Energy Press Releases

Crude Oil Desalter Market to Hit Reach USD 35.56 Million by 2023: Transparency Market Research

According to the report, the global crude oil desalter market stood at USD 78.42 Million in 2014 and is likely to reach USD 98.78 Million by 2023, expanding at a CAGR of 2.54% between 2015 and 2023.

Solar Panel Efficiency and Potential Savings Can Now Be Calculated Using Google's Latest "Project Sunroof"

Recently, Google launched its latest project initiative where people will benefit from it. The "Project Sunroof" which came from the "20 percent project" initiative of engineering lead Carl Elkin, is said to be the next big thing in the solar industry as this will help people calculate the hours of sunlight per year and get estimates of the possible savings through 3D modeling. And with the continuous plummeting solar panel cost, this will become even beneficial to people because they will now have a clearer picture on the direction of their solar panel investments.

Lube Oil Sales Announces Free Shipping to United States Addresses on Orders Exceeding $100

LogoOperating as an independent retailer of the high-quality AMSOIL products, Lube Oil Sales is pleased to announce they are now offering free shipping on all orders that exceed $100 within the United States. With their high-performance synthetic motor oil, those vehicles that operate with AMSOIL have seen increased gas mileage and reduced waste due to extended oil drains. There are many benefits to using AMSOIL products, and free shipping is an added incentive for customers looking for retailers that feature AMSOIL for sale.

5 Reasons One Should Only Install Enphase Micro Inverters

LogoOne of the main decisions that needs to be made when installing solar panels on a home is to choose the micro inverter. The service provider that is chosen will probably make a recommendation based on a relationship they have with a manufacturer, which may not be in the best interest of the homeowner. Industry research shows that Enphase micro inverters are the most reliable and will last the longest. Here are some facts that should be considered:

Wechsler Pool Supplies Division of Combined Energy Services Donates New Aquatic Access Lift to Town of Thompson Park Pool for Community Use

Recently, the Wechsler Pool Supplies division of CES, one of the principal fuel oil and propane gas suppliers from Hudson Valley had the opportunity to give back to the local community. They installed a new “ADA Compliant Aquatic Access Lift” at the park pool of Town of Thompson, donated for community use. Since 1934, Wechsler Pool Supply has been catering to pool customers from Catskills & lower Hudson Valley with liquid chlorine deliveries and services.

Execs Duck RICO Claims over $1B Venezuelan Energy Deals

LogoU.S. Judge J. Paul Oetken said that former ambassador Otto Reich, who owns a company with interests in Venezuela, failed to plead a sufficient pattern of illegal activity to put the trio on the hook for violating the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act. Of the predicate acts that may add up to RICO, two exist in this case, according to the court: wire fraud and violations of the Travel Act.

Execs Duck RICO Claims over $1B Venezuelan Energy Deals

LogoU.S. Judge J. Paul Oetken said that former ambassador Otto Reich, who owns a company with interests in Venezuela, failed to plead a sufficient pattern of illegal activity to put the trio on the hook for violating the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act. Of the predicate acts that may add up to RICO, two exist in this case, according to the court: wire fraud and violations of the Travel Act.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Now Collecting Drum Waste for Disposal This Fall

LogoMany businesses rid themselves of unusable liquids and solids through the use of waste drums. Operating as a full-service management and environmental consulting firm, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now collecting and completely disposing of drum waste this fall 2014 season. With their extensive transportation fleet, the company can dispose of bulk liquids and solids to keep the business adhering to standards.

Saleh Pirastefar and Team Seek Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Develop the M.A.D Satellite Project

LogoSaleh Pirastefar was inspired to start the M.A.D. Satellite Project after he survived a devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Van, Turkey in 2011. As a firsthand witness to the sheer destruction around him that leveled nearly a thousand buildings, killed hundreds of people and left nearly 40,000 people homeless, Pirastefar wanted be something more than an innocent bystander.

