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The New Innovative Poetic Xchange Mobile App Changes the Way Distributors Succeed

Founders and sisters Patti and Lizanne have always been willing to explore new possibilities together. From building their first jewelry company 15 years ago, to becoming leaders in the direct sales industry with their unique, personalized jewelry business model—they've always set out on adventures together.

AT&T Provides Efficient SIM Unlocking Services for All the GSM Carriers

The AT&T Unlock Portal has been developed for different smartphone users that face problems in getting their favored service provider. Getting tied up with a specific carrier can be really difficult and one may not be able to use all the features that he likes. It brings huge amount of limitations and the best solution is to get their SIM unlocked. The biggest advantage is that there is no problem with the SIM after this service and one can continue enjoying all the features that he had in previously. It is important to get this service with the help of an expert and there should not be any compromise on the quality of the service. One of the companies that have been providing this service for a long time now involves AT&T Unlock Portal.

Apple to Manufacture iPhone SE Models in India Following Stagnant Smartphone Sales Growth in China

LogoIndia is in possession of great potential for smartphone handsets considering it having the second largest population in the world. Knowing that the sale for its smartphone in Asia's other massive market like China has become stagnant, Apple Inc has decided to switch its focus from China to India in order to boost market share in the world's fastest growing major mobile market. In the coming month, Apple Inc will start to assemble its lower-priced iPhone SE models at a contract manufacturer's plant in the southern Indian technology hub of Bengaluru.

Activpass Launches Last-Minute

Last-Minute is a consumer platform by Activpass to secure last-minute bookings that allows customers to make same or next day appointments at spas, salons, gyms and studios at very high discounts of 50% to 90%. Activpass is integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines a cloud-based business management platform and consumer mobile marketplace application. It empowers businesses and independent professionals to completely manage, schedule, engage and monetize businesses through the optimal use of data analytics and mobile technology.

No Contract Cellular Site Offers Cell Phone Plans and Providers Reviews is popular for publishing comprehensive review articles and comparisons of the best prepaid or no contract plans and phones. No Contract Cellular Site is highly recommended as they publish up-to-date plans and comparisons of nearly all types of plans like Pay As You Go Plans, Monthly Plans, Unlimited monthly plans, and Family Plans of all the top rated no contract providers, including TracFone, Straight Talk, Verizon Prepaid, Net10, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile.

Boberdoo Introduces iPhone App and Alexa Skill, the leading provider of lead distribution software, ping post technology and call routing systems for the lead generation industry has expanded its product offering with its first Amazon Alexa Skill.

AuroIN Announces Its New Technology 'Virtual Reality'

Today, AuroIN, a digital marketing agency, announces the release of its latest system, Virtual Reality (VR), an exceptional innovation that offers the chance to interact or view the virtual world. Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow users to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world.

AuroIN Announces Additional Mobile App Development Services

Today, AuroIN, a digital marketing agency and mobile app development service provider, announces an expository and profitable service, "10 Powerful Strategies to Boost Mobile App Downloads". This range of services reveals some secrets to achieving skyrocketing mobile app sales.

Reputable Distributor of Smartphone Accessories And Parts Supplies Multiple Brands

LogoEfoneparts Co Ltd, wholesale distributor of Smartphone components and accessories supplies from China, is currently focusing on supplying spare parts of a variety of mobile phone brands.

The First Ever Revolutionary Pay-Per-App Network Revealed

MyAppStaller LLC is the founder and inventor of the revolutionary Pay-Per-App network. The network provides an opportunity for mobile users to make money installing apps and playing games. Be it an Android device or an IOS device, users can simply install apps and earn money through the Mobile App Rewards. While Android users can download the apps from Play Store, IOS users can download the apps from their App Store. But first, they have to get themselves registered with MyAppStaller. The network supports over 200 countries and all the mobile devices such as Samsung smart phones, tables, iPhones, iPads and so on. This network is the first ever pay per app install network in the mobile marketing industry that specializes in incentive CPI installs. Users can simply get paid per app install and playing fun games at their own leisure.

MyAppStaller Hosts a Revolutionary Way of Making Money Through App Installation

MyAppStaller LLC is the best pay-per-app install network. The site is an excellent platform for users to make money installing apps and for apps to improve their visibility amongst a multitude of users. The network consists of apps ranging from games to utilities, retail to e-commerce, travel to classifieds and more. Users can simply register with MyAppStaller and start making money by simply installing the apps that are already in the offer list. The offers are updated from time to time by MyAppStaller. This mobile CPI network allows apps to have a global reach where millions of mobile users across the world are a part of the network. It is a Mobile Affiliate Network which is most beneficial for promotion and advertising. Apps that need an international recognition such as travel based apps, classifieds apps, gaming apps, etc. will benefit from this network.

