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YSL & Associates Teams Up with Parker Randall International

LogoFor the last 12 years, the experts at YSL & Associates have been helping businesses and individuals prepare their taxes, in a wide variety of industries. Their team members have helped numerous companies with their accounting, tax, and auditing needs, including broker dealers, real estate, manufacturing, hedge funds, and professional services. The company recently benefited from a partnership with Parker Randall International when the founder of YSL, Charles Yi, was elected as a Board Member for the network of Audit, Tax, and Advisory Firms. This partnership is sure to help YSL better serve their customers abroad, including international businesses who come to the U.S. for business and their counterparts – U.S. companies seeking business in other countries. Takes on the Controversies of Graffiti Art as Perceived by the People in Some Countries

LogoIn London, graffiti has become legal in some parts of the city and even encouraged by the government. With the birth of the digital graffiti, the need to use spray paint is no longer necessary. Digital graffiti wall London allows party, events and other occasions to design and highlight their event with digitalized graffiti. Nowadays, people can still enjoy the art of graffiti with less negative effects to the surroundings.

Kiran Udeshi and Arlene Udeshi Continue to Support Local Communities

Kiran Udeshi at Kiran Udeshi and his family are continuing their work with local charitable organizations throughout the year by donating time and money to local charitable groups. Kiran Udeshi and his wife Arlene not only give generous financial support to several groups but also add a personal touch by donating their time and effort. For example, the couple has rescued four large breed rescue dogs and also volunteered time with many local agencies to help children and adults.

Find Professional Real Estate Attorney Seattle Online

LogoReal estate litigations are some of the worst situations that require professional assistance. For investors and real estate business owners handling such situation is frustrating as they incur huge expenditure. In such situations, one should consult professional real estate attorney who has vast experience in dealing real estate litigations. Real estate investors residing in Seattle area, can consult professional real estate attorney Seattle who has years of experience and understanding about various litigations.

Shea McGrath Photography Captures Details of Wedding with Tender Moments

LogoShea McGrath Photography received endorsement of Marlise Flores Boedeker, for her wedding. Boedeker wanted to have a photos that weren't posed or stiff, but rather, relaxed.

Amazon Products Now Selling on

Gaming is one of the biggest industries across the globe today. It accounts for a large share from the entertainment industry. This signifies the number of gamers and the increase in their numbers over the years. It is not only the kids who are so engraved to play these games but also adults. With the advent of complex yet attractive gaming platforms the experience of gaming is much better than ever before. People often search for places where they could get adequate details about their favorite games and the option to purchase it simultaneously. While there are sites which sell these games, not many of them offer complete information or have the entire collection of the games on offer.

Party State Announces Launch of Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Money for New House Party Locator App

LogoParty State, a start-up based in San Francisco has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund development of a revolutionary party app. This app allows users to search for local house parties that fit the user’s various criteria in their own local market. In researching the market for this app, Party State discovered that most “party apps” are always run by corporations or local bars and have a self-serving purpose. Party State will be the first of its kind house party locator app and will do what social media was meant to do, create a way for people to become more social.

PriSecu - Personal GPS Tracker All Set to Be Released

PriSecu, a mini private security device with powerful GPS tracking features, is expected to be launch for customers across the globe in a few months time. The product was first introduced on the online funding platform and achieved the target amount with well over 15 days remaining.

Police in-Car Cameras: Decades-Proven Police Department Reinforcements

LogoCrimes are more rampant nowadays and can cause people to be in constant wary and feel less protected by the authorities. This problem has challenged law enforcement over the years and has prompted investment on more efficient gears and equipment. Crime is inevitable and can happen anytime and anywhere. There is no single way to prevent and counter it, but there are a lot of options available.

Care2 Set to Feature Life Coach Tracy Morrow and Her Powerful Words That Help Readers Discover Their Brilliance

On Wednesday, February 26, 2104, Care2 will feature NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach Tracy Morrow, who will bring her expertise to the site. Her initial appearance on InspireMeToday as a featured Luminary brought in such positive feedback that featuring her work at Care2 was offered. This opportunity will provide an expanded platform to spread Morrow’s wisdom and provide readers with her powerful tools to achieve a better life.

