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LavHa Launches Brand New Line of Mala Jewelry

LogoSummertime is one full of magic, a time when families travel together, summer romances flourish, and the beautiful colors of the Earth come alive. It is also a time for new lines of jewelry, which Orange County native LavHa is happy to take part in. Their latest line of jewelry, known as Mala jewelry, was unleashed recently, just in time for the summer. Mala beads are traditionally Buddhist prayer beads, drawing allusions to the Catholic rosary with their use for reciting, chanting, and repeating a mantra for meditation purposes. LavHa's malas can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the waist, and are sure to brighten any outfit with beautiful accent colors.

The Horlick Company Announces the Recent Shipment of PLC-Based, Industrial Control Panels to a Customer of the Wintriss Controls Group

LogoThe Horlick Company, a systems integrator and manufacturer of industrial control panels, announces the delivery of 4, PLC-based, industrial control panels for a customer of the Wintriss Controls Group. Wintriss, a Massachusetts based company, is a leading manufacturer of press automation, die protection, and safety controls for the metal stamping industry. The end customer for this project is a US-based, HVAC manufacturer.

Isle of Capri Casinos (NASDAQ:ISLE) Investor Alert: Investigation of Possible Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Isle of Capri Casinos (NASDAQ:ISLE) shares over potential securities laws violations by Isle of Capri Casinos and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

BIOLASE Inc (NASDAQ:BIOL) Long-Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of BIOLASE Inc (NASDAQ:BIOL) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of BIOLASE was announced.

CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ:CYTR) Long-Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ:CYTR) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of CytRx) was announced.

The Increasing Need for Managing the Passwords & Securing the Valuable Data of Enterprises & Individuals Have Increased the Demand of Password Management Solutions

LogoThe report "Password Management Market by Type (Self Service Password Reset, Privileged User Password Management) & by Access (Desktop, Mobile Devices, Voice Enabled Password Reset) - Global Advancements, Forecasts & Analysis (2014-2019)", segments the global market into various sub-segments with in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. It also identifies the drivers and restraints for this market with insights into trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Green Status Pro First to Market with New Cmrt 3.01 Automation

LogoGreen Status Pro’s Conflict Minerals automated reporting system now supports CMRT 3.01. Green Status Pro’s web-based service is the first to process version 3.01 plus all version 2.0 templates, digitally validating and reporting supplier and supply-chain smelter information, as required by the SEC rules. Launches New Range of Winawood Outdoor Benches

The British summer is famously unpredictable, and this year it has been unpredictably pleasant, with many a sunny day and only the odd cloud and rain to dampen the spirits. As a result more people are looking to make the best of the good weather while it’s around, and are investing in garden furniture to spend more time outdoors. is an online store that helps people get the best garden furniture for less, and has now released a new range of hard-wearing but affordable garden furniture made of Winawood™.

Kitchen Warehouse Comes Up with New Designs of Kitchen Doors and Accessories

Today there are various kitchen accessories available that give the kitchen a completely different look. It is very important consult a professional kitchen ware supplier to get quality kitchen products. One must make proper research while buying the products and have a look at range of products available. The professional kitchen ware suppliers have their products lined up on the web and give the consumers the freedom to select the one that meets their requirements. One of the companies that has been making innovative kitchen units is Kitchenware house.

Complete SEO Services Offers Affordable SEO Services to Help Individuals Succeed Online

The world of the internet is changing all the time, and with Google always changing their algorithm, the demand for professional SEO services is increasing. Complete SEO Services are helping individuals succeed online by dealing with all the Google changes. The leading Search Engine Optimization Company for individuals and small businesses offers affordable SEO services to increase rankings and traffic for their websites. Offers Durable and Quality-Oriented Pitched Roof Insulation Installation Services with Revolutionary H2Foam Lite

London Insulation are the pioneers in the field of providing pitched roof insulation installation services, using the revolutionary Icynene produced H2Foam Lite material. Icynene has been the leading producer of high quality, durable and affordable spray foam insulation products for over two decades, providing ideal roof insulation solutions for commercial and residential projects. The H2Foam material used by the London Insulation for all their pitched insulation projects exceeds the standards of the industry requirements in air tightness, indoor air quality, air tightness, durability, affordability, efficiency, moisture and mould control, acoustic performance, and reduced thermal bridging.

Premier Disco Have Become the Leading Weddings and Civil Partnerships DJ Hire Services in Scotland

Premier Disco, the premier entertainment solutions company, has become one of the leading names in DJ hire services for wedding receptions, and as such they have been trusted to supply DJs to well known public figures for their weddings and parties around the UK.

Northwest Parts LTD. Offering Car Dismantling Services in Rochdale Area at Competitive Prices

Ideally located in the heart of Rochdale, Northwest Parts Ltd. has earned a formidable reputation as the leader in its segment. It has emerged as the obvious choice for people who wish to buy the best-in-class used spare parts at lowest possible rates. Northwest Parts Ltd. flaunts a versatile collection of car parts in their inventory. Their inventory is packed with more than thousands of used auto parts and they are constantly updating their store site with additional premium used auto spares.

Now Get Stylish and Sleek Oslo Cafe Chairs in Sydney Only at Instyle Seating

Instyle Seating is well known for bringing forth exquisitely designed furniture for some of the worlds leading brands of stylish and sleek Oslo cafe chairs in Sydney at reasonable prices.

