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ImageFIRST Proud to Partner with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

LogoImageFIRST, a leading national healthcare laundry services provider, is proud to announce that they have partnered with the Cancer Treatment Centers for America® (CTCA). CTCA is a destination cancer hospital that has five centers throughout the United States. They take pride in having everything that a cancer patient could need under one roof, such as a salon and rehab therapy. In all, the facility sets itself apart from others because they are very "patient-centered," and focus mainly on taking patients with cancer.

LEM Products to Present at the Summit Meeting for the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center

LogoIn conjunction with Manufacturing Day, taking place on October 2nd, LEM Products, Inc. will be presenting at the Summit Meeting for the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center. LEM Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of safety tags and labels, and is anticipating great turnout for this event and is looking forward to networking with, and learning from, some of the best in the business throughout Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Boston MA Troubled Teen Update: The Anasazi Foundation Announces New Perfect Wilderness Program Treatments for Struggling Youth

LogoThe ANASAZI Way is a way of “walking” in the wilderness and in life. Commencing in 1968, Larry D. Olsen and Ezekiel C. Sanchez gleaned and developed the ANASAZI Way from years of trial, error, and experience walking in nature with thousands of young people. They attribute their learning and awakenings to the Creator, their families, perceptive Young Walkers, discerning parents, and their associates at ANASAZI. The principles in the Official Statement and the Ten Guiding Principles constitute the foundation of the ANASAZI Way.

Xocai Lakewood CO Business Builder, Adam Green, Announces New Healthy Chocolate Co-Op from Regional Office with G3's Top Japan Gold Founders Mr. Osaka and Mrs. Aomori

LogoAmazingly, chocolate appears to be a perfect vehicle for helping probiotic organisms reach their destination. As a result, Xoçaí has developed XoBiotic Squares, the first healthy dark chocolate product that also contains functional levels of probiotic organisms. These probiotics help create optimal floral balance in the intestinal tract and are necessary for optimal digestion, nutrient absorption and immune function. - Xoçaí's industry-leading healthy chocolate - 1 billion organisms of Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum - 1 Xoçaí's proprietary XoVita, a high-antioxidant blend of cacao, acai and blueberries - Antioxidant-rich, high in flavanols.

Dammeron Valley UT Update: Best Chiropractor Dr. Michael Frogley DC CCEP Announces Safe Spine Treatments for Nutritional Support Victims in the Tri-City Area

LogoUnlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Chiropractic Health & Rehab emphasizes improving ones health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of their wellness center.

Collinston UT Update: Best Rated Chiropractor Dr. Michael Frogley DC CCEP Announces Safe New Spine Treatments for Whiplash Victims in the Tri-City Area

LogoUnlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Chiropractic Health & Rehab emphasizes improving ones health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of their wellness center.

Riverton UT Bridal News: Was Awarded the Honor of Best Quality Bridal Dress and Preferred High School Prom Gown Retailer by a G3 Development's Independent Social Media Facebook Poll

LogoBridal Closet is a Bridal, Bridesmaids, and Prom store featuring the top brands from around the nation. In addition to gowns, they carry bridal accessories such as veils, headpieces, jewelry and jackets. They provide products in a wide variety of styles and price ranges that are of excellent quality and from reputable designers. With their extensive experience in the bridal industry, one will feel confident in finding the perfect dress.

Kosher Foods and HACCP Food Safety Compliance Webinar January 7th

Participants of an upcoming webinar will learn how Kosher and HACCP food safety come together with Kosher Check and Icicle. Rabbi Feigelstock, Director of Kashrus & Operations at Kosher Check and Steven Burton, creator of the Icicle Food Safety Platform will co-present a webinar titled, “Trust Kosher Backed by the Science of Food Safety: Kosher Check and Powered by Icicle.” The presentation will be Tuesday, January 7 at 1:00 PM EST.

Practice Tests Free Offers LSAT Practice Test App via

LogoPeople who are preparing for LSAT tests can now practice it before appearing for the finals, with the help of a new application named LSAT Practice Test developed by Practice Tests Free. LSAT tests are really tough and without practicing it properly, candidates might fail. This advanced software application can be downloaded easily from the website powered by CNET.

Bluetooth Wristband Aims to Be Best in Class

LogoDesigned to beat FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the Telltale Scoop is a Bluetooth-enabled, lightweight wristband that uses subtle vibrations and LED indicators to notify you of activity on your phone when it’s out of sight. Customized alert settings let you know what type of notification was received and from whom, helping you to decide how to respond.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format with the YouTube to MP4 Converter

LogoMedia Freeware has introduced a new desktop application called the Free YouTube to MP4 Converter for downloading YouTube videos and converting them into MP4 formats. The new application to convert YouTube to MP4 can be downloaded from the website People who wish to download and view their favorite YouTube videos on their PC can rely on the YouTube to MP4 Converter.

Download PowerPoint Viewer from

LogoAll types of computer users usually have PowerPoint files in their PCs but because of its complexity, this file is usually replaced with other user-friendly applications.  Free Picture Solutions has developed a new software application named the PowerPoint Viewer for viewing files of PowerPoint with PPT File Extension. This unique and simple application can be downloaded from the website for free. Offers ACT Practice Test for Free

LogoThe ACT is a standard test conducted for college admissions and high school achievements in the United States. Applicants who are about to appear for this test are required to do some exercise at home to achieve success in the final ACT Test. Practice Tests Free has developed a new application named ACT Practice Test with the intention of supporting students appearing for ACT tests.

