Energy Press Releases

LONGEVITY Offers a Range of TIG Tungsten Electrodes at the Market's Best Prices

TIG welding is the most versatile form of welding that has the ability to produce some of the best welds and is broadly utilized by welders all-round the globe. Considering the importance of TIG welding, LONGEVITY is providing a range of TIG Tungsten Electrodes at the most competitive prices. TIG Welders looking for one-of-a-kind tungsten electrode for their needs can select from the range, available for sale at the company's official online store, From their wide range that includes Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes, Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes and Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes; individuals can select their desired tool at reduced rates.

LEM Products Inc. Showcasing Utilities Section on New Website

LogoWith a brand new web design, LEM Products Inc. is proudly showcasing their utility products directly on the website. While distribution of electrical power requires a particular set of safety labels and signs, LEM is highlighting their utility materials and how they will meet the needs of the largest applications.

Solar Motion Sensor Light Launched

Here is a news that may interest those who like to adopt environmentally friendly ways for lighting their places. Ankway is offering super bright LED wireless solar-powered motion Sensor Light. This clean and economical solar motion light comes with the Dusk-to-Dawn Dark Sensing feature. It has the Auto On and Auto off feature also. This light that consists of 25 super-bright LEDs can serve as a portable flashlight or lamp for emergency use as well.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Taking Customers in Need of Furnace Repair Services

LogoLevittown, PA-based Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is pleased to announce that they are taking customers in need of immediate furnace repair in Bucks County. Although the plumbing company is based in Lower Bucks, they are also willing to travel to Montgomery County as well as towns in Upper Bucks. Therefore, if any homeowner is in need of furnace repair or any of their other plumbing services throughout these areas, they can give them a call immediately at 267-202-0647 or fill out a contact for on their website.'s Takes on China's Attempt to Mass Produce Electricity from Solar Panels: A Good Headstart to Follow in Producing Clean Energy

LogoClimate change has become one of the factors why many people are now motivated to install solar panels on their homes. Despite the plummeting prices of this technology, and availability of free solar panels that some companies provide in exchange for the tariffs, the global solar energy market continues to soar. In fact, China dominates the solar industry and is expected to install more solar photovoltaic modules this year that it will reach 55,000 megawatts which according to the researchers, is the highest annual total today. on the Next Generation of Solar Panel Manufacturing

LogoWhen the solar panels and its use in the production of electricity were first launched, the costing is really very exorbitant brought about by the overhead costs including the production and price of the raw materials use. But the next generation in terms of production of solar panels is now relatively cheaper, much safer and very promising when it comes to the innovative moves to improve the production of solar energy in the future.

Using KICKSTARTER, Retired Professor Michael Stavy Seeks Financial Support to Present His Paper at the 14th World Wind Energy Conference, Jerusalem, Israel

LogoMichael Stavy, a retired (1970-1999) American economics teacher and renewable energy economist (since 1990), is scheduled to present his 31st paper, "The Levelized Cost (US$/MWh; €/MWh; ILS/MWh) of Storing Wind Electricity on a Grid-Connected, Utility-Scaled (MW) Energy Storage System (ESS)", at the 14th World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC), 26-28 October 2015, Jerusalem, Israel. Michael presented his first energy storage paper 12 years ago; "A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Levelized Cost of Wind Electricity (US$/MWh, SEK/MWh, €/MWh) Stored in a Hydrogen Storage System", at the International Solar Energy Society's SOLAR WORLD CONFERENCE 2003, 14-19 June, Göteborg, Sweden.

Coastal Technical Sales, Inc. Announces Availability of Plastic, Steel and Fiberglass Tanks for Industrial Storage This Summer

LogoProcuring the right tank, in a regulation size and shape and, most importantly, made with the appropriate materials for a given need, is imperative for any business dealing with the storage of hazardous or non-hazardous chemicals and materials that must adhere to strict safety regulations. This summer, Coastal Technical Sales, Inc. announces that, for businesses in industries that require on-site tank storage, the company will be available to install polyethylene, stainless steel, carbon steel and fiberglass storage tanks that conform to industry and safety standards.

Greystone Equipment Company Offers Facility Layout Design and Installation Help

LogoA privately-owned distribution and installation company in suburban Philadelphia, Greystone Equipment Company specializes in providing material handling and storage equipment for warehouses and other large facilities. From new and used forklifts and electric pallet jacks to modular drawer cabinets, pallet racks and wire and steel shelving, this experienced and well-known company has everything a client could need when designing a warehouse layout or ordering storage equipment for their restaurant or medical facility. As an added benefit to their clientele, Greystone Equipment Company is more than just a material handling equipment company in Pennsylvania, they are a full-service equipment provider that can also help design facility layouts and install purchased equipment.

Superior Tank & Energy Now Hiring Full-Time Laborer to Join Their Team

LogoAs a leading oil tank removal company in the greater Philadelphia area, Superior Tank & Energy is growing their team of trusted technicians. The company is now hiring a full-time laborer to join their environment. With room for advancement in the company, the right applicant will be compensated based on experience.

Enbio Optimising SolarBlack for Client's Copper Components

An ideal radiator rejects as much heat as possible from a body. In space this heat loss occurs by the emittance of infrared radiation. This is quantified by an emissivity value ranging from 0 to 1 with 1 being maximum emittance.

Cardinal Energy Group (CEGX) Settles Dispute with Concho Oilfield Services, LLC

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CEGX) ("Company") is pleased to announce that the attorneys for Concho Oilfield Services, LLC and Hudson Petroleum, Ltd., Co., have asked the court to dismiss their claims against the Company with prejudice. The motions filed with the Texas District Court for Shackelford County discharges Cardinal of its obligations pursuant to the March 10, 2015 Joint Settlement Agreement. The amicable settlement of the suit requires Concho Oilfield Services to repair CEGX's No. 5B well on the Dawson-Conway 195B lease.

