Press Releases For AR - Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway (US)

Seeds Family Worship Releases "The Character of God"

The team behind Seeds Family Worship spent a year studying what the Bible says about God’s character. The result is an album containing 10 Scripture songs exploring the many facets of God’s character.

ControlScan Certifies As Safe Shopping Site

In an effort to increase its internet security, MetricBikes Superstore announced that it has partnered with ControlScan, an industry leader in internet security. This agreement illustrates MetricBikes Superstore’s continued commitment to the highest possible security standards. ControlScan will work with MetricBikes Superstore to maximize consumer confidence, ensure privacy standards and assist MetricBikes Superstore with meeting the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) compliance security standards.

New Website Helps Customers Identify Authentic Research Chemicals

Recently, reports show that there has been an increase in the level of recognition and prestige in research chemical. Ever since the popular media coverage in this field, there has been a further surge in the amount of purchases through the online merchants.

Chiropractic Marketing Websites Reveals the Importance of Sites for Doctor

No matter how good a chiropractor is, he or she won't be as successful as possible without an effective website. This is because many would-be patients now head straight to the internet to find professionals and learn about them. To a prospective patient, the process is much like that of looking for a plumber or a roofer. The first stop is the search engine, and anyone who doesn't show up on it might as well not exist. Once the list of sites is on the screen, each one is checked out in turn along with any reviews that come up. The one that's the most impressive gets the appointment.

Dr. Steve Mangan Has Been a Regular Guest at KARK to Share More Knowledge About Dental Care

LogoThe Mangan Dental Group - Dr. Steve Mangan has been a well known Dental clinic for the people living here in Little Rock, Arkansas. The dentists working here are among the best that are available in Little Rock. Dr. Steve Mangan, a well experienced dentist is known to have set up the clinic so that they may get a chance to serve the people in their locality.

Why You Need to Know Everything About Your Dentist - Advice by Dr. Steve Mangan

LogoIn recent times, dental care has been an important part of the healthcare industry. Along with the other illnesses, oral health is something that people are looking up to. There are very few dentists who professionally work hard to deliver the best possible dental treatments. It has been long since dental health is no more limited to the fillings and dental implants. It also includes various techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry that help keep the smile beautiful. Dr. Steve Mangan, the head of the “Mangan Dental Group – Dr. Steve Mangan”, has been offering a variety of dental health solutions to people in Little Rock. Their Clinic is known to be among the most trusted ones that offer reliable solutions for Cosmetic Dentistry here in Little Rock.

Dr. Steve Mangan Shares Patient's Top Questions & Fears About Dental Implants

LogoServing Little Rock since many years now, the dentists at Mangan Dental Group - Dr. Steve Mangan have made sure that they offer special dental treatment for patients looking out for an easier and pain free solution for their dental problems. With the experience of dealing with patients belonging to different ages, the dentists here have made sure that they make use of the most promising advanced technologies that make the treatment easier and faster.

Mangan Dental Group Offers Advanced Medical Cure for TMJ Treatment in Little Rock, AR

LogoIt has been years since the dental professional’s team at Mangan Dental Group, headed by Dr. Steve Mangan has been delivering the best dental treatment and solutions to their patients. They have focused on delivering the best possible services that will help one live a satisfied and a happier life. Dr. Steve Mangan, along with his team have made sure they have been making use of the most advanced technologies that can ease the treatment and also cause less pain to the patients. This group of Dentists in Little Rock has also been successful in being one among the most trusted groups in the city.

Mckinney Tire & Auto Partners with BizIQ

Mckinney Tire & Auto, a tire service and auto repair shop serving Faulkner County, AR, has formed a marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

Mangandental Group Has Added Videos on Website for Better Understanding of Dental Health

LogoAs a renowned dentist in Little Rock, Dr. Steve Mangan offers the best possible care to children as well as adults in a soothing atmosphere. Mangan Dental Group offers a wide range of services including sedation dentistry, dental implants, invisalign orthodontic treatment, one appointment crown and inlays, and cosmetic dentistry in Little Rock.

