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Public House NYC Announces Specials for Notre Dame Football Games

LogoPublic House NYC is pleased to announce that they will be offering specials during all Notre Dame football games. As the official Notre Dame bar in NYC, fans of the football team will be sure to find nothing but great food and specials throughout the duration of each game. Once again, Public House NYC will also be teaming up with The Notre Dame Club of New York and have specials available for members. Public House NYC can accommodate parties of all sizes, and those who would like to make reservations for a game this season can do so the Monday before the game that week.

YMCA of the Greater Omaha Area Happily Utilizes 3rd Degree Screening Software for Applicant Tracking Systems

LogoHiring new personnel to a company is a complex process that requires an honest appraisal of candidates and evaluation of which applicant best serves the needs of the company. Important positions require extra review from multiple team members, further confounding the methodology. Fortunately, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have streamlined hiring processes like never before, and companies such as 3rd Degree Screening have been helping companies link up with the right ATS for their needs. Most recently their relationship with the YMCA of the Greater Omaha Area was strengthened when the organization agreed to utilize 3rd Degree's technology and integrate with the ATS iCims. The partnership is a win-win for both parties, and spells good news for the future.

Central Coast Coffee Offers Choicest Flavors Straight from the Garden to True Connoisseurs

When it comes to ‘fresh’ coffee beans, the most loyal connoisseurs of coffee in Australia run out of options, as there are only a handful of companies that offer carefully roasted, cupped and profiled coffee beans from around the world. Central Coast Coffee, a roasting company from the central Coast, now offers meticulously profiled and roasted coffee to home brewers. The coffee the company sells is ethically sourced from the gardens in Australia and abroad. Coffee geeks can now find specialties and distinguishable flavors of different regions of the world by visiting , the trading website of the roasting company.

SmartSealed Ruling Sydney Market with Their Lines of Services

Leakage, commonplace in most of the residential and commercial complexes can lead to structural problems and make lives miserable. Prior to this, innumerable companies have come up in the last few years to address the problems associated with leakage. Though, they have been successful in fixing leaks, the services were generally short lived. In the crowd of hundreds and thousands standing distinguished is SmartSealed, a premier leak repairing service provider who offers comprehensive solutions to repair as well as prevent leaks. The company is proud to offer quality services with excellent results. This family run business has employed professional technicians to make sure that top-class services are rendered. Besides, their professionals ensure to offer full-proof suggestions to avoid further leakage in the same area.

A Brief History About the Kazal's Business Endeavours

Thriving on their ethical business practices, the Kazal group have enjoyed success in the Hospitality industry in Sydney that has allowed them to expand into real estate projects starting with medium range developments.

Dr. Michael Kudlas, Host of the Popular Speaking of Health Program on Voice America Has Been Awarded Fellow Status by the American Association of Integrative Medicine

LogoThe American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM) has awarded Dr. Michael Kudlas, host of the popular Speaking of Health program on the Health and Wellness channel, Fellow Status. This is the highest honor in AAIM and is reserved for only those individuals whose knowledge, skill education, training and experience in their health care speciality exceed the stringent requirements of the other levels of membership in AAIM.

Seegrid and DMLogic Partnership Featured in Modern Materials Handling

LogoSeegrid and DMLogic as preferred integration partner for Seegrid Supervisor AGV software was featured in Modern Materials Handling. Seegrid Corporation, a global leader of robotic vision-guided automatic guided vehicles, announced DMLogic as the preferred integration partner for Seegrid Supervisor, network appliance installed on-site, which communicates with AGVs over WiFi.

System Insights Teams with Autodesk Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

System Insights has teamed with Autodesk to deliver a joint solution based on VIMANA by System Insights and Process Analysis 360 from Autodesk – a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services. Both companies will exhibit IMTS in September to demonstrate the new capability.

Magline South Central Regional Sales Executive Joe Howeth Grows with Market Demands of Customers

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, recently announced a new strategy to best serve customers with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. Even stable, reliable, and well-respected companies must grow with the market demands of customers. The South Central Regional Sales Executive is Joe Howeth.

Picking Perfection Profiles when Pick-to-Light Proves Best in Premiere Issue of Publication

LogoIn the current issue of Picking Perfection, a weekly e-news publication by Pcdata USA, larger items, such as furniture and appliances are not well-suited for Pick-to-light solutions, often because the installation would be too costly. Similarly very small items such as micro-parts or tiny jewelry items are not easily hand-selected or coded for proper selection criteria. Not too expensive, not to cheap...just right in the middle. More expensive items require secure distribution, and inexpensive product selection makes the automation technology ROI (return-on-investment) more difficult to justify.

PDP Solutions Offers Employee Engagement Webinar August 25

PDP Solutions is offering a highly requested webinar addressing employee engagement. The webinar will take place August 25, 2014 from 12:30-1:00 pm EST. The webinar is presented by Sarah L. Sladek, founder and CEO of XYZ University; the only management consulting firm specialized in helping organizations engage Generations X, Y, and Z.

WCS News Premiere Issue Profiled High Volume Fulfillment Centers

LogoIn the August 4th premiere issue of WCS News, a weekly e-news publication, high volume fulfillment centers were examined. Fulfillment centers efficiently process thousands of orders each day and it takes highly agile software to consistently move the right product at the right time to the right place.

A New Tower to Rise on 45 Park Place Close to Controversial Park Place Site

The first rendering for the residential tower of condos were released and revealed for a new tower on 45 Park Place in New York City. The tower, located on 45 Park Place is to be built right rise next to the controversial museum "dedicated to exploring the faith of Islam and its arts and culture" that developer Sharif El-Gamal wants to bring to 51 Park Place.

