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Comfort Now by Bob McAllister Helps a Needy Family Stay Warm for the Holidays

On January 10th, 82-year-old Joe Gallagher of Rio Grande, New Jersey was overjoyed to learn that he and his son had been designated the 2017 recipients of Comfort Now's Holiday Heater Giveaway. Chosen from a pool of 25 nominees, Joe – a military veteran who lives alone with his handicapped son – had been nominated by his neighbors, Charles and Kelly Dougherty.

Global Cryogenic Equipment Market Set for Rapid Growth, to Reach USD 22.7 Billion by 2022

Cryogenic equipment is utilized to generate, maintain materials at extremely low temperatures. Usually, equipment utilized in the cryogenic application includes cold traps, pressure vessels, pipes, containers, and purifiers. In several cases, cryogenic equipment holds or assists in the transfer of chilled liquids (liquefied gases) such as oxygen, argon, liquid helium and nitrogen. Even liquefied natural gas (LNG) is handled through cryogenic equipment. Proper insulation is vital for the efficiency of cryogenic components, as it assures that ideal temperature levels are maintained within the equipment. Similarly, during handling of temperature and materials insulation, cryogenic component protects equipment users. Usually suitable separation between refrigeration and cryogenic is minus 180°celsius. A variety of cryogens and cryogenic equipment are utilized in research laboratories, which is important in certain technology and electronics operations.

Improve the Quality of Welding with MIG Welders from Longevity Global Inc.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is an advanced form of welding technology. MIG welding can be used for most types of metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Being a cost-effective and relatively easy process of welding, it is widely recognized amongst various manufacturing industries. This process helps the fabrication and manufacturing industries stay competitive and more efficient. Keeping this in view, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing MIG Welders at the most competitive prices. These welders can withstand harsh welding conditions, are easily portable and power efficient. Available in numerous specifications, the wide array of MIG welders that they provide include MIGWELD® 100, MIGWELD® 200 S, MIGWELD® 250 MP, SpeedAdjust 8m®, SpeedAdjust Pro® and many others. Takes on the Strategies of Maximizing the Efficiency of Solar Power Generation Through Georgia's New Solar Tracking Project

LogoThe generous power of the sun is now being utilized in Georgia starting last Tuesday afternoon. This marks the beginning of the solar partnership between the University of Georgia and the Georgia Power Company. The partnership is an initiative of the Georgia Public Service Commission to diversify the Country's portfolio of options for power generation. Expresses Its Concerns Regarding the Contrasting Views and Controversies on the UK Government's Take Towards Green Energy and Climate Change Solutions

LogoRecently, numerous leaders from various nations have gathered in the Paris Climate Summit to discuss the plans to solve climate change. The need to discuss an effective resolution to climate change becomes an important agenda to many world leaders as this has resulted to many devastating catastrophes and casualties around the globe. However, what have become truly intriguing in this most anticipated event of the year are the seemingly contrasting ideas of the UK government towards the green energy and the climate change.

Spark Electrician Offers Money and Time Saving Tips for Homeowners

Energy costs are rising and the use of energy has a profound effect on the planet. With this in mind, Spark Electrician offers monthly blogs to help homeowners and renters make wise energy decisions so that they can reduce their carbon footprint and save on their monthly utility bills. The company provides electrician services to New South Wales with an emphasis on providing superior customer service. The company believes in not only providing quick, efficient, and affordable services but also that it is important to guide customers and help suggest or make recommendations that will keep them on the right path with their energy bills.

Sentient Science Takes $17 Million in Venture Funding

LogoSentient Science, the leading provider of materials science-based life prediction and extension technology, today announced a significant working capital infusion to add new products to its Wind Turbine Operator Fleet. Toba Capital selected Sentient Science as its first investment in materials science-based prediction software. Sentient has initially focused the "DigitalClone" technology on "Roller Bearing" centric, rotating equipment delivering computational testing and asset management.

