Retail Press Releases

Goody Tickets Makes Donation to St. Michael the Archangel Defenders' Ball

Goody Tickets recently made a contribution to the Defenders' Ball fundraiser for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic parish. GoodyTickets donated four tickets to a Peter and the Starcatcher musical performance at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The support provided by the GoodyTickets donation allows the annual Defenders' Ball to be a successful fundraiser for St. Michael the Archangel Catholic parish.

Roland Shop Announces Summer Bedding Gift Sale

Staying cool in the heat of the summer is no easy task. Shedding clothes and cranking up the A/C can only do so much against the elevated temperatures that don't seem to dissipate at night. Fortunately for fellow Angelenos and other residents of hot climates, the fine folks of Roland Shop have announced their Summer Bedding Gift Sale just in time! For a limited time, customers can take advantage of Roland Shop's bedding sale to score a free gift with the purchase of one of the promoted bedding items.

Custom Wood Displays from Coastal Woodworks & Display: Perfect for All the Right Reasons

LogoAnyone in business can tell you that presentation is a key element in the sale of any product. This rings true for items sold in a store, online, or over the phone. The effective presentation of an in-store display can attract consumers' attention before the salesperson can even start a dialogue. Wood displays and packaging are known for making a positive impression on buyers. One could say it's a traditional approach, a harkening back to a simpler time, or a return to what is comfortable. No matter what you call it, wooden displays and packaging are valuable, and their reduced impact on the environment in comparison to plastics and other materials is a huge plus. No one knows this better than Coastal Woodworks & Display. For the past 25 years they have been helping companies display and package products with gorgeous rich wood. With refined craftsmanship, and a strong attention to detail, they are able to create masterpieces of design that are appealing on both an aesthetic and practical level.

Thorp 28800mAh 12V/24V Is the World's First Reverse Charging Car Jump Starter

LogoThorp, the revolutionary new reverse charging portable jump starter with the power to jump start vehicles as large a semi-truck, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Shop 'N Hop Online Mall Unveils New Offers

Shop 'N Hop Online Mall has ensured that users can now buy clothes, Health And Beauty products and a wide range of other items in one place without any hassle. Offers Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets for Storing Unused Household Items Safely

LogoA renowned name in the market of garage cabinets, is offering the wide selection of Ulti-Mate Garage cabinets. Individuals can buy these unique garage cabinets at a price ranging from $129.99 to $1,499.99. These exceptional Ulti-Mate garage cabinets are equipped with unique polyurethane coated cabinet fronts in graphite grey, strong 3/4" cabinet construction wrapped in a PVC laminate for a stylish two-tone color finish, 3/4" thick shelves with 100 lbs. load rating, ball bearing drawer glides for smooth operation, fully adjustable euro hinges and many other such classy features. They deliver the ordered product at customer's doorstep in committed time interval and with a 5 year warranty. These Ulti-Mate garage cabinets have shelves which helps individuals in organizing their messy garages into a more spacious and clutter free space. Individuals can order these garage cabinets directly from their official portal,

Experts Reveal How Fraudsters Get Around Chip and Pin Cards

The rate of crimes involving credit and debit cards continues to alarm many consumers from around that world. Identity theft crime is not easy to detect and thieves have ways of getting into the pockets of customers without them knowing it.

PerformTex Releases Best Practices Blog Post for All Athletes

The PerformTex™ product line revolves around injury prevention, recovery, and pain relief. The company's main product line is their athletic therapeutic kinesiology tape which features the patent-pending product known as PerformTex™ Kinetic Pro Kinesiology Tape. This item is regarded by many as the best kinesiology tape for high-level athletes. However, it is also effective for athletic endeavors of all levels. Although the company has a stake in helping individuals by taping their problem areas, PerformTex™ has released a best practices list in their July blog to help their audience avoid sports-related injuries from occurring.

SmartChoice Fitness Pull Together Their Stress Busting Products to Encourage People to Look at Different Solutions

Stress and anxiety comes in many forms and is not picky about who it affects. With sales of anxiety self-help books going through the roof, there is clear indication that people want to trial many different approaches to combat it.

Cosmopolitan Collection Boasts Best Price for Their Clear Makeup Storage

Cosmopolitan Collection has come out to the general public to explain why their clear makeup storage has the best value on the market.

SmoothRx Explains Why Their Stretch Mark Removal Cream Is the Best Price

"Our scar cream may not be the lowest price, but it is without a doubt the best price." Ashley Royal asserted boldly, explaining why she believes SmoothRx stretch mark and scar removal cream is the best priced scar cream on the market. "Some companies are charging up to $30 for one ounce of their scar cream," explained Royal.

A Nude Lingerie Range That Suits All Skin Tones

Following what could be considered as an embarrassingly long length of time, the fashion industry has finally upped its game, taking steps to diversify the meaning of the world 'nude'. Start-up lingerie company Naja have took lead, selling a range of lingerie that is available in several different shades of nude, to enable people of all skin tones to find options which suit them perfectly. This collection has cleverly been titled 'Nude for All'.

Austin-Based Jewelry Designer Draws Inspiration from Nature

LogoJewelry is a way to express yourself without words. When it comes to design, something simple can say so much and exude elegance in a way few other things can. Austin-based jewelry designer Jamie Pope, creator of Liz James, has captured the essence of this reality in her gorgeous handmade line of jewelry. Drawing on the beauty of nature and the world around her for inspiration, Jamie creates timeless pieces that adorn women with a classy yet contemporary look.

