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TouchActionApps LLC Makes 'Our Rainbow' IPhone & IPad App Update

There's an old adage that says there's always room for improvement, and thanks to the new update to TouchActionApps LLC's Our Rainbow storybook application, parents will now be able to provide their children with an enhanced, interactive adventure story with audio narration, character voices and coloring pages.

Stick on Wireless Charger Set for Roll-Out

People will soon be able to simply put their iPhones and iPads down in order to charge them up. The forthcoming 3DOM Stick On Wireless Charger, an innovation of Smart Qi Power, will make this possible. Available in versions for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5C 5S, the credit card thin charger is easy to stick on to set up, and provides charging capability in a lightweight yet powerful Qi compatible format. Other wireless charging systems with heavy and bulky sleeves or cases have been taken out of the process. Users can leave their iPhones or iPads in its soft case or cover to hold and protect it while wirelessly charging on a compact Cookie pad, Triangle stand, or Portable pad.

Corsegames Releases Game Kick-Up for Football Lovers for Android, iPhone and Facebook

App Development Company Corsegames has recently launched a game titled Kick-Up simultaneously for 3 different platforms phones, tablets and web. Kick-Up is a football themed game which requires player to kick the football up in the air and keep it up using various techniques. Corsegames educated players about the gameplay:

GEEX Launches Ultimate Product Line with Slick and Seamless iPhone and Samsung Cases

Smartphones are more powerful than the satellites that send and receive their signals, and are capable of an extraordinary amount of functions for a single device. They are everything from a communication device, a GPS location tracking and route planning system to a games console and online browser. It is no wonder then that people wish to protect these items from damage, and phone cases enable them to do so. The problem is that many cases are expensive, bulky, difficult to fit, and unattractive. GEEX has launched its new product range as a solution to all these problems in one.

Shore Repairs Announces Improved Repair Times for iPhones, iPads, and Android Units

Shore Repairs, a leading iPhone, iPad, and Android device repair provider, announced substantially lessened turnaround times for many of the company's services. Thanks to investments in technology and staff training and supply chain improvements, the company is now able to repair and return many mobile devices even more quickly than in the past. Shore Repairs is one of New Zealand's top providers of such services, offering the company's customers easy drop-off of their broken devices in Auckland's Central Business District, as well as mail-in repair service.

Weever Apps Helps Canadian Football League Players Association Save Time and Money with Mobile Forms

LogoThe mobile forms app market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today because companies are realizing the inherent advantages of converting their paper forms to mobile forms. Keeping up with that trend can be a daunting task for many firms. Fortunately, business owners can now get up to speed quickly and affordably with the help of Weever Apps.

NES Mobile Announces Affordable New Phone Rental and SIM Plans for Visitors to Israel

Cell phone provider NES Mobile announced a number of new plans for the company's customers who visit or reside temporarily in Israel. The new plans allow customers living anywhere in the world to easily avoid the high roaming fees typically charged by providers in their home countries when their usual phones are used in Israel. NES Mobile customers may also tie phones or SIM cards obtained through the new plans to virtual numbers based in the United States or United Kingdom, a feature which allows callers to those customers to conveniently reach them in Israel at low prices. NES Mobile is a leading provider of cell phone solutions for people traveling to or staying temporarily in Israel, including students and tourists. Enlightens Readers on How Forklift Safety App Can Save Thousands of Dollars for Businesses Worldwide

Aussie Furniture retailer Super-A Mart was recently hit with a $30,000 fine following the injury of two employees caused by overloading of equipment and poor judgment. According to a report from, the Perth Magistrates Court handed down the fine after Super-A Mart pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment.

Linq Services Reviews Businesses' Mobile Plans to Search for Ways of Increased Money-Saving Management

LogoAny business that wants a better way of managing their current mobile plan and save some money at the same time will need to look into some of the different companies that offer these services. There are going to be quite a few different options when it comes to these businesses, which is why it is so incredibly important to select the very best one overall.

Straight Talk Promo Code Site Now Features Access to Updated Discount Deals

Cell phones may just be among the most significant and useful technologies that have become indispensable for communication purposes. However, using them does come with a price, and often hefty at that. Helping consumers find the better, more money-saving options for their cell phone use is Straight Talking Promo Codes.

A New Concept in Customer Relations: The Cued Mobile App

People who run businesses run into this dilemma all the time. They can never guarantee that a service, product or restaurant table will be ready at a specific time. Most customers don’t like to wait; they could be doing something productive (or amusing) instead of just killing time.

Selocial: The Future of Music Discovery

LogoThere's big excitement in the world of social media as the likes of Instagram and spotify collide. Thanks to the talented collaboration of David "Stock" Baird, a good friend, and fellow developers, Selocial is a new app that is really going to make waves. It allows its users to snap a picture or post a picture that has been located online. While there's nothing new when it comes to instant access to pictures, like Instagram, the big excitement is being able to attach up to fifteen minutes of music to an image. Take a shot of a beautiful sunset and pull in songs that connect to the sun. Commemorate someone's wedding day with a great photo of the bride kissing the groom and link it with classic love songs. The sky's the limit when it comes to Selocial.