Media Freeware Offers Free YouTube Video Converter

LogoMedia Freeware has now introduced a unique software application called YouTube Video Converter, which successfully transforms YouTube videos into other popular formats. Users can download numerous videos from YouTube and can easily convert them into formats like AVI, WMV, MP4 and more with the help of Free YouTube Video Converter available from

PRC Book Printing Service Announces Book Printing Services for 2014

LogoPRC Book Printing Service is pleased to announce they are bringing in the New Year by celebrating the evolution of books over the centuries. Like hair styles, fashion trends, and taste in music, book styles have changed from decade to decade. The style of a book that has changed over time includes the images and artwork on the cover of the book, as well as the style of the interior pages. With the styles always changing, PRC Book Printing Service is committed to helping independent publishers make their book stand out. By using the premium book printing services offered by PRC, customers could have the next break out book of the decade.

AeroBase Group, Inc. Is a Stocking Distributor of Nut Plates

Nut plates has been used in many devices over the years. Originally designed for primarily the aerospace industry, they are also regularly used in motorsports today for their strength and versatility. Nut plates offer an extremely important part of the aircraft, giving support when finding something suitable was extremely difficult.

Get Useful Christmas Kids Crafts Ideas and Tips from WinXDVD

LogoDifferent people may have different plans for this Christmas, such as shopping, watching TV and playing cards. But WinXDVD suggests spending more time and energy with families and kids by, for example, Christmas crafting.

Free PSN Network Codes - the Perfect Element of Play Station Gaming

PSN codes are just the money for the ps network and may really be utilized to purchase things. PSN Cards make it considerably less difficult to spend money on the ps network without having a credit card. One can purchase it at local stores or it on the web with Paypal and credit cards. These cards costs ten, twenty or fifty dollars.

Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning - Nuisance Rodent Rats Mice Removal

Pest problems are not just limited to the elimination of the pest, people have to understand that pests such as rodents and mice do a lot more damage than just being a nuisance, rats and mice are notorious for the germs and diseases they spread. Additionally, these pests can also cause structural damage to a house, especially in the attics and crawlspaces. Thus, it is essential that not only the pests are taken care of but proper measures are taken to deal with the damage they might have done to a structure. Understanding why it is necessary to clean out the attic insulation can help people not only avoid certain unwanted critters but also save money. Cleaning out Attic Insulation is necessary because: - Discover Thousands of Fun Videos Online of Almost Every Genre Possible

The online video uploading and sharing sensation has taken the world over by storm. According to statistics, in Google, the world’s leading search engine, optimized video has a 53 x greater chance of ranking on the first results page than any other textual page. There is a vast sea of videos out there in the World Wide Web which makes it difficult for web surfers to narrow down to a particular video of interest they may want to view. Making this tedious task of searching for the perfect video as easy as a piece of cake is the freshly launched online video discovery website called

Los Angeles CA Professional Online Boutique Website Was Honored by G3 for Best Quality on Brands Tutu Du Monde, Dollcake, and Mini Shatsu

LogoCongratulations to Koko Blush & Company for their award winning activities!

Omaha Vision Correction Specialist Dr. Lance Kugler Releases New Textbook, Atlas and Clinical Reference Guide for Corneal Topography, at the 2013 Annual Meeting of American Academy of Ophthalmology

LogoTrusted LASIK Surgeons ( is pleased to announce that one of its members, LASIK and cataract surgery expert Dr. Lance Kugler, Editor, and Optometrist Dr. Linda Morgan, Associate Editor, of Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska, are contributing editors to the publication the “Atlas and Clinical Reference Guide for Corneal Topography,” that was released at the 2013 Annual Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans.

KM Fine Arts Los Angeles Hosts Pre-Closing Celebration for the Dana Louise Kirkpatrick Exhibition

LogoKM Fine Arts Los Angeles, listed this year by Blouin Media among the TOP 500 GALLERIES in the world, hosted the Pre-Closing celebration of Dana Louise Kirkpatrick's "Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed" Exhibition, on Saturday December 14, 2013 at the intimate showroom in West Hollywood.

Catering San Diego Company Le Parfait Paris Is Now Open for Business

Le Parfait Paris, a company that specializes in a wide variety of delicious French bakery foods, has just opened for business. For people who are looking for an impressive variety of baked goods, sandwiches or catering San Diego based Le Parfait Paris is ready and willing to help.

Los Angeles Singles Dating Service Brings Local Singles Together over the Holidays

Single professionals in Los Angeles looking for a secure and personalized way of meeting and connecting with local singles over the holidays can do so with LA’s #1 dating service, Los Angeles Singles!

Global 3D Printing Industry to Reach USD 8,675.7 Million by 2020 - Indutry Size,Trends ,Analysis and Forecast

LogoThe global market for 3D printing was estimated to be USD 2,183 million in 2012, and is expected to reach USD 8,675.7 million by 2020, as per a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. The ability to facilitate low-volume manufacturing in a cost-effective manner is expected to fuel the market over the next few years. Further, the report analyzes that the growing need for flexible and customized products is expected to positively impact demand for 3D printing.

The Rebel and the King: Posthumous Book, by Actor Nick Adams, Exposes Touching Story of Young Elvis Presley

While Elvis Presley enjoyed an intense career in the spotlight, little is known about his early career and his journey to global stardom. However, an entertaining and hugely-insightful new book offers an intimate glimpse into the life of the young star; sharing vignettes and information never before made public.