Telecommunications Press Releases

ZCorum Enhances WiFi Management Capabilities in TruVizion

LogoZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that they have added three additional WiFi management features in their TruVizion diagnostics application. TruVizion is a comprehensive diagnostics tool for broadband providers that helps them troubleshoot issues within their broadband network, including customer premises equipment (CPE). The new features leverage data from devices supporting CableLabs and vendor-specific WiFI MIBs to help operators better manage access points and troubleshoot WiFi issues in subscriber homes and businesses.

Healthcare Providers Choose Keystone Technology Management for IT Disposition Services

When hospitals and other healthcare providers are ready to upgrade to more advanced IT equipment, they partner with Keystone Technology Management in Langhorne, PA. As the preferred team of experts for data destruction services, Keystone Technology Management is committed to helping clients see a return on their investments, as well as avoid the exploitation of sensitive information. The ability to acquire more advanced IT equipment when necessary is crucial to the efficiency and overall success of any medical facility. Fortunately, Keystone Technology Management recognizes how quickly technology evolves. For that reason, the professionals are there to help administrators bridge the gap between outdated IT equipment and innovative technology, so they may improve the logistical flow of their facilities and provide the greatest care possible.

Pebble Network Offers Best Mobile Network Coverage in UK

Pebble Network offers a number of attractive options for mobile network users in UK. With advanced technology, the company ensures that customers enjoy better mobile signal with wide network coverage. Pebble Mobiles have also abolished roaming charges throughout the EU. It is the first mobile network company to initiate this step in UK.

IT Management Corporation Receives 2017 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

IT Management Corporation announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named 101 VOICE Cloud PBX as a recipient of a 2017 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award. These awards recognize the most innovative and highest quality IP communications brought to market or updated, in the past year. Unveils New App That Makes Any 0800 Calls Free

All business related enquiry number 0800 was free of cost for landline users before 1st July 2015. However, it had become a challenge post this date. With the introduction of the all new app for 0800 number, mobile phone users can easily call up this number and get information on any business related topics for free. In the earlier days, mobile service providers charged 41 pence for each call. To save callers from these charges, the 0800 free mobile app has been introduced.

XICOMM's Key Partners in the Carrier Community

LogoAlthough XICOMM, LLC has only been in operation since 2008, they have quickly grown into an international company, expanded their customer base, and have become the biggest wholesale voice carrier and provider, and even a name that customers have grown to recognize and trust.

Radiant Communications Corporation Celebrates Its 32nd Year Anniversary This January

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation was founded 32 years ago on January 28th, 1985. The company's mission remains the same today as it was back then: to provide all of their customers with high-quality data, audio and video products while offering unparalleled customer service and support. The telecommunications equipment that they manufacture, including HD video encoders, is used across the globe by a variety of private and government institutions.

Network Depot Provides Comprehensive, Expert IT Services to Woodbridge, VA

LogoFor over 20 years, Network Depot has been providing expert IT support services to the DC Metro Area. One of their focuses is providing exceptional and affordable IT support to the businesses of Woodbridge, VA. Their website offers a wealth of information about the services they provide and their areas served. Network Depot caters to the every technology need of small and medium-sized businesses. While they offer their services to all types of businesses, they have particular experience with the medical industry, engineering and architectural firms, law firms, the financial sector, as well as associations, and government contractors. Network Depot understands the unique challenges faced by these types of companies and can provide IT solutions to help them stay up and running.

ProCom Offers Businesses Leading Communication Options

LogoProCom encourages businesses to start 2017 by taking advantage of their leading communication options. With multiple packages, businesses located in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio can communicate with their clients in a clear and reliable manner.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Payments in Taiwan: Market, Industry, and Consumer Behavior Analysis

LogoDriven by passion and effort of numerous global companies in mobile payments, an increasing number of Taiwanese companies have rushed into this arena and launched corresponding services. This report provides an overview of statistical outcomes of a questionnaire-based survey conducted by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute); focuses on the preferences and attitudes of Taiwanese mobile payment users and non-users; examines the satisfaction levels of mobile users in an attempt to provide an in-depth analysis of mobile payment user behaviors in Taiwan; touches on the overall mobile payment services landscape in Taiwan; examines the development and strategies of major players in the financial, telecom, ICT, online payment, and commercial sectors of the industry in the area of mobile payments.

XICOMM: A Young Company with a Big Reputation

LogoXICOMM is an international voice carrier that continues to grow and expand its communication and network services and solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses and even large-scale enterprises. From networking to connecting businesses with various carriers and operators all over the world, XICOMM continues to grow their reputation as the biggest wholesale voice carrier and provider. Unveils Mobile App for Users to Make Free Calls has introduced a mobile app that enables people to contact their service providers without having to pay exorbitant amounts. Earlier in 2015, only landline calls to 0800 were free of charge and very few consumers would use it. Mobile phone users had to pay additional amounts which often stopped them from calling to share their feedback. Launches New Mobile App for Free of Cost 0800 Calls has introduced a mobile app that has enabled consumers to reach out to their service providers without having to pay exorbitant sums. In 2015, only landline calls to 0800 were free of charge and very few consumers would call business owners or service providers. Mobile phone users had to pay an additional amount for the same.

