Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Moovz, New Social Content Platform for the Gay Community, Announces $2.4 Million in Funding

Interacting Technology, the Israel based social vertical building platform, announced today the raising of $1.4 million in a second round of funding on behalf of, a new social content platform and mobile application geared toward the gay community. This additional round brings the platform’s total funding to $2.4 million, with investments coming exclusively from entrepreneurs, a number of which are daily contributors to the site, and Moovz’slegal advisory, Preis, Baharav, & Co.

New Market Report Now Available: Serbia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

Although the Serbian consumer electronics market is one of the least lucrative and developed in the region, it has strong growth prospects over the medium term which attracts investments from global vendors. We project Serbian consumer electronics spending will grow by about 7% in US dollar terms in 2013 to US$1.2bn, and continue to outperform regional markets over the medium term to 2017. Sales growth rates will be higher than elsewhere in the region as incomes rise and vendors tap the low penetration rates for many consumer electronics devices. Household PC penetration, despite more than doubling over the previous five years, remains at below 30%, while smartphone penetration of around 15% is also a long way below the regional average, and could more than double over the next two years. Redesigned and Optimized for Better Price Comparison today announced the release of its new design and user interface. The site helps the customers in comparing the prices of various products online and figure out the best deal.

StackSocial Sells 83% off Mac Blu-Ray Player Software to Help Movie Fans Improve Movie Experience

LogoAs a famous money-saving online marketplace, StackSocial offers its visitors with innovative, helpful and trending apps, gadgets and online tools to improve people’s daily digital entertainment. Today, StackSocial officially launched its cooperation with Leawo Software, a leading and reliable multimedia software solution provider that offers professional and high quality multimedia solutions, to provide Leawo’s Blu-ray Player for Mac software Special Sale at only $9.95, originally priced at $59.95, to all StackSocial visitors. This 83% off special sale will end at April 24.

Sapphire Shieldz Launched Crowdfunding Campaign

Sapphire Shieldz, is an advanced screen protector for smartphone and tablet users. Incorporating the product with the latest advanced technology from Japan; Sapphire Shieldz brings you not only cutting edge protection to your device’s screen but maintaining excellent clarity of the devices as well.

Formitize Launches Environmental Monitoring App to Meet Environmental Monitoring Needs

Mobile Interactive Technologies, creator of Formitize, recently released the Environmental Monitoring App – a paperless solution to the environmental monitoring needs of scientific and environment monitoring industries worldwide. This app helps users save time, effort, and operating costs, while ensuring full process compliance, improved workflow, and real-time monitoring through accurate data-logging and reporting capabilities. Formitize is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies and is being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses.

Building Inspector App Boosts Profits and Empowers Mobile Workforce Worldwide

Building inspectors around the world are all abuzz over Building Inspector App – a software designed to make life easier for building inspectors and business owners. Inspectors usually rely on paper documents as they carry clipboards with several forms and checklists everywhere. Building Inspector App has changed all that as this paperless solution promotes professionalism of the mobile workforce by making paperwork paperless.

Pest Control App Improves Operations and Productivity

Pest control companies recently welcomed a new addition to the industry from the creators of paperless solution Formitize. Pest Control App – a powerful tool designed to make pest control operations more efficient – helps organizations go paperless. Many pest control business owners have already experienced firsthand the amazing benefits of this Pest Management Software. Introduces the 'Next Big Thing' in HD

There is nothing worse than a cable box going bad on a game day or at a time when family TV viewing is on the cards. Cable subscriptions are not of much help except the fact that they charge huge sums of money for poor service that is highly unreliable. Antennas have long replaced these boxes but, antennas offered on belong to a different breed. These antennas support HD TV viewing that is unheard of and something that everyone who owns a TV should experience. Introduces the Most Inexpensive and User Friendly Mobile Spy Software introduces a high end cell phone spy program for your convenience, called mSpy. The mSpy software program is highly advanced app, which is specially made to cater the specified needs of the customers.

