Retail Press Releases

RPE Solutions Announces Upcoming Webinar to Help Retailers Modernize POS Systems

It is easy for businesses to become accustomed to, and trust, a POS system after years of using the same software. The familiarity of the process and interfaces, combined with quick-fix plugins that seem to update a system sufficiently, can make this software appear to adequately address management and service requirements. However, "legacy" POS systems often constrain businesses' ability to grow and succeed due to their inability to address mobile functions or cross-channel data flow, along with other issues. Oftentimes, companies are unaware of the immense improvements available to them through a new POS system. RPE Solutions, a retail consulting agency that provides retail store systems, announces the availability of a webinar on September 24, 2015 at 2 p.m. EST, to help businesses "Rip Off the POS Band-Aids and Maximize Sales".

Kyle Watkins Joins SPAR Retail Merchandising Group as Vice President Business Development

SPAR Group, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandising and other retail merchandising services, today announced that Kyle Watkins has joined the company in the role of VP Business Development for its U.S. operations. Kyle will be responsible for new business targeting key industry growth areas aligned with SPAR's strategic initiatives. Kori Belzer, Chief Operating Officer of SPAR, stated that, "we look forward to having Kyle build relationships that strengthen SPAR's role as a strategic partner and help us deliver solutions that optimize our clients' sales and profitability in a changing retail landscape".

Tuoder Offers Custom Cotton Canvas Bags in Bulk for Event Promotions

Cotton bags or canvas bags are in more demand today, because these bags are made of natural materials that do not harm the environment. Tuoder Gifts Company is thus offering a great range of cotton bags or canvas bags as a promotional item to please the environment-conscious populace of the world. Besides using as a promotional item, these bags can have practical use as well of keeping and packing various products into them.

Leading Watch Review Website Gracious Watch Announces New Blog Post Looking at "2015 Best Skeleton Watches Under $200"

LogoThere's no doubt among insiders that pocket watches have come back to popularity in a very big way. Tracing their roots all the way to the 16th century, and commonly called skeleton watches, more and more are appearing on the market all the time. The best news, for many, is that many top rated choices are even set at very affordable price points. Leading watch review website Gracious Watch recently announced they have published a new blog post of the subject, "2015 Best Skeleton Watches Under $200" and readers have responded with enthusiasm.

Riffspheres Launches Donut Pool Float

Riffspheres, a leading manufacturer of inflatable pool toys, is excited to announce its latest addition. The Donut Pool Float is designed for water lovers dreaming of their next sweet treat while enjoying a day on the water. Brings Smart Options

Allforkitchens has brought a smile to users who can find all the Baking and other products they need to create a variety of dishes during their favorite holiday's season.

Gavin Rajah Atelier Launches a New Line of Bridal Gowns

The fashion icon of South-Africa has come up with his latest creation – An exclusive line of wedding gowns at an attractive price point for brides-to-be. Launched in partnership with New York's leading fashion designer Chelsea Liu, this affordable collection is now available online for purchase.

TG Products Launches Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder

TG Products is pleased to announce the launch of a new product called Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder. This feat was achieved due to the company's consistency in producing products that will enable users have a better experience when using the company's product while also enhancing users cooking experiences when cooking culinary dishes. The grinder can grind herbs, tobacco, medicinal herbs and spices.

Elevate with Wings Open Several Stores in London to Promote Their Spiritual Clothing

Recently, Elevate with Wings opened up a new clothing store in central shopping mall in London. The basic theme behind their clothing are the designs inspired by ancient spiritual symbols, yoga, philosophy and positive energy to incorporate good vibes into their products to keep buyers and those around them feeling good.

Punk'd Image Launches 50% End of Season Sale

Alternative fashion is thriving more now than at any point in the alternative movement, thanks largely to the thriving of online communities where likeminded individuals can share their passions without the need to be close to one another geographically. This has led to a greater acceptance across broader culture, and places like Manchester are champions for alternative culture. Punk'd Image is a Manchester based alternative fashion store that is offering 50% off on selected items in an end of season sale, to help people support their favourite bands for less.

Brothers Jewelry Customizes Engagement Rings and More in Philadelphia Shop

Now, more than ever, customized wedding jewelry is all the rage. Computer-aided design, the most advanced design technology available, has made it possible for couples and jewelry designers to collaborate on designs that are personalized down to the finest details. At Brothers Jewelry of Philadelphia, couples can work with expert, GIA-certified designers to craft one-of-a-kind pieces, from diamond engagement rings to a host of other fine jewelry.

Defy the Signs of Aging with Anti-Aging Tips from Betty Beauty

Anti-aging creams have flooded the markets with a high proportion of the population aspiring to look young and beautiful. Many anti-aging creams' manufacturers claim that their products can effectively erase wrinkles, remove dead skin and make people's skin feel and look much smoother. To help people in making the right choice of product best-suited to their skin type, Betty's Beauty Blog is now providing a range of beauty tips for best use of these anti wrinkle creams. Now, people who are searching for comprehensive information on anti-aging creams, can safely refer to for valuable insights for looking ageless.

MixieMate Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoThe creator of MixieMate, a new kitchen appliance that heats and stirs food precisely, removing the need to stand at the stove, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this unique product.  MixieMate is a kitchen tool that works by rotating and heating a food canister with a non-stick interior at a slight angle.  The interior canister can be removed easily for quick serving and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup without scrubbing.

