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Food Safety Testing Market Revenue Will Reach 21.43 Billion by 2024

LogoAs per the report "Global Food Safety Testing Market, by contaminant tested ( Pathogens, GMO, Pesticides), by technology (conventional and unconventional), Industry Trends, Estimation & Forecast, 2016-2024" , the global food safety testing market was valued at $12.14 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $21.43 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2017 to 2024. In 2016, the pathogen testing segment generated the highest revenue share in the global food safety testing market. Among major regions, North American food safety testing market was the highest revenue generating market valued at $4.5 billion in 2016.

Global Contract Research Organization (CRO) Market Poised to Bring in $59.42 Billion by 2020

LogoZion Market Research has published a new report titled "Contract Research Organization (CRO) Industry for Early-Stage Development Services and Last-Stage Development Services: Global Market Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 – 2020." According to the report, global Contract Research Organization market was valued at USD 34.00 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 59.42 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.80% between 2015 and 2020.

Shira Esthetics Announces Additions to Its Shir-Organic Anti-Aging Line

LogoA new year means another birthday will be coming up and that women everywhere will be adjusting their ages ever upward, or at least coming up with new ways to pretend they don't have to. But with all of the anti-aging options available, age really is becoming just a number and people everywhere are looking younger and younger. There should be no reason that women can't be proud of that previously dreaded number and flaunt their years of experience and maturity. Helping to push this trend forward, Shira Esthetics announces additions to its Shir-Organic anti-aging line of products.

Joseph's Affordable Plumbing Offers Advice to Avoid Bursting Pipes

The recent extreme cold is threatening to break records as temperatures are hitting subzero levels and continuing to drop. With weeks to go until spring and more winter storms on their way, the threat of plumbing emergencies still looms over every Montgomery County resident. Hoping to alleviate these concerns, Joseph's Affordable Plumbing offers advice to help homeowners avoid bursting pipes.

LISSA the Shop Announces Selections to Prepare Closets for the Spring Transition

LogoWith the brutally cold temperatures hitting record lows, freezing pipes and making people want to stay inside under a blanket, it's hard to imagine that spring is anywhere near coming. Furthermore, as women everywhere are adding layer after layer of clothing, it's even harder to imagine preparing closets for the lighter, brighter clothing of spring. But the day will come sooner than expected when women will open their eyes to a beautifully warm day and will go running to their closets in search of the perfect outfit to match their bright mood. Unfortunately, if they didn't prepare for the transition, they will be met with heavy sweaters and dark winter colors. To help fashionistas avoid that dreaded moment, LISSA the shop announces selections to prepare closets for the spring transition.

Calling All Astronauts - "Show Me Love" out 22nd March 2015 via Supersonic Media

Logo2015 looks set to be an outstanding year for London based Electro Alt Rock three-piece Calling All Astronauts. They have already seen their 260,000 strong followers on their verified Twitter account help get their 2013 single to number 1 in the Twitter Music Chart to celebrate lead singer, David B's birthday on Jan 25th and as a precursor to their eagerly awaited second album they release their first single of 2015, "Show Me Love" (a take on the 80s classic) on March 22nd via Supersonic Media.

Making Post-Production Accessible to All: From the 3rd Story Production Set Flat Rate of Just £3.50/min

In an attempt to also make quality post-production services available to independent film makers on some of the tightest budgets From the 3rd Story Productions will be charging a flat-rate of just £3.50 per minute for post-production services as of April.

SmmPoint Allow Users to Buy Instagram Followers UK and Likes at Affordable Price

Instagram, the photo sharing social medial which was purchased by Facebook is quickly becoming the favorite networking site for both young and adults. With millions of users having an account on Instagram, it is said to be one of the most fruitful place for businesses to advertise their products to get new customers and reach out to more people. To provide maximum online exposure to businesses, smmpoint offers Instagram likes and followers at an affordable price rate.

Hart Wholesale Offers High Quality and Durable Home Improvement Needs to Manufacturers and Hardware Trades in an Affordable Wholesale Price

LogoWith the Spring closely coming in, homeowners are certainly preparing their selves for great home renovation and in removing the remnants of the past cold season. Home improvement is the best way to return the former glory of the house, the gazebos and garages by altering, repairing and upgrading any structure and fixtures that need attention. And when it comes to door hardware, fixings, window equipment, ironmongery, cabinet tools, screws and fittings, and the drawer runners – the Hart Wholesale is the right place to visit.

Ship Management Launches Reformed Governance Plan in Face of Waning Industry Profits

Recent economic breakdowns of ship ownership expenses indicate approximately 28 percent of the industry's total revenue is currently allotted to management while an additional 45 percent is typically earmarked for crew salaries and upkeep. With rising administrative fees figured into the equation, owners find their profit margins rapidly waning. In light of these issues, Mike Mulrooney of Ship Management has launched the company's reformed governance plan for clients.

Online Currency Trading Success Depends on Real Time Confident Execution

Online currency trading is a ticker board of constant activity. The green digits constantly pass over chaotically, but there is always an inherent pattern. In fact, anyone can see the pattern at the mapped end of the day's trading. The success of the trader is to predict the progress path of the pattern, instead of the digressing path, that is. Crests and troughs both are fundamental realities in the diurnal curve and sense is only never to digress from your fact-based understanding.

German Engineer Reino Eskelinen Is Seeking Support for His Hybrid Motorcycle Project

Reino Eskelinen, an engineer who was born in Finland but has lived in Germany since 1979, has a landmark design for a new type of hybrid, emission-free motorcycle. He has a patent, a budget, a timeline and a business plan.

