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Coastal Woodworks Celebrates 25 Years in Business

LogoWith technology taking the forefront in the 21st century, many have neglected the beauty of natural resources. Sleek, modern displays are taking over offices and homes, losing the warmth of organic beauty. Fortunately many companies and individuals still appreciate the simple designs embodied by wood and other materials. One business in particular, Coastal Woodworks & Display, has worked tirelessly over the years to create gorgeous functional displays out of beautiful rich wood with expert craftsmanship. This year marks their 25th anniversary since the establishment of the company. Within that quarter century they have thrived, successfully creating enticing displays that set them apart. Urges Public Schools to Invest in Water Filters for the Students, the leader and pioneer in providing water filters urges the administrators of public schools to invest in high-quality water filters to ensure that the students are able to drink clean water. According to reveals that the large majority of public schools across the globe fail to offer safe and clean water for the students and other employees of the school. As a matter of fact, drinking unfiltered and unsafe water is prevalent in the regions of Africa as well as in Asia. In connection with this, believes that settling for unfiltered water wreck havoc the health of the students.

I'm Still Here: New Book Urges Readers to Embrace Eternalness by Following Example of Companion Animals

While The Law of Attraction, the idea of an immortal soul and The Power of Intention are not new concepts, their relation to people’s companion animals is seldom explored. In a compelling new book by David W. Hutchings, these core topics are put front-and-center alongside new observations about how companion animals demonstrate their acceptance of these truths.

Active Road Trips Combines Travel with Personal Attention from a Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer

Traveling can now be healthy, exciting and an adventure thanks to Active Road Trips. The company sets up short and long road trips throughout the entire USA and Canada to interesting locations all complete with a yoga instructor or a personal trainer. Seeing North America while staying fit and healthy has never been so easy!

Gomez Law Firm Offers Its Attorney Services in Houston

Law is one of the most complex things which is hard for every common man to understand. There are situations where people get trapped in different legal cases due to negligence or no knowledge about their act at all. On the contrary there are cases where people fail to get justice due to weak lawyers. This is why it is highly essential to take services of a well-qualified and an experience lawyer when stuck in legal complexities. A popular workplace lawyer in Houston Jorge L. Gomez provides his attorney services to the locals living in and around the place.

Professional Car Accident Consultation from Gomez Law Firm

Car accidents are one of the most common forms of accidents that people go through these days. There are huge numbers of cases registered with each passing day. There are many injuries and losses caused due to a car accident and one needs to consult an expert law firm that can help in recovering from this type of loss. Though one cannot compensate on the death of a person but in cases where people are seriously injured people can expect to get their expenses paid by the person at fault. Both the victims as well as their opposition have the right to fight the case equally and they must look to get the best lawyers in order to get right judgement.

Website Closers Offers Remarkable, Expert Service & Expertise on How to Sell an Amazon Business

LogoWebsite Closers offers the most remarkable services and expertise in how to sell an Amazon business. They possess skills and knowledge that has helped them become one of the top brokerages available for those interested in buying and selling websites. They offer a free consultation and valuation service to clients who want to learn about an Internet Company. The strength of Amazon companies has increased significantly over the past 5 years, and gained new levels of popularity in acquisitions over the past few years, making them very marketable and highly sought-after.

Bean Bags Co Introduces "Video Loungers"

From family living rooms to college dorms, gathering around the TV for a movie or video game is a treasured evening activity for many Americans. Often, though, living room furniture cannot provide optimal seating for everyone, leaving family and friends to rearrange bulky couches and chairs or fight for the best location. Bean Bags Co., the leading source for premium adult bean bag chairs, like the ones seen at , is thrilled to introduce a solution—video loungers.

SalesDataList Offers Unlimited Leads… Truly Unlimited Leads with No Fine Print

LogoAny sales professional in any industry will tell you that finding quality leads is one of their biggest hurdles. There are countless ways to generate leads be it purchasing leads, direct mail, door knocking, referrals or telesales. Unfortunately, leads also come at a price separating you from either your time, your money or both.

Party Feathers Introduces Princess Boas

From Snow White to Cinderella and Princess Grace to Princess Kate, generations of little girls, all around the world, have dreamed of being royalty. Parties on a princess theme are not new, but the rise of social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have fueled a do-it-yourself trend that have parents everywhere scrambling to create the ultimate event, fit for the mini-royal in their lives. Coming to the rescue, Party Feathers is happy to make princess-theme parties a snap with their new line of princess boas.

"Are You Ready to Speak Snackerpackerstackish?" Hilarious New Children's Book, the Wonders of Monkey Mac Teaches Skills with a Few (Dozen!) Laughs Along the Way

In order to become a proud ‘Snackerpackerstackian’, readers of the quirky and fantastic new book by Stephanie Harris, ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ will need to learn ‘The Great Snackerpackerstackian Song’.

Bean Bags Co Introduces Safe Bean Bags for Kids

Children are quite naturally drawn to bean bag chairs—their bright colors, fun patterns, and delightful shapes quickly make them an easy favorite among the youngest members of the family. Kids bean bag chairs, like the premium models featured at , make great additions to a child’s bedroom or play area, providing an ergonomic, comfortable place to relax as well as making a bright addition to the décor. However, some models of bean bags can be hazardous for little ones. Bean Bags Co., the leading online source for bean bag chairs, shares important safety tips when selecting beans bags.

Mums Love These: New Bath Letters and Numbers Gets Rave Reviews Amazon's Verified Purchase

Parents and caregivers with young children ages three and up look for toys that are not only fun, but also aid in developing their children’s learning skills, need not look any further than the luxury 36-piece foam bath letters and numbers set plus bath mesh toy organizer. Released recently by leading Los Vegas’ top child products provider, Freddie and Sebbie, the baby bath letters, numbers and organizer is designed aid children with their counting and spelling.

