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Clever Belle Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoClever Belle is made up of a group of siblings who believe that girls should be able to wear clothing that outwardly displays their interests and dreams.  Their original t-shirt designs reflect the idea that girls should be encouraged to pursue their passions and challenge gender stereotypes.  Now, the group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce and distribute these shirts on a broad scale.

New Pricing Structure for New Revamped Website

LogoWeb Design Beast Of Silicon Valley recently announced an amazing new pricing structure for all their services. The discount comes just in time for the release of their new revamped website. The new pricing will give clients the same expert service at a lower price. Web Design Beast is one of the few companies that actually posts its pricing structure, so this announcement is in keeping with the firm's commitment to bringing the best value to its clients. According to a company spokesperson, "The new pricing structure will last through the end of this year and is our way of giving back to the clients who make us successful."

Now on Kickstarter – Nannying Family Screen Time So You Don't Have To

New startup Game Nanny Box aims to simplify family screen time and game time. The project is live on Kickstarter at until June 8th. This unique product ends the arguments about screen time by acting as a timed lockbox for tablets, game controllers, mini game consoles, TV remotes, or anything else. Game Nanny Box tracks check-out times on a screen, gives audible warnings, and penalizes kids who check-in late. The system also has two charging ports to keep tablets and games charged.

Shift – The Mobile Game That Takes the Young to Hunt Each Other Outside – "Hunger Games" Was Never So Real

We are truly excited to present Shift – Augmented Games' first real life,location based "Hunger Games" style game played through your mobile device. The game occurs in both the virtual and the real world while the player's main goal is to physically hunt or escape from their opponent in the real world. Along with a rich social experience and smooth interaction between the players, there is no wonder whyShift is generating high interests among young crowds. Shift is currently available in US, Canada, UK and Israel. For WW launch we have initiated an Indiegogo campaign– refer to the bottom of page)

Hasbeen Kickstarter Project Fits Crowdfunding Model to a Tee

LogoOn May 11, 2015 a new Kickstarter campaign will be launching to raise funds for Hasbeen Hockey Apparel based out of Sudbury, ON. The company's founder Cody Duguay has his eyes set on a $25,000 minimum target level and has very exciting and specific plans for the potential funds.

Cheeto Collectors Auction Celebrity Cheetos for Charity

LogoCheetos Collectors Joel Jerome and his son Redd are placing 50 of their most prized Cheetos up for auction on E bay to raise money and bring attention to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Magatune, One-Stop Source for All the Latest News on Music and Entertainment

LogoMagatune is a recently launched online music and entertainment portal that features exclusive content of music and entertainment industry as it will allow the artists and fans across the globe to be in touch with each other. This culturally diverse website primarily focuses on bringing worldwide awareness to some of the world's most talented artists. It houses a multiplicity of independent art forms all under one roof. The articles and featured blog posts on Magatune will resonate with both fans and artists and is a tremendous opportunity for fans to update themselves about music and entertainment and learn more about their favorites and day-to-day affairs.

A New Blog for Common, Ordinary Information Needs

LogoThe topics selected are to the point and provide an opinion on a variety of areas including General Law, Entertainment, Family and Kids, Advertising, Promotion, IT and Technology, Real Estate and more informative articles . All of the web publishers makes the attempt to touch the pulse of the audience and bring out issues that are frequently sought after. Gain insight to the areas that are in vogue with the help of blog posts that are featured.

Minecraft Hosting Server Rental Providers Compete to Dominate the Market

With the boom in the internet marketing industry there are so many minecraft hosting companies that are competing to provide the best services to win the customers. This has given an opportunity for the consumers to take the advantage of the plentiful services offered by the minecraft hosting server companies. But at the same time consumers should be wary of the basic issues regarding the services offered by the companies before deciding to use any service.

Photo Reviews on Russia's Past and Present on a New Website Russia in Pictures

A new web site, Russia in Pictures, is launched. On the source the significant information on the critical events in the country's past and present is highlated. Its goal is to provide readers with objective photo reviews directly from a team of Russian authors, and make links between the key facts of the former Soviet Union's chronicles. This site is for those who are interested in the modern Russia and wants to know more about the country.

Old School Photograph Database Now Has 90 Million Photos

Old school photographs are a link to the past and a happy childhood—but all too often, the photos fade and get lost, leaving only dim mental memories.

New Hosting Provider Offers Mac Mini Servers to Assist Leading Demographics of Innovation

Green Lion Network recently started offering DDoS protection and IPv6 addresses in their shared instant hosting plans. They have also used Nginx [pronounced Engine-X] on their plans to provide their customers the fastest loading times possible creating better user satisfaction ratings. They will also soon to begin offering Mac Mini Servers with both Yosemite and OS X configurations in United Kingdom and France.

New Pinterest Style Blog Called Just Add Album Lunched

LogoOnline writers research subjects in depth before producing an Easy To-read posts due to their audience. The topics chosen are to the point and provide an opinion on a range of areas for example Real Estate, Basic Construction, Entertainment, Family and Kids, Advertisements, Marketing, IT and Technology, Law and much more. Each of the internet publishers makes the attempt bring topics that are often sought after out and to touch the pulse of the audience. Increase insight to the areas that are in vogue with all assistance from featured websites.