Benefits of Reliable an Electronic E-Tailer

If you want to find an electronic product, you can either choose to visit a physical retailer or opt for browsing the World Wide Web. Taking the first option can be cumbersome, time consuming, and tiring while also limiting the number of available choices. All these disadvantages are taken away when you choose to browse the Internet to find the most appropriate product to match your personal requirements. A quick look on your favorite search engine will provide a long list of electronic e-tailers that provide different kinds of products. Some of these online sites are run by bigger parent retailers providing you with a vast range of choices. Individuals also have the option of searching through the specific sections of retail stores to find the best product. Moreover, they can find a large number of smaller stores providing different kinds of consumer electronic products.

Kentucky Knife Fight Embarks on a Winter Tour to Promote Latest Album, Hush Hush

2013—a fruitful and productive year for St. Louis all-stars, Kentucky Knife Fight—saw the group’s compelling sound receive the recognition it deserves in the form of successful live shows, festival appearances, movie and TV soundtracks, awards, sold-out shows and the release of their latest album, Hush Hush (2013). Armed with a powerful blend of alt-country, blues and punk rock with a hint of pop, Kentucky Knife Fight is out for new fans, an accomplished winter tour and fresh outlets to share their music, all while destined for success.

Solar-360 Offers Industry's Lowest 2.9% Financing for 12 Years

Solar-360 has already built a reputation as one of the foremost Riverside County solar at companies. Now, Solar-360 once again surpasses the competition by offering affordable Orange County solar at systems as well as 2.9% financing for 12 years.

Go Horseback Riding Announces Special Equestrian Summer Camps for Children

Go Horseback Riding, the premier resource for all those who want to learn the art of horseback riding, has announced special equestrian summer camps for children. The organization has multiple affiliated centers, each of which is equipped with large farmlands. Go Horseback Riding is known for offering horse riding lessons to children, which are provided by the company’s highly trained and skilled instructors. Horseback riding is known to offer an array of physical and mental benefits, and hence is considered ideal for children.

NuWave Countertop Oven - The Latest Kitchen Appliance That Is Creating Ripples All over the World for Its Numerous Benefits and Unique Qualities

In today’s fast paced world, people cannot afford to eat unhealthily and waste time in the process of cooking. When everything is becoming faster and more ecofriendly, why not our kitchen appliances? is the perfect destination to visit for those who wish to know more about the NuWave Countertop Oven which makes the days of lengthy cooking routines and eating oily, unwanted fast from meat, a thing of the past. The USP of this innovative and smart looking oven is its ability to cook food two times faster than conventional ovens and operate in an extremely energy efficient manner, consuming as less power as possible.

AAA Park It Outdoors Offers Huge Selection of Recycled Park Furniture at the Best Prices

If you are looking for high quality outdoor furniture for parks, schools or apartments, you can always count on AAA Park It Outdoors. The renowned Indiana based company offers a huge selection of outdoor furniture, including park benches, recycled plastic picnic tables, trash receptacles, fire rings, park grills, outdoor bleachers, bulletin boards, bench swings, outdoor ashtrays and shade canopies. The company understands the value of positive customer feedback and therefore manufactures all its products using high quality materials including recycled plastic and welded steel.

Franchise Growth Partners Teams with FrozenPeaks to Offer Franchises

LogoFrozenPeaks™ is set to being offering franchise opportunities in the rapidly-growing self-serve frozen yogurt industry. The New Jersey-based company burst onto the self-serve frozen yogurt scene in late 2011 with the consecutive opening of four company-owned retail stores within a few months. The FrozenPeaks concept of “our yogurt – your imagination,” featuring 24 rotating flavors and more than 60 toppings, combined with a high-end, vibrant environment that includes free wi-fi, flat screen TVs, iPads® and even live musical entertainment, is attracting a large customer base consisting of families, teenage and college students and working professionals.

