Manufacturing Press Releases

Picking Perfection Shared MCS Industries Announced $11.1M Expansion in New Mexico

Picking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, shared that MCS Industries, a leading U.S. manufacturer of picture frames, will invest $11.1 million in expanding its warehousing and distribution facility. MCS is an innovative, green manufacturer, that produces wall and poster frames for North America's largest retailers like Walmart, Target, and Michaels.

Hytrol Conveyor Announces 12 Million Dollar Expansion to Accommodate Strong Company Growth

Hytrol Conveyor Co. based in Jonesboro, Arkansas announced a $12 million expansion plan that will include up to 75 new jobs. Hytrol had a record year in sales in 2014, and expects to see that number grow in 2015.

Atlantic Rack Launches Sale of Macro Industrial Fans in Time to Cool Warehouses

The hot, summer Florida heat has a definite effect on warehouse operations in the area. Because employers are not obligated to heat or provide air conditioning, heat stroke and related illnesses are a major concern for most warehouse operators. While some facility manager advocate changes to the HVAC system, experts believe the best results are seen when a warehouse has increased air movement. With this in mind, Sebastian Duque, spokesperson for Atlantic Rack, has announced a sale on Macro Air fans for warehouse usage.

US Compliance Corp Helps Explain OSHA Regulatory Language to Small and Midsized Manufacturers

Most companies think they are familiar with the key OSHA standards: who has not heard of lockout/tagout, permit-required confined spaces, and hazard communication? Having the Code of Federal Regulations and truly understanding them are two different things. The compliance scenarios companies face daily are not straightforward.

Kahn Tools Proudly Sells American Made Products by Brady

Founded by industry leader Mark Kahn, Kahn Tools is the solution to the challenges faced by American industrial manufacturers. Kahn Tools online drop ships from a combination of manufacturers, distributors, and master wholesalers. Kahn Tools' website is built from the ground up to be the most user-friendly website in the industry. The website is complete with product specialists to assist with any questions consumers and manufacturers might have, extensive product descriptions, and intuitive categorization of products to ensure that users can find the products needed.

Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. Announces Availability of Shelving and Mezzanines

To ensure efficient productivity, warehouse companies need the right equipment and storage for managing their operation and products. Whether it is equipment replacement or the need to stock up on new warehouse gear, businesses need a source they can rely on. This summer, warehouse businesses in need of shelving and mezzanines can shop the selection available at Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. Aside from offering pallet racks and warehouse design in PA and NJ, the company also provides a wide variety of shelving and mezzanines. Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. strives to meet of all of their customer's needs in the warehouse industry with their quality storage and equipment products.

LEM Products Inc. Designs Vehicle Graphics and Decals for Edison Foundation Vans in New Jersey

LogoPacific Gas & Electric recently donated a Navistar eStar van to the Edison Innovation Foundation in New Jersey, and called upon LEM Products Inc. to create custom graphics for the van. LEM specializes in the imaging and converting of durable materials for electrical identification, safety signage, and vehicle graphics. on the Next Generation of Solar Panel Manufacturing

LogoWhen the solar panels and its use in the production of electricity were first launched, the costing is really very exorbitant brought about by the overhead costs including the production and price of the raw materials use. But the next generation in terms of production of solar panels is now relatively cheaper, much safer and very promising when it comes to the innovative moves to improve the production of solar energy in the future.

Attard Engineering Provides Variety of CNC Machining Services to the Clients

There is a great demand for CNC machines in every large and small business for removing and fabricating metals and also for other industrial purposes. Attard Engineering has brought out a variety of CNC machines that can cater to the growing needs of the factory owners. The company also supplies varieties of CNC machinery spare parts when they receive orders from the clients. All its machinery products are delivered on time and they follow all the recent standards in developing the machines. All the products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced engineers in the production plants of the firm. CNC machine items of the firm primarily include CNC turning machines and CNC miling machines. The company also deals in providing customized appearance to the grinders for effective grinding of metals like silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and many more.

