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Warehouse Mobile Solutions Verifies App Allows for Rapid Verification of All Picked Items

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Verify is an app available with WarehouseOS. Verify allows to rapidly verify all of the items for an order which have been picked and are ready to be packaged and shipped to the customer.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Manage Inventory App Tracks Pallets of Products

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Manage Inventory is an app available with WarehouseOS. Manage Inventory tracks pallets of products within the warehouse utilizing barcoded rack locations. No more need for a paper tracking log or hunting through the warehouse looking for pallets. Manufacturers and Distributors can even store and retrieve product based on first-in-first-out "FIFO."

Special Education Teacher Receives Fantastic Community Response

Special Education Teacher Megan Drobnicki-Girdhar has reached out to the community of Edmonds Washington and received fantastic support. Megan is working to furnish the VOICE Transition Academy with an iMac and Ipad technologies to enable the students of the program to create, edit, and learn from videos using the iMovie software. In just two days time, the teacher has received nearly $1,000 towards reaching the $1,852 goal. The project found via the website Donors Choose at, will help students expand on the work on iMovie that they have started this year., Inc Releases a Mobile App to Help Shy People Reach out to Their Friends for Support

Former corporate lawyer and author of the best seller "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking", Susan Cain says that one-third to half of the U.S. population are introverts. An epidemic that is prevalent among introverts is the self-dependency syndrome caused by shyness, when they have a need. Even though hiring the right professional to solve a need is the right way for the rest of the world, introverts tend to depend on themselves for solutions rather than reaching out for help.

Virginia-Based Company Launches World's First Doctor-Recommended Reading Assistance App – "EZ Reader, Digital Reading Glasses"

LogoDity Apps, a tech startup that develops mobile applications and games has released EZ Reader, the world's first doctor-recommended digital reading glasses. The app, which is now available as a free download for both Android and iPhone devices, assists users with reading fine print. EZ Reader requires no additional hardware and can remove the need to carry traditional reading glasses or other reading devices.

Tablets in Warehouse Proves More Effective and More Affordable Reports TR Cutler

LogoManufacturing journalist, TR Cutler, recently authored an article titled, "Productivity in the Warehouse Accomplished by Eliminating the RF Guns and Moving to Tablet Technology," in Automation & Controls Today magazine.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions PutAway App Accurately Putaway Inventory Into Storage Location

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' PutAway is an app available with WarehouseOS. After using the Receiving App, an operator may then put away the inventory into a storage location. Once the items are put away, the inventory will be available to pick.

New App from the INSTANT Series to Provide on-the-Go Self-Help

LogoTime is precious and scarce. That's why it is the goal of INSTANT Series to provide immediate solutions for common problems. Inspired by their popular INSTANT-Series Guides, available online and at major fine retailer bookstores, INSTANT Series presents their new INSTANT Series App. The INSTANT Series app (the beta is free now in the Google Play Store) is a brand new way to stay connected with the highly-praised publisher for how-to's, practical self help, and so much more.

Yepzone GPS Locator Smartphone App Launched to Make Pet Locating Easier for the Loving Owners

Yepzone GPS locator, a Smartphone app compatible with all the three platforms, Android, iOS and Windows, was recently launched formally by the namesake developers. Yepzone Group, the Finland based wearable technology innovation firm, recently announced that the feature-rich GPS locator is available for downloads through Google Play, Apple iTunes and Microsoft store. The owners claimed that the GPS locator is one of the best wearable GPS locators specially made for the pets.

ADTC Global Education with Australian Technical and Management College Launches New Android App Development Program

ADTC Global Education, a premier online training organization, has launched a brand new course on Android application development programme. The android application development programme is designed to meet the learning and career goals of professional developers as well as beginners. The course requires participants to have a basic understanding of Java and Android.

Millennial Created Music Video Streaming App Now Provides Latest Music, News, and Media

LogoFans can now interact and get the latest music, news, and media with iFiness Music, the official app of Visitors can search the site or browse the videos directly on the website. Videos will be added on a daily basis, from both major and underground hip hop, rap, drill, trap, flex, EDM, and R&B artists. The app is available now on Windows 10 and Android, and can be accessed via phone, PC, or tablet. An iOS version will be coming soon.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Receiving App Keeps Processing Orders Simple and Accurate

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Receiving is an app available with WarehouseOS. Receiving creates a method to receive products from either a bill of lading "BOL", or from a purchase order "PO." Simply enter the BOL number then all of the PO's associated with that BOL will be displayed and ready to process. Enter the PO number and all of the items for that PO will be displayed and ready to be received into the warehouse.

