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Tutor Giant Launches Online Video Tutoring Program for Guaranteed Academic Results

Tutor Giant introduces a new convenient way of giving live personalized instructions to the students to help them learn all academic subjects.


New York , NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Tutor Giant introduces a new convenient way of giving live personalized instructions to the students to help them learn all academic subjects from the convenience of home. Mr. Ackerman who is the founder of Tutor Giant is a certified teacher and believes in offering guaranteed tutoring to help children learn as per their convenience. He believes that today most parents have busy schedules and they hardly have time explaining and instructing the topics that many students fail to grasp in the classroom. In a big-size classroom, often students don’t get personalized attention and his online video tutoring program is meant to fill this gap.

According to Mr. Ackerman, Tutor Giant creates online tutoring videos that are simple to understand and are enjoyable too. Presented in an interactive and creative manner, it helps impart education in several exciting ways. Even difficult topics of mathematics and science subjects have been presented in an interesting manner. A child can simply connect a PC with internet and can enjoy learning by accessing these online videos. They don’t need parent’s assistance and can learn at their own pace or the way they want to learn. According to Mr. Ackerman, they use the latest technology and the objective is to deliver the content in a simple but in an explanatory method.

Mr. Ackerman maintains that today students are computer savvy and by using online technology the subjects and topics can be made more understandable. He explains, “Our tutoring videos are simple and enjoyable and they help children understand the topics in an interesting manner. Most students love to spend their time on their PCs after school hours and it’s sensible if they are allowed to access videos and programs that are enjoyable and will help them academically too.”

Mr. Ackerman reveals that Tutor Giant is now offering Amazon affiliate opportunities as well. According to him through this Amazon affiliate program, he offers commission earning opportunities to websites that can promote their online video workbooks. He opines that with his affiliate program, he intends to create a larger level of awareness of his tutoring videos and how they cater to the learning needs of the students.

Tutor Giant is creating and uploading tutoring videos on their site on a regular basis that are meant to give personalized attention to the children and help explain complex topics with the help of illustrative examples. Parents are invited to glimpse through their collection of tutoring videos on their site http://www.tutorgiant.com.

About Tutor Giant
Tutor Giant is founded by Mr. Ackerman who has over 15 years of experience in teaching and tutoring. He is a certified teacher, and author of the ‘Learn’Em Good’ book series. He is a specialist in math, science, reading and Special Education and his creative skills and deep knowledge have perfectly been incorporated in all tutoring videos available on the site.

Website: http://www.tutorgiant.com