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San Diego Plastic Surgeon Vincent Marin Recognized as RealSelf 'Top Doctor'

LogoWith his outstanding credentials and