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The Resource Group Named Intacct Partner of the Month

LogoThe Resource Group was named Intacct's Partner of the Month for April 2017. The Resource Group helps clients improve business processes, overcome challenges during growth and connects disparate business systems by implementing the Intacct cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Global Antioxidants (Natural and Synthetic) Market to Grow $3.25 Bn During 2014 - 2020


Little Treasures Shoppe Announces New Web Store and Expo Invitation in Mobile, AL on February 2015

Little Treasures Shoppe announces two important milestones in its trading history first: a new online web store and second, an invitation to its first expo appearance in February 2015 at Mobile, Alabama. Megan Robbins, CEO is proud to present two fruits of her hard work by continuing to provide more products to surprise more buyers in the year to come.

Denver in-Home Care Agency Celebrates Anniversary

Allay Home Care, a Colorado home care company based in Broomfield, Colorado, hosted the first annual celebration of its opening on November 19, 2014. Jake Rankin, Allay Home Care's President, remarked that this year for the home care agency has been one full of challenges and success. He expressed that this is an exciting time for the Denver home care company as it begins to grow and expand its home care services throughout Colorado. As appreciation for the community's support in fostering the rapid growth of the Denver home care company, Allay Home Care hosted the anniversary celebration with a mix of lively socializing and an assortment of appetizers and refreshments.

Animals Away Now Offering Pet Transport Services Nationwide

While moving may be a stressful process for any person, it is often more stressful for the pets. Not only are they unexpectedly being taken out of their comfort zone, they are also kept in a cage for an extended period by themselves. To make the move more enjoyable for the family cat or dog, Animals Away is now offering their pet transport services on a nationwide level. Their service will ensure the animal is safely and comfortably transported to the new home.

Executive Maids Announces Availability for Deep Cleanings to Start the New Year

LogoAs 2014 comes to a close, many are looking at how they can start the new year off on the right foot. Those looking for a fresh start often look to make changes around the house since that is where they spend the majority of their time when not at work. Unfortunately, most can never find enough time in the day to give their home the cleaning it needs and regularly put off the task altogether. To help residents ring in the new year with a clean house, Executive Maids has announced they have availabilities for deep cleanings.

TriState Forestry Equipment Announces News Arrival to Their Inventory This December

Using a bucket truck can make trimming or cutting down a tree an easy and safe task for an arborist. However, the price of buying a new forestry vehicle is often too high for many to consider, causing them to forgo the useful piece of machinery. Making these trucks more accessible to local services, TriState Forestry Equipment has announced new arrivals to their inventory this December. Among their recent additions is a selection of bucket trucks, brush chippers, and skid loaders for sale.

LGI Transport LLC Now Offering Shipping Containers for Rent

Whether looking to transport or store a large amount of items, cargo containers are one of the most cost-efficient options on the market. Many are unaware that these units are a cheaper alternative than renting space at a storage facility. LGI Transport LLC is proud to now offer shipping containers for rent to those in need of temporary repositories. The company offers options ranging from 20' to 40' in length with rates starting as low as $79.99 a month.

The Lindenberger Group Now Helping Companies Implement New Policies and Goals

LogoAs a new year starts, many companies are making changes in the office to help their business grow throughout 2015. Often, business owners do not have the time in their busy schedules to personally train each employee on the new procedures. To help companies continue their growth, The Lindenberger Group is now helping companies implement policies and goals for 2015.

'Quality Moving Leads' Offering 10 Percent Discount to Clients for the First Month

Logo'Quality Moving Leads' a well known company based in California is now offering a discount of 10 percent to the clients for first month. The company is an online lead marketplace where various movers and moving companies can carry out the requests online from people looking out for relocation service providers to help them in their relocation. The company provides real time moving leads to the moving companies in California. The company focuses on serving their clients with qualified, ready-to-move moving leads.

'Green Movers' Offers Packing and Moving Services in New Jersey

LogoOne of the most reputable moving companies in New Jersey, Green Movers prides themselves of providing the best possible moving services, with the right kinds of equipments and vehicles. Their main objective remains that your belongings should reach the desired destination in the same condition as you had left them. Among the several local movers in New Jersey, Green Movers is the largest company and has an experience of more than 20 years in this field. They have been helping families relocate within New Jersey, locally or even in international destinations in the most stress-free way as possible. The company also offers services like Office moves, packing and unpacking of goods, transportation, long distance moves, local moves and other services related to moving and relocating.

Discount Motorcycle Insurance Reveals Ways to Lower Premiums

LogoDiscount Motorcycle Insurance, an online database of state insurers providing low cost policies, has published an article on its website, " Six Ways to Lower Your Motorcycle Insurance Premium ". In addition to helping people quickly find and compare affordable policies, the company offers insightful content on insurance, safety, and related news.

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Now Offering Custom Engagement Rings This Winter

LogoWhen looking to plan a proposal on Valentine's Day, now is the perfect time to start the search for the perfect ring. Those who begin looking now will have plenty of time to not only find the right engagement ring, but also figure out how they will pop the big question. Easing the pressure of finding a unique piece of jewelry, Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers is now offering custom engagement rings this winter. With over 40 years of experience in creating stunning custom accessories, clients can expect each piece to be handcrafted with superior workmanship.

