Energy Press Releases

New Research for Alternative Energy Conversion Holds Great Potentials in Cost Reduction of Solar Power Cells

The sun provides many wonderful benefits for the human race to consume. It supplies energy that people around the world can use; an energy that poses not only great things for the environment but great advantages for the economy as well. Many third world countries could use this free energy by utilizing solar panels.

Majestic Fire Protection Agree with Buckeye Fire Equipment to Distribute Buckeye Stat-X Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles

Majestic Fire Protection announced today an agreement with Buckeye Fire Equipment to distribute and install the dual branded Stat-X Buckeye fire suppression system in the Los Angeles area. The Stat-X Buckeye systems consist of preloaded fire extinguishing canisters that can be installed any where in a commercial or industrial facility. The Stat-X systems is manufactured by Fireaway Inc. in Minnetonka, MN. Fireaway Inc. is a fire protection technology company that specializes in fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial applications. Buckeye Fire Equipment is a fire protection distribution and manufacturing corporation in Kings Mountain, NC and specializes in fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems.

"Ukraine Oil & Gas Report Q3 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoSustained interest from major international companies in Ukraine's gas reserves provides some upside potential in alleviating a part of its import burden in the long run. However, escalating political instability in Ukraine will delay exploration and development (E&P) work, while international investors wait for a clearer picture to emerge as to the set up of the new government and the new status quo in the country.

Artworth Offering State-of-the-Art Decorative Lighting Solutions

The decorative lighting industry is a specialty with Artworth. Their team of illumination experts can transform a dark, quiet room into a place of charm and magic with the touches of state-of-the-art lighting technology.

Can Pollution Be Used to Fuel Our Future? Synthetic Fuels Australia Is Raising Funds via Kickstarter to Do Exactly That

LogoSynthetic Fuels Australia recycles pollution and turns it into a resource by creating renewable fuels that replace existing fuel sources like petrol (gasoline) and ethanol.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies Now Offers High Capacity Crushing Equipment in Australia

Adhering to high quality standards, Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies is now offering a dependable assortment of hardwearing and high capacity crushing equipment in Australia. These products enjoy huge demand in various industries like Mining, Demolition & Earthmoving, Quarrying and Recycling and effectively support many heavy duty industrial applications.

New Market Report: Global Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Market 2014-2018

LogoLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a type of hydrocarbon, consisting of propane or butane. These are usually in gas form at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and liquefy when introduced in modest temperature or refrigeration (pure butane liquefies at 68 degrees Fahrenheit whereas pure propane liquefies at 131 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes it possible to transport or store LPG as liquid. LPG is stored or transported in pressurized cylindrical containers. It is produced during refining or extracted from natural gas production processes. LPG is clean, lower carbon, and an efficient source of energy for various end-user segments.

Artworth Has the Widest Range of Advanced LED Lighting Solutions

Hong Lin Hui Technology Co Ltd. with its new brand Artworth has emerged as a reliable and reputable name in its segment. The China based lighting solution provider believes in expanding the limits of widening the horizons of LED sign and display R&D, design, engineering and manufacture. It has an impressive inventory of quality LED lighting products that remain unmatched in functionality, sustainability and affordability.

Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd Offering Corporate Oil and Gas Safety Training Courses

Owned and operated wholly by its employees, Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd has now become a leading light when it comes to providing Safety, Environment and Risk management training and consulting services to businesses and their employees. For quite some years now, the company has been doing a sterling job in coming up to myriad expectations and requirements of clients belonging to hazard industry sector. Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd projects itself as an independent company that excels in designing and conducting specialized courses for existing and prospective employees working in hazard industries. The company offers corporate oil and gas safety training to interested individuals at best rates.

Green Energy Electrical Showcases New Testimonials Section to Host Growing Recommendations

Solar energy is creating an energy revolution that promises not only to be the death of centralised energy as an economic goldmine, but also promises to vastly improve the chances of our ailing environment. Last week, solar energy crashed the energy prices in Queensland to zero. As a result, many more people are considering solar energy, not least in the Sunshine Coast, so-named for its abundance of this natural, infinitely renewable energy source. The region has one other massive advantage over other neighboring territories too- Green Energy Electrical. The company has specialised in installing solar panels since it opened for business, and has now created a testimonials page that lets the solar evangelicals do the talking.

GlobalEnergyTransmission Launches Its Crowd Funding Campaign

GlobalEnergyTransmission has launched its crowd funding Planetary Energy Transmitter campaign on indiegogo that could lead to new reusable source of energy for all.

Mister Service Announces Air Conditioner Repair Services in Philadelphia

Mister Service is pleased to announce they are now offering air conditioner repair in Philadelphia. This summer, if business owners or residents are in need of air conditioner repair in Philadelphia, they will receive a free service call with any repair. Along with this special promotion, the company is also pleased to announce they are offering $25 off any parts and labor repair for air conditioning units this summer.

Global Oilfield Equipment Market 2014-2018: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoOilfield equipment is used for the extraction of oil and gas from reservoirs as well as the extraction of unconventional gas resources..

GlobalEnergyTransmission Starts Crowd Funding Campaign

GlobalEnergyTransmission has unveiled its crowd funding campaign to build a Planetary Energy Transmitter that brings the invention of Nikola Tesla to life.

