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Scientists Invent New Nanotech Smartphone Jeans

The EMF-radiation shield is made from a very thin, copper-based fabric that is 99.999% efficient in reflecting the EMF radiation from cellular phones. This fabric has been sealed in a plastic pouch, which is inserted into a special pocket from the inner side of the jeans. Because it only reflects the radiation coming from one side of the phone (the side facing the wearer's body), normal smartphone operation is not noticeably affected.

Phonejoy Wins Hong Kong 2014 ICT Startup Grand Award; Showcases Hong Kong's Strength as Startup Hub

The Company behind the Phonejoy device has been recognized for their ingenuity as a startup from Honk Kong in the Information and Communications Sector. In the Hong Kong 2014 ICT Startup Grand Award Ceremony held on Monday, April 7th 2014, Phonejoy received both the Best ICT Startup Grand Award as well as the Best Consumer Market Startup Gold Award. It was with great pride that the Phonejoy Company accepted both these awards, Martin Kessler, Founder, Phonejoy expressed his gratitude for being acknowledged as one of the preeminent Startups in Hong Kong at the present time, he stated:

Straight Drop Is a Brand New Phone App That Keeps You Connected with Celebrities and DJs for High Quality Shot Outs

LogoStraight Drop™ is a brand new app that once downloaded, artists send self recorded  "drops" while on the road, in the bed, in the studio, in the car, or anywhere coverage is allowed by service providers. The technological convenience of this app allows for growth within the brands from Rap/Hip hop artists, entertainment persons and celebrities building strong business relationships in seconds with Straight Drop. You request the drop, the user receives the drop and records it, then sends it back.

New Children's Book Combines Modern Technology and Storytelling

Jonathan Bélisle, a Montreal teacher, script writer and web entrepreneur, has developed the ultimate storytelling system. It’s a combination of old and new, traditional mythology and modern technology, a mixture of fantasy and reality. Unleashes the Best Cell Phone Deals announces a super easy way to get great cell phone deals on any type of mobile phone/cell phone, home phone and phone accessories.

Telcom & Data Enables Customers to Buy Polycom Soundstation from the Best-Selling Company

Telcom & Data enables customers to buy Polycom Soundstation from the best-selling company of conference phones. The quality of calls is clear and impeccable that ultimately results in more productive conversations. With a feature of 360 degree microphone, it can cover everything that is spoken and reaches onto the other side of the conversation, no matter where one sits.

Telcom & Data Offers One of the Best Conference Call Services for All Audio and Web Conferencing Solutions

Telcom & Data offers one of the best conference call services for all audio and web conferencing solutions. Now it has been experienced that teleconferencing is no longer a luxury, instead it is considered to be a need in order to manage information effectively and remain reasonable. When it comes to travel far for business meetings, one has to be more efficient while concentrating on other areas of work. Since conferencing is reachable, so it is the most competent way through which one can have weekly sales meetings, help desk support, distance learning from the same place.

ApplyMap College Strategy App Joins StartEngine Startup Accelerator in Santa Monica

Finding the right college is something that can define a person’s life, yet much of the time spent searching is wasted on sifting out irrelevant choices. ApplyMap is a new approach to college counseling that can give people a step by step guide as to how to apply to the best schools for their grades, preferences and ambitions in as little as five minutes. The app has proved so exciting that it has been accepted into StartEngine, L.A.’s largest startup accelerator.

Formitize Releases New Gas Fitters App in New Zealand

The makers of innovative paperless solution Formitize has released Gas Fitters App – a powerful application designed to bolster the productivity and workflow of gas fitters businesses. This amazing software is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. This App for Gas Fitters is a state-of-the-art solution created to increase the productivity and effectiveness of gas fitting businesses in New Zealand.

Formitize Introduces Revolutionary Gas Fitters App

The creators of Formitize has released Gas Fitters App – a new paperless solution set to revolutionize the industry. Gas Fitters Software is designed to improve the efficiency of gasfitters and plumbers across the globe. Companies that use the app can increase their professionalism and ensure that their mobile workforce comply with their processes using paperless forms that they can open and update in real-time wherever they are.

Start a Successful App Creating Business with App Simple Creator

The App business is one of the most emerging and profitable businesses currently. Apps make a lot of things easier and comfortable for mobile users. This is one great opportunity to start a profitable app business with the help of App Simple Creator. Users can create unlimited apps with the help of this tool and sell them online. They can create a variety of apps such as kids tutorial apps, website apps, music apps, video apps, book apps, magazine apps and many more. These apps can be sold on Apple App Store, Android Google Play App Store and Amazon Kindle App Store.

Frequency Apps Patches Launched as a Revolutionary Weapon Against Exposure to Toxins

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports more than 70,000 chemical substances are routinely used around the world. These materials find their way into the human body via the air we breathe, foods and beverages we consume and through contact with our skin. Though exposure is typically minimal, a number of these contaminants build up due to overexposure and the body's inability to eliminate them. Over time, accumulation of these toxins can lead to numerous illnesses and disrupt proper functioning of internal systems.

