Telecommunications Press Releases

Award-Winning Telecommunications Consultant Prepares for Annual Awards Ceremony

Not only is Chorus Communications revered for its data recovery service consulting to Philadelphia area businesses, but they are also well-known in the industry for producing stellar events. This time, the brains behind the highly anticipated Who's Who in Technology at Chorus are in full swing finalizing the preparations for their annual Carriers Ball awards ceremony and event.

101 VOICE Recognized Among 25 Unified Communication Solution Transforming Business of 2016 by CIO Solutions

101 VOICE, a leader in today's growing Cloud Telephony market, joins an elite number of companies that have earned a spot on25 Unified Communication Solution Transforming Business 2016 by CIO Solutions.

Fortune Consulting Now Offers Tax Incentive Services and Expense Reduction Services - While Still Remaining Corporate Telecom Consultants

LogoFortune Consulting has provided quality telecom consulting since 1994, and the company has now expanded their offerings to provide tax incentive and expense reduction services to help companies improve their bottom line.

Dialog Announces Fibre Security Measures That All Chief Information Security Officers Need to Be Aware Of

LogoThe physical network beneath ransomware and virtual networks is something that most stakeholders fail to consider. Dialog, a leading provider of telecommunications and business internet in Kentucky, USA, announces the security measures that all Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) need to be aware of as the physicality of cables and fibres are essential in taking data from one point to another, not to mention that these are susceptible in many ways that most generally predict with an attack from a hacker.

Sensaphone Offers Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter for Long-Range Monitoring

LogoCustomers who depend on Sensaphone systems for remote temperature sensing and other remote environmental monitoring purposes have long used Ethernet connections for data communication. However, Sensaphone now offers an Ethernet-to-WiFi adapter that makes long-range, wireless Ethernet connections easier than ever and eliminates the need for wired connections.

Unemployed and Military Vets Receive a Major Discount at Ryno Resumes

LogoRyno Resumes, a full-service resume revision and optimization firm with expert knowledge in both career resumes and LinkedIn profile resumes, this week announced they are offering a special, discounted rate for all military veterans and unemployed individuals looking to get out in the workforce. Officially fixed at a permanent rate of $229.99, Ryno Resumes is committed to keeping the rate incredibly low compared to the next closest competitors of $350 and up.

Businesses Choose Radiant Communications Corporation to Enhance Security Systems with Video Encoders

LogoLocal companies are encouraged to explore the HD video encoders available via Radiant Communications Corporation's website to optimize the functionality of their analog CCTV video surveillance systems. Interested customers can rest assured that the company has proven its expertise and market leadership by distributing thousands of dependable systems throughout the country since 1985. The innovative HD video encoders, which are also referred to as video servers, allow users to experience the advantages of network video without having to dispose of existing analog equipment, including CCTV cameras and coaxial cabling.

ProCom Delivers Quality TV Bundles

LogoProCom delivers quality cable television bundles to customers at the most affordable monthly prices.

mGage Provides SMS Channels for Harnessing the Power of Text Messaging

As one of the leading global mobile engagement providers in the nation, mGage offers an international SMS channel that helps business owners to establish a long lasting relationship with their customers, rather than simply building a faceless audience. This SMS channel can be utilized by the entrepreneurs for Tier 1 connectivity and plug-and-play FTEU messaging. Moreover, through this SMS channel, business owners can even process over 3 billion messages in a month, across 3 continents and over 550 operators, via 4 inter-connected global messaging hubs. Backed up with advanced technology, their SMS channel is sure to help businesses in creating brand awareness and reducing operational costs. With their team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, the SMS channel services they offer not only fulfill the highest quality standards, but also assist business owners to create real time conversations whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Community Cable and Broadband Transitions All Managed Broadband Services over to ZCorum

LogoZCorum, an industry leader in diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, announced the successful deployment of several  key broadband services for Community Cable and Broadband from another managed services provider.  Community Cable and Broadband is now receiving a comprehensive suite of services including three of ZCorum's broadband diagnostics products, subscriber VoIP services, device provisioning for data and voice customers, network engineering, and 24/7/365 technical support for their subscribers.