Green Auto Lube to Launch Professional Natural Oil Change in Spokane at Cost Effective Rates

Green Auto Lube will be a client and environment-oriented organization that is geared up to carve out a place of repute by offering professional and natural Oil Change near Spokane Valley at cost-effective rates in the near future. The company will be working under the guidance of professionals who are committed to maintaining the quality of the offered products and a reasonable pricing policy.

New Market Report: Shale Gas Processing Equipment Market - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2019

LogoShale Gas Processing Equipment Market by Component (Compressors & Pumps, Electrical Machinery, Heat Exchangers, Internal Combustion Engines, and Measuring & Controlling Devices) & by Geography (North America & ROW) - Global Trends and forecasts to 2019

Investor News Source Featured Stock Alert: XsunX, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XSNX) - XsunX, Inc. Reports Strong Earnings and Multi-Million Dollar Sales Pipeline

LogoInvestor News Source Provides Industry Update and Company Opinion Report on XsunX, Inc. Subscribe for Free and receive exclusive updates and market coverage on other emerging growth companies in the OTC.

TopStockTips Inc. Featured Stock Alert: XsunX, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XSNX) - XsunX Reports Increased Revenues and New Sales Opportunities

LogoTopStockTips Inc. Wall Street's #1 Stock Newsletter Features XsunX, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XSNX).

Air Conditioning Company of Somerdale, NJ Prepare for Cool Winter Months

McAllister…The Service Company, an air conditioning company of Somerdale and surrounding areas of Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Gloucester and Salem Counties, has been hard at work this summer repairing and installing new AC units for residents who rely on cool temperatures to help make it through the summer. Now, with summer winding down, many residents will be in need of warm heat, especially after last year’s frigid winter season. Whether residents living near the Jersey Shore are in need of repairs or replacements, McAllister…The Service Company has a wide range of home heating systems to choose from.

Fuel Prices App Now Keeps All Informed on Rapidly Changing Rates

LogoA leading specialist in fuel market statistics, has revealed its mobile app tracks market prices in a time of fast changing rates. A Smart Ticker has been introduced. It shows where prices are going in real time and has been updated to be even more insightful. Reports, analysis, and alerts are prominently displayed on an online dashboard. Introduce Energy Saving LED Lights to Cut Energy Bills

With high-energy bills and the cost of living increasing with wages not matching, it is important that consumers purchase products that can help reduce their annual bills., a popular online retailer is helping people to reduce their energy bills with their high quality LED lighting.

Investor News Source Featured Stock Alert: OriginOil Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL) - OriginOil's Latest Tech Results Could Suggest Big Growth for 2014-2015

LogoInvestor News Source Wall Street's #1 Stock Newsletter Features OriginOil Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL).

OriginOil's Latest Tech Results Could Suggest Big Growth for 2014-2015

LogoRecently OriginOil (OTCQB:OOIL) announced that the company's GEN 2 Clean frac system landed in LA. After realizing major success from its smaller GEN 1 system, OOIL has stepped the game up in a BIG way! This new system can process more than 10,000 barrels of oil- and chemical-laden frack water each day showing that OriginOil's CLEAN FRAC system is not only scalable but still small enough in comparison to other frac treatment systems to actually fit into a 40ft container according to the company.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies Now Offers Heavy Duty Crushing Equipment in Australia

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies is now offering heavy duty crushing equipment in Australia at the most affordable prices. They hold a vast inventory of crushing and miming equipment of both new and used equipment. Some of their mining and crushing products which the company holds and sells are conveyor belting, screen mesh, filters, conveyor rollers, manganese parts, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, and other accessories. The company only intended to provide the best quality products to the customers in order to help them increase their productivity with low turn over time.

