Energy Press Releases

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Offers Air Conditioning Maintenance Service to Prepare Homes for Summer

LogoWith spring approaching, many homeowners should have their air conditioning unit maintained to ensure that it can function properly. Having an air conditioning unit serviced before the rise in temperature will prevent uncomfortable living conditions in the case that it may break down. The Philadelphia heating and plumbing company, Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc., is offering air conditioning services for residences to prepare for the summer season. The company specializes in topnotch maintenance, repair, and installation for air conditioning systems.

Pure Energy Centre Announces Participation in Building Bridges Connecting Scotland International Communities

Pure Energy Centre today announced that the company plans to participate in the Building Bridges Connecting Scotland with its International Communities Conference in Edinburgh.

The Solar Light Company Offers in-Vitro SPF Analyzers for Solar Radiation Testing in 2015

LogoThe Solar Light Company, or Solar Light, is a scientific organization providing comprehensive and well-documented research on solar radiation. Solar Light also provides manufacturing and retail of solar simulators and other instruments meant to effectively analyze and quantify solar radiation exposure and solar radiation protection levels. For 2015, Solar Light is offering the highest quality in-vitro SPF Analyzers with their new SPF-290AS Turnkey Automated SPF Analyzer.

As Summer Approaches, Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Advises NJ Residents to Check Air Conditioners

LogoCare Temp Heating and Air Conditioning is a heating and air conditioning contracting organization that calls themselves "The Company that Cares." They provide both routine and emergency HVAC service and maintenance for Toms River, Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ. Additionally, they also provide boiler repair for Monmouth County and many surrounding regions. As hotter summer weather quickly approaches the East Coast, Care Temp is advising nearby residents to have their Air Conditioners checked before the heat arrives.

Champion Oil to Participate in National Collector Car Appreciation Day

LogoCollector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) will be celebrated this year on July 10, 2015. At the request of SEMA, this "holiday" has been marked each year since 2010 by a U.S. Senate Resolution recognizing that the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.

Pure Energy Centre Announces Participation in Delivering Hydrogen and Fuel Cell to Market Conference

Pure Energy Centre, today announced that the company plans to participate in the Delivering Hydrogen And Fuel Cell To Market Conference in Birmingham.

"Advocate-Oil-and-Gas" Co-Founder, Julianne Bawden, Presents March 2015 Commission Enhancement Meetings on Their Website

LogoAdvocate Oil and Gas was established by Oil and Gas industry icon, Brent Bawden. Advocate specializes in purchasing oil and gas minerals. Their experienced team has managed over $250,000,000 in mineral purchases the last 8 years. They are interested in discussing the financial benefits of producing royalties, non-producing minerals, and overriding royalty interests with the owner.

"Advocate Oil & Gas" Founder, Brent Bawden, Introduces March 2015 Royalty Portfolio Enhancement Meetings on Their Website

LogoAdvocate Oil and Gas was established by Oil and Gas industry icon, Brent Bawden. Advocate specializes in purchasing oil and gas minerals. Their experienced team has managed over $250,000,000 in mineral purchases the last 8 years. They are interested in discussing the financial benefits of producing royalties, non-producing minerals, and overriding royalty interests with the owner.

Superior Tank & Energy Offering Oil Tank Pump-Outs for Spring Season

LogoAs the winter slowly transitions into spring, cold air has entered home oil tanks, which can cause condensation and sludge to build up. Regular maintenance is required to maintain the performance of the oil tank and have it last many years without providing trouble. As the appliance operates as a reliable source of heat and hot water for many homeowners in NJ and PA, Superior Tank & Energy is announcing their services for oil tank pump-outs this spring season.

Green Auto Lube Offers Oil Change in Spokane WA at Affordable Prices

In a view to provide environmentally-friendly service, Green Auto Lube will be providing its customers with the services of Oil Change in Spokane WA. Changing a vehicle's oil is a regular process that is done to increase the life of an engine. But, one must rely on a quality service provider; otherwise it might hamper the engine's settings. Customers are likely to benefit from the services of Green Auto Lube as the company will be providing bio-based oil to an entire fleet of vehicles including all types of cars, trucks, vans and more. Customers will get customized services as per their needs.

Champion Racing Oil Wins with Jack Elam and J&J Auto Racing

LogoGeared towards Sprint Car Race Teams, Champion is offering through the month of April a $500 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a new J&J Auto Racing "Deluxe Kit" and $1000 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a new J&J Auto Racing "Roller Kit". Visit or call J&J at 800-526-5406 for more information on the kits.

GNB Batteries Showcased at Energy Storage Europe

LogoBattery giant GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies (OTCQB: XIDEQ), is exhibiting at the trade show Energy Storage Europe, taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany this week. The company is showcasing its Sonnenschein PowerCycle, TENSOR Solar, and Sonnenschein@home products.

Champion Oil to Display at 2015 SEMA Middle East Trade Show

LogoThe SEMA Middle East Trade Show allows participants to gain insight into the growing specialty market for Middle East racing and performance enthusiasts. Through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, participants will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which applications.

