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International Game Technology (NYSE:IGT) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed to Halt Takeover by GTECH S.p.A

An investor, who currently holds shares of International Game Technology (NYSE:IGT) filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of International Game Technology by GTECH S.p.A for a value of $18.25 per share.

Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:TBBK) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

An investor, who purchased shares of Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:TBBK), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Bancorp Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between April 24, 2013 and June 10, 2014. Now Brings the Latest TraderXP Review, the world’s leading forex news portal, has now brought in the latest review of the binary options broker, TraderXP. The review is based on the overall features offered e.g. trading platforms, customer support, and user friendliness.

IVA Online Announces a Significant Increase in Enquiries Since the Launch of the New DMP Protocol

IVA Online, a company that specialises in helping consumers on the Individual Voluntary Arrangement debt solution, has announced that it has recently seen an 18 percent increase in enquiries since the news broke about the new Debt Management Plan (DMP) Protocol. The new Protocol was recently announced by Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson.

World of Chat Launches New Free Chat Rooms Website

Here, one can meet new people and chat to friends and even family easily and for free. One can choose a category of interest and see what chat rooms are available. What sets World of Chat apart from other chat rooms is the option to create one’s own chat room and invite friends and users to join. This essentially means running one’s own chat room by them.

New Chatroulette Website Introduced by World of Chat

Today, World of Chat is introducing a new chatroulette website where one can meet people from all over the world without giving away lots of information and without encountering complications.

Training Academy from Bristol Teaches Specialized Course in Hair Weaving Extensions

Georgina’s Beauty Salon in Bristol is the one stop where women are transformed from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous. Georgina’s is a great haven for ladies stepping in for a hair makeover, as the salon specializes in all sorts of hair weaving, hair dyes, colored extensions, lace wigs etc. The salon has been successfully running its business for more than 5 years and was showered with requests from other beauty parlors to teach its specialized area of treating hair extensions and accessories. Complying to their requests, the salon opened its own training academy in 2009.

Newly Upgraded 3D PageFlip Professional Supports Flippingbook to CD Share

LogoCD is still one of the most popular and reliable storage mediums. 3D PageFlip Professional, one of the leading flipbook creator tools has been upgraded to an improved version that supports burning of created flipbook for CD devices.

An Innovative Concept, Enhancing the Mobile Network Communication Reach

The economy of South Africa is one of the most progressive economies of the world, and together with the other four nations of the BRICS consortium, is all set to be one of the next generation power centers of the world. The fantastic economical growth has come as a result of some staggering developments in the industrial sector, which contribute heavily to the financial prowess of the nation. The communication sector is one such field, which has witnessed tremendous improvement in infrastructure and services, and has thus contributed to the socio-economic development of the nation. Such outstanding feats of progress and development would pretty obviously include the effects of innovative concepts and their execution. One of those concepts is that of a contract based cell phone, which has proved to be extremely practical and popular, and has widened the consumer base of the service providers significantly.

Exotic Gemstones from Bellow Jewels

Colombia is undoubtedly looked upon as a vast source of the world's finest emeralds. Colombia's emeralds are the most preferred in the world because of their radiance and color. Bellow Jewels reveals its brand new collection of Emerald gemstone Colombia. It showcases different shapes of emeralds, beautifully cut to uphold its elegance.

Dr Zubin Medora Heads the Medora Medical Centre in Singapore

LogoMedora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is a medical facility composed of a team of doctors who are intensely knowledgeable and skilled to practice their field of expertise in cosmetic surgery. One of these doctors is Dr Zubin Medora . The medical practitioners in the said healthcare facility are legally registered to practice their specialized field. Moreover, Medora Medical Center is a clinic that provides not only surgical procedures but also medical care to its patients. It is locally certified under Singapore’s Ministry of Health to operate according to its agreed registration.

Aqarynet Offers Detailed Information About Apartments for Sale in Riyadh

Aqarynet, a reliable source for buying real estate in Riyadh, has come up with the detailed information about apartments for sale in Riyadh. Investors, who are looking for villas and apartments in Riyadh, can get all the required and important information related to the types and prices of the properties, from the site.

Why Mixed Developments Are Gaining Popularity in Singapore

LogoIn recent years, there has been a rise in the number of mixed developments in Singapore. A mixed development is one that encompasses both commercial and residential units. With the fast growing population, there has been a surge in demand for homes and amenities alike in land scarce Singapore.

Buriram DeWALT Power Tool Expo

LogoDeWALT Power Tools retailer, Ruangsangthai is hosting the first DeWALT Tool Expo in rural Buriram Province, Thailand from April 19, 2013 to April 26, 2013. The live power tools demonstration will be carried out every day during this Expo from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

Medora Medical Center in Singapore Offers Aesthetic and Cosmetic Care Services for All Clients

LogoMedora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is a local and exclusive medical facility in Singapore. Under the leadership of Dr. Zubin Medora , the center is known for the cosmetic surgical procedures it offers. Dr Zubin Medora is the healthcare facility’s Primary Care Doctor and Medical Director. He is one of the competent cosmetic surgeons who run Medora Medical Center. His ample qualifications include an undergraduate training in medicine, a postgraduate training in surgery and a vast clinical experience in cosmetic surgery. He is as well registered in Singapore to practice his field of specialization.

