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The AFS Family Mourns the Passing of Food Distribution Industry Pioneer Visionary and Leader Joseph F. Greene

LogoObituary; AFS Technologies, ( a leading global provider of software and services purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is mourning with a heavy heart the passing of a Food Distribution Industry pioneer, visionary, leader, and friend, Joseph F. Greene, at age 70.

Two New Busses Added to United Coachline Fleet

LogoOne of the best ways to ensure any transportation company does its job efficiently and effectively is to ensure they have the necessary equipment and manpower to do so. This begins by having enough vehicles to satisfy the demand of the customers, a fact which United Coachline is all too familiar with. Recently, the New York-based company added two brand new busses to their growing collection of luxury vehicles. The 24-seat and 35-seat 2017 Merdeces Benz busses will go into use immediately, and feature a slew of useful, lavish amenities including: leather seats, WiFi, electrical outlets, restroom, 5 Flat-Screen TVs, and a luxurious wood floor. Riding in style has never been sweeter.

Musician Nature Ganganbaigal Debuts Mongolian-Themed Solo Album, "To Where Tengger Leads Me"

LogoMongolian & Chinese composer and musician Nature Ganganbaigal (known as Tianran Zhang in Chinese) has announced the release of his first solo album titled, “To Where Tengger Leads Me”. The new album features original compositions, written and performed by Nature who combines traditional Mongolian folk music, like Horse-Head Fiddle and Throat Singing with full orchestral and modern electronic music to create a Hollywood-styled soundtrack. “To Where Tengger Leads Me” is now available on iTunes, Amazon and on Bandcamp at:

Ram Rent-All, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Ram Rent-All, Inc., an equipment rental service serving Monroe, LA, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization.

Dyer Animal Clinic Partners with BizIQ

Dyer Animal Clinic, an animal clinic and pet hospital in Dyer, IN, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization.

Joe Howeth Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in New Mexico

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in New Mexico with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The South Central Region includes New Mexico and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Joe Howeth.

PDP Solutions President Talks Benefits of Frequent Communication on Manufacturing Revival Radio

Manufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, interviewed special guest Louise Dickmeyer, President of People Driven Performance (PDP) Solutions. PDP Solutions, a software development company provides manufacturers internal and interactive communications to improve employee engagement and retention.

Seegrid Robotics Company Announces CEO Jim Rock Appointment in Supply Chain Publication

LogoSeegrid Corporation, global leader of robotic automated guided vehicles (AGVs), was featured in Supply Chain 24/7 magazine. Seegrid announced the appointment of Jim Rock as chief executive officer by Seegrid’s Board of Directors.

TraceGains Webinar to Support Food Manufacturers Expediting Seamless Audits Offered Tomorrow

LogoTraceGains is offering a highly anticipated webinar explaining how food manufacturers can expedite the audit process. Successful audit execution is paramount for both the auditor and the entities being audited. The webinar will be Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST.

Phowd Expands Range of Services to Include Free Secure Cloud Backup, Partnerships & More

Being a great photographer requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. Photographers must constantly manipulate the interplay of many variables, including natural and artificial light levels, the intensity and directness of that light, the exposure, ISO, distance and focus of the camera, the white balance and more. However, finishing photographs now requires a whole new range of skills to manipulate an image digitally, and photographers may not have the time to become experts in this very different discipline. Phowd instead allows photographers to recruit retouchers from their professional image editing marketplace, which has now expanded its range of available services.

VineCrown Rebrands and Redesigns Website to VidCrown to Highlight the Best Vine Videos

Vine has become a hugely popular social networking tool and entertainment venue since its launch just a few years ago. Many were cynical at first about the concept of micro-video-blogging, but the site has found a way for people to condense not only their thoughts, but the principles of filmmaking and storytelling, into little chunks of immediate gratification. As with anything, the best material is only a tiny minority, and many people both new to Vine and experienced with Vine want to find the best new material quickly. VineCrown, once a hall-of-fame for Vines, has now repurposed itself as VidCrown to help people find the very best new Vines in an instant.

One Can Attain a Hassle-Free Moving Solutions with California Moving Companies

Basically speaking, moving from one city to another requires 3 steps. One have to pack the entire thing for this moving process. But, as all know it is not that simple. If one want to move from one city to another then they will require a great deal of help. And if they want to move to 3rd largest state, the land of milk and honey, Local Movers California can ensure that one will attain the very best experience out of it.

No Risk Automation Magazine Explores AGV Purchase Reduce Labor Costs

The September 15th issue of No Risk Automation, an e-news publication, discussed reducing the bottom-line to increase profitability. Purchasing and implementing automated guided vehicles for manufacturing and distribution centers (DCs) may reduce labor costs. There are many indicators that show two alarming statistics.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Announces Alternative Fund Raising Ideas

As the school year begins, numerous groups from schools to daycares and clubs begin their fundraising efforts in earnest, building to a crescendo that ends during the Christmas season. While a number of organizations seek to sell wrapping paper and candy, still others have found success in non-traditional methods such as Fund My Outdoor Movie by Big Bounce Fun House Rentals.