Recently Released Market Study: Global Drilling Waste Management Market 2014-2018

LogoDrilling waste management helps reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling. Drilling waste management focuses on both environmental protection and cost-effectiveness by recycling the usable waste from drilling. The first step of drilling waste management is to separate solid waste from drilling fluids. After the solid waste has been removed from drilling fluids then a variety of technologies and practices can be used to manage the waste generated from drilling.

Leading Florida Solar Company Fun in the Sun Solar Says Going Green Has Never Been Easier

LogoFun in the Sun Solar, an Orlando based family-owned solar company with extensive experience in installing solar electric, pool heating and solar hot water heating systems, has recently stated that switching to solar energy has now become very easy due to numerous tax-savings, electric bill savings and highly efficient solar energy systems.

Southwestern Solar Announces One-Time Educational Event

Southwestern Solar (, a leading provider of solar panels and other solar technology, has announced the continued availability of federal and state government tax credits and other programs designed to increase green energy usage in the United States. The company is holding a one-day event to bring people up to speed on the programs that are still available and what it takes to collect the benefits they offer. The event will also explain how using solar energy helps save the planet, reduce waste, and protect residents from rising energy costs.

"Global Industrial Lead Acid Battery Market 2014-2018" Published

LogoAn industrial lead acid battery is an electronic storage device that contains lead electrodes along with diluted sulfuric acid, which acts as an electrolyte. Each cell in a lead acid battery generates electrical power of around two volts. Although lead acid batteries have very low energy-to-weight and energy-to-volume ratios, they have the ability to supply high surge current. Surge current is the maximum current consumed by an electrical device when it is switched on. The ability of lead acid batteries to supply high surge current combined with their cost-effectiveness is driving the demand in the Global Industrial Lead Acid Battery market.

Global Clean Coal Technologies Market 2014-2018 - New Study Released

LogoClean coal refers to the process of reducing carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants that arise from the burning of coal for power generation to the minimum possible level. SC, USC, and IGCC technologies are clean coal technologies that are widely used for setting up new-build coal-fired power plants. The more sophisticated the technology, the higher the steam pressure and temperature requirement is for operating the plant. As a result, the thermal efficiencies improve with the usage of more sophisticated technology. As well as these three technologies, CCS is also an upcoming technology, which is capable of reducing carbon emissions drastically by 80-90 percent. This technology is used in conjunction with SC, USC or IGCC plants.

Targray Obtains ISCC Certification

LogoTargray, a leader in North American biodiesel supply and industry frontrunner for biodiesel best practices, has achieved its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) accreditation under the SCS Global Services Responsible Biofuel Program.

Crystal Lite Solar Savings Announces Solar Panel Installations for Summer 2014

LogoGet the most of the summer sun with brand new residential solar energy panels. Crystal Lite Solar Savings, authorized Westinghouse Solar dealer and solar panel installers in NJ and PA, have announced solar installation services for summer 2014. Harness the power of the sun this summer and start saving money and the environment today.

Buildings Magazine Selects Point Six Wireless WiFi CO2 Sensor Technology as a Money Saving Product Winner

Point Six Wireless™ is pleased to announce that BUILDINGS Magazine has selected the battery powered WiFi CO2 and temperature transmitter, distributed by AirTest, as a 2014 Money-Saving Product winner. The TR9299-WiFi joins an elite group of 97 products showcased on the magazine’s June 2014 issue.

Dixie Foam Provides Insulation for Attics to Save Money and Conserve Energy in Mississippi

LogoThere are certain areas of a house that are more prone to air infiltration than others, including the attic. It is important to have a well insulted attic and the professionals at Dixie Foam LLC offer installation services for those who want to save as much money as possible by conserving energy. The quality of a home’s insulation can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how much energy is conserved, and spray foam is considered to be one of the best options when it comes to preventing air infiltration in any type of structure.

Global Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Market (Applications, Technology, Geography) - Reports and Intelligence

LogoGlobal light emanating diode (LED) market for lighting application incorporates LED for different lighting purposes, for example, general lighting, automotive, signals & signage and backlighting. The LED market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 6.30% from 2011 to 2016. The scope for LED lights is anticipated to have a substantial scope in the following five to seven years as it is the most energy efficient light in the market. Due to its increasing consumption of energy, the report expects the energy cost to rise by 45% by 2020. Rising energy cost is the key factor driving the LED market.

Report Published: "Completion Equipment Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019"

LogoCompletion Equipment Market by Type (Packers, Sand Control Tools, Multi-Stage Fracturing Tools, Liner Hangers, Smart Wells, Safety Valves, and Other) & Geography - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019

"Philippines Petrochemicals Report Q3 2014" Published

LogoThe commencement of operations at JG Summit's cracker project in Q214 will integrate downstream polymers production with a domestic feedstock source, enabling the Philippines' petrochemicals industry to become more competitive, according to BMI 's latest Philippines Petrochemicals Report.

"Spain Petrochemicals Report Q3 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe Spanish petrochemicals industry is witnessing strengthening growth following a period of a sharp and prolonged downturn. Strong export growth will be key to the revival of the sector, but the industry will not get back to previous levels of production due to permanent plant closures in recent years, according to BMI's latest Spain Petrochemicals Report.