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Phontronics in Schaumburg Now Offering Samsung Galaxy S8 Repair Services

Phontronics has announced it has added screen repair and water clean out services for the Galaxy S8 and S8, Samsung's newest flagship model smartphone. The popular and highly-rated electronics and computer repair shop in Schaumburg already provides repair services to all other Samsung models, going as far back as the Galaxy 2 model phone.

Space-O Upgraded Its iPhone App Development Service with Newly Launched iOS 11

LogoFollowing the launch of the much-awaited iOS 11, Space-O adds iPhone app development capabilities for iOS 11. The all new iOS version will not just make developer's life easy but also enhance the mobile app experience. This is the time when emerging technologies such as AI, VR, and AR are making it real big, and need a special mention within the apps. To make it easy for developers to code with iOS languages, the new version has introduced capable and powerful features such as Core ML, ARKit, Vision, PDFKit, MusicKit etc.

Flik: A Tap & Go Smartphone Photo/Video Background Changer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDeepfield is an Australian based IT company that has recently created another remarkable application for the smartphone users worldwide. Known as Flik, the app will manipulate any image or video by changing its background instantly. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for this app and it is welcoming everyone to generously support this project.

Unlock iPhone 8, 8 Plus with Help of Industry Experts at Best Prices is pleased to inform that they are offering unlock services for iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 as these models are now ready for unlocking. The store offers permanent iPhone IMEI unlock solutions not just for iPhone 8 but for all iPhone models. It is the most trustworthy source for any iPhone X unlock service and specializes in permanent IMEI unlock.

SkinsProtect Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Mobile Skins with Scratch Resistant Vinyl

LogoSkinsProtect is a Zurich based Swiss company that makes unique mobile skins to protect and adorn modern smartphones. To start its production, the company has started with iPhones and has plans to expand these skins to other devices as well. Founded by two friends Greg and Mike, the company has launched its first Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and awareness for these amazing mobile skins that come with a scratch resistant vinyl.

MacX MediaTrans Big Overhaul: Backup Data at Industry-Leading Speed for Industry-First iPhone X/8, iOS 11

LogoMacXDVD Software today announced the availability of MacX MediaTrans V4.8 which adds full support for all Apple releases. Apple users will be able to upgrade to iOS 11 or switch to iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus immediately, being confident that their precious photos, videos, music and memories will be safely backed up to Mac in case anything go awry during the migration.

Leawo Shall Add Enhanced Video Support to iPhone 8 & iPhone X in Its Profile Soon

LogoLeawo Software, a leading multi-media software manufacturer, shows its enthusiasm to embrace the newly-released iPhone 8 and iPhone X, by working on the process to add enhanced video support of these two new models to its video profile. Brings out All the Latest News and Information About Modern Devices and Gadgets

The news that brings out all the latest information and news about gadgets, IPTV, phones, tablets, and wearable's may interest those who like reading such stories. According to WiredLeaks, they bring out the latest Android news.

WinX MediaTrans Update: "Future" Photo Transfer Software Tailored to iPhone X iPhone 8 iOS 11

LogoToday is the day that Digiarty Software makes WinX MediaTrans (4.8) the "future" photo transfer app, tailored to Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8/iPhone 8 X and iOS 11, and on tap for a shotgun blast of new reveals in Apple Keynote cross the board.

Reclaim Space for iOS 11 Upgrade with DearMob's Free iPhone Photo Manager and Music Manager

LogoWith Apple's formal release of iOS 11 finally made available on 10 AM PST, September 19th, DearMob recommends its users to get some help from the gleaming free iPhone Photo Manager and iPhone Music Manager before upgrading to the latest version of iOS. For the often overfilled iPhone and iPad models, DearMob's free products can backup photos and music to computer or Mac, thus slenderizing iPhone memory for the anew prominent iOS upgrade for good.

DearMob Inc. Proffers Freeware to Embrace iPhone X and iPhone 8 Releases on Apple's 10-Year Anniversary

LogoAccording to the confirmed specs of iPhone X and iPhone 8, DearMob, Inc puts its allstar product under the spotlight - the free iPhone Photo Manager with tier-one functions to export iPhone X and iPhone 8 photos to computer, and import photos back to iPhone. Considering the possible issues of iPhone X and iPhone 8 storage insufficiency implanted by the enhanced camera features like 3D photography, 4K recording at 60fps, AR implementation, this product is fully capable of tidying up iPhone photos for good.

A Smartphone App to Help the Refugees Worldwide Is Seeking Support via Indiegogo

LogoODR 4 Refugees is an all new online dispute resolution smartphone application that is absolutely free for all the refugees of the world. The primary idea behind the creation of this one of a kind smartphone application was to create a dispute resolution mechanism that is also technologically sophisticated and free of cost for the refugees who are on the move or reside temporarily in refugee camps all over the world.

Conrad. One: The Ultimate Android Smartphone Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoConrad. One is an all new upcoming Android smartphone that has been introduced with a luxurious UI (user interface) and several other amazing features. It is a revolutionary smartphone packed with robust features and an entirely different user interface. Developed in California, United States by Brass Romero Conrade, the phone has been introduced in a crowdfunding campaign recently launched via Indiegogo and everyone is being welcomed to support this project.

