Latest Press Releases Takes on the Prevalence Prescription Drug Addiction Resulting in the Alarming Number of Deaths

LogoThe number of deaths that have been linked to drugs all over the world has become tremendously alarming; from various crimes that have resulted from murders and other misdemeanors and the deaths due to high levels of addictive substances in the blood which have caused toxic effects to the body. People have been into a lot of different types of drugs and other substances, and what sells nowadays depends on the level of high it provides to all its users. The needs and the demands for drugs are constantly changing each day and with this, the numbers of drug-related deaths have become uncontrollably escalated.

ecoFINISH Proud to Announce Commercial aquaBRIGHT Pool Finish Has Received UL-Certification

LogoecoFINISH®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance aquatic finishes, is proud to announce that their commercial aquaBRIGHT™ pool finish has received UL-certification in both the United States and Canada. To receive the certification mark, the UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) had to test, and then guarantee, that the aquaBRIGHT pool finish did not negatively affect a human's health.

Jesse Wagner Educates California Attorneys on the Purpose of Paralegals

"Paralegals are professionals with educations and are here solely to help attorneys," said Jesse Wagner," of Southland Law, and a lot of attorneys don't realize some of the tasks that we can do. That's why we are on a quest to educate attorneys here in California," she said.

PickStar by Pcdata Means No More Weight Checks Required Due to Easy Installation

LogoFlexiForce designs, manufactures and supplies components for manufacturers of overhead doors. FlexiForce installed a pick-to-light system from Pcdata and achieved fewer picking errors and shorter turnaround times. The positive experience of pick-to-light in Barneveld, Netherlands, gave FlexiForce every reason to introduce the technology at their rapidly expanding operation in Hungary.

GrowGrip Plant Holders Creates Reusable Option for Hydroponic Growers

Bigelow Brook Farm introduced a reusable clasp designed for holding plants in deep water culture rafts used by hydroponic and aquaponic growers. The GrowGrip firmly holds plants, from seedlings to maturity, replacing the need for using heavy and messy net pots, or disposable growing plugs.

Young Entrepreneur and CEO of Talia Ink Launches Fundraiser on Indiegogo Website

Karolis Baltrunas, a 23-year-old young entrepreneur and CEO of an innovative IT and marketing company called Talia Ink, has just launched a fundraiser on the Indiegogo website. Karolis hopes to raise enough money to start a unique website called TalentHole, which will serve as the ultimate audition platform for people around the world.

Easy Income Tax Helps Taxpayers Import 2013 W2 Tax Form Online

Easy Income tax Filing Online helps all taxpayers import W2 tax form online 2013 for filing tax this year, 2014. It encourages taxpayers to prefer e-file of tax returns and refund using tax software Turbo Tax.

Value Energy Solutions Completes 2 Warehouse, Office and Showroom Lighting Retrofit Projects for NAI Acoustics - Southfield & Detroit, MI

Value Energy Solutions, one of the largest lighting installation and lighting retrofit companies in the nation, recently was awarded an energy efficient lighting retrofit project for NAI Acoustics which is a distributor of drywall and other building products for commercial and residential construction products. One of the largest operating expenses they faced in their Southfield & Detroit locations was the cost of lighting their warehouse space.

Agile Capital Partners Rebrands Itself with Fresh Investments, Strategy and Vision

New investments, new personnel and a new vision are all part of Agile Capital Partners strategy to rebrand themselves as they re-enter the investment market.

Crowdfunding Effort to Create Self-Renewing Farms

LogoSmarter seeds, green technology and new farming methods are the driving force behind the Project to Eradicate Hunger at IndieGogo,

Easy Tax Refund Calculator for 2014 Helps Taxpayers to Estimate Their Tax Refunds

IRS encourages all taxpayers to use a handy tool that can make their tax refund calculation for the year 2014 easier and faster with the use of TurboTax tax refund calculator. This handy tool by Turbo Tax helps taxpayers determine if they are going to have a tax refund or paying money out. The tool can be used by taxpayers for free.

The Robin Hood of Real Estate Agents - Giving Back to Home Buyers

When it comes to the important matter of investing into real estate, individuals are always recommended to be rather careful in the process. Acquiring the services of real estate agents and companies is one of the most commonly used ways of buying real estate properties and saving money too, throughout the whole procedure. However, not all real estate companies and agents work in the best interests of home buyers and it is entirely too often that people end up losing truckloads of money in a short period of time.

IRS Delays when Taxpayers Can File 2013 Tax Returns

The IRS won't start processing returns until at least Jan. 28 and possibly as late as Feb. 4 because it needs time to program and test tax-processing systems. The delay will affect when taxpayers can file their taxes.

Americans Face Delays on Their 2014 Tax Refund Schedule Dates

According to reports in the news, millions of people could face the heartache of experiencing delays on their tax refunds. It is expected the delays could be up to two weeks, which will affect the IRS tax refund cycle chart.

GovernmentAuction.Com Offers Great Land Buying Experience is the largest and the most reputed online government surplus land auctioning company in US. The online land auction company works with various government agencies to purchase land parcels in bulk and sell them at highly affordable prices through auctions. The company buys land for the investment purposes and real estate from various city, state and county governments through tax lien sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, surplus land and liquidation sales. For the benefits of buyers, the company sells them at as low price as possible.

