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Richenco Launches a New App Called Pool Simulator for Pool Players

Pool Simulator is a convenient app that is aimed at helping novice pool players become professionals in a short span of time. It is available on Google Play Store and iOS and hence, can be used on a number of devices. The app is said to have a number of features which include several game modes. All those players who wish to have a better chance of winning a pool game can consider the same at

Savvi Solutions Launches Indiegogo Campaign on October 10 to Fund New iSafe Drive

Savvi Solutions, a technology startup focusing on cellular and digital products, is disrupting the marketplace with one of the world's first MFI-certified, ultra-high speed storage drives with file encryption for iOS. The device was created through a partnership with CviLux Group, an Apple-certified manufacturer and creator of the "O'Pro9-iSafeFile."

Netkiller Redefines Inventory Management with Google Sheet Based Barcode Scanning App for iPhone & Android

A brand-new Barcode Scanning App for iPhone and Android, which works on Google Sheets (Online Spreadsheet), is set to change the way people manage inventory and assets. Netkiller has announced the new release of Barcode Scanning App that came back with more powerful features.

London App Developers: Appy Monkey Takes over the Market

The Appy Monkey is an app development company serving the market for its unique needs and the new app world. The amazing mobile app developers at the Appy Monkey come from varying backgrounds and vast experience that adds into the quality of the products by app developers. These London app developers are aimed at providing the market with most efficient and fast app. The team at Appy Monkey plans the application that is designed and implemented using the high standard technologies. The application implementations are done with precise management and standards. The application are tested and verified before they are injected unto the market. The products developed by the Appy Monkey have received high ratings and fewer complaints that are quickly rectified. The application is frequently improved as the mobile app developers are constantly working on the updates and the improvements of the applications. The Appy Monkey deal with each project keeping the standards of the efficient and effectiveness that are the basic elements of all the applications developed under the company.

Cometcore Launches World's First Buoyant Smartphone on Indiegogo

Comet, the world's first water-proof and buoyant smartphone, has begun raising funds on Indiegogo and already has received $25,000 in support.

Zuppio Announces Launch of Innovative New Free Ad Supported Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone - The Zuppio One

While nearly everyone would like a smartphone, sometimes circumstances can make one difficult to purchase. The innovative company Zuppio recently made a breakthrough announcement that offers a solution to this problem, the release of the Zuppio One. The Zuppio One is a new, free ad supported Android 5.1 4G LTE smartphone, which is certainly a brand and model that's very popular and well reviewed. Packed with features, the phone when ordered through Zuppio is always new, never refurbished, and always free. The only money a customer needs to spend is for shipping to have the smartphone delivered.

Houston-Based Interactive AR Launches New, Free Augmented Reality Bible Apps

Interactive AR launched new mobile apps that let children experience the stories of the Bible through the powerful lens of augmented reality. With free apps "Noah's Ark AR" and "David and Goliath AR" now available on Apple's App Store and at the Google Play Store, kids can become immersed in the Bible in ways never before possible. Interactive AR is a pioneering augmented reality company, using the power of technology in ways that produce more compelling and memorable experiences.

Local Business Finder App MapToBuy Launched for Shopping-Crazy and Time-Poor Londoners

MapToBuy, an iPhone app specially designed for the dwellers of London, was recently launched through iTunes. The app developers told that users can read reviews of local businesses in London written by real consumers or buyers. They claimed that the app database contains an extensive list of London shops, store, high-street retail outlets, shopping malls and ecommerce stores that are specifically targeted at consumers from London. They added that the contact details and reviews of these stores can be found by downloading the app on iPhone or iPad.

Lightning Fun Has Launched an All New Selfie Stick, Based on Customer Feedback

LogoTaking into consideration the kind of hype and popularity which selfie sticks have managed to make, the need was felt to offer something a lot more dynamic. This is why Lightning Fun has come up with an all new selfie stick. Highlights the Issues on the Most Common Flaws of Cheap Cloned Android Gadgets Based on User Experience

LogoPeople all over the world go crazy over the latest mobile devices like the smartphones and android tablets. Well, who won't be amazed at what these gadgets can do? They simply make communication and access to information much easier. Android tablets make its users feel as if they have the world in a compact mobile gadget that everything they could ever need is right in the palm of their hands.

Breakfixnow Mobile Repair Shop Offers Complete Solution and Repair for iPhones and iPads

Breakfixnow Mobile Repair is a complete package for the repair of the phones and iPads. Whether it is a shattered screen or a battery issues, the Breakfixnow Mobile Repair shop is able to serve these unique needs. The latest smart phones are expensive and the repair is more difficult since there is no repair offered once the warranty expires. The repair does not only cost much but also requires the proper match of the repair that does not affect the functioning of the iPhones and iPads faster repair.

AdMark Launches Breakthrough Mobile Advertising Ideas Which Could Be the Next Big Revolution

In a Global Mobile Media Consumption report in 2014, it was reported that 60% of Internet access in the U.S and around the world was made through a mobile device. That has shown advertisers how important it is to use mobile devices for their marketing campaigns. However, there are a lot of people who are troubled with the endless notifications that keep popping up on their screen as different developers try their best for the sake of pushing their ads to gain more leads. That is why AdMark has come up with the perfect solution.

