Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Digiarty Software Kicks off First-Time Deals of WinX MediaTrans - an iPhone iPad File Manager

Digiarty Software, an eminent multimedia software provider, today kicks off the first-time sales of its iPhone file manager software - WinX MediaTrans which engendered a smash hit when debuted. Participants can enjoy 50% off discount to get 1 year license, lifetime license or family license during the campaign, thus manage and transfer photos, videos and music between iPhone iPad iPod and PC at a small cost. Reveals How to Make the Most out of Mobile Traffic is a fast-rising company that offers performance marketing based on CPM, CPC, CPI, and CPA reveals how business and enterprise can make the most out of mobile traffic. In this age and settings, it is undoubted that mobile traffic has a big impact on the overall performance and growth of a company and enterprise.

New Turbo Cleaner Alternative Apps Now Are Ruling the Speed Booster Niche for Android

Phone getting slow? Don't worry the new turbo cleaner the new speed booster & performance optimizer utility for android phones is a savior for Android Phones. An incredibly light, powerful & worthy alternative to other speed booster apps that feel so lame in front of these new apps.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Third DLC Pack "Descent", Including Dragons, Hits Xbox One and PC

LogoOriginally released last month on Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4), Call of Duty: Black Ops III's third expansion "Descent" is now available on Microsoft's Xbox One and PC. The third expansion features four new multiplayer maps: a remake of Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Raid map called Empire, a cryogenic prison, a Viking village and a robot fighting arena. The game has a brand-new chapter in the Zombies campaign, and players will have to fight against the undead and dragons. Yes, there are now dragons in Call of Duty.

Spotify Launches "Gaming" Portal Covering Original Video Game Soundtracks and Created Playlists

LogoSpotify, a commercial music streaming service provider, has launched a dedicated Gaming section or a new portal dedicated to video game music. All kinds of video game music can be found in this section, not only original video game soundtracks but also various playlists from community or Spotify itself.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Travel App, Flylert

Travel is a common passion among individuals from all across the globe. However, the high cost of flying and the ever-fluctuating airline prices often prohibit many people from embarking on the trips of their dreams.

MevoLife Inc. Launches Kickstarter to Bring Disruptive Health and Fitness Smartphone App to Market

LogoAll too often we lose track of what we eat and how we exercise day by day as the daily distractions of life get in the way. People committed to tracking their diet to lose weight might turn to one or more apps, as those pursuing physical fitness could use any number of tech solutions from smart watches to a dozen different apps while not keeping a close eye on their calories. This disconnected approach to health and fitness makes it difficult for people seeking a healthier lifestyle since it's an irrefutable fact that diet and exercise are inextricably tied to weight loss, good health and longevity all intertwined in a common cause; quality of life.

Mitigate Error, Time, and Paper Form Labor with Solution-Oriented Apps: Ginstr

Ginstr, a comprehensive business solutions provider is saving companies worldwide time, error, and labour costs associated with filling out paper forms and entering information into computer systems.

Leawo iOS Data Recovery Mac 3.3.1 Supports to Recover WhatsApp Data on iPhone SE/6s

LogoLeawo Software officially updated its professional iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data recovery program, Leawo iOS Data Recovery for Mac, to version 3.3.1. After this update, people are able to use the software to recover WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp attachments from the latest iPhone/iPad/iPod models with iOS 9.3.4 and former versions installed on Mac with no limits, including the latest iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. The new version also has an iOS device showcase order optimization and some minor bugs fixed.

SNES-Era Style Space Shooter 'The Fight for System Haven' Now on Kick-Starter with Playable Demo

In The Fight for System Haven, players will take control of freelance 'trader' Mercy Jelani and fight through 50+ levels that demand quick reactions, strong shooting skills and an explorative eye; all set to the backdrop of a universe that is constricting, slowly eaten away at all sides by a mysterious darkness.

Top 10 Online Games Has Enlisted the Most Popular Games on the Web

LogoAs the popularity of online activities grows with every passing day, this cannot but concerns online games. They have become quite popular recently and millions of people across the globe keep looking for the best online games that will come up to their needs and expectations. This is where Top 10 Online Games will come in handy to the fans of this activity that has almost "conquered" the world today.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launching for QIUB: The New Multifunctional Smart Power Bank

QIUB, a revolutionary new pocket-sized power bank, which triples as a memory card reader and a USB cable, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the popular fundraising platform, Indiegogo. The money raised from the QIUB Indiegogo page will go towards covering the costs of mass production so the device can be made available to users around the world.

Portable Golf Speaker & Phone Charger System Seeks Crowdfunding

LogoConsumer electronics maker Sound Caddy Golf has announced the pending debut of its first product, the Sound Caddy, and is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter to begin its initial production run.