RPMC Lasers Announces the Introduction of New Laser Products for Industry and Manufacturing

RPMC Lasers, Inc., a trusted and respected name in a wide variety of laser products, components and equipment announces the introduction of new laser products for industry and manufacturing. With a proven reputation throughout the industrial community as well as among science, medical and aviation businesses, RPMC Lasers, Inc. provides solid-state laser systems that have proven incredibly reliable and dependable over the years. One company representative of RPMC recently stated that RPMC Lasers, Inc. is dedicated to providing its B2B customers with laser systems, laser products and laser components that have a proven track record. RPMC Lasers, Inc. offers a wide range of products including everything from CW lasers to amplifiers and fiber lasers as well as picosecond lasers and nanosecond systems.

Hach Flow Represented in Florida by Avanti to Provide $1200 Trade-in Discount for the FL900 Series Flow Logger

LogoHach Flow as represented by the Avanti Company (a leading provider of Water Meters and Flow Meter Products), is offering a $1200 trade-in discount for the wireless FL900 Series Flow Logger by Hach, a leading meter manufacturer and longtime partner.

Critical Systems Now Offering Rapid Turnaround Customization on Reconditioned Gas Cabinets

Gas cabinets are an important industrial component that is essential to the Semiconductor, Solar, MEMS, NANO, Solar PV and Manufacturing industries to name but a few. These gas cabinets are often an expensive investment, but reconditioned gas cabinets can be sourced more cheaply from recommended suppliers like Critical Systems. In addition to offering great rates and service, they are now offering customization capabilities so gas cabinets arrive ready for their intended use.

CeMAT Success in Sao Paulo Brazil Last Week for Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions South America exhibited at CeMAT South America in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. The Bastian Solutions team experienced great success in meeting many new potential customers, industry partners, and local industry media. Bastian Solutions South America showcased work with various customers and material handling solutions as well as the engineering and consulting services.

US Compliance Corp Warns Manufacturers of Costly Safety Violations

Manufacturers with $25M-$250M in annual revenue have the same requirements to keep up with the latest government regulations. U.S. Compliance Corp has over 25 years of experience keeping more than 1,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada compliant with OSHA and environmental laws. Manufacturers must keep innovating, making better and dynamic products, while U.S. Compliance Corp keeps track of the changing regulations.

Hytrol Conveyor Offers Ohio Customers Local Support with McKee Stewart Equipment

Bob West, Hytrol's Vice President of Corporate Development explained, "With more than 100 locations around the world, Hytrol's network of local service providers offers a great peace of mind. Through our strong relationships, Hytrol is able to provide local presence, on-site expertise, and the instant assistance needed by customers today."

JLC International Offers New High Pressure Version of the 900 Series Turbine Flow Meter

JLC International, the global measurement instrument distribution company, is pleased to present the new low inertia version of the 900 Series turbine flow meter, which was developed for measuring the high-pressure flow of refrigerants.

Superior Concrete Products Makes 30th Appearance at World of Concrete Tradeshow

LogoSuperior Concrete Products, a North-Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence and barrier products, plans to exhibit at the World of Concrete Tradeshow in Las Vegas on Feb. 2-6, 2015. This is the 30th time the company has participated in the international tradeshow which features companies from around the globe that dominate the commercial concrete and masonry construction industry.

Pcdata USA Reports Pick-to-Light and PickCarts Prove Best Ergonomic Solution in Distribution Centers

LogoPcdata USA reported distribution center (DC) personnel have various areas of potential hazards. Manual lifting and handling includes picking and packing; companies must provide ergonomics awareness training. Workers must be trained in proper lifting and explore effective tools which minimize the need for lifting by using engineering controls, adjusting work practices, and providing hand trucks and other material handling aids.

