Manufacturing Press Releases

Topper Industrial at Booth 500 of ErgoExpo in November to Review Reduction of Workplace Injuries

Topper Industrial, the leader in ergonomic and Fork Truck Free material handling equipment, will exhibit at the National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo at Caesars Palace from November 15-18, 2016. Topper Industrial will exhibit at booth 500.

Euro-Technics, Inc. Presents at America's Largest Manufacturing Show for 11th Consecutive Time Since 1996

The International Manufacturing Technology Show, one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, features more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 114,147 registrants. This year, the biennially held event will be held from September 10th-17th at McCormick Place, Chicago. Of the many exhibitors, Euro-Technics, Inc. holds the proud distinction of this being their 11th consecutive attendance to the show from the last 22 years and invites guests to come visit them at their booth in the Tooling & Workholding Systems Pavilion.

Brother Filtration Releases New Generation High Flow Filter Cartridge Which Can Replace Pall, 3M CUNO and Pentair

Brother Filtration today unveiled a new generation of high flow filter cartridges that can replace Pall, 3M, Pentair Aqualine and Parker Mega Flow. The six different models available can handle a maximum pressure of up to 150 Psi, with varying lengths from 20 to 60 inches. Brother Filtration clients can choose different connection model for their equipments.

RHI Electric Co. Ltd. Manufactures and Sells Vinyl/PVC Dip Molding Products and Battery Connector Kits

The news that the China-based RHI Electric Co. Ltd. is specialized in designing, producing and selling Vinyl/PVC Dip Molding products and Battery Connector Kits, such as battery terminal and cover, cable lug, vinyl cap and insulator and copper bar and covers and related products may interest those who are on the look-out for these products. The company says they have automatic equipments that are developed by themselves.

SGR Was Featured as the Best Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer in China

SGR today announced that they have been featured as the best planetary gearbox manufacturer in China. This was after a survey that brought together all gearbox manufacturers. The aim of the survey was to review latest technology, innovation, progress and development in gearbox manufacturing industry.

Egemin to Showcase E'gv Compact at Pack Expo

LogoAt the upcoming Pack Expo in Chicago, Egemin Automation will showcase its E'gv® Compact, a small yet robust Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) specifically designed to handle standard-sized loads at higher capacities than traditional AGCs (Automatic Guided Carts) currently on the market.

Humantech Ergonomist Interviewed Magline Director of New Product Development About Glyde Hand Truck

LogoHumantech Ergonomist Ryan Cowart recently interviewed Ali Patterson, Director of New Product Development at Magline about the Glyde Hand Truck. Patterson explained the reason the innovative Glyde was developed. "Magline partnered with a group of designers and engineers out of MIT that worked with drivers of Anheuser Busch for three year collecting compelling information and feedback with early prototypes. Magline took the driver feedback and integrate it into the final design."

WarehouseOS Partners with Pittman Creek Wholesale

LogoPitman Creek Wholesale the leading distribution company in the Bass Fishing segment of the sporting goods industry has partnered with Warehouse Mobile Solutions, a logistics solutions provider to implement WarehouseOS , "WOS". The Tablet Directed, Barcode/Order Fulfillment Solution was integrated into their new distribution center located in Danville, Kentucky. Utilizing the latest version of WOS, Version 2.6, integrated with their host ERP, Pitman Creek has achieved impressive improvements in fulfillment metrics over the past year as a result of relocating to their new distribution center now being fully managed by WOS.

Seegrid Michigan Robotics Leadership Initiative Profiled in Robotics and Automation News

LogoSeegrid, the pioneer and leader in vision-based autonomous industrial vehicles, announced the addition of Pete Chryplewicz to the company's strategic account sales team. Chryplewicz will be heading up the important Detroit, Michigan robotics leadership initiative. Chryplewicz was recently profiled in Robotics and Automation News.

