Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

Samsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

Samsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

The Best Way to Get a Quick Step Up: League of Legends Epic Shop

For more than half a decade, PC games competitions have measured their success against one title, League of Legends. As the most played PC game in the world, League of Legends is filled with top-tier competitors, many of whom have been playing for years. To compete with them, gamers can use all the help they can get.

Ogodeal Announces Cellphone Parts Wholesale at Lower Prices

The cellphone user base is growing expediently across the world, and thereby creating a stupendous demand for cellphone repair and replacement parts. China based Efoneparts Company offers a huge selection of repair parts for a wide range of cellphones, including the latest devices at wholesale prices. Companies across the world engaged in the business of selling cellphone parts can now take advantage of the wholesale deals and can visit to see all replacement and repair parts that Efoneparts offers at cheap prices.

DART Launched on Indiegogo to Involve Drone Enthusiasts in Helping Their Community

Tom Walker, technology developer and President of Web Teks, has launched DART on Indiegogo, a project that that will enable drone owners and pilots to use their skills to potentially save lives. Nearly two million drones are flying in the U.S today and DART (Drone Assisted Response Team) is a system that will quickly organize drone owners who have volunteered to assist their community in a time of dire need. The platform works by pushing public alerts to mobile applications used by the volunteers so that they can see where and when their drone skills are required in real time.

Access to Excellence – Sennheiser Creates SC 660 TC High Performance Headset to Meet Special Hearing Needs

LogoWith changing demographics, today's businesses have an unprecedented potential to draw on and develop the skills of a wider pool of talent, equally supporting individuals, irrespective of their differing needs. As part of its ongoing commitment to developing innovative audio solutions, Sennheiser has created the SC 660 TC, a premium double-sided wired headset for office professionals that use hearing aids.

Sennheiser Delivers in-Room Listening Experience at the Setai Miami Beach

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser will bring high-end listening experiences to guests of The Setai Miami Beach luxury hotel. Officially launching during Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, the partnership promises to bring in-room listening experiences to a new level.

Introducing Concept Crowd Gear, the Player-Created Game

The importance of depth has never been greater in the field of gaming. One only needs to look to the recently launched No Man's Sky to see this effect. The game was hyped up for its endless depth of content, yet it failed to meet the expectations of many and is widely criticized for its reuse of content. Love it or hate it, No Man's Sky was made and destroyed by the same desire for depthful content. Here to provide truly endless content is a new player in the gaming world with a revolutionary game: Concept Crowd Gear. The RPG-like game is packed with the smallest of details, large-scale puzzles, and everything in between.

Chocolate Hub: World's First Wireless USB-C Solution for Macbook and Chrome Book

The 23 Devices team – a team that is based out of San Francisco, California and includes specialists in the fields of design, electronics, hardware, manufacturing, logistics, marketing & customer care – launches a revolutionary device, Chocolate Hub. The World's First Wireless USB-C Solution for MacBook And Chrome Book.

Simlatus to Beta-Test SyncPal with Major Broadcast Studio

LogoSimlatus Corporation (OTCPINK:SIML) announces today that a well-known major broadcast studio has agreed to beta-test the new Simlatus SyncPal™ at their Burbank Studio in Southern California. The company anticipates starting the beta-testing in 45 days, and upon completion of testing will announce the name of the studio.

Eighteen Sound Adopts Powersoft's Revolutionary IpalMod

LogoPowersoft has announced that Italian speaker manufacturer, Eighteen Sound is the latest transducer specialist to recognize the company's patented IPAL technology.

Powersoft X Series Amp Breathes New Life Into Community College of Aurora Theater

LogoDK Audio Video is a company on a mission. "A lot of schools, churches, and events centers in Colorado are pretty far behind in terms of audio technology," says owner Lucas Lafferty. "We're really trying to raise the bar and show people how far the technology has come." This summer, Lafferty got a call from Michael Pickering, Music Director at the Community College of Aurora. The college's 140-seat Larry D. Carter Theater was in desperate need of an audio upgrade. Working with Marshank Group representative CJ Lewis, Lafferty put together a brand new sound reinforcement package for the venue featuring Powersoft's powerful X4 amplifier.

The New MARQUIS Memento Mori Headphone Amplifier: When Death Reminds Us to Live

No-one could ever accuse Kostas Metaxas of creating something "boring". Yet again, this eccentric artist presents us with his unique take on a very utilitarian subject - the headphone amplifier. Combining a historic art oevre - "memento mori" , contemporary sculpture with cutting-edge technology, his latest MARQUIS "Memento mori" is a sublime, minimalist Preamplifier-Headphone amplifier designed for music-loving audiophiles who require few functions but insist on the purest sound.

Mobile Signal Boosters Offers Top Quality Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Boosters offers top quality mobile phone signal booster. For those people who want to boost their signal in hotels, offices, homes, boats and cars, mobile phone signal booster is the ultimate solution to the problem.

