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Newly Released Information Guide for the Ebola Outbreak


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- In the advent of the recent Ebola epidemic spreading across West Africa and several other parts of the world, information can be scarce, confusing and muddled with other news that is irrelevant. Health organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are providing the public with all the information that they have on the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). However, there is still no simple singular fact sheet that gives the average individual a clear and easy to understand guide regarding all the information they may need to know about the highly contagious and deadly disease that is Ebola.

This was the same sentiment of Author Richard Hargreaves from Ironpower Publishing. He believes that keeping the public well informed about everything they need to know about Ebola reduces fear and can be life-saving. Mr. Hargreaves says, “Information is one of the best weapons any normal person can have when it comes to staying healthy and not becoming infected with the Ebola virus. This is why our team came up with a very simple yet comprehensive fact sheet where the most common questions about the disease are answered. We also address different situations like traveling on a plane, preparing for an outbreak and possible safety precautions to minimize the chances of contracting the disease. We hope that by providing all this data on Ebola into one document, we can help in our own way prevent the further spread of this deadly illness.”

The Ebola book, Mr. Hargreaves goes on to say, covers several vital topics on Ebola such as when and where the 2014 West Africa outbreak began, the involvement of the CDC in helping fight the spread of the disease, the facts about animals and how the virus is spreading, signs and symptoms related to Ebola, treatment and recovery and the importance of contract tracing in preventing new cases of the disease. The book features 14 short chapters on Ebola and all the information related to it that the public should know or at the very least, an outlet for everyone to have an idea of the current situation of the largest Ebola outbreak in recorded history.

“The Ebola book is not as comprehensive as what the CDC or the WHO can provide. Our goal here is to present the most crucial details of Ebola and the current outbreak in an effort to avoid any confusion or lack of sufficient information which more often than not leads to panic and inadequate preparation” adds Mr. Hargreaves.

Additionally, the Ebola book has been made available as an ebook which can be easily downloaded into any Kindle device or similar. The use of the internet to spread significant information like the Ebola book allows for maximum awareness and accessibility to any one across the globe with access to online communications. It is said that prevention is better than cure, when it comes to such a contagious and serious disease like Ebola, staying informed is the best form of prevention any person can have.

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