Consumer Electronics Press Releases

LifeBattery Air Announces Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

FLiFLi, an innovative company announced today the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for LifeBattery AIR, a new AC battery inspired and designed for Apple users.

New Documentary, World of Skins, Peeks Under the Surface at the in-Game Items Industry

LogoVideo games are an ever-popular pastime for people around the world, and the sale and trade of in-game items (skins) can be an incredibly lucrative one. A new documentary, entitled, World of Skins, aims to explain this growing industry to gamers and general audiences, showing them how it all works and how it is possible to generate an income in this field.

YuuZoo's LATEST MOBILE Game, Infinity Warriors, Reaches Number One Spot for ACTION GAMES in Google Play Store Australia

"Infinity Warriors", the new mobile action game marketed by YuuZoo Corporation, the Singapore-listed third generation social e-commerce company whose platform offers tribal social networking, e-commerce, games, streaming video and payments to hundreds of millions of consumers, has after less than one month of marketing reached the number one spot for Action Games in Google Play Store Australia. To date, Infinity Warriors has garnered over 20,000 installs.

Now, Everlasting Wedding Memories Are Created by Light Heart Studio

Every couple, that enters into the holy matrimony wishes to capture those special moments forever. And what best way to capture them than to have them in the most exquisite album so that the couples can relive those moments time and again. A couple dreams of having a perfect wedding album as much as they dream of having a perfect wedding. And that is why it is important to hire a professional Sydney wedding photography studio such as the Light Heart Studio. They not only capture the pictures but the emotions involved in every event of the wedding and the sentiments that come along.

Gaining Support from 500 Backers, and Completing 430% of the Funds Raising Goal

Indiegogo platform launches a product of explosion model once again today. The drone named SMAO gains the support from 500 backers and completes 430% of its funds raising goal. It is rare to see such a popularity in the hot drone market.

Vivid Home Theater Unveils Exciting Range of Products

Vivid Home Theater has now made it possible for users to buy Sound Systems, projection screens, DVD players and everything they need for their home theaters without any hassle.

Office System of Texas Announces Dedicated Color Copier Service in Houston

With increasing demand for professional representation through presentations and communications for both small and large business, it it difficult for many suppliers to meet the massive needs. Office System of Texas is a reliable supplier who stands behind their service and commitment to provide their customers the latest business equipment technology with dedicated color copier service in Houston. Keeping an eye on current technological advances, the company has quality products in order to provide solutions for any business organization's needs.

Sennheiser Applauds FCC Ruling

LogoThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today ratified an Order on Reconsideration and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning the use of the frequency spectrum that will impact all wireless microphone users. The Order on Reconsideration ensures that wireless audio applications both now and in the future will continue to flourish. Having considered the thorough and relentless input of wireless microphone specialist Sennheiser and many others in the audio community, the FCC ruling modifies initial guidelines that may have negatively impacted manufacturers, owners and operators of wireless microphone equipment in their original form.

When Blockchain Meets Street Fighters

Last year saw an explosion of interest for Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies: applications that allow transparent and decentralized interactions between users with information being recorded on a public ledger kept on all computers in the network. Blockchains like Ethereum are already valued at tens of Billions of dollars with a more than tenfold growth in the past year alone.

Powersoft Approaches Magic Milestone by Announcing One Million Channels Campaign

LogoPowersoft, the world leader in lightweight, energy-efficient amplifier technology, is approaching an unheard of industry landmark. The Italian manufacturer reports that it now has almost 1 million channels of audio power spread across the world — and to get it over the line, the company has announced a promotional campaign called One Million Channels.

Stacey Dennin Photography Offering Maternity Photography Services Throughout Summer 2017 and Beyond

LogoA hidden gem in the heart of Ambler, Pennsylvania, Stacey Dennin Photography, delicately captures life's precious moments highlighting the natural beauty of its clients with just one click of a camera's button. This maternity photographer located right outside of Bucks County, PA is currently booking signature maternity sessions throughout the summer and beyond. Not only does Stacey Dennin Photography specialize in maternity photo shoots, but also newborn, family, and child photo shoots as well.

Fennex AG First to Market with Flagship App That Converts AirPods to Hearing Aids

Who hasn't been there? Someone says something at a restaurant or at a party that seems barely audible. It's a no fault circumstance when ambient sound reigns supreme. If only there were an app for that. Enter, Fennex. It's the marketplace's first hearing aid app that not only ups the ante on sound, it does it stealth-like. Thanks to the Fennex app and Apple AirPods, there's now a hearing amplifier for the digital age that rocks style for users of any age. Think, AirPods as hearing aids. Now think, augmented hearing that customizes volumes, creates balance, identifies compression, high and low frequencies, and equalizes among other features. Welcome to being the master of easily navigated noisy situations. Now welcome to doing it for free.

Heuristic Innovations Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Bring Best-in-Class Mobile App SunD, the World's First Vitamin D Calculating Mobile App, to iOS and Android

LogoIt is a well known fact that the sun-generated vitamin D plays a crucial role in the growth of children. However, many parents are oblivious of the fact that exposure to too little or too much vitamin D may have a negative impact on their kid's health. Till very recently, there was no reliable alternative to find out the amount of sun rays coming into contact with the body. Heuristic Innovations mentions that their start-up mobile app SunD can help parents know exactly how much sunrays are coming into contact with their child's skin.

