Manufacturing Press Releases

Honeywell Deploys Seegrid AGV Pallet Trucks for Productivity and Efficiency Gains

Honeywell, located in Pleasant Prairie, WI, recently installed Seegrid automated guided vehicles (AGVs)—GP8 pallet trucks. Honeywell is using the Seegrid AGVs to transport raw materials such as copper coils, cables, and wire spools to manufacturing and deliver the finished goods to the warehouse.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Expands Steel Strapping and Baling Wire Product Lines

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has introduced a new line of steel strapping for sale. The new product keeps with their tradition of the highest quality parts. Steel strapping is used for reinforcing shipments. Unitizing and bundling improve the handling of larger shipments. Regular duty is made to precise gauges, widths, and finishes, both painted and waxed. High tensile strapping is made from cold rolled steel, heat treated for extra strength and protected with shock resistance always.

MDI Provides a Wide Range of Thermoplastic Materials at Wholesale

Whether is a simple Do it yourself task or a major repairing task, things such as nuts, screws and a few components that may be needed to fix something. There are many furniture components that can also be included in this list of necessary items. Manufacturing and Design, Inc. also known as MDI is a company that has been manufacturing these components in order to make it easier for the customers to find them under one roof. It has been 25 long years since MDI has been dealing with healthcare, beauty, display, furniture and technology needs of the people. It is a people centric company that has focused majorly on customer satisfaction rather than gaining profits for themselves. The range of products they provide range from the basic screws and nuts that may be required for basic pieces of furniture, to the door and window hinges and handles. They have also begun manufacturing various customizable furniture components such as knobs, glides, caster wheels and many more.

"Global Micro Electric Vehicles Market 2014-2018" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoMicro electric vehicles are driven by electric battery propulsion with a power rating of 4-10 KWh and are generally two to four-seater vehicles. This class of vehicles was earlier considered to belong to the category of electric vehicles, but as a result of the increased demand for this product and rapid growth of the market, they now form a separate market category.

Global Forging Industry 2014-2018: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoForging is a process in which metals are shaped into desired designs by applying compressive forces. This technique is very robust amid several metal shaping techniques because of the strength acquired by the metal during forging. Some metals are processed hot while others are processed cold. There are a number of forging methods such as Closed Die, Press, Upset, Open Die, Cold Die Forging, and Closed Die Forging for Non-ferrous metals. The Automotive industry is the major end-user of forging products along with several other end-users such as Engineering, Machinery, Defense, and Railways.

Expert Art Handlers in NYC, Cirkers Offers Incomparable Packing and Crafting Services

LogoPossessing expert art handlers in NYC, Cirkers now offers unmatched packing and crafting services at the most competitive prices. The company’s internal staff possesses the experience of more than a century in the particulars of packing and crafting of fine art, antiques and decorative art. Indeed, it is true that the crafting designs are seamlessly designed for augmenting the beneficial factors of the latest technologies and materials. No one has to worry about the quality, as they will undoubtedly offer customers the highest-quality materials. In addition to this, they are more suitable for the objects that are being packed and used for the process. The complete range of packing services also includes the finest wrapping and packing materials for one-way shipping, tough museum quality, one-way and round-trip crates, durable travel frames that exceed industry standards, and multiple use traveling exhibition crates.

Custom Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Toll Supplier, Wasatch Labs, Is Favored by Adam Paul Green as a Private Label Manufacturer

LogoWasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years.

Adam Paul Green Recommends Wasatch Liquid-Contract Manufacturer's New Nutritional Technology

LogoThe purpose of this press release is to announce that Mr. Adam Paul Green, the G3-Development Founder, has just announced he will speak with Wasatch Liquid Contract Manufacturer and Nutritional Supplement Supplier Lab, concerning their "801- Nutritional Technology" on his weekly webinar, which is hosted from from his virtual office in Garland, Texas.

Adam Green Ratifies the Utah Business Plan Focus for Wasatch Labs Private Label Supplement Co-Packer Equity Laboratory Production Expansion

LogoG3 Development and Wasatch Contract Manufacturing Founder, Adam Paul Green, has just announced he will speak with Wasatch Liquid Contract Manufacturer. Wasatch Contract Manufacturing is a private label nutritional beverage co-packer providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities.

Runsom Precision Co. Ltd. Offers High Quality Custom Machining Parts at Competitive Prices

Based in China, Runsom Precision Co. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of machined parts. The company offers a complete collection of customized machining parts of the best quality at highly reasonable prices.

Cole Prince Named Manager of Product Development at Hytrol Conveyor

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, continues to hire due to expanding growth. Hytrol welcomed Cole Prince as Manager of Product Development. Prince is a graduate of Arkansas State University who has resided in the Jonesboro area for the past decade.

What Is and Is Not Working in Warehouses Theme of New E-Zine

LogoLeaders are looking for a competitive advantage, have dynamic and experienced sales forces, and have a corporate culture which is customer-focused and intent on building long-term relationships with satisfied customers. This is spoiled when a single product is not correctly picked. Picking Perfection will share methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of industries. The weekly newsletter will examine what is and is not working.

DualDraw Announces Availability of Durable & Self-Contained Down Draft Tables

LogoDualDraw announces the availability of durable and self-contained down draft tables at the most competitive prices. These tables are manufactured with ® Airflow Technology that are designed by the compact air filtration solution to maximize safety. In addition to this, collection efficiency will then minimize the shop floor space. Their professionals have designed the units with perfect consideration, while providing portability to customers.

