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REIA NYC Releases New Mobile App for Real Estate Investors and Agents

Real Estate Investors Association New York Community (REIA NYC) has released a mobile app designed to assist real estate investors and agents with investment goals. The app provides insights, continuing education and tools to assist real estate investors and agents in their real estate businesses.

BookBuddy 8.2.0 Now Supports 3D Touch and Handoff

Kimico Ltd. has just announced their latest upgrade to its BookBuddy app that will enable iOS device users to utilize both 3D Touch and Handoff technologies when using the app. Kimico Ltd is a leading provider of premium quality apps for iOS and has been dedicated to developing apps that will enable iPad and iPhone owners to amplify their productivity and expand multi-tasking capabilities. With the latest release users now gain access to those features in order to have a fully realized book management system.

Leading Wholesale Supplier of Apple Products' Parts from China Makes Impressive Mark

LogoEfoneparts Co Ltd, wholesale supplier of Smartphone repair tools, accessories and parts from Guangdong (China) is also a distributor of apple parts supplier.

ProtectPax - An Invisible Screen Protector for All Smartphones

A cracked screen is the most common problem experienced by the smartphone or tablet users. This is entirely avoidable by using ProtectPax, an invisible screen protector. It is built using nanotechnology, which finds application in the space development and systems. Innovated by a passionate techno freak Pascal Buchen, ProtectPax is a revolutionary product of a startup by the same name. It is ideal to protect all glass surfaces including the screens of laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, watches, and much more, as it possesses 9h hardness just like Ruby or Sapphire.

Amazon AMTekPro Kicks off Their Latest Extendable Selfie Stick on Amazon at an Affordable Price

AMTekPro, a brand new Electronic and Cell Phone Accessories distributor announces availability of its Selfie Stick for purchase exclusively on Amazon e-commerce website. The distinguishing features of Selfie Stick makes it genuine offer for Self Portrait enthusiasts who like to capture best selfies like Kim Kardashian for posting on social media.

Bestselling Rugged Phone Launched in Singapore

Rugged Phone BV6000 is one of the bestselling products from Blackview (Hong Kong). It has been specially designed for the outdoors, featuring ultimate strength and battery life.

OneView Calendar Gets a New Look with Its First Major Update

OneView Calendar, the neat, critically acclaimed calendar app launches the first major update with lots of improvements, beautiful themes and a sleeker design.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Car/Child Safety App 'Just a Second'

LogoJames Peyton and Saumya Peries have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Just a Second', an app that aims to prevent collisions with a children in the family driveway. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to finance the costs of developing the app for Android and of providing the NFC tags that work with the app.

Mobile Transmission Booster Offers Cheaper Alternative to Buying a New Network Service

Despite the worldwide dependence on satellite communication, it is said that many places in the world suffer from poor reception. Mobile phones have become an integral part of the daily lives of human living. An average individual is makes calls and obtain additional information everywhere he or she goes.

Texting While Driving; Is It Really Worth the Risk

LogoTexting and driving is a dangerous act, even for the most experienced of drivers but for young and inexperienced drivers, the risk is drastically higher.

Wandera Powering Into 2017 with Exponential Company Growth

LogoWandera, the leader in Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management, has today announced that the company continues to experience rapid growth across its key business segments.

FuseFit Looks to Begin Crowdfunding Campaign at the End of February

The soon to be launched FuseFit app will be fulfilling the fitness needs of a niche that is usually overlooked and ignored. The Fusefit app will serve as a bridge between personal fitness trainers and the disabled and elderly, who can meet them at any decided a decided location (typically the home), which avoids the struggle of paying monthly service for inaccessible equipment and the struggle of finding transportation as a wheelchair user or individual facing other disabilities. The app is currently in the development stage and as new and exciting things are being added to the app, fitness trainers, both disabled and elderly, and anyone else who can benefit from the FuseFit app can sign up for email updates on the FuseFit website,

Injured Gadgets Maintains iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Parts in Stock for Immediate Shipment

Injured Gadgets, a leading online supplier of wholesale smart phone and personal smart device accessories, replacement parts and repair services, proudly announces that it has all iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus parts, LCDs, and accessories in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Scratch-Resistant and Invisible iPhone7 Skin Case from Naked Cases

Naked Case is proud to present the revolutionary iPhone 7 Skin case which is not only invisible but scratch-resistant too. The clear case for iPhone 7 comes with loads of features. It is not one of those bulky cases that promise a lot but deliver very less. This exclusive case for the Jet Black iPhone 7 is not bulky, does not cause overheating, does not scratch and comes with the non-yellowing features which means it is UV resistant and does not color for up to 10 years.

