Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Atlanta Audio & Automation Excited for New Control 4 Integration with Amazon Echo

In a world in which technology is improving at a rapid rate, keeping up with all the latest gadgets that make life easier can be a tall task. November marks the 2-year anniversary of the release of the Amazon Echo, one of the first smart speakers that responds to the name "Alexa." It was the first major-brand smart speaker that featured a voice-driven user interface, capable of voice interaction, music playback, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and providing weather, traffic, and other real time information. Recently, Amazon Echo and Control 4, the leader in smart home automation and home entertainment systems, partnered together to deliver hands-free home automation. It is a match made in heaven, as Control 4 allows customers to control numerous aspects of their home – from room temperature and shade position, to lighting control, security, and playing music – it truly does it all. This new integration means that Control 4 dealers such as Atlanta Audio & Automation can demonstrate the awe-inspiring abilities of the marrying of these two technologies.

Digiarty Offers Free License Keys of WinX MediaTrans 2.2 in Time for Apple's Autumnal Event 2016

Digiarty Software launches the first prodigious official giveaway of the latest offering WinX MediaTrans today and lasts until September 15. Alongside with the triumphant update to the polished up version 2.2, this Windows-based iPhone manager will get fully ready for Apple's September Event 2016 in function of, for example, transferring photos, music and videos from or to the forthcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the releases of which are believed reliable.

Get in on the Nightlife with the Nightingale App

According to the Nightlife & Club Industry Association of America (NCIAA), the entertainment industry is thriving, expanding to around seventy thousand locations. (1) With this extensiveness it is hard to decide which place or event to attend. Here to help is the Nightingale app, designed to make anything from a fun Friday outing to corporate networking easy to plan with just a few taps. Nightingale concisely displays all the information anyone could need to know in order to decide which events are a good fit. This technique ensures that no one wastes time wandering from club to club only to face disappointment.

Pioneering Technology Enters Into Partnership Agreement with European Cooking Fire Prevention Leader Innohome OY

Pioneering Technology Corporation (TSXV: PTE; OTC: PTEFF), ("Pioneering" or the "Company"), a technology company and North America's leader in cooking fire prevention technologies and products is very pleased to announce today a partnership with Innohome OY, the market leader in cooking fire prevention technologies and products in Europe.

iKeyp Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Introduce the World's Smartest Personal Safe

LogoA smartphone enabled personal safe, iKeyp helps prevent the prescription medication abuse by keeping the medication private and secure. Founder Jeffrey Hermann is looking to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo for the initial production run of iKeyp.

Pocket Lens Challenges People to Shoot Beyond the Limits of Their Mobile Phones

LogoEarlier this week, Pocket Lens launched an initiative to arm people with the lens they need to take even better photos with their mobile devices. Until 15th October 2016, the company has reduced the price of one of its most popular lenses – the 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens – by 93% in an effort to get more people shooting beyond the limits of their phones.

Litra Launched Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for LitraTorch

Litra launched the world's most versatile adventure ready LED Light, it's latest innovation for active individuals. This new product, LitraTorch is designed for adventure seekers and professional photographers and videographers who want maximum light, portability and mounting options in a minimum size.

Take Part in Realistic Tank Battles with Battle Realm's Kickstarter Campaign

Mobile app developers, Battle Realm are preparing to launch the dream game for any devotees of ground warfare, military operations, and land combat skills.

Cash My Gadget Offers Complete Transparency and Price Promise

Cash My Gadgets offers an amazing opportunity for people who are looking to make some extra cash or just want to upgrade their gadgets faster. By developing a concept based on the principle of "one man's junk is another man's treasure", the company pays people for their old mobile phones, iPods, iPad and other gadgets they no longer need. Cash My Gadget understands that their job is all about trusts and therefore they have made their details and the transaction process as transparent and seller friendly as possible. They also offer a price promise that ensures their clients get the best money for their old gadgets.

iNew Announce Their Latest Smartphone, the iNew Pandora R9

High-tech smartphone developers, iNew, are gearing up to release the first in their newest series of Android smartphones, the iNew Pandora R9, next month. Featuring a 13-megapixel front-facing camera, Sharp five-inch full-HD LCD screen, NXP music chipset, and fingerprint recognition, the Pandora R9 will certainly be a hard act to follow. Made with CERAM, the latest ceramic material, for durability, the iNew R9 has the strength and texture of marble.

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

LogoSamsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Most Extensive Emoticon Range Ever Created

CKSocialmedia, an innovative duo with a passion for emoticons, has designed and developed the most extensive collection of emoticon stickers available to date, emotikidz®. They have just announced the launch of their fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in order to raise the necessary funds to finish their app and make emotikidz® available to everyone.

Pocket Lens to Make Its 2-in-1 Macro and Wide-Angle Lens Affordable for All Pockets on

LogoPocket Lens has announced a surprise 4-day sale on its popular 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens for iOS, Android and all other smartphones. The flash sale on the company's Store comes shortly after the release of the iPhone 7 and goes hand-in-hand with the company's initiative to help people get more out of built-in mobile phone cameras by adding a simple clip-on lens. Discount coupons can be claimed by visiting the company's dedicated promotion page.

PLM Enterprise Launches Website Featuring Quality Home Theater Speaker Systems

LogoPatrick McDaniel is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of home theater speaker systems with a particular focus on wireless speaker systems like Sonos Playbars and subwoofers as well as home theater components including wireless amplifiers. McDaniel was inspired by the way that having the right speakers and components can turn a home theater system into one that gives you an epic movie and show watching experience with immersive, rich sound that floods the room. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, McDaniel wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can enjoy their video games, music, movies, and more the way they were meant to be heard and experienced.