Network Emulation Leader Set New Industry Standard with the Efficient, Reliable, and Economical Hurricane V

LogoTechnology is a constantly evolving landscape and the broadcasting world is no exception to this. With the advent of new devices and methods used in audio and video transmission comes the absolute need to test them to ensure they are not just performing well but performing optimally. Since 1998, PacketStorm Communications, Inc. has been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and supporting testing solutions directly related to network applications for small and large scale operations.

ZipBridge Offers a Solution for Emergency Conference Calling

ZipBridge is an innovative telecommunication service that allows groups to connect quickly and efficiently for conference calls from mobile phones, desk phones or computers. The company founders possess over 50 years of combined experience with a passion to solve communication problems with innovative technologic advances. The company realized that there were some critical needs to be met when they spoke with a college IT director who had issues organizing emergency phone calls at his school. The school had a mass notification tool, but no way to assemble the response team for a quick conference call to analysis the situation and decide on next steps. Traditional conference calling technology was too slow and cumbersome so ZipBridge was born to being a team on a conference call in seconds.

Chorus Communications to Host the 2016 Carriers Ball, Calling All Sponsors for This Year's Event

LogoThe well-respected telecommunications and cloud consultants to businesses seeking secure wifi services in the Philadelphia area, Chorus Communications, announced that they are to host the highly anticipated Carriers Ball event again this year. The affair will take place on August 16 during the Channel Partners Evolution Conference in the historic National Harbor in the Washington, D.C. area.

Unified Communications Provider Relocates London Head Office

Interact Technology are specialist suppliers of real-time, enterprise, communication solutions with locations all over the United Kingdom. The company offers regular product demonstrations with demonstration facilities in Fleet Street, London and Shenfield, Essex. Interact has been supplying telephony, video, AV and data solutions to clients all over the world since 2005. Announce to Offer Quick, Reliable and Easy Access to Vodafone Customer Service Number, a leading online directory that that offers customer service contact numbers of various organizations and companies has recently announced to offer the customer support number of Vodafone which is one of the global leaders in the telecom industry. According to the information provided at the site, this particular website was stated with an aim to provide consumers with a quick, reliable and easy access to customer service numbers of various companies. The number listed on the site will allow Vodafone customers to connect directly with a Vodafone customer support service employees who can solve or answer to any of the queries or issues regarding their service.

HEA-Employment Offers Data Entry Work from Home has one of the largest legitimate work from home job databases on the internet and gives job seekers access to thousands of positions. With the increased popularity of telecommuting jobs, HEA has helped thousands of job seekers locate work-at-home opportunities since 1998 and allowed those looking for work to have the freedom to set their own hours and work any place they prefer. Whether it's assembly, bookkeeping, medical billing, account or any other one of the myriad of offsite jobs HEA offers, there's always something for everyone.

VeriShow Launches VeriTalk

LogoVeriShow is a real-time personal engagement platform. It enables businesses to provide in-person customer experience online. Companies can speak to customers using video chat, co-browse the site and share product content within real-time. The solution is browser-based with no special software required, customers interact spontaneously with no prior contact or installation instructions.

DS3 Media Launches Brand New Broadband Providers Comparison Site for Ireland

In today's digital age, there is a heavy reliance on Internet services. The Web allows people to communicate easier with each other. Plus, it offers all kinds of possibilities from e-commerce to online gaming. To use such services, it is vital that one has a fast, reliable and continuous Internet service.

Global Accessories and Peripherals Market for Smartphones and Tablets 2016-2020 - New Market Report

LogoThe availability of different mobile and tablet models in the market has increased the scope for accessory and peripheral vendors to manufacture accessories that are compatible with the designs of the models. This has led to the development of a variety of smart accessories for smartphones and tablets.

VoIP Cabling Company Helps Create Efficient Network Infrastructures

The well-regarded voice over IP cabling provider in Mercer County, NJ and surrounding areas, Network Drops, just released an article on its website urging companies to consider how valuable their network infrastructures are. According to Network Drops' president, Scott Fcasni, "as business and technology become more and more dependent on one another, it's critical to have ideal network infrastructure setups."