Signal Boosters Now Regarded as the Trusted Market Leader for Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Signal Boosters has now been regarded as the trusted market leader for cell phone signal booster by previous clients.

Darkrelic Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Love Eden

LogoBeginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Hybrid Enterprise Announces the Launch of 3DS Emulator for Android Devices on Google Play

Game software developers Hybrid Enterprise have recently announced that their new 3DS Emulator for Android devices is now available for free download from the Google Play app. It can be revealed that the app will be free only till the month of November 2016 after which it will come at a cost of $19.99 once it is officially released.

Google Pixel Is Introduced for the First Time in Dubai by MikeNSmith

MikenSmith, the electronic ecommerce store in UAE is all set to sell the new Google Pixel at best prices. It is available in three colors- Quiet Black, Very Silver and Really Blue. It has corning gorilla glass for durability, fingerprint and smudge resistance with a cinematic widescreen 16.9 aspect ratio.

New Donald Trump Gaming App: An Indian Mobile Game App Developer Plays Games with Donald Trump

A new mobile game designed to commemorate the historical 2016 US presidential election of Donald J Trump, is now available in the Google Play. Store. The mobile game app called "Thump It Up" was developed by Subhranil Dhar, an animator / app developer in Kolkata, India. The ideas behind the game developed, as Mr Dhar watched the US presidential campaign on internet at the urging of his US partner, who resides in Indiana, the home state of Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. In an "East meets West", "India encounters Indiana" real life story line, Mr Dhar put Indian talent to work to create a humorous American themed game--- a sort of "Donald Thump takes the White House." The game is being produced by the visual media business of Mr Dhar and his partner, called Sand and Sky Productions, which creates mobile applications and animations and can be found at The Thump It Up gaming app itself can be found at

The Buckle Strap from Paobab Is the World's Best Camera Strap and on a Mission to Save the Environment

LogoPaobab, the world's first 100% vegan, eco-friendly camera accessory brand, has introduced a timeless camera strap and is live on Kickstarter raising funds to bring the project to life.

Sennheiser Certified as Crestron Partner

LogoSennheiser is a member of Crestron's "Integrated Partner Program". Both vendors' products can be integrated seamlessly into a single powerfully combined solution. Among the compatible products are the TeamConnect family of products, SpeechLine DW and ADN.

Motorsport Manager Now Available for PC and Mac: Roose Motorsport Comments

First coming to life on mobile and previously only being available on mobile, Motorsport Manager now has a new and improved version for the PC which allows for enthusiastic players to micromanage their very own motorsport teams and influence races. The game lets players hire drivers, research tech, build cars and much more – urging them to create carefully thought out strategies and watch their plans unfold as their mini cars take to the tracks. Then game is now available on PC and Mac and can be purchased on Steam.

Antelope Audio Announces Major Update for Zen Studio Interface, Including New FPGA-Based EQ Models

LogoAntelope Audio, a leading interface company specializing in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based vintage FX modeling, announced that it is issuing a significant software update for its groundbreaking Zen Studio portable audio interface. The update brings five new FPGA-based vintage EQ models to the Zen Studio to supplement its existing parametric EQ, including the VEQ-1A, VEQ-55A, Helios 69, NEU-PEV and the Lang PEQ2. The software update, which will be available by the end of this month, also includes tweaks to the Zen Studio's Windows and OSX desktop application — optimizing its overall flexibility and user responsiveness.

Sennheiser Digital 9000 Wireless System Shines in Cross-Genre Collaboration with Beyonce and Dixie Chicks During 50th CMA Awards

LogoAt the 50th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, held at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on November 2, Beyonce gracefully crossed over into the world of country music, delivering the marquee performance of the night while being supported by Sennheiser's Digital 9000 wireless microphone system.

AmaziPro8 Releases Their New iPhone Charger Docking Station

Widely-trusted US based lifestyle brand, AmaziPro8 recently released their best iPhone Charger Docking Station which comes with a high-quality USB lightning cable, a stylus and a dust plug. This iPhone cradle charging dock stations is compatible with Apple 6, Plus 6s, Plus 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 5, 5S, and 5C.

Red Iron Labs VR Game Studio Launches 'Abduction' Indiegogo Campaign

Red Iron Labs, the virtual reality game studio that released Abduction Prologue: The Jonathan Blake Story game demo earlier this year will be launching their Indiegogo campaign to allow fans help finance their follow up title Abduction Episode 1: Her name was Sarah.  

Exciting New Interstellar Game, Spaceships IO, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Offerings to Fans

The passionate gamemakers at Venatus have released their first custom game to the public, Spaceships IO, which is currently in alpha. To help fund further development of the game, as well as the production for two upcoming releases, El Monstro and Roboto, the dedicated team of programmers and creatives have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Their goal is to gain enough support in order to take Spaceships IO further and to bring more games, along with consistent updates, to fans.