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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt for Custom Web Designs

When looking for a website it is apparent that many businesses simply opt to purchase website templates in order to save money. However this can be detrimental for a number of reasons and therefore it is advised that businesses opt for custom web designs instead. Here at just four of the benefits that custom web designs can bring:

How to Pick the Best SEO Service for Your Business

If you want your business website to have an attractive appeal as well rank highly on the search engines and get the attention it deserves, you really should be considering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is the process which enhances the ability of your site to climb the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and therefore can attract more traffic and custom. As it involves technical implementation, it is essential that you have a professional who can help you.

2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors: Ranking Solutions Comments

A study conducted by Local SEO Guide has recently been released, highlighting the top local SEO ranking factors for 2016. For all looking for their websites to rank, the study urges people to consider these four points:

Santa Monica Marketing Company Provides Results with Innovative Marketing Techniques

LogoSanta Monica marketing company, Branding Los Angeles, has worked with a plethora of clientele from a variety of different industries.  This innovative marketing company has had success in providing results for their clients through the latest marketing techniques and their extensive understanding of the Santa Monica area.  Their agency has a combined total of over 30 years of experience in the industry; this experience helps them to deliver results on every project.

Amazon Awards Green Butterfly Brands #1 New Release on Bark at the Moon Salmon Treats

Green Butterfly Brands recently launched its new pet treat, Bark at the Moon Premium Salmon Treats for dogs and cats, at the beginning of July. These treats are gaining popularity fast among fellow pet lovers and their furry family members and have just been awarded the Number One New Release Banner in the Cat Snack category by Amazon. "We are thrilled at how well our new product release is going on our Salmon Treats on Amazon and the awesome feedback coming in from both dog and cat owners," says Christine Brown, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. Encouraging Finns to Switch to Smart and Green Energy Solutions, a free-to-use online portal where Finnish citizens can find the best electricity deals and contracts, recently started advocating for smart electricity and green energy. The portal owners have now started a campaign through their website to promote green energy and smart electricity. They told the press that this was a much needed action as increasing use of fossil fuel could very soon deplete the planet of its non-renewable resources.

Get Lapel Pins Focuses on Customer Satisfaction by Offering Free Design for Custom Lapel Pins

Get Lapel Pins is now offering free design for custom lapel pins much to the delight of customers. Different types of lapel pins are offered by the company at different price rates. However, the company has decided to offer free designs for customized lapel pins which can be ordered online. Releases the Hottest Music and Entertainment News Today sits on the throne as 1st place for being the hottest music website today for all their latest music and entertainment. is known for their most up to date releases of indie music or independent music in the industry. They aim to bring the gap between the music lovers and music makers by bringing the new generation of bands, artists, and producers together completely for free. brings their fans the freshest track of Joe Budden entitled "Freedom Freestyle" from his single. His new heart melting real track ignited fire in his fans by expressing his message about equality.

Anik Singal and Mark Ling Hosted Learn Build Earn Training Starts on August 15th

Learn Build Earn is an online marketing course by Anik Singal and Mark Ling, which has been designed to teach people how to make a profitable income online through making and selling their own information products online. A recent announcement by Learn to Build and Earn Review revealed that the Learn Build Earn digital marketing training by Anik Singal and Mark Ling is scheduled to launch on August 15 and close on August 30, there are limited seats available for the one in a lifetime learning opportunity.

Announcing the Launch of Unique Dating Platform for Younger Women and Older Men

LogoThe famous saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" cannot be regarded false anymore as the recent trend of younger women dating older men has added authentication to this statement. Gone are the days when women always chose younger men, as partners, and it appears that women nowadays are slightly more concerned about the age of their partner rather than physical attributes.

Prepping Pros Comes Up with a Detailed Review on the Patriot Power Generator 1500

People whether staying inside houses or travelling outside need to be equipped with appropriate electronic accessories that can help them to overcome any emergency circumstance quite easily. However, due to lack of enough information, people often buy the wrong products as a result of which they have to suffer during unpleasant occasions like power-cut or food shortage. There are many online review sites that provide full information about such products with through explanations. Prepping Pros is one such website that offers genuine reviews on different emergency electronic gadgets for the convenience of the customers. This online review platform is committed to help the customers in choosing the rights products for survival during emergency situations.

Crowdfund Buzz Partners with Global Crowdfunding Convention

LogoThe meeting of the minds between Crowdfund Buzz and The Global Crowdfunding Convention was an inevitable date with destiny to the betterment of the entire crowdfunding industry. That's because these two colossal crowdfunding entities are both headquartered in Las Vegas, both seek to empower and educate crowdfunders and now these two titans of crowdfunding are working together to the betterment of the crowdfunding industry as a whole. Interviews Ford Performance Global Director, Dave Pericak

What is the magic formula for the right car? From historic finishes at Le Mans to developing iconic vehicles every generation adores, what is the secret? Or is it a combination of things? What makes a car a winner on the race track and a beauty in the driveway?

