Manufacturing Press Releases

Hydrojet, Inc. Announces Composite Machining Services for Military Needs

With the latest and most innovative equipment for precision machining, Hydrojet, Inc. is proud to announce they are now offering their composite machining services for the varying branches of the military. The engineers design and develop materials of all shapes and sizes so they can meet the desired specifications of the client. No matter the conditions that are laid out by clients, the strong infrastructure enables the company to design a prototype of the part for complete satisfaction.

Hytrol Conveyor Provides Local Presence with Integration Partner McKee Stewart Equipment Corp

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes a key component of their success is their integration partner network. Bob West, Hytrol’s Vice President of Corporate Development explained, “With more than 100 locations around the world, Hytrol’s network of local service providers offers a great piece of mind. Through our strong relationships, Hytrol is able to provide local presence, on-site expertise, and the instant assistance needed by customers today.”

Latest Hitachi Nail Gun Reviews Released by NailGunsHQ

NailsGunHQ has added their latest Hitachi Nail Gun Reviews in their website. This web based organisation is working in a great way towards providing the readers all right and pertinent information about the different kinds of nail guns available in the market from all the top notch brands. The website suggests choosing a nail gun that goes according to the requirements of the project, and the Nail Gun Reviews of Hitachi can be a lot helpful for you to choose the right one according to your particular needs. The website provides all the information about the Hitachi nail guns; you can find a detailed description about every aspect of the nail gun in the Nail Gun Reviews 2013.

Automation and Controls Today Features Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Profile of Level Sensing Methods

LogoIndustrial journalist, TR Cutler, is featured in the current issue of Automation & Controls Today magazine. The article entitled, “Level Sensing Methods Determine Best Sensor for Particular Applications” includes an in-depth exploration regarding the advantages and limitations in choosing the best sensor for a particular application.

Ultriva Defends Position as First Electronic Kanban Based Pull System

LogoOther global manufacturing software solutions recently claimed to have a new industry solution aimed at helping manufacturers increase responsiveness and agility by better leveraging "Pull" triggered manufacturing and supply chain processes. Despite these claims of being first or best, only Ultriva's pull processes are systemized in to the software solution to sustain lean discipline across manufacturing.

Wohl Associates Inc. Now Selling Used Industrial Coffee Packaging Equipment

Wohl Associates, a trusted leader in the used processing and food packaging machinery industry, is now selling used industrial coffee equipment from Key-Pak and Maisa.

Best Manufacturers Introduce New and Specialized Hydraulic Jacks

HTS Direct Limited are now introducing more specialized hydraulic jacks to provide the most excellent service to its valued clients. For years, there is a specific company that was able to gain its good reputation in the industry of machinery moving. The existence of this hydraulic jack company makes people feel at ease wherever they go in times that they need a service provider like this company. The new products that are coming from Brimstone will provide numerous benefits to users.

GC Pressure Gauge Company Now Offers New Listing of Their Products

LogoGC Pressure Gauge Company is now offering new listing of their products that are made from high quality materials that will last for a long period of time. Those who are looking for new pressure gauges should choose to get the products from the company since all of the products are made from high quality materials.

Mitchell Weiss of Seegrid on Panel Discussion at Automation Robotics and Supply Chain Conference

LogoMitchell Weiss of Seegrid on Panel Discussion at Automation Robotics and Supply Chain Conference

Pumps & Systems Releases Exclusive Coverage of Worldwide Tour of Manufacturing Facilities

Pumps & Systems, the leading global magazine for pump users for the past 20 years, recently completed a two-week tour of pump manufacturing facilities in three European countries. The editorial team traveled nearly 11,500 miles to visit five manufacturing sites and three pump installations in eight cities.

Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Interviewed by Manufacturing Revival Radio

LogoManufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Interviewed by Manufacturing Revival Radio

Kahn Tools Adopts American-Only Policy to Support American Manufacturers

For 30 years, Mark managed and was president of Production Tool Supply, one of the top 50 industrial distributors in the United States. During that time, Mark led the company as it grew from a small regional distributor into an international powerhouse with over 200,000 items stocked in warehouses throughout the country.

CEO Scott Hofacker Debuts Express Casket: Highest Quality Caskets at Steeply Discounted Prices, Express Guaranteed on-Time Delivery

Express Casket CEO Scott Hofacker today announced the launch a new funeral services company to provides caskets and funeral products in a full range of categories to customers throughout the United States

Weavers Builders Inc Crane Service Has Added More Videos to Their Crane Video Center

Found in the company’s Crane Video Center are 45 videos at this time, and more are being added several times per week. The videos provided come in a funny yet informative tone which benefits those who are in need of qualitative reviews on how various cranes work.

Metal Bins for All Industrial Storage Needs Now Accessible Through RDR Steel Sales' Updated Website

RDR Steel Sales, an industry leader in the sale and distribution of new and pre-owned metal bins for the past 30 years, recently announced the complete redevelopment of their website in an effort to help make the buying experience more convenient and efficient than ever before. The new RDR Steel Sales website hosts a searchable database that allows customers to find exactly the right product for their needs in just a few simple clicks of the mouse, and now it supports mobile devices so customers can easily take care of their shopping on the go.

