New Film Crowdfunding Campaign Shows Power of Baseball, Ancestry

This year is the 25th anniversary of the movie “Field Of Dreams” release, and like the movie, baseball still has the power to bond fathers and sons.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Justin Summers is a film maker with a rocky relationship with his own father. It took a baseball tournament to bring them together and now he’s using crowdfunding to bring the story to others.

“The Father-Son World Series is an annual event where fathers and sons join teams of past pro players in a real tournament.” says Summers, “After the event healed our estrangement of many years, I decided to locate my long-lost Grandfather and see if he wanted to play next year.”

Using the resources of, details of his grandfather emerged including his death certificate, an obfuscated career at NASA, and evidence of a second child.

“The power of biology itself seemed to be present as my father was a pilot and his father, one he never knew, seemed to be a pilot for NASA.” he said. “As well as, the biological mystery of an unknown half-brother.”

This is the inspiration for the film The Baseball Bond that “started with a ball game which became a metaphor for the game of life,” said Summers. “The viewer is invited along the one year search that ultimately reaches to the stars—not only from the history of baseball—but also the sky.”

Summers hopes that his film will offer hope to all fathers and sons who didn’t get along. To participate in the crowdfunding campaign visit

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