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Already Outsourcing Above and Beyond Voice: Why Coefficients Co. Ltd. Chose to Capitalize on Knowledge Processing Long Before Today's Rise of KPO

LogoThe Philippines' status as a BPO destination of choice precedes its reputation. Already outshining, long standing competitor India as seen in Tholons 2016 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, the Philippines has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the outsourcing game to actually dominating it in just a span of a decade and a half; though, Bangalore, India is still number 1 in the list. There are a number of factors as to why the Philippines climbed up so fast to the top of the list of outsourcing capitals: government support, low cost of living, and easy access to young and educated workforce with a strong fluency in neutral English accent. But it is also here why the growth stutters.

USINPAC Engages with the Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump

LogoAs the Presidential primaries are coming down to the wire, the US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is hosting its next interactive Presidential Dialogue series with Democratic and Republican Presidential Campaigns to engage and discuss issues important to the Indian American community. USINPAC invites the Indian American community to join the Google Hangout, on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 at 1 pm EST with the Presidential Campaign of Donald J. Trump, represented by key Trump surrogate, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA-50th District).

Crystal Lite Solar Now Offering Solar Panel Installation for Summer 2014

LogoCrystal Lite Solar will perform solar panel installations all summer long. For over 10 years the solar panel installers of NJ have helped homeowners all over South Jersey switch over to this revolutionary technology, saving them money and decreasing the environmental impact of their homes. Interested residents can visit now to learn how they can reduce their heating costs and get federal and state tax incentives for doing so.

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Now Offering Diamond Anniversary Bands for June 2014

LogoDeborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers is now offering a special on diamond anniversary bands. All through June customers receive 25% off all diamond jewelry. People love getting married in the summer, and that means summer is also anniversary season. Also this month the store will offer free in-house inspections and cleaning of diamond engagement rings in Philadelphia.

JohnnyDents Now Offering Paintless Dent Repair for Summer 2014

LogoPhiladelphia likes its steaks cheesy and its dent repairs paintless. That’s why JohnnyDents offers paintless – and flawless – dent repair in South Jersey for all residents of NJ, Philadelphia, Bucks County, and beyond. Don’t pay more for lower quality. Customers of JohnnyDents have access to the most highly trained technicians in the business who will service their cars at the store in Pennsauken, NJ or come straight to their doors. JohnnyDents completes most in-house and mobile dent repair in Bucks County in under two hours.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering Private Personal Training Packages This June

LogoAs many individuals aim to shed the weight they have gained this past winter, it is extremely beneficial to seek the guidance of a personal trainer that help ensure their clients stay on the right track to a fit and healthy lifestyle. While each person is unique, training sessions can be customized to best meet the needs and goals of the individual. This June, Mint Condition Fitness is announcing they are now offering private personal training packages for their clients. In a private session, clients will be trained one-on-one with their personal trainer through a program designed to improve overall wellness and reach set health goals for a summer in shape.

E Instruments Now Offering the New AQCOMFORT Air Quality Monitor

LogoThe AQCOMFORT from E Instruments is perfect for the HVAC professional looking for a simple and effective way to determine indoor air quality. These new air quality monitors specialize in measuring CO2. Featuring real-time continuous data logging and Bluetooth connection, the AQCOMFORT is ideal for quickly creating accurate and detailed reports of CO2 emissions in homes, offices, and industrial complexes.

E Instruments Now Offering Emissions Analyzers for NOx Detection

LogoE Instruments is now offering Simple, Total, and True NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) detectors for summer 2014. NOx refers to a group of highly reactive gases. Each gas contains nitrogen and oxygen in several different amounts and configurations. Most are colorless and odorless, but particles including nitrogen dioxide or NO2 produce a reddish-brown layer of smog over high population areas. NOx gases form as a byproduct of combustion processes such as the use of motor vehicles, electric utilities, and various residential, commercial, and industrial systems. E Instruments has several emissions analyzers available this month to accomplish NOx measurements.

SWEAT IT OUT Now Offering Quality Compression Shorts This Summer

LogoFor those individuals that lead an active lifestyle, wearing the proper gear can help stay hydrated and energized to go the extra mile in workouts. This summer, SWEAT IT OUT® is pleased to announce they are now offering quality compression shorts at affordable prices. With an inventory that features a variety of compression gear, customers can purchase the unique COOLMAX® fabric when looking for the best compression shorts for running.

Fitlife Now Offering Sports Performance Training for Summer 2014

LogoFitlife offers many forms of personal training in Southampton, PA including weight management, MyZone, and Pilates Training. But personal training is not just for beginners. Fitlife is now offering sports performance training for athletes who want some professional guidance on staying in their best shape at all times. A team of experts including professional athletes, exercise physiologists, and strength coaches has conducted extensive research to develop highly effective methods to optimize athletic performance in Fitlife clients. Individual attention to each client’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals makes this a personalized program that gets superior results. Offers Fantastic Wrist Accessories, a newly introduced online store, has come up with a collection of incredible wrist accessories for the modern gentleman. WatchBandit offers watches from small European watch companies mixed together with innovative bracelets and great looking watch bands. WatchBandit aims to satisfy the needs of all their customers who desire to wear the newest and best looking wrist wear in the market. Serves as a Portal for Interracial Dating, a renowned and reliable dating site, is serving as a portal for those who are interested with interracial dating or mixed race dating. This is perfect for those who are planning to settle down with someone who has different race or culture to believe in. No matter what they prefer with their future partners, is always available and ready to serve everyone.