Anti-Bullying Advocate, Torrey Mercer Takes Home TWO Awards at the 3rd Annual Artists in Music Awards

LogoTorrey Mercer is the reigning 2013 Indie Music Channel Award winner for Best Pop Song for her song “Looking Glass” and she also won the National Youth Arts Award for her single, “Falling Again”. Torrey also holds several nominations including Pop Artists Female and Pop Single for 'Looking Glass" at the 23rdAnnual Los Angeles Music Awards. On February 7, Torrey competed against 850 hopeful nominees, which was narrowed down to 150 on December 15 during the Nomination Event. On February 7, Torrey was awarded two trophies for Best Teen Artist and Inspirational Artist of the Year for her work in anti-bullying for kids during the 2014 Artists In Music Awards finale at Jon Lovtiz Theatre.

Easy Ways to Identify Roof Problems

LogoThe roof of a home is the one place that many homeowners fail to think about. Over time, even the sturdiest of roofs can begin to break down leading to disastrous problems if unchecked. Homeowners must learn the signs of roof problems early on and have them taken care of before the problems become severe.

W2 Form PDF Printing Speeds Up Tax Form Preparation

LogoWith the newly released ezW2 and 1099 tax form preparation software for the 2014 tax season, businesses and nonprofits can prepare and print W2 by printing on white paper, efiling, or sending via PDF files to employees quickly and effortlessly! Employers can send the tax forms to employees faster with the optional PDF printing feature.

LA Business Sees Sales Skyrocket After SEO Overhaul

LogoAn LA firm has seen sales go from a meager $85K a year to more than a half million dollars and rising thanks to a major SEO overhaul of its website.

Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R Cutler Highlights Consumption Driven Replenishment for Industrial Engineer Magazine

LogoIndustrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler explained the primary goal of the E2E pull process is to schedule manufacturing production based on customer demand instead of forecasts. The article, titled, “Pulling the Market in 2014,” is published in the current issue of Industrial Engineer. Cutler noted, “A pull system is a widely used lean manufacturing tool that controls the flow of resources in a production process based on real demand instead of forecasting. That concept is at the heart of two continuing evolutions of the supply chain: the drive to make the flow of materials and goods visible throughout the entire organization and changes in the market for material handling vehicles.”

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT Introduces Innovative MonoBlok

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT recently introduced MonoBlok for closing and sealing in the current company blog written by Sarah Cunningham, Marketing Manager. According to Cunningham, “The use of bi-material technology has created a TPU (Thermo Plastic polyurethane) connection across the entire circumference of all joints. When the connector joints are assembled, they support each other, which completely seals them off and prevents the entry of dust or other impurities between the assembly. This innovation is doubly beneficial as the system is also waterproof.”

Ultriva Webinar Explained Importance of Gaining Inventory Visibility to Achieve Predictability

LogoUltriva recently hosted an important webinar titled, “How to Gain Inventory Visibility to Achieve Predictability.” Tony Perna, the webinar presenter also discussed a method to achieve predictable inventory levels compared to traditional MRP and forecast models.

Parts Geek Now Has Extensive Variety of Shocks in Their Inventory

LogoAs the cold winter has left the roads beaten and battered, many drivers are faced with rough surfaces and potholes to travel across. This can alter and affect the suspension of one’s vehicle, and therefore result in a ride less smooth than normal. In order to provide for a smoother ride and maintain the vehicle’s suspension, Parts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now carrying of an extensive variety of shocks. At, customers can choose from over 20,500 products, and narrow their results for their specific make and model.

Triple MJ Has the Most Fashionable and Affordable Jewelry on the Net

Getting sick and tired of having boring bracelets that are available for sale in all the shops across the city? Online shops like Triple MJ offer different variety of jewelry that caters to both fashion and faith. Jewelries add a different feeling and sense with every outfit. For some, their outfit is not complete without any jewel that goes with it.

Analog Heart Delivers Bright, Kinetic Energy in Their Latest Video, "13 Years"

When energy and raw talent collide, you find yourself listening to the memorable, ear-catching tunes of a band like Boston-based Analog Heart. Liz Bills’ vocals soar over her bandmates’ powerhouse sound, a hearty blend of indie rock with a touch of pop, and together they create music that is distinctly all their own. Their talents most recently combined to release their latest video for “13 Years,” and there’s plenty more on the horizon for this promising group.