MyAppStaller Introduces the Revolutionary Pay-Per-App Install Network

MyAppStaller LLC., offers the smartphone users an excellent opportunity to make money installing apps on their android and ios phones and devices. Users can make easy money by installing apps and playing games on every device that they own be it a phone or a tablet. Interested users have to follow a few steps in order to get started. They should first start by getting registered with MyAppStaller by creating an account. All that they have to do is to provide some basic details for the account setup. Once the account is setup, users can login with their username and password. They will find the offers tab offered by various Apps from different countries. Users can select the offer based upon the device such as Android or IOS.

Mobile Signal Boosters Offers High-Quality Wi-Fi Boosters in the UK

Poor signal and slow internet connection are two of the most common problems faced by many people of United Kingdom. Mobile Signal Boosters is here to render a complete selection of affordable Wi-Fi boosters. These are advanced technology products that are specifically intended for boosting poor internet connection.

Earlogic Announces TSC Music, a Smart Music Platform App That Decodes User's Hearing Information to Provide the Better Sound Experience

Earlogic, a startup specialized audio technologies, announces the release of TSC Music, a free beta app for iOS platforms on the App Store. TSC Music is the first music app that equalizes the sound based on hearing capacity, monitors daily hearing condition and protects from hearing loss.

Mobbo Reveals Which Ad Networks Perform Best for Mobile App Marketers

Mobbo has sifted through the technology stack of 3.1 million apps, analyzing over 1,000 SDK components to calculate the Mobile Advertising Power Index, which reveals the key players in the mobile advertising market.

MacX MediaTrans Reinforces Leadership with World's First iTunes Purchases Support and Camera Roll Photos Deletion

LogoMacXDVD Software today announces that its upgraded MacX MediaTrans V3.3 has reached to new heights with the unique support for iTunes items and world's first solution for Mac users to delete camera roll photos. Purpose-built to ease the media transfer between iDevices and Mac, MacXDVD's helper is now further optimized to support exporting iPhone iPad purchases, e.g. movies, TV Shows, music and Audiobooks directly from iTunes Store for computer or non-apple devices, and bulk deleting all photos from camera roll in one click, for the first time.

Get Entertained and Make Money Installing Apps the MyAppStaller Way

MyAppStaller LLC., a Florida based company introduced the first ever revolutionary pay-per-app install network in the online marketing industry. The network supports not just one or two but over 200 countries and different mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets. It is as easy as downloading and installing fun mobile apps, play games and get paid per app install. This is one of the most entertaining ways to make money. Those who love to play games on their mobiles and other devices can now earn money while playing fun games. Who knew playing games at leisure can simply fetch some easy money that too at no initial cost.

Tubb Games Releases Tubb Teen Patti – Indian Poker on Google Play Store & App Store

LogoDesigned by hard core Teen Patti enthusiasts, this app aims at addressing the pain points that are currently faced by teen patti players.

REIA NYC Releases New Mobile App for Real Estate Investors and Agents

Real Estate Investors Association New York Community (REIA NYC) has released a mobile app designed to assist real estate investors and agents with investment goals. The app provides insights, continuing education and tools to assist real estate investors and agents in their real estate businesses.

BookBuddy 8.2.0 Now Supports 3D Touch and Handoff

Kimico Ltd. has just announced their latest upgrade to its BookBuddy app that will enable iOS device users to utilize both 3D Touch and Handoff technologies when using the app. Kimico Ltd is a leading provider of premium quality apps for iOS and has been dedicated to developing apps that will enable iPad and iPhone owners to amplify their productivity and expand multi-tasking capabilities. With the latest release users now gain access to those features in order to have a fully realized book management system.

Leading Wholesale Supplier of Apple Products' Parts from China Makes Impressive Mark

LogoEfoneparts Co Ltd, wholesale supplier of Smartphone repair tools, accessories and parts from Guangdong (China) is also a distributor of apple parts supplier.

ProtectPax - An Invisible Screen Protector for All Smartphones

A cracked screen is the most common problem experienced by the smartphone or tablet users. This is entirely avoidable by using ProtectPax, an invisible screen protector. It is built using nanotechnology, which finds application in the space development and systems. Innovated by a passionate techno freak Pascal Buchen, ProtectPax is a revolutionary product of a startup by the same name. It is ideal to protect all glass surfaces including the screens of laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, watches, and much more, as it possesses 9h hardness just like Ruby or Sapphire.

Amazon AMTekPro Kicks off Their Latest Extendable Selfie Stick on Amazon at an Affordable Price

AMTekPro, a brand new Electronic and Cell Phone Accessories distributor announces availability of its Selfie Stick for purchase exclusively on Amazon e-commerce website. The distinguishing features of Selfie Stick makes it genuine offer for Self Portrait enthusiasts who like to capture best selfies like Kim Kardashian for posting on social media.

Bestselling Rugged Phone Launched in Singapore

Rugged Phone BV6000 is one of the bestselling products from Blackview (Hong Kong). It has been specially designed for the outdoors, featuring ultimate strength and battery life.

OneView Calendar Gets a New Look with Its First Major Update

OneView Calendar, the neat, critically acclaimed calendar app launches the first major update with lots of improvements, beautiful themes and a sleeker design.