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Global Smart Home Market Development, Market Trend, Key Driven Factors, Segmentation and Forecast to 2027

LogoMarket Synopsis of Smart Home Market: The major growth driver of Smart Home Market includes growing awareness among consumers about energy conservation, growing aging population, rising disposable income in developing countries, and government initiatives among others.However, high installation cost, and lack of skilled expertise are the factors which are hindering the growth of Smart Home Market.

These Jobs Are Not Seasonal: FreightCenter to Increase Staff by 50 Percent

LogoFreightCenter, Inc. (, a full-service third-party logistics provider (3PL) and leading national provider of instant online freight quotes, plans to add 60 new positions by the end of January.

US Logic Offers Customers Affordable Customizable Third Party Maintenance Contracts This October

US Logic is a Hamilton, New Jersey-based hardware and storage service firm. They offer customizable third party maintenance and support contracts to organizations utilizing multiple hardware platforms and products in their production data center environments.

The Squadron Executive: Searing New Fictional Novel Exposes Real-Life Stresses & Crimes of USAAF Airmen Deployed Overseas During WWII

World War II took many average people with seemingly-mundane lives and put them into extraordinary, often deadly situations. While the nation revels in the history of its service peoples’ brevity, a new novel by Joe Hickey exposes the dark side of deployment.

A & J Glass Service Offering Exceptional Customer Service for Broken Windows and Doors

LogoThere are many ways in which glass can break. Whether an act of vandalism, or the change in temperature that causes the glass to crack, a broken window or door leaves a property vulnerable to damage and burglaries. To fix the glass, and provide a safe and secure property for their valued customers, A & J Glass Service is pleased to announce they are offering emergency services for prompt repairs. As soon as the professionals hear about an emergency situation, they will arrive at the property and have the location repaired within 24 hours.

Transform Your Garage Into a Stylish New Room with Epoxy Floor Coating

A California-based company is offering a unique way to transform the garage into a stylish new room in just two days. Epoxy garage floor coating is a practical way of enhancing the look of ones home while also adding space. Best Custom Coatings Inc. has installed over 5,000 custom floor coatings in homes throughout Southern California.

Author Rock Kitaro Seeks Crowdfunding to Publish His Next Organized Crime Fiction "the Three Kings of Ybor"

LogoThe latest suspense thriller from Rock Kitaro is one of a continuing series of crime fiction novels set in post-apocalyptic America. The setting? Eliza Christie is the leader of an underground militia hell bent on avenging her father’s murder. Braden Pierce is a gifted syndicate enforcer who will do whatever it takes to execute an order. And Gavin Hassell is a young narcissistic private investigator who’s tired of following rules and not getting the recognition he deserves. The three outlaws become the stuff of legend while the city becomes their battleground. And in their wake, they leave a long list of bodies, a sunken cruise ship, and a half demolished police department. These are the Three Kings of Ybor.

Annual Halloween Spooky Hotel 2014 at W Hollywood

The W Hollywood is putting on the ultimate Halloween party and everyone is invited. Join us - we dare you - where a mysterious underground universe lingers. Transport to a place where dancing ensues in public spaces.

Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Dental Procedures

Dental care in the US is the best dental care in the world, and that is because dentists in the US have innovated procedures and practices fervently, driving the development of better dental care to provide their patients with the best smile possible. This same innovative fervor exists in most fields, and has been recently seen taking hold of currency through the introduction of Bitcoin. Arlington dentist Mark C Marchbanks DDS respects and recognizes that innovative drive, and has made the currency an accepted method of payment for his practice, so that Bitcoin users can use the currency to pay for the dental work easily and quickly.

PBTP Epoxy Flooring - The One Stop Shop for Epoxy, Urethane and Acid Stained Floor Coatings

Taking care of the interiors of a residential or commercial space is an everyday task. While people tend to take care of the various factors that make up for the interiors of their living or working area, not many pay heed to the flooring which drastically affects the whole look of the room. Having good looking flooring is as important as any other factor present inside the rooms and there are a number of ways by which floors can be refurbished to look brand new. Offering floor such services which would lend the lost sheen to floors is PBTP Epoxy Flooring. Gives a Catholic Prespective on Marriage Annulments

In this day and age, everyone is heaped with an ever growing number of responsibilities that it becomes difficult to juggle around relationships. For those who have been married for a number of years, this is, undoubtedly, a great achievement on their part. However, for newly wedded couples, they would have to cross a number of hurdles along their way. For some, it can be too much to handle. There may be numerous reasons why they would even file for separation, yet it does not always have to be a divorce. Couples can always seek to have their marriage annulled, which basically means declaring the marriage null and void without being labelled as a divorcee.

Affilorama: Never-Before-Used Approach to Affiliate Marketing Revealed

With the dire economic forecasts counted and recounted in the media ad naseum, people these days are desperate to find revenues streams to back up their dwindling incomes to be able to afford a better life. Those who want to learn to make money online as an affiliate need to check out the premier resource platform for earning, affilorama membership.

Earth's Best Pest Control Extends Service Area to Include Orlando, Florida

Pesticides are usually known for being toxic, astringent chemical agents that are as hazardous to humans as they are to the insects they are designed to kill. For many homeowners, dealing with an infestation means abandoning the home for fumigation or sending pets and children away to ensure they aren’t affected by the chemicals. Earth’s Best has been presenting a better, all-natural solution for twenty years now, and their green methods have led to such success that the company has gone from strength to strength, and now operates in a new territory: Orlando, Florida.