Minbox Fast File Sharing App Offers Alternative to WeTransfer

With thousands of file-sharing apps available today, one of the newest high-tech California-based companies proves to be worth the try with almost limitless features. Minbox is a freakin’ fast free file-sharing app that boasts of its capability to send and transfer large files online.

TouchActionApps Releases Super-Spies Adventures iPhone/iPad App

According to Forbes Magazine, there are more than a million apps at Apple's App Store with more than 38 percent targeted toward children for education and adventure purposes, and thanks to the release of a new app called Super-Spies Adventures, parents across the globe will now be able to empower their children with an interactive adventure story with audio narration, character voices and coloring pages.

Mobile Accessories Available Online at Wholesale Prices

The world is getting more and more advanced in the present times and more number of gadgets are coming to the fore every other day. While there are new gadgets coming up on one hand, there are modernized and improved versions of other gadgets coming up on the other hand. New and improved features are being introduced in the gadgets which make people run after every new version that comes up. These gadgets are aimed not just at improving the user experience and offering enjoyment but are also targeted at offering a number of benefits. There is no doubt in the fact that technology has taken man to the zenith of entertainment and convenience and is going higher each day to scale the steps of advancement even more. There are upgraded mobile phones and tablets, cameras and other devices to gift man with an innovated experience each day. Whole Sale To Go is an online store that offers gadgets and accessories for different electronics and objects that include accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras that are branded.

Moovz, New Social Content Platform for the Gay Community, Announces $2.4 Million in Funding

Interacting Technology, the Israel based social vertical building platform, announced today the raising of $1.4 million in a second round of funding on behalf of, a new social content platform and mobile application geared toward the gay community. This additional round brings the platform’s total funding to $2.4 million, with investments coming exclusively from entrepreneurs, a number of which are daily contributors to the site, and Moovz’slegal advisory, Preis, Baharav, & Co. Redesigned and Optimized for Better Price Comparison today announced the release of its new design and user interface. The site helps the customers in comparing the prices of various products online and figure out the best deal.

Sapphire Shieldz Launched Crowdfunding Campaign

Sapphire Shieldz, is an advanced screen protector for smartphone and tablet users. Incorporating the product with the latest advanced technology from Japan; Sapphire Shieldz brings you not only cutting edge protection to your device’s screen but maintaining excellent clarity of the devices as well.

Building Inspector App Boosts Profits and Empowers Mobile Workforce Worldwide

Building inspectors around the world are all abuzz over Building Inspector App – a software designed to make life easier for building inspectors and business owners. Inspectors usually rely on paper documents as they carry clipboards with several forms and checklists everywhere. Building Inspector App has changed all that as this paperless solution promotes professionalism of the mobile workforce by making paperwork paperless.

Pest Control App Improves Operations and Productivity

Pest control companies recently welcomed a new addition to the industry from the creators of paperless solution Formitize. Pest Control App – a powerful tool designed to make pest control operations more efficient – helps organizations go paperless. Many pest control business owners have already experienced firsthand the amazing benefits of this Pest Management Software.

Formitize Launches Environmental Monitoring App to Meet Environmental Monitoring Needs

Mobile Interactive Technologies, creator of Formitize, recently released the Environmental Monitoring App – a paperless solution to the environmental monitoring needs of scientific and environment monitoring industries worldwide. This app helps users save time, effort, and operating costs, while ensuring full process compliance, improved workflow, and real-time monitoring through accurate data-logging and reporting capabilities. Formitize is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies and is being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses. Introduces the Most Inexpensive and User Friendly Mobile Spy Software introduces a high end cell phone spy program for your convenience, called mSpy. The mSpy software program is highly advanced app, which is specially made to cater the specified needs of the customers.

App Helps Muslims in Japan Find Halal Products with Ease

Kyushu Island Lab today announced the of Halal Minds mobile application, which identifies Halal products by allowing the user to scan a barcode and check products against its database. This service is of great use for Muslims living in Japan where it is difficult to find halal products so that the faithful may practice an appropriate diet amid products of all kinds.

GivMobile's Latest Deal Offers a No-Cost Android Phone to New Customers

GivMobile, a no-contract mobile service that gives eight percent of the customer’s monthly plan to the charity of their choice, recently unveiled its newest promotion to the public. The cellular service provider is giving away a no-cost Android device to customers who sign up for a plan with the company. Announces Newest Smartphone Deals and Coupons, an online resource dedicated to providing consumers with the newest money saving coupons and specials for phablet and smartphone devices, is pleased to announce a new release of super savings codes are now available on the website. “We are constantly updating our website to ensure that our visitors get the newest savings but also the most savings. The manufactures are constantly issuing new codes so we make sure that the deals we offer are always the largest savings,” explained website founder Tarmizi Ramly. is a website that caters to both experienced phablet shoppers and new ones as well. New consumers can come to the site and find a device based on the savings offered and consumers that know what they want can visit the site to find a code for a specific device.