Retail Press Releases

"Super Coupon Woman" Tina M. Klein Celebrates Giving Back Close to $100,000 with the Power of Coupons

"Super Coupon Woman" Tina Klein recently demonstrated in a very real way the power of coupons, by combining a campaign to take in donations, with her ability to find savings to help feed and buy gifts for an astonishing number of families for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015. Klein recently celebrated these accomplishments, and looks forward to doing more work in this area in 2016 and beyond.

Simply Aroma to Acquire Gemnora

Simply Aroma LLC announced it has acquired Gemnora LLC, a direct sales business that gives a surprise jewelry inside every healthy bath and body purchase.

Verne Store Announces Expansive New Collection

Verne Store has announced brilliant offers on its wide range of Outdoor products that users can now buy at affordable rates.

Goode Candles Unveils Wide Range of Products

Goode Candles has unveiled a smart collection of Candles and other accessories that users can now buy easily and add to the look of their homes.

New Digital Shopping Concierge Service Allows Shopping via Text Message

New service Voilà is a digital shopping concierge that allows users to shop for anything using only text messages.

Hi-Lifer Keeps Small Valuable Items Safely Stored for Discrete Transport

LogoConvectium, a team of technology experts in the cannabis industry, is introducing their newest innovation to the public through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $10,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring the company's "Hi-Lifer" to market. Hi-Lifer is a discreet dual-chamber storage and transport device that allows a user to store virtually anything from dry herbs, to chewing gum, tools, matches, papers, money, batteries, liquids, oils, etc. It is small and discreet, fashioned to look like an ordinary highlighter marker. The team behind this product state, "The concept for creating the Hi-Lifer was born out of the frustration we've all felt attempting to haphazardly transport our smallest, most-prized possessions without success."

Carlsbad Jeweler Giving Away Roberto Coin Necklace for Valentine's Day

LogoWe want to know who you love this Valentine's Day – and one of you will win an incredible Valentine's Day present to give: this Roberto Coin necklace:

Adventure Enterprise International, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Books

LogoArvel Tharp is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers new and old books in a wide range of genres including biographies, children's books, romance books, science fiction and fantasy books, travel books, sports books, history books, and much more. Tharp was inspired to start his website by his own love of reading. He wanted to start a website to offer people of all ages great books that they could order online. to Offer Unique and Cute Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and individuals are busy looking for the perfect Valentine's gifts for their loved ones. Individuals looking for unique and cute Valentine's gifts can rely on This site offers a fantastic range of gifts that will surely surprise special someone this special day of hearts.

DSM Treasures Unveils Smart New Collection

DSM Treasures has unveiled its vast collection of Home Décor products that can not only suit people's tastes but their budgets as well.

Ibits Marketing Launches Its First Bluetooth Selfie Stick on Amazon

LogoIbits Marketing, one of the leading consumer related technology providers on Amazon has announced a new addition to its line of successful products, the Bluebits Bluetooth selfie stick at an amazing sale price of $15.99. Bluebits brand is always linked with sophisticated and modern high quality products and its Bluetooth selfie stick is receiving very good reviews from customers. Ibits Marketing which sells the Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick is expecting a great response for this product.

My Mega Coupons Launches with Unique Deals from Small Premium Companies

My Mega Coupons is committed to providing individuals with the best deals and offers from smaller companies that offer premiere services and pricing, but aren't as well known. My Mega Coupons searches the Internet and manually tests each coupon code and deal to confirm that it's active and valid.

MMK Creative Jewelry Announces Brilliant Offers

MMK Creative Jewelry has announced exciting offers that can let users buy cool Jewelry pieces of their choice conveniently and without breaking their banks.

Angel Baby Adult's Cooling Pillow Mat Becomes a Top Five Amazon Bestseller

LogoAngel Baby proudly announces that their adult pillow gel mat is now ranked third amongst the Amazon bestsellers in the category of specialty medical pillows. Angel Baby has a wealth of experience in delivering high-quality products, and many of their products have done the company proud with their performance in Their cooling gel mats have already received over two hundred and fifty Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Many of these reviewers have used this product to get relief from fever, migraine, hot flash, and neck pain.

D. Robbins & Co. Announces New Selection of Magic Supplies for 2016

LogoD. Robbins & Co. has been providing cheap wholesale magic tricks for kids since 1916. Ever since, the company has kept a watchful eye on the most current trends in magic and comedy in order to keep providing customers with professional wholesale magic supplies that speak to their customers, whether they are experts or amateur illusionists. Recently, D. Robbins & Co. announced their latest stock refresh to start the New Year. Magic shop suppliers are advised to act now and place their orders to stay on top of current magic trick trends and keep their customers satisfied.