Quality Nurse Placements Launches New Site with Contracts for NHS Providers Throughout UK

Nursing is absolutely essential to health services, and nurses are something of a linchpin in the way in which patients interact with health services. Nurses support both patients and doctors, performing several important and essential functions. As such, there is always work for qualified nurses, and Quality Nurse Placements is a website dedicated to filling those positions with the best nurses. The service is newly launched and they already have many contracts in place with NHS providers.

Budd Lake's Oil Guy Inc. Launches New Interactive Website

Oil Guy Inc., a local Budd Lake heating oil service and delivery company, launched a new and improved website that provides a high level of interaction for customers.

One Can Reduce Their Stress with Moving Services in California

Moving is never pleasant. Even if one is excited about where one is going, the actual process behind this will be dreaded. Many folks have moved themselves at some point, but there are definite benefits for choosing a Local Moving Company California to help one with the process. Once they realize the advantages of choosing the professionals, they can call for free moving rate quotes.

Thomas Sandberg Seeks $50,000 in Crowdfunding to Continue Groundbreaking Research Helping Dogs to Live Longer

LogoTom Sandberg is among the millions of dog lovers all over the world. When Tom lost one of his beloved dogs to cancer he did something that set him apart from the masses; he wanted to find out why dogs get cancer and stop it. After fifteen years of non-stop research and dedication to his quest he’s sure he has the answer.

Sea Wife Charters Partners with BizIQ

Sea Wife Charters, a fishing charter departing from Kailua-Kona, HI, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization.

West End Library to Host Local Author's Oct 8th Captivating Talk on History of Foggy Bottom; Showcasing Historic Images & Texts Rarely Made Public

Author Matthew Gilmore couldn’t say it better when describing Foggy Bottom; “It is D.C. in a microcosm. It was a cradle to grave community,” he says. Having authored an acclaimed book on the history and evolution of the area, Gilmore is now inviting local residents to a unique talk that brings the Foggy Bottom of yesteryear to life like never before.

Best Hotel Deals Website Publishes New Inspirational Travel Videos

Booking a holiday can be an arduous and stressful experience, having to visit a huge range of websites as each has exclusive deals with different holiday providers, airlines or hotels in order to piece together the best deal. However this is only happens once people have decided where they want to go and researched its feasibility within their price range. Fortunately, all these steps can now be handled in a single location- Trip Choose. The website is a leading travel comparison website that brings the best hotel deals, best flight deals and more from around the web. They even provide a video gallery featuring a huge range of travel destinations to serve as inspiration to travelers.

Best Guitar Effects Publishes Their Top Three Sites for Learning to Play Guitar

Learning the guitar is something almost everyone has thought about doing, or even attempted, at some point in their lives. However, very few manage to stick it out enough to become great at it, and even fewer manage to make a living from it. Teaching guitar is therefore part art and part science with quick progression and high levels of motivation keys to success. Best Guitar Effects has been reviewing online guitar learning resources throughout this year, and has recently created a definitive comparison review of the top three contenders so as to help consumers make informed decisions. Relaunches Offering the Latest DVDs and Movie Reviews

DVD sales are said to be declining thanks to the onset of online streaming services, and companies from Sky/Fox to Amazon to Ultraviolet are now bundling hard copies with digital alternatives to offset this growing problem. For hardcore fans however, owning a copy of their favorite films is a must, but finding out when these will be released can be a nightmare. New DVD helps people find downloadable previews of films as well as links to DVDS, and two years after closing its doors it has relaunched to much acclaim from its old user base. Thanks to the new bundling strategies the website has a new focus and a new lease of life.

Somerset Fuels Reveals New Heating Oil Website

Somerset Fuels launches their new website that allows customers to leave review their services and gives them a chance to win in their monthly drawing.

Palmer Street Press Announces Watercolor Flower Burst Thank You Cards Become Amazon Bestseller

Palmer Street Press, a small greeting card design startup based in New York, has announced that their Watercolor Flower Burst Thank You Cards have become an Amazon Bestseller as of September 24th, 2014. Expands Their North American Mission

Temporary employment is a great way for people getting their first rung on the career ladder to get a broad range of experience without having to take unpaid internships, by filling niches in business teams that have time sensitive goals. is a website that was first launched in the US that now has a Canadian equivalent, offering a list of agencies offering temporary employment opportunities by geographical location, and has recently expanded their Canadian business to cover even more of the country, inviting contributions from businesses and temps alike. Launches State by State Listings for Local Jobs Agencies

In the 21st century, permanent careers wherein a person works in the same department for twenty five years appear to be becoming a thing of the past. Rather, people are developing flexible skill sets that allow them to apply themselves to many roles over the course of a year, gaining a broad understanding better suited to a rapidly changing world. This means that more work than ever is being filled by temp agencies who provide qualified labor to take on time-sensitive tasks on behalf of businesses. More and more people are looking to work in this way, and Temporary Employment Agencies helps them take the first steps to this form of employment.