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Next Generation Gene Therapy for Fanconi Anemia Disorder Using CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology - How This New Approach Will Open Doors for Treating Other Rare Diseases

LogoFanconi anemia (FA) is a rare (1 in 160,000) pediatric, autosomal recessive (inherited) disease characterized by multiple physical abnormalities, organ defects, bone marrow failure, and a higher than normal risk of cancer. The average lifespan for people with FA is 20 to 30 years. As yet, no specific treatment is known that can halt or reverse the symptoms of FA. Could gene therapy, specifically gene editing technology called CRISPR-Cas9 signal hope for FA and other blood diseases?

DimensionU Announces "2015 Summer Chill" Winners

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Summer Chill, a virtual math games competition. Students across the U.S. and Canada participated in the five-week event, which concluded on Sunday, July 19th

On My Radar: Vampire & Human Fuse Sex with Love, Lies & Deceit in Spine-Tingling New Lesbian Erotica Story

While vampires have recently become a literary staple, variety author Kelly Renée proves that they can crave humans for more than just their blood. In her steamy and gut-wrenching new erotica book, readers are invited to turn the pages on a vampire story that’s truly like no other.

The Offspring of Rose Foreman: Hard-Hitting New Book Awakens 21st Century Women to 'Hell' of 1930s Female Disrespect

While young girls and women today enjoy equal social footing, the opportunity of limitless professional promotion and high respect from most men – things haven’t always been that way. To help women and young girls recognize the sacrifices women of yesteryear gave for their freedom, Mable J. Harris is delighted to announce a compelling new book.

Low and in the Dirt… Ken Griffey Jr. and Me: Baseball Star's Former Best Friend Exposes Extortion & Destruction in Blistering New Book

Low and In the Dirt… Ken Griffey Jr. and Me explores just what happens when a superstar persona worth mega millions commits to contracts, then changes their mind, and wants to ruin you. They have all the influence and money to do so. This could happen to YOU if you were thrust into this position. Would you be able to fight back or would you cave in to his demands?

The Fat Woman Mystery: Food Addiction Meets Murder in Gripping (And Tasty!) New Novel by Sandra Noble

While most mystery novels involve hordes of detectives, politicians and others in a natural position of authority, Sandra Noble’s latest release focuses on a crime-fighting heroine who is…well….just an overweight middle-aged woman trying desperately to shed her pounds.

The Sharecropper Prodigy: Uplifting Novel Proves Power of Rugged Individualism & Optimism

While the narrative in David Malone’s latest novel is a work of fiction, it takes its bold cues from history and the lives led by thousands of African-Americans who wanted to better their lives in the 1930s. While that era has long since ended, ‘The Sharecropper Prodigy’ and its story are still as relevant today.

The Marrying Monk: New Book Tells Inspirational Real-Life Story of a Monk and a 'Householder' - Both the Same Man

When picturing a Monk, many are drawn to their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. However, after living that life for a quarter of a century, Dadajii Vimalananda ditched his vows and decided to become one Monk who would change the world. It worked. Offering Fantastic Seasonal Discounts: Get 20% off Discount for Any Order Placed in November

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Study Shows Health Habit Misconceptions

Old wives tales are commonly recommended for a variety of life experiences, and attempting to boost health and increase overall wellness is not exempt from some common misconceptions. While the tips below may seem like gospel, much of it is hearsay and can be disregarded in ones efforts to become healthier.

Death at 40: New Memoir of 'Struggling Christian' Urges Readers to Listen to Dreams and Connect with Spiritual Calling

While millions take their dreams for granted, Cheryl A. Shaffer knows first-hand their powerful effect on life and faith. Through her ground-breaking new memoir, Shaffer fuses her own life story with a wealth of vital information to help readers better interpret their dreams and how they shape reality.

The Curse of God's Treasure: High Adventure & Israeli Military Intelligence Fuse in Gripping New Novel

While many have heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Copper Scroll’s’ significant differences often force it out of the public’s spotlight. However, in a meticulously-researched new novel by Jay Glikman and Einat Tubi, the Copper Scroll serves as inspiration for a gripping adventure through the Middle East.

Non-Profit Fund Accounting Software Firm Unveils New Responsive Website

LogoNon-profit fund accounting software firm, Capital Business Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their new, responsively designed website!

Magline Expands Into Uniform and Linen Delivery Industry

LogoMagline has taken a leadership role in route distribution which directly impacts those industries involved with packing and packaging. Magline best known for beverage route delivery systems recently expanded into the linen industry. Magline has developed a modified convertible truck to transport soiled and clean linens. This new technology has allowed specific route distributors to design a new bin that works with the convertible trucks.

Motley Fool Names Seegrid Top Player in Global Mobile Robotics Market

LogoSeegrid, maker of flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs), was just named one of the top players in mobile robotics by Motley Fool, a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stocks, investing, and personal finance products.

