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Creator of Guardian Leather Micro Suction Case Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoThe Guardian Leather Micro Suction iPhone 6 case was created to address specific problems that many phone cases have. A phone case should provide full protection without impairing use of the phone. Most leather cases come with cheap looking plastic frames or poorly designed leather pockets. They are unattractive and very frustrating to use. The Guardian case combines high-quality 100 percent handcrafted leather with advanced micro-suction technology to create the ultimate functional and protective leather phone case.

Bitcoin Now Accepted at Established Cloud Hosting Company Cloudways for All Web Hosting Services

Cloudways, a leading managed cloud hosting platform established in 2012, is pleased to announce it is now accepting the P2P currency Bitcoin for all customer transactions. Web apps and stores hosted on Cloudways load on average 100% faster due to special optimizations, utilizing the latest in server load balancing technology.

New Age Hygienic Systems, Creator of a Revolutionary Water-Conservation Toilet, Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoWith the recent drought conditions in California, the state has imposed water restrictions .  One of the largest users of water in the world is the common toilet bowl, which still operates on the original suction method invented more than 200 years ago.  Now, low-flow toilets promise an end to wasteful water usage for toilets.  The inventor of one low-flow toilet mechanism, Dan Andreiu, CEO of New Age Hygienic Systems water-conservation toilet, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production and distribution of this environmentally sound mechanism.

Creator of Bartindr App Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoProfessional bartenders sometimes find it difficult to find private work.  Instead, they often turn to catering companies where they work for far less than they could make if they found their own jobs.  Now, Bartindr, a new app that will be available in both iOS and Android formats, allows professionals in the nightlife industry to find gigs in any geographical area.  The creator of this innovative and useful app has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its full development and the creation of a website for downloads.

Creator of Evil Genius: Deathray Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoAccording to Mark Sierens, the creator of Evil Genius: Deathray, an exciting and unique board game, "There is a fine line between genius and madness.  This line is blurred further in this ultimate game of intelligence and strategy. Our goal is to bring the people of the world together around the wooden portal of wonder—the gaming table."  Now, Sierens has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development and distribution funds for this board game.

Web Hosting Secret Revealed Publishes New Guide to Creating a Successful Blog

Blogging is an opportunity for writers to hone their craft, develop their audience, add value to people's lives and demonstrate their authority in certain niches, all of which can be converted into real money, whether it be driving product sales or simply through advertising. Making a success of this is an art form all its own however, and Web Hosting Secret Revealed wants to help more people achieve success in this field. They have just published a new guide aimed at anyone hoping to create and start a blog, with invaluable information inside.

An Online Platform That Connects Freelance Gig Providers with Those Who Need These Services

Those who are looking for online jobs may be interested in this news and that is microjobs are taking over the marketplace throughout the world, both offline and online. In fact, huge numbers of microjobs are available online. The number of people who desire to work from home has been increasing rapidly in the recent times and microjobs that provide small job opportunities to these freelancers are also increasing. These freelancers while working from home have to perform according to the expectations of individual buyers. In short, such freelance work is becoming more lucrative and is a preferred career path.

YouKaster Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoYouKaster is a live streaming and mobile site that allows anyone with a mobile phone to instantly broadcast from any location, including meetings, sporting events, classes and family gatherings.  Now, the creator of this site has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development and distribution.  YouKaster is a concept that will be built by developers, with the creator architecting the entire solution.

Bitcatcha Creates New Worldwide Ping Speed Test for Customers to Test Hosting Server Speeds

When registering a domain and buying hosting, many people fail to consider the speed of the server package they will received bundled with their site, and as a result end up with sluggish websites that underperform, losing them customers and audiences. It is difficult to tell before one commits however just how fast a server will be. Bitcatcha offers free to use services to illuminate these murky aspects of consumer decision making, and has created a new Server Speed Checker designed for those attracting worldwide audiences.

New Media Guru Announces a Premium Social Media Website to Empower Research, Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

A team of professional designers, developers, and testers at New Media Guru are currently working on a next-generation social media website aimed at an educational audience. Expected to launch in September, the site will be composed of "talkwits," which are sparks of information 350 characters or less. The said talkwits are similar to "tweets" or "posts" but are held to higher standards of quality. The company's goal, in essence, is to create a "premium social media site," with purposeful content that will be helpful to writers, students, and researchers. to Reveal Top 5 Dating Sites of 2015

With more and more dating sites available all over the internet these days, it is becoming quite difficult for individuals to actually find the most appropriate one for them. The process may be lengthy and rather tiresome but it is completely worth it in the end as people get to meet the loves of their lives as well as potential long-term partners through such online platforms. Senior dating sites are the best way for older individuals to actually try their hand at love once again and since the procedure of getting registered over them is easy, it is best to just join up at the earliest convenience.