Wickwire Warehouse, Inc. Expands Their Parade Division

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. announced the expansion of their Parade Strapping and Baling Division. The expanded division distributes stainless steel strapping in addition to strapping tools and dispensers, clips, buckles, single loop baling wire and bale ties, polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping, shrink-wrap, stretch film, packing tape, and more. Expands Range of Royalty Free Vector Maps to 225 Individual Countries

Vectors are designs that be scaled to any size without losing their verity. Scaling up a jpeg image will cause it to become pixilated, but a vector will always have clean lines and colors no matter the size. As such these are widely preferred by graphic designers, as well as for use on responsive websites and in presentations. provides free vectors of world and US maps, and has recently expanded its catalog to include maps of over 225 different countries, making it a truly global resource.

Hytrol Conveyor Presentation Brings Success to Applied Lean Leadership Conference

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions presented at the Applied Lean Leadership Conference last week.

PDP Solutions Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers Featured in AS411

The current issue of featured PDP Solutions’ success with onboarding new manufacturing workers. Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, reported on the path toward developing and maintaining positive working relationships. In the article, titled, “The Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers.”

Container Exchanger Launches New App to Streamline Buying and Selling

Container Exchanger, a company that specializes in finding buyers and sellers of reusable industrial packaging, has just released an app for iOS and Android mobile device users that makes it even faster and easier to buy and sell their containers, pallets, and other used industrial goods. This will help streamline the process for its customers and simplify both ends of the transaction spectrum.

Lincoln Assassination Researcher Rick Brown Starts Kickstarter Campaign for 150th Anniversary Lincoln Assassination, Death & Funerals

LogoThe month of April, 1865 has a special place in every history enthusiastic American’s mind. The American civil war came to an end with the signing of a treaty on the 9th of April, 1865. There was an environment of celebration all over the country. This joy, however, was short-lived when the then American President Abraham Lincoln was shot just five days later. He breathed his last on the 15th of April, leaving the entire nation in a state of shock.

Hip Hop Group Count Em out Looks to Raise $30,000 via Kickstarter to Set Up Their Maiden Musical Tour

LogoCount Em Out is a Hip Hop group created by music producer Jacob Dalton, rapper Daniel Benjamin "The D" and Operations Manager Jason Yount without any support from any major record label. In addition to building a hip-hop performance group, the founders have also been functioning together as a business since the last one year. Within this short period, they have created their LLC, merchandise, a logo, and a complete album titled "From: Downstairs." The next goal for Count Em Out is to set up a tour.

Donmar Company Launches Unique Deals and Free Offers for Dominion Power Customers

Winter is coming, and heating systems are going to come under pressure as the temperature in homes start to fall. This puts heating systems under pressure, and it also means that the energy bills for homeowners start to spike. To help people overcome these problems, Donmar Company, a leading provider of Heating and HVAC in Alexandria, has announced a partnership with Dominion Power to offer their customers a free heat pump tune up, or money back on purchasing a new, energy efficient pump.

Supplier Relationship Management Process Topic for TraceGains Webinar October 23

LogoThursday, October 23, 2014 at 12:00 pm (EST) includes a presentation by Bill Michels, a leading expert in purchasing and supply chain management. Michels has worked with some of the world's greatest companies across a wide spectrum of industries and countries transforming procurement and the supply chain. While supply chain management, risk, global sourcing, strategic planning, cost, and change management are Michels’ major focus, he also developed many innovative methodologies theories, practices, and tools for the transformation of procurement and the supply chain.

Giuseppe Maffei Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Eliminate Global Warming and Poverty by Making Technology Compatible with Capitalism

LogoGiuseppe Maffei draws inspiration for this Indiegogo Campaign from a project that he completed at Dawson College almost ten years ago. His goal is to utilize space based solar power to replace frequently used energy alternatives such as fossil fuels, nuclear power, wind power, hydroelectricity, terrestrial solar power, etc.

World Class Tango Lessons in Los Angeles from Jordi Caballero at by Your Side Dance Studio

LogoBy Your Side Dance Studio recently announced that famous two-time American Choreography award nominee Jordi Caballero is now teaching Argentine tango lessons in Los Angeles. Jordi is a veteran tango dancer, choreographer and producer for stage, film and television and has choreographed for the Spice Girls tour in 2008.

Reinvolve Launches Bulk Google Tracking Analytics URL Shortening Generator for Next Level Marketing

Online marketing is the most important strategic tool in business development today, and mastering it comes not only with its own challenges, but with its own language. Fortunately there are consultants out there that can translate, and equip companies with the tools to confidently approach this new territory and generate valuable leads from it. Reinvolve is at the forefront of this discipline, and as well as offering cutting edge website design founded on the principles of lead generation, they have now created a unified shortened URL and tracking generator that takes the pain out of analytics.

McFarlane Asphalt Announces It Now Offers Combination Driveway Installation

LogoNow is the time to prepare all aspects of a house’s exterior for winter, from the curb to the shingles. One of the major concerns homeowners have about their property in the winter time is the condition of their driveways. Already known for providing the best driveways in Bergen County, NJ, McFarlane Asphalt announces it now offers combination driveway installations. Combination driveways offer the structural integrity of asphalt while providing the aesthetics of pavers.

A Plus Transmission Is the Ideal Place for World Class Transmission Service

LogoBased in Houston, A Plus Transmission Specialists have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1983. With over 30 years of experience in the transmission service in Houston, the company has grown to offer impeccable services at 12 convenient locations around the area.