Viastore SYSTEMS Whitepaper Shares WCS Parameters for Waveless Picking

Logoviastore SYSTEMS offers waveless picking, considered the evolution of wave picking. A 'wave" is a grouping or batch of work released for picking based on common parameters. A wave may be organized around common stock keeping units (SKUs), commonality in the locations SKUs are stored within, shipping deadlines, common carriers, and common sorting or kitting processes the batch of work needs to flow through.

Topper Industrial Division Topper Tube Provides Full Line Casters for Manufacturing Tubing Needs

LogoTopper Tube, a new division of Topper Industrial, offers a full line of casters to meet a variety of needs. Topper Tube is an adaptable tube & joint material handling system for lean manufacturing initiatives. The system components consist of tubes, joints, and specially designed accessories. The system can be ever-changing and provides optimal flexibility line side.

Thomas R Cutler Authors Article About Traceability for Automation and Controls Today Magazine

LogoManufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, recently discussed traceability challenges in many different forms throughout lean manufacturing and warehousing processes. The feature article titled, Automating Traceability including GS1 and PTI was published in Automation and Controls Today magazine.

Value in Demand Driven Manufacturing Software Includes Operations and Supply Chain Visibility According to Synchrono

LogoDemand Driven Manufacturing production planning, scheduling and execution software provides many benefits, including the ability to align people, processes, machines, and materials around the demand signal. According to Synchrono, the leader in Demand-Driven Manufacturing technology, the value in synchronizing these resources is that it improves production flow and provides real-time visibility into constraints, status, and other key performance indicators. By empowering everyone with this information, manufacturers gain a single version of the truth. There are no surprises; priorities are clear so everyone knows what to work on next.

Hytrol Details Critical Quality Assurance Factors in Lean Manufacturing

LogoChris Shepard, Hytrol's Manager of Quality Assurance, recently shared the most important factors in quality assurance. "It's imperative in Lean Manufacturing that quality is assured. In a Lean environment you eliminate waste, and there's no greater waste or cost to eliminate than a quality issue. Between lost hours and lost material, quality issues are costly to your company and, ultimately, to your customer," noted Shepard.

Ed Brown Topper Industrial Founder to Share Ergonomic Benefits of Fork Truck Free at 2016 ErgoExpo

LogoTopper Industrial, the leader in ergonomic and Fork Truck Free material handling equipment, will exhibit at the National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo at Caesars Palace from November 15-18, 2016. Topper Industrial will exhibit at booth 500. Celebrates 60 Years of Mat Production and Distribution is a well established matting company founded over 60 years ago in Ohio. Renowned for its extensive product catalog, the company was originally setup as a distributor of 3M floor matting products and solutions. Currently, the company distributes its own matting products and also materials from other reputable matting companies.

As Frozen Food Market Grows Intelligent SYSTEMS Are Required According to Viastore SYSTEMS

Logoviastore SYSTEMS, a leading material handling automation systems and software company, released a whitepaper titled, "Intelligent Systems to Keep the Cold Constant, the Quality High and Energy Use Low." The energy saving potential in frozen storage warehouses and logistics centers is high. The key is to look at an entire solution, not just the effectiveness of single products. An intelligent management system avoids unnecessary goods movements and saves energy. To ensure efficient and economical operations, it is also possible to install energy saving drives, braking technology that recirculates energy back into the system, efficient design processes, and preplanned suitable packaging sizes to make better use of truck cargo capacity.

The Garage Door Company Announces the Launch of an Online Finance Calculator

With an intention to offer flexible finance options to clients, Yorkshire-based retailers of garage doors The Garage Door Company has recently announced the unveiling of a new online finance calculator which will be available on their official website According to first-hand information collected from the company's spokesperson the finance calculator will come in very handy for prospective customers who will be able to obtain varied funding options for their garage doors quickly.

Lintech Enterprises Ltd Presents Its Advanced Security Products

Credit cards are becoming an important source of transaction in different retail stores around the world. In order to make such transaction flawless and transparent many retail stores are installing card reading machines to obtain accurate information on the existing balance condition and genuine account number of the buyers There are many agencies that are involved in manufacturing varieties of card reading devices. Lintech Enterprises Limited is one such firm that has been involved in manufacturing hosts of card reading and automotive camera devices. The company has its own factory for producing different security equipment items using latest technology. All its products are thoroughly tested and inspected to address the growing security concerns of the clients.