Indonesia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoIndonesia's underlying economic growth story will be supportive of consumer electronics market expansion over the medium term and make it a regional outperformer during our forecast period to 2018. Additional trends will support growth, for instance investment by telecoms operators in wireline and wireless data networks and the declining price of devices in key categories such as tablets and smartphones due to competition between local and Chinese vendors in the Android ecosystem. This trend should see rapidly rising penetration in key product categories. Overall market growth will see the market reach US $16.6bn in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. However, there is downside risk to this bullish outlook, with the depreciation of the rupiah and shifting global sentiment to emerging markets in early 2014 potentially disruptive to the existing growth trajectory.

New Market Study, "China Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014", Has Been Published

LogoConsumer electronics spending in China is forecast to continue strong growth as vendors capitalise on low device penetration in key categories such as smartphones and PCs to achieve strong volume growth. An additional boost is the package of economic and social reforms announced by the government in late 2013, which should boost consumption. We expect the market value will grow by 12.9% in 2014 and we expect growth momentum will be maintained over the medium term with a CAGR of 8.3% 2014-2018. As incomes rise in China, consumers will spend an increasing proportion on consumer electronics devices, a trend which is occurring at the same time as declining prices for tablets, TVs and smartphones.

Market Report, "Bahrain Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014", Published

LogoBahrain's consumer electronics market is one of the smallest in the region due to the size of the population. This means that devices are mostly distributed via regional hubs, as it is not cost effective for global vendors to have a local presence. Despite its small size there are considerable opportunities in Bahrain due to the high incomes in the country - and the propensity of the local population to spend on consumer electronics equipment. Smartphones and tablets are the fastest-growing device categories in the market, although big-ticket items such as LED and 3G TV sets will also contribute to the market's expected expansion. While there are many positive aspects to Bahrain's market, it should be noted that civil unrest and an unstable political outlook pose downside risks to our forecasts for the sector's growth.

Run Fishy, Run - JayJayM Games Presents Something Fishy in the Market

JayJayM Games Releases Their First Public Version Of Run Fishy, Run! The wait for an exciting plus addictive game is now over. Run fishy run is the best game one can find in the mobile application stores. iPhone or Android JayJayM Games have created a game people of all ages can enjoy. Don't download this and hand the cell phone over to any other person. They will not give it back any time soon. With a 4.8/5 stars in the Android market, Run Fishy, Run is one of the best games available there.

ProVape Releases the New ProVari Metallic Emerald Green

LogoProVape, following the principle to always keep open communication flow with its clients and to listen to their suggestions, releases the new ProVari Metallic Emerald Green. The new ProVari Metallic Emerald Green is in line with the tradition of having the best possible quality, achievable and to encompass this quality with striking outer appearance.

The South African Image Company, The Image Consultant Offers Expert Recommendations to Clients

Now clients can know how to look younger, stylish or professional with expert recommendations from image consultant at The South African Image Company. Their proficient consultants work exclusively with every client to pin down the best makeover that suits them and goes well with their personality and traits. They suggest the best colour combinations, wardrobe choices and help the clients to develop a dressing sense that suits the best for their preferred endeavours.

App Helps Muslims in Japan Find Halal Products with Ease

Kyushu Island Lab today announced the of Halal Minds mobile application, which identifies Halal products by allowing the user to scan a barcode and check products against its database. This service is of great use for Muslims living in Japan where it is difficult to find halal products so that the faithful may practice an appropriate diet amid products of all kinds.

New Market Research Report: Brazil Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoWe expect a boost in certain consumer electronics spending in 2014, as the hosting of the FIFA World Cup should provide additional demand for digital cameras, TV sets and smartphones. It will also grow as incomes rise and device prices decline, deepening the market. However, in 2013 the market was hit by currency weakness and high household indebtedness, and this is expected to continue in 2014, but with some improvement. Growth areas will include 4G smartphones as operators expand the reach of networks and promote services, low-cost Android tablets, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and HD TV sets. These sectors have already seen positive return, such as smartphone sales outpacing featurephones in the second half of 2013. The boost to local production saw mobile phone imports fall by 35%. We expect prices to continue to fall, particularly as lower end devices from Huawei and Firefox enter the market.