Mangandetal Offers Natural, Safe & Effective Teeth Whitening for Only $49

LogoEverybody knows that the first impression is the last impression and for everyone that first impression come from their smile. A beautiful smile with nice teeth makes that possible because these are the things that are noticed at first place in every meeting. People feel embarrassed when they have a nice smile, but dirty or ugly teeth.

Mangan Dental Offers Invisalign System with the New Advanced Technology

LogoIt is well known that the first impression is the last impression. A person’s smile is the first thing that comes in sight as the first impression. Everybody loves the beautiful smile with beautiful looking teeth. Teeth improve the people look and confidence, so teeth should be straight and white. All these things bring cosmetic dentistry into the picture. Earlier to make the teeth straight, metal wires or braces were used. This did not look good and were unable to give a beautiful smile as the braces acted as a hindrance. But with the technology revolution, many innovations have taken place. Cosmetic dentistry is also one of the technological advancements in the field of dental treatment. This has brought an alternative to these metal braces, in the form of Invisalign. Invisalign is an alignment treatment that can help to get back the beautiful smile by making the teeth straight within a lesser time of may be just 9 to 15 months. Mangan Dental p - Dr. Steve Mangan offers this innovative dental technology with The Invisalign System that promises to give one the beautiful straight teeth without the need to wear metal braces on them. It is totally invisible to the eyes so that nobody will ever get to know what is done with the teeth. Before installing the system, for mapping the treatment Dr. Mangan uses a computer 3d imaging system using with a set of custom made aligners prepared for the patients. For replacing the custom made aligners (when teeth are shifted to the predetermined position) a patient has to visit the clinic every 6 to 10 weeks just for a few minutes. Some major problems occurring in teeth include spacing between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, uneven and tipped teeth. From Invisalign, a patient can get the beautiful teeth and smile that will have no problems with chewing or biting food. In this system, for moving the teeth into position, a sequence of clear, removable aligners is used instead of braces and wires so there is no worry about metal wires or braces. One need not have to conceal his mouth to hide the ugly braces in the teeth. There will be no irritation in mouth and mouth hygiene will be improved. Moreover, this has no restrictions on food and beverages. The Invisalign System is also beneficial for the reason that brushing and flossing is easier than the old metal process. Therefore, The Invisalign System is much more comfortable than the metal braces. It is truly a great system that helps to get the desired straighten teeth with a beautiful and confident smile.

Enroll with Mangan Dental and Avail Lifetime Teeth Whitening in Just $49

LogoAlmost everyone would love to put their pearly whites on display when they laugh. But only a handful can boast of white teeth as the natural shine of tooth is lost with time. This is especially true for those who have discolored stained or yellow teeth due to poor oral hygiene, consumption of tobacco, or because of drinking dark-colored liquids such as cola, coffee, tea, etc. For all those suffering from surface (extrinsic) stains, Mangan Dental Group brings and effective solution via its lifetime teeth whitening offer. Introduces Durable Exercise Sandbags for Military Inspired Fitness

As a New Year's Resolution, weight loss is perpetually at the top of yearly lists for most popular resolutions. However, along with the trend to lose weight, still others are seeking to get in better shape, too. With this trend in mind, owner Dale Kirksey has launched a campaign to make muscle building enthusiasts aware of the benefits of exercise sandbags. Says Kirksey, "Sandbag workouts are as old as the sand. Some of these exercises are new to sandbag training, and some are as old as the sand. I cannot overemphasize the importance and effectiveness of sandbag training. In my opinion, it is superior to any iron training."

Smith Poodles Understands Dogs and What Buyers Want and Need when Obtaining a Poodle

According to the American Kennel Club, poodles continue to be very popular animals, coming in at number 8 in terms of the number of registered dogs in the country in 2012. When one goes to choose a poodle, they may do so for the beauty of the animal, yet poodles possess many other characteristics which make them desirable pets. Poodles are exceptionally active and smart and do wonderful in obedience training and buyers can choose from three size varieties and a variety of solid colors. "When choosing your new pet, be sure to consider standard poodle puppies registered with the AKC to ensure you get an animal that is well socialized and ready to become a member of your family," Mick Smith of Smith Poodles declares.

