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PDP Solutions Demonstrates Lean Best Practice for Manufacturing Employee Communication

Lean best practice manufacturing plants utilize an internal employee communications solution. Time and collaborative concepts discovered with on-going kaizen events are often lost when manufacturers rely upon traditional hierarchical communication structures. PDP Solutions President, Louise Dickmeyer suggested, “Effective employee communications solutions do not replace existing hierarchical reporting structures which define lines of responsibility and accountability. Employee communication can be added in stages, which must include making time to meet face-to-face. Video conferencing, emails, instant chats, and all the high-tech means of communication available to lean manufacturing teams are wonderful tools when there is also person-to-person contact to support these newer technologies. The most valuable information comes from the frontlines, the shopfloor of manufacturing organizations. Lean manufacturers practice active-listening.”

"PrivateFiles" Alleviates Secure File Storage and Sharing

With increasing data now surging through systems, be it online or otherwise, it is undoubtedly essential to consider their security. PrivateFiles provides a platform to not only share files but also store them in its cloud storage with utmost security. It has user-friendly features that allow the user to freely upload, share, store and download desired files. Once a simple registration is complete, the user can immediately begin free file uploads and can store data ranging from 150 – 250 GigaBytes. It provides free applications which allow the user to access and share files instantly either from the desktop or the Android phone. These applications are compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Android which is an added advantage. They also allow the user to upload files larger than 700 MegaBytes and manage files in bulk.

Dan Root's Charity Raffle Offers the General Public an Opportunity to Win the Famous Dodge Challenger Driven by Jack Nicholson

Collectors, car enthusiasts and the general public have the chance to win a completely restored Dodge Challenger muscle car steeped in Hollywood history. Featured prominently in shows like The Bucket List and NCIS: Heartland, this car has both rich character and a pedigree. It has been driven by celebrities Jack Nicholson and Mark Harmon… and now it can be yours by entering this charity raffle by entering this charity raffle.

Audio Bangout Introduces a New Website for Hip Hop Producers and Artists WorldwideTo Buy and Lease Hardcore Rap Beats and Instrumentals is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new platform where hip hop producers and artists from all over the world can buy or sell original rap beats and instrumentals. It is a new number one source for high quality rap beats, East Coast beats, Trap beats, instruments for TV, games or movies, and much more. Besides that, all the music featured in this site is 100% sample-free, where no uncleared samples have been used to create the beats. Visitors can sign up and get Free Beats of their choice worth $45 for trial.

San Diego Dentist Explains Increased Popularity of Dental Implants

Research shows that more than 30 million people in the United States have a missing or broken tooth, and with a 98% success rate, a dental implant is fast becoming the most popular way to replace a tooth and restore a smile.

New E-Store Setup to Satisfy Geeks

LogoGeekyGet.Com (, which is a hot new e-store, for self-described geeks, is set to open online on August 1, 2014. This announcement comes in time to be released during the San Diego Comic Con International, which according to Wikipedia, is the largest Comic Con in the United States, and has been held there since 1970.

Affordable Comprehensive Web Design Services Now Available in Singapore

Top3 Media, Top3Web Design Company now provides comprehensive web design services. The web design company is based in Singapore. The company has established itself as a leading Singapore web designer. It has been repeatedly rated at the top of Singapore web design company listings by independent reviews. The introduction of comprehensive web design services by the web design company is set to change the landscape of the Singapore web design industry. Clients no longer have to move from one vendor to another in search of different services. You can get them all under one roof.

The Practical Handbook on Successful Forex Trading Review: Is It Legit?

This Assured Soccer Profits Trader Review is developed to help customers decide whether investing or not their money to get The Practical Handbook On Successful Forex Trading new revolutionary program. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called The Practical Handbook On Successful Forex Trading are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. The Practical Handbook On Successful Forex Trading Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

The Speed Ranking System Review Announces Six Exclusive Fast Action Bonuses

LogoSuccess minded individuals looking to create a successful, lucrative business for themselves are in luck, because world renowned marketing guru Philip Mutrie launched an exciting new Speed Ranking System Review which has already risen to become the Internets number 1 rated SEO video speed ranking, traffic and success plan.

Review Site Ranks LifeLock's New Products as the Best Identity Theft Protection

LogoOn Monday, July 28, 2014 (BIDTC) introduced LifeLock’s new Good, Better and Best identity theft protection products. LifeLock is rolling out so many new features that they had to create a whole new package to their mix, the LifeLock Advantage. Online Pet Store Offers Pet Supplies at Low Prices

The A. Coombs Pet Centre ( offers pet owners an easy access to a large variety of quality pet supplies at low prices. The popular Brighton Pet Centre offers a whole range of quality pet supplies, which includes, dog collars, dog blankets, health care for dogs, kennels, and so much more. Consumers can save a great deal of money by either visiting the Brighton Pet Shop, which is based 155 - 157 Portland Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5QJ, or by ordering online where they will receive free delivery on orders over £29. With so much to choose from, it is not surprising they have become the website pet lovers turn to when they want to save money on quality pet products.