Little Frog Inc Announces the Launch of Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP to Extended Cell Phone Battery Power

Little Frog announces their new Android app known as Ultimate Battery Saver HD, created to extend the life of customers' table battery and Android phones. The new app will help the 7.19 billion users extend the battery life on their cell phones.

Unlock Agents Offers Self Service iPhone Device Unlocking

There is nothing more annoying than having one's smart phone locked. Particularly for those people who perform most their tasks of daily life through their cell phones, which is pretty much everyone today, it becomes very difficult to wait for hours until an expert can unlock their phone for them. In the meantime, that is agonizingly long, the individual tends to feel deaf, dumb and blind completely for not being able to connect through cellular means. Unlock Agents offer smart phone users an opportunity to unlock their cell phones themselves without having to take their phone to an expert.

Much Awaited 6 Port USB Device Charger Omni-Charge Launches

While the advent of technology has made cellphones, music players and other devices come a long way, the same cannot be said for the accessories of these devices. Often substandard in quality, the accessories that come along with majority of devices are a pain to operate and leave a lot to be desired. Has Launched a Carpooling App That Helps Commuters Save Time

Commuting to work daily in several metropolitan cities is quite a daunting task. In an effort to save time in the same and money as well, Poolmyride has come up with an effective app. It is a handy app allows people to connect with others who are travelling in the same routes so that they can do it together. It is an initiative that helps in the upkeep of the environment as well.

Folder Lock Advanced Offers Dynamic Data Security Features for iPhone Users

LogoThe iPhone is no typical cell phone; it's a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. Consequently, the iPhone has become one of the most popular smart phones ever. It has its own fan base, and in some cases, it is superior to Android – mainly when it comes to security. However, there's no feature in the iPhone where users can hide and lock their sensitive information from other users, i.e. their spouses, siblings or other authorized users who may know the PIN. But what's really scary is if a criminal discovers a user's iPhone pass code – either by shoulder snooping or some other means – thieves will have full access to the victim's confidential files and folders. Thus, it becomes imperative that users' have some form of secondary data security on their iPhone.

Testmunk Publishes New Guide on the Advantages of Mobile App Testing

App development is a relatively new, with the App store launching seven years ago, but hugely prosperous industry, with many young developers turning to app development to innovate new approaches and new ways to interact with common institutions, from fun games to online banking. The development process can be difficult however, and if errors creep through to the user experience it can be disastrous for the app's reputation and success. Testmunk offers automated app testing that can cut the app release cycle in half by offering comprehensive test results from real devices in moments. This is possible because developers and QA manager can test and iterate on features and code changes faster using testmunk's automated app testing tool. They have just written new editorials describing the many advantages of the format.

Local Mobile Phone Repair Company Launches New Cell Phone Repair Shop in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City's highly reputable Local Mobile Phone Repair Company Cellphone Repair Pro has announced the opening of their new mobile phone repair store in Salk Lake City Utah. The new store with its centralized location will allow the company to provide faster service for issues like Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair and more efficient customer support to all their customers. The launch of the new store front is a continuum of the company's fundamental commitment towards providing the highest standard of qualified services for an affordable price.

Is PEEPME a Puppet of National Security Agency?

PEEPME a social networking app, founded by Zeki Sever, a Belgian guy is raising eyebrows as questions are being raised about the information it gathers and whether it is being used by the National Security Agency. Highlights the Mobile App Marketing Blunders That May Affect Online Business Success

LogoOne of the greatest technological advancements and innovations that man has ever discovered especially in the world of business and communication is the use of mobile devices and mobile applications. The use of this innovative technology has dramatically changed the industry of global consumerism in a very short span of time.

Smartweb Mobile Announces Anti-Texting Campaign

SmartWeb Mobile, a leading national developer of mobile websites and native apps for iPhone and Android devices, has announced a crowdfunding campaign on for the development of the StickieBalls Universal Safety Kit.

Passfeed App to Find Friends & Have Fun with Them Is Now Available for FREE Download

For many college students in the USA, this new app can be an exciting way to find new friends in their locality. The Passfeed application is available for free download for the users of the iPhone and Android devices, and they can use it to share their live feeds and pictures with people around them. This instant feed feature dramatically improves the chances of finding new friends for fun, chatting or dating.

Passfeed Launches a New User-Friendly Social Networking App

Society and staying connected is a lot easier than it had ever been. Although, busy professional life makes it impossible for every people to remain in touch with their friends, relatives and other members of their family, there are options which can simplify the process. To aid this need, Passfeed has been launched as an ideal social media application for people who seek to be in constant touch with their family, friends and their loved ones. With the help of this social networking app, users can contact their loved ones with instant message and can spend quality time even while working or staying far off from their home.

Passfeed Presents a New Social App to Help People Connect with Their Loved Ones

People hardly have time to chat and gossip with their loved ones in today's busy world. They often crave for ways to talk as well as to share their feelings with each other so as to reduce the stress of rat racing competitions. For them Passfeed can be an ideal online application to connect with each other and to share as well as communicate with each other. It is the latest American social networking application that can be easily downloaded on iPhones and other smartphones running on Android. With the help of this app they can easily chat with one another and can share messages or photos. With the help of this party finder app they can also easily make new friends.