This Company Offers High Quality iPhone 6 Covers

The news that offers high quality iPhone 6 cases may excite those who own iPhone 6 devices. The company says that they always aim to provide high quality products to their customers.

Your Cell Phone Stuff Announces Smart Range of Products

Your Cell Phone Stuff, a dedicated online store, has ensured that now users can find all types of Cell Phone Accessories, cases and more under one roof, without any hassle.

Mongoose 2016 Chevrolet Express Commercial Van Laptop Desk Available from Pro Desks

LogoWhen drivers need an "office-in-a-van", the Pro Desks Mongoose laptop van desk system provides all the best features in all the right places.

AT&T ZTE Maven Unlock Code Is Available at an Affordable Cost to Unlock the Device brings a fast, simple and affordable solution to unlock an AT&T ZTE Maven phone and choose a GSM carrier that offers the best and most reasonable data plans. The solution is available at an affordable cost of just $14.99. The website provides an AT&T ZTE Maven Unlock Code to a user who wants to unlock his/her phone. One doesn't need any technical knowledge to use the code and can unlock the device in an effortless manner in no time.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Packing App Allows for Easy Packing

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Packing is an app available with WarehouseOS. Once an order is completely picked the inventory may be packed into one or multiple boxes for shipping.

Going Mobile Friendly: Important for 2016

Because SEO is constantly evolving it is important to react to the latest alternations if you're looking for your website to be and stay current. A new post from Forbes highlights the importance of going 'mobile friendly' this year (amongst other things) and discusses the many benefits of doing so. Launches New Apple Buyback Website

Startup company Itemcycle launches website for buying used Apple devices. The website aggregates prices from top buyback companies to calculate higher offers for visitors' devices.

Main Line Taxi App Available for iOS and Android

As Philadelphia becomes an increasingly popular spot for new residents and tourists alike, the demand for reliable transportation also rises. Those who wish to eschew public transportation in favor of taking a taxi may be in search of the perfect car service. From Newtown Sq., PA to the heart of Center City, passengers finally have a solution. Main Line Taxi, a cab service that serves the city as well as suburbs like Exton, PA, has released a convenient taxi service app, available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Launches Attractive iPhone 6S Cases in Different Styles

Any iPhone is not complete without an interesting case. For people who are looking for unique 6S cases, the aforementioned website can be considered for the same. It is believed to be a complete platform where there are different varieties of products to meet the requirements of a large section of Apple mobile users. With competitive prices and high quality cases, it is being named as a popular choice amongst many people.

High Quality and Trendy Smartphones Are Now Available at ChinaMart

LogoSmartphones manufactured by the Chinese companies enjoy popularity nowadays. This is because they do not only feature high quality, but they also come with appealing design and are quite affordable. This is exactly what consumers need nowadays. Realizing the fact, ChinaMart has launched an online shop, where everyone can buy high quality and trendy Chinese smartphones and tablets at reasonable prices.

Kvits Launches a Technology That Prolongs Daily Life by Adding Time

LogoKvits is the newly launched platform and an app that offers the innovative technology which improves dining experience and adds valuable time to the life journey of its users. Kvits is currently featured on Kickstarter. This app is bound to make a big change in the way people dine and enjoy their favorite foods.

Phonelabs Named Finalist in Sydney's Design Entrepreneurial Awards

Many of us remember physics as a dreary slog through abstract equations and formulas, with little understand how they would apply to the real world. Today's students face the same challenge and it is known that they are increasingly disinterested in STEM subjects. Australia faces the world's 7th highest skills shortage, and the current education system is failing to fill the growing demand for STEM skills.

Nziphone Introduces Fashion iPhone 6s Cases in Numerous Styles

Nziphone offers a wide assortment of iPhone 6s cases in stylish designs and colors. Buyers can find stand support covers for iPhone 6s in alluring colors.