Retail Press Releases

The New 2017 Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Are Now Available at Bullion Exchanges

Struck for the first time from gold in 1979 and silver in 1988, the Canadian Maple Leafs are one of the most highly anticipated bullion coins on the industry market. Both first-time buyers and long-term investors are eagerly awaiting the newest issue of these beloved coins due to their high precious metal content, legendary design, and the latest bullion security features.

Lavha Launches Brand New Site, Signals Continued Growth

There is never a bad time to unveil a brand new website. Unlike other seasonal debuts, an overhauled website is welcome anytime. Just in time for the flurry of the holiday season, Lavha has revealed the latest version of their beautifully crafted website. The California jeweler now has a site worthy of their widely appealing necklaces, chakra, bracelets, and more. Customers will find the newly minted website to be user friendly, image-rich, and fully functional. All products are easily accessible from the homepage, and large product images give customers a glimpse into the beauty of each item.

Magical Home Accents Announces Smart Offers

Stylish and top quality Home Decor items available at affordable rates. Magical Home Accents, an online store, has unveiled brilliant deals on its Home Decor items to ensure that people can do up their houses exactly the way they want without digging deep into their pockets.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners Become Top Choice for Homeowners with Pets and Hardwood Floor

Recent data shows that more and more homeowners are making efforts to keep pets in their homes. This has become a common trend after findings have been made by psychologists that keeping pets at home helps maintain a healthy emotional state among humans. With daily pet hair to deal with, people are increasingly opting for shark vacuum cleaners to keep the home clean and hair-free.

Purrsonality Pets Announces New Collection

Purrsonality Pets, a dedicated online store has ensured that users can buy Pet Supplies they want with ease and be assured of their quality as well.

E-Liquid Online Seller Makes Effort to Bring All Major Brands Under One Platform

As per the latest statistics, it has been revealed that the vaping industry has shown a remarkable growth over the past couple of years. With the increase in the demand, it has also shown a marked increase in the variety of options for the consumers to choose from.

Hugabug's New Extended Range of Accessories Aimed at Helping Parents Lives Be More Organized and Stress Free Now Available Exclusively on

Family brand Hugabug has released exclusively on, three new products to add to its range, they include a Stroller Organizer, a Car Seat Organizer and a Car Seat protector each of which is tipped to become popular with parents who want to stay organized and stress free whilst on the go.

UK Gourmet E-Liquid Brand Targets New Markets

LogoThe global e-cigarette industry is projected to grow annually by 22% until 2025 and is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. Red Vape, an e-liquid manufacturer, based in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire are an example of how British brands are leading the way in this quickly evolving market.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Electronic Accessories from is pleased to offer an exquisite range of wooden electronic accessories and wood holders for laptops, phones, keyboards, tablets and PCs. These electronic accessories are 100% natural and all of them are made up of eco-friendly material. These wooden accessories offer extreme functionality. The accessories related to laptops, PCs and Tablets are ergonomically designed so as to minimize neck pressure if any and provide relief from visual fatigue. For instance, the wooden stand for laptops and notebooks help users with an improved sitting and standing postures by offering additional comfort for back, neck and shoulder.

2017 Engagement Ring Survey: Nearly Half of Guys Spend More on Their Engagement Ring Than Their First Car

LogoIt's peak engagement ring buying season in the run-up to Valentine's day, which means that all over the country guys are preparing to make one of the most important purchases of their life.

Puretech Baby Announces Exciting Launch of Molly the Friendly Kitten Nightlight Perfect for a Baby's Nursery or Children's Bedroom

LogoJust about every parent knows when it comes to essential baby electronics, one or more nightlights is an absolute must. The problem, for many shoppers, is the style of baby and kid's nightlights are just too boring and dull. Fortunately, leading baby technology brand Puretech Baby are answering the call with their new release and latest product, Molly the Friendly Kitten Nightlight. The portable nightlight is packed with remarkable features, on top of its appearance that is sure to make nearly any child smile. Not surprisingly the new product is off to a very quick start.

Gobbligoop Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Outdoor Recreation Supplies

LogoCarl Heegaard is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation supplies including survival gear, camping and hiking equipment, hunting and fishing products, and water and winter sports essentials. Heegaard was inspired by the amount of people looking to the refreshment of nature to get away from the hectic pace of their everyday lives, create deeper connections with friends and family, and test their stealth in the wilderness. Through his online store, Heegaard wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can tackle every outdoor adventure with safety and grace.

Products and Information, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Lifestyle and Healthy Living Products and Services

Wallace Frazier is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of lifestyle and healthy living products and services including weight loss supplements, the latest tech and gaming supplies, and career and business opportunities. Frazier was inspired by the amount of people looking to the convenience of online shopping to snag healthy living and lifestyle essentials so they can be ready to take on each fast-paced day with grace. Through his online store, Frazier wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can enhance their mental focus in the midst of a busy day or find a work from home opportunity to supplement their retirement income.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Natural Healthy Living Products

LogoRonald Halverson is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of natural healthy living products including sleep aids, nutritional supplements, antioxidants, multivitamins, homeopathic and alternative medicine, and sports supplements. Halverson was inspired by the amount of people looking to keep their minds and bodies functioning at their peaks to ensure they can tackle each fast-paced day with grace and keep their youthful glow alive. Through his online store, Halverson wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can shut off their worries and get a restful sleep or be ready for an intense and fulfilling workout after work.

