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Bicycle Accident Attorneys Rahman Law PC Cancellation at Biketoberfest Marin

LogoRahman Law PC announces the cancellation of their exhibit at Biketoberfest Marin on October 14, 2017 held in Fairfax, California. The Air Quality Index (AQI) reached an unhealthy 165 at 10:00 the morning of the event and was therefore cancelled by event coordinators Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes for health concerns. Biketoberfest Marin is a handmade bike show and brewfest event hosted by and benefiting the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes inclusive of all varieties of cycling enthusiasts drawing over 5,000 attendees. This would have been Rahman Law PC's eighth year supporting the event.

Smart Roads Market Report Forecast Healthy Growth by 2022 - Scalar Market Research

LogoWith the increase in automated vehicles and traffic worldwide, there is also an increase in the risk of uncertainties. Smart road is an efficient solution for this problem. Smart roads enable easy driving for the driver as it guides him about the road. It even gives the information about the road that the driver cannot see. It signals the vehicle about any possible incident likely to happen. Smart roads are equipped with advanced sensors and technological equipment that assists the driver and makes driving more efficient and effortless. This report studies the current and future aspects of the smart roads market.

Leading Web Site Launches Best 2015 World Leading Virtual PBX Solution

Today, one of the upcoming services that seem promising is none other than the virtual PBX. While there are many people who are already making the use of this service, there also many more who are still curious as to which Virtual PBX they can trust.

Dip a Stick Is a Simple Test for Early Diabetes Detection

Allie Beatty knows all too well that early detection of diabetes can significantly reduce the risk of additional complications.

A10 Networks Inc (NYSE:ATEN) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of A10 Networks Inc (NYSE:ATEN), filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County Superior Court against A10 Networks Inc in connection with the A10 Networks' initial public stock offering on or about March 21, 2014

Amira Nature Foods Ltd (NYSE:ANFI) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Amira Nature Foods Ltd (NYSE:ANFI), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Amira Nature Foods Ltd in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between September 27, 2012 and February 9, 2015.

Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) Investor Files Lawsuit in Effort to Halt the Takeover

LogoAn investor, who currently holds shares of Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Office Depot Inc. by Staples, Inc for a value of $11.00 per share.

Entropic Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTR) Investor Alert: Lawsuit in Effort to Halt the Takeover by MaxLinear, Inc

LogoAn investor, who currently holds shares of Entropic Communications, Inc. (ENTR), filed a lawsuit in effort to stop the proposed takeover of Entropic Communications, Inc. by MaxLinear for a value of approximately $3.01 per share.

BioCorRx, Inc. Announces Availability of Its Start Fresh Program for Treating Addiction in West Hartford, Connecticut

LogoBioCorRx, Inc. (BICX), developer of the Start Fresh Program, announces the opening of a new Start Fresh Recovery center in West Hartford, CT. The center will operate under a distribution arrangement with JPL, LLC. JPL holds the distribution rights to the Start Fresh Program for the state of Connecticut. This is their second opening in the state. Their other location is located in Norwalk. "BioCorRx, Inc. is pleased with the back-to-back openings of two new centers at the start of 2015, especially since one of them is a second opening by one of our licensees," stated COO & interim CEO, Brady Granier. Last week the company announced a new center will soon be open in the Dallas metropolitan area. "An additional center in the Northeast is a significant step towards broadening the accessibility of the Start Fresh program", says Mr. Granier. The center is located at 970 Farmington Ave., Suite 304, West Hartford, CT 06107. It will officially open on February 9, 2015. With the opening of this new location, there will now be a total of 12 centers across the United States offering the Start Fresh Program.

BioElectronics Executive Vice President Dr. Deepak Kotak Interviewed on CEOLive.TV – Explains the Changing Paradigm of Chronic Pain

LogoBioElectronics Corporation (OTC: BIEL), the maker of an industry leading family of bioelectric pain therapy devices, said today that its Executive Vice President, Dr. Deepak Kotak, was interviewed by CEOLIVE.TV as part of its Executive Interview Series.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Announces Emergency Plumbing Services in Levittown

LogoExtremely cold weather conditions are expected over the next week and when temperatures drop, water can freeze, expand and crack the surrounding pipes. Other plumbing emergencies, such as overflowing toilets, burst sewer pipes and flooded bathrooms can also occur unexpectedly. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services in Levittown and can take care of these types of problems before they get worse or create other issues.

Parts Geek Expands Inventory of Thermostats to Feature over 55,600 Parts

LogoJust like a thermostat that sets the temperature inside of a home, the thermostat inside of a vehicle also does the same thing. However, the role of a vehicle's thermostat involves controlling the amount of coolant that flows throughout the engine in order to keep it at the right temperature. Therefore, when a vehicle begins to overheat, a malfunctioning thermostat may be to blame. For those who are looking for an affordable replacement thermostat, they can turn to Parts Geek as the company has just announced that they have recently expanded their thermostat inventory to feature over 55,600 parts.

Plume Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Stylus of Exception, from France

A line of luxury stylus pens have been created by a fittingly named brand 'Plume', the brand seeks to take the idea of luxury writing instruments into the future by creating five stylus pens crafted by highly skilled cabinet makers, designers and bow makers from luxury materials such as the finest exotic woods from around the world and precious metals including gold and silver. To make this ambition of Stylus of exception, From France possible Plume has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the goal of $80,000, Wed, Apr 1 2015.