Image Beauty Offers New Nail Polish Collections for Fall 2015

The leaves on the trees aren't the only things that will change color this season. With high-end nail polish by top lacquer brands, nails will be changing color too. Customers looking to obtain the latest collections in nail polish in time for fall can find them at the leading online products supplier, Image Beauty. The distributor, which specializes in selling beauty supplies wholesale at reduced rates, is pleased to present two new nail polish collections. Currently offered in their selection is the Essie Fall 2015 Collection and the new OPI line, the Venice Collection.

Feel the Shop Announces New Range of Products

Feel The Shop has unveiled its smart collection of products including clothes and Accessories that are now available to users at discounted rates.

Anything Supplier Unveils New Collection of Products

Anything Supplier has offered a whole range of Camping, Hiking and other products that are high on quality but low on price.

Ted & Stacey's Smart Reviews Releases Their Official 2016 Mattress Buying Guide

According to statistical data collected by the American Chiropractic Association, low back pain is both the leading cause of disability and the most common reason why people miss work. The ACA also estimates about fifty percent of Americans will have an experience with chronic back pain during their lifetimes.

Nicamaka Distributors Showcases Its Event Tents and Pop-Up Canopies

Nicamaka Distributors, Inc., a major provider of outdoor products, is pleased to present its collection of event tents and pop canopies for outdoor events such as family shows and spectator sports venues, including the Miami Umbrella Event tents and the NEO Brand Pop-up Canopies.

With Our Aloha Launches Latest Floral and Gift Line Combating Winter-Induced Doldrums

Whether temporary winter blues or full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder, cold and rain-riddled days have been found to negatively alter people's views on life. In fact, an article released last year by the World of Psychology indicates an estimated 52 percent of Americans admit their moods are impacted by weather. This comes as no surprise to the staff of Hawaiian themed online gift shop, With Our Aloha. In an effort to help combat those adverse side effects projected for the months to come, representative Frank MacMillan has recently launched the company's latest line of gift baskets and floral arrangements.

Juicepresso USA Launches Blog Fostering Health Through Improved Nutrition

Nutrition guidelines recommend adults have between five and thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables each day though these amounts vary depending on age, weight and other common factors. In contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports in a June 10, 2105 study an estimated 76 percent fail to reach this fruit intake goal with 87 percent falling short on vegetable consumption. While many put forth the effort to meet these nutritional requirements, busy lifestyles combined with reliance on fast food and prepackaged snacks often counter such measures.

J&M Jewelry Announces Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotion

LogoJ&M Jewelry, a jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer specializing in luxury diamond and gemstone jewelry with an emphasis on custom-designed jewelry made by hand in America, announced a promotion for this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Offers Its Online Store with a Wide Variety of Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses

Every one of us wish to look our best at any wedding or a party we go to. It is the dress we wear and the accessories which compliment it with makes us look the way we are. Moreover, it is very important to match and wear the dresses or accessories which suits our built and personality. Luckily, the market has options for virtually every taste and every size one might be in search for. There are a vast number of both online and offline stores which sell a range of both designer and custom designed dresses to its customers across UK. One such store that features its exclusive collection is The store has been made with a simple aim for providing beautiful and suitable custom made dresses for both bridesmaids and wedding guests.

Ekaterina Kukhareva Introduces Her Exquisite Spring/Summer'16 Collection

LogoFollowing the successful launch of 'EK London' knitwear label, Ekaterina Kukhareva takes this diffusion line into the next season by introducing a comprehensive line of swimwear, cover ups and day dresses for the Spring/Summer'16 season. Playing off the inspiration for the mainline collection of evening wear EK London presents folk inspired beach wear and day dresses for the more relaxing and casual moments of our lives.

Midlands Leading Office Furniture Fit out Company Offers 360 Degrees Design Solutions

An office is not just a lineup of cubicles where busy minds work hard to get things done. It is a space that has the potential to inspire, influence and impress people who spend most part of their waking hours in the office. Presents Its Collection of Vintage Themed Dresses for Sale

Fashion is believed to be one of the most dynamic industries which keeps on changing. However, it is an industry which not only tests latest creativity but also experiments with fusion of dresses from the past and the present. Be it new or old, elegant dresses when worn in the right manner and complimented by the perfect accessories would look good on each and every individual. Moreover, there has always been a space and craze to wear clothes designed from the 50s era. The period from the 50s to 60s was a transformation which saw a vivid variety of dresses and experiments which includes products having rage today as well. In order to offer a store that compiles the best of the 50s style wedding dresses, has come up with an exclusive portal.

Stockroom Offers Its Exclusive Collection of Modern Furniture for Sale

A house is said to be complete only when it has the right set of furniture. People like to experiment and use a range of options for different rooms and purposes. The market today presents different kinds of options ranging from modern to the contemporary forms. Depending on tastes of every customer, these furniture could be bought from both online and offline stores today. To facilitate this purpose and offer the ease of purchasing furniture from any place, Stockroom has come up with its own online retail store. The company is based in Hong Kong and offers options based on rooms, tastes and materials. The company has an exclusive collection of Mid Century Designer classic that is inspired from the originals of that era.

Get Interior Designing Services from JMH Furniture Solutions

For all those planning to give a complete makeover to their business space can now get interior designing services from JMH Furniture Solutions. The interior designers of the company get an in depth understanding of the client's needs basis which they create a look and ambience that gives the place a great first impression. The company specializes in fit outs for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, reception centers, aged care facilities, corporate offices and universities.