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Trackmobile LLC and Rail Safe Announce a Partnership for Safety

LogoA new partnership highlights the New Year at Trackmobile. As a global manufacturer and industry leader responsible for "The Design, Manufacture, and Service of Machines for Moving Railcars and Locomotives", this partnership demonstrates Trackmobile's unparalleled commitment to safe rail operations through industry partnerships and elevates Trackmobile to the next level in their commitment.

CEB Inc. (NYSE:CEB) Shareholder Alert: Investigation of Takeover by Gartner, Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of CEB Inc. (NYSE:CEB) in connection with the proposed takeover was announced and NYSE:CEB stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Innovative Design Company Launches Timely Kickstarter Campaign - Slide Identity Offers Italian Design at Affordable Prices

Watches are historically an expression of one’s personality, now everyone can express their individual identity, and adapt to the occasion. With so many ways to keep track of time these days, the ideal timepiece is one that adorns the wrist, reflecting vitality, style, and uniqueness. This was the challenge that accomplished Italian designer Andrea Palama tackled head on when he founded Slide Identity. Slide Identity is a new force in the market, combining expertise in design and manufacturing, with a smart lifestyle concept to define the next generation of wearables.

"Made in Chelsea" Bar Comes out for Lesbians

Dirty Martini, the bar featured regularly in Channel 4’s “Made in Chelsea” is flying the flag for lesbians with pride. Pink Lobster Dating has teamed up with the cocktail bar to offer women an event away from the official gay area of London. The company created specifically for feminine women to meet one another realised the gap in the market. Currently, most lesbian events are focussed around Soho, London (the LGBT district of the city).

Betterprint Now Offers Business Cards in London at Affordable Prices

LogoWith an aim to create a long lasting impression, Betterprint now offers business cards for London based clients. They bring a comprehensive range of high quality and impressive range of business cards in London at comparatively low cost. You can get exclusive business cards from them, which definitely helps companies or businesses to increase their visibility and further reinforce their brand and increase their potential customers.

Safari Company Launches Indiegogo to Save Animal Farm

They roam on a farm near the majestic Limpopo River, unaware of the danger they will encounter. A man made danger, encroaching on species both endangered and protected. One day, unsuspecting, they will wind up as a trophy, mounted on a wall or made into a skin rug. Trophy hunting. Very much frowned upon by UN Rio Accord 1992 countries, the practice is very much alive and thriving in areas of the world where money and corruption speak louder than animal rights. One Safari company hopes to make a difference by stopping the practice locally and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds from angel investors to make that happen.

Fun Easy Learn Releases Easy Hindi Learning Android App

The Indian language just got easier to learn with the help of an app designed by Fun Easy Learn. The app is all about giving a fun approach to learning Hindi, a language that the company claims can be daunting for a foreign national to master. The app has already garnered several positive reviews ever since it was made available at the Play store for free. The app developers encourage in need of the language to learn Hindi through their app. Partners with Kejora Express to Offer Online Bus Ticket Service is Singapore and Malaysia’s largest bus ticketing website. The online bus ticket service provider has recently partnered Kejora Express to offer Kejora express bus tickets. Kejora Experess is reputable agent who sells bus tickets of Kejora express, Persada express and Inter Top for various locations such as Pudu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, etc in Malaysia and Thailand.

Jose Moraleda Launches FingerOut

Motor gaming is known to be the favorite of most of the gamers. The motion and thrill attached to this kind of speedy games have always attracted the regular as well as new gamers. Keeping this under consideration, a brand new motor gaming app has been launched, named FingerOut. Provides Quality CNC Turning Parts at Viable Rates

Runsom Precision Co. Ltd. has recently made news after launching another quality service of its machined parts called CNC turning parts. CNC or Computerized Numerical Control is a manufacturing process with the help of digital electronic computers and circuitry. This controlling technique helps manage innovative machines; most of which are replacing the old manual ones that largely depended on operators to run them.

