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Kaya Brands Tackles the Digital Advertising Trends Worth Trying in 2017

LogoKaya Brands, the leading and fast-rising marketing and advertising company, tackles the digital advertising trends worth trying in 2017. Half of 2016 has already been slashed out in the calendar. Digital advertisers and marketers used this period to level up the advertising and marketing efforts of the brand or company. On the other hand, at this moment, most of the successful digital marketers and advertisers are busy figuring out the possible trends that will make a good hit next year. Kaya Brands aims to share the most helpful tips that can be used by amateur to professional brands and companies looking for effective and efficient digital advertising methods to increase the fame and popularity of the brand.

Another SNF in Lifehouse's Portfolio Sold to Reliant Management Group

LogoRiverside Healthcare Center was sold to Reliant Management Group in a lease purchase transaction for $13.1 million. The 188-bed Skilled Nursing facility (SNF) was one of nine communities throughout California that had been operated by Lifehouse Healthcare Services.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Future of the Vietnamese Defense Industry - Market Attractiveness, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2019, New Report Launched

LogoThis report provides readers with a detailed analysis of both historic and forecast Vietnamese defense industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of industry leading companies and key news.

Penetration of Payroll Cards and Travel Cards Is Expected to Increase in India

LogoThough the popularity of payroll and travel cards is increasing in the country, their penetration is still less. According to a new report by RNCOS, “Indian Prepaid Card Market Outlook 2018”, the penetration of travel cards and payroll cards is very low in the urban areas and almost negligible in the rural areas. However, with efforts of several banking and non-banking institutions, to increase the popularity of such cards, coupled with growing acceptance of these cards among consumers, the penetration of payroll and travel cards is expected to increase in the future.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Life Insurance in Germany, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe German life segment is one of the strongest in Europe, in terms of density and penetration. The German life segment registered a growth of -3.9% due to the impact of the European sovereign debt crisis in 2011. However, the segment recovered in 2013, registering a growth rate of 4.0%. As a result of the difficult economic conditions, German consumers appreciate the features offered by life insurers, such as cover against biometric risks, and old-age guarantees. Biometric risks are those related to death, disability or disease. German consumers have started to invest more in guaranteed-return life insurance products in order to secure their futures. Although low interest rates and volatile capital markets have affected the life segment negatively, it has recorded steady demand. The country’s aging population and rising employment opportunities, driven by the improving European economic environment, are expected to drive the growth of German life segment over the forecast period (2013–2018).

MarketResearchReports.Com: Life Insurance in the UK, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe life insurance segment in the UK accounted for 69.3% of the total industry’s gross written premium in 2013 after posting a review-period (2009–2013) compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.4%. The slower growth was associated with lower consumer confidence after the global financial and European debt crises, which led to a decline in the segment from 2008 until 2011. However, due to government actions and regulatory changes, the overall life segment increased at a CAGR of 4.0% during 2011–2013. Group life insurance recorded positive growth, although individual life insurance declined due to low levels of confidence in investments, increased regulatory scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and changes in pensions during the review period.

Stop the Judgment: Searing New Book Exposes Jesus Christ as 'Scapegoat' for Homophobic Christians

Christianity is globally renowned for its outward face of unconditional love, acceptance and ability to find strength in the darkest of situations. However, as a proud member of the gay community, Samuel Marcus Brown has endured vicious oppression and hatred from his fellow “Christians”. In his compelling new book, Brown exposes this widespread and growing problem, while contrasting these shallow opinions directly against the word of scripture.

Startup: The Reviews Are In! Business Thriller Novel Achieves Critical Acclaim; Exposing Silicon Valley's Real-World Greed

When Glenn Ogura first released ‘Startup’, many in the general public were somewhat blind to Silicon Valley’s vicious circles of dishonesty, corruption and at-all-costs characters. However, with movies such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Social Network’ catching the world’s attention, the Valley now has a reputation of cut-throat deception. This has worked in Ogura’s favor – as his novel has attracted a consistent string of high-profile and celebrated reviews.

