Ashutosh Singh Looks to Raise $75,000 via Indiegogo to Develop Cosmic Pro Wrist Watches

Ashutosh Singh and team need funding support to introduce Cosmic Pro watch, a powerhouse of energy and fashion.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2014 -- The team on this project led by founder Ashutosh Singh is proud to announce a unique time endeavoring device that binds together the four essential elements of life directly in people’s hand. Their time endeavoring device is a watch and is produced and marketed with the brand name “Cosmic Pro”. This wrist watch is end result of a thorough research on “The Theory of Planetary Motion and Time” and its impact on human lives.

The “Cosmic Pro” watches come embedded with genuine jewels that replicate the nine planets of the universe. Energy is constantly changing from one form to another, and a number of theories support the fact that superpower jewels are the best way to harness and retain Cosmic Power/Energy. The “Cosmic Pro” watched are based on the principle of Cosmic Power/Energy harvesting that in turn boosts health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

This Super Energy “COSMIC PRO “designer Watch is not simply a Watch rather a Energy Bank powered with Nature gifted Gems, Color and Chakra of Universe and ultimately generated “Aura” full of Positive Cosmic Energy. We very well know that “Aura” is the electromagnetic field encircling human body. This “Aura” can be seen through KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY or Digital Scanner. This “Aura” encircles each of us as the Sun rays encircle the Sun.

This watch is a rare masterpiece, a perfect addition to a watch collector’s exquisite collection of watches. The Cosmic Pro is combination elegance and craftsman’s ship it comes fitted with followings:

I. Nine Jewels that replicate the Nine Planets.
II. This is designed for both men and women.
III. Quartz automatic movement.
IV. A special mechanical variant has also been exclusively crafted for users; the mechanical work of art is specially made on specific individuals demand. This Watch is special because it works entirely on the movement of the wrist without any or power backup at all.

Key Specifications:

(i) Golden Strap with zzkt.
(ii) Made in White Dial Color.
(iii)Made in Golden Round Shape, and packed in a beautiful box with the manual.

Cosmic Pro watch is available in eight different models

Moreover the beauty of this product is that this is the one and only one Watch in the Market which does have the Price/Value even than if its covers its life Cycle. In other words if it get down from the function of watch on account of any reason And that value perhaps would be equal to the purchase value due to present trend of inflation. Is it not a wonder as contain value even on becoming waste? Yes it’s really a Wonder.

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About Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh is a qualified technocrat working towards creative innovation and developing technology solutions. He is associated with NextGenMart, the organization that has created a timepiece/ machine to gain energy from the Cosmos and bring happiness to the users’ entire life cycle including health, wealth and peace.