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Eastbourne, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2019 -- Happy Kombucha, one of the UK's leading suppliers of kombucha and other helpful probiotics, are renowned throughout the health industries not only for the amazing selection of products that they offer but also for the expert advice and information that they share on a regular basis. Recently the company have recently shared information in regards to vegetable fermentation on their blog, encouraging their customers to revel in the health benefits that fermented veggies offer!

In the post from the company, it is easy to discover the health benefits of consuming fermented vegetables, and to get to know all of the best-fermented vegetable combinations to try! A couple of takeaways from the article included:

- Fermented vegetables add good bacteria to the gun, strengthening the immune system and regulating appetite

- Fermented vegetables contain B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and digestive enzymes

- You can ferment any type of vegetable, some are just harder than others

- Fermented vegetables should be regularly consumes to take advantage of full health benefits and advantages

The full post from the company is available here: https://happykombucha.co.uk/blogs/happykombucha-1/fermented-vegetables-simple-delicious-and-rich-in-probiotics

Happy Kombucha sell one of the widest and most impressive collections of vegetable fermentation equipment, all of which can be ordered online at www.happykombucha.co.uk.

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Happy Kombucha is the UK's number one supplier of Organically grown Scobies and brewing equipment designed for brewing kombucha tea, incredibly passionate about growing the kombucha tea drinking community. Anyone looking to buy a probiotic drinks, brewing equipment or anything else related such as vegan kefir should visit the Happy Kombucha website right away where they will definitely be able to find everything that they are looking for and more.

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