Apple iPhone and iPad Repair Spare Parts

We live in a world where technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives. We use it to socialise and to communicate with our business colleagues. We use mobile technology to make purchases and keep up to date with trends. We do not go anywhere without our phones in our pockets and our tablets in our bags.

FlipHTML5 Helps to Deliver the Best Mobile Reading Experience to Readers

LogoFlipHTML5, the leading provider of magazine reading apps for mobile has launched a new app that allows readers to access and read numerous digital publications on their mobile phones. The new app will allow readers to access latest information and news about different events and happenings.

New Innovation Strikes Fear in Car Makers

Berry Robotics has set out to revolutionize car performance and fuel economy through an innovative plug-n-play device with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity called Berry. The promise shown by this upcoming technology has terrified car makers, who have been scamming people out of the performance their cars are truly capable. Berry Robotics is currently campaigning to build support and acquire much needed funds to turn this invention into a reality. A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on Kickstarter, with an aim to raise $33,880 AUD before Mon, Sep 19 2016.

Lifeline Telemedicine Service Launches in the Philippines

The team at Lifeline is pleased to announce their easy to use telemedicine platform is now available in the Philippines for their Lifeline members. The new service offers virtual medical services that connect medical professionals and patients seamlessly using a mobile app that has been successful in the United States.

New Crowdfunding Platform PixelFunder Proud to Announce First Campaign for WarpBall

Newly launched crowdfunding platform, PixelFunder, aims to support independent and up and coming video game developers around the world. The site distinguishes itself from other crowdfunding networks, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in that it focuses solely on the gaming world. Alongside the launch of the platform, PixelFunder is proud to announce its first campaign now available for funding: the sports game, WarpBall.

Apple Pay Coming to Vending Machines Across Canada via a Partnership Between the Canadian National Vending Alliance and PayRange

The Canadian National Vending Alliance (CNVA), a coalition of the largest vending operators across Canada, announces that it has partnered with PayRange to bring mobile payment across 100% of its vending machines coast-to-coast.

Top Free MMORPG 2017 Lists Most Popular Upcoming MMO Games

The world of gaming is incredibly quick paced and is constantly developing. With new games coming up on a regular basis it can be tough to stay with the times, Top Free MMOROG is here to help. is a leading platform of information about multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the website recently revealed a list of the most promising upcoming top free MMORPG 2017 games.

Signal Boosters Launches New Line of Professional Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Signal Boosters, a New Zealand based company today announced the launch of their new line professional signal boosters, a leading market provider of signal boosters in New Zealand.

Get Exclusive with Beautiful Custom Brazilian Cherry Wood Smartphone Cases

LogoIt's undeniable that the market for smartphone cases is huge. Yet while the majority of companies out there make low quality cases and provide little to no flexibility in design, one company truly stands out above the rest. For those who are looking to protect their smartphone and give it a stylish look, sells Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases and covers in many different styles. They are proud that they're the only online store that allows visitors to their site to create their own personalized, exclusive, laser engraved Brazilian Cherry cases with their own one of a kind, unique designs.

New Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Video Game, Eliosi's Hunt

Kickstarter recently released a new crowdfunding campaign for a video game called Eliosi's Hunt. The game follows the titular character on his quest to become a bounty hunter. However, this endeavor quickly spirals out of control, as Eliosi discovers that his target's criminal enterprises run much deeper than he had originally thought, taking him on a mission that could have significant ramifications.

Ballasi Speakers Now Offer Different Speaker Models for Clients

Locally based Ballasi Speakers now innovate and deliver different hand-made speaker models. The entire process of crafting the speakers including the engineering, assembly, finishing, as well as testing are completed in the United States, to ensure top quality production. The components of the speakers have been chosen and constructed from the finest materials collated all across the globe to build sounds that come with a character.

Netotraffic Launches New Traffic Services

Two new services are now available to traffic buyers: Mobile traffic and Social traffic. "Mobile traffic is great for Apps and many websites that want users with specific OS, we consider this traffic more accurate", Says Mikel from netotraffic. "Using Mobile traffic can be extended not only for apps, but also for regular website that wants more engaged visitors".

New App iCampusList Released to Help College Students Buy and Sell Stuff at Their Campus

iCampusList is the latest IOS app that has been launched and has created quite a lot of buzz. This app mainly targets college students and helps them in both buying and selling stuff on their campus. Owing it to easy transactions, students can have a great college life. They can sell and even buy furniture, housing amenities, textbooks and more. Not only this, the app also offers $15 credit for everyone who signs up for the app and $2 for those who post a listing.

PS2 Classic Ape Escape 2 Re-Released and Available for PS4 in Europe

LogoSony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, has officially re-released PS2 classic game Ape Escape 2 for PlayStation 4 in the European PlayStation store. Ape Escape 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation store, and costs £7.99 (discounted to £5.99 for PS Plus subscribers until August 9th).