Muncheez App Builds Trust and Compliance Across Cannabis Industry

With 26 states supporting legalized marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational usage, dispensary safety and compliance is a top priority. To ensure consumer protection in the cannabis industry, Muncheez (a subsidiary of Digital Tower, Inc.) announces the launch of the Muncheez App, a consumer-centric marketplace and cannabis community that provides medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs a directory of verified state-licensed, fully compliant cannabis storefronts, certified organic products, delivery services, and physician recommendations.

Leawo Optimized iTransfer as a New App Transfer App for iOS Users to Transfer and Back Up Apps to Computer

LogoTo help iOS users easily back up iOS app to computer or iTunes, Leawo Software, the world leading online multimedia solution developer and provider, officially optimized its iTransfer to a new iOS app transfer app. With newly added app transfer feature, Leawo iTransfer now could help iOS device owners freely transfer apps from iOS devices to computer for backup, and add iOS apps from computer to iOS devices for automatic installation. Creates and Makes an Alternative to Mobile App Development

The news that the company, Frontline App Development of Singapore, is developing suitable apps may interest businesses and individuals that are looking for such a competent app creator. The company points out at how smartphones have changed the way people and businesses communicate, how they make their purchases and how they manage their social lifestyle. Not only that, the number of businesses that want to have their own apps for communicating with their customers, business associates, suppliers and vendors has been increasing at a rapid pace.

New App Allows Users to Find Nearby Service Providers on Their Mobile Phone

LogoSouth Africa's top online portal Snupit has just launched its mobile app. Used by over 2 million people every month, Snupit connects users to 350,000 local pros and businesses. The app is part of a new strategy that the company implemented earlier this year in January 2017. In development for 3 months, the app is now available as a free download on Google Play.

Ampare Face Censored Is a New Software Developed by Juthawong Naisanguansee

Users who are looking for an app that automatically detects a face and is able to censor it using Gaussian Blur can consider the aforementioned website. This is a Google Chrome extension that has been described as easy to use and is believed to be a simpler version of Photoshop.

Introducing the First Crowd-Sourcing App to Get Anything for a Dollar

Has anyone ever wondered what the world would be like if anything could be obtained for $1? Well, of course, who hasn't? The good news is it is not a dream anymore! The biggest game changer, a tastily designed mobile application, a lifestyle system is here for everyone for both Android and iOS. It is a never-seen, never-tried, although a well-known concept - a luxury, everyday products and brands-backed crowdfunding platform, from now on called CROWDSHOPPING app with built-in automatic charity function. Finally, the ideal win-win-win situation that the world has never seen but always wanted.

The Ultimate Battery Docking Station for Amazon Echo Dot Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoKIWI Design has proudly announced the release of their ultimate charging solution for Amazon Echo Dot and it is called The Alex. Alex is a portable battery docking station designed specifically for the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen and users can simply drop their Echo Dot in and plug it to the Alex docking base for 12 hours of continuous use. The company has decided to seek community support for this device via Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to generously support the project.

Ikasus Announces the Release of Their Enviable Phone Cases for All Manner of Device

ikasus, a revolutionary company that is driven by the desire and passion to create products of superior quality for their customers all over the world, is excited to announce today the release and availability of their fashionable phone cases.

The Rainy Day Book App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoChad Cryder, the creator of the Rainy Day Book App has proudly announced that he is seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter to raise funds for the app. Chad is also the Founder and Executive Partner of the Passion Forward LLC., the company that is developing this amazing app for everyone. Chad is also a pre-licensed therapist, and his lifelong mission is to bring joy and gratitude into the lives of people who are sad or lonely.

Flapp: A Revolutionary Real-Estate App Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoFLAPP is an all new mobile application created to redefine the real estate industry around the world. Also known as FloorApplication it is a remarkable service that allows its users, especially the realtors and brokers to speed up and make the process of selling and renting out real estate more convenient. The creators of this amazing app are now seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to generously back this project with their pledges, donations and contributions.

Physician Calls for Urgent Action to Protect Children: Cell Phone Emissions Can Violate Radiation Limits

French physician Dr. Marc Arazi presented recently released results of cell phone tests conducted by France's national government agency ANFR that found most cell phones can emit more radiation into human users than manufacturers report. The France documentation shows that many cell phones on the market can exceed allowable limits by over three times. The cell phone radiation absorption measurements of the over 350 cell phones France tested were presented in an expert scientific symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 31, 2017 sponsored by Environmental Health Trust. This lecture marks the first time the test measurements have been presented in the United States by an expert from France.

French Polynesia Launches Major Public Awareness Campaign to Reduce Exposure to Wireless and Electromagnetic Radiation

French Polynesia has launched a major public awareness campaign to raise awareness about how to reduce exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from electronics, cell phones, and wireless devices as part of the country's new law to reduce citizens' exposures to electromagnetic radiation exposure. Legislation the country adopted in 2016 prohibits advertising of cell phones to children under 14, prohibits advertising cell phones without showing how to minimize radiation exposure to the head, prohibits wireless in nursery schools, limits wireless in primary schools and reduces exposures to workers.