Roger Gilroy on US Topping Saudis as World's Top Oil Producer

Brian Gilroy, an expert analyst on oil and gas exploration, is very bullish on the future of US oil and gas exploration.

Coastal Technical Sales Providing Water and Wastewater Equipment to PA and NJ

LogoCommercial industries know the importance of investing in the best service and the right product the first time, in order to prevent errors or misjudgments that could end up costing much more later. Contacting a qualified service provider is the best way for businesses to avoid these sorts of issues. As an industry leader for over 35 years, Coastal Technical Sales offers only the highest-quality products alongside its first-class customer service. That's why clients in PA and NJ can benefit from the water and wastewater products and services provided by Coastal Technical Sales.

Powered by the People Offers Flexible Solar Services to Customers

LogoPowered by the People, as the name suggests, has been created with the sole intention of empowering people and giving them access to services that will help get their work done in not just a pocket friendly manner but also in a way that will help save the environment. Powered by the People Solar helps connect the consumers with a host of trusted and reliable solar contractors who help get the work done effectively.

Powertec Electric of Winnipeg Announces Easy New Electrical Work Financing Option

Powertec Electric Inc., one of the region's leading electrical services, announced that the company now offers qualified customers easy project financing through Crelogix. Arriving just in time for the hot days of summer to come, Powertec's new financing option will give customers more in the way of options, allowing them to more quickly arrange for previously postponed electrical work or simply stretch their household budgets further. Powertec provides residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the greater Winnipeg area with top-quality electrical services, ranging from simple household repairs to the ground-up installation of high-capacity industrial power distribution systems.

Oil Tanker and Cruise Ship Collide off Coast of Turkey

LogoOn Saturday June 27, 2015, a cruise ship and its passengers experienced a rude early morning awakening. A cruise ship—registered in Malta—was in route to the Greek island of Mykanos when it collided with a Russian oil tanker.

The Solar Light Company Returns from London Sun Protection Conference

LogoThe Solar Light Company is a Glenside, Pennsylvania-based organization providing a breadth of instruments used in the photovoltaic research industry, including radiometers, pyranometers, SPF analyzers and many other tools used for professional atmospheric instrumentation and measurement. Right now, the Solar Light Company is anticipating great things from the substantial industry insights they've gained from attending London, England's June 2015 Sun Protection Conference.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Announces Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services Available in Camden County This July

LogoHutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling is an air conditioning company that serves Gloucester County, Camden County, as well as many other areas throughout The Garden State. To help ensure that a homeowner's air conditioning system is prepared to run throughout the duration of the summer, the company is now taking any new customers who need air conditioning repair or installation services in Camden County as the summer months heat up. Homeowners who are uncertain about the general efficiency of their air conditioning unit can also contact the company to receive an energy audit. To schedule an appointment for an installation, energy audit, or repairs, those interested can call 1-866-953-8728, or send an email to

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Taking Clients in Need of Emergency Plumbing Services in Montgomery County, PA

LogoEven though Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is located in Levittown, they also offer their services to other areas throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, those who are faced with an emergency plumbing issue in Montgomery County, PA after this past June's severe thunderstorms, are encouraged to contact them immediately. The company has team members all over Bucks and Montgomery County all throughout the day, and potential customers can rest assured that they will have someone out to their home as soon as possible.

Barth Plumbing Heating Cooling Taking Customers in Need of Air Conditioning Repairs Throughout Atlantic County, NJ This July

Barth Plumbing Heating Cooling is a premier air conditioning company that serves Avalon, as well as many other towns throughout Atlantic and Cape May County, NJ. This July, the company is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of air conditioning repairs throughout Atlantic County. Aside from offering repairs, the company highly encourages new or current customers of the company to inquire about their Service Plans. Having a service plan with Barth can mean energy savings, fewer breakdowns, as well as discounts on many of their other services and products.

Solar Energy for Rural Communities in Nigeria

LogoIn June 2015, Touch of Light, a non-profit organization in Nigeria took the giant step to launch an Indiegogo campaign to help develop the rural communities in Nigeria. The company is providing Solar Electricity a safe and clean alternative energy that helps to reduce the over dependence of the poor people in the rural areas on kerosene and gas. This will go a long way to reduce poverty and eradicate diseases among rural dwellers in Nigeria, the giant of Africa.

A New Heating Oil Marketplace Allows Long Islanders to Instantly Find the Lowest COD Fuel Oil Prices

Ameri Associates LLC has launched a new online heating oil marketplace, allowing consumers to compare prices from multiple local suppliers and place orders any time -24/7. In addition to c.o.d. heating oil the website also offers automatic deliveries and service contracts, as well as discounts on service calls including burner service, boiler repair, furnace repair and other heating and cooling services.

New Jersey HVAC Contractors Provide Energy Efficient A/C Systems

LogoCare Temp Heating & Air Conditioning provides services on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems all throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. Care Temp installs the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems all throughout their applicable New Jersey service areas. Boiler repair in Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas is also no problem for Care Temp any time of the year. Individuals interested in saving money this summer, and during many summers to come, are advised to invest in energy-efficient systems from Care Temp.

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (CEGX) Secures Long Term Project Financing

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CEGX) ("Company") is pleased to announce that it has secured long term project financing with Maximilian Global through the new company, Keystone Energy. Maximilian Global is a private equity firm based in New York and is controlled by Robert Levy. Maximilian Global formed Keystone Energy for the sole purpose of providing project financing to Cardinal through a joint venture approach. Cardinal initially owns a 5% stake in Keystone but has an option to acquire up to a 50% ownership stake in Keystone based on various oil & gas production benchmarks.