Telecommunications Press Releases Releases Its Updated Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rankings - December 2016 has released its updated internet service provider (ISPs) rankings. These rankings reflect's recommendation in order of the top recommended to the least recommended internet service provider.

Keystone Technology Management: Helping Companies Stay Up-to-Date with Technology

Every business owner should already recognize the enormous impact that technology has on the logistical flow of their company. Keeping up with the most recent advancements will certainly help to ensure the success of any company; but, without a doubt, it can be a very expensive agenda. Fortunately, Keystone Technology Management is the preferred IT disposition service provider for companies looking to advance with the newest technology.

Effortlessly Communicate with Customers Across Multiple Mobile Networks with mGage's SMS Channel

mGage provides an enterprise-grade SMS channel that can help organisations effortlessly communicate with customers across multiple mobile networks. Their advanced SMS channel delivers a 1:1 mobile customer experience, and is perfectly tailored to meet different requirements, such as text response, voting, mobile coupons and SMS alert programs. Their SMS channel is backed with Tier 1 Connectivity, Global Scalable Infrastructure, Plug-and-Play FTEU Messaging, and Adherence to TRAI Guidelines. Their SMS channel is a valuable asset for brands with multi-national audiences and high-volume interactions, as it has the capacity to process over three billion messages a month, across three continents and over 550 operators, via four inter-connected global messaging hubs. With the Plug-and-Play Free to End User capabilities of their SMS channel, organisations can increase customer participation, and improve branding.

Network Drops Explains the Importance of Pharmaceutical IT Infrastructure

Network Drops, the leading structured wiring company serving Monmouth County, NJ and surrounding areas, just released a write-up on their website that lays out the importance of sound IT infrastructures in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the article, not only is it smart for pharmaceuticals to think twice about their IT infrastructures; it is also policy.

XICOMM Offers High-Powered and High-Touch Global Network Solutions for Businesses

LogoXICOMM, LLC is the largest international voice carrier known today. XICOMM continues to grow and expand its services, offerings, and unique solutions for businesses and companies all over the globe. From networking needs to providing businesses with the tools and connections needed to grow via operators located all over the world, XICOMM California continues to dominate the communications and network industry with their networking services and solutions.

Access to Excellence – Sennheiser Creates SC 660 TC High Performance Headset to Meet Special Hearing Needs

LogoWith changing demographics, today's businesses have an unprecedented potential to draw on and develop the skills of a wider pool of talent, equally supporting individuals, irrespective of their differing needs. As part of its ongoing commitment to developing innovative audio solutions, Sennheiser has created the SC 660 TC, a premium double-sided wired headset for office professionals that use hearing aids.

Mobile Signal Boosters Offers Top Quality Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Boosters offers top quality mobile phone signal booster. For those people who want to boost their signal in hotels, offices, homes, boats and cars, mobile phone signal booster is the ultimate solution to the problem.

Sun Charge Systems Educates Public on Useful Nature of Portable Charging Stations

LogoAs America prepares for a new chapter in its history with the election of its 45th President, green initiatives continue to get plenty of attention. From individuals looking to better their homes to companies seeking improved facilities, initiatives to save the Earth's precious resources have come out of the dark and into the light. One such company at the forefront of energy-saving devices is Sun Charge Systems. Their solar-powered stations are changing the way people use their tech devices in the world today. They hope to show people the power of solar panels, and how they are slowly but surely changing the way energy is used in society.

SYOPTEK Added New Fiber Optic Testers and Analyzers to Product Range for the Network Cabling Industry

SYOPTEK, a global leader in fiber optic tools manufacturing and supplying, recently added a number of fiber optic tester and other types of inspection and analysis tools for the network cabling industry. The testers and analyzers launched by the company are claimed to have excellent analysis capability and are suitable for various types of cabling systems. The owners said that the main objective behind launching the latest selection of testers is to bring more analytical capability for the network cabling industry workers and corporations.

XICOMM Attends Capacity 2016 in Europe

LogoXICOMM, LLC, the international voice carrier from San Francisco, California will be attending Capacity Europe 2016, the largest carrier event and conference in Europe taking place this week, November 7th through 9th in Paris, France.

Synergistic Security Alliance Forms as PalmCentrix Partners with ZipBridge

PalmCentrix a Drexel Hill-based security solutions consulting firm works directly with developers, manufacturers, and end users to provide mobile security solutions that leverage best practices in physical security, personal safety, and mobile security technologies. PalmCentix's expertise in security technologies has uniquely positioned them to work with individuals, businesses, healthcare institutions, malls, transportation services, critical infrastructure facilities, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.In order to truly be prepared for emergencies, companies must have strict policies in place to avoid mishandling a situation. This is where ZipBridge steps in.

ProCom Offers Quality Telephone Services for Residential and Commercial Clients

LogoProCom offers quality telephone services to customers living in areas across Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania They are dedicated to providing their clients with a high level of service and a variety of bundles and options.

Continental Message Solution Opening New Office Facility in Las Vegas, NV

Continental Message Solution is an award-winning call center. Also offering a live answering service, they serve the communication needs of clients worldwide. The company was originally founded in 1967 in Columbus, OH.