Recent Study: Nuclear Power in Japan, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2014 - Capacity, Generation, Deployment Trends, Investments, Power Plants, Regulations, and Company P

Logo"Nuclear Power in Japan, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2014 - Capacity, Generation, Deployment Trends, Investments, Power Plants, Regulations, and Company Profiles" is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the nuclear power market in Japan.

Global Grid Optimization Solutions Market 2014-2018: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoGrid optimization involves a wide array of prospective advances that gives utilities and grid operators digital control of the power delivery network. Although the concept of network optimization is simple, the practice is complex because it involves multiple variables and compensation. The factors that threaten the network instability include demands rise, the unpredictable generation from renewable sources, volatile energy costs, and the emergence of electric vehicles. Utilities have to predict and diagnose potential problems on the faster edge, and to make decisions of control located in a matter of seconds in order to provide a high-quality and reliable service. Grid optimization serves as an umbrella term that encompasses improvements in three main areas:

Sunshine Renewable Energy Announces In-Home Heat Pump Assessment Offer

Sunshine Renewable Energy, a leading heat pump supplier in Halifax, today announced the offer of a free heat pump assessment for people in and around the city. This assessment will determine what type of heat pump will be best for the home and how powerful it needs to be to get the job done. The company also announced its financing programs and other benefits that make it easier to buy a heat pump from them instead of the competition. More information can be found in its newly-released Heat pump video on YouTube.

UK Home Owners See Huge Savings on Gas and Electric Bills

A UK-based price comparison service is enabling home owners to see significant savings on gas and electricity. The savings come from using to search the rates of major UK suppliers with the option to switch to a more affordable service.

Superior Tank & Energy Now Offering Emergency Tank Services for Clients

LogoWhen oil is leaking, it can cause damage to the ground on the exterior of the property, the soil, or the home’s basement. As homeowners use oil tanks to heat the home and provide hot water, leaks can happen when the tank is not being cared for properly. To keep their client’s homes safe and healthy, Superior Tank & Energy is pleased to announce they are now offering emergency tank services for their clients.

Hydroblasting Automation, Vacuum Trucks, Hydro-Excavation a Focus of WJTA-IMCA Expo

LogoHigh pressure waterjet and hydroblasting technology has become an established part of cleaning and maintenance across all industries. These technologies are evolving rapidly as traditional manual techniques are supplemented or replaced by semi-automated and automated equipment that distances the operator from potentially hazardous high pressure water streams. Contractors, suppliers and end users will have the chance to get educated and experience a wide variety of equipment and techniques—from fully mechanized systems to new manual waterblast tools—at the WJTA-IMCA Expo, Oct. 14-15, 2014, in New Orleans.

Nuclear Power in BRIC Countries 2014-2018 - New Market Report

LogoNuclear power in BRIC countries is expected to experience moderate growth during the period 2014-2018. The cumulative installed capacity for nuclear power in BRIC countries was 47.8 GW in 2013, Russia being the leading country among BRIC nations, with cumulative installed capacity of 25.2 GW. China is expected to have the maximum capacity additions in the forecast period and will be the leading nation in terms of cumulative installed capacity. Rising power demand is the prime reason behind growth of the nuclear power in BRIC countries. Population growth along with industrial development is amplifying the power consumption. Going forward, nuclear technology has immense potential in the BRIC market due to growing climate change issues, which can be fought with the help of nuclear power generation as it avoids carbon emissions of over two billion tones each year. TechNavio's analysts forecast the Nuclear Power in BRIC Countries market will grow at a CAGR of 13.6 percent to reach 90.7 GW by 2018

Professional Tank & Environmental Announce Services for Installing Above Ground Oil Tanks

LogoWhen homeowners are utilizing oil tanks to provide heat and hot water to the home, there comes a point where the tank is not operating efficiently, especially in older homes. If possessing an above ground oil tank, Professional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for installing new oil tanks in Montgomery County homes. Above ground tanks are usually placed in the basement of the home, or the garage. Being placed above ground and indoors will greatly extend the life of the tank.