Soul-POLE Ignites Healthy Body Image Movement

the Soul-POLE Dance and Fitness Studio helps women elevate their health, self-images and gain affirmative comradeship with other females. From customer reports and testimonials, it's clear that many students are casting off their outer shells after taking lessons, all while they are achieving their fitness and other goals. Sian Young, the founder, has seen over 2,000 students emerge from her studio with new vibrancy and life views. Young's personal sacrifices and total heart has gone into the business.

Dr. Bradley Tomkins Named Six Figure Mentors Top Earner in Recent Marketing Challenge

A recent affiliate sales competition sponsored by Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy brought together online business owners in a dynamic display of their individual internet marketing skills. Upon drawing this two month match of ingenuity to a close in January of 2014, the contest's sponsors named digital marketing coach and general practitioner Dr. Bradley Tomkins an SFM Top Earner. The official presentation ceremony for this award will take place during the Six Figures Momentum Day to be held in London in May.

Voluntary Liquidation - Closing Ruined Company Quickly and Safely

Voluntary liquidation is the method by which a firm's assets are liquefied, in order to pay off workers according to redundancy law and departing the business down. This form of liquidation is normally considered only when all other feasible possibilities have been drained. This has been seen currently during the latest 'credit crunch' when some companies shut down because it can’t find a purchaser. However, a vital distinction is that this is started by the business and its stockholders instead of bank and other borrowers' calling forth what is billed that forces the business down.

The W14 Hotel Kensington London Is by Far the Best Budget Hotel Near Royal Albert Hall London

The W14 Hotel Kensington London has emerged as a most sought after bed and breakfast hotel. It is a budget hotel offering top-notch amenities and unparalleled services to make the stay of the visitor convenient, safe and memorable. Located in the heart of London, the hotel spans four fascinating Victorian townhouses that blend the original features of the Victorian and contemporary architecture. Situated in a quiet, leafy, residential road close to the prestigious shops of High Street Kensington, The W14 Hotel Kensington London is just a 10-minute underground ride from the sights and sounds of Central London.

Battling Insomnia: Drug Free Remedies to Have That Sound Sleep

LogoIt’s not silly if, even as an adult, a person is counting sheep to be able to sleep given the fact that in the US alone two thirds of the adults are having a hard time sleeping a few nights per week or more. “Insomnia is universal. Everybody has it at some point,” says Martin Scharf, director of the Tri-State Sleep Disorders Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, who labels insomnia, “the number one sleep disorder”.

Better Sleep for Better Life: Combatting Sleeping Disorder with the Help of Scandinavian Quilt

LogoSleep and proper rest is very essential for us to attain our maximum potential. However, their importance is under recognized as a public health problem. According to a survey done in 2008 in the US, approximately 29% of adults reported sleeping less than 7 hours daily and 70 million have chronic sleep and wakefulness disorder. Adults tend to forget that we too need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Mdhuset AS Reinvents Brand and Website as Owners Take New Approach to Online Marketing

On the internet, visibility is everything, and is not always easy to achieve. In a crowded marketplace where competitors are constantly attempting to draw attention to their services, a coherent strategy must be employed in order to successfully connect with those looking online for a business’ goods and services. Mdhuset AS is a site that specializes in helping companies reinvent their brand and become more visible than ever, they have just done the same for their own site with a totally new branding.

Romar Business Concept Offers a Wide Range of Apartments in Vanzare for Real Estate Investors

According to reports, the economic and political condition of Romania has improved and reached a balanced state after the end of the dictatorial regime. The housing market is however said to be enjoying a significant improvement and its success seems to be catching up with other developed countries. With so much revenue increase in the real estate, people can now safely invest in different types of properties such as business or personal.

Plumbers in Paris Help Residents Save Water by Fixing Leaking Pipes for Free

It has been recorded that among the service industry, the job of the plumber has changed the most over the years. This comes in tune with the constant improvement in the city drainage system, demanding better professionalism with each passing year. Today, the simple task of installing the water supply network takes a lot of complicated work and professionalism.

MagneticOne Presents Data2CRM Release: Migrate CRM Data with Ease and Safety

Being the leader of ecommerce solution, master of a moment website content migration, and other inventive SaaS, MagneticOne is passing on to the next level of innovative solutions. Today, this ingenious company officially unveils the new revolutionary service - Data2CRM. That is the revelation of new perspective of CRM business management.

Indiegogo Push Will Fund Production of Manga Clan Saga Game

The video game The Clans – Saga of the Twins is slated for production. Juha Siira, the main brainchild of the video game, is an experienced game designer. This video game promises to bring a story rich element set in an action-packed clan universe. Comedic undertones and other features enable gamers to stay engaged and afford contributors to the campaign to have personal elements added to the production.

Nihal Fashions Offering a Range of Traditional Indian Clothes Online

When it comes to offering purely traditional Indian attires to fashion conscious folks, none matches the brilliance, acumen, expertise and variety available at Nihal Fashions. For quite some years now, the Mumbai, India based online fashion store has been doing sterling job in allowing modern fashion conscious customers to explore its rich inventory of gorgeous dresses and make informed purchases. The inventory of attires available at Nihal Fashions include Kurta Pajama, Tunics, Sherwanis, Lehenga, Sarees, Indo-western clothes, kid’s apparels, and salwarsuits. With its sure focus on maximizing customer satisfaction, the online fashion store keeps announcing decent deals, offers, and discounts so that customers may realize huge savings on their purchases.

Paleo Weight Loss Blueprint Creator Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark Honored

LogoNutritional Doctor and Consultant Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark, creator of the celebrated Paleo Blueprint Program for Weight Loss has been honored by the International Society of Nutritional Professionals.