Seegrid and Giant Eagle to Present at Automation Robotics and Supply Chain Conference

LogoSeegrid Corporation will be presenting at the Automation Robotics & Supply Chain Conference in Pittsburgh, PA from July 16-17, 2013. Automation, Robotics & Supply Chain Conference will be comprised of system integrators, robotics and automation technology providers, and the companies which currently utilize that technology. Unveils New Look to Showcase Filling Machine and Packaging Equipment Products

LogoNow more than ever, the presentation and packaging of different types of products are starting to play a bigger role in the purchasing decisions of consumers all over the globe. To live up to the challenge, businesses are seeking breakthroughs when it comes to packaging systems. At the forefront of turnkey liquid packaging line innovation is Inline Filling Systems, LLC.

It's All Business when Representing the Argo ETV Product Line

When you’re in the business of renting out equipment, there’s no higher compliment than a local market that calls for your product by name. This is a common bond for two shops in two very different parts of Canada.

Hanaya Inc Now Introduces All New Range of Damping Hinges for Industries

Hanaya Inc., an acclaimed hinges manufacturer now introduces all new range of damping hinges. The company aims at giving best quality products with perfection. Their designs are practical exemplification of excellence in manufacturing.

Wohl Associates Inc. Announces Availability of Used Pasta Processing Machines

Wohl Associates, a trusted leader in the used food processing and packaging machinery industry, has announced availability of several used industrial pasta making machines from the top manufacturers.

Heinkel USA Now Offering New F Series Filter Centrifuge with Built in Contact Drying

As an innovator in the centrifuge and filtration industry, Heinkel USA has been able to incorporate new models and series into their line of products. With that being said, they are now excited to offer the new F Series Filter Centrifuge that has direct contact drying capabilities. The new model they are now offering has many different features that will help with filtering and deliver a thin cake like quality with their processing technology all in one machine.

Buy Industrial Tools Features Free AdPlace Service

LogoBuy Industrial Tools, a professional business to business (B2B) site that provides free service for ensuring easy international trading, now features free AdPlace service. The said service is designed to provide buyers and international tool manufacturers with free advertising space as a special gift the moment they post their products and purchase leads on Buy Industrial Tools’ website.

E Instruments Now Has New Applications Note on Importance of Gas Leak Detection

LogoThe innovative instrumental solutions company now has a new application note on their website that discusses “The Importance of Combustion Gas Leak Detection.” Here one will find that during recent studies gas leak detections have become much more important in order to increase the safety of others. As those in the combustion analyzers industry discover new information on gas leak issues they are finding they may result in health problems and other liabilities. E Instruments is proud to inform those with the most common reasons for gas leaks.

Inventory Optimization Tool by Ultriva Provides Effective Inventory Assessment

LogoInventory Optimization Tool (IOT), by Ultriva, projects optimal inventory requirements through simulation of historical data and identifies parts for Kanban and projects potential savings. The simulate consumption and compute is on-hand inventory for each day. The simulation highlights the potential weakness in current replenishment methodologies. For historical data IOT identifies the potential inventory savings while it identifies the part shortages. The Inventory Optimization Tool calculates average consumption, S/X ratio (variability of consumption) and safety stock, performs ‘what if’ analysis by varying lead times, lot sizes and service levels to get the optimal Kanban sizing. The inventory assessment tool highlights the gap between consumption and on hand inventory. Typically the Min-Max methodologies used by ERP systems with reorder points are the primary cause of excess inventory and material shortages. Since reorder points are not maintained they tend to go out of sync leading to higher inventory on-hand. The system helps users visualize and quantify the variability of the actual consumption, provides a visual clue on the amount of inventory the company is carrying on-hand, then provides visual clues on the amount of safety stock is being carried. IOT quickly determines which parts are good candidates for kanban replenishment based on potential savings and (S/X, Std Deviation/Mean) variability of consumption. About Ultriva Inventory Optimization Tool is Ultriva’s patent pending technology which uncovers opportunities to reduce inventory and identify parts for transition kanban replenishment. It also simulates changes in supplier lead time, lot size, and safety stock. Projects can be shared and categorized with other planners for viewing purposes. Ultriva ( empowers leading industrial, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and defense businesses to operate more effectively and collaboratively by providing real time visibility and targeted actionable intelligence into inventory and material flows. Ultriva’s cloud-based platform leverages and seamlessly integrates with leading ERP and MRP systems, to deliver an end to end pull based replenishment model for 21st century enterprises such as ATK, CareFusion, Emerson, Ingersoll Rand, McKesson, Magellan, Regal Beloit, Thermo Fisher and more. Ultriva is a privately held, growing software company based in Cupertino, California.

Wohl Associates Inc. Announces Availabiltiy of Multiple 1,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tanks

Wohl Associates, a trusted leader in the used processing and packaging industries, now has several 1,000 gallon stainless steel tanks and kettles in their inventory with a variety of characteristics and potential functions. Notable tanks include a 1,000 gallon stainless steel tank with a 100 PSI jacket, a Lee double motion jacketed kettle, a cone bottom agitated tank, and a dual action jacketed scraper.

Al Ameen Engineering Celebrates Three Decades of Excellence

This year, Al Ameen Engineering LLC is commemorating its thirtieth anniversary. The celebrations will be held in the hotel Burj Al Arab, located in the city of Dubai.

Wuxi Sunnet Manufacturing Co. Ltd Offers Precision Custom Punch and Die Parts

In today’s fast developing global economy, hi-tech industries that provide services in molding, tool-making and precision metal stamping are high in demand. Higher precision requirements calls for higher performance in standards and this is where Sunnet Manufacturing comes in. Founded in 2005 as a small service center with 5 engineers, the company now caters to clients from all over the world.