It's almost like she has an identical twin."

Sports Utility Vehicles Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast Analysis for 2016 - 2024

LogoA sports utility vehicle is a kind of passenger vehicle which combines load-hauling and passenger-carrying abilities with the usefulness of a light weight pickup truck. Most of the sports utility vehicles are designed having an engine compartment, approximately square cross-section, and a combined cargo and passenger compartment. Most full-size and mid-size sports utility vehicles have approximately five or more seats, along with a luggage area directly behind the last row of seats. The popularity of sports utility vehicles has grown gradually in recent years, particularly in the United States region. Various factors have contributed towards the growth of this kind of vehicle. Generally sports utility vehicle are perceived to offer a broad range of capabilities: power, performance, cargo room, better sightlines, functionality, luxury and safety. As a result, sports utility vehicles charm to a wide gamut of drivers.

Limo King Announces Affordable Corporate Limousine Services

Limo King, a premier limousine service in Toronto, is pleased to announce the availability of new affordable and luxurious corporate limousine rentals.

The Renovator's Supply Announces over 100 Plus Corner Sinks Available at Low, Factory Direct Prices

Need a space saving bathroom corner sink? Have no fear! The Renovator’s Supply, the world’s leading expert in corner sinks, has over 100 available models for home, boat, and commercial bathroom renovation to choose from.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Announces in-Law Additions Available for October 2014

LogoTilghman Builders, Inc., builder in Montgomery County, is pleased to announce that in-law additions are available this October. With elder care facilities out of financial reach, families are opting to build in-law suites to accommodate their aging parents. These suites provide a sense of privacy, but also a feeling of safety and community for seniors.

Jump Rope Exercises Highly Recommend by Fitness Experts for Weight Loss

LogoCardiovascular exercise are dubbed by fitness experts to be one of the best workout in order to lose weight. One of the most popular cardiovascular exercises today are jump rope exercises. Based on numerous researches, jump rope exercises is more effective than your conventional daily jogging when it comes to burning fats. In a study, it was observed that doing a 10-minute jump rope exercise can burn up to 135 calories which is equal to 30 minutes of jogging or playing 2 sets of tennis. Moreover, the advantages of doing jump rope exercises is that you need minimal equipment and you can do it anywhere you want.

Parts Geek Announces New Additions to Their Selection of Fuel Injectors

LogoParts Geek, a premier online auto parts retailer, is proud to announce that their website now features an even more extensive selection of fuel injectors. Anyone visiting is sure to find the fuel injector that is right for their year and make, as the website lists well over 12,000 options to choose from. Parts Geek also offers their products from trusted manufacturers such as Bosch, Delphi, Beck Arnley, and Standard Motor Products. Last but not least, customers will be able to search their large selection of fuel injector replacements by filtering out parts that are not compatible with their car, whether it is a new Audi or a 1997 Saturn.

Talkington Bates Warns Customers to Book Now as Christmas Catering Rush Begins

Christmas, though ostensibly full of joy, celebration and close moments with family, can also be highly stressful. Chief among these stressors, perhaps more so even than buying the presents, is getting the perfect Christmas dinner put on the table. This applies just as much to businesses throwing Christmas parties as it does to large families organising feasts. As such, it is increasingly popular for hosts to delegate such a task to professional caterers, and Talkington Bates is renowned for their professional catering services. They are however urging all clients to book now, after a spike in orders.

Over 30 Million Users Choose 'Hola' for a Better Internet

Quietly over the past 20 months a new phenomenon is emerging -- over 30 million users have installed Hola -- showing that they want a more open, more private Internet.

The EmoSPARK Cube Is Bringing the Fascinating World of AI to Our Personal Lives

Life as we know is just about to change. Artificial intelligence is now making its way into homes in the form of a 90 x 90 x 90cm emotionally supportive cube with personality if it’s own named EmoSPARK.

Ashburnham Insurance Are Now Offering Landlords Low Cost Landlord Insurance Coverage

Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited is pleased to announce that landlords with buy-to-let properties are able to obtain information about Landlord Insurance products by using their online quote and buy system. The company carries comprehensive cover, but maintains competitive prices in order to provide customers with the best possible value for money. The online policy form is quick and simple to use and the quotes come from trusted UK insurers. Policy documents are provided instantly.

Music Legend Alan McGee Showcases His New Prodigies via XFM and This Feeling

After reading last week that Manchester band Alias Kid had been signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Management, the time felt right to get down to a gig and check them out. They were playing the always impressive This Feeling club night which showcases new music and rising stars to the nation with the help of XFM radio.

Residents Enjoy the Swift Fencing Leeds Service Without Additional Overhead Charges

Fencing is an essential part of every home. Many people consider fencing as a successful way of creating boundaries around their house or gardens. According to many homeowners, a good fencing greatly reduces the chance of trespassing. For most people, garden fencing is more than just about the fence panels and posts. For them fencing is not only to protect the flowers and other plants, but also to give their gardens their own personal touch. Launches Fast Unlocking Solution for Apple iPhone

There are many ways of unlocking an iPhone and these days, especially, there are many websites selling software unlocks for iPhones. However, most of the websites are scams and customers end up destroying the hardware of their phones. On the other hand, there are some websites which offer reliable iPhone unlocking services at competitive prices. According to, only offers the best iPhone OS unlock at the most competitive price

TechNan Launches to Provide the Latest Software and Technology News Online

Technology is evolving rapidly, and is also dispersing into more and more different access points, with desktop computers and laptops, tablets and mobile phones, and now even wearables covering every possible screen size from a watch face to a wall projection. The technology inside these devices is getting more powerful and more flexible, and so is the software that takes advantage of this tech. Due to this fast moving tech landscape it can be a dizzying feat to try and stay up to date with the latest innovations. Thankfully, TechNan has recently been launched to give detailed insights in easy-to-absorb editorials on the full gamut of technology today. They focus on disseminating the news but also giving useful on editorials on practical applications of technology as well as reviewing software and hardware.

