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American Holistic Nurses Ass'n: Rosalyn Forbes to National Nominating Committee

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) elected Rosalyn Forbes, RN, MSCH, MSN, HNB-BC to the AHNA Nominating Committee for the 2014-2016 term at the just-completed AHNA annual conference held in Portland, OR.

Aerial Camera Systems Increase Presence at Wimbledon with Unique Specialist Cameras

Sporting events have become more compelling than ever to watch as camera technology has allowed broadcasters to capture moments in dynamic and interesting ways. From high speed cameras and tracking shots to new angles and aerial filming, it can make the experience of watching from home more fulfilling and insightful than watching live. ACS has a reputation for excellence in driving forward such innovations offering their distinctive perspective on this year’s Championships for the AELTC and the BBC.

Crowders Nurseries Offers Its New Range of Weber 57cm Compact Barbecue

This Weber barbecue features porcelain- enamelled bowl and lid, all weather wheels, 57cm triple plated cooking grate along with a no rust aluminium vent. This charcoal Barbecue is a perfect example to prove that great things really can be available in small packages.

Paralegal-Turned-Author, R.T. Edwins, Pays Homage to Lost Friend with Release of Compelling Sci-Fi Saga

Some write for profit and some write for fame; however, in the case of R.T. Edwins, taking the decision to become a career author was inspired by a close friend lost under tragic circumstances. Announcing the launch of his eagerly-awaited ‘Chariots of Heaven’ saga, Edwins sees life with renewed appreciation and vitality.

God Has Questions Too: Compelling New Book Proves God's Desire for Intimate Communication

For over two thousand years people have questioned God about everything from his presence and intervention to his care and concern for our welfare. At the same time, some even question if he exists at all. However, thanks to a ground-breaking new book by Zaidie Crowe Carnegie, questions from God’s perspective are finally being exposed.

Pure Baseball: New Book Pitches Vital Insight Into Pre-1904 America & Its Beloved Ball Game

While it may just be a sport, baseball is so deeply interwoven with American culture that its own story is a microcosm of American history. Sharing many of the same struggles and triumphs as the country it’s cherished by, Baseball holds many clues and reminders to America’s past.

Failure Is Not an Option! Life-Changing Book by Marci Bryant Exposes 101 Ways to ‘Keep Going'

Though she excelled in her professional careers as a hotel manager, teacher and even a model – Marci Bryant often found her personal strength struggling and wanting to give up. Having developed a myriad of both spiritual and practical coping strategies, her life suddenly changed when she was awakened by the Spirit within her and compelled to record and share them.

Options Hybrid Software Has Been Developed by Oliver Torres an Ex-Hedge Fund Trader

LogoOptions Hybrid Software has been developed by Oliver Torres. Oliver Torres claims that he made a profit of $11, 620 in 1 day trading binary options with Options Hybrid Software. He has posted a number of screenshots of his Bank of America account showing figures like $687,291.45 that he claims he made trading with the signals generated by this Options Hybrid Software. This is what Oliver Torres says: “Imagine this…You spend all of 5 minutes (max) downloading the Options Hybrid software that channels my trades to you, and then you start up your first real trading account just minutes from right now (I’ll give you step by step instructions – but you probably won’t even need them)…

Affordable Car Hire with International Access

Car rental services that can be booked through one source for any destination across the world is a blessing for a traveler. Car Hire International offers a worldwide search of car hire and rental services that are affordable and dependable.

Heartstone: Bold New Fantasy Novel Evokes Vast Magic & Mystery of the Universe

The fantasy genre has long been a staple of the literary world. However, with its stark pertinence to reality, Karl Morgan’s ‘Heartstone’ series uses fictional concepts to inspire strength and will in every reader. - An Online Reputation Management Firm

The hype of social media has made it necessary for companies to manage their online reputation. Keeping an eye on vital social media programs and resolving the issues that expose your company as a poor brand, is the most significant part of the efforts put in by the company with respect to social media. Whether a company uses social media or not, it has to be conscious about what’s happening online., based in Canada, is one among the leading online reputation management firms that assist companies in restoring their online reputation.

ForexMinute Highlights 4XP Services and Features, Brings a Nutshell Review

“4XP platform is designed particularly to address the requirements of global forex investors”, quoted ForexMinute “as the websites can be accessed in a wide number of languages used across the world.”

Brampton Private Lender - for Fast Second Mortgages Money and Loans

Ron Alphonso of Brampton Private Lender, can aid arrange a private loan for those who in needs of money for various purposes. Brampton private loan lenders can aid anyone obtain the cash they need fast and stress free without further due. Applying for a second mortgage loan at the bank and other private financial organization is a daunting task. But, through private loans offered by Brampton Private Lender, everyone still be able to obtain the cash that he or she needs. They will look at the particular financial condition to completely assess what kind of private loan financing suitable.