Leeya Robbins and the Secret of the Witch's Stone: Gripping Children's Series Fuses Battle Between Good & Evil with Bold Lessons of Self-Esteem

While the internet, text messaging and music rule youth culture, many adults are working diligently to preserve traditional past-times and prevent them from getting lost forever. Author D.R. Coleman is fighting this cause with gusto, by releasing a new series of children’s books that hark back to the golden days of storytelling.

Introducing 'The Missing Pill': New Book Details the Shockingly Swift Rise of Energy Healing

In simple, effective language, Dr. John Ryan brings the mysticism of Energy Medicine down to earth in his new book, ‘The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation’.

Will Women Rule the Future? Global Reach Interviews John Gerzema, Best-Selling Author of the Athena Doctrine

LogoTo be successful in the 21st century leaders and organizations will need to embrace “feminine values” says John Gerzema. co-author of The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future when he ioins Té Revesz, host of Global Reach: Winning in World Markets on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network’s Business Channel, ( on Thursday, 1 May at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Automated External Defibrillator Market Worth $930 Million by 2017

LogoThe global automated external defibrillator market was worth $616million in the year 2012. Increasing incidences of cardiovascular disease, growing awareness about the lifesaving potential of AED, increasing installation of public access AEDs, and advancing technology are accelerating the growth of this market.

Trilogiq USA and Seegrid Strengthened Partnership to Meet Demand in Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions

Seegrid is a leader in developing innovative industrial automatic guided vehicles. Their product line of robotic pallet jacks, tuggers, and fork lifts are perfectly suited to support any company looking to take their logistics and material handling operations to the next level. Trilogiq USA, pioneer adapting material handling solutions recently developed a relationship to ways to for look ways to provide best practice and lean solutions for clients’ of both organizations.

Mayday Manufacturing Part of Tailwind Technologies Uses VIMANA for Machine Monitoring

Mayday Manufacturing successfully uses VIMANA, the manufacturing software platform for improving shop floor production efficiency. Located in Denton, Texas, Mayday is a global supplier of precision bushings, sleeves, pins, and spacers to the aerospace, defense, and homeland security markets. Mayday also produces turned parts that include milled features such as flange flats, slots, grooves, notches, and tangs. Tougher close tolerance components made from high risk raw materials have been a particular success for the company over the last quarter century. Mayday Manufacturing is an operating company of Tailwind Technologies, Inc.

Creators of Armenian Genocide Movie Launch Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

The creators of “Armenia, My Country, My Mother, My Love,” the powerful new Armenian Genocide movie that recounts the tale of the unspeakable acts perpetrated against the Armenian people nearly a century ago, is announcing the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the production and release of the film.

TraceGains Video Series Includes Interview of Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R Cutler

LogoTraceGains, a web-based, full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution, released a series of videos exploring the supplier data revolution. Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler was interview about how progressive companies leverage upstream data and relationships to outperform the market. Topics addressed by Cutler are business intelligence, trend analysis, proactive decision-making, and getting to one version of the truth.

Ultriva Featured in Business Lean Blog Exploring Demand Driven Supply Chain Solutions

LogoUltriva, a leading supply chain execution software company, was featured in Business Lean exploring why demand driven supply chain solutions are reality today. Ultriva is the leader in demand drive supply chain cloud solutions. According to the article, often companies want to simply reduce working capital, improve supplier collaboration, and improve delivery performance across the supply chain. The result is always improved delivery performance, significantly reduced part shortages, as well as overall inventory reduction.

Originating from Romania and Educated in New York, Filmmaker Hypno's Fashion Short Chosen as Official Selection for La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

LogoAfter graduating from New York Film Academy in 2006, Hypno went on to direct over 50 music videos and 150 commercials. Focusing on emotional connection and raw humour, Hypno has made an impact directing innovative and award-winning projects for brands such as Samsung, Geocell, GPI, Pepsi, Oriflame, WWF, and Anim’est.

Ipage's Enhanced Web Hosting Service Aids One to Attain Extreme Security with Sitelock

Today, iPage is among the most widely used webhosting website in the market. It not only serves as website hosting firm to forthcoming bloggers, but also caters to corporate site and business owners. These firms often have databases containing delicate data of their client as well as the company. As a result of this, ipage places excellent concentrate on offering higher degree of security within their services. For this, web security business SiteLock has been utilized by iPage. Including spam and SiteLock’s spyware scanning software-as a free of charge value-added support to its package, iPage make sure that each site they host possess a secure environment.

Atlanta ENT Doctor Heads Up New Division for Balloon Sinuplasty to Treat Chronic Sinusitis

Top Atlanta ENT doctor, Pradep K Sinha is leading a new division for the Atlanta Institute for ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat). The practice is proud to announce that Dr. Pradeep K. Sinha will be spearheading a new division called the Sinus Institute of Atlanta which specializes in Balloon Sinuplasty to treat chronic sinusitis.

Complimentary eTicket to CeMAT 2014 Offered by Seegrid

LogoSeegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles, is offering a complimentary eTicket for the CeMAT 2014 in Hanover, Germany. The show will be from May 19-23, 2014 and Seegrid will be exhibiting the GT45 tow tractor and Guided by Seegrid P50 C tow tractor at Hall 27, Booth H12. For free admission to CeMAT go to:

Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems and Services Market Estimated to Reach $17.47 Billion in 2019

LogoThe report analyzes the "Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems & Services Market by Type (Wet FGD, Dry FGD, and others), by Application (Cement Manufacture, Chemical, Power Generation, Iron & Steel, and Others) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019" with respect to market drivers, opportunities, and trends in different regions. The global market was estimated to be worth $12.93 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2014 to 2019.