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Up to 2 Billion Smartphone Users Expected by the End of 2016: Ranking Solutions Comments

Recent statistics released by IDC have drawn attention to the growing global use of Smartphones and in turn the importance of businesses with an online element realising the importance of Smartphone audiences. Figures show that by the end of 2016, more than 2 billion people are expected to be regularly using Smartphones or tablets.

Creator of Social Clique Shopping App Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoSocial Clique is a new and unique shopping app that helps users locate items seen in commercials or movies and add them to a shopping cart with one click.  The app redirects the user to the online stores that carry the item and keeps the shopping cart in the background while the movie, television show or commercial is playing.  Now, the creator of Social Clique shopping app has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help pay for development funds.

Topjoyonline Launches New OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices, the leading Chinese manufacturer of table, cloudbook, 2in1, and action camera today announced it successfully create a new product line - OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices. The company, whose traditional business is table and action camera, will keep research and develop new product lines and OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices is just the beginning, more innovative electronics will be in

Samsung Has Decided to Release Samsung Pay for Older Phone Models

Mobile payments have become more and more popular each year. The trend started when Apple decided to introduced the first mobile wallet app, Apple pay. Since then, all the dominant companies in the mobile industry have introduced a way to pay using a phone. Just as other manufacturers, Samsung limits this feature to the most advanced and latest models of phones. Nevertheless, Samsung is planning to change this situation.

A Messaging App That Can Revolutionize the Field of Messenger Apps

This news may excite those who are fed up with the invasive messenger apps that are currently available. Yofam is a new chat messenger and the company has been founded by Adel Melanin, CEO. Mo Tanoli is the Project Director-cum-CTO of the company. According to them, this is an incredible alternative to the messenger apps that are currently being used by people. Especially, those who love to be social and at the same time, want to be independent and those who enjoy hanging out with friends and family but find pleasure in reading a good book in solitude and silence, may find this app ideally useful.

Promote Businesses Across Mobile with SMS Platform from mGage

An effective marketing technique aimed at targeted customers can help increase return on investment for businesses of all sizes. With the increase in the number of mobile users, SMS mobile marketing has become one of the most efficient techniques for promoting businesses. This technique provides businesses with the opportunity of reaching out to their customer base quickly and efficiently, by sending text messages directly to their phones. However, SMS marketing requires a platform, which can handle multiple message types, including plain text, Unicode, binary, picture messages, business cards, WAP/service messages, flash messages, and many others. With this in mind, mGage provides an SMS platform that helps business owners to manage their marketing campaigns more effectively.

New Adaptive Fitness App Analyzes and Coaches Users' Moves in Real-Time

LogoAppic is pleased to announce the launch of their latest app, Ludus, on the App Store.

Future Technology Publication Future Tech Magazine Now Available on Apple News

LogoOnline future technology news and review site is now available on Apple news for readers with iOS 9 compatible devices. Over the past few years, FUTR Tech Magazine has grown to become a leading voice on new or emerging, future technologies, applications, and devices, with a growing number of readers and followers. The arrival of FUTR Tech magazine on Apple's new publishing platform means the future tech news site is now available to a wider range of its reader base as well as new audiences.

Creator of Netflix & Chill App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoNetflix & Chill is a new type of dating app that matches potential partners with others based on their viewing preferences. Now, the creator of Netflix & Chill has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds for this new app as well as increase market awareness through strategic campaigns.

Developers Call on Public to Fund Privacy Centric Chat Messenger App

Mobile communication undergoes a discreet revamp this week, with the launch of chat messenger app, Yofam. Imagined as a tasteful alternative to invasive messenger apps, Yofam is designed for smartphone users that love their time, live their moments and refuse to be controlled by technology 24/7. To finance the final development stages and get the app smartphone ready, Yofam is launching a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £25,000.

What the Future Holds for Samsung Pay and Its Plans of Expansion in 2016

Mobile payments have become more and more popular each year. The trend started when Apple decided to introduced the first mobile wallet app, Apple pay. Since then, all the dominant companies in the mobile industry have introduced a way to pay using a phone. Just as other manufacturers, Samsung limits this feature to the most advanced and latest models of phones. Nevertheless, Samsung is planning to change this situation.

Sercle: Disrupting the Professional Service Industry

The new normal disruption for the past two to three years has been on-demand services such as Uber, Lyft, Google Express, Amazon Prime Now, Doordash, etc. just to name a few. Everything has been great aggregating on-demand services with using peer-to-peer contracted individuals from your local community.

Successful Internet Marketer Nick Sasaki Shares His Account of Using App Empire to Make Money Online is a review website founded and run by Internet Marketer Nick Sasaki, who shares his personal experiences and knowledge about online money making opportunities currently available in the market currently. He presents himself as an example of the success that can be achieved through actual, credible online work opportunities in the field of online marketing. Nick recently reviewed the popular system App Empire by Chad Mureta that empowers people to create and sell their own smartphone apps.