Get the Technologically Advanced Inada Massage Chairs from to Stay Rejuvenated, a leading marketplace for massage chairs, is offering the state-of-the-art Inada Massage Chairs at never-seen-before prices. The Inada Massage Chairs are available in various colors such as red, black, cream, dark brown, beige, black, and multiple others. These Inada Massage Chairs are designed combining innovative technology, traditional therapeutic measures, and aesthetic appeal. These chairs are one of the best massage chairs in their collection that is equipped with evolved massage technology, computer body scan technology, air massage technology, auto recline and leg extension, dual foot roller massagers, and many others. People looking for best-in-class massage chairs can count on, and select their desired piece from their comprehensive selection of Inada massage chairs.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses in Stock and Shipping for August 21st USA Total Solar Eclipse

LogoMany people agree that there are few things in life as remarkable to witness as a solar eclipse. It's one of nature's gifts that can be absolutely jaw dropping and awe inspiring, but to enjoy it properly special eye protection is certainly required. Enter Tropical Sales Corp, a travel and tour company who have established as reputation of being the leading distributor of high quality, but still affordable, Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses. The company recently announced they are accepting orders and shipping in time for the August 21st total solar eclipse which will be viewable in 48 states.

Cherrystone Auctions Will Hold Next Stamp Auction in March

Cherrystone Auctions, a global leader in auctions of stamps and stamp-related collectables based in New York City, will hold its next auction in March of 2017. The auction house holds stamp sales at regular intervals, approximately every six to eight weeks.

Richardson's Flowers Masters the Force of Nature Flower Trend

LogoEach year the International Floral Distributors, Inc. forecasts the latest and greatest trends in the field of flowers. This year's forecast included such trends as French Connection and Into the Jungle. While florists around the world aspire to meet these trends, one New Jersey florist is already making waves. The Force of Nature trend is marked by serene blues and greens, metallic finishes, and muted patterns. Soothing and elegant, the Force of Nature trend aims to connect man and nature in a harmonious way.

All That Glitters Isn't Gold: Glamira's Garnet Gemstones for January

Glamira is now a well-known name in jewelry today. Known for their stunning wedding and engagement rings and timeless custom jewelry designed with a modern appeal, Glamira is also known for their collection of custom jewelry featuring precious and semi-precious stones, including birthstones.

DIG Decor Doozies Unveils Expansive Collection

DIG Decor Doozies, a dedicated online store, has taken the hassle out of shopping for Home Goods because they are now available to users in one place.

Webbs Wireless Launches Wide Range of Products

Webbs Wireless has unveiled a new collection of Home Security And Surveillance products, which are now available to users at reasonable prices.

Kavinace Ultra PM, Sold by Accutrition Nutritional Consultants, Promotes Healthy Sleep

LogoAccutrition Nutritional Consultants, an online natural nutritional supplement source, sells Kavinace Ultra PM to promote healthy sleep. This product from NeuroScience provides many benefits for people who are seeking a natural supplement that will help them sleep better at night. Not only does the supplement promote healthy sleep, but it also reduces stress and anxiety by helping one's body maintain proper levels of melatonin, GABA and serotonin.

Kitchen Supreme Used for Cupcakes for the First Time! All Captured on Video

Kitchen Supreme, small family business, selling the spiralizer to interested customers, has recently had the pleasure of noticing that this kitchen gadget was used in the making of Ube cupcakes. This is all thanks to an active vlogger, who has decided to give the vegetable slicer a try, also posting a video of the recipe on a well-known online platform.

No More Need to Search for a Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Quality Solid Surface Furniture

For those who are on the look-out for high-quality solid surface furniture such as bar counters, conference tables, office desks, reception desks, restaurant tables, or a bathroom vanity, the good news is that WANBEST is manufacturing and offering these items. Being an office desk manufacturer as well as makers of various types of solid surface furniture, they take inputs from their customers and convert those ideas into workable 3D designs. Once customers give their nod of approval and confirm the 3D designs, they proceed further and initiate the process of manufacturing the furniture, says the company.

Minimalist Brand Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Sheer - The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATERPROOF Travel Jacket

Alphonso Ngiam, founder of the Minimalist Brand, announced that he will be launching a Kickstarter project on Jan. 24, 2017 to raise the $20,000 needed to fund production and distribution of his latest creation, sheer - The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATERPROOF Travel Jacket. The garment is highlighted by 18 of the most highly sought and needed features for busy people on the go.

Rasdale Stamps' Next Auction to Be Held February 18th and 19th

Rasdale Stamp Company will hold its first auction of 2017 on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th, according to information posted to the stamp company's website.

Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers Partners with BizIQ

Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers, a family-owned and operated jewelry store, recently announced it has partnered with BizIQ, a digital marketing company that serves small businesses across North America from its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.