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Recently Released Market Study: Pre-Paid Cards in Mexico

According to a study named "Money Laundering" conducted by the Congress, roughly US$10.0 billion was laundered in Mexico during 2012, which represented slightly over 3% of the country's GDP. It took almost two years for the law initiative, sent by former president Felipe Calderon to the Congress in 2010, to see the light in August 2012, when the so-called "Ley Antilavado" (anti-money laundering law) was finally approved. Under this new law, a group of "vulnerable activities" was delineated,...

RTD Tea in Slovenia - New Report Available

RTD tea continued to show declines in total volume and current value sales in 2013 as Slovenia's economic crisis led consumers to reduce non-essential spending. Rising health awareness also undermined demand in the category, as these products tend to be high in sugar and artificial additives. As a result of these trends, total volume and current value declines were larger than the corresponding averages for the entire review period.

Everyone Deserves Love! A Growing Community of HIV and Gay Singles Unite Online

Popular HIV dating site has recently partnered with the HIV and Gay, a Facebook page designed to build a larger community for gay HIV singles worldwide ( The goal of the partnership is to celebrate life and love, and to create a supportive community of out and proud, HIV positive gay singles.

Relay Spray Launches Innovative Antibacterial Spray to the Market

Relay Spray introduces an effective range of ready and easy-to-use antibacterial spray for restaurants, hotels and cafes to benefit from. The antibacterial spray is purposefully designed for the re-laying of table-tops, after their service. These bottles are unique in the sense that they are specifically designed to be odourless, and chemically formulated to not damage the lacquer used on contract wooden table-tops.

Out-N-Out Marketing Goes Digital for Promoting Brands Online

Out-n-Out Marketing, one of the oldest and most renowned promotional retailers, has launched its official Web site recently for promoting the products of different brands throughout the virtual world. By tapping the power of Internet, the merchandise has taken a smart step to build brand awareness online so that it becomes easier for different businesses to fulfill their corporate goals.

XS Radio Show Brings a Whole New Twist to Your Typical Web Radio Show, with a One Hour Non-Stop Mix of the Best Dance Tracks of the Moment

XS, The Concept: Xclusive Session (XS) is a show produced and hosted by Romain Garden.Introducing the brand new concept of a bilingual Dance Radio Show in French and in English.

Borrowers Can Avert Getting Indebted with the Help of Payday Loan Help

Payday loans seem the best choice to get money quickly and easily. People usually opt for payday loans to meet certain excess expense but typically find them rather burdened by the lenders. The harassment that borrowers face is best known to them alone. Payday Loan Help offers crucial advice, great tactics, useful tools and formal templates to people who can’t pay payday loans. The resources offered at the site can help borrowers pay off loans on their terms and prevent them from getting indebted. They are also useful to those who already have considerable debt upon them. The resources can prevent further increment of debt as well as waiver the interests.

The Magic of Making Up Review - Highly Recommended Tips to Get Back with the Ex

The Magic of Making Up is a phenomenal guide which gives the readers a through step-by-step method to fix the broken relationship. This e-Book does not just explain what should be done: it will hold on to the readers and help them get through it. People may find this crazy but this is the truth. Reality is, there is no other course online or in any bookstore that can help fix relationships with ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that is remotely close to The Magic of Making Up.

A Forever Good-Bye to Herpes - Get Rid of Herpes Review

Sarah Wilcox, the woman behind the creation of Get Rid of Herpes, has brilliantly formulated a way of cleansing the body from the virus responsible for the eruption of dreadful herpes infection. Additionally, the eBook also provides valuable information on natural and immediate methods to eliminate remedial herpes blisters from the body. Get Rid of Herpes consists of content which is designed to work for both men and women. This eBook is getting widely acclaimed and has created shock waves in the entire holistic community. To further mention, Sarah Wilcox has detailed a simple natural method to eliminate herpes from the body in Get Rid of Herpes and there is absolutely no talk about herbal supplements or topical ointments. Has Fantastic Offers on Thiruvananthapuram Hotel Bookings is India’s best travel website that has exciting deals for flights and hotel bookings. It has launched a new online campaign, “Go On India” to provide daily discounts on to its customers. Today, it is announcing exciting offers and best deals on Thiruvananthapuram hotel bookings. Has Fantastic Discounts on Coimbatore City Hotel Bookings is the top website in India for booking your hotels and flights and it has started its new online campaign, “Go On India” to benefit enthusiastic travellers with daily discounts on bookings for hotels across the country. Today, Goibibo is pleased to offer fantastic discounts on hotel bookings in Coimbatore city.

Allstate Trade Offering Products from the Field of Automobile and Chemical Industry

Shaanxi Allstate Technology and Trade Company Limited specialises in the manufacture and export of numerous mechanical parts and spare items. In total, the company manufactures 10 kinds of products namely forgings, castings, sheet-metal parts, machining parts, spring, chain, valves, manhole covers, decoration parts and gear box. To meet the requirements of the customers, the company ensures that each and every stage of the production process is controlled strictly. Other than being a manufacturing and trading professional, the company provides OEM services as well. Addition to that, it also engages itself in doing some surface treatments and machining operations if needed. Acquires ZeroBlock, the Killer App for Bitcoin

Bitcoin icon is proud to announce the acquisition of ZeroBlock: a leading mobile application for iPhone and Android devices.