White Mountain Process Unveils Industrial Mixing Options

Many people are used to products ranging from paint to pills, but don't put much thought into how those things are created. At White Mountain Process, however, the "hows" of mixing compounds are foremost in mind. The company makes mixers that can handle all sorts of products and materials at this stage of production.

Kessler Plastic Surgery Reveals Serious Solution for Sagging Breasts

For years, it was commonly believed that sagging breasts could be avoided for many decades just by wearing bras, and only very old people were expected to have this condition. Now, it has come out that, like most "common wisdom," this isn't actually true. Aging makes the skin less able to resist gravity, and genetics also play a major factor. This causes many women to get sagging breasts long before they would be considered old.

Pacific Rim Offers Exceptional and Efficient Window Tinting Services in Honolulu

LogoSaving on utility bills is a must today and home owners are focusing on all possible solutions to achieve them. Window Tinting for homes is a celebrated option preferred by 90% of owners now to cut down on costs. In addition to reducing the utility bills, the tinting can completely secure the properties on the home from solar damage and excessive heat. Especially, they can protect the room and belongings from harmful UV rays as well.

Orange City Surgical Solutions to Offer New Dental Implant Surgery to Replace Dentures

Dentures have been used for centuries, and have been made from all kinds of materials from the sublime to the bizarre, from ivory to wood. Though dental technology has advanced dentures a great deal in this time, they still suffer from certain inherent disadvantages, needing to be glued to the roof and base of the mouth, regularly sanitized, and more. Dental implants are a new procedure now offered by Orange City Surgical Solutions to replace dentures with a more permanent, more advanced solution.

Small Business Leaders Are Turning to the Whiteboard Shop for Their Quality Whiteboards

Whiteboards have become a huge part of the business environment, from small businesses to large corporations, and according to a recent report one of the first items a business buys is a whiteboard. With the reputation of the Whiteboard Shop (, and their low prices and free delivery, they have become the leading online supplier of quality whiteboards.

Parts Geek Has Extended Its Massive Inventory of Brake Calipers

LogoWith cars becoming more advanced, manufacturers have focused on making the brake system more reliable in order to avoid accidents due to failed brakes. With constant use, brakes can become worn down, and when one part in the system fails, drivers are left vulnerable when operating their vehicle. A central component of any brake system is the caliper, which attaches the brake pads and pistons. Parts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce they have extended their massive inventory of brake calipers to over 52,000 parts.

Financial Solutions Consumer Group Now Offering Debt Relief with a Performance Guarantee

The financial crisis of 2007 is still being felt seven years later, and in 2014, there is still no shortage of people in over their heads with loans, credit cards and other financial burdens they are ill equipped to pay back. Financial Solutions Consumer Group through years of debt settlement experience has created a means of debt relief that truly helps people in their financial situations, ensuring repayment plans that suit the individual needs and the budget of the client. The whole debt relief program now comes with a minimum performance guarantee that unless there is a savings of at least 40% no settlement fee is charged.

DeRocco Building Corporation Announces Home Improvement Services for Summer 2014

LogoDeRocco Building Corporation specializes in several types of home improvement in Bucks County. Summer is a great time to get renovations done before winter comes and extreme weather can delay building. In business for over two decades, DeRocco has become a go-to source for Bucks County residents with home improvement plans.

Page SEO Company Launches New SEO Services Website

Page SEO Company, a white hat SEO services company located in Portsmouth, NH, has unveiled its new website. The website highlights Page SEO Company’s onsite and offsite services, including keyword research, content optimization, custom meta data, image optimization, SEO content writing and link building, among others.

One Hundred Seventy Billion Dollars Per Year Associated with Occupational Illnesses and Injuries

LogoIn the whitepaper "Forklift-Free: Driving Safety and Profitability” it is reported that when injuries occur the impact is substantial. According to The American Society of Safety Engineers, businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational illnesses and injuries. Employers spend billions on wages and medical care. OSHA reported lost productivity in the workplace costs companies $60 billion each year. Such productivity losses paired with expensive medical and wage payments greatly affect bottom-line performance.

