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Investor Alert: Key Energy Services, Inc. (NYSE:KEG) Under Investigation

An investigation on behalf of investors of NYSE:KEG shares over potential securities laws violations by Key Energy Services, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

System Insights Promotes Rick Moran to President

System Insights (SI) announced that Rick Moran has been promoted to President and COO of the company from his current position as COO. In this new capacity Moran will be responsible for managing all aspects of company operations. Co-Founder, Will Sobel, continues as CEO and Chairman of the companies’ Board of Directors.

E Instruments Now Has New Hand-Held Combustion Analyzers Available on Their Website

Combustion analysers are essential for ensuring that mechanical equipment is burning the way it should, and that all potential environmental concerns are abated. Therefore, to meet the needs of their ever-growing customer and client base, E Instruments has recently added new hand-held analyzers that are currently available on their website. E Instruments business revolves around helping boiler installers and HVAC professionals select the combustion or emission analyzer that will guarantee that their monitoring requirements are met. With simple yet professional designs, E Instruments’ combustion analyzers will get the job done.

Charleston's Celebrity Daniel Bostic Has a New Website to Better Serve His Fans

Actor and model Daniel Bostic announces the recently launch of his new designed website,, a website devoted to his worldwide ‘Bostiholics’ fans and to those who wish to find out more information about the Charleston’s celebrity.

New Offer of Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans for Up to $ 20,000

However, the economic climate over the past few years has effected such a large amount of people, that currently there's really a larger proportion of individuals with a poor credit rating, than those without!

Where to Find the Best Tax Services in Los Angeles

When business owners in Los Angeles want to make the best choice for outsourcing tax services, the number of options can be daunting. How do employers choose the most efficient and affordable tax service so they can stop spending time and resources doing their own accounting? Using a well-established local tax preparation service could be the right choice and AP Payroll Service in Northridge, CA offers the following suggestions about what to look for in a superior tax preparation service.

Top Chefs Endorse the Culinary Connection's Hands-On, Real-World Program

LogoThe Culinary Connection is pleased to announce their grand opening in twenty cities across the nation, coast-to-coast, with an additional twenty locations slated to open in coming months. The school’s six month culinary arts programs place aspiring chefs in real kitchens where they learn under the direct instruction of a chef. Direct, on the job experience fused with structured, in-depth lessons enable apprentices to learn the real ins-and-outs of the craft and to make valuable connections with industry professionals while they train. Already, the affordable, no-nonsense mentored-apprentice program offered by Culinary Connection has top chefs from across the nation offering up their hearty endorsements.

Using Scripture to Express That Ending Human Trafficking Is the Right Thing to Do

LogoAuthor Stephen Cummings encourages Christians everywhere to put an end to human trafficking with ‘Lost Sheep’.

Seegrid Employee Volunteers with FIRST Robotics Pittsburgh

LogoFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a non-profit organization that designs accessible, innovative programs which inspire young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, engineering, technology, and math while building self-confidence, knowledge and life skills.

New Innovative Wellness Socks to Put a Spring in Every Step and Boost Health @ Diabetic Socks

Socks are now getting a lot of innovative changes and technology is being applied to it seamlessly. Today, we can now improve the health of the people just by simply instructing them to wear a pair of socks and say goodbye to medicine that has to be taken orally.

Prototype Casting's Uses 3D Wax Pattern for Creating Complex Wax Patterns

LogoPrototype Casting's rapid investment casting process is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to expensive parts produced using DMLS (Direct metal laser sintering) or additive processes. They use a 3D wax pattern printing system for creating complex wax patterns for a fraction of the cost of DMLS. Then, 3D wax patterns are invested and burned out of the mold. Metal is then poured into the resultant cavity.

Nikomed USA Inc. Is Now Offering High-Quality Niko-Stim TENS Electrodes for Pain Management

Nikomed USA Inc., the industry-wide supplier of EKG and monitoring electrodes, is now offering high-quality TENS electrodes that can be used for pain management. Providing superior patient comfort, Niko-Stim TENS electrodes allow for a longer-lasting, high-quality stimulation. There are many benefits to using these electrodes because they are easy to use an affordable. The pads are packaged in a resealable pouch and can be used multiple times. Nikomed USA Inc. offers complete satisfaction with the products they sell. For more information, please contact 1-800-724-5160.

Aim Auto Parts Riverview Adds More Inventory to Keep Up with Customer Demand

Aim Auto Parts Riverview recently partnered with PGS Core in order to have more access to additional used auto parts inventory for their customers. Offers Dresses from Top Designers Jovani and Mac Duggal, the largest and most reliable online fashion retailer, offers top notch dresses from world’s renowned designers. With thousands of available products at NetFashionAvenue, one can always find favorite, well-known designer gowns fit for weddings, prom, homecoming, cocktail events, red-carpet events, sexy evenings, or any other special occasion.

Get the Best Protection for Computers and Private Files with AVG Antivirus

Experiencing search engine redirects? Fake alerts? Those are just among the many complications usually encountered by users whose computers have been infiltrated by viruses. Not only that, other viruses install additional, not to mention, annoying applications which are downright useless. AVG antivirus detects viruses it finds without slowing things down while being eliminated.