Mortgage Broker Store, the Leading Loan Provider in Ontario Canada

Ronald Alphonso of Mortgage Broker Store, can aid everyone obtain the loan they want. The company is the leading provider of first and second mortgages, home equity loans, private mortgages, stop foreclosure as well as power sales in Ontario, Canada and near places.

Binary Sync Trading Software Developed by Bill Johnson Exploits an Unknown Price Sync Loophole

LogoBinary Sync Software has been developed by Bill Johnson. This Binary Sync Trading Software has been programmed to exploit an unknown price sync loophole discovered by Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson claims that this Binary Sync Trading Software made him £1,242,373 in 6 months. This is what Bill Johnson says: ‘You see, each Forex broker gets their prices from different sources that include different banks and liquidity providers.

HKEnglish Supports the Plain English Campaign in Hong Kong, a leading provider of private English tuition and corporate business English training in Hong Kong, has announced its support for the Plain English Campaign, due to its commitment to improving the quality of written business communication across the globe.

Get Online Home Equity Line of Credit from Credit Lenders: Best Deal for Mortgage Lenders

LogoReal-estate-yogi wants to share some suggestions about getting the lowest home equity line of credit interest rates on it, such as:

BGH: Dismissal of a Commercial Agent Without Notice

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers Tax Advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Bremen, Nuremberg and Essen explain: This is taken from the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) dated 10 November 2010 (Az: VIII ZR 327/09). In the view of the BGH, a contractual agreement, according to which a commercial agent’s breach of competition law entitles the businessman to instant dismissal, does not inevitably have to give rise to an admissible dismissal. In fact, a dismissal of a commercial agent is probably not admissible where it merely concerns minor anti-competitive violations in addition to there having been no prior written warning.

Top 9 Safe Driving Apps List Announced by Insurance Panda

Insurance Panda, an automobile insurance quote provider based in New York City, has just added a new article to its website,, that lists the top 9 safe driving apps. From young drivers who are still learning the ropes to older drivers who need reminders about staying safe on the road, the list features an app for everybody.

Rare System Allows People Get Better and Earn More Cash

An Alberta man recently aligned himself to an unusual business opportunity...“It's really refreshing,” says Powell “not only am I becoming a better person each day, the system allows me to focus on the activities that actually make money”

New Jersey DWI Lawyers: How to Discern a Good One from a Bad One

LogoWhen a drunk driver in Trenton needs to hire DWI lawyers in New Jersey, if it’s their first arrest, they may not know how to choose them. Luckily, does know, and is here to share its knowledge, including:

Live Your Message Announces the Launch of Its New 30-Day Video Challenge

Live Your Message, a company that helps business owners succeed online, is about to launch a new global program called the “30 Day Video Challenge.” The challenge, which will begin on May 1, 2013, asks participants to step in front of a camera every day for 30 days as a way to help effectively spread the word about themselves and their business.

Queens Don't Toot: Whimsical Children's Book Inspires Good Manners in Buzzing Little Girls

From running around the house to tearing up the back yard; being a little girl affords endless outlets for high energy and a keen spirit. However, many parents direct unnecessary frustration and nagging at their young princesses, when all they want to do is have fun. Thanks to a new book by Sandra Dronet & Shawn Trotter, this energy can be used to develop a lifetime of good manners and confidence.

New York Times Bestselling Author Margaret Stohl Launches YA Icons Tour for Her New Book Icons

YA ICONS TOUR: TAKE ME TO YOUR READER! Friends don’t let friends tour alone! That’s right, in honor of the May 7th launch of ICONS, Margaret Stohl’s new sci fi series; she’s called up some of her most iconic friends – who also happen to be some of your favorite authors. And so, if you happen to live in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Provo, NYC or Charleston – they’re coming to you!

The Plant Group, Inc Now Lists over 2000 Varieties of Perennials in Their 2013 Catalog

The Plant Group, Inc is now offering over 2000 varieties of perennial flowers which they have listed in their latest 2013 catalog. The company is one of the leading perennial flowers providers in the northeastern part of the country and has over 40 acres of land dedicated in growing various perennials enabling them to produce over 2 million flowers. The Plant Group is also dedicated in improving the aesthetic appearance of the city by offering their landscaping services.

Espire Education Talks About Opportunities for Students Planning Higher Studies in India

As academic season comes to an end for 2013, students, who are planning for higher studies abroad, have already started preparing for their admissions and visas. Espire Education – a premium overseas education consultancy based in India, has prepared and trained their team for upcoming intakes. It believes that 2013 is going to be very popular year for students because of numerous opportunities available globally for students taking admissions this year. Below is a list of countries that are expected to see a high number of admissions in upcoming intake.

New Book "Jack Canon's American Destiny" Offers Romance and Political Intrigue in Washington, D.C

In this heightened political climate, novels featuring politics and the leaders of the free world are thrilling readers. On television, viewers can't get enough of the ABC drama Scandal, featuring murder, romance and politics in the White House. In the tradition of titles such as First Family, Exile and Exclusive comes author Greg Sandora's new political thriller Jack Canon's American Destiny from Itoh Press.