The Search for Solar Power-Related Solutions and Products Stops Here

Those who are on the look-out for solar power-related solutions and products like solar charge controller, hybrid solar inverter, solar power inverter, etc. may be interested in the news that Must-Solar is the best supplier of these items. Mustups Power Limited, that is headquartered in Hongkong and that was established in 1998, proudly says that they are a professional hi-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing and selling of Power Inverter, Solar Power, VRLA, etc. They are good at battery development and after-sales service of these items also.

Targray Announces Exclusive, North American Distribution Partnership with Electrovaya-Litarion for Coated Electrodes and US$16 Million Order for 40Ah Lithium Ion Cells

LogoTargray is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution partnership with Litarion GmbH (Litarion), a leading German EV electrode manufacturer and wholly owned subsidiary of Electrovaya Inc. (TSE: EFL), to supply coated cathode and anode electrodes to North American li-ion battery manufacturers.

Solar Market in the UK Remains Strong Despite FITs Cuts

LogoEarly signs suggest that the solar market will remain strong despite the cut in the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs), according to figures from lead generator Quotatis.

Champion Oil to Participate at 2016 Specialty Equipment MPMC Trade Conference

LogoThe Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) is a division of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Established specifically for performance companies involved in manufacturing performance products used in racing applications, the MPMC has invited Champion Brands to assist with addressing industry-specific issues and to promote the motorsports industry.

Sensaphone to Debut Upgraded Monitoring System at AHR Expo

For thirty years, Sensaphone has been a leader in remote monitoring solutions such as the Sentinel system, which monitors the temperature of HVAC units, chillers, heaters, boilers and freezers and alerts users of changes in order to prevent potential interior climate emergencies. This year, Sensaphone will debut the upgraded Sentinel PRO system at the 2016 AHR Expo.

Households Are Losing out on Substantial Energy Savings

LogoOver the years, consumers have been forced to contend with consistently increasing energy bills. Although it is not possible to entirely avoid these fees, making a few minor changes can dramatically lower the costs. Failing to upgrade to a more efficient equipment could result in unnecessary overspending.

Champion Oil to Participate at 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

LogoChampion Oil, an industry leader in the development of full synthetic motor oils, will participate with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) this week at the industry preview of new vehicles from around the world at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, MI.

Solar Care Expands Service Area to Include Orange County and Riverside County

Glass is an essential part of everyday lives, giving people a window on the outside world while protecting them from the elements. Sadly, it can also work to magnify the intensity of the sun's heat, creating sweltering temperatures that cause HVAC systems to work overtime. San Diego Car Tint company Solar Care specializes in window tinting not just for automobiles, but for homes and offices too, with special films designed to limit the radiation penetrating glass, keeping interior spaces naturally cooler without the need for air conditioning. They have proven so successful that they are expanding their services into new territories, including Orange County and Riverside County.

Professional Tank & Environmental Announces Oil Tank Removal Services Are Available in Doylestown, PA, This January

LogoThese days, most underground oil tanks last for an average of 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. What's more, if a unit does happen to reach the 20-year mark, it is likely that the homeowner will find that it is malfunctioning more often than usual, or that it is leaking, etc. When individuals are looking for a company that offers reliable oil tank removal and installation services, one that they can turn to is Professional Tank & Environmental. In fact, they are pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of oil tank removal services in Doylestown, PA, this January.

Superior Tank & Energy Announces Oil Tank Cleaning and Removal Services Are Available This December and January

LogoSuperior Tank & Energy is pleased to announce that oil tank cleaning and removal services are available this December and January. Now that the temperatures are getting lower and lower across much of New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, now is the time for homeowners to ensure that their oil tank functions efficiently throughout the 2015-16 winter season. Individuals in PA or NJ who are interested in their tank removal or cleaning services can give them a call during the day at 215-458-7500. The company can also be reached by filling out a contact form on their user-friendly site.

The Solar Light Company Sheds Light on How Their Products Affect the Solar Energy Movement

LogoThe Solar Light Company is a Glenside, PA-based organization that specializes in designing and manufacturing visible light sensors, UV intensity meters, solar simulators, and much more for the purpose of research and industry. In an effort to keep their clientele base informed about their products and services, Solar Light would like to shed light on how their products affect the solar energy movement, and also stand out from others.