Now Find Professional and Certified Industry Contractors for Roof Repair in Little Rock Arkansas and Surrounding Areas

In the everyday rush, people often tend to overlook one of the most significant components ofa home, business, or any building – its roof. Roofs are often neglected because their exterior is out of the view most of the time and a problem is detected only when the damage reaches the interiors. A roof protects the building from the vagaries of weather and also safeguards the occupants and all the valuable interiors of the building. Often badly maintained roofs ask for a costly repair and thus lead to severe inconvenience. Reports Vital Points of Running Wholesale Makeup Business

Practically all women love makeup. Many own several types of makeup for different applications and uses, all to do one thing: prettify. When it comes to buying such beauty products, it is important to select the best brands that are known for truly delivering the looks-enhancing trick. Needless to say, however, many women tend to settle for the cheaper brands because the best ones can be expensive. Even people who are selling or distributing makeup are often taken aback by the too pricey products that require huge business capital.

New Alignment Laser System - Bar Feeder

Laser Tools Co., Inc. introduces a new Bar Feeder Alignment System that features an instantaneous set-up using a self-centering laser tool (95% faster than traditional methods), accommodates bores as small as ¾" diameter, is very compact and portable, is AAA battery operated and significantly increases machine availability by 95%. The laser beam is straight to +/- .010" @10 feet.

1 Stop Storage to Provide 24 Hour Self Storage and Moving Services

1 Stop Storage is a company that is offering a solution for the community’s growing demand for storage system and moving needs. The company is the perfect storage facility that offers all types of storage services for storing household item and, equipment.

Little Rock Storage Offers Storage Units, Serving Households and Businesses in Little Rock

Little Rock Storage is offering storage units and storage items for households and businesses located in Little Rock. The company is offering these storage units and items to ensure that households and businesses will have their own place where they can place their valuable yet excess things for safekeeping.

The Villas at Northwood Creek: The Perfect Place to Settle

The Villas at Northwood Creek is the perfect place to settle and raise a family. It is also the ideal place where one can take a break and relax after a long time of working. The community at The Villas in Northwood Creek is considered as the most ideal place where one can feel and have that ambience of a friendly neighborhood. Individuals can also feel the presence and be close to nature when they choose to live at the Villa.

DePuy ASR Metal on Metal Hip Failure Rate May Be as High as 37%

In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson issued a Depuy ASR recall; however, 93,000 people worldwide had already received the implant. When the Depuy ASR was recalled Johnson & Johnson indicated this metal on metal hip implant only had a 13% failure rate. But internal documents recently released as part of the lawsuit, reveals the failure rate could be as high as 37%. This is substantially higher than what consumers were previously led to believe.

Law Offices of Lisa Douglas Urges All Metal on Metal Hip Implant Patients to Get a Blood Test for Metal Poisoning

There are an estimated 500,000 recipients of metal on metal hip implants in the United States. Due to metal being released into the blood stream and causing tissue damage as well as damage to organs and bones, all metal on metal hip implant recipients should get their blood tested for cobalt and chromium levels and call Law Offices of Lisa Douglas sat 501-798-0004 should they have any questions.

What to Expect on the Follow Up Visits for a Metal on Metal Hip Implant

If you have experienced any pain or decreased hip function approximately 3 or more months after your metal on metal hip implant surgery, you should follow up immediately with your doctor.

Lisa Douglas Explains Concerns Regarding Metal on Metal Hip Implants

In metal on metal hip implants, the metal ball and the metal cup rub against each other during ambulation. Metal can also be released from anywhere the components touch. This causes tiny metal particles to be deposited into the space around the implant causing tissue death. Some of the metal ions such as cobalt and chromium originating from the metal implant itself or from the metal particles produced from the friction will enter the bloodstream.

Lisa Douglas RN/Attorney Recognized Once Again as Best Attorney in the Stephens Media North Little Rock Times Poll

Lisa Douglas, recognized as best attorney for the fourth consecutive year. In the 2012 NLR Times Poll published by Stephens media, Lisa Douglas has once again been recognized as best attorney.

Arkansas HARP Refinancing Specialist Uses New HARP 2.0 Program to Help Seriously Underwater Arkansas Homeowners Lower Their Interest Rates

Updated HARP 2.0 government program provides refinancing options to Arkansas homeowners who are living under negative equity by allowing them to refinance at lower interest rates.