Mold Removal Company of NJ Weighs in on Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing probably isn’t the first think homeowners think about when considering home improvement projects. Even though the process of basement waterproofing has never been particularly glamorous, neither has the idea of dealing with a damp and moldy basement. As a professional mold removal company of NJ, Rightway Waterproofing has done their fair share of basement waterproofing, which is why they are addressing some of the benefits of the home improvement project.

Eat and Think Pushes for Meal Planning to Combat Obesity

Eat and Think Limited, a group of three registered dietitians that offers nutritional advice online, recommends that people take on a healthy eating plan in the wake of reports that obesity has become a serious health concern in the United Kingdom.

Veteran Cash for Junk Cars Atlanta Provider, Kings Towing, Offers Best Price Guarantee

Kings Towing, a company that has been providing cash for junk cars in Atlanta and neighboring localities for over 10 years, is offering a best price guarantee to all of its customers for their worn down, wrecked or broken cars, trucks and vans.

Book Tour Launch for Author DJ Blackmore is pleased to announce a book tour launch for DJ Blackmore’s new book, Charter to Redemption, from 1st to 10th July. The various stops for the book tour are listed on

New Universal Success Tech Focus of Free Book Giveaway June 11-13

Author Dan Abelow is concerned about the future of humanity and the planet. His new e-book, Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All proposes a new relationship between advancing technology and the ability for every person to achieve greatness. "With new technology, could we become a Digital Earth that helps everyone succeed and prosper while working together? How can we become a successful world where greatness is normal?" asks Abelow.

Natural Moisturizer Hemp Seed Healing Balm Offers Remedy for All Skin Types

LogoAdding to their sought-after line all of all natural skin care products, Pure and Essential Minerals is offering ‘Hemp Seed Healing Balm,’ an all natural moisturizer and soothing balm for all types of skin. The organic healing balm provides relief from all common skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. It is a one hundred percent natural moisturizer that provides essential nourishment to the skin.

Justmorocco Offering Moroccan Lanterns at Affordable Prices

Justmorocco, a Florida, USA-based company is presenting Moroccan Lanterns at cost effective prices for the customers around the globe. The business is a renowned name when it comes to providing home decor products for a variety of different purposes.

Pittsburgh Matchmaking Experts Are Helping Singles Understand Their Dating Expectations

Local Pittsburgh matchmaking team from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service is helping local singles get to the bottom of what they truly want and need in a relationship—getting them closer to finding their ideal match!

Travelerrr Offering Its Clients a Chance to Own and Operate a Hotel and Flight Travel Website for Just $150

Travelerrr, the leading provider of travel search engine websites that allow prospective travelers to search hundreds of travel providers to get the best results, if offering an opportunity for all those interested in entering the travel business by owning and operating a hotel and flight travel website for just $150. The company uses state of the art website technology to compare price quotes of thousands of travel websites to help customers find the best rates and the best services.

Travelerrr Announces Affordable Solutions for Prospective Travel Website Owners

Travelerrr has successfully established itself as one of the leading web solutions provider that offer online travel business solutions at reasonable prices. Just recently, the company has announced to offer highly affordable packages to help interested people run their own online travel businesses.

Travelerrr Offering Customized Solutions to Help Clients Create Their Own Travel Website

Winnipeg, Canada based Travelerrr is one of the most reputable and reliable travel website designing companies that help various clients in creating and managing their own travel website with utmost simplicity. Being in the business of designing the best in class and highly informative travel websites for years, the company has gained a great reputation in the international as well as local market, which has further helped it earn noteworthy clientele base from all over the world. A highly knowledgeable and experienced team of web designers working with the company strives to offer custom solutions to individuals and organizations who wish to start their own travel business online. It aims to create simple, comprehensible and attractive web based travel portals for its clients at highly affordable prices. Anyone looking forward to start his own travel website can always rely on Travelerrr and its officials.

Decision? Decisions Offers Reliable Pyshic Phone Readings

A prominent psychic who goes by the name Jean Genie announced that she is now offering psychic readings online at her website called Decision?Decisions to individuals who are looking for help in making right decisions in their lives.

Done Deal Buyers Announces the Launch of Their New House Buying Website

Done Deal Buyers, is a real estate investment company based in central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Houston), that has been in business for well over 3 years. They have just recently launched their new website which connects home owners with the company to be able to more quickly and efficiently sell their house, whether or not it is need of repair. Go here to find out more: They will make a cash offer to any home owner, regardless of the current condition of the home.

Spotless Organic Underscores Importance of Natural Cleaning

Spotless Organic, a UK household management organisation that specialises in natural cleaning methods, stresses the importance of organic cleaning in the wake of reports that the domestic cleaning market in the country continues to grow.

Mama Jeanius Offers Long Lasting Maternity Jeans

Mama Jeanius, the brand name recognised for its designer maternity jeans, encourages would-be mums to look for maternity clothes that will last throughout their entire pregnancy. This as retail analysts have reported that the maternity wear market has not posted any significant growth in the past couple of years due to the uncertainty in the UK economy.