Significance of Jack Enrile His Faith and His Religion

One should never take too lightly the significant role religion plays in the way in which the people of this country cast their vote for a particular senatorial candidate; needless to say, in this year’s fiercely contested senatorial elections, a large majority of the senatorial candidates are emphasizing their seemingly strong religious beliefs in order that the religious voters of this country, who constitute a huge chunk of the voting populace, will be won over; thus, to take an example, popular senatorial candidate Jack Enrile is also highlighting the importance of Jack Enrile his faith and his religion, for the prime reason that it is helping him win the hearts and minds of the voters with religious inclinations.

The Promise of Mixed Developments in Singapore

LogoAccording to the Far East Organisation’s chief operating officer for property sales, mixed-use developments integrating residential and commercial units have become an attractive proposition for homebuyers, notably couples and young professionals.

The Best 24 Inch LED TVs Review Available Online

Television sets or TVs have become an absolute necessity in today’s times. Whether it is for the purpose of staying up to date with current events, getting information from other parts of the world, or simply spending a quiet afternoon watching a bunch of movies, connecting with television and media has become a need of the times.

FGA Design & Constructions Pty Ltd Now Reaches out to Gold Coast and Brisbane

FGA based out in Australia specializes in frameless glasses. They work with pool builders, home owners, landscapers and building professionals to make real, secure, functional glass, aluminium products for pools, stairs, balustrades and showers, and stainless steel products. They focus on Glass Pool Fencing – Frameless & Semi Frameless, Glass Stair Walls, Frameless Glass Designs & Construction, Glass Balustrades – Frameless & Semi Frameless, Glass Screen Walls, Frameless Shower Screens, Aluminium Louvres, Screens, and Sliding Gates & Pedestrian Gates.

Connections Face & Body Spa Announces the Addition of Guinot's 30-Minute Hydraclean Facial with Thermoclean Electrode

Connections Face & Body Spa of Marbella Spain recently announced the addition of Guinot’s 30-minute Hydraclean Facial with Thermoclean Electrode to their list of services. The owners of Connections strive to stay on top of the latest trends in the spa industry and bring the most current treatments to their clients.

Rebranding of Logo People in Australia

In these modern times of high level technology, brand image of a company is top priority. Australia Logo Design set up in 2009 which grown by leaps and bounds. Since Australia Logo design was a very generic name, the design company LDNZ Ltd changed its name to Logo People specializing in complete logo design solutions from Icons to illustrations.

ABC Blinds Expands Its Workforce in Response to Market Demand

ABC Blinds, a family-owned company that features a huge selection of high-quality made to measure window coverings, has just expanded its workforce. The company just went from strength to strength, employing over 150 contractors and staff in its retail, wholesale and manufacturing operation.

Cochlear Implants and Hearing Devices Treatments Available

With the rising health issues, I am back, once again to give you a healthy piece of advice. This time it is about one of our five senses ---EARS! For the remaining four senses, please go back to your science teacher. There are lucky people who got their hearing capacity back again due to a hearing device. Cochlear is the main organ involved with the processing of the sound. It is lined with hair and filled with fluid.

Australian Based Online Store Offers Elegant Home Decorations at Reduced Prices

Dear September, a home decorations store in Australia, is offering most of their products at reduced prices as part of the store’s promotion. They have all of the home decorations that an individual needs to make a home elegant, beautiful, and stylish.

Prescopodene Makes Weight Loss Easy and Effective, Emerges as the Best Diet Pills

Prescopodene brings an all-natural and safe weight loss pill. This pill with many clinical trials has proven that it increase energy by 77% and helps obese people lose weight fast. It is an effective and best weight loss pills available online. Nonetheless, it is a new, powerful, advanced and best weight loss system in a pill form.

Time Magazine Features Kalos Therapeutics Cancer Team Leader

LogoThe Time Magazine cover simply states: "How to Cure Cancer". The story goes into details on why cancer is so difficult to treat and why current therapies and drugs seem to be missing the target. The ability for cancer to mutate and use multiple pathways and receptors to grow is simply staggering. In order to help the process, multiple well-known organizations such as the one embraced by Hollywood and professional sports – Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) – have been raising huge sums to bring on the best of the best to find a cure for cancer. According to the Time article, "SU2C raises money through foundations and corporate, organizational and private donors and then grants it to teams in the form of unusually large sums (up to $18 million, vs. about $500,000 for a typical grant from the National Institutes of Health, or NIH) to produce results in an aggressively short time, initially three years. All the chosen projects are monitored by the American Association for Cancer Research. An SU2C scientific committee, headed by top-heavy hitters, reviews each team semiannually, a checkup that can make top scientists feel like grad students". (Saporito, 2013, p.32)

Wine Symposium Coming to Sonoma County on May 21, 2013, Hosted by RRVW

LogoEver wondered how to connect your business with major wine industry executives or how to get started with a career in the wine industry? The First Annual Wine Symposium in Sonoma County is your opportunity to make both of these items a reality. Hosted by North Bay Networking Group, the Wine Symposium has two main purposes. The first is geared towards B2B relationships. The Wine Symposium will have a scheduled networking session where major wine industry experts will be accessible. Some of the highlighted names include Randy Luginbill and Percy Brandon, President and First Vice President of the Russian River Valley Wine Growers Association (RRVW), respectively. Mr. Brandon is also the general manager of Vintners Inn.