Iitwares Launches New Websites for Ano Express

LogoInnovative  LLP recently launched new websites for ANO Fast Service. ANO Fast Service, the leading provider of door-to-door services in Saudi Arabia, is now live at

TalkWits Is Launching a Search Engine with a High Emotional IQ

TalkWits, the brainchild project of New Media Guru, is soon launching its search/social hybrid for smart people. Users will be able to search for content on any topic and find 'talkwits,' sparks of information 350 characters or less, that can be sifted through with emotionally intelligent filters. Search by trends, sentiment, facts vs. opinions, and demographics to turn a half hour of research into a matter of clicks.

Creators of Miracle Handmade Cards Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoMiracle Handmade Cards are beautiful, handmade greeting cards that come in a range of types to fit many situations.  Miracle Handmade Cards feature pictures, stamped words, artificial flowers and butterflies.  An envelope is also included with every card, which measures 5 inches by 6.5 inches or 12.7 centimeters by 16.5 centimeters.  Now, the creators are launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of these cards.

Elabora Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Build NarniAround Walking Trails

LogoElabora is an innovative project that was first conceived by those who have been working for years in university and corporate training.  The focus of the group is to offer empowering strategies for both individuals and organizations that will help them strengthen and make the most of each other's talents, as well as develop resources that belong to everyone.  This group believes that the key to living in harmony with each other and the environment is balanced growth.  Through the use of new tools and possibilities, Elabora creates a mix of activities focused on value-rational actions and cooperation among institutions, companies and citizens.  As a way of promoting this fundamental truth, the group has created a new project called NarniAround, a trail adoption idea in and around the beautiful medieval city of Narni.

MotionElements Revamps Music Channel, Offers New Features for Buyers

MotionElements, the largest royalty-free marketplace in Asia for worldwide stock video and music content, has revamped its Music Channel with enhanced site usability and license filters. The update, which goes live today, will seamlessly connect buyers and video creators to the music they want.

Rainbow Flames "Patio Fire Pit" Launches Sizzling Kickstarter Campaign

City and apartment dwellers often miss out on some of the simple pleasures that homeowners enjoy. One such indulgence is the delight of an open fire. Of course, fire laws and the dangers of open flame can be a serious hazard to those who live in condos or small apartments. Many apartment buildings don't provide suitable outdoor patio pits for fires as a general rule. But, don't lose hope. Now, twin sisters Fran Murdock and Wrenn Bodine have come to the rescue with an ingenious solution: The Rainbow Flames Portable Patio Fire Pit.

Traffic Planet Hosting Receives Glowing Review from Independent Hosting Assessors

Hosting is the foundation stone of all websites, yet it is all too often forgotten about or thought of dismissively by those eager to simply register their domain or get designing. The downside to this is that slow hosting actively damages Google rankings, making it difficult for sites to do well. Traffic Planet Hosting is dedicated to the kind of WordPress hosting that puts visitors to the site first, giving them the fastest and most seamless experience, which in itself helps site owners make money. They have just received a glowing and comprehensive review from Thrive Themes.

2016 Chinese and Western Horoscopes Astrological Predictions Posted in Sunsigns.Org has posted its 2016 horoscope predictions based on the Chinese zodiac, as well as the standard Western astrological calendar.

The Pilgreens Seek Funding Support via Kickstarter to Drive 20,000 Km Across Eurasia in an Electric TukTuk

LogoThe Pilgreens comprises of three student friends aged from 23 to 27 that met during their Master years in Toulouse. Together, they have decided to undertake a journey from Bangkok to Toulouse in a customized electric TukTuk. Their mission behind this project is to promote the use of a cleaner source of energy. The name 'The Pilgreens' refers to the 'Pilgrim fathers' and the color 'green.' The Pilgreens project will cover twenty thousand kilometers in one hundred and twenty days, covering sixteen countries. Their departure has been planned for July. Offers High Quality Music

LogoA superior sound quality provided at the website is ensured by the use of the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) – an audio format that is similar to the popular MP3 format, but is used to compress audio files without any loss of quality. Website managers note the following: "FLAC stands out in the music industry as the fastest, the most popular and the most widely supported lossless audio codec that ensures the best quality of sound. No doubt, the technology is so popular with music fans all over the world. "

DTS-Music Launched Surround Music Website is an in-depth and comprehensive resource for finding and downloading the best albums of the most popular artists in such formats as DVD-Audio, DTS 5.1, SACD-R etc. The resource contains a rich selection of high-quality music archives of different styles, all of which are amazing in quality and sound. At the website, everyone can browse through the following categories: Sounds of Nature, Soundtracks, Jazz, Classical Music, Metal, Rock, Pop, Electronic Music, Chillout, Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop, Folk etc.

Get Ready for 20 Million Visitors Coming This Way

Bringing traffic to a website that has just been set up can seem to be an overwhelming challenge not to mention, very expensive if the right people are not engaged. Picked the Top 5 Elite and Millionaire Dating Sites in 2015

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