Web Solutions Provider Says Restaurants Should Cash in on Growing Online Business

With studies that suggest the value of online and mobile payments will double before the end of the decade, a company that offers professional restaurant website design, database and software development solutions says restaurants should cash in on the growing Internet-based business.

"Top Moving Company 4U" Provides a Smooth Moving Experience to Many

To the general public, nothing is more relieving than being able to make informed decisions with their big moves. As this is not an easy task, they usually resort to getting the services of companies they’ve “heard of” due to a lack of choice and as a result remain restless, wondering if there were more affordable companies with better services. “Top Moving Company 4U”, has created a platform that eliminates this element of doubt. They form a direct link between people and some of the finest Moving Companies across the United States. They have a simple information delivery system that keeps the entire process unproblematic. Once the customer feeds information regarding the move, “Top Moving Company 4U” acquires the best pricing from movers of the appropriate locality for the customers to choose from.

New Online Store for University of Michigan Sports Fans Launched

There's no doubt that University of Michigan sports fans are some of the most loyal and engaged college sports supporters you could ever find. And these fans certainly adore their favorite team's shirts, jerseys and other accessories. Stepping up to expertly serve their fellow enthusiasts is the new online University of Michigan Alumni Store, which is completely focused on providing the latest and greatest products gear the college's sports teams have to offer.

"CJ Heating and Air Repair" Announces Expanded Service Area Covering Bolingbrook, Aurora, Shorewood, Lockport and Joliet

CJ Heating and Air Repair, one of the leading Illinois Heat and AC Repair companies today announced its expansion of services to new regions including Bolingbrook, Aurora, Shorewood, Lockport and Joliet. Moreover, they are offering free site survey and no obligation quotation to new customers from these regions.

Reliable Service Technologies Announces Launch of New Website with Customer Portal for Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Services

Reliable Service Technologies (RST), a leading provider of fire alarm installation services is pleased to announce the launch of its new, innovative website to provide businesses with a wide range of services. Moreover, with their new “Customer Portal” feature, they have now become one of the selected few to provide customers with an instant online access to crucial data and project status, which leads to full transparency and better customer satisfaction.

Content and Social Media Marketing, the New SEO

LogoOut with the thinking that one can and should manipulate search engines by simply building backlinks, keyword stuffing on web pages, duplicate content developments and the likes – this is a myth. Old school strategies and process are no longer relevant to Google; in fact this can do more harm than good.

Keep Moving Forward: Say No to Old School SEO

LogoOver time, and with all the recent updates, SEO evolves. One can no longer manipulate his positioning on the search engine results page by simply stuffing exact match keywords on the site’s tags and descriptions and blasting it with links, this can do more harm to the site than good. It is now time to bid old school SEO goodbye and embrace the changes. However there are still advocates of the latter who steadfastly refuse to accept and embrace the changing of the winds.

A Pioneer Guide to Online Marketing Presents Opportunities to Make Money from Home

With many people now choosing to earn an income from various online sources, there is galactic information now available on how to do so. This however, is not as helpful as one may think because all that information can be overwhelming and in the end, futile. “Cash homemade” has targeted this problem and created a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing which is considered as one of the easiest ways of making money online, from the luxuries of one’s home. Their free guide is designed such that it leaves no unanswered questions and gives the reader all the information and resources to begin making money from home.

ParadigmNEXT Involvement in Chicago Tech/Start-Up Community

LogoWith their recent expansion from their North Shore headquarters into downtown Chicago, ParadigmNEXT has established themselves as supporters, leaders and partners within the Chicago tech, start-up and small business community.

Mod Girl Is Now a Registered Trademark in the United States

LogoMod Girl Marketing, an online marketing consulting firm, has been granted registered trademark status for the Mod Girl mark. Founder and President of Mod Girl®, Mandy McEwen says, “This is such an exciting step for our team. As Mod Girl continues to grow, we look forward to the opportunities from being a trademarked brand. When you choose to work with us, you get a unique experience as we constantly look for ways to innovate online marketing services.”

Newly Launched Website Offers Quality SEO Services in Birmingham at Affordable Price Tag is a newly launched website that offers SEO services in Birmingham, UK. The company reported that it strives to provide high quality content and choose the right website design and keywords for maximum website exposure. Using the most recent and innovative SEO techniques, it is dedicated to improving the website performance of its clients.

Companies Make Beeline to Register Themselves to Leading UK Based Contact Number Website

It has been estimated that the failure of most of the business establishments is attributed to lack of communication. This lack of communication is between the customer and the business establishment. In the same way, customers also cannot avail of most of the services today due to absence of contact numbers of the service provider.

Kiwi Plastic Surgery Releases Essential Information for Those Considering Procedures

Kiwi Plastic Surgery today announced its informative site that makes it easier for visitors to determine whether or not they should go ahead and get a surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Well-informed patients are much more likely to be satisfied, so most surgeons like to have people know exactly what they're getting into and what they should expect.

World Wide Social Network Launches a Revolution for a Private Internet

For many years now people thought when they surfed the Internet everything they did or said was private, that the Internet was a private medium where their data was safe. However, this is not the case. In reality, people’s data is being stolen and used for commercial gain.