Truth Innovations and BLACKFLYMUSIC Launch Luna Smart Phone to "SET YOU FREE"

LogoTruth Innovations, LLC (, an exciting new distributor of smartphones and IOT products and BLACKFLYMUSIC ( a dynamic music and entertainment company music announced their partnership to cross-promote their smartphones products and music content.

Wezom Mobile Launches "My Guards - Leader" - A One of a Kind Security App

LogoWezom Company launches its patented mobile application "Alarm Security Button" known as "My Guards - Leader". This security application works as a personal security guard for its users.

3rd Planet Techies Acquires Android Village for Undisclosed Amount

The young vibrant team at 3rd planet Techies seems to be making lots of waves lately. First, it was their sells of over 200 Oxwall plugins and then, the migration of over 100 websites from blogger to WordPress.

New App Launched That Allows Followers to Ask Questions, Favors and Receive Answers at a Price

The newly launched app Goree seeks to empower its user in a new way by presenting them the opportunity to earn by answering questions which have been asked by other users seeking advice, tips, information and favors at a price. Built on the same ideals of the popular information sharing platform "Quora", Goree will be taking the concept a step further by providing its users an incentive to get involved and help each other out.

Crowdfunding Campaign for Wismiii Now Live

Richard Karpinski, an innovator and a traveler with an ambition to help others, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a A New GLOBAL 'Lost & Found' Service platform that will allow users, especially travelers to search out their lost belongs by contacting other users. The Wismiii app is a concept that will help out with a problem that most people face on a daily basis. The initiative was taken by Richard the to raise funds to cover the costs of development, operations, marketing and various other expenses for the app, the crowdfunding campaign ( has been set up on the most popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $250,000 to be raised within the next 2 months.

Introducing Peek – The Revolutionary Recruitment App

Logo2017 looks set to be a year of big, bold career moves - and now, thanks to Peek, there's an app for that. Share and Discover Music in Real Time

Montreal-based entrepreneur Greg Kates noticed there was a lack of applications that bridged the gap between music streaming and social platforms. is the game-changing new app that proposes a following/broadcasting dimension to music streaming. While providing a unique user experience, has the power to transform the music application landscape of today.

GSS Releases the New Version 4 Solar Power Bank with Extra Solar Panels

LogoChinese battery manufacturer Good Sunshine Tech launched a new version IV solar charger, at GSS convension on December 25th, 2016. The solar-powered charger is portable and compatible with a lot of mobile devices like, smartphones, ipads, MP4, camera, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems and laptops.

Indian App Developers – Hyperlink Infosystem Is Listed Among Top 10 Emerging Mobile App Development Companies Across the Globe

LogoHyperlink Infosystem has acquired its position in top 10 fastest growing mobile app development companies globally that delivers excellent web and mobile solutions to various industries. Having and holding 2000+ strong portfolio, the company has set its benchmark in delivering best quality apps to various startups, business, and entrepreneurs. Hyperlink Infosystem is ranked based on some unique parameters that gauge the nomination of top 10 emerging mobile app development companies. Quality deliverance, adherence to the stringent timeline, the blend of a unique solution and latest technology implementation are some of the points that helped the company to list itself in top 10 app development companies.

The Dyrun Mini Has Revolutionised Nomadic Network Connection

Dyrun, a start-up from Lorraine, launches the first nomadic network connection booster. Using a low GSM signal, this mini box guarantees a high-speed network and a stable connection. Compatible with all operators, you can take the Dyrun Mini with you on all your travels.

MovieBuddy 8.1.0 Raises Movie Management Productivity Bar

MovieBuddy 8.1.0 finally giving iPad owners access to true multitasking experience taking their productivity to the next level.