Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Spotless Agency Wins "The Best Virtual Staging Service for Realtors" Award

Spotless Agency is one of the leaders in the field of virtual staging - in 2016 this virtual staging agency that has its offices both Kyiv, Ukraine, and New York, US, was called the best Virtual Staging service for realtors by Usage of most up-to-date technologies and highest-quality software makes Spotless' pictures extremely vivid.

U.K. Video Games and Consoles Market Assessment & Trend Evaluation- September 2017

LogoThe availability of video games and consoles has changed the world of entertainment quite significantly. Not only among kids, but adults also prefer video games in their leisure time. Considering the U.K. market, several changes have been analyzed in the recent past. To study further, a new report has been launched and added to the wide database of Market Research Hub (MRH). This research study is titled "UK Video Games and Consoles Market - September 2017", which includes knowledge and evaluations about the market status for the present and upcoming years. This report is a compilation of different segments that aim to enlighten readers and investors in a simplistic manner.

Customized Wedding Photography Packages from Light Heart Studio

For every couple who is getting married, it might be the very first time that they are hiring a wedding photographer. And yes it can be a very confusing moment and daunting too when it comes to choosing the right photographer especially with so many options to choose from. At Light Heart, couples can get rid of this confusion and hire them without any second thoughts. Here in this professional studio, the photographers understand that each and every couple has different ideas in mind when it comes to their wedding photography. And that is why they treat each and every wedding as a unique project. No matter what the couple needs, the team here is there to deliver the same.

3Fun Launched Its Threesome Dating App for Android Users

LogoPeople who have always dreamed of having threesome affairs can finally make it a reality. The brand new threesome dating app "3Fun" released its Android dating app on the Google Play Store this week.

Divideon Introduces xvc – A World-Class Video Codec with a Revolutionary Licensing Model

LogoThe software video compression company Divideon is today introducing a completely new video compression format to the market. The new format, which is a software defined video codec called xvc, is being released with source code publicly available and with a unique one-stop shop license. For internal evaluations and for non-commercial usage, the xvc codec can be used completely free of charge.

Widely-Praised Beelinguapp Gives iOS Users a Leg Up on Language Learning with Launch on iTunes

LogoCreating a torrent of praise in the Google Play Store, the Beelinguapp launches on iTunes and takes iOS by storm. Growing by 1,500 new users a day, the award-winning app helps language learners increase their reading skills and navigate grammar usage with a karaoke-type method. Proven to help those who learn best by reading and listening rather than memorizing out of context vocabulary, the Beelinguapp ups the ante on convenience. With fun on tap, it allows for side by side reading while listening to their audible language of choice. Think, No Fear SparkNotes for language learning. Now think, becoming fluent in thirteen languages by enjoying fairy tales, novels, and news.

A Smartphone App to Help the Refugees Worldwide Is Seeking Support via Indiegogo

LogoODR 4 Refugees is an all new online dispute resolution smartphone application that is absolutely free for all the refugees of the world. The primary idea behind the creation of this one of a kind smartphone application was to create a dispute resolution mechanism that is also technologically sophisticated and free of cost for the refugees who are on the move or reside temporarily in refugee camps all over the world.

Conrad. One: The Ultimate Android Smartphone Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoConrad. One is an all new upcoming Android smartphone that has been introduced with a luxurious UI (user interface) and several other amazing features. It is a revolutionary smartphone packed with robust features and an entirely different user interface. Developed in California, United States by Brass Romero Conrade, the phone has been introduced in a crowdfunding campaign recently launched via Indiegogo and everyone is being welcomed to support this project.

Revolutionary BackCountry Navigator XE Mobile App Captivating Kickstarter

LogoWith almost three weeks left in its crowdfunding campaign, Nathan Mellor's backcountry navigation app for iOS and Android has almost overtaken its fundraising goal by 95%.