Legend Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd. of China Manufactures, Supplies and Exports All Types of Hotel Equipment

Those who are into the hospitality industry and more particularly, who are running hotels, may be interested in the news that Legend Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd., that has specialized in manufacturing hotel equipment, is supplying various types of items they may require for running their hotel. According to Legend Hotel Supplies Co. Ltd., they supply items such as queue stanchion or crowd control stanchion, bellman's cart, ashtray waste bin, metal garbage bin, railing stand, etc. that are absolutely needed for running a hotel.

Klarm China Promote High Quality Injection Molded Nylon Parts

LogoKlarm is one of the most professional injection mold makers of a wide range of industries in China. Precision injection molding has a number of advantages over other methods. In particular, plastic precision injection molding involves several methods to make components in an efficient manner. Given below are 5 big benefits of precision injection molding.

Industrial Journalist TR Cutler Reports Tablets Replacing RF Gun for Best in Class Automation Solutions

LogoAs the holiday season approaches for fast growing small eCommerce firms, WarehouseOS Apps allows companies to receive products, manage inventory, perform cycle counting, conduct single picks or do batch picking, verify items picked, and pack them into boxes. Even small eCommerce operations must scale rapidly during the upcoming holiday rush. Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler recently authored the article, titled, "Holiday Shipping Approaches: Increasing Demand for Rules Based Warehouse Control Systems," in magazine.

Leading Beverage Manufacturer Turns to AFS Technologies to Monitor Coupon Usage in Foodservice Channel

LogoA leading beverage manufacturer asked AFS Technologies for help in establishing a way to gain insights into their operator customers by monitoring coupon usage in the foodservice channel. Their main motivator was to micro-target customers to alter spending behavior without having to commit to long-term trade funding. Coupons, like other trade spend, permanently drive consistent brand commitment and loyalty towards products. What makes coupons a more unique trade vehicle is that they allow for very specific targeting and have been proven to drive additional sales. They can support manufacturers in capturing redemption details that can be analyzed to gain insights about the operator customers.

Lifting Up to 350 Pounds Magline LiftPlus Reviewed from Humantech Ergonomist

LogoHumantech Ergonomist, Mike Hoonhorst, recently interviewed Stewart Burton, General Manager of Applied Research and Development for Magline about the Magliner LiftPlus System. Burton highlighted some of the key features on the video, "The LiftPlus was designed for ease of use, higher productivity, and to keep workers on the job and free from injuries; lifting 350 pounds easily with an all-metal frame platform and a screw-driven lift that delivers smooth precision that hydraulics or chains just cannot match."

ETO and Discrete Manufacturers Turn to Synchrono for Effective Constraints Management

LogoConstraints Management is critical to discrete, ETO (engineer-to-order) and MTO (make-to-order) Demand-Driven Manufacturers. Because Demand-Driven Manufacturing environments are more agile and adaptive, they are in a better position to manage and leverage constraints in the system to drive production flow. Synchrono uniquely helps manufacturers to both manage constraints and improve flow through CONLOAD, a patented scheduling process. CONLOAD releases work into production based on the capacity of the constraint(s) in the system. Doing so keeps flow at its peak throughout the production process, eliminating bottlenecks, aging WIP and inventory.

SYNCFAB Recognized Industry Partner of President Obama Appointed Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

LogoSYNCFAB.COM is pleased to announce our involvement in the US Department of Energy's Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and that SYNCFAB will launch a new platform this Fall. Provides Reliable Derouging Services for Any Equipments

Establishments such as manufacturing units and industries can consider the aforementioned website for onsite cleaning of different equipment types. Their specialists are able to help such clients in increasing the lives of such heavy machinery by removing any chemical and other stains.