Math Games for Kids Is All Here at Android Market for the Growing Kids

The top gaming apps developers have now launched the amazing app, which is helpful for the children. The game is claimed to be highly practical that helps kids to learn the basics of math. The math is not an interesting subject for the kids when growing up, as it has various difficulty levels, said the developer of Math Game for Kids. He also says,” We have developed this game so that we will be able to give them chance of learning the disliked subject in the most entertaining way”. The game has got million numbers of downloading within few days.

MrPrata Brings Its Chain of Malaysian-Indian Food Diners to Kuta, Bali

Opening its 'Malaysian Street Hawkers' inspired diners in the tourists epicentre of Bali at Kuta, MrPrata is a much loved chain of restaurants bringing the delicious Malaysian-Indian cuisine to Bali, with its first home in the island rooted in the ‘heart’ of Bali at Ubud.

China Jewelry Wholesaler Announces Fall/Winter Earrings

OK Charms Fashion accessories company, Ltd, a Chinese-based fashion jewelry wholesaler offering top quality, competitively-priced fashion jewelry in the world from China, will officially announce the launch of its new Fall / Winter earrings October 15, 2014 3:00 p.m. at a press conference scheduled for China Guangzhou Shangri-la Hotel Press Hall.

Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate Now Allows to Burn ISO Files and Download Disc Template

LogoWatching movies become one of the most popular leisure entertainment ways in people’s life. Leawo Software is an online multimedia solution developer and provider that focuses on developing and providing people with practical and easy-to-use solutions for movie watching. The company just rolled out Total Media Converter Ultimate V7.1.0.7 to the public with wide optimizations. In the V7.1.0.7, Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate presets profiles for Xperia Z3 and Galaxy Note 4 conversions, gets improved GPU acceleration, ISO to disc burning and disc template downloading features.

China Hifi Audio Presents a Range of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and Hi Tech CD Players

The parts and machines required to boost the music system and get a theatre like effect is common nowadays. The young generation prefers music with a proper sound base and clarity. China Hifi Audio sells varieties of tube amp and vacuum tube amp that can be purchased from their online store The company provides shipping to all the countries around the world. The products are fairly matched with cheap price. The China Hifi Audio sell numerous products related to music systems and the products are genuine and reliable by many. The ordered products are delivered in preferred time with good packaging.

Leawo Introduces iPhone Data Recovery Software for Mac, Fully Support iOS 8

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, recently updated its iPhone data recovery program for Mac computers, Leawo iOS Data Recovery for Mac, to Version 1.8.1. The updated version now fully supports iOS 8.

Stockroom Offers Its Collection of a Wide Range of Furniture Online

Furniture is among the basic amenities for humans. Wherever man stays, he needs furniture in order to accommodate himself as well as his possessions. There are various ways in which one can get the desired piece of furniture. The online furniture shops such as Stockroom are viable choices for purchasing furniture Hong Kong. The e-commerce has swept the world of sales and purchase. Nearly everything that humans need or demand is sold online, and furniture is no exception. The flexibility of online shopping is especially widespread for citizens of the developed nations.

Agency Founder to Offer Wordpress Services to Online Businesses

Dominique, founder of Divine Web Studios, is offering a service package to new businesses to assist in website development, specifically hosting through Wordpress. The goal of this package is to help new businesses and start-ups develop a website and increase consumer visibility. The service is available to businesses all over the world.

Provenance Vie Saine: A Free Website Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Allister Yee, a health professional from New Zealand, thinks that a healthy lifestyle is a right, not a privilege.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Moves to New Location

Dr. Frederic H. Corbin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with practices in both Beverly Hills and Brea, CA. Dr. Corbin’s original Beverly Hills location has recently to a new address: 9400 Brighton Way, Penthouse Suite, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The phone number will remain the same: (310) 284-8384.

My IDentity Doctor Now Supports Celiac Sprue Awareness Month with Their Celiac Disease Bracelet for Celiac Sprue Patients

Celiac disease has been increasing at an alarming rate. People are not very aware of this disease, and they consider it as any other normal disease. However the notion is absolutely opposite. Celiac diseases, if not treated at the right time may prove fatal. This disease is associated with digestive and autoimmune disorders that damage the lining of the small intestine when food particles which contain gluten are eaten. The damages in the intestine make it difficult to absorb the nutrients by the body. This further damages the villi that is there on the small intestine. The villi stops absorbing the nutrients from the food and if the villi, which is hair like structure in the small intestine is destroyed, it results in severe health disorder including extreme malnourishment. The best way to prevent this disease is to educate people about this and in order to do so, Canada officially made the month of October as the Celiac disease awareness month. Consequently various interest groups in the U.S. and other countries also followed the suit.

Local Certified Professional Life Coach & Motivational Speaker Debut's Dating Book for Women

Local Certified Professional Life Coach and inspirational speaker, Mary Davies of Spokane, will debut her dating book “The Ultimate Guide to Dating For Women” on October 17th, 2014 at 6:30 PM at Auntie’s, a local, down town Spokane bookstore. There will be a reception with Davies and she will offer a Q & A session and be available to sign books!