Denver Divorce Attorneys Suggest New Ways for People to Inform Their Spouses That They Want a Divorce

Even though telling a spouse that it just isn’t working anymore may be one of the most difficult challenges one may experience, it is something that should be done early on before the marriage causes any more pain. According to the Denver divorce attorneys at Johnson Márquez Legal Group, there are many ways for someone to inform their spouse that he or she does not want to be married to them anymore. The law firm, which consults with clients, informing them on the next steps to take after deciding on divorce, also informs clients on taking the necessary steps leading up to a divorce, including telling their spouse that the marriage is over.

No Risk Automation Magazine Reports Automation Specification Must Maximize Business Performance

The premiere issue of No Risk Automation, a weekly e-news publication, argued that automation specification development must maximize business performance. Informed business decisions about automation must operate with a safety first perspective, remain in regulatory compliance, and extract the maximum profit from manufacturing assets. Strategic automation starts with a clear evaluation of what is working and what is broken in the current state of the operation. Performance improvement opportunities related to better process control and management of operational information occurs through insight; working closely with staff to conduct a feasibility study that documents and articulates the solution, estimated cost, expected benefit, and anticipated schedule is beneficial.

Shanghai Tokyo Cafe Provides Online Ordering for Easy Service in College Park

LogoAsian cuisine has become incredibly popular in places all across the U.S, but not all of them allow you to place your orders online like the Shanghai Tokyo Café in College Park. This restaurant has been serving delicious high quality Asian cuisine for years and offers its customers the opportunity to order their food online so they do not have to leave their homes to do it in person. Placing your order on Tokyo Café’s website is quick and easy, and your food will be ready within minutes of completing the necessary online form.

Andrée Poulin Is Introducing Her Eastern Township House Acquisition Guidance Services

LogoAndrée Poulin, a Canadian real estate agent, is introducing her Eastern Township house acquisition guidance services. According to Mrs. Poulin, the acquisition of a house in the Eastern Townships can be a real challenge for people who are not familiar with the region and the help of a real estate professional is an important support for them. This is why she offers Eastern Township house acquisition guidance services to her clients.

A Three-Day Quilting Experience at MC5P

LogoThe Museum Center at 5ive Points announces their 2015 Stitches in Time Quilt Show. This year’s show will be a three-day quilting event, featuring both traditional and art quilts of every shape and size. In addition to quilts, the Museum will also be offering a variety of lectures and classes throughout the event.

Announcing Discount Summer Sales for a Select Group of Towables and Accessories on Amazon

Summer is only about half over and already Amazon is offering deep discounts to a select group of towables and accessories. Now is the time to get the best prices - up to 40% off - for ones favorite boating tube and accessories.

Book Basement Waterproofing Services Before Heavy Autumn Rains Arrive

Seasonal autumn rains are a few short months away and with precipitation comes the risk for basement flooding. Absolute Draining & Plumbing is the home of Toronto basement waterproofing services and owner Andrew Olexiuk is encouraging home and business owners to waterproof now to preserve foundations and unique architecture.

Web Hosting Starting as Low as $3.07/Month with VIP Hosting

LogoThose who are in need of web hosting services for their website will find that VIP Hosting is one of the cheapest options available. With rates that start as low as $3.07 per month, this company offers reliable hosting for less than any other.

Spray Foam Solutions Kansas Providing Farmers with Waterproofing Spray Foam

LogoIt is extremely important for farmers to protect their bins and silos so they can prevent water infiltration and a significant buildup of moisture. Bins and silos that are exposed to too much water over time eventually rust and as a result they develop structural problems which can be costly to repair or even replace. Those who want to protect the goods they are storing will definitely need the kind of effective waterproofing solution that will ultimately save them money over time.

Spray Foam Solutions Takes Major Strides to Handle Commercial Insulation Jobs

LogoBusinesses that need new insulation installed will have to choose the right kind as well as the best company to do the actual work. Spray foam has been proven to be the most effective option when it comes to insulating a structure of any kind, and Spray Foam Solutions has experience installing it in many different types of commercial buildings. Now Offering the Perfect "End of Summer" Vacation Spot is pleased to announce the perfect end of summer vacation spot. Summer is nearing and families might be in search of one last hooray before the kids head back to school. For those looking for a memorable getaway, be sure to check out

Ampm Exterminators Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Pests Before They Become a Problem

One of the most prominent issues in houses these days can be pests. Whenever pests are spotted anywhere, necessary measures must be taken in order to get rid of them at the earliest convenience since neglecting the issue is going to make things worse in the long run. Taking measures is something which is highly recommended to everyone who wants to use either chemical or non-chemical methods for the purpose of removing pests from anywhere they want. Since a lot of times non-chemical method end up being ineffective, pesticides should be used for the purpose of bringing the massive problem to an end.

Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-the-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: Will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

LogoAdam Paul Green (MXI Corp Ambassador, Xocai Founding Distributor and XO-Lifestyle-Worldwide “Inner Circle” Member) will host the online meeting/webinar from his virtual office discussing the following: August 21st Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-THE-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

Get a Free Whitepaper from Martin Holland About "Why Your Ads Don't Work"

LogoIf the ads you have been using to advertise your business or brand haven’t been effective, it is time to make a change. Advertising can be extremely tricky and involved, which is why it is always a good idea to have the help of an experienced professional who can provide valuable insight into your current methods and how they can be improved. An effective advertising campaign means increased gross profit, and there are a lot of common mistakes people make when trying to spread awareness about their brand.