Reverse Phone Lookup and Consumer Reviews Site Launches Its New Smart Phone App


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Reverse phone lookup industry reviews site and publisher  has announced the launch of its new smart phone app in order to facilitate the reverse lookup queries that are enjoyed huge demand spikes in 2012 as well as the first quarter of 2013. The app is now available for both Apple Iphone and Android smart phones and is free of charge. For more information  please visit or click:

The app was developed in response to the huge spike in consumer demand for  phone lookup services during the second half of  2012 and complaints from its visitors that the site was not mobile phone friendly. As a result, management of decided to develop the app that will make the reverse lookup search easier and faster especially for the millions of smart phone users in the United States.  The app is designed to make it,  at most, a 3 click  process from receiving the unwanted call or message to conducting the reverse cell phone lookup, to placing a call to the offending party all within a span of 1 minute.  The utility of the app is also improved by the fact that most of the top reverse phone lookup sites will add criminal background checks to its regular phone lookup query for a small nominal charge and in some cases free of charge.

Management at PeopleLocatorHelp.Com has stated it will re-evaluate the scores and ratings of its top 4 reverse phone lookup sites based on the availability of  free or low cost additional criminal background checks. The addition of background checks to the regular lookup query would be an outstanding addon and development in this industry and thus will allow the sites to be a one stop shop and add an extra  layer a security to its customer’s lives.

Megan Wyka of Portland, Oregon states: “Love the fact that I can easily conduct a reverse phone with my Iphone in just 3 clicks and in under 1 minute I can take the offending caller to task, but now that there is a possibility of adding a criminal background check into the mix, it makes my investment in a reverse lookup a no brainer.”

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