Dressve Promotional Offers on Ladies Shoes and Other Fashion Goods

In a bid to providing a value-adding shopping experience to its customer base, Dressve, a leading fashion store referred to as The Fashion Zone for Women Clothing and Shoes, now announces the official launch of another edition of Dressve Promotional Offers that deal with the sale of a wide variety of women shoes and fashion goods.

New Dressve Promotion Helping Shoppers Save More Money on Women Bags

Dressve, a fashion storefront popularly known as The Fashion Zone for Women Clothing, Shoes and Bags, now announces another Dressve Promotional Offers as it takes a step further to help shoppers save more money on women bags with good quality.

eMemorial Launches Social Media Powered Online Obituary Service

eMemorial announced the official launch of its free bereavement online service that provides a social media friendly place for people to express their final heartfelt sentiments for loved ones who have been lost.

IPMG Clients Outshine the Competition with a Standout Performance at the 23rd Annual Australian Catalogue Awards

IPMG’s clients have continued to shine with an impressive list of winners announced in the 23rd annual Australian Catalogue Awards. This year a staggering 176 award nominations were IPMG clients, the highest amongst their industry competitors. IPMG’s clients out-shone their competitors in capturing 19 Award Wins and 40 Finalists across the evening.

True Form Landscape Architecture Launches Online Portfolio to Demonstrate Latest Work

Outdoor spaces have near limitless potential for expression, and yet all too often gardens have a generic formula that is rarely interrupted or mixed up. When people do go the extra mile with their outdoor spaces however, it can have a transformative effect on the whole home or office, and create somewhere that people want to be. True Form Landscape Architecture has made transforming Australia’s outdoor spaces their business, and business is breathtaking. They have just launched a new portfolio of twelve recent projects showcasing their ability to transform spaces for every need.

Fun Easy Learn Brings out Another Intelligent Language Application, This Time for Russian

The bubble of learning foreign languages has erupted from the globalization boom that has necessitated migration of people from one place to another for professional and career reasons. In recent times, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan and some other places have shifted to limelight following their trade and tourism flourish. Thus people moving into the Russian territory often prepare themselves for residency by enrolling in language learning courses. FunEasyLearn sets afloat a simple and interactive Android application that teaches users Russian in no time. The company that has a legion of similar other applications to its credit has brought up the Russian language application as a way to save learners the trouble of attending extensive classes when they have to travel in a short notice. Now they launch Learn Russian 6000 Words to help people to learn Russian effectively.

New Italian Company Launches Indiegogo to Pick More Olives

Olives. A wonderful fruit and often comparable to grapes and wine when it comes to vintage and making oil. Harvesting olives is all about timing. Pick them when they are too green and unripe and they are full of Chlorophyll and can make oil taste bitter. Pick them when they are too black and beginning to fall off the tree after the Chlorophyll has left the fruit and it may be too late. Picking can be tedious as traditional methods include combing the ripe fruit from trees into nets, or even hand picking the fruit into baskets tied around the waist. Ladders are often used to climb higher into the trees to reach fruit not easy to comb. An Italian company hopes to change tradition and make it easier to harvest olives by launching an Indiegogo campaign to help them produce and manufacture Project Alpha, what they deem is a better way to harvest olives.

Hytrol Conveyor Welcomes New Hire Executive Vice President David Peacock

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions announced the new hire David Peacock as Executive Vice President. Peacock was selected after an extensive search process conducted by the Hytrol Board of Directors with the assistance of Jordan-Sitter Associates, Inc., an executive search firm. Peacock is expected to succeed Hytrol President Gregg Goodner in the coming months.

Toastmasters Int'l Announces Recipient of Accredited Speakers Program

Toastmasters International, the leader in communication development, recently held their International Convention at which they announced the 66th recipient awarded with the Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program Designation. The convention, held in host country Kuala Lumpur from August 20-23, 2014, was the 83rd Toastmasters International Convention, and the first held in Kuala Lumpur. District 51, as Kuala Lumpur is known to Toastmasters, was also the first to host an International Convention of Toastmasters outside of the United States and Canada. This was great for tourism in Malaysia, which promoted 2014 as “Visit Malaysia Year.” Mrs. Barbara Khozam, earned the designation of Accredited Speaker.

