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ChemCeed Joins ILMA as Supplier Member

LogoChemCeed is proud to announce our inclusion in the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) as a supplier member. ILMA, founded in 1948, represents independent lubricant companies that produce over 30 percent of all lubricants and 75 percent of the metalworking fluids and other specialty industrial lubricants sold in America. ChemCeed has long been a trusted supplier to the lubrication and grease market as a supplier of corrosion inhibitors, functional additives, basestocks and specialty esters to manufacturers of lubricants, metal working fluids, engine coolants, cleaners, and corrosion protection products. Dana Brilla, Director of Operations and Marketing at ChemCeed, says, "Becoming a part of ILMA was a natural fit for ChemCeed because the association's values align with our own, being that we are a family-owned company with a focus on safety and high-quality products.ChemCeed has been active in related industry associations such as the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) for many years, so being a member of ILMA is very fitting for us."

Down and Feather Market - Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2024

LogoThis report analyzes and forecasts the market for down and feather at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on volume (tons) and revenue (US$ Mn) from 2016 to 2024. The study includes drivers and restraints of the global down and feather market. It also covers the impact of these drivers and restraints on demand for down and feather during the forecast period. The report also highlights opportunities in the down and feather market at the global and regional level.

Hot Flashes and Their Effects on Sleep

LogoContrary to popular belief, having hot flashes is not a condition, but a symptom of hormonal imbalance or shifts, particularly among women in their menopausal stage. It varies in severity, from moderate flushing or mild warmth and redness of the face, neck or body, to night sweats that leave the clothes and sheets soaked with sweat. It may not affect the total sleep time, but the overall quality and efficiency of sleep ultimately suffers.

Annie Duke Weighs in on Judge Barbaro's Admitted Bias and Decision to Come out Against a 15-Year-Old Murder Conviction

LogoAs a student of cognitive psychology and someone who focuses on how people think, remember, and perceive events, prominent public speaker and former professional poker player Annie Duke has weighed in on the recent news that former New York Supreme Court Judge Frank Barbaro has decided to overturn his 1999 murder conviction. Barbaro found Donald Kagan guilty of second-degree murder, and now believes he made a mistake in the conviction due to bias.

Alligator Watch Bands Are Making a Comeback

The luxurious look of leather and Alligator watch bands have been making a gradual comeback since the year 2010; many of 2014 most timepieces for both men and women have featured Alligator watch bands in many different colors. Fashion experts and stylists believe that the leather watch band trend especially the Alligator watchbands are here to stay for the next few years.

FASTPHILLYSPORTS.COM Now Offering Alternative Take on Philly Sports

The Philadelphia area sports market has long been considered the best in the United States, and now it has a digital sports site worthy of its fans. FASTPHILLYSPORTS.COM is comprised of the best original and aggregated sports journalism with a perspective and edge not previously seen in the Philadelphia media market. The Philadelphia sports blog reflects the best ideas that founder Theodore N. Beitchman has developed over his years as a newspaper sports editor in Washington, D. C. and San Francisco, and as a magazine senior editor at Rolling Stone, Inside Sports and Sports Illustrated.

Affordable QuickBooks Check Writer for Illinois Business Owners

LogoIllinois business owners who are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to print QuickBooks checks can try out the new ezCheckPrinting software from ezCheckPrinitng allows customers to print checks on blank stock in a few clicks. has also added new features to include Windows 8.1 compatibility and network version compatibility.

Get Automatic Likes Launches Brand New Affordable Instagram Likes Subscription Service

Instagram is a powerful visual marketing tool for everyone from sole traders to small businesses to multinational corporations, but only if it is used wisely. One of the most important impressions an Instagram profile must project is that of popular endorsement in order to earn the trust of new users coming to the profile for the first time. Get Automatic Likes has created a way to help businesses of all scales do just that.

How Small Russian Group Attempts to Shield Local Dogs from the Winter Cold

A group of animal lovers living in Minsk, Belarus, an area on the outskirts of Russia, have been taking care of a large portion of the homeless dog population in and around their hometown. Due to a diminishing financial climate in their part of the world, more and more people are unable to care for their pets. These unfortunate animals will find themselves with no family or home more often than not. One of the main concerns that the group currently has is the on coming winter. Though it is only August, they do not have a facility to house all of the dogs they are currently caring for. If plans are not put into motion soon, many dogs in the area will die during the winter months. With temperatures dipping down into the -30° range, sleeping outdoors is not an option for any animal.

Established Atlanta Accounting Firm Release Tips on How to Prepare for Sales Tax Audit

LogoBusiness owners can feel secured and confident about his awaiting sales tax audit if he’s equipped with the right documents that are properly organized. An Established Atlanta Accounting Firm releases the following tips to help business owners prepare for the dreaded sales tax audit.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Beer Market Insights Austria, New Report Launched

LogoThe Beer Market Insight Austria report contains detailed brand, distribution and packaging data and analysis across the Austria beer market for 2013. Brand and packaging volume data is available whilst value data is also available for distribution data. Text analysis reveals the drivers behind the data.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Baby Food Eastern Europe 2014, New Report Launched

LogoBaby Food Eastern Europe 2014 is a new report by Publisher that analyzes the Baby Food industry demand prospects in Eastern Europe, key segments, features & developments, future projections based on various trends. This report also examines trends which are currently affecting the industry. Furthermore, it profiles various companies in the Baby Food industry in Eastern Europe along with the foreign trade involving the Baby Food industry.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Baby Food Slovakia, New Report Launched

LogoBaby Food Slovakia examines the trends in the baby food market for 2007-2013, with forecasts to 2019. It examines how live birth rates, breastfeeding trends, the economic crisis, new product and packaging developments, changing attitudes and safety concerns have affected the market for baby milks, cereals, meals, drinks and finger foods.

