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Comfort Now by Bob McAllister Helps a Needy Family Stay Warm for the Holidays

On January 10th, 82-year-old Joe Gallagher of Rio Grande, New Jersey was overjoyed to learn that he and his son had been designated the 2017 recipients of Comfort Now's Holiday Heater Giveaway. Chosen from a pool of 25 nominees, Joe – a military veteran who lives alone with his handicapped son – had been nominated by his neighbors, Charles and Kelly Dougherty.

Global Cryogenic Equipment Market Set for Rapid Growth, to Reach USD 22.7 Billion by 2022

Cryogenic equipment is utilized to generate, maintain materials at extremely low temperatures. Usually, equipment utilized in the cryogenic application includes cold traps, pressure vessels, pipes, containers, and purifiers. In several cases, cryogenic equipment holds or assists in the transfer of chilled liquids (liquefied gases) such as oxygen, argon, liquid helium and nitrogen. Even liquefied natural gas (LNG) is handled through cryogenic equipment. Proper insulation is vital for the efficiency of cryogenic components, as it assures that ideal temperature levels are maintained within the equipment. Similarly, during handling of temperature and materials insulation, cryogenic component protects equipment users. Usually suitable separation between refrigeration and cryogenic is minus 180°celsius. A variety of cryogens and cryogenic equipment are utilized in research laboratories, which is important in certain technology and electronics operations.

Easily Green Announces New Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions to Austrailian Based Businesses

LogoOne of the most expensive, yet fundamentally important expenses of running a business is maintaining electricity. The cost of electricity from major electric companies typically increases every year, but one Australian based company seeks to aid local, large-scale commerce companies and small businesses in reducing their power generating expenses with a new solar solution. Easily Green, a 40-year old family owned business in Sydney, Australia, announced the launch of a new, state-of-the-art solar solution system that can help Australia based businesses save a significant amount of money throughout the life of the system.

Former Honeywell Aerospace Leader & Apache Pilot, Jason Rios, Joins Sentient Science Sales Team

LogoRotorcraft expert and West Point graduate, Jason Rios, has joined the Sentient Science sales team to help commercialize DigitalCloneLive® into the aerospace and transportation markets.

Former Honeywell Aerospace Leader & Apache Pilot, Jason Rios, Joins Sentient Science Sales Team

LogoRotorcraft expert and West Point graduate, Jason Rios, has joined the Sentient Science sales team to help commercialize DigitalCloneLive® into the aerospace and transportation markets. Showcase Their Range of Domestic and Commercial Light Bulbs is the UK's leading online supplier of light bulbs. Based in the East Midlands region, the firm offers a range of domestic and commercial light bulbs. Visitors to the Any Lamp website can select from a variety of fluorescent tubes and LED lights. The company also supplies a range of fixtures too. Shed Light on the Evolution of LED

It's no secret that LED lighting is increasing in popularity. After all; they are energy-efficient, don't emit much heat, and offer a brighter glow. In recent years, LED lights have come down in price, making them a much more affordable option.

Superior Tank & Energy Offers Minimally Invasive Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation Services

LogoThroughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, more and more households and businesses are moving away from using oil tanks to heat their homes, and towards more energy efficient and affordable methods of heating. That being said, the remaining oil tanks need to be removed from the premises safely, and in the cleanest and timeliest manner. Right now, Superior Tank & Energy is offering minimally invasive removal of oil tanks for properties of all sizes, as well as soil remediation services for clientele that have had problems with leakage or spillage from their current oil tank systems.

New Export Line of Full Synthetic Motor Oils to Be Announced at 2015 SEMA

LogoPaladin Motor Oils will debut with Champion's award-winning SynGold ™ line of formulated full synthetic motor oils. These lubricants will be blended and packaged in Clinton, MO to meet today's specifications from API, ILSAC or ACEA.

Hydroponics Is Taking the London Underground by Storm: Grow World Comments

Recent reports have been highlighting the popularity of a sustainable method of growing plants – hydroponics – with a unique example taking place underneath Clapham High Street in London. The London underground tunnels are typically associated with modern travel, but a number of keen growers are working to show that it can take another aspect of modernity forward too – through a Zero Carbon Food initiative. A company has developed a city-farm in one such tunnel area – which has been closed to transport for a number of years.

The Growth of the Worldwide Smart Greenhouse Market Means Big Things for Hydroponics: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

According to a recently released online report, the value of the smart greenhouse market is set to grow significantly by 2020. The estimated value of the market by this date is set to reach more than $1.2 billion, and a key assumed reason for this increase is due to hydroponics. The hydroponic method involves growing without soil and instead using an alternate grow medium – typically a nutrient solution – in order to produce big-yield vegetation growth. This is a highly popular method used in greenhouses and therefore increases show growers turning to these innovative advances in technology in order to boost crop yields. Takes on the Controversies Involving Solar Panels and Its Harmful Effects in the Wildlife and Plant Biodiversity

LogoThe discovery of alternative sources of energy was prompted by the continuous escalating cost of commercially generated electricity as well as the hazardous effects of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. Since then, the use of the solar panels to convert natural energy from the sun into a more usable form of electricity is being recommended to the general public to protect the environment.

Feiyang Solar Comes Up with Its Unique Range of Solar Lights

Solar lights have the capacity to work in almost every corner around the world. One must make sure that they are placed in the correct area and installed properly so that they receive good amount of sunlight. The installation can be costly but in the long term these lights help in saving the electric costs and they can be a good alternative to the traditional forms of energy. There are various sites that sell these lights through their website.