Planmob Announces Launch of Exciting New App Delivering the Best Choice to Organize Group Activities

LogoMost people have experienced the headaches of trying to organize an important activity and not see things play out the way they would like it to, even if they have the best of organizational abilities. Unfortunately, finding help in this area has often been a great challenge. Stepping up to deliver value in this area is Planmob. Planmob is a recently released iOS and Android app aimed at helping solve this problem, delivering a set of tools that have been proven to help organize group activities large or small.

Best iPhone Cases Reviews Launches Their Blog and Review Website

Best iPhone Cases Reviews launched their blog and review website recently. Finding good iPhone cases in the market is very difficult now a days because there are so many brands that offer iPhone cases because of which finding the most reliable and durable iPhone case is nearly impossible now but Best iPhone Cases Reviews will help its readers find the best iPhone cases in the market that are not only reliable and durable but they are also affordable.

New Feedback Collection Software Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The makers of a sleek, innovative new feedback collection and survey system for businesses and events is turning to the crowdfunding website Indiegogo in the hopes of raising funding to complete and launch the cloud system and Apps.

Network Analyzer App Introduces Background Scanning, Other Updates

Network scanner app Home WiFi Alert is introducing updates to its popular smartphone application.

Dave Ropes, Former Ford Corporate Marketing Director Joins ProxMob and the Deals on GOGO App as New CMO

ProxMob/Deals On The GOGO, the next generation of real time location based marketing technology for Big Brands and Small Business, today announced that Dave Ropes has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. Ropes, now based in South Carolina, will lead the Marketing and Branding along with the launch of ProxMob/Deals On The GOGO the 1st Q of 2016.

OnZ Announces Availability of Powerbanks to Combat Cold Weather Battery Loss

As the crisp weather of the coldest calendar months settles in, many smart phone owners find themselves struggling with their phone's poor battery performance. That's because most smartphones, including all iPhones, use Lithium-Ion batteries, which don't handle a drop in temperature very well because cold increases the internal resistance and diminishes the capacity of these batteries. In fact, freezing temperatures can lead to phone batteries only being able to deliver about 50% of their normal capacity. For consumers, all of this means that owning products like powerbanks becomes even more crucial during the winter months. That's why OnZ Wireless is proud to announce that their large stock of wholesale wireless accessories also includes several kinds of powerbank options.

iPhone Recovery Software Can Help Users Recover Lost Data on iPhone

LogoWith more and more people depending on a smartphone like the iPhone for every part of their lives, lost data isn't just an inconvenience, it can be truly devastating.

Crowdfunding Campaign Underway for Unlock – The First Ever Short Range Bluetooth Smart Ring

Don't you just hate it when your smartphone asks you to enter the pin or pattern each time you want to access it? Doesn't it ultimately raise a question in your mind about whether you had set the pin for preventing unauthorized access or did you set it to prevent your access. A US based startup has come up with a product that solves this problem and they named it Unlock. Unlock is the First ever Short Range Bluetooth Smart Ring that provides instant and secured access to your smartphones and tablets through bypass of pins and patterns thus increasing your ease of access. To achieve this, Unlock combines smart lock technology with innovative short range (only 6 inches) Bluetooth technology.

Rocket Math Receives Best EdApp of 2015 for Not One, but Two Applications

LogoIn the last few years, the United States educational system has failed to produce high math scores. The land of the free has fallen behind many developed countries in reading and math – a fact that does not sit well with many Americans. One such concerned man decided to take matters into his own hands no less than seven years ago. Dr. Don Crawford founded Rocket Math in 2009 to market his supplemental math curriculum that teachers can use to support their other teaching strategies. Most recently Balefire Labs awarded Rocket Math with the Best EdApp of the Year for a pair of apps: Rocket Math Addition & Rocket Math Multiplication.

FileRescure Releases Android Data Recovery to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android Devices

FileRescure Studio, a highly reputable and trusted software and app developing company that specializes in creating data security recently announced the launch of the new 'Android Data Recovery' software that will allow users to retrieve deleted data from android devices. By using the new software, users will be able to recover data such as deleted photos, text messages from their Android phone quickly and easily.

Malaysia Local Brand EXMobile Is Back with Stylish Budget Smartphone & Smart Watch

LogoHomegrown local smartphone brands are few and far in between and they are not as well-known as international brands. You may have heard or not heard of EXMobile, but one thing is for certain – you will be hearing a lot more from them this year.

Sky Events Management Demos New Event Management App in New York City

Sky Events Management will be introducing and demonstrating its recently launched new event management application. Based on the highly regarded, open-source phxEventManager platform, the new application will make it easier and simpler for clients to take advantage of Sky Events Management's world-class service offerings and Event Planning Options. Those interested can contact Sky Events Management to book their own free meetings while openings remain available.