Energy Home Pros Launches Free Energy Analysis for All Home Owners in San Antonio, Texas

Energy efficiency is ever more important in the modern world, as traditional energy sources become scarcer and prices for consumers are hiked to compensate. As such, it is more important than ever for homes to prevent energy waste. San Antonio home improvement company Energy Home Pros offers ingenious energy saving solutions for the home, including windows, tinting, insulation and heat reflective surfacing to help improve home efficiency. They are now offering free no obligation energy analysis for homes to identify areas for improvement, and opportunities to save money through investing in these technologies.

Champion Racing Oil Revs Up for 2015 Heartland Auto Racing Show

LogoThe Heartland Auto Racing Show is the premier trade show for the Plains States and Upper Midwest. The show will bring together regional companies from the Heartland and national companies that greatly value the race teams and buyers of the area.

Champion Oil Launches New Professional Grade Octane Booster

LogoChampion Professional Grade Octane Booster safely stops knocks, pings, hesitation, and restores performance. Plus, maximizes power, removes carbon deposits, improves ignition and responsiveness, and helps fuel burn cleaner. Reduces the need for premium gasoline. Use at every gasoline fill-up to boost octane level up to 15 points or 1.5 RON. When you boost the octane level, it improves horsepower and increases acceleration.

Coastal Technical Sales Inc. Announces Availability of Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

LogoCoastal Technical Sales Inc. has announced the availability of stainless steel storage tanks to hold up through some of the most demanding applications. Storage tanks made of stainless steel provide an efficient amount of space for all chemical and power plant industries. The company has supplied and installed over 10,000 storage tanks to valued customers.

StewardTech Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Their New, High-Efficiency Turbine

LogoThe high cost of gas has always been a great concern and reminds the mankind of the importance of efficient utilization of resources. Reducing the dependence on oil imported from foreign countries can also make a serious difference in the present scenario. Led by their Chief Designer Carl Kemp, StewardTech believes that they have found a solution to this problem.

Wing to Wheel Energy Farming Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Awareness of Potential Solution of Creating Energy

LogoWing To Wheel is a continuous energy production method that relies on the use of created wing lift that may be harnessed to produce electricity. Using the information relating to the Wing to Wheel concept, is welcome for individuals, businesses or governments considering energy generation solutions. Wing To Wheel is launching a Kickstarter campaign at to raise awareness & funds for further development.

North America's Wood Water Pipes Could Get a New Lease on Life from Molecularly-Bonding Ecodur, Says Castagra Ceo, Peter Roosen

A veggie-plastic coating that has an affinity to bond instantly with wood and other cellulosic materials, could radically extend the life of giant wooden water pipes, says Peter Roosen, CEO, Castagra Products, Inc.

Demilec USA Appoints Brian Metrocavage as the First Ever Director of Building Science

When it comes to building and industrial products, the innovation never stops. Science continues to advance and push the boundaries of what is possible, seeing traditional materials eschewed for more modern approaches. Demilec Spray Foam, one of North America's largest manufacturers of spray foam insulation and polyurea products has created a new directorship designed to help them take their success to the next level. The Director of Building Science was a position that needed to be filled with unparalleled expertise, and the company has scored a coup in the appointment of Brian Metrocavage.

Sungevity Testing Solar Financing in North Carolina

LogoNorth Carolina is known to have very restrictive laws making renewable energy production nearly impossible. Sungevity may have figured out how to sell their residential solar panels while adhering to North Carolina's stipulations.

TG Wastewater Encourages Homeowners to Care for Their Septic Systems During Septic Smart Week

TG wastewater is launching its second annual "Septic Smart Week". Septic Smart Week outreach steps to motivate homeowners and societies to take proper care and maintenance of their septic systems. Almost one quarter of U.S. households rely on septic tank systems to deal with their wastewater.

Hassle Free Boilers Offers Payment Schemes to Suit Every Budget

Hassle Free Boilers announces they now offer a payment scheme designed to fit any budget. The company, to further assist clients, now offers a special allowing clients to save as much as £400 on a new boiler. Individuals love the fact that they are able to obtain a great deal on a new boiler in under one hour. Anyone in need of a new system should contact the company today for assistance.

TriState Forestry Equipment Announces Updated Inventory

Spring is fast approaching, and it is time to start thinking about the preparations needed for upcoming landscaping and forestry projects and jobs. If potential plans include clearing a lot of debris, brush chippers can reduce trimmings from bushes, shrubs and tree branches into smaller woodchips. For projects that involve leveling the ground, lifting and placing debris into dumpsters or digging in tight spaces, a skid loader would be a great investment. Jobs requiring the loading and unloading of timber from log transportation vehicles and storage piles would benefit from a log loader. These types of trucks and a variety of other equipment are accessible from TriState Forestry Equipment. In fact, the company is pleased to announce its updated inventory.