Global Entertainment Media Announces Successful Demonstration of Proprietary "i-HUB" Set-Top Box

LogoGlobal Entertainment Holdings (OTC: GBHL) has announced that its subsidiary, Global Entertainment Media (GEM), completed a successful demonstration of the i-HUB set-top operating device, a new convergence technology system that enables internet users and content viewers to easily find and view countless hours of programming and media content available throughout the internet with just a few “clicks”, or using voice commands.

"Mission Blue" - Netflix Documentary in Which Dr. Sylvia Earle Asks, "Do You Enjoy Breathing"

You would presume that any documentary that is based on that question would be a heavy, perhaps thought provoking, but preachy ode. Not “Mission Blue”, the Netflix documentary produced by Fisher Stevens and Robert Nixon about superwoman Sylvia Earle and her quest to save us and our oceans. Helps Address Health and Safety Compliance Training Needs

Employees are the best asset of any organization and it is therefore, imperative to maintain amenable working conditions for them to prosper. Office management has to make sure that they adhere to health and safety compliance requirements set forward by law in order to help their employees as well as their company build a strong foundation.

Montreal Locksmith Services Offers Trusted Emergency Solutions

LogoA common problem confronted by most people is getting locked in or replacing the lock system. Guaranteeing the security of any place is crucial and without proper locking systems it can be detrimental. An effective solution to overcome this is by approaching a professional emergency locksmith in Montreal at competitive pricings.

The Well-Deserved Nomination of Stephen Holt for the National Personal Trainer for the Year Award

The news that Stephen Holt, a veteran in the fitness field, has been nominated for the award of PFP Personal Trainer for the year 2015 is not surprising at all. Those who follow the fitness and the awards regularly may not have forgotten that Stephen was a finalist for the award for last year also but ultimately, it was Dan Ritchie of Lafayette, IN another specialist trainer who, like Stephen Holt, helps baby boomers in their fitness regimens, who won it.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Baby Food Russia, New Report Launched

LogoBaby Food Russia examines the trends in the baby food market for 2007-2013, with forecasts to 2019. It examines how live birth rates, breastfeeding trends, the economic crisis, new product and packaging developments, changing attitudes and safety concerns have affected the market for baby milks, cereals, meals, drinks and finger foods.

Colorado Harley Dealership Fires Up Charitable Cylinders in Support of Veterans, Announcing 'ForeverGrateful Charity Raffle' Win a Harley

Don’t stereotype the Harley-Davidson image; these leather-clad and tough-as-nails bikers have true hearts of gold. In fact, one Colorado dealer is about to prove it as they get ready to host one of the nation’s most unique charitable events in support of three national Veterans’ charities.

Edward Bass Has Been Appointed to Create Splash Magazine's Top Ten Best Dressed List

Edward Bass has been appointed to decide on the Top 10 Best Dressed Women in the world for Splash Magazine, it was announced today. Bass is bi-coastal but has had residences in London, Paris, and Moscow, always in the company of the unusually talented in each city.

Two Halves of a Whole: Canadian Professor's Book Proposes New Model for Caregiving, Putting Health of Caregiver and the Cared-for on Equal Footing

With caregiver mortality and illness rates skyrocketing and both society and the medical profession failing to acknowledge it, Dr. Linda Edgar’s message is simple – caregiving needs radical reform to ensure that both parties can enjoy maximum wellbeing and fulfil their respective roles more successfully.

30 Days: Fact & Fiction Fuse in Gritty & Razor-Sharp New Crime Novel, Exploring Possible 'Last Resort' Revenge as Result of Failing U.S. Justice System

An angry man looking for revenge isn’t new to fiction; this model has in fact become something of a literacy staple over the past sixty years. However, author G.R. Case takes it to the next level with a chillingly-real narrative that transcends thoroughbred fiction to explore how present-day crime levels and a seemingly casual U.S. justice system could literally shoot itself in the foot.

VORE's Arrive and Drive off Road Racing: Anybody Can Do It

LogoVORE, the Vegas Off Road Experience, announces that they currently have available spots in their Arrive and Drive Off-Road Races; Vegas to Reno Off Road Race 2014 and Tecate Baja 1000 race. In these races, guests are invited to get behind the wheel of one of their VORE Challenge Trucks for an exhilarating long distance off road race and as always we are here to help you in achieving your dream of participating in one of these off road races.

GCBA Publishes IRS 72t Rule Guide to Help Individuals Unlock Retirement Funds Early

Retirement is causing financial havoc in the country at the moment, with fierce debate over rising retirement ages and controversy over private pension schemes that won’t pay out. As a result, many people are looking to retire early and unlock the value of their IRA, 401k, TSP, 403b or 457 plan. Many find it difficult to unlock their equity before their legal retirement age, but GCBA are shedding light on IRS rule 72t, and how it can help people unlock their equity early and in a variety of ways. Their newly published guide ( helps explain how.

Diesel Performance Parts Dirty Diesel Discusses How GM Finally Is Embracing Diesel Market with New Plans, Projections

LogoThe company’s endorsement of the future of diesel power is likely to add significant momentum to the technology. Diesel-car registrations were up by 30 percent through last year since 2010.

Diesel Performance Parts Shares Thoughts on Future of Jeep Wrangler

LogoThe Wrangler is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the Jeep brand, tracing its lineage all the way back to the Willys MB in 1941. Although it has gotten larger, more powerful, and more capable over the years, the Jeep Wrangler and its predecessor CJ models have always been valued and treasured by enthusiasts by taking to accessorization and customization like a fish to water. The body-on-frame steel construction and front and rear live axles have always been rugged, simple, and easy to upgrade, thanks to an abundance of aftermarket support.