Powerful, Reliable and Efficient MIGWELD 200S from Longevity Global Inc.

MIG welding also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding is a welding process developed for welding aluminum and non-ferrous metals. It is a process in which a wire is connected to a source of direct current that acts as an electrode to join two pieces of metal. Catering to the needs of their customers, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing the MIGWELD 200S welder at the most competitive prices. Customers can now get this 200 AMP 220v MIG welder for just $979.99. Running on a standard 220v power cord and capable of holding up to an 11lb spool, this MIG welder can be easily connected to the existing 220v wall outlet and can be easily setup. This MIG welder comes with the MIG Torch with earth/ground clamps, regulator flow gauge and .030 and .035 contact tips.

Reliable Plasma Cutters from Longevity for Precision Cutting of Metals

The use of plasma cutters has increased considerably as it is considered one of the fastest tools for cutting different kinds of metals. It is basically a powerful torch that uses electrical current and inert gas to cut metals neatly and precisely. To cater to the needs of people, Longevity is now providing plasma cutters at the most competitive prices. With the usage of Inverter IGBT and MOSFET technology, the company has created plasma cutters with the aim of meeting and exceeding the expectations of every professional and commercial welder and hobbyist. Well-known for their portability, power and reliability, these plasma cutters can be used at any location with 110v or 220v outlets. Provides Reliable Quality Analysis for Coal Energy Measurement

It is important to follow the quality standards when sorting or blending coal. In order to help operators avoid any penalties due to poor quality, the website can be considered for unbiased analysis of the same.

New Market Research Report: Gas Insulated Switchgear Market - Global Forecast to 2020

LogoGas Insulated Switchgear Market by Type (High & Medium), Sub-Type (Primary & Secondary), End-User (Transmission & Distribution, Manufacturing & Processing, Infrastructure & Transportation and Power Generation) & Region - Global Forecast to 2020

Root3 Offers the Best Energy Saving Advice and Services

In today's world energy is an utter necessity to main our lives properly and to provide ourselves the comfort and convenience we all are used too of. Saving energy is important in many ways like when energy is saved money is saved indirectly as well as when energy is saved less production is required so its production's pollution is also reduced. All in all saving energy is mighty important now. This is when companies like led lighting solutions come into action that has been providing through their extensive knowledge in this field the best energy saving advice since 20 years now.

RT3 LED Offers Top Quality Energy Saving Lights on Affordable Rates

With the increasing consumption of electricity and global warming, the need of top quality energy saving products have also increased. As compared to older days energy saving has become vital, keeping this vital need in mind RT3LED offers a large range of energy saving lights which are of great quality and are available on affordable rates.

Champion Racing Oil to Participate at 2016 Specialty Equipment Trade Conference

Logo"Editors and performance manufacturers will have a productive week at this coming year's MPMC Media Trade Conference", stated Karl Dedolph, Director of Performance and Racing Products for Champion. "The success every year at the conference is always a direct result of the great participation and organization that we get from the media and from SEMA."

Champion Announces Price Decrease on 245 Motor Oils and Lubricants

Logo"Champion is pleased to be one of the first in announcing the decrease costs of our products to the market," stated Karl Dedolph, Director Global Sales at Champion Oil. "It gives us great pleasure at this time and in part because of falling crude oil prices to help our distributors with additional wholesale pricing advantages who will eventually pass along the saving to many racers and auto enthusiasts.

New Market Report: Global Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market 2016-2020

LogoTechnavio's research analyst predicts the global advanced energy storage systems market to grow steadily at a CAGR of close to 14% during the forecast period. Energy storage technology is used to store surplus electricity that can be utilized during power shortages, blackouts, and peak hours of demand. The growing demand for electricity worldwide coupled with an imminent need to reduce the demand-supply gap has prompted power utilities to adopt advanced energy storage.