Wire Technologies Now Offering Customized Machining Services This Summer

LogoWith the amount of industries in need of machined parts, their specifications and requirements are going to vary. To appease their entire customer base, Wire Technologies is proud to announce they are now offering customized machining services this summer. Operating in a state of the art facility in South Florida, their full service machine shop has the equipment necessary to produce quality finishes for all machined parts.

Timothy O'Keefe Recreates Sinatra's Glory Years in Broadway-Style Musical

Singer Timothy O'Keefe has done just about everything. He’s been on the Tonight Show, performed in Las Vegas and Reno, starred on television (Quincy, Battle Star Galactica, CHiPS) and in film. He has sung in big and small venues all over the country, appeared in award-winning plays and recorded albums.

PrintWearOnline Plans Website Upgrades to Improve User Experience

LogoPrintWearOnline is preparing to completely redesign their website for a cleaner, simpler user experience. By improving the quality of their images and design tool, they hope to make t shirt printing online easier than ever before for their customers. While making custom t shirts, polos, hats, or sport bottles, the user will be able to get a better idea of what their finished product will look like before they finish the design. A more effective search function will allow visitors to find what they’re looking for faster.

World Class Immigration and Visa Services for the UK from UK Immigration Solicitor

LogoThe Immigration service law firm has expertise in managing all types of Visa issues and help prospective immigrants to settle in the UK. The senior Immigration lawyer at UK Immigration Solicitor services said, ‘we have helped several immigrants to come out of the UK Visa hassles and made their travel easy. At UK Immigration Solicitor, we are offering the best Visa solutions to our customers and clients. Our Visa and Immigration lawyers always do the smart work to get you out of prospective Visa problems’. The Immigration services have been designed exclusively for the individual tourists, groups, families as well as the business entities. Irrespective of fact whether it is Tier 1, or Tier 2 or Tier 3 or Tier 5 Visa, the expert Immigration consultants working at UK Immigration Solicitor provide legal advice on individual cases and ensure smooth process.

Onur Marble & Granite Now Offering Granite Countertops for July 2014

LogoOnur Marble & Granite is now offering granite countertops for July 2014. Granite counters in Philadelphia have become a very popular option for kitchens and bathrooms because of their durability and affordable prices. Granite countertops also differ greatly in appearance from one model to the next, giving the customer a fabulous and unique look for their home. Homeowners are able to create their dream home by having custom pieces designed, delivered, and installed by Onur Marble & Granite.

Philly Legal Eagles Offer Ways for Clients to Help Their Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Obtain Better Results

With the summer season heating, more people are hitting the road, traveling to vacation destinations. A fun summer vacation can turn negative, even deadly if a car accident occurs. Individuals who are involved with a car accident this summer can turn to Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. for legal assistance. Even though the firm is highly-qualified and has handled many successful auto accident and personal injury cases, the firm recommends ways for clients to help their Philadelphia personal injury lawyer obtain better results.

Advances in High Pressure Mass Spectrometry Presented at HPLC and ASMS 2014

Logo908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis, and research partners at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) continue to make waves on the analytical event circuit with revolutionary High Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS) technology. Professor J. Michael Ramsey and his team from (UNC-CH) delivered a total of 12 presentations at this year’s HPLC and ASMS conferences touting new performance breakthroughs in HPMS. These presentations demonstrate that the collaboration between the Ramsey group and 908 Devices continues to push the boundaries and capabilities of truly handheld mass spectrometry.

Custom Print Event Badges Soon to Be Available at, online printing experts, are launching event badges as part of their events product line, ideal for any type of corporate event, concerts, conferences and parties.

Market for E-Commerce UK 2014: Global Region Industry Size, Share, Growth, Research Analysis and Opportunities

LogoWe think consumers are likely to become more demanding and that those retailers that innovate relentlessly - such as Amazon – are best-placed to win shoppers’ loyalty.