US Compliance Corp Experts Help Smaller Manufacturers Overcome EHS Compliance Challenges

Brad Lehocky, Environmental, Health, and Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp, resides in Philadelphia, PA. Lehocky provides high level EHS service at various customers on the east coast and southeast U.S. Lehocky is also responsible for developing improved training methods and multi-media tools for the company.

Superior Concrete Products Introduces an Industry First Superior Ballistics – An Exclusive Process That Transforms Security Fencing

LogoSuperior Concrete Products, a North-Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence and barrier products, announces Superior Ballistics, an exclusive product enhancement that strengthens and reinforces fencing for use by electric and gas utility substations, business owners and other security-minded consumers. This new proprietary feature doubles the strength of Superior Concrete Products (SCP) solid barrier and fence panels, making them impervious to close-range fire from high caliber ammunition.

The Renovator's Supply, Inc. Is Now Upgrading Their VOIP Phone System to Fiber Optic to Improve Their Customer's Experience

In order to build up the business dealings, it is essential for businesses to remain well connected with their customers, if they really want to succeed in this competitive business world. To provide the industry's best and hassle-free customer support services to the clients, The Renovator's Supply, Inc. is now upgrading their VOIP phone system to fiber optic. These improvements are being implemented by the company to enhance user experience. Individuals looking for products for their homes or offices can rely on this leading company for quality sinks and finest support services.

White Vitreous China Portsmouth Corner Pedestal Sink from the Renovator's Supply, Inc.

Resurgence of the pedestal sink is the top market trend in home improvements. Not only do they make a lovely addition to a bathroom renovation, but also add style and grace to a bathroom with limited space. To meet the needs of individuals for quality pedestal sinks, The Renovator's Supply, Inc. is now providing White Vitreous China Portsmouth Corner Pedestal Sink at the market's best prices. Individuals looking for reliable solutions for their bathrooms or toilets can purchase this pedestal sink for just $149.00. Previously priced at $199.00, this pedestal sink can be purchased at discounted prices only by ordering it online through the company's official store,

SyncFab Launches New Online Product Design and Manufacturing Platform to Streamline How and Where Products Are Made from Start to Finish

LogoTurning design ideas into finished products is now easier than ever. SyncFab launched July 4 a new online platform that provides everything designers and entrepreneurs need to manufacture their products locally -- from raw materials to local factories -- in a one-stop shop.

Yacai China Factory Manufactures Innovative POP Display Products for Various Uses

Many standalone stores and malls of urban landscape make use of pop and pos display. It is basically placed next to the merchandize on sale which is put up for promotion. These are mainly installed or placed near to checkout area or counters. Yacai China Factory offers a wide range of point of sale and point of purchase display items. These products can be installed at placed like floor, dump bins, counter top, pallet shippers, gift boxes and standee.

Hytrol Conveyor Announced David Peacock as President Beginning Last Month

Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc., an industry expert in automated material handling solutions announced last month that David Peacock began his tenure as President of Hytrol on June 1. Peacock was hired in September of 2014 as Executive Vice President and succeeds former Hytrol President Gregg Goodner. Peacock worked with Goodner, who was Hytrol's president for over two decades, to implement a transition plan to assure a firm and seamless handoff of responsibilities.

LeddarTech Advanced Sensor Technology Profiled in AutomationMedia

At LeddarTech innovators are joining forces with forward-looking people and organizations willing to share their vision and combine capabilities, working together with the common goal of making the sensor revolution a reality.

Pcdata USA Reports Growth in Recreational Product Distribution Centers

LogoPcdata USA reported strong growth in recreational product distribution centers. Jackson Kayak will invest $6.5 million to expand its current operations by opening a new manufacturing facility at the former Philips Lighting building, in Sparta Tennessee. This expansion will create 250 new jobs in White County. Jackson Kayak produces whitewater, recreational, fishing and hunting kayaks, and high performance coolers. With this additional space, Jackson Kayak will be able to expand manufacturing operations, bringing in currently outsourced processes and house a new research and development center.