HANSAPAKEND OÜ Launches New Website

LogoA specialist in industrial packaging, HANSAPAKEND OÜ has recently launched its new website. The detailed website provides a wide range of information for customers and potential customers, enabling website visitors to find out more about the company in general as well as about the goods and services that are offered.

Mobile Applications Development Is the Latest Innovation in the IT Sector.

Mobile application development is generally linked to the development of software application of portable and small gadgets like tablet PCs, Smartphone’s, personal digital assistants and business manager. These mobile programs or applications are possibly placed inside the unit through the producing method by the company, downloaded by the consumer itself from the numerous application program distribution companies or internet applications. The rising need for improved effectiveness in Smartphone’s has created the demand of sophisticated applications for their Smartphone’s.

YaCai Display Limited Presents a Range of Cardboard Displays

Storage is something which concerns stores across the globe. People tend to search for options to make storage easier and creative. These ideas are basically aimed to provide a good look to the place besides adding the functional value. Moreover, with increased portability and people relocating from one place to the other, the demand for storage units which can be folded or dismantled with ease has increased substantially. One such thing which has been popular in the recent times is the cardboard display units which store documents, household materials, baby care essentials, and much more.

Seen on ABC and Fox News, Prosolution Plus Is a Powerful Pill to Cure ED and Boost Staying Power in Men

Some of the most common sexual problems that most men suffer with include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Almost one third of all men known to suffer with ejaculatory problem.

Good Quality Sports Turf for All Types of Sporting Activities

Artificial sports turfs have become common these days. Artificial grass makes the ground look good and makes it perfect for the sporting activity to be held. This is a sophisticated area and only professionals can create the sports turfs that meet the requirements. One of those companies that specialize in making good quality sports turf is Suntex-turf. While getting the sports turf the professionals make a proper survey and provide suggestions for the sports turf that would suit the ground.

RE/MAX Real Estate Nicaragua Helps Clients Find the Perfect Investment, Retirement and Vacation Plans

LogoThe largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is undergoing a radical transformation as it is poised to become worthy of investment and set to become a massive tourist attraction. It is a natural beauty that draws the attention of many who enjoy fine, tropical living. Nicaragua is also reinventing itself as one of the safest countries to be in the western hemisphere - a far cry from the country's revolutionary past. For more than two decades, Nicaragua has been known as a democratic country.

New Co-Working and Co-Living Hub Takes Freelancers and Entrepreneurs to Exotic Locations

Following the location independence trend, made popular by recent self-proclaimed digital nomads, a new European startup named nomadicHUB brings entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote employees together, to work and live in a rented villa in an exotic location. Instead of choosing one fixed location the startup organizes month-long events in different locations and with different themes.

Hytek Offers Highly Efficient Piusi Pumps for a Reliable and Effortless Fuel Transfer

Hytek offers high quality and efficient Piusi pumps for a reliable and effortless fuel transfer. They stock a complete range of Piusi pumps with a proven track record transferring diesel or bio-diesel. Apart from Piusi, they also have a varied range of fuel transfer pumps from their own Hytek brand. Their fuel transfer pumps, apart from being performance oriented, are also precise and cost-effective in providing fuel transfer.

Automated Fare Collection System to Drive the Indian Smart Card Market

LogoA new report from IMARC Group entitled “Smart Card Industry in India: SIM, Identity, Banking, Transport, Healthcare, Pay TV, Loyalty & PDS” finds that the demand of smart cards in the automated fare collection system is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% during 2013-2018. Smart cards enjoy a significant advantage over conventional tickets/tokens in various modes of transport. Passengers using these cards don’t have to spend a considerable amount of time standing in long queues to buy tickets/tokens. Moreover, smart cards also bring special offers to customers in the form of discounts, for instance, users of smart cards in the Delhi Metro get a 10% discount on every journey.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies for Businesses and Websites

Online businesses or websites need to have strategic marketing plans in order to sustain the competition, become a leading brand as well as staying in the business for a longer period of time and make profits. In order to fulfill these and other personal business goals, they need to hire professional internet marketing companies such as Godward Marketing who offer solutions that will help businesses meet their business goals. This company offers SEO marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization which is nothing but letting customers find a business or website easily through a variety of search engines. Receiving substantial organic traffic through high traffic keywords related to the business is the major purpose here.

Popular Philippine Dating Site,, Is Now Available in a Mobile Version is pleased to announce that the popular dating website is available in a mobile version. Members can now contact, e-mail and chat with other members from a smart phone, tablet or other type of mobile device, making Filipina dating easier than ever. With the increase of smart phone and tablet use outside of the home, this is an excellent addition to the numerous features that offers to its members.

Huy Van Hoang Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser to Help Everyone Design a Website of Their Own Style

LogoThis project brings people a special experience of creating their own website quickly and completely for free. With a few operations of clicking, dragging, and dropping, they will have a high security, personalized website which they can design anytime. With many effect options, users can use their creativity to build unique interfaces of their own style. Listing Medical Specialists Offering Physiotherapy in Delhi Concerning Women's Health, one of the most comprehensive search engines in India’s for finding doctors and dentists online, is now listing medical specialists who offer the best physiotherapy in Delhi, especially concerned towards women’s health.

Kama Jewellery Offers Exquisitely Manufactured Gold, Diamond, Platinum Jewellery at Affordable Price

Kama Jewellery is the best when it comes to stylish, modern as well as traditional diamond, gold and platinum jewellery. The company offers wide range of jewellery for men and women at affordable price and enables you create your own style statement.