Pepperpot Digital Explains the Importance of SEO in a Changing World

Studies show more than 90 percent of Internet experiences begin with the use of a search engine. For this reason, companies need to ensure their site can easily be found by consumers. Users tend to make use of organic links rather than paid ones, meaning one needs to be on the first page of the search engines to be found and those located in the top three spots tend to see the best results. Any company struggling to achieve this goal should consider making use of Pepperpot Digital ( for helping in moving up in this realm.

Ebay Alternative Adds Ebuyer Products to Inventory

Popular online auction site PoundSeller has now added Ebuyer products to increase the choice of electronics and computer goods.

World Ad Trader Website Is a Global Marketplace for Classified Ads

Originally launched as a college project in 2005, UK-based World Ad Trader ( is now a major force in on-line classified advertising. Think Craigslist with better functionality.

MyLogbookLoans Expands Range of Lenders to Make Quotes More Competitive for All

In the ongoing economic downturn, where economic recovery is touted by the media but not experienced by the average man on the street, finding reasonable deals on finance is still difficult. Many people whose credit rating took a hit in the meltdown are still unable to secure a line of reasonable credit. For those people, Logbook Loans are a great solution, allowing people to borrow money using their car as collateral. is a website that allows people to get the best quotes from companies offering Logbook Loans, and has recently expanded the number of approved dealers in their listings to make quotes more competitive for borrowers.

Premier Tractor Parts Company Launches in the United Kingdom

Individuals and retailers in search of a reliable source for tractor replacement parts have a brand new option. Tractor parts company DATS recently announced its official launch.

The Hepburn Hair Project Hoping for English Hair & Beauty Awards Success

The English Hair & Beauty Awards will soon return for another year, and hair and beauty salons across the country are hoping to pick up prestigious awards as voted for them by customers.

Aromatherapy Massage Service Now Available from Integrated Bodywork

Integrated Bodywork, specialising in healing for the mind, body, and soul, has introduced a professional aromatherapy massage that relieves tired and aching muscles. A soft massage technique, it is conducted by professional massage therapist Sue Carberry. Light strokes sooth muscles while essential oils hydrate and purify the skin, whilst aromas are used to soothe the mind and stimulate natural healing.

Prepping Up for the Champions League: Watch Favourite League Matches with Ticket 4 Football Ticket Exchange

LogoWith such hype on the incoming Champions League battle, determining which of the elite football clubs will win the race for the Barclays Premier League title is another crucial event for many football fans. The tension is building up and can be felt all over the stadium as Southampton, Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool football clubs continuously competes for the remaining two spots that will lead their way to the Champions League qualifying round. Now Offers a Myriad of Infrared Saunas from Major Sauna Manufacturing Brands is now offering a versatile range of infrared sauna heater from major sauna manufacturing companies. With them, customers will find infrared saunas belonging to brands like Hanko, Lattu, Harmony, RX, Arvo infrared saunas and many more brands. On one single platform, customers can get high-quality saunas from high-end brands. Customers will find the single seater, double seater and even multiple seater Hanko infrared saunas. Their Hanko™ Cedar & Carbon Infrared Sauna Room Kit is a perfect family sauna which can accommodate four to six people at time. The interior and exterior of these saunas are made with superlative quality cedar wood that is approximately 59"D x 75"W x 76"H in size. This sauna has a maximum 141ºF Operating Temperature with EZ touch control panels. This sauna also has R7-Color Chromo Therapy LED Light and oxygen ionizer system. To make these saunas more user-friendly and convenient, they are embedded with reading lights and an MP3 Aux/CD/AM/FM Audio System In-Unit.

TripTemptation Offers a Glimpse of the Best Luxury Travel Destinations This Year

LogoThere are more than a hundred beaches in Hawaii, yet people know only about ten of them? Also people are unaware that Lisbon is home to the 'most beautiful café in the world? TripTemptation is a site where travelers share unique trivia such as these, fun facts and some amazing travel stories with those who're equally passionate about traveling.

Bethel Children's Foundation Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Buy Brick-Laying Machine

LogoThe Bethel Children's Foundation has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to buy a brick-laying machine as part of the total cost of construction for the Bethel Children's Home in Uganda.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Offering Budget Accommodation in Melbourne for the Month of February

LogoRetaining their position as one of the prominent providers of accommodation solutions in Melbourne, City Edge Apartment Hotels is now offering budget accommodation in Melbourne for the month of February. As Melbourne is going to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 19th, individuals will get an opportunity to celebrate the New Year with the citizens of Melbourne. The celebrations will be held across the entire city, giving visitors a chance to participate in various New Year activities. Offers Extensive Heart Information for Patients in Athens Greece is created by a team of professional Athens cardiologists that provide revolution heart care, using advanced equipment and technology. They have years of experience in the cardiac care, helping hundreds of patients to return to the normal lifestyle again.

ScreenStick Ultra-Sensitive Gaming & Simulation Joystick for iPad and Smartphone Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoVirtual touchscreen controls often fail for those who want to play games or to navigate simulations, particularly for tasks such as remotely controlling a helicopter, airplane or car a smartphone.  Now, ScreenStick Ultra-Sensitive Gaming & Simulation Joystick for iPad and smartphones is available through a Kickstarter campaign.