FSH Tech Has Announced the Launch of a Few Brand New iPhone 5/5s/5c Lightning Cable

FSH Tech officially announced the launch of some brand new Apple iPhone 5/5s/5c 8-pins lightning cable. The product is made with high-end new material TPE wire, PVC wire, and flexible wire. Support IOS 7. The product will be available to buy from

Puracoat Has Announced Second Batch Cut-off Delivery Date for Its Latest Liquid Screen Protector

Steve Dan Agency has recently announced the availability of second batch of units for its customers. They have set the cut-off date for its highly anticipated product “Puracoat Liquid Screen Protector” as 11:59 PM PT, July 12th, 2014.

SlashMyWireless Secures over $600k in Reduced Wireless Costs for Two Corporate Clients

LogoLeveling the playing field for large corporations who are all too often treated like cash cows by their wireless carrier finds hidden money. By recently identifying the cost-management flaws of two corporate clients the expert company secured well over $600k in total annual savings for wireless services.

Indiegogo Push Will Fund Production of Manga Clan Saga Game

The video game The Clans – Saga of the Twins is slated for production. Juha Siira, the main brainchild of the video game, is an experienced game designer. This video game promises to bring a story rich element set in an action-packed clan universe. Comedic undertones and other features enable gamers to stay engaged and afford contributors to the campaign to have personal elements added to the production.

IOS and Android Users Learn and Play Ingress for 3 Days of Fun and Adventure

LogoIt isn't everyday that a group of strangers decide to produce an international convention, with people who they have never met. SOCON is produced by users who use Google+, Ingress, Iphone, Outlook, Microsoft, Android, YouTube, Internet Explorer, Klout, CircleCount, Facebook, Twitter, Firefox, Xbox, Sony Play Station, and many more everyday. A volunteer group of people drawn together to help restore hope for the working class of Atlantic City and beyond.

Shim Sham Life Launches New Website: "Best All in One Wireless Printer"

Emil Yau of Yakka, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its new website: Best All In One Wireless Printer. Computers, networks, and technology have been one of the fastest evolving consumer areas. And with the boom of functionality in wireless devices such as iPhones and iPads, wireless printers and all in one wireless printers are becoming hot topics for small home offices.

Aiia Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of Their Signature Product, Bluetooth SSSSSpeaker

Logoaiia is an international company with offices located in Ukraine, USA and Hong Kong. They have 10 years of experience in promotional merchandise industry for large companies in Europe. The company has developed USB flash drives, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, MP3 players, cables, accessories for smartphones for some really big companies.

Kori White Combats Online Identity Theft with the Release of Their New App, "No Fake Photos"

Identity theft has become a serious problem around the world, people finding their banks have had money taken out of them, while other people have received letters from companies claiming they have bought goods and not paid for them. The problem of identity theft has become so serious that police forces around the world have departments to deal with the increased problem. Now identity theft has turned to social networks.

Puracoat Announces Second Batch Delivery Cut-off Date for Its Innovative Liquid Screen Protector

Steve Dan Agency is proud to announce the second batch delivery has finally opened to the public. The cutoff date for its highly popular product “Puracoat Liquid Screen Protector” is scheduled on 11:59 PM PT, 12th July, 2014.

What is the Importance of Having Mobile App?

Do you want to have a mobile app? Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Ensure that it is successful by working with the best mobile app development company that you can find. is a full service Singapore mobile app development company. The company has been repeatedly ranked as number one in the industry.

Phones Spy Publishes Updated Reviews of Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro Products

Mobile phone surveillance is a staple of Hollywood and popular TV dramas, but people rarely think about it as having an everyday, practical application. In fact, almost all companies could benefit from mobile monitoring of this kind to ensure company phones are not being abused. Equally, individuals concerned about the activities of a loved one can keep an eye on them using such software, which is readily available and affordable. Phones Spy regularly reviews product releases of this kind, and has published new reviews of Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro.

Android Application Development in Kolkata by Mettle Tech

Android Applications development has moved the world using its stunning success and radical changes it has introduced within the smartphone market. Android platform is continually raising the bar by obtaining many company during these last few years. Application coded in using Android platform are very robust and reliable as in comparison with other platforms. Because of its ever enhancing recognition with Android Application Designers working hard. A lot of companies are waiting for using expert Android Application Developer or Designer to benefit the organization using their specialized Android Development Services.

Cycle Technologies Launches 2Day - The First and Only Smartphone App Based on the TwoDay Method of Family Planning

Cycle Technologies announced today the launch of a new iPhone app designed to help women use the TwoDay Method®, a natural family planning method that is based on a woman’s individual fertility symptoms and is extremely easy to use. The app can be used both to plan a pregnancy and to prevent pregnancy.