Peter Leeds Penny Stock Newsletter Provides Penny Stock Alerts for Buy and Sell Trades

"Top penny stock and invest in it, then it can easily double or triple in value over time."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- The Penny Stocks Guide, the leading digital newsletter that teaches novice investors the basic principles of penny stock trading, now includes a daily alert function to notify subscribers of great buy opportunities and also immediate sale trades.

The penny stocks in the Penny Stock Newsletter are analyzed by Peter Leeds and his team of researchers. Penny stocks are any shares trading for $5 each or less. In general, some penny stocks are traded for $3 or $4, while others trade for only fractions of a dollar each; hence the term ‘penny stocks’. Peter Leeds’ penny stock newsletter is dedicated to providing investors with information about the top penny stocks traded on the market and when to buy them. The newsletter also uncovers the best penny stock picks for investors.

When it comes to finding the best penny stocks, an investor first needs to know how to avoid the worst penny stocks. There are a lot of penny stocks that may be popular and get some press and hype, but in many cases, these are the most dangerous ones to invest in. Very often inaccurate or misleading information is provided to persuade investors to buy the shares.

Penny stocks trading on the Pink sheet markets are never trustworthy and should always be avoided by the investors. That is where the majority of lower quality penny stocks are located because the reporting requirements are so slack and the listing fees are low. Nowadays there is an incredible amount of information available on the web. This makes finding the most trusted information a top priority for choosing the correct penny stock brokers.

If investors discover a top penny stock and invest in it, then it can easily double or triple in value over time. In fact there are few comparable investment opportunities with the same low cost, high reward ratio as high quality penny stocks. Selecting the best penny stock advisor is the only way to locate the top penny stocks that will make them money. If investors get involved in those penny stocks that are fundamentally solid, have great financial strength, growing revenues, and growing market share, they stand to have their small investment multiple several times over.

The Peter Leeds Penny Stock Newsletter helps new investors uncover all the relevant information and trading strategies for penny stock investing. The newsletter has built in daily alerts that help new investors know when to make trades. With all of the information about penny stocks that an investor must learn before making an investment, having this newsletter can save their investment portfolio. Peter Leeds Penny Stock Newsletter subscribers can also get daily updates, new penny stocks picked every day, the penny stock tip sheet and buy/sell options.

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