Essential FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for Animal Food Addressed in December TraceGains Webinar

LogoOn October 29, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a proposed rule which establishes, for the first time, current good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that specifically address the manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding of animal food. The Rule also would establish hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls for food for animals to implement the provisions in section 103 of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). TraceGains, a full service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution, will be addressing these new rules in a timely webinar. The webinar titled, “Preparing for FSMA's Animal Food/Feed Rule,” is on Friday, December 13, 2013 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT. Link to register: Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. The proposed requirements dictate a substantial upgrade of the current regulatory standard. Marc Sanchez will co-present the webinar with TraceGains. Sanchez is considered a leading voice in understanding the Food Safety Modernization Act, which has fundamentally changed food law in the US. Sanchez represents FDA-regulated companies in the food, dietary supplement, beverage, cosmetic, medical device and drug industries. Sanchez’s practice includes working with both the FDA and USDA on compliance, recalls, and import matters. TraceGains, Inc. ( delivers a full service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solutions to quality, purchasing, product development, regulatory, and other departments at food manufacturers and processors, who are overburdened with manually managing suppliers and documents. Unlike manual, ERP, or traditional document systems, TraceGains extracts data from supplier documents and automatically takes action against customers’ own business rules. TraceGains is proven to empower people to quickly solve problems, speed audits, and simplify continuous product improvement. From C-level executives to quality and strategic sourcing departments this supplier document management solution simultaneously reduces costs while improving quality – automatically. The resulting actionable business intelligence is quickly leveraged for supply chain, ingredient, and raw material optimization. By automatically reducing ingredient variability, finished goods are more easily and cost-effectively produced, while the cost of poor quality is significantly reduced. Charge-backs and stock-outs are kept to a minimum; purchasing and negotiating power with suppliers is increased. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

Shweebo Offers Shopping with Premium Package Forwarding Services at Affordable Rates

The website affirms that they strive to offer assistance in terms fulfilling all types of shopping, packaging and shipping needs of the customers. They help customers in making essential decisions regarding the purchase of the precious products. They facilitate safe and cost-effective delivery along with no hidden expensive surprises. One can avail painless, easy and simple shopping, shipping and packaging services at affordable rates.

Production Efficiency Not Measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) with System Insights recently explained why the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metric is deficient for evaluating production efficiency. Dr. Vijayaraghavan suggested, “vimana is in contrast to OEE software because we help manufacturers understand when a parts is being produced by looking at all the data items the machine is generating. This goes well beyond just knowing when the machine is In Cycle - which is what OEE software can do. This basic Utilization data can easily be manipulated to be artificially high, but by looking at the vimana producing metric there is a true picture of when parts are actually being made.” With vimana, energy use is optimized and the environmental impact of operating machine tools is reduced. The vimana product goes beyond simple data aggregation, and helps manufacturers increase device utilization, reduce scrap rates, decrease unplanned downtimes, and improve profitability. By improving machine utilization and reducing energy consumption, vimana clients are saving between $30-100K per machine, per year. About System Insights System Insights, ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. The SI flagship product - vimana - delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve client’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). Follow System Insights on Twitter @systeminsights.

Mountain Lakes Wedding Association Offers Honeymoon and Lodging Facilities to Its Clients

Mountain Lakes Wedding Association, a leading mountain wedding company, offers its clients beautiful honeymoon and lodging facilities. The accommodation facility available is luxurious, and competitively priced.

Renowned Anaheim Dentistry Service - Offers Best of Cosmetic Dentistry

The clinic, being a renowned Anaheim dentistry service provider, is all set to change people’s appearance, thus, enhancing the person’s overall personality. Upgrades One of the Best Essay Writing Services with New and Improved Order Form, one of the best essay writing services available today, announces the recent upgrade of its order form to create a more efficient and user-friendly client experience. After collecting feedback from clients and consulting with UIX professionals, the order form has been significantly upgraded to create a more intuitive ordering process to meet clients' needs. The new order form is available for review at

KEE Group Offers Wide Variety of Brass Badges at Competitive Prices

KEE Group USA, a leading membrane switch manufacturer, offers its customers a wide variety of brass badges at affordable prices. The company is RoHS Compliant and TS-16949 certified, which assures customers of its quality products.

4 Ways to Get Free Credit Reports

Bad credit can be disastrous to one’s financial being. In fact, a person who has a problem with their credit history may have trouble getting a mortgage, a car loan, or even a personal loan. A person may have to pay higher insurance premiums, or even lose out on employment opportunities. One may also have to deal with a high-interest credit card because that is the only kind they can get. However, there are ways a person can deal with this, starting by getting an official report. This is the way someone can tell what his or her credit rating is, and repair it. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or rather FCRA, requires the nation’s three credit reporting companies provide free credit reports, at a person’s request, every year. TransUnion, Experian and Equifaxare the three major players, and all are involved in this process. There are four ways to get one.

Pax House Is the Most Effective Rehab in Los Angeles for Drug Addicts

There is a dark side to every metropolis. California, known for its glitz and glamor, is also constantly affected by the menace of drugs. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, people who live in California, especially those in Los Angeles, have been found to be more prone to drug addiction, probably because of their easy availability and low cost in the city.

24 Hour Gym Management Software Company Fitness360Online Announces the Launch of New Training Video

Fitness360Online, a gym outsourcing and consulting company that specializes in 24 hour gym management software, has just announced the release of a free training video that will help gym owners transform their businesses to a 24 hour gym system.

Pcdata USA Pick to Light Defines Lean Processes with Shorter Throughput and Fewer Errors

LogoPcdata USA pick-to-light systems are part of a lean processes, offering shorter throughput times, fewer errors, significant cost savings; additionally the result is increased customer satisfaction, a faster ability to supply products, and process transparency.

Thousands of Americans Receive Medicare Insurance Supplement Quotes from

LogoMillions of Americans are aware they are eligible for Medicare. Many are confused about their choices.