DualDraw Offering Downdraft Booths of Self Contained Collection Hoods

LogoWith an aim to create a cleaner environment in dust-prone industries, DualDraw offers downdraft booths of self-contained collection hoods by using ®Airflow Technology. The company’s professionals design these products with the utmost care and take into account the latest strategies. One can clearly look over the downdraft booth’s air filtration solution, which is particularly designed to safe guard operators through extreme containment of airborne particulate.

Prototype Casting Now Processes Zinc Casting by Using in-House Tooling Department

LogoSetting up new technologies, while offering services that leave no stone unturned, Prototype Casting now processes zinc casting with the use of their in-house tooling department. With their abilities to work with the utmost proficiencies, they can even cut a hard tool from steel. Further, the molten metal is then inserted into the cavity under high pressure filling thin walls and small features. The metal solidifies speedily and the die opens up to eject the castings; the tools will be single or multi-cavity depending on the quantity necessities.

Hytrol Conveyor Featured in Efficient Manufacturing

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, was featured in the current issue of Efficient Manufacturing magazine. The article, titled, “Rigorous Testing To Conveyor Success,” was authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler.

New Market Study, "Global Injection Molding Machine Market 2014-2018 ", Has Been Published

LogoInjection molding machines are used in the production of various plastic products. Material is injected into the mold by an injection molding process. Injection molding of thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics is performed using these machines. Materials commonly used in injection molding are nylon, polystyrene, ethylene, polycarbonate, and polypropylene. Injection molding machines facilitate the fast production of plastic parts with reduced waste and at low cost. These machines are mainly used in the Packaging, Automobile, and Medical Equipment industries. They are also used for applications in the Electrical/Electronics and Construction industries.

White Mountain Process Unveils Industrial Mixing Options

Many people are used to products ranging from paint to pills, but don't put much thought into how those things are created. At White Mountain Process, however, the "hows" of mixing compounds are foremost in mind. The company makes mixers that can handle all sorts of products and materials at this stage of production.

Wire Technologies Now Offering Customized Machining Services This Summer

LogoWith the amount of industries in need of machined parts, their specifications and requirements are going to vary. To appease their entire customer base, Wire Technologies is proud to announce they are now offering customized machining services this summer. Operating in a state of the art facility in South Florida, their full service machine shop has the equipment necessary to produce quality finishes for all machined parts.

An Emerging Business Playing a Part in the Green Industry

Industrialization radically refashioned the business world by creating a promising future through the manufacture and processing of products in large scale. Unfortunately this economic breakthrough has brought many long-term negative effects due to the challenge of management of non-biodegradable wastes. The result is the tragic irreversible pollution of our environment. Even though the last decade increased environmental awareness with numerous eco-friendliness campaigns, most of the corporate world consumed with profit maximization lacks the moral sense to take up the responsibility to make the necessary changes for a better world.

System Insights Promotes Rick Moran to President

System Insights (SI) announced that Rick Moran has been promoted to President and COO of the company from his current position as COO. In this new capacity Moran will be responsible for managing all aspects of company operations. Co-Founder, Will Sobel, continues as CEO and Chairman of the companies’ Board of Directors.

Concut NSW Offers Fast and Dependable Deep Core Drilling Services in Sydney

LogoThe process of cutting a perfect cylindrical part from concrete, walls, pavements, etc. is defined as core drilling. From the definition, it becomes evident that the entire process is tedious and requires gallant efforts. Besides, it requires meticulous safety measures and approach to perform perfectly. Hiring a professional is the recommended choice for deep core drilling.

Longevity Has Affordable AC DC TIG Welders

Longevity is a reliable name among manufacturing companies owing to its heavy duty welding equipment. The company offers advanced range of ACDC TIG welder models known for their accuracy and high quality. ACDC TIG welders are suitable for welding all types of metals including aluminum and enable the requisite heat control during thinner welding applications.

C&B Equipment Recently Launched YouTube Channel

LogoC&B equipment, formerly cullum & Brown, recently published their educational YouTube channel. This channel offers viewers numerous tutorial videos filled with industry experienced information regarding pumps, blowers, engines and compressors—from experts with a combined 50+ years in the industry.

New Market Study, "Global AC Drives Market 2014-2018", Has Been Published

LogoA drive is an adjustable speed device that regulates the speed and direction of motors. Adjustment is done by varying the current flow through the motor. Drives are classified on the basis of the type of current into two broad categories: AC drives and DC drives. AC drives are used to control AC electric motors, while DC drives are used for DC electric motors. Drives are widely used in manufacturing industries to regulate and control electrical devices such as fans, conveyors, machine spindles, and pumps, which are used in production processes. AC drives are widely used in process industries to increase the energy efficiency of motors.

New Market Research Report: Global Crane Market 2014-2018

LogoThe Construction Equipment market has experienced several pits and falls in the past decade due to global economic recession. Crane market forms an integral part of the Construction Equipment market and has co-witnessed the market falls. There are broadly three types of cranes: mobile cranes, marine, and port cranes and fixed cranes. Cranes can be categorized as per their load lifting capacity, lift height, and outreach. The Global Crane market is currently undergoing a radical change, fuelled by the growth of emerging economies, exponential growth of the Infrastructure industry, and drive toward greater energy efficiency.

Recent Study: Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Argentina

LogoWith consumption growth, increasing consumer purchasing power, women's greater purchasing power and the rising life expectancies, this will lead to a rise in beauty and personal care sales volume, which is benefiting overall beauty and personal care packaging sales. In 2012, the overall packaging grew by 3% over 2011 and is expected to have a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period to reach a volume of 15.2 billion units in 2016.