Introducing Siege, an Innovative Castle Crusher Card Game

The hobby game industry has recently been evaluated at over 850 million dollars (*), showing the rapid growth that is telling of tremendous customer demand. Fans are dying for games not as complex and time consuming as Dungeons and Dragons, while offering a higher level of depth than traditional playing card games. This is where Siege fills its niche. This game of medieval mayhem is ideal for veteran tabletop players as well as eager novices. The game features a play style reminiscent of the 2007's Castlewars, a once-popular online game, but Siege goes far beyond Castlewars in complexity and skill cap. Players must construct defenses, develop attackers, destroy opponent structures, and more in order to push through and pave a path to victory.

Introducing Race Wars, a Brawl Between Trump and Clinton

The disapproval ratings for the 2016 presidential candidates are abnormally high, holding the worst favorability ratings in decades. (1) These numbers are reminiscent of the 1992 election where third party candidate Ross Perot actually claimed over eighteen percent of the popular vote. With this level of disapproval, the people of the United States need a way to vent their anger. This is where Race Wars: Trump vs Clinton fills its niche. The game is a satirical look at this year's presidential election, allowing users to pick a side and conquer America on the campaign warpath. Race Wars is essentially a fast-paced battle over states and monuments to declare either Clan Trump or Clan Clinton the winner.

Mindinventory Embraces the Future of Mobile App Development by Introducing iBeacon App Development Services

LogoMindinventory now offers iBeacon app development services to customers. The leading mobile app development company provides the app development services that are increasingly becoming popular amongst smartphone users. Apple Inc. originally developed the mobile app that enhances interaction among smartphone users. The communication takes place between iOS devices and the iBeacon.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro V4.9.5 Receives a Big Facelift to Greet macOS Sierra and iPhone 7

MacXDVD, an industry-leading software developer, announced today a major upgrade to its flagship DVD ripper. The upgraded MacX DVD Ripper Pro v4.9.5 not only is equipped with full compatibility with the latest iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and the newly released macOS Sierra 10.12, but, more importantly, receives an overall facelift that will deliver strikingly beautiful, simpler, and more engaging user interface, marking a significant enhancement in DVD rip performance on all Mac computers and laptops.

Standing Desk Hub Introduces Bonus Cell Phone Holder for the Sit to Stand Desk on Amazon

Office and home desk manufacturer Standing Desk Hub™ have just announced that they are giving away metal cell-phone holders to customers who buy their Compact Sit to Stand Desk. The company says that they hope to add value to their customers and that most people work these days with a smart phone always nearby. The Cell Holder is designed to hold the cell phone up off the desk at 45 degrees and has a section at the back to feed through the charging USB cable so it can be used whilst plugged in. The company says that these cell holders normally sell at around $7.99 on Amazon.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Revolutionary Hands Free Phone Magnetic Holder ClutchIt

LogoClutch Accessories has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing to fund the manufacture and distribution of its unique, patent pending, hands free phone holder and mount, ClutchIt!

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Mini Recording Studio and Creative Platform 'Black Box'

LogoB.Studio, a private French recording studio, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Black Box By B.Studio', a video and photo digital creation platform. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to fund the opening of the new studio.

DockAll Is an All-in-One Docking Station for Smartphones and Tablets That Promises to Reinvent the Docking Station

LogoDockAll, the revolutionary all-one-dock station for smartphones and tablets that is reinventing what a docking station should be. A wireless, wired and HI-FI Bluetooth sound system all built in a sleek good looking package. The DockAll is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

A Celebration in Sound: Sennheiser's Wireless Headphone Range Holds the Perfect Gift for Every Music Lover

LogoWith the holiday season fast approaching, spare a thought for those in your life who know just what they want but seem near impossible to buy for. This year, Sennheiser is making gift giving easy, by offering a superb range of wireless headphones delivering exceptional sound with the freedom of cable-free listening.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Music-Making Equipment

LogoLeonard Holman is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of music-making equipment with a particular focus on DJ equipment such as turntables, microphones and music studio accessories, and musical instruments. Holman was inspired by the important role that music plays in our everyday lives, as it has healing powers, inspires us to push through our challenges, and offers a ray of sunshine in the midst of a hectic day. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Holman wanted to help others get the music products that they would need to ensure they can express who they are and soothe their soul every day.

Introducing Brawl of Cards, a Digital, Team-Friendly CCG

The real-life player base for card games is gargantuan, and the digital market is even fifty percent larger, containing thirty-seven million people. (1) And this population is dying for some in-game multiplayer interaction. This desire was made shockingly obvious by Pokemon Go's prevalence, incorporating just three teams and barely-functioning team battles. Brawl of Cards is a whole different beast. As a deck-based Collectible Card Game (CCG), Brawl of Cards features all the creativity players love in constructing their own playstyles. But more notable are the Brawl of Cards innovative formats. Of course the game includes the standard one vs one gameplay, but it also includes two vs two duals, and even three vs three team battles.

New Kickstarter Campaign Puts iPhones on Cloud 9

Nice Inc. recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its latest product, the Cloud 9 smartphone charging dock. This artfully crafted dock fuses design and technology into a fun and decorative charging solution that will enhance any bedside or desktop. The cloud form is a reminder that we spend much of our days in a virtual world pushing updates, sharing pictures, and connecting to the cloud.

Outpost App Gamifies Education and Charity

The video game industry has just reached a value of nearly one hundred billion dollars.(*) Sadly, much of this money is brought through microtransactions that yield an empty feeling of wasted time and money once the game falls out of fashion. Now imagine if these passive profits were put towards a more productive and charitable cause. This is where Outpost by Left Brain Games fills its niche. Throughout the game players will be able to donate to budding non-profits, learn about relevant issues, and be thoroughly enthralled by diverse gameplay.