Socioboard Challenges Hootsuite with Its Open Source Social Media Management Platform

Nowadays, brands are employing social media in all means, which range from easy promotions and marketing to diligent communication with clients. As the public today has got the independence to point things to brands straight, several businesses are experiencing difficulty keeping up. No more than 20% of user comments produce brand responses on social networking sites, and also the typical response-time is over 11 hours, based on the latest eMarketer research. This communication gap in social media produces possibilities for startups to create marketers' jobs much easier.

Automated Guided Vehicles at ProMat Nothing New Except Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz from India

Many of the same AGV (automated guided vehicle) manufacturers that have been at ProMat and MODEX for the past several years will be once again displaying their equipment in Chicago this March. Little is new month these vendors. The only AGV vendor with a unique and new value proposition and technology is India-based Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz from India.

Largest Tombstones Manufacturer in South Africa Launches Their New Website

LogoTombstones for Africa has been producing high quality tombstones and memorials for a variety of clients in South Africa for many years, and is the largest producer of such products in the country. The company also produces large size memorials, and offers a full design service for bespoke products.

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Launches New Vehicle GPS Products This Month

LogoGreat news for those looking for some GPS vehicle tracking system, Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd has recently launched a wide range of new GPS vehicle trackers.

A Range of Portable Battery Operated Lights Available for Both Indoor & Outdoor Needs

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company brings a variety of portable and battery operated lighting solutions for the modern consumers. They have portable lighting products that could be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. All products are rechargeable to serve the purpose of an energy efficient lighting solution in the modern times.

Dream Wedding Group Announces Free Initial Consult for Brides with No Obligation

According to recent industry statistics released, about one in five brides hire a wedding planner to assist in their wedding. Furthermore, with the trend toward more lavish weddings, experts expect this number to increase dramatically in the coming seasons. Ivan Phay, spokesperson for Dream Wedding Group Singapore, states, however, budget weddings can benefit equally from the expertise of a wedding planner singapore, with a number of advantages for the bride and groom to consider.

Negative Ion Powder Uses Negative Power to Purify

Korean scientific service Biocera makes nanotechnology relevant in the sphere of general consumer utility. People can use such an advanced science directly for simple everyday needs such as laundry, anti aging, or filtering drinking, alkaline water and bathing water. The negative ion filters from Biocera can be set up in different filtration systems according to the water volume processed in each cycle. Setting up a suitable domestic negative ion filter entails multiple benefits in improving the quality of water.

Biocera Ceramic Balls Offer Nanotechnology in Affordable Utility

Biocera water media filter systems are based on the application of the special ceramic balls. The filtration applications are activated by nanotechnology spontaneously when it is in practical application. Once activated, the spheres are designed to emit far infrared radiations of calibrated frequency. Different categories of ceramic balls serve different purposes. Wavelength emission is programmed to take out all bacteria, pull out the toughest stains from clothes, neutralize all unscrupulous free radicals in the body, and also remove toxins and heavy metals from the water media. Offering Discount on 2015 New Arrival Wedding Party Dresses

While fashionable wedding party dresses are desired by almost everyone, not everyone can afford the high-priced designer garments., a reputable online retailer that deals with fashionable wedding dresses, recently announced hefty discounts on all of its products, including the new arrivals 2015. The retail store owners have underlined the fact that some of the products are available at even 79.99% discount on their retail prices.

DaWei Induction Heating Machine Co., Ltd Induction Heating Experts Explain the Technology

DaWei Induction Heating Machine Co., Ltd is a company that has been manufacturing and marketing their highly advanced induction heating machines for over a decade. Automatic Surface Hardening & Tempering Machines, Flexible Induction Brazing Systems, Compact Adhesive Curing Systems Efficient Tube Welders & Thermal Straightening Systems offered by the company are known to be some of the best in the market, the experts at DaWei Induction Heating Machine Co. explain how induction heating and their machines work. Announced Free Shipping and Other Exciting Offers Ahead of Chinese New Year, a popular online destination for high-street fashion apparels and accessories, recently announced eye-popping discounts on special occasion dresses. The high discounts are not the only offer from the reputable online retailers. In fact, the owners have also announced free shipping on most of their products and have added latest fashion garments to their product line. It has also been confirmed by Dress Street owners that the discounts, free shipping and other exciting offers will be available even after the Chinese New Year is over.

Gray Zone Wins Bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Awards

The noted young adult novel, Gray Zone, recently won bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Book Award in the Juvenile/Young Adult category. The novel has created an open dialogue within the community about the problems of cyberbullying, how it differs from traditional bullying, and how to recognize when it is happening.

Canberra Insurance Experts Launch New Life Insurance Comparison Tool to Help Consumers Find the Best Insurance Deals

SuperHero Insurance, the Canberra Insurance experts, have launched a new Life Insurance comparison tool. Life insurance is an important insurance cover to have, but it can be expensive if consumers do not compare insurance companies for the best deals. According to SuperHero Insurance, a lot of people in Canberra are wasting money through not comparing Life Insurance policies.

DimensionU Launches "Spring Spectacular" 2015

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. announced today that registration is now open for its second seasonal academic gaming event, called The 2015 Spring Spectacular Math Games Competition.

Exclusive Online College Students' Platform CollegeOwlz Launches for Early SignUps, with Full Launch Earmarked for March 2015

CollegeOwlz ( is now open for early access sign-ups. While the actual full launch of the online students' platform is earmarked for March 2015, college students that want to experience a taste of the action and be among the first to connect through this pioneering platform can signup now.