GivMobile's Latest Deal Offers a No-Cost Android Phone to New Customers

GivMobile, a no-contract mobile service that gives eight percent of the customer’s monthly plan to the charity of their choice, recently unveiled its newest promotion to the public. The cellular service provider is giving away a no-cost Android device to customers who sign up for a plan with the company. Announces Newest Smartphone Deals and Coupons, an online resource dedicated to providing consumers with the newest money saving coupons and specials for phablet and smartphone devices, is pleased to announce a new release of super savings codes are now available on the website. “We are constantly updating our website to ensure that our visitors get the newest savings but also the most savings. The manufactures are constantly issuing new codes so we make sure that the deals we offer are always the largest savings,” explained website founder Tarmizi Ramly. is a website that caters to both experienced phablet shoppers and new ones as well. New consumers can come to the site and find a device based on the savings offered and consumers that know what they want can visit the site to find a code for a specific device.

Businesses Reduce Cell Phone Plans with Linq Services' Cell Phone Management Assistance

LogoBusinesses that need to save all the money they can for different aspects of their operation will definitely need to look into the different ways, which they can go about saving on their cell phone service. There are a number of companies that offer services which can reduce mobile costs and eliminate the need to deal with carriers directly, and Linq Services is one of the best. This particular company can help businesses of all sizes save money on their cell phone service so they can put more funds towards other important things.

Newly Released Leawo iPhone Transfer Software for Mac Brings Convenience for Users

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider that focuses on the video conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playing and conversions, data recoveries and transfers of iOS devices, officially released Leawo iTransfer for Mac Version, the powerful iPad/iPod touch/iPhone transfer software for Mac users today, and this software will bring much convenience for the users.

New Penlights Meet Osha Standards for Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

A number of industries and jobs are rated hazardous by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). In these situations, the job has an inherent risk for harm if the hazardous environment isn’t well controlled. Management is challenged therefore to identify intrinsically safe equipment as it is defined by OSHA that promotes the safety and security of everyone on the job site and the site itself. This, of course, includes dependable lighting. Nightstick®, a leading innovator in superior-grade portable lighting solutions, introduces the XPP-5410G and XPP-5412G Intrinsically Safe Penlights.

Recently Released Market Study: Pakistan Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoPakistan continues to present major challenges to vendors, and underperform its potential due to a myriad of economic, social and political risks. However, the large population and rising incomes means there are still opportunities for vendors. Although political and security concerns remain, the economic environment is supportive of expansion, with rising incomes, consumption growth, and encouragingly, private sector credit growth as also recovered from its recent trough. The opportunity provided by the large population and economic environment has been sufficient to attract investment from multinational consumer electronics market leaders such as LG, while others have increased presence and strengthening distribution and retail channels. Nonetheless, challenges remain, including the large grey market, poor IP protection, an unstable economic and security situation, and weak distribution channels.

New Market Report: Colombia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014

LogoDomestic demand remains strong in Colombia and will continue to support growth in consumer electronics spending over the coming quarters. The burgeoning middle class and private sector credit growth will stimulate household consumption, and as incomes rise an increasing share of spending will go on consumer devices. This will allow vendors to tap into the relatively low penetration rates in key device categories such as PCs, smartphones and flat-panel TVs. Additionally, the government and telecoms operators are promoting the development of wireless and wireline data network infrastructure, which will add to demand for connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

"Taiwan Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014" Published

LogoWe maintain a positive outlook for Taiwan's consumer electronics market, however growth rates will underperform emerging markets in the APAC region due to relatively high penetration in key device categories such as smartphones and tablets. We forecast growth of 3.4% in 2014, with market value forecast to reach US$7.7bn. Despite the maturity of the market we identify several growth areas vendors can tap including large-screen, ultra-HD and OLED TV sets, phablets and 4G smartphones. A key factor in this outlook is the short replacement rate for smartphones and tablets, a trend we expect to continue in 2014 with consumers not expecting the longevity delivered by PCs and TVs. There is however downside risk to this outlook from a China-led slowdown which could affect the Taiwan dollar and constrain domestic discretionary spending.

MPOW Announces Amazon Sale of Their Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

People who are interested in purchasing modern and sophisticated Bluetooth Headphones and Headsets can now take advantage of the Amazon sales where MPOW is offering its Bluetooth Headphones and iPhone Bluetooth Headsets at discount prices. MPOW always focuses on bringing smart products for the modern generation and their Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are drawing huge customer attention on Amazon. The company is expecting stupendous sales of their products on Amazon and is receiving positive reviews from a number of customers.