Macchine Alimentari Ltd Announces the Addition of More Products to Their Extensive Catalog

Continuing on their quest to becoming a reliable manufacturer and supplier of kitchen equipments Macchine Alimentari Ltd has recently announced the addition of some items to their products catalog. As revealed by the site's spokesperson, among the new products include display cases, ice makers, dough mixers, thermo convection fan oven, refrigerators, and so on. Unveils Their Latest Packages on Mattresses, Beds and Accessories

Continuing on their mission to make their products as reasonable as possible and to help save customers' shopping expenditures Italian online mattress store has recently launched their latest packages and promotional offers on a range of products. Inputs from one of the representatives of the site revealed that the price cuts can be availed on mattresses, beds and different bedroom accessories.

Approach Clothing Releases Their July Event Schedule

Summer is the busy season for athletic apparel powerhouse Approach Clothing, who is attending multiple events per week to conclude the month of July. This month's schedule is comprised of girls lacrosse and girls field hockey competitions from Maryland to New York. The company hopes to continue growing their brand's women sportswear collection, which is popular for competitors, family members, and staff members alike. Approach Clothing is known for partnering with events by setting up casual apparel booths to showcase everything from womens athletic clothing to Irish sports sweatshirts.

SmoothRx Releases Inspiring Mission Statement

SmoothRx recently released their mission statement to the public, and the company took a heartfelt approach, pinpointing their customers as their reason for being. The mission statement reads as follows:

Cosmopolitan Collection Explains Why Their Makeup Organiser Is Safe for Children

Spokesman of Cosmopolitan Collection Rob Bowser has come out to the general public to explain why their acrylic cosmetic storage is safe for children. "Our cosmetic organizer is produced with clear acrylic resin that's injection molded" he explained, "[…] it's not just durable, it's shatterproof. So if any clumsy toddlers come about knocking the makeup organiser off the counter or dropping it on the floor, there's no need to worry about shards cutting their little feet." Bowser also commented on the fact that the organizer does not include any smaller pieces and therefore does not pose a threat as a choking hazard to children.

The XeroGear Emergency Cold-Weather Vest Arrives on Kickstarter This Month

XeroGear LLC has announced the availability of the XeroVest™ — a highly portable, inflatable and air-insulated emergency garment weighing only 2 oz. (57g). The patented XeroVest™ is made up of a network of cross-connected cells inflated through a simple one-way mouth-piece on the vest's collar. Inflating the vest creates a warm, insulating layer of trapped air, while conforming to the shape of the body. This insulates the body's core while allowing the body's moisture to escape through the vest's integrated vent holes.

Leading Hat Maker to Release Collaboration with Texas Rangers, Finds New Fans in Japan

YUMS, the popular hat designer and manufacturer that offers original classic snapbacks for sale on its website and in stores, always seems to be up to one thing or another of substance—this month being no exception. The Dallas-based company has been making headway in the fashion world since its advent in 2007, and at this point its brand is commonplace globally, reaching as far as Europe, Australia and Asia.

Elegant Southern Style, LLC Launches Website Featuring Elegant Southern Style Home Decor

LogoDenell Randall is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of elegant southern style home decor with a particular focus on the cast iron wall plaques, Fleur De Lis kitchen decor, and the trendy deco mesh wreaths. Randall started the website as a creative outlet to help her deal with her 19-year-old son's tragic passing. She had always embraced southern style and decor, including symbols like the Fleur De Lis, which can be found all over the south and has been used to commemorate rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Randall wanted to help others get the products that they would need to bring graceful southern elegance into their homes.

Merlin's Online Deals Announces Excellent Deals

Merlin's Online Deals has created a convenient and cost effective Shopping experience for users by bringing a wide range of options in one place at reasonable prices.

World Championship Rings Announces Super Bowl Championship Rings for Sale with FREE Shipping

A large selection of super bowl championship rings are available for sale on the online store of World Championship Rings. They offer daily shopping deals with a range of ring designs and styles and metal options, available at affordable prices and with free shipping. One can purchase NFL super bowl championship rings, MLB World Series championship rings, NHL championship rings and lots more.

Bloomingdales Offering Various Fashion Products on Promotions

LogoBloomingdales is one of the leading online stores offering large collections of ready-to-use products and accessories for sale. The collection includes a variety of T-shirts, tops, pants, denim, handbags and more. Sources confirmed that the design team of the company has come up with its own styles and has set an affordable fashion trend for people with different choices. Some of the categories dealt by the store are inclusive for men and women's shoes, intimate lingerie and fashion jewellery. The company always comes up with exclusive fashion products to grab customers' attention and approval.

Digital Coupons Continue to Grow Fueled by Higher Mobile Adoption

LogoThere has been a great surge in demand for digital coupons in recent times. When analyzing the trend it is evident that the two most important factors that contributed to this growth are, economic recession in the United States combined with an increased consumer interest in mobile technology and devices.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Sports Equipment

LogoGeorge Clemmons is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of sports equipment with a particular focus on the team sports gear, athletic apparel, and sports accessories such as football kicking holders and hats. Clemmons was inspired by his own experiences with sports, as he is an avid follower of many different sports over the television and radio including soccer and golf. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Clemmons wanted to help all of the athletes out there get the products that they would need to ensure they have the comfort and satisfaction they're looking for when participating in their favorite sports and activities.

DBfresh Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Received Positive Response from Amazon Buyers

DBFresh launched its mosquito repellent bracelets and patches through Amazon a few months ago and the products were recently showered with positive user reviews. According to DBFresh, the Amazon listed and verified seller, the product kit contains 10 pack bracelets and 6 Smily patches in a zip-lock bag. They added that they have received quite a few positive reviews from existing customers of the natural mosquito repellent bracelet on Amazon. The positive reviews from Amazon buyers reflect the overall market response, according to the manufacturers of the DEET-free no-spray and non-toxic mosquito repellents.