Want to Have a Healthy Mouth? One Can Visit Smile Designer to Have Teeth Taken Care Of

More and more people are starting to pay attention with their teeth. They are now squeezing some of their time to visit their dentist and have their teeth check. A healthy tooth is an indication of a healthy body. And when it comes to taking care of the teeth, Smile Designer is the best for that. Smile Designer has the best dentures in Arlington and their staff is the best bunch of Arlington dentists. Smile Designer is dedicated and their main goal is to help people fix their teeth problems in a more convenient way. Smile Designer has a team of very skilled and professional dentists and staff that serve clients very well.

Sandy McQueen Exposes Vital Information About the Elevation Group Scam

Top internet marketing expert Sandy McQueen has once again shocked the online community by exposing interesting facts about the alleged Elevation Group Scam.

Online Long Term Loans Through Fast Processing Up to $ 20000

Individuals often run out of finance. Handling monetary crisis state of affairs on time is often a daunting task. It is at these testing times that individuals search for external financial support to meet some vital business or personal requirements. At such times, the supply of online long term loans proves to be a wonderful option. As the name implies, the online long term loans come with a facility of long repayment period. These loans assist an individual borrower gain comfortable quantity of funds in tough times, that allow the borrower to easily concentrate on the short term personal or business situation on time with comfort and ease without worrying about the finances.

New Product Launched for Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit Up to $ 15000

But will a loan application ever be bound to get the green light? There are, after all, criteria to fulfill and affordability needs to be proved, thus sure as getting a guaranteed loans approval can't be a practical offer. Even so, the offer is usually advertised. Of course, for those in difficult money positions, and in need of money to alter growing debts, the deal will be too sensible to pass of. Usually this can be the entice that those seeking unsecured personal loans often fall under.

Better Math Grades with iKaes Math Solver

LogoIf you are a student or a parent of a student taking a math course, you have most likely taken part in preparing for a math test. Math tests have been a source of anxiety and stress for students and parents alike. However, there are several easy steps that can be taken to help anyone do better, like forming study groups, using Math solver (iKaes), and so on.

New Offer of Long Term Loans with No Credit Check for Approvals Up to $25,000

In truth, when the borrower checks on the quantity of interest paid, one is bound to have a nasty shock, even when the term is normal. However the issue to recollect is that the long term loans with no credit check are never attending to provide the proper conditions. Borrowers with no credit check have no other option but to settle for a higher rate of interest on the long term loans with no credit check.

Easy Long Term Loans No Credit Check Approvals Up to $20000

All of those purchases are expensive, however for such customers have introduced long term loans no credit check, where the borrowers can apply in person or online with minimum documentation so as to be able to get the loan. One can get long term loans no credit check up to $ 20,000, however one needs to select the amount best suited to their personal needs. Whilst short term pay day loans on-line is an excellent way to get fast access to up to $1000 cash, this would possibly not be enough or applicable for a bigger purchase like that of an extravagant wedding. Therefore borrowers need to look out for long term loans no credit check. Having an extended term loan implies that the borrower may unfold the payments out over a longer term. Ultimately, the borrower will need to pay a lower rate of interest, and have lower payment amounts monthly.

New Scheme Launched for Long Term Loans for Bad Credit Up to $20,000

That in itself is often another challenge, with traditional lenders virtually bound to reject an applicant with a bad credit history, however online lenders are more open to this niche of the market, and whereas falling in need of secure loan approval, a minimum of have a bigger probability of granting approval.

Nikomed Online Announces New Savings on Tacky Mats and Floor Protection Products During Spring

Gearing up for the spring season, Nikomed Online announces new savings on all tacky mats and floor protection products. When customers complete an online purchase of $100 or more on tacky mat or floor protection products, they will receive a complimentary First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a great addition to any construction site because it will provide on-the-site relief if there is an accident or injury. Visit the website today or speak to one of our experts by calling 1-800-707-5595.

New Offer of Guaranteed Loan Approval Till $25000

The idea of secured empowerment is reassuring to individuals seeking loans however who are unsure of their chances of approval. However whereas components of an approval method may well be cut bent on speed things up, the flexibility to repay a loan must be proved. This truth alone suggests that there will be no universal guarantee given to candidates.

Online Loans for Bad Credit with Approvals Till $ 25,000

The task of securing authorization with no security isn't as tough as many of us would expect. There are conditions, of course, and plenty of traditional lenders are unwilling to take the risk on if the sum being borrowed is massive. However, there's another route that's worth taking - the web route. In several cases, the simplest loan deals are to be found amongst online lenders, particularly in unsecured loans. It might be strange to assume that obtaining an unsecured loan with bad credit is often of bigger profit than a secured loan. However there are clear blessings to picking the unsecured choice, and using it to build a credit reputation. Not least amongst them is that no collateral are often lost.

New Bad Credit Loans with Monthly Payments for Up to $20,000

In truth, once we examine the quantity of interest paid people will get a nasty shock, even once the term is normal. However the factor to recollect is that long term loans with bad credit are never getting to supply the proper conditions. This is often as a result of a bad credit rating means the rate of interest is higher, one thing that borrowers got to settle for.