Gametarian Studios to Launch an Indiegogo Campaign for DEFCOM: The Game

LogoGametarian Interactive Studios are raising funds on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo for their upcoming sensational video game called DEFCOM. DEFCOM: The Game is a one-of-a-kind third person shooter game with funky characters and a gripping storyline that will redefine the concept of Third Person Shooter (TPS) games in the industry. The game is currently in the making and the creators of this game have a goal to raise a sum of $40000 via Indiegogo to make it a reality.

Kindersportclub: An All New Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoKindersportclub is an amazing upcoming game that is a combination of sport and fun for the people of all age groups. The game can be played both online as well as offline and people from age 3 to 99 can play, learn and enjoy from the game. The primary creators of this game are an Austrian couple that are happily married with three kids and they believe that sport and fun is essential for the kids around the world. Besides its 116 exercises, the game also offers a set of five different play modes for the players to learn and have fun with.

Powersoft and BOSE Professional Amplify Pershing Square Downtown Stage Concert

LogoEach summer in the heart of Los Angeles, the City's Department of Recreation and Parks hosts a series of free concerts at the Pershing Square Downtown Stage. The high profile concert series, which ran this year between July 12 and August 19, attracted over a dozen national touring artists including The B-52s, The Wallflowers, Meat Puppets, 10,000 Maniacs and L.A.-based punk trailblazers X — now celebrating their 40th anniversary. The eight-week music series, which drew thousands of local and international music fans, also featured sound reinforcement from a new integrated touring solution by BOSE Professional and Powersoft Audio.

IoTurn Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce iScale, the Ultra Scalable and Modular App-Controlled IoT Scale

LogoAn ultra modular IoT scale, iScale was designed by two high school students as a part of their school project. The creators claim that this is the world's most scalable and modular weight measurement system, capable of weighing from one gram to hundreds of kilograms by connecting multiple load cells depending on the the items to weigh. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched on August 30, 2017 to raise $9,000 for this project.

Legendary Mixer Dave Pensado Makes Way for BAE's 10DCF Compressor in His Workflow

LogoDave Pensado has been recognized as a top level mixing engineer since the '70s, and over forty years into his career he has his workflow down to a science. "Some of you have heard me say I don't need another reverb, I don't need another EQ, I don't need another delay, and I sure don't need another compressor," he says in a nod to the many viewers who tune into his popular weekly YouTube series "Pensado's Place," where he talks gear and practice with industry-leading producers, engineers, and mixers. But recently, the BAE Audio 10DCF compressor has caused a reversal in Pensado's sentiment. "I couldn't have been more wrong."

Philip Castleton Offers Professional Photography Services

LogoBased in Toronto, Ontario, Philip Castleton is a commercial photographer who offers commercial photography services to corporations, interior designers, architects, businesses, real estate, construction professionals and the hospitality sector. His images are frequently used incorporate communications, marketing presentations and editorial purposes. Guarantees that Philip Castleton gives to his clients is that he is dependable, a team player, predictable, focused, and at all times aims to provide high-quality photographs that meet each of his clientele's personal aesthetic and budgetary necessities.

Muncheez App Builds Trust and Compliance Across Cannabis Industry

With 26 states supporting legalized marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational usage, dispensary safety and compliance is a top priority. To ensure consumer protection in the cannabis industry, Muncheez (a subsidiary of Digital Tower, Inc.) announces the launch of the Muncheez App, a consumer-centric marketplace and cannabis community that provides medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs a directory of verified state-licensed, fully compliant cannabis storefronts, certified organic products, delivery services, and physician recommendations.

Sydney Wedding Photography Services from the Experts Themselves

A wedding happens between two souls who are deeply and madly in love with each other. There is nothing that could stop them from loving and caring for each other. It is this unconditional love that brings them together for life thereby being a part of each other's lives for eternity. Every couple has special dreams about their wedding day and many feel that this day becomes just another day when everything is over. The best way to freeze those moments is to capture them for life. Light Heart is a professional Sydney Wedding Photography studio which creates stunning wedding stories through their lenses so that these stories can be lived again and again for as long as the couple wants to.