Reviewinsider in the UK Names Top Kitchen Appliances That Facilitate a Healthier Lifestyle

Reviewinsider in the UK is offering consumers advice, reviews and practical information about a wide variety of products to assist them in making purchases that promote a healthy lifestyle, complete with links to reputable merchants. The site conducts extensive testing to determine the best performing products and top picks for this year are halogen ovens, along with smoothie and soup makers.

Baby Nest Australia Inaugurates Nation-Wide Online Baby Stroller Sale

After recently announcing their official online shopping website, Baby Nest Australia has now announced a sale for new mothers to take advantage of. According to the company, the sale is nation-wide and anyone within Australia and can take advantage of it. Baby Nest recently expanded their business and created an online store in an endeavor of catering to a bigger clientele on a national level, instead of just service to a local clientele.

'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer Has Successful Launch on Amazon

Customers looking for the latest baby thermometer are now able to purchase 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer by Warrant Guard. Today Lynda Carter, spokesperson at Warrant Guard releases details of 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer's successful launch on Amazon.

Hauberk RFID Wallet Sale to Continue for Valentine's Day

British company Samel Trading today announced that the Hauberk RFID blocking wallet is available for Valentine's Day at the extended sale price of $24.99.

A to Z Vet Supply Now Offers Dog Bathing Products

LogoEspecially during the rainy fall and winter months, bathing a dog regularly can become a necessity. How often bathing is needed mainly depends on how easily a dog gets dirty and how much tolerance the dog-owner has for dirt, but most dogs get washed at least occasionally. When washing a dog, one of the most important considerations is to use the right kind of shampoo. If the shampoo is not specifically meant for dogs or isn't otherwise mild enough, a dog's coat can lose its essential oils, which in turn leads to dry and itchy skin. That's why A to Z Vet Supply, a leading provider of discount dog supplies online, is happy to announce that they now offer dog bathing products from moisturizing shampoos to conditioners. Has Performance and Aesthetics in-Stock is proud to be one of the premier destinations for Ford Fiesta ST performance parts along with a complete selection of other recent Ford aftermarket pieces. The website carries plenty of different options from different aesthetic accessories to performance-geared upgrades. Those interested in finding some of the lowest prices on tuners and programmers to aid a digital approach to performance can find an assortment on

Mister Service Offers Commercial Refrigerator Repair

There's a multitude of problems that can face a business owner who relies on refrigerators to store ingredients or sales items. If the refrigeration isn't working properly, items such as meat may not be kept as cool as they should be. Or sometimes everything works fine otherwise, except there are strange noises coming from the refrigerator that may signal an impending breakdown. Whatever the case, it is in the business owner's best interests that these issues get fixed in an easy, fast and reliable way to ensure that no products or service time is lost. That's why Mister Service is proud to announce that not only do they now offer commercial refrigerator repair, they offer it for every type of commercial refrigerator.

The Best Deals for Valentines Day in 2016, a resource for the latest coupon codes and savings online has created a page of all of the latest discounts for this Valentines Day.

The Right Place to Buy the Best and the Most Contemporary Shirts

Those men who wish to buy some of the best and the most contemporary shirting may be interested in the news that Ted Baker, the website of which is, offers such high-quality shirts. According to the company, they started as a shirt specialist in Glasgow and their ted baker outlet has now become the right place from which people can buy the best shirts they want. The main factor that has contributed to the phenomenal growth of their ted baker outlet in UK is that since the beginning, they have always been having a clear and unswerving focus on quality and attention to detail.

More and More Revolutionary Beauty Products Nowadays Contain Turmeric

Turmeric has long been believed to offer a myriad of health benefits. It is used to fight a range of medical conditions including arthritis. While it is widely taken through supplementation, this natural ingredient is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry.

NuroFocus Named Best Supplement

LogoIn the last quarter of 2015, NuAxon's NuroFocus won Better Nutrition Magazine's Best Supplement Award in the Prenatal & Kids' Health category. Better Nutrition Magazine has been around for more than 70 years, reaches over 1 million readers monthly, and is the leader of in-store distributed health magazines.

The Glasses Company Offers a Wide Selection of Glasses at Wallet Friendly Prices

The Glasses Company is an online store based in Bedfordshire, England. As the name indicates, the company offers a wide selection of prescription glasses all in one place and at highly affordable prices. Being an optician with more than three decades of experience, Mr Kanzaria launched The Glasses Company to revolutionize the way people buy glasses. With visually appealing, feature rich, easy to navigate and user-friendly website, the online store strives hard to make quality glasses easily available, accessible and affordable to all.