Network Drops Recommends That Law Firms Update Their Network Infrastructures

In a write-up just released via their website, Network Drops, a leading Cat 5e wiring provider in Mercer County, NJ, urged law firms to consider the benefits of possessing sound IT infrastructures to optimize their practices from a technological perspective. Scott Fcasni, the company's founder and president, made a case for why it is in "modern lawyers'" best interests to focus on technology.

iCone Partners with Waze

iCone Products LLC ( announced today a data-sharing partnership with Waze (, the free, real-time crowdsourced traffic and navigation app powered by the world's largest community of drivers. iCone's mission has been to connect data from every highway construction site with the navigation systems of the driving public. Waze has designed a free, two-way data share of publicly available traffic information, the Connected Citizens Program, which promotes greater safety, efficiency, and deeper insights for travelers. Sharing the construction data with Waze through the Connected Citizens Program is a natural fit for iCone®.

0800 Numbers for an Improved Communication

A 0800 Call Setup is nothing but a beneficial solution for businesses. In case the customers have to make an enquiry, they would not think twice before making that 0800 call because it is free. That is one of the best ways to get the customers to make a call to that number. The chances, that companies can improve their business with every call, are more. is one such site that offers useful information on 0800 numbers, the advantages of setting up that number and its cost effectiveness.

Mobil Satellite Technologies Announces Release of VoiceNet

Mobil Satellite Technologies announced the release of VoiceNet, an off-grid voice communication network specifically designed for first responders, emergency managers, hospitals, NGOs and military bases.

Radiant Communications Announces Addition of VC Technologies

LogoRadiant Communications is pleased to announce the addition of VC Technologies led by Ed Carroll as part of our sales team. Ed and his team will be providing sales support in the following states: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Stay in Touch with Global and Local Customers with Unmatched Simplicity from mGage's SMS Platform

Through their team of the most innovative minds in the mobile industry, mGage, offers their unique, enterprise-grade messaging platform, NG 4.0 Platform (Nuntius Gateway) to help businesses establish a smooth communication with their global and local customers. Built with monitoring, reporting, and administration interfaces, their SMS platform supports easy-to-integrate APIs like HTTP, XML, SMPP, and FTP; and MO Messaging via short codes, extended codes, and virtual numbers. The NG 4.0 Platform features a bulk campaign management portal, Airtxt, which can easily process high-messaging volumes across four interconnected messaging hubs on three continents, reaching over 550 operators. Their SMS platform is one-of-a-kind and offers clients multiple campaign options including subscriber group management, file management, message templates, message sender Ids, and block out options.

IT Service Provider Delivers Comprehensive IT Services to Rockville, Maryland

LogoNetwork Depot has been providing IT services to the Northern Virginia and DC Metro Area for over 20 years. These services are available to a large area, including Rockville, MD - where they offer their expertise in a wide range of  IT solutions. Network Depot is a one-stop-shop for IT services - they do it all. Their services include managed server care, network maintenance and security, cloud services, software licensing and management, consulting, backup, and hardware support, among others. They specialize in providing support, solutions, and peace of mind to small and medium-sized businesses in the medical industry, engineering and architectural firms, law firms, the financial sector, as well as associations, government contractors, and others.

XICOMM's Global Solutions Keep Making Headlines

LogoXICOMM continues to grow and expand in size, services, and global networking solutions in order to power the development and connections among businesses and enterprises. With the interconnection of various carriers and operators all over the world, XICOMM California continues to make headlines with their innovative global networking solutions, proven to help businesses grow.

ZipBridge Announces Their First Annual "Use of the Year" Award

From credit unions to universities, there are multiple industries that need to be prepared for emergencies. ZipBridge, a reverse conference calling company, has addressed this need by offering unique software that allows users to set up customized groups that can be simultaneously contacted in just the click of a button. This is a critical feature when outages ranging from the Internet to security systems occur and time-sensitive reactions are required. To commemorate a successful 2016, the company has announced their first annual ZipBridge Use of the Year Award.

Radiant Communications Corporation Offers High-Quality HD and Multi-Channel Encoders

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation is proud to offer an entire line of encoders and decoders for MPEG-2 and H.264, the two most widely-used codecs in broadcasting today. The V4500 series of encoders offers versatility for any company's telecommunications needs with the option of either high definition or multi-channel models. All of these products are designed and manufactured in the United States and feature free 24/7 technical support.

ProCom Provides Customers with Leading TV Bundle Options

LogoCustomers wondering, "Which company is offering the best TV bundles in my area?" are finding an answer to their question by turning to ProCom.

DialMyCalls Sends Free Santa Calls to Kids During Christmas Season

LogoStart spreading holiday cheer early this year by scheduling a call from Santa Claus to your children. DialMyCalls, a voice broadcasting service, has teamed up with Santa for the sixth year in a row to send out personalized Christmas greetings. Parents are able to quickly sign up and send out up to three free Santa calls to their kid(s).