Executive Auto Salon Announces Availability for Exotic Car Reconditioning This Winter

LogoOwners of exotic cars should not have to live in fear of their stunning vehicle being damaged by the carelessness of another. Unfortunately, these eye-catching cars tend to be magnets for scratches and accidents. While Executive Auto Salon cannot protect the vehicle from these hazards, they have announced they have availabilities for exotic car reconditioning this winter. The company has repaired and detailed hundreds of various high-end vehicles, giving them the expertise to restore the car's natural aesthetics.

Garrido Fences Now Offering Aluminum Fences in Bucks County

LogoWhen looking to secure a backyard without obstructing the view beyond the gates, homeowners turn to wrought iron or aluminum fences. While those made from iron may seem like the stronger option, they are not nearly as durable as those made from aluminum, which require very little maintenance. Saving residents the hassle of making expensive repairs, Garrido Fences is now offering aluminum fences in Bucks County.

Temptations Catering and Event Planning Announces Availability for Event Planning Services This Winter

LogoThe winter is a busy time for everyone, filling calendars with an abundance of holidays. For many, it is a time when they have various events to attend and others to plan. With all of the running around, some have trouble finding enough time to make the necessary arrangements for their party. To make the process easier, Temptations Catering and Event Planning has announced they have availabilities for their event planning services throughout the winter. Whether it is a large corporate holiday party or a private gathering with friends, the company will design a memorable event.

Credit-Repair-Companies Now Offering Free Credit Consultations

Whether thinking about buying an automobile or take out a loan, credit plays an important role in everybody's life. Because a credit history is like a backbone to one's financial proficiencies, people struggle hard to enhance their credit score. Regrettably, with all the facets that get into identifying the score, the figures in many cases are miscalculated. Assisting clients restore their financial balance, Credit Repair Companies is now providing free credit consultations.

Designer Chess Game Revolutionizes the Way History Is Taught

Great Faces of America is a designer chess set that will feature civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The game teaches children about black history and the work these two great men did to push equal rights among all races. Now they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to get this unique designed chess set manufactured and ready to be sold.

Deer Valley Mini & RV Storage Commended for Providing Top Security

Deer Valley Mini & RV Storage announced on their official website,, that they were offering a 50% off coupon to their customers. According to the website, the coupon allowed new customers to get 50% off their rent for the first two months on any self storage unit or vehicle parking space. Deer Valley Mini & RV Storage, who is already known for its competitive pricings, have gained more popularity due to this offer. Additionally, the website announced that they were also offering a 10% off any storage unit or parking space to all active duty military.

An Increasing Number of Patients Suffering from Urinary Disorders Use Turmeric

Urinary disorders are characterized by conditions that affect the functioning of the kidneys, urinary bladder, or ureters. There are a wide variety of treatment options for urinary disorders, but many sufferers are now turning to turmeric as a natural alternative.

Hundreds of Scientific Investigations Conducted to Study the Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate

There are many natural supplements available today and one of the most popular on the market is glucosamine. Among the three types of glucosamine, namely Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL), N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and Glucosamine Sulfate, it is the last one that has caught the interest of many scientists and researchers.

More Arthritis Patients Suffering from Disability in the United States

Arthritis is a disease that affects millions of people around the globe, including the United States. Aside from the pain that patients experience, they are also suffering from other undesirable consequences of having the condition.

Glucosamine a Popular Supplement for Horses

Arthritic conditions are highly prevalent among humans, but few realize that animals are also susceptible to the disease. However, there are natural alternatives that are known to be effective in managing arthritis and one is glucosamine.

BioPerine Considered Key in Increasing Bioavailability of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most widely used medicinal spices today, commonly used by arthritis sufferers. However, it is known to have low bioavailability, meaning it is difficult for the body to absorb in useful quantities. One of most popular ingredients believed to increase bioavailability is BioPerine.

Glucosamine a Potential Alternative for UV-Damaged Skin Cells

There are many therapeutic benefits believed to be offered by glucosamine, including pain relief for arthritis sufferers. While it is a popular form of management for arthritis, many people are now starting to use glucosamine to improve the condition of their skin.

Dr. David Nadler and Associates Now Offering Lower Back Pain Therapy

LogoThose who spend lengthy periods standing or lifting material at work can attest to the beating their backs take every day. For many, their livelihood depends upon the back being able to get them through a grueling day. Unfortunately, back pain can limit mobility and strength leading to a drop in production or to them taking time off to reduce the pain. If left unattended, it can lead to a variety of severe problems, such as disc herniation and Lumbar strain, resulting in further losses. To get everyone back to their full potential, Dr. David Nadler and Associates is now offering lower back pain therapy.

Green Movers Maryland Offers Professional and Affordable Moving Services

LogoGreen Movers Maryland offers the best packing and moving service to the local residents of Maryland. Apart from moving services they also customize various other needs of the customers. They have teams of professionals who are appointed to customize each and every customer's need. They also help in finding a local packer and mover in a particular locality. Customers can even get free quotes from them about other local moving companies. They are dedicated to make the moving and packing services of their customers as simple as possible. The customers can schedule their own time and can be sure that the movers will arrive on time. Their staff is courteous and friendly enough to address all your needs.