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Report Reveals Renting out Desk Space Can Bring in Up to £800 Per Month, Bevlan Comments

Office interior specialists, Bevlan, have recently commented on the Telegraph report which has determined that it can be beneficial for a business to rent out spare desks, with some areas of the country allowing for up to £800 per month to be made.

Consumer Spending Experienced an Increase in July, Interior Supply Comments

Premium European furniture suppliers, Interior Supply, have recently commented on the Office of National Statistics report, which reveals spending was on the up in July, thanks to a number of factors.

I Wanna Go Home Launches Discount with 10% off First Order with Free Shipping Throughout Australia

Many people have experienced the inexplicable sensation of feeling like they want to go home, while being at home. This is likely because their home does not reflect their tastes or make them feel truly at ease, and often means individuals need to take better control of their environment. In Australia, furniture designers I Wanna Go Home have made it their mission to eliminate this feeling, by offering the most sumptuous rustic furnishings possible to their customers. To help more people get access to their unique pieces, they are offering a 10% discount to first time buyers. Brings Innovation in Resting Style with Its New Range of Beds

When it comes to offering privacy, comfort, safety and several other attributes in a bed that can be used to house kindergarten students, travelers and the like, nothing seems to be a match to a capsule hotel bed. Chinese company having its online presence at has been one of the most potent ones to have manufactured a number of such beds with facilities like crèches or restrooms that many schools, hotels and military personnel can benefit with. The company holds that students staying at distant locations or army men residing in camps or even those who are constantly on the move can expect a mini dormitory or room loaded with all the necessary features, which lends it a hotel like feel.

Hammock Store Online Launches New Collection

Hammock Store Online has unveiled its collection of cool and sleek Hammocks, which users can get their hands on this holiday season at affordable rates.

Office Privacy Panel Supplier OBEX Reports a 64% Increase in Sales

OBEX P.E. Inc published its impressive Q2 Earnings Report today showing sales growth of 64% year over year. The New Yorker and Washington Post have recently reported that the trend toward open office spaces has reversed due to concerns over poor employee productivity and lack of individual privacy. This has created a rapidly growing market for the office privacy panels produced by OBEX.

Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. Launches Latest Line of Office Furniture for Staff Comfort

Recent studies indicate greater comfort in the workplace increases productivity by a minimum of 25 percent while reducing absenteeism by an estimated 32 percent. Though this applies to a number of internal environmental elements, furnitures for the office are considered among the primary deciding factors affecting employees. In light of these figures, Grace Shen of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has launched the company's latest line of business furnishings.

JHE's Real Log Furniture Place Shares the Latest Home Trends for Kitchen Cabinets and Islands for 2015

LogoEveryone is vying for a luxury look on their kitchen and cabinets. Why these areas among any other in the house? Well, that is because the kitchen is the most visited part of the house and is where the people frequently gather for a simple dinner or party with friends and families. That in order to make an impression to visitors, many homeowners see to it that they have a rustic dining table, Kitchen Island and neat cabinets that will truly make the visitors of the house truly delighted. Discusses the Mounting Popularity of Rustic Furniture in the Latest Trends of Interior Design

LogoMany people are getting excited in every new trend coming up in the market. People love to keep up with the latest home decorating trends, to keep their home updated with the latest in-demand look of the house and always in track with what's new and outdated idea. Creating a perfect look for the home can be done easily with the help of television, magazines and Internet. For many, the best style and look of the house that provides classic beauty is the lodge and cabin decorating style that is so versatile that any type of elements can be added and still able to produce a uniquely structured design that can be loved by many.

The Secret Is in the Mattress: Find Happiness with Happy Beds

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. While there are those who try to reduce this number for various reasons, sleep plays a crucial part in individual's overall well-being. From endorsing a proper brain function, emotional and physical health, to aiding and optimizing performance, daytime safety, and supporting growth and development, sleep proves vital. Considering the impact of sleep on well-being, it is alarming how careless the average person is in regards to his/her mattress; after all, a third of one's life is spent on one.

Slick Furniture Announces Online Furniture Options for Los Angeles Shoppers

LogoThe Slick Furniture team recently unrolled their brand new website, a platform that allows people to go online and order premium furniture.

Get Grommet Curtains from Swags Galore at Unbeatable Prices

LogoCurtains are one of the most important addition to any room. They are no longer used for just blocking the cold and keeping the warmth inside, or blocking out the light and creating a private atmosphere. But now curtains are increasingly being used to enhance the overall décor of the room. To cater to the needs of their customers, Swags Galore is now providing grommet curtains to its customer at unbeatable prices. Available in an array of styles, colors and fabrics, these curtains are ideal for any kind of home décor. Designed to beautifully decorate the windows, these curtains create a clean and contemporary look for all windows applications.

Get Top Notch Quality Portable Massage Tables from at Unbeatable Prices

LogoMassage tables are needed to give an effective massage to body joints, tendon muscles, facial muscles, lymphatic system, skin etc. Those looking for quality portable massage tables can now get them from at the most competitive prices. The company offers a wide range of massage tables from leading manufacturing companies from all across the globe. Being portable, these tables can be easily moved from one place to another giving individuals an option to get an effective massage at any place they want.