Radiant Communications Corporation Enhances Baseband Video Transmission

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation enhances baseband video transmission through their wide range of passive optical network (PON) equipment, such as cables, repeaters and media converters. Fiber patch panels are also available for individuals searching for an industrial-grade, lockable metal cabinet to protect their communications systems.

Sun Charge Systems Expands to Service Five States, with More Planned

LogoThe ubiquitous nature of cell phones, tablets, and other electronic technologies has created the need for more ways to keep these devices afloat. From charging stations at airports to car chargers to external battery chargers – all of them exist specifically to help our batteries stay alive. But the fact remains that there are plenty of places where charging a phone is simply not feasible. That is precisely where Sun Charge Systems Inc. comes into play. Their remote charging stations are the perfect fix for people spending extended periods of time outdoors and away from outlets. Most recently, the company has expanded their groundbreaking charging stations into five states. Currently, phone and tablet junkies can get their charge on in Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Indiana; with further expansion planned for the coming months and years.

ZipBridge Clients Share Testimonials with the World

Executives and Information Technology departments throughout corporate America are utilizing ZipBridge's unique product offerings. The company combines an easy-to-use platform with prompt and efficient group calling solutions to provide a valuable tool for any organization. According to CTEH's Director of Technology "Getting a large group people together at a moment's notice can be challenging. ZipBridge takes away the pain of logistics and lets us focus on solving problems with the situation at hand." This service is critical for CTEH®, who specialize in emergency response and crisis management while controlling chemical, physical, and biological agents.

ProCom Dedicated to Superb Customer Service

LogoProCom, a leading telephone, cable television and internet provider in Oakland, MD, offers exceptional customer service. The company's mission is to provide innovative communication products based on the needs of their clients, inspire passion and appreciation towards customers and empower their staff with the knowledge to achieve unlimited opportunities. They also encourage ideas and goals beneficial to the growth of the company.

Rely on Keystone Technology Management to Properly Dispose of Unused or Outdated IT Equipment

Located in Langhorne, PA, Keystone Technology Management—a certified partner for IT asset disposition—has the solutions for companies in PA, NJ and NY, searching, "how to sell your office equipment." With the exponential growth of technology in contemporary society, businesses are relieved to know that they can rely on the professionals to sell and dispose unused and outdated IT assets such as servers, laptops/desktops, video conferencing hardware, USB flash drives/thumb drives, scanners, NAS & SAN equipment, and networking equipment. Keystone Technology Management will buy hardware and equipment from many brands, including Dell, Sun, Apple, HP, IBM, Cisco and much more.

Choose mGage's SMS Engagement Platform to Create Brand Awareness Among Mobile Users

To help business owners in establishing an effective line of communication with their customers, mGage is now providing a global SMS engagement platform. The various benefits that entrepreneurs gain by utilizing their SMS gateway platform include: real-time conversations, a smooth and enjoyable customer experience, greater brand awareness and decreased operational costs. They have been in this business for years and currently serve over 800+ enterprises as a trusted connection for over 550 carriers across the globe. Under the SMS platform, the wide range of services that they offer includes easy to use connectivity interfaces, bulk campaign manager, multiple message formats, MO capabilities and many others. Their SMS platform is highly secure and helps businesses to maintain client confidentiality.

Colorado Defendants Deserve the Same Justice Given to a U.S. Senator

On April 19, 2012, Congressmen Jim Sensenbrenner, John Conyers, Bobby Scott and other members of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security on the Judiciary House of Representatives held a hearing on the wrongful-conviction of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. Sensenbrenner pointed out in the hearing that prosecutors "won their case through willfully failing to disclose" discovery evidence favorable to Senator Stevens and making misrepresentations to the judge and defense counsel. "If [prosecutors] had complied with their ethical and legal obligations, the jury might not have convicted Senator Stevens," said Sensenbrenner.