Integrated System Announces Improved Security Cameras for Commercial Businesses in Denver and Cheyenne

LogoSecurity is a big concern for both homeowners and business these days. To protect one's property and business from thefts, vandalism, burglary and other unforeseeable events, it is crucial to have the right kind of of security cameras in Denver and Cheyenne. Integrated System is the perfect business for those looking for security devices.

Default Tester: The Crowdsourced Gaming Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDefault Tester is a Crowdsourced Gaming Company created by Jermaine Davis and Jesse Taylor, gaming industry veterans with over ten years of experience. What started with the pair travelling to high schools and colleges to help students organize and execute DIY gaming projects has become a respected San Diego startup with amazing growth potential.

Slideshow.Photos Has Made Slideshow Creation Simple and Quick

LogoThere are so many precious moments people would like to keep in their memory forever and there are so many photos and videos that depict these moments. Thus, there is often the need to organize these files into a single slideshow that can create positive impression upon everyone. This is exactly what Slideshow.Photos has offered users these days.

Coastal Empire Fire and Security Launches New Security Cameras in North Charleston and Beaufort SC

With rising incidents of crimes, the need of installing cameras has become serious. Interestingly, the massive use of the camera in some way or other deters negative elements of society from committing crimes. The mere presence of a security equipment or surveillance camera happens to alert the criminals and stop crimes. Moreover, it remarkably helps in the investigation for police or investigative officers can easily investigate the case by watching the CCTV footage. This is why security cameras in North Charleston and Beaufort SC are being installed everywhere such as hotels, offices, banks, schools, homes, airports, shopping stores - just about everywhere. This is where Coastal Empire Fire and Security comes into play.

MAGPOC Design Company Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce EmperGlass Case, the World's First Hybrid Protection Case for iPhone7 & iPhone7+

LogoMAGPOC Design Company, a team of young designers based in Hong Kong, has just started a Kickstarter campaign to support their upcoming project. The company claims to have come up with the world's first ever hybrid protection case for iPhone7 & iPhone7+ that they have named EmperGlass Case. Their design is patent-pending and from all appearances is a big step forward in delivering a protective iPhone case like no other. Their Kickstarter funding goal for this campaign is $5,000.

Petrey Launches New Mobile App for Customers

LogoPetrey Wholesale, the preferred wholesaler for retail convenience and grocery, has unveiled its new Petrey Audit mobile application, powered by LookOut Audit. The Alabama-based direct-to-store-delivery (DSD) company has launched this easy-to-use app and associated back office web portal across its Novelty Division store footprint as a part of its new technology initiative.

VastStick: World's Largest Capacity USB Stick of 4TB Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoVastStick is the world's highest capacity USB Memory Stick that has a Storage Capacity of up to 4 Terabytes. This literally means that the users of this USB Memory Stick will be able to store more than 1,500 HD movies or 800,000 songs or more than a million photos in the palm of their hand.

VRstudios Announces "VRcade Drone Storm" the Newest Full-Motion, Multi-Player VR Game

VRstudios, the provider of the world renowned VR solutions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) corporations worldwide, publicized the launch of, "VRcade Drone Storm" which happens to be their latest multi-player, untethered, free-roaming VR game. With the current influx of mechanical drones, this new game offers a competitive twist to arcade shooter games.

Stacey Dennin Photography Booking New Clients in Need of a Newborn Photographer

LogoStacey Dennin Photography, a natural light portrait studio located in the heart of Ambler, Pennsylvania, is now booking newborn photography sessions for parents who wish to capture their new baby's first moments. Stacey Dennin Photography focuses on a signature portrait style utilizing natural light and simplicity to document heartfelt and emotional photographs for her clients. Since 2008, this newborn photographer in Montgomery County, PA has captured hundreds of laughs, smiles, and life's best moments, one camera click at a time.

Name Brand GSM Unlocked Phones Now in Stock and Available for Immediate Shipment at Worldwide Voltage

There is no better time than right now to invest in a brand name GSM unlocked phone and begin enjoying all the features and benefits that these state-0f-the-art phones offer. A leading global distributor of home electronics and electronic equipment, Worldwide Voltage is pleased to announce the availability of a full selection of GSM unlocked phones, all now orderable online, and in stock ready for immediate shipping.

MacXDVD Airs iPhone 10th Anniversary Celebration with Time-Limited Giveaway and Contest Prizes

LogoThis week marks iPhone's 10-year birthday. On the heel of the epic milestone, MacXDVD cheerfully puts the unheard-of iPhone 10th anniversary event in the limelight. It's a once-in-a-decade feast, from which unlimited copies of MacX Video Converter Pro with fairly fast video converting function will be gifted for free on condition of joining an iPhone survey. At the same time, 10,000 free copies of the tiptop MacX MediaTrans are given away unconditionally so that iPhone users will make a bee-line to safe data backup.

Australian Model Jade Kevin Foster Releases the Ultimate LED Selfie Case

Australian model, social media star and now an entrepreneur at the age of 25, Jade Kevin Foster has recently announced the launch of the ultimate tool for the perfectly LIT selfies - the ultimate LED selfie case! With almost 900,000 followers on Instagram and after modeling for high end fashion and designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mossimo, Kevin certainly knows how to take the world by a "selfie storm" and now he is helping out this fans and fellow selfie lovers with his new, easy to use and ingenious LED selfie case that provides flawless lighting every time despite the conditions.