Natural Home Rugs Helps Customers Save with Free Shipping

Natural rugs are a beautiful addition to any interior, whether residential and commercial. High-quality, hand-woven area rugs can create the perfect final decorating touch since they come in a multiplicity of styles and sizes as well as colors and textures. However, expense sometimes prohibits property owners from purchasing the rugs they want the most. A Beverly Hills, California-based flooring distributor helps relieve this issue by offering free shipping on all USA orders of rugs and rug accessories.

Stockroom Brings Adorable Collection of Office Tables & Table Lamps at Discount Prices

People can now choose from a wide range of beautifully designed office tables and table lamps available at discount prices to decorate their home, office or any built space. The reputed furniture outlet in Hong Kong, Stockroom announces price discounts on a range of products, including Office tables and Table Lamps.

Invest in Kid's Curtains from Swags Galore to Enhance the Decor of the Children's Room

LogoCurtains are essential home décor items that not only enhance the appearance of the room, but also restrict excessive light from entering a room. Though individuals can find a number of curtains available in the market, but when it comes to installing curtains in the children's room, Swags Galore's unmatched collection of kid's curtains issuer of meeting every parents need. Available at the industry's best prices, individuals can count on the wide array of kid's curtains being offered by the company. Best-in-quality and a great add-on to the children's room, the company's unmatched collection includes Kylee Curtains, Solid Bright Sheers, Polka Dot Sheers, Safari Sheer Curtains, Rockland Stripe Curtains and many others.

Individuals Can Keep Their Utility Bills Low with Thermal Curtains from Swags Galore

LogoGone are the days when the curtains were only used to block the excessive light and maintain the privacy of the residents. Now curtains are much more than that; they help in maintaining the room temperature at comfortably reasonable levels and also make a style statement. There are several curtains which help individuals control their heating or cooling bills by keeping the temperature under check while maintaining a classic appearance. However among them, Thermal Curtains from Swags Galore, are hugely popular. They are designed with an acrylic backing which helps drafts from entering your home through the windows.

HansWoodShop Offers Exciting Deals

HansWoodShop, a dedicated Online Shop has offered handsome deals and savings offers on different ranges of products for users' home needs.

Massage Chair Hub Publishes New Top Rated Review of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave

In the 21st century our pace of life is changing rapidly, yet becoming more sedentary, as the majority of our challenges become mental. This means we spend more time than ever in chairs, and our muscles receive less stimulation than they should. This can lead to soreness, bad posture and even atrophy. Massage chairs keep muscles stimulated and can help people with a variety of ailments and conditions. Massage Chair Hub is a website dedicated to helping people find the latest and best chairs. They have just published a new review claiming to have found an all-time best: the Inada Sogno Dreamwave.

Shop for Wall Mount Bathroom Corner Glass Sinks at the Renovator's Supply

Quite often when homeowners think of renovating their bathrooms, they neglect an important feature while choosing sinks. Corner sinks not only create extra space in cramped bathrooms, but also help in enhancing its appearance. To assist individuals with creating extra space in bathrooms, The Renovator's Supply, Inc is providing Wall Mount Bathroom Corner Sinks at the most competitive rates. Built with towel bar handle, individuals can get this corner sink for just $329.00. Initially listed for $437.00, individuals can now save $108.00 on ordering this sophisticated space-saving sink online through the company's official store, Engineered with serene styling and tempered glass strength, this spacious glass counter comes with a free shipping option.

Add a Touch of Class to Homes with Leather Recliners Sofas from Sofaland

The importance of sofas in our homes cannot be overlooked. A good selection of sofas can create a stellar change in one's living room. There are many people who also believe that a stylish sofa represents their status and helps impress their guests. Individuals who wish to buy high quality Leather recliner sofas at the perfect price can browse Sofaland, which is the best place to buy home or office furniture and upholstery. They have a range of Leather recliners sofas which are available in modern, sleek and chic designs.

CA Modern Home Offers Esteem Frank Gehry Color Cubes Collection

LogoCA Modern Home, a leading provider of Modern Design Furniture, is proud to feature the Frank Gehry Color Cubes collection on its website Created for the renowned design firm Heller, these cubes form part of an esteemed group of Gehry-inspired furniture that includes a bench, easy chair, and sofa.

Lushes Curtains Receives 2015 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award

Lushes Curtains has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award in the Home Decor category by the Best Businesses of South El Monte Award Program.

Robin Home & Garden Launches New Collection

Robin Home & Garden has unveiled its collection of Furniture and other home products that people can use in their indoor and outdoor spaces to have them looking at their aesthetic best.

Express Modular Systems Introduces Furniture Buyback

Express Modular Systems introduces a furniture buyback program that offers businesses a chance to trade in their old office furniture for credit toward new furniture or a refurbishment. The company is an important provider of Orange County office furniture, including Herman Miller cubicles and other name brands. Now, the company offers customers the chance to "trade in" their old office furniture toward new purchases or for complete refurbishing.