Socal Access & Video Introducing Business Security Systems in Irvine and Ontario CA to Evade Potential Hazards

With increased cases of business disruption due to lack of security, business owners are not looking to have advanced security cameras to evade potential hazards. Business security is no longer a preference but a necessity. Hence, it is essential to install a security system in one's home or business. Nowadays, security systems have become more complicated, but they can offer more space of mind than in the past.

Socal Access & Video Launches New Access Control Systems in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga CA

Access control systems are software arrangement particularly designed to obtain total control over the access points of a workplace or property. Composed of three crucial components, viz. access mechanics, hardware, and software, this wonderful system is used for an expansive group of purposes throughout the planet. The gadget is useless without the software, as, the software watches over keenly over the other two components, and cannot be betrayed by any manner.

Sennheiser Introduces HD1 Free – The Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones with MOMENTUM

LogoAt IFA 2017, audio specialist Sennheiser is introducing the HD1 Free, an all-new wireless model in the acclaimed HD1 family. Bringing the essence of HD1 to its most compact form, the new ear-canal headphones combine uncompromised sound quality, progressive technology and luxurious minimalist style with an ultra-compact design. For ultimate convenience, the HD1 Free features ergonomically designed magnetic earpieces that link together when not in use.

Sennheiser Launches New Wireless CX 7.00BT Ear-Canal Headphones for Brilliant Everyday Listening

LogoFor a fast-moving, always-on generation, Sennheiser is expanding its in-ear wireless headphone range with the launch of the new CX 7.00BT. The new model offers a minimalist lightweight neckband design, excellent bass-driven sound and leading-edge wireless technology in an affordable pair of headphones.

Free, Fun Game for Movie-Lovers That Follows the Same Format as Fantasy Sport

LogoEdwardo Jackson, CEO and Founder of CinemaDraft, has announced a new interactive game for movie-lovers and fans of fantasy sports and games. CinemaDraft is free to play via a mobile responsive web app and offers players an opportunity to win real cash prizes each week.

Leawo Optimized iTransfer as a New App Transfer App for iOS Users to Transfer and Back Up Apps to Computer

LogoTo help iOS users easily back up iOS app to computer or iTunes, Leawo Software, the world leading online multimedia solution developer and provider, officially optimized its iTransfer to a new iOS app transfer app. With newly added app transfer feature, Leawo iTransfer now could help iOS device owners freely transfer apps from iOS devices to computer for backup, and add iOS apps from computer to iOS devices for automatic installation. Creates and Makes an Alternative to Mobile App Development

The news that the company, Frontline App Development of Singapore, is developing suitable apps may interest businesses and individuals that are looking for such a competent app creator. The company points out at how smartphones have changed the way people and businesses communicate, how they make their purchases and how they manage their social lifestyle. Not only that, the number of businesses that want to have their own apps for communicating with their customers, business associates, suppliers and vendors has been increasing at a rapid pace.

Soul Shards of the Immortals: The Ultimate Online Roleplaying Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSDRTGames is a Connecticut based American gaming company and it has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its upcoming exciting creation. The new game created by the company is called 'Soul Shards of the Immortals' and it is a multiplayer online role playing game or MORPG. The game includes several great features and it has been developed by Shawn Duchesneau, the owner of SDRTGames.

Prestige Alarm Helps Strengthen Security with Access Control in Tuscaloosa and Helena AL

Prestige Alarm, a leading provider of biometric and surveillance systems, is pleased to announce the release of its new access control in Tuscaloosa and Helena, AL. The new access control system is highly cost-effective and affordable. It combines long-range facial recognition, video surveillance, time and attendance, all in a single device. The best part of access control in Tuscaloosa and Helena AL is that it can be installed easily without requiring any special wiring. It can also be integrated into any existing 3rd party access control panel.