Mobile-Friendly Upgrades and Dynamically Inviting Redesign Highlight Homes at Tahoe's Eye-Catching New Website

LogoHomes at Tahoe, a formidable real estate presence serving the communities in and around the gorgeous Lake Tahoe region since its inception, recently announced the launch of its redesigned website aptly located at With a keen focus on integration of mobile-friendly features, the reworked online portal allows Homes at Tahoe agents to reap the benefits of the iHomefinder system as implemented by the new site's designers, Tahoe Creative Solutions. As a bleeding-edge IDX/home search system platform, iHomefinder has transformed Homes at Tahoe into one of the few realty entities boasting a mobile-friendly approach.

Healthy but Smart Publishes Huge New Wave of Eagerly Anticipated Content

Healthy But Smart, one of the Internet's most popular new websites for those interested in smart, healthy living, published a major new wave of blender reviews and other valuable content. Adding to the site's collection of highly detailed, impartial reviews of the top blenders on the market, just-published new looks at two of leading manufacturer Vitamix's top models have been eagerly anticipated by visitors since Healthy But Smart launched.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Save Eastbourne's Last Independent Baby Shop from Closure

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help save three jobs that would be lost if Eastbourne's last independent baby shop were forced to close. At a time when people are struggling to find work, the owner of Roly Poly's Little People has turned to the Internet to seek financial help. As a last resort, the disabled owner turned to the website Crowdfunder to try to raise funds to keep the business trading and to save her employees from losing their jobs.

KeyStock Announces Different Account Types Based on Personal Expectations

KeyStock has recently announced diversifying its account portfolio in three different directions. The company hit the market with one account type only. Users had the same benefits and facilities, as well as identical requirements. Today, potential traders have access to three different accounts – mini, standard and exclusive. Each of them has its own characteristics and specifications.

The Website Provides Hadoop Online Training for a Career Boost

LogoAt , interested candidates can get all the relevant information about Hadoop is an effective manner. It is a technology that is being imbibed by many corporate houses and IT companies because of its usability. The website offers certification courses for people from different backgrounds so that they stand to gain in the vast competition.

Issa Lauda Project Invites Indiegogo Backers to Become the Pioneers of the Future

LogoIssa Lauda is undoubtedly the first project of its kind in the history of mankind. This project is about creating a legal, legitimate, liberal and apolitical sovereign state. In the modern-day world, people often fail to achieve their goals in life because of too many barriers and restrictions. The creator of the Issa Lauda project believes that people's lives and work should only be limited by their own desires. The objective of the Issa Lauda project is to allow people to experience their full potential of life and work.

Vergelijk Direct Receives AFM License to Comply with Comparison Website Regulations in Netherlands has recently received a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for their insurance comparison website, allowing them to broker the best deals on indemnity and health insurance on behalf of individuals. The company received the license on March 4th, and has since transformed from a review site to a brokerage, using their recommended providers to source best-value Indemnity- and health insurance for individuals.

Jobifier Increases Chances to Find a Decent Job

LogoJobifier was constructed to cater to the special requirements and job-related needs of any client. The website is daily updated so that each user could be able to find fresh and up-to-date job listings. One of the main benefits of the service is its elaborate search options and filter systems that ensure a simple and comfortable navigation process. Each user gets a chance to make use of a unique vacancy map found at the website. It provides additional information about each open position, including the name of the company, the job type offered, the terms and salary suggested and lots of other important issues. Other options a user will surely appreciate include a detailed search history archive, regular job listings delivery to e-mail boxes, helpful articles about career and job-search process etc.

Tailor-Made New London Business Directory Up for Sale on Flippa

The website is a business directory which is being auctioned for all interested buyers. It is based in London and is new and ready to be bought. There are a number of domains included in it and hence, it can be considered as a comprehensive guide for any types of businesses.

Hate Unruly Cables? South Florida Company Debuts Patent Pending Innovative Onix Cable Management System

The newly launched Onix cable management system is to be the ultimate solution in personal device organization, promising to make masses of tangled cords a thing of the past. The creators are currently undergoing a popular crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter, and are excited share it with the market.

Eurooptic Ltd. Is Now the Most Popular Certified Online Retailer for Eotech Sights

EuroOptic Ltd. is now recognized as the most renowned certified online retailer for EOTech Sights. Customers who need optic care and solutions can seek for the help of EuroOptic and find out various optic products that they may need. All of these things have been touched with advanced technology and they will achieve success in meeting their specific needs and concerns.

Joyco MultiMedia Releases New Blog Series for Non-Profits

Video is a great website introductory page tool. For the non-profit, there is no greater awareness tool than online video. According to a recent Pew research study about online video, 'Thirty-seven percent of donors used online video to research nonprofits and the sources used by the largest number of donors were primarily sources that can work in concert with video—nonprofits' websites (54%), search engines (48%), social action network sites (48%), social networking sites (46%), and consumer review sites (42%)'. In the state of Colorado, non-profits have a trusted video resource in Joyco MultiMedia for video production.