Free Article Directory Achieves New Milestone with Over 10,000 Articles Submitted- Users Getting High Quality Backlinks


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2011 -- The Article Place, a free article directory, is announcing their new milestone of 10,000 article submissions.

Today, the term “Content is king” is widely used by internet marketers. It points to the fact that content is one of the most important factors to a website’s success. Google and the other search engines want to know that a website is contributing quality content to the internet, and as such, article websites have been growing in popularity over the last several years.

But what many internet marketers don’t know is that many article websites are actually detrimental to a website’s ranking in the search results. Article directories have been popping up in all corners of the internet, and while most of them still have zero page ranks (or worse, they are labeled as ‘spam’ sites by Google), the search engines actually punish those websites that are consistently linked to them.

By answering the huge demand for a free article directory that allows a wide variety of articles while maintaining high quality content, The Article Place has been getting a lot of attention (and submissions) from the internet marketing community over the past several months.

The free article directory boasts over 20,000 articles and authors and has recently announced their new submission process that approves articles within 12 hours of submission.

An author can come to The Article Place and submit his/her story knowing that it will sit among other high quality articles, get read by real people who are looking for quality information, and give powerful backlinks that will look good in the eyes of the search engines.

Readers can come to the directory and know that they will find high quality content from reputable sources. They can find information on any number of subjects, and avoid the barrage of misappropriated information common to “shoddy” free article directories so prevalent on the internet today.

According to Jessica Sinclair, who comes to The Article Place several times a week to submit her articles: “We get a fair amount of visits from The Article Place. People know it’s a free article directory that provides high quality content, and most people that land on our site from our articles are high quality leads. As an internet marketer it’s tricky to find good places to put your content- especially when everything has to be 100% unique. But with the visits and high quality backlinks we get from The Article Place it has proved to be an integral part of the success of our online operation.”

This sentiment seems to be shared by the majority of authors and internet marketers who use The Article Place. For a free article directory, it is one of the best in the business. To learn more about The Article Place, visit: