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Carlton Pools Will Provide Pool Maintenance Services for Those in Need

LogoCarlton Pools, a pool engineering company located in Warminster, PA, will provide pool maintenance for those in need this summer. Since 1973, this family owned and operated company has prided itself on staying ahead of the competition by installing the latest swimming pool renovations in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas. They also provide top-quality pool cleaning and maintenance during the hot, summer months.

Building the Million Dollar Dream of Young India!! - AlcorSearchPath

LogoAlcorSearchPath, a joint venture between Alcor Capital & Asset Management Pvt. Ltd., an international, HR-focused private equity firm, and SearchPath, an established U.S.-based executive search franchisor, has recently announced a new and unique entrepreneurial opportunity for recent college graduates. AlcorSearchPath ( will award five free franchises, each valued at Rs.20 Lakhs (equivalent to approximately $31,005 USD), to five recent college graduates. The company will help them launch their own executive search firms, under the SearchPath brand (

Schools4Future – Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Poverty for Children in India

A team of social entrepreneurs from Europe and North America with experience in markets such as CEE and India, have developed a sustainable solution called Schools4Future. The program will bring affordable education to the children living in the slums of India. Now they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to gain support and funding to make this project a reality for the children in India.

Free Creativity App Helps People Stick to Their New Year Resolutions

Brainsparker, one of the leading iPhone & iPad creativity apps, has launched a free New Year bonus pack of 52 thought provoking questions to help people set New Year resolutions that they will feel motivated to stick with and see through to completion.

Katequeen Presents Its Designer Prom Dresses with Interesting Discounts

With changing trend it is important to buy dresses from professional stores that provide huge stock of dresses. There are huge amount of online stores selling designer dresses and one must make a proper research before buying the dresses. These dresses are available at cost effective rates and one can use various coupon codes to get branded dresses at cheaper rates. One of the sites selling these cost effective dresses is Katequeen.

Idea Management Software - A Software That Helps Ideas Catch Fire

Employees usually have ideas and suggestions for enhancements at work, after all who discerns the company better? However, only few are placed ahead, let alone analyzed, processed and acted upon. Closing this large waste of creativity and knowledge is the main concept of Idea Management Software. This can help businesses seize and assess tips to determine the very best, by allowing individuals produce recommendations, discuss each other's plans, collaborate and vote for champions.

As USD Tightens the Grip to Supremacy: Greenbacks Set to Last for Several Years of Dominance

LogoExtension in the growing strength of the greenback is surely inevitable as it cuts off other major competitive market currencies like the Euro (EUR) and the Yen (JPY). Driven by the expected deviation in monetary policy , prevailing growth of GDP, the health of the global market, and the upcoming Fed decisions on interest rates.

EDI Launches Revolutionary New Watch

– European Diving Instruments ("EDI") (, purveyor of unique, mechanical watches, launched the EDI Golden Age today. It includes phenomenal specifications unheard of at the 500 dollar price point, including a double barrel movement with a 3-day power reserve, and 904L steel casing; all put together with classic aesthetics.

Cutting Edge Leader in ERP Offers Five Distinct Technology Enabled Solutions

LogoTechnology has emerged to be the trend setter for businesses across the board. From startup firms to market giants, the focus on adopting technology into everyday work routine and, to handle future requirements has become imperative to achieving sustainability.

Founders Henri Kakko & Jussi Makinen Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Introduce WeDoGood Charitable Web Portal

LogoThere is no denying the fact that today, the world is struggling with burning issues such as hunger, war, diseases, environmental degradation, and many more. Unfortunately, there are many loopholes in the present mechanism for raising funds. It has been observed that most of the major organizations involved in fundraising have a heavy organizational structure that results in consumption of a significant amount of money.

Time to Shop and Win in Dubai with Dubai Shopping Festival Packages from Best Value Tourism

As the whole Dubai is setting up to host one of the biggest shopping tour, the desert safari tours in Dubai is going to become the pick of the holidays for the tourists from around the world. Best Value Tourism brings you the safari tour in Dubai to be the part of biggest shopping fest in the world better known as the Dubai shopping festival. With the promotional offer like 'A Million Reasons To Shop', shopper who will spend a minimum of Dh200, has the chance to win up to Dh1 million in prizes from January 1 to February 1.

Eco Molding Co., Ltd. Aims to Dominate the Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Market

Eco Molding Co., Ltd., a China based manufacturer of plastic injection molding, recently announced that they are aiming to dominate the Chinese domestic plastic injection molding market. The company has a distinguished presence in the export market as the plastic injection molds manufactured by them are made in compliance with the European quality benchmarks. Powered by world-class infrastructure, a large and adroit workforce and a solid management team, the company has been able to become a trusted supplier of plastic molds for many Europe and North America based companies. However, the owners of the plastic injection molding company recently announced that their aim in 2015 will be dominating the domestic market. Launches Promo for Its Loyal Customers and Followers, an online shopping stop for gowns and celebrity wedding dresses launches a promo that gives their loyal customers and followers the chance to become a thousand dollar richer or to enjoy the store's wide array of affordable yet quality wearables.

Africanpremier Manufactures and Produces Different Range of African Fabrics

Fabrics are of various varieties and each of them have their own specialty. African Fabrics are one of the popular qualities which are in demand in different parts of the world. In order to cater to this growing demand, there have been several companies which have grown up in different parts of Africa as well as other countries in the world. Africanpremier is one such company which is based in China and manufactures various range of African Fabrics. The company has been operating since the year 2003 and specializes in premier, real wax fabrics, wax prints, African laces, and various other fabrics from West Africa.

Cheap Prom Dresses in New Styles Released by

The online store always endeavors to meet the fashion and styling needs of the modern girls and women. This is the reason why they keep on innovating and bringing new dress designs for their customers. This time, they are releasing their cheap prom dresses, available in a variety of new styles. With their new prom dresses, they will be able to reach the customer segment that wants to purchase fashionable dresses at budget prices.

Molbase Comes Up with Its Professional Search Engine for Chemical Buyers

Buying and selling chemicals is not as easy as it seems. There are various aspects involved in it and if something goes wrong then it could be disastrous. It is good to get some professional help and a nice platform that can help the manufacturers and buyers interact with ease. With the world going online people can interact with each other through a safe online platform that helps in buying different kinds of chemicals with ease. One of those platforms is Molbase that helps buyers find different manufacturers through their online register. Offering Best Quality Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools at Affordable Prices, a well-known supplier of fiber optic tools, recently launched a vast range of cleaning tools. Nestled in China, the company aims to capture and dominate the Asia-Pacific market as well as compete with the world's biggest companies in this sector. The company owners recently announced that the fiber optic cleaning tools that they have added are enterprise preferred and thoroughly quality checked. The inventory enlargement is a part of the company's business expansion plan. Celebrating Yearend with Huge Discounts on Prom Dresses 2015 is a reputable online store that specializes in all types of special occasion dresses and custom dresses. The company has already built its global reputation by offering finest quality linen and best designs at affordable prices. The owners recently announced sky-high discounts on prom dresses 2015 to tune in to the festive spirit that can be felt in the air. The owners have exclaimed that the discounts will remain valid till January last through some offers are subject to availability of stocks. They have made it very clear that the top design trends of 2014-2015 have been closely followed in designing the cheap prom dresses. However, they have also added that they will add many more new products to their online store in 2015. Offers Superior-Grade Fiber Optic Tools and Toolkits at Wholesale Rates, a China based supplier of industrial tools, recently added a plethora of top-of-the-line fiber optic tools and fiber optic toolboxes to its inventory. The owners indicated that the newly added products are all manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. Some of the newly added superior-grade fiber optic tools include fiber optic cleaners (one-click cleaner, MPO and MTP cleaner, neoclean optical cleaner), fiber optic microscope, visual fault locator, fusion splicer etc. Different types of fiber optic toolkits include cleaning kits, fiber optic test toolkits, and fiber termination kits. The product catalogue also consists of strippers, cleavers and switches that are commonly used by fusion splicing tradespeople. Announced Massive Discounts on Prom Dresses 2015, an online store that deals in fashionable garments, has managed to secure a distinguished presence in the present ecommerce landscape. Very recently, the owners of the store announced massive discounts on selected prom dresses 2015 . The owners of the store were quite ecstatic when they were asked about the initial response that they have got from the market. They unambiguously stated that the big discounts have driven sales upwards and they are anticipating even bigger response from customers in the coming days.

Leading Online Made to Order Prom Dress Retailer 'Pickedresses' Offers Long Prom Gowns

LogoCanada's most trusted and leading online dress retailer, Pickedresses would like to announce that Pickedresses features an amazing selection of long prom dresses for the 2015 season. There are so many different styles and colors of prom dresses for customers to choose from. Designers of these long prom dresses have learned a lot at fashion shows in Milan and Paris.

Sex Lies & Alibis: Award-Winning Author & Speaker Exposes Toxic "Culture of Exploitation" in Game-Changing Roadmap to Lifelong Relationships

While many have hailed the internet and increasingly-liberal attitudes as a revolution for those looking for love, L. Dwain Boswell's ten years of study uncover a dangerous emerging culture of exploitation. Lies are tossed around to "win" sex, mutual respect is a rare commodity and sabotage prevails over love. Boswell has travelled the length of the country making people aware of these dangers as part of his acclaimed 'I am Worth the Effort' movement; now reaching new heights through a compelling non-fiction book.

The Last Escape: Five-Star Autobiography Tells Terrifying Yet Fascinating Story of Iranian Ex-Fighter Pilot's Escape from Imprisonment & Execution

Those meeting Major Hassan Granmayeh today will see a smart and highly-intelligent Aeronautical Scientist whose doesn't immediately stand out from the crowd. But his life story does – big time. Granmayeh's journey to the United States is an adventure that will leave anyone shocked, bewildered and gripping onto the edge of their seat.

The Voices of Heaven: Award-Winning Autobiographical Novel Fuses War & Love to Reclaim the Korea "Forgotten" by the West

When she was just seven years old, Maija Rhee Devine received chocolates from American soldiers after crossing frozen ground while evacuating from Seoul. The Korean War was on, Russian aircraft roared overhead, and Devine's family had no idea where this displacement would take them.

Peace in the Hood: Veteran Interventionist's New Book Attempts World First – Exposing Blueprint for Readers to Work with Gang Members & End Violence

In a society where gang culture has become so rampant that many in Government see no way to fix it, street violence interventionist Aquil Basheer is calling on every individual to become aggressively involved in assisting to eliminate the violence that is created from this culture. Having spent forty-years working within gangs and convincing thousands of members that psychological transformation and starting a new life is possible, Basheer has developed a concrete blueprint that can turn anyone in an community interventionist, practice their disciplines within "working" gangs and help put an end to the gratuitous violence.

Go Team You! Eternal Optimist's Compelling New Book Helps Readers Win the Race of Self-Improvement and Life

There's no real way to sugarcoat it; few win life's race against themselves and leave this world having fulfilled their full potential. Wise Wei was committed to not making this her legacy and, having been thrown more than a few curveballs (to the tune of too many marriage proposals, too many subsequent divorces and a more-than-dysfunctional family) set out to share her wisdom with her nearest and dearest.

Chris Creger Seeks Crowdfunding to Launch RentThreads: A Fresh Paradigm to the Clothing Industry

LogoMr. Chris Creger is crowdfunding to develop a website and place initial orders with top quality clothing companies such as Nike, The North Face, Spyder, Patagonia, and more to get the wheels turning on RentThreads. The website will invest in inventory that Chris calls "short-term" clothing: clothing that is only worn during certain times of the year. Chris envisions a website that will communicate simplicity, yet stir the way people shop for their clothes by providing a fun and exciting shopping experience. Inventory will consist of clothing for both sale and rental purposes, as well as both brand new and gently used clothing.