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Global Electric Motorcycle and Scooter Market 2017 - Zuboo , Zero Motorcycles , Yamaha

LogoThe report entitled Global Electric Motorcycle and Scooter Market 2017 presents key insights into the global Electric Motorcycle and Scooter market along with the latest up-to-date industry details and forthcoming Electric Motorcycle and Scooter industry trends, which will assist the readers to focus on product specification and end users driving the overall market revenue and profitability.

Custom Calibration Solutions Brings Customers Into Digital Luxury with HDMI 2.0a Cable

LogoMuch like automobiles, televisions and other large pieces of technology can be much less expensive to repair than to replace. The repair professionals at Custom Calibration Solutions know this all too well. The New Jersey based company employs a team of experts who routinely repair sophisticated and expensive instruments. In this way they provide companies and individuals with welcome flexibility to defer capital investments in retooling and new equipment. The latest addition to their arsenal is the HDMI 2.0a cable, a marvel in technology that is sure to take television watching to a whole new level – especially because it supports HDR.

High Praise for a New Robotic Video Crawler from Nexxis

LogoThe arrival of the MaggHD robotic video magnetic crawler - the only one of its kind in Australia - has been described by the equipment suppliers as a breakthrough in remote tank inspection.

Intelligent Highway Solutions Announces Successful Test of Cannabis Lights and Additional Testing to Produce Greater Yields with New Prototype of Grow Light

LogoIntelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) is pleased to announce a successful test of its 100 Watt cannabis lighting solution. The light operated with an approximate 80% reduction in energy consumption while running at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees (benefits are less operating cost and acceptable temperature emission, key variables in plant lighting goals). As a result of the successful test, Intelligent Highway is also testing a light, a "prototype," with three times the power (300 Watts) which will still result in significant energy savings as compared to the existing lighting solutions on the market while still operating at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees. IHS believes adding more lumens and photon density in the new light will produce large yields for Cannabis. The newly designed light should be installed and tested shortly.

Herbal/Traditional Products in China - New Market Report

LogoDue to the long presence of herbal/traditional products in the market, consumers have developed a preference for such products, mainly due to their fewer side-effects and mild product nature. On the other hand, manufacturers have made great efforts to enhance product quality and efficacy, to further boost sales of herbal/traditional products amongst local consumers.

BIN Providing First PLC Simulator Software of Its Kind

Global leader in Programmable Logic Control (PLC) training for engineering and maintenance professionals introduces the first PLC simulator software of its kind

Telinc Corporation Now Offers WAN and Communication Test Equipment

Telinc Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets Wide Area Network access products and communications test equipment. WAN and Test equipment is the need of every corporation in today’s fast paced world. With Telinc WAN and Test Equipment, companies will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Telinc Introduces New Very Easy to Use Link Simulator

Telinc introduces easy to use Link Simulator that simulates a communication link, inserting delays and introducing errors so users can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems. It can be used in many applications including testing protocols and error correction techniques. Their Link Simulator can stimulate a variety of communication facilities including a DDS line with CSU/DSU on each end, a T-1 line with T-1 CSU’s on each end and many more.

New Spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific Is Optimized for Fluorescence Testing

LogoGamma Scientific has developed a new spectroradiometer that is configured to quickly obtain detailed fluorescence data for any fluorescent or reflective material, including LED phosphors.

Meet YouSpice.com: the New Social Marketplace for Exchanging and Selling Electronic Designs

YouSpice is an online community of electronic designers and developers. A new e-commerce where you can publish, sell and exchange electronic design projects according to the new dynamics of interactive sales made possible by the internet.

TV on the Tablet: iPad and the Impact on Broadcast & Video Publishing

The probability that Apple has a hit device in the iPad is growing. 8 weeks from launch it has sold 2 million units. This report looks at the impact and opporttunity for this new device class for pay-TV operators and PSBs.

Servo Drive Repair USA,Canada

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc performs component level Electronic Servo Motor Repair and mechanical repair services for most brands of industrial equipment including; robots, programmable controls, servo motots, welders, servo motors, video interfaces, servo drives, light curtains and much more.

Servo Motor Repair USA,Canada

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc performs component level Electronic Servo Motor Repair and mechanical repair services for most brands of industrial equipment including; robots, programmable controls, servo motots, welders, servo motors, video interfaces, servo drives, light curtains and much more.

MET Laboratories UL Panel and Sign Programs Allow Contractors to Compete in a Tough Economy

Many electrical contractors are looking for ways to better prepare for tough times. Instead of relying on the same jobs and areas, some are becoming UL Listed Control Panel and Electric Sign shops.

Why LED EL Hats Favor by the People

CE Marking for Europe Can Be Easy With CertifiGroup Expert Training and Preparation

Most manufacturers have heard about CE Marking for Europe. Many understand that this is a “Self-Certification” program, but only those that have successfully completed one of these projects understand what this really means.

SimulationExams.com A+ Practical Application Practice Tests

A+ Practical Application practice exams consist of 3 full length practice tests with over 200 multiple choice questions. A+ certification, awarded by CompTIA (R), is a widely recognized vendor neutral computer hardware and operating systems certification.

CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-702 Exam

Pass-Sure.com Comptia a+ 220-702 Practice Questions offer you a definite competitive edge over others as you will be able to prepare for your 220-702 Certification Exam within no time and with more efficiency. Pass-Sure gives you all knowledge that is required to pass CompTIA A+ Practical Application (2009) Certification Exam at affordable rates for a definite success. Choose Pass-sure for all your certification needs.

220-701 CompTIA A+ Essentials (2009) Exam Training

Pass-Sure.com exclusively offers online Training Resources for 220-701 CompTIA A+ Essentials (2009) Certification Test. Our 220-701 Training Tools consist of free Study Guides (See list), 220-701 Practice Questions and Answers. All of our 220-701 Certification Training Tools are updated, most accurate and economical.

MET Laboratories Launches New UL 48 Listed Sign Shop Program for the US

For the first time in the history of Product Safety, MET Laboratories is offering an alternative to the Underwriters Laboratories UL 48 Listed Sign Shop. The new program is affordable and business friendly, breaking the multi-decade UL monopoly for this important product category.

CertifiGroup CE Marking Program Cuts Trade Barriers for US Companies Selling Products in Europe

Europe’s laws for importing products can be a costly trade barrier for US manufacturers and distributors. Learn how to cut through EU red tape and get a CE Marking that will satisfy the authorities.

CertifiGroup Has Alternative to UL Certification, Offers Electrical Product Safety Training in Cary

CertifiGroup is providing UL testing and certifications for local, national and international designers and manufacturers of electrical products and systems. Training classes are available.

Product Regulatory – The Critical Missing Piece of the Venture Capital Process

CertifiGroup, a Cary NC company, is offering important information to manufacturing companies who are preparing to seek Venture Capital. This information is also critical to Venture Capital firms. Many designers and product builders will be eligible for no-cost assistance

CertifiGroup Opens New Ingress Protection Testing Laboratory for CE and UL Product Certifications

CertifiGroup a Cary NC company, announces the opening of a new Ingress Protection testing laboratory. This IP Code testing laboratory is the biggest privately owned facility in the Western Hemisphere