Nationwide Pools Offers New Year Specials on Above Ground Pools

With record snowstorms across the country, Nationwide Pools wants to remind the nation that warmer days will once again return. When the snow finally melts and the sun draws everyone back outdoors, years of fun will just be beginning for those who take advantage of Nationwide Pools' New Year specials on above ground pools.

Euchre Fun - Euchre Blog for Euchre Enthusiasts Celebrating One Year Anniversary

Congratulations to on celebrating its One Year Blog Anniversary (Blogiversary)! The Euchre Blog was launched in February, 2013. Joann, the founder of the blog, loves playing Euchre. This love for the game prompted her to start a ladies Euchre group, which then led to the creation of In the past year has provided resources to Euchre players looking for Euchre materials, information about Euchre and to connect with other Euchre players and share the fun that playing Euchre brings. wants to help spread the word that playing Euchre is FUN!

Enjoy Fantasy, Mystery and Romance by Reading Book One of Eva Pohler's Series

Eva Pohler's book, The Gatekeeper's Sons, is the first book in her young adult series based on Greek mythology. According to reviewers, this is a powerful fantasy novel. It centers around Therese Mills, a fifteen-year old girl who loses both parents when a murderer shoots at their car. Therese winds up in a coma in which she gets introduced to the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos, the god of sleep, and Thanatos, the god of death.

SpamSecured Is Securing Websites Against Spam

Wordpress security plugin SpamSecured has been launched to help WordPress site owners deal with all their spam issues and block spammer for good through its effective and easy to use features. SpamSecured will be of aid to all those Wordpress site owners and who have to deal with the issue getting spam signups, comments and bot activities on their web site, SpamSecured is a quick fix spam security plugin which can take the security of a website to the next level by preventing all types of spam activity and brute force spam attacks within seconds. Spam has an intense negative effect on the quality of a website and the quality of user experiences, spam comments not only ruin the look of a comments section but also take up a big part of a MySQL database, and therefore it is imperative that site managers and owners stay on top of all spamming issues.

Growing Interest of Organized Players in the Market

LogoThe Indian used car market is expected to grow in tandem with the tremendous increase in the interest of more and more organized players in the industry. This would lead to the greater shift of the tendency of buyers to opt for new cars to used cars. Presently, realizing the huge potential for the pre-owned car market in India many new organized players are stepping ahead in the used car market. Therefore, the pre-owned car market has started witnessing a new enthusiasm with Indians picking up used cars from the organized players, which in turn offers better car related customized services to serve the rising demands of the consumers. Considering the above factors, the Indian used car market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 16% during the forecast period 2013-2017.

Human Rights Organization Accuses US Consulate of Administrative Bottle-Necks in the Issuance of Visas

LogoThe Chief Executive Officer of the Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association-MAHSRA, a Cameroon based Human Rights Organization in consultative status with the United Nations says that the US consulate has shown much disregard on the decision of the United Nations with regards the participation of designated representatives at UN meetings in New York.

Reflections of My Mind: New Book of Personal Poetry Invites Readers to Open Their Minds to Enlightenment

While most poets release their work for personal benefit, Joe Cordrey has built a reputation of taking his work public, in order to change the lives of his readers. The second volume of his ‘Reflections of My Mind’ series does this effectively, fusing the author’s own personal experiences with boundless inspiration.

System Insights Highlights Importance of Standards

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights insists, “We need to build the new Industrial technology on common platforms. The reason is simple…no one company will be able to provide the entire stack. This means that companies that manufacture sensors will need to provide data to products that provide analytics and business intelligence. Robots and machine tools as well as measurement equipment will also have to provide data to drive the new revolution.”

Value Energy Solutions Completes Warehouse & Office Lighting Retrofit Project for Morrow Equipment -Tampa, Florida

Value Energy Solutions, one of the largest lighting installation and lighting retrofit companies in the nation, recently was awarded an energy efficient lighting retrofit project for Morrow Equipment which is a crane supplier for commercial and residential construction projects. One of the largest operating expenses they faced in their Tampa, Florida location was the cost of lighting their warehouse & office space.

MVDWI Offers the Best DUI Defenses - Emerging as the Best DUI Law Office in NJ

Adopting a client-centric approach, MVDWI offers the most cutting edge DUI Defense Legal Services to emerge as the best DUI Law Office in NJ, defending people facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Jersey. This law firm is owned by the leading DUI lawyer, the best DWI attorney in the state. The attorney, Mr. Bartholomew Baffuto, is a former prosecutor in Irvington, New Jersey, and among the seven (7) defense attorneys who challenged the state in the most well-known DWI litigation in the State, State of New Jersey v. Chun, et al. In this case that focused on the State’s burden of proving the scientific reliability of the alcohol detection machine, newly introduced in New Jersey, the DUI lawyer at MVDWI on cross-examination pointed out the mathematical errors in the methods of the state’s bio-statistician.

Purchase Order PDF Printing Included in Ultriva Version 7.6

LogoImportant Purchase Order (PO) PDF Printing enhancements have been made to Ultriva version 7.6. Pushparaj Shanmugam, Director of Software Engineering, noted, “The new enhancements will include PO PDF Printing though a new PR Sync interface…current purchase order integration will be merged with this approach since the PDF template format is required.”

Above Stars Announces Plans to Record with Hit Accomplished Producer Kevin Gates

Above Stars, a solo electropop artist, recently announced his plans to record a new EP with Kevin Gates, an accomplished gold-selling producer who has worked with talented artists such as The Ready Set, Never Shout Never, and Cady Groves.