ZixOne Ensures Optimal Bring-Your-Own Device Protection for Companies Across the United States

LogoThe impact that mobile devices have had in both the personal and work realm is virtually incalculable and continues to grow and evolve at an astounding rate. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has taken shape as a result of businesses becoming privy to their employees' preferences for using their own smartphones or tablets to access corporate data and perform their daily tasks. With the massive influx (within this year, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers [1]), there are tremendous challenges in terms of finding an effective BYOD solution that meets company data security needs.

VoiceNation Expanding Services for Bilingual Answering Services

LogoVoiceNation, the industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services trusted by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, has just announced the creation of a new bilingual, Spanish speaking live answering service team.

Keystone Technology Management: Helping Companies See a Return on IT Investments

Considering the exponential evolution of technology, most companies have to make upgrades to more advanced IT equipment every few years. Failing to do so will eventually cause them to lose ground within their given industries. Cutting-edge technology will simply give a business a competitive edge. Perhaps someone has been resistant to change because their current equipment is only a few years old. Or maybe a person just can't bear the thought of throwing away old, unused computers because sensitive information is stored on the hard drives.

How Can a SMS Engagement Platform Help Businesses to Establish Smooth Communication with Their Audience

mGage, one of the leading mobile engagement providers in the country, provides an SMS engagement platform that helps businesses establish smooth communication with their audience. Their SMS platform includes many useful features such as easy-to-use connectivity interfaces, their bulk campaign manager Airtxt, multiple message formats, 1-way and 2-way SSL security, and MO capabilities. Through their SMS platform, businesses can achieve numerous benefits such as ability to manage and track high volume campaigns, maintain confidentiality, trigger a text message and report on message sent activity. Today, their SMS platform has the capability to provide global engagement across four inter-connected messaging hubs on three continents, reaching over 550 operators.

Sun Charge Systems Provides Phone Charging Stations for PokemonGo Players at Birmingham Zoo Event

LogoOn July 6, 2016, the world of Pokemon was reintroduced to trainers in the United States with the release of the uber-popular app, PokemonGo. For many weeks, players spent money in the app, buying extra pokeballs, bags, and lures to further their quest of catching them all – to the tune of $160 million by the end of July. Though interest in the game has dwindled of late, many die hard players have continued to play, battling at gyms and catching rare Pokemon as they walk. Recently, Sun Charge Systems got in on the action when they helped the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama with their PokemonGo event: PikaZoo! Admission to the zoo was just $5 on Sunday, September 25 as players were encouraged to drop by between 4-7pm. Sun Charge provided two charging stations to help trainers keep their phones charged as they traversed the grounds of the zoo.

Radiant Communications Corporation Has High-Quality Fiber Patch Panels

LogoRadiant Communication Corporation provides high-quality and safe fiber patch panels for their buyers. All of the fiber patch panels are encased in heavy-duty, lockable metal cabinets. There is also a multi-step process ensuring that a buyer's communication system is safe from external damage. All of these fiber patch panels will provide a smoother fiber optic transmission and simultaneously provide users with a better way to communicate digitally.

London Based Unified Communications Provider Partners with Gamma to Host a Breakfast Telephony Event

Interact Technology partners with several leading telephony providers including Gamma. The unified communications provider has over twenty years industry experience with locations all over the United Kingdom, their head office is located in Fleet Street, London.

Network Drops Builds New Jersey Warehouses' Wireless Infrastructures

Whether for retail purposes or other, warehouses throughout New Jersey are turning to Network Drops, the leading low voltage contractor in Monmouth County, NJ, to construct their wireless infrastructures. In a recent write-up available to view on the company's website, CEO Scott Fcasni explained the basic process involved in making a warehouse wireless friendly.

Promero's New Partnership with PossibleNOW Will Help Clients Mitigate Consumer Privacy & TCPA Compliance Risk

LogoPromero, a leading provider of hosted call center software and predictive dialing solutions, today announced that it has signed a referral partner agreement with PossibleNOW, the leading provider of customer engagement and enterprise preference management solutions. Atlanta-based PossibleNOW offers a suite of technology solutions and data verification services designed to help companies comply with Federal consumer privacy regulations and avoid the rising tide of class action lawsuits filed in relation to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

ZCorum's DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Tool Accelerates Troubleshooting for Inter Mountain Cable

LogoZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that Kentucky based Inter Mountain Cable has signed an agreement for ZCorum's PNM tool,  PreEqualization Analyzer, to speed up and sharpen their troubleshooting operations.

Worldwide iPaaS Market to Reach $2.15 Billion in 2021

LogoArcluster announces the publication of its latest market report on iPaaS. The Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) market is set to reach $2.15 billion in 2021, according to Arcluster, in its 2016 Market Analysis and Forecasting Report on the Worldwide iPaaS Market [by Segments (Platforms, Services); by Users (SMB, Enterprise); by Verticals (A&D, A&T, BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Public Sector, Tech); By Regions] for the period 2016 to 2021.

Fiber Optic Passive Devices Found on Radiant Communications Corporation's Website

LogoIn business since 1985, Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures communication products that transport data, video and audio over high-speed internet, Ethernet, and fiber optic cables. The company's clients include cable and broadcast TV networks and telecommunications firms, as well as military and government entities who have asked them for multimedia content delivery and technical support. Through regular research and innovative product developments, the experts provide each customer with a communications advantage.