The Market Research Service Launches Its Research Services for Businesses and Startups

An age long saying has it that: "He, who fails to plan, plans to fail." And no doubt, this saying applies to all aspects of human endeavor – academic, political and even business. Business planning is even important as a little mistake can ruin a lot of things just as in the game of chess. There is therefore a strong need to carryout necessary survey and develop valuable insights before decisions are arrived at. With the ever dynamic nature of the business world, the race for survival and dominance lies on the business or person who is able to adapt well to the environment by executing the right strategies. It is indeed a survival of the smartest.

Newly Launched Site Focuses on Niche Dating Sites Reviews

A website that is getting high-recognition due to its unique concept, is a newly launched website that publishes comprehensive and unbiased reviews of Top Niche Dating Sites. The niche dating sites reviews of are making people's dating life easier, safer and less time consuming, as it publishes comprehensive information regarding all the main features of the niche dating sites.

Quanto Combined Heat and Power Systems the Star of UK AD & Biogas 2016

New, bigger-capacity Combined Heat and Power systems from Andover-based shentongroup were the star of the show at this year's UK AD & Biogas for larger organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills.

RosPromTest Provides High Quality ISO 9001 Certification in Russia

LogoIt is not a secret that certification of all kinds of products is a must not only in Russia, but in other countries of the world as well. This is because certification is the best proof of a product's quality and conformation to the existing rules and requirements in the country. When it comes to Russia, there are various types of certificates to prove the quality of the products and one of the most popular and trusted documents is the ISO 9001 Certificate provided by Rospromtest. Digital Agency Partnering with Google for Exclusive Event in Bucks County, PA Digital Agency is proud to announce they have achieved Premier Google Partner status due to their continued success in developing and maintaining success Google advertising campaigns. Becoming one of Google's most trusted partners in the Northeast, the two companies are joining forces to host an exclusive event at the Bristol, PA office of Digital Agency.

Give Businesses a Global Exposure with Optimized Content Creation Services from Trulium

LogoA full service web design development and SEO agency in Denver, Trulium is now offering optimized content creation services to help business owners in extending their audience reach beyond the domestic boundaries. Is Revolutionizing the Way Consumers in Canada Buy Coffee Online is proud to announce the launch of their brand new website that offers some of the lowest prices on K-Cups available anywhere. Being an online vendor means that Crowd Coffee doesn't spend on operating a storefront location and can pass on all cost savings to the consumer instead. The company sorts all incoming orders to create bulk purchases that save everyone money. Coffee drinkers simply pick a flavour, create an order, select a convenient pick-up location and wait for a quick delivery to start enjoying their coffee. Shipping is free to any of the ten pick-up locations currently servicing the Ottawa area and more pick-up locations are consistently being added as expands its network. If you don't live in the Ottawa area you can still take advantage of the cost savings by choosing the $10.99 shipping option to anywhere in Canada. There are currently eleven different brands of K-Cups to choose from including Higgins & Burke, Marley Coffee, Wolfgang Puck, Second Cup and more. For those who don't drink coffee, there is tea, hot chocolate and other drinks available for order as well.

SmartChoice Fitness Promotes Hydration on Their Facebook Page

Drinking plenty of water is all part of a healthy lifestyle choice and those that do so reap the benefits of being properly hydrated.

Make Up Storage Launch Named a Success by Cosmopolitan Collection

The launch of the Cosmopolitan Collection acrylic make up storage organizer has finally come to an end, and a successful end at that. The Cosmopolitan Collection ended their Make Up Storage launch with almost 150 reviews on averaging 4.4 of 5 stars. The acrylic organizer and make up storage from Cosmopolitan Collection is designed to effectively allow men and women alike to organize their beauty products with ease and is best suited for those of any age.

Clinic Adds Cox Technic to Its Range of Pain Management Treatments

Waiting for pain to subside is not a smart choice - it could be an indication of serious illness or, if left untreated, get worse. That is why more and more people are discovering the benefits of non-invasive pain management therapies offered by Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City, which has now added the Cox Technic to its range of effective treatment options.

SmoothRx Scar Cream - A New and Innovative Solution Hits #1 on

With 4 out of 5 stars and nearly 175 reviews, SmoothRx Scar Cream has become the #1 Scar Cream on Men and women of all ages and locations are discovering this product and using it to their advantage. SmoothRx Scar Cream has helped hundreds of people with scars, stretch marks, and other cosmetic problems. SmoothRx has already serviced hundreds of happy customers with scars and stretch marks by getting their natural scar cream to market.

Kids Play Food Launch Named a Success by Mommy Please

The launch of the Mommy Please organic kids play food has finally come to an end that anyone would call a success. Mommy Please ended their Kids play food launch with almost 500 reviews on averaging 4.8 of 5 stars, getting the company the #1 Best New Release on The organic kids play food from Mommy Please is designed as an educational tool that allows children to learn healthy and organic eating habits while having fun.