Rob Kidd Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Alabama

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in Alabama with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Southeast Region includes Alabama and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Rob Kidd.

JohnnyDents Offers Low Prices on Dent Repair This Winter

LogoUsually when drivers bring their cars in for dent repairs they’re thinking “I bet there’s going to be some paint involved.” Then they dread the turmoil of finding a matching color, paying for a new paint job, and waiting around for the arduous process of car paint reapplication. When people first hear about Burlington paintless dent repair with JohnnyDents, they ususally laugh and convulse violently for several minutes at the very idea, mentioning the greater likelihood that lower primates will achieve flight from an unmentionable area. But with JohnnyDents this magic becomes a reality. Bring vehicles in to JohnnyDents’ location in Pennsauken, NJ for great rates on dent repair all winter long.

Lice Lifters of North Jersey Announces Head Checks for Kids Going Back to School

LogoLice Lifters of North Jersey has announced head checks for fall 2014 to get kids back to school lice free. Many kids pick up lice at summer camp, whether it’s an overnight camp or day program. Make sure to get kids checked before they come home or head back to school for the fall and get their family or classmates infected. Lice Lifters provides the AirAlle heated treatment which is proven to be much more effective than a nitpicker. As featured on the Dr. Oz Show, lice treatment from Lice Lifters is guaranteed, safe, non-toxic, kid friendly, and gets the job done in just one treatment.

Get Matched with Spa and Hot Tub Installation Professionals in Your Area Through is a website which helps clients around the US connect with Spa and Hot Tub Installation Professionals in their area. Home or business owners who are considering installing a pool, spa or a hot tub are fully aware of the tediousness of the process of finding a Spa and Hot Tub Installation Professional who is trustworthy, skilled and offers the right price for a job. The right professional is not only able to do the job correctly but is also able to offer tips about the best course of action for a pool, spa or hot tub installation or repair. The service offered by Wellness Supply has been specifically designed to help clients find the best spa and hot tub installation, replacement and repair nearest to where they are located.

3pm September 1st Anti-Aging Webinar: Adam Paul Green Will Connect DOTS & Reveal SKIN Peptide Serum Helping Face ACNE HEAL IX Times Faster W/out 'XO' Effects

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai. This proprietary and exclusive high-antioxidant blend is utilized in all of Xoçai products and provides a wide-ranging class of nutrients, vitamins and health benefits. XoVita™ consistently contributes to the findings that all of Xocai’s products contain the highest ORAC (antioxidant-measuring test) and flavonoid rich products available today. (

567 Framing Outlines the Guide on Choosing the Right Paper for Fine Art Printing

LogoIf one is into digital or fine art printing, whether as a hobby or having the work done by a professional fine art printing service, the selection of paper to accomplish the task is important. Today, there’s a vast array of papers available and are suitable for fine art printing. The more the choices to choose from, the harder the task of choosing the appropriate paper gets. To help the public and photography enthusiasts 567 Framing – one of the leading fine art printing service s in NYC outlines the guide on choosing the right paper for fine art printing.

Doll Face Animated Film Productions Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Newest Feature

Young adults who are interested in supernaturally charged fiction have a new film feature to look forward to. Doll Face Animated Film Productions has announced a new feature film, Beautiful Danger. To bring the film to audiences everywhere, Doll Face Animated Film Productions has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the necessary funds.

Georgia Production Company Launches Indiegogo Campaign of Hope

Although it can't b determined why, Cancer is the number cause of death to children with nearly 160,000 children being diagnosed worldwide annually and of those an estimated 90,000 will lose their young lives to the disease. It is the only disease that doesn't discriminate and occurs regularly and randomly and cannot like adult cancers be linked to any type of linked to any particular lifestyle or environmental risk. Which makes it even harder on those suffering from it or supporting a child fighting it. Like seven year old Sarah, who suffers with childhood cancer and living through the hardships of day to day treatments and their impact until she meets Amy, the clown that changes her life. Sarah's story is an inspirational feature film being shot by Georgia Peach Productions who have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise capital to complete filming and begin marketing and distribution.