Champion Oil Employee Nominated for SEMA Gen-III Innovative Person of the Year Award

LogoThe prestigious "Under Forty" Achievement Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments within the automotive aftermarket industry. The highly anticipated award presentation will be held at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas on November 5th during the 2015 SEMA Show Industry Awards Banquet.

ECOWAY ENERGY Brings Customized Luxury Heating Panels to Enhance Aesthetic Value in Energy Efficient Manner

ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Company has elegantly designed infrared heating panels available in various dimensions that can be used to create a warm and healthy environment inside a room during winters. They have customized infrared heating panels that can enhance the value of the home décor and it consumes very less energy as compared to the traditional heating systems. Available in white, black and red colors, these heating panels can be used to give a new meaning to the personalized artworks that adorn walls of the contemporary homes.

Generator Specialist Protecting Businesses Following Worrying OFGEM Findings

As OFGEM releases findings indicating that the National Grid will be providing some of the lowest levels of power in recent years this winter, shentongroup is educating organizations across the country on how they can take better control of their own power supplies.

Carbon Trading Platforms for Mitigating Carbon Emissions Will Soon Be a Reality

Developed as well as developing countries have understood the importance of mitigating carbon emissions. Industries are also exploring ways to adopt suitable strategies for reducing carbon emissions. In this context, the news that Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is launching its carbon-trading platform across the globe for helping voluntary and compliance markets do bankable carbon credit trading may bring cheer to all the interested parties.

Get Solar Prices Shares the Latest Trends and Performance of Solar Panels in the UK Market

LogoEven without subsidy for almost 18 months, the solar panels in the UK market remains competitive. According to the National Grid, the prices of the solar panel declined constantly, this in turn makes the solar panels affordable to the public. The current cost of solar panels nowadays is about the same as the energy coming from the conventional sources. And with the changes in solar panel prices, better penetration and manufacturing – parities are now being estimated by the National Grid in the next 18 to 24 months from the other sources of generation. Takes on the Possibilities of Using Solar Panels as a Probable Solution to Global Warming

LogoOne of the dilemmas that the entire global community is facing at this point is the climate change where most nations experience typhoons that are more devastating while some have unusually long periods of drought and an extremely long fiery summer. When a country experiences extreme temperatures especially the hot season, people are in desperate need to find ways to at least lessen the burning heat, but in a more practical way. Inspires All Homeowners to Successfully Save Up and Make Money from the Use of Renewable Energy

LogoOne of the greatest global challenges is to be able to find the best solutions in reducing the electric consumption cost. However, with continuous research and innovations, saving on energy costs has become possible with the discovery of the solar panels. Solar panels have become the answer to every nation's dilemma especially in terms of producing usable electricity by converting natural energy from the sun with the use of the photovoltaic cells.

Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) Set to Launch International Carbon Trading Platform

Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is set to launch its carbon-trading platform across the Globe to offer bankable carbon offset (credit) trading to the voluntary and compliance markets.

ECOWAY ENERGY Shows the Way to Save Energy with Energy Efficient Heating Systems

In order to enjoy the warmth and coziness during chilly winters, people need to install heating systems in their homes. Most of the traditional heating systems are the energy guzzlers that result in hefty electricity bills every month. To address the need of indoor heating in an energy saving manner, ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Company introduces infrared heating panels and heating systems that consume very less energy and help maintain the a desired level of warmth inside a home or a building.

Mister Service Reminds Their Customers to Ask About Discounts

A proud provider of high-quality refrigerator repair services in Bucks County, Mister Service is a locally owned family business. Excellent and prompt customer service is a priority to the company, whose employees are thoroughly motivated experts who take quality customer service very seriously. The company also follows a policy of upfront pricing, which assures their customers know there will be no hidden or additional costs. With 20 years of experience as one of the premier refrigerator maintenance companies in Bucks County, Mister Service has earned a reputation for their fast and reliable service.

The Solar Light Company Now Producing New Research Quality Solar Simulators and UV Sensors

LogoThe Solar Light Company is a leading manufacturer of light measurement systems, atmospheric monitoring equipment, light sources and other OEM products intended for solar radiation research. Right now, they are announcing their availability to produce new research quality solar simulators and UV sensors for organizations looking to research products that block or screen ultraviolet (UV) solar radiation.

Lights 2 You Offers LED Bulbs, Stylish and High Utility

Power bills are not pleasant to look at particularly if they reflect the extravaganza that a household had done through the month. Unfortunately there are some things that cannot be cut off the list to save money and usage of lights in the house is one of them. When the sun goes down the entire accommodation has to be lit using bulbs and they can cost a normal household up to several thousand dollars in bills through the year. Good news for such households is that Lights 2 You has offered them a very diplomatic solution for the problem. For all the households that are looking to lower the utility bills can select light bulbs of their choice out of a lot of stylish models available with the company.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Announces Water Heater Repair Services Are Available in Bucks County, PA This October

LogoBenjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA, located at 5503 Emilie Road in Levittown, PA, is pleased to announce that water heater repair services are available in Bucks County, PA this October. With the temperatures starting to cool, now is the time for homeowners to guarantee that their water heater will remain operable throughout the winter. Therefore, those who want to give their water heater a checkup, or want a new one installed, can get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA by calling 267-202-0647, or by filling out a contact form on their website,

web_services AMSOIL Dealer, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Automobile Oil and Lubricants

LogoWilliam E. Barth is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers quality car oil and lubricants including hydraulic oil, fuel additives, gear lube, oil filters, transmission fluid, and much more. William E. Barth decided to start the website because he wanted to offer customers high quality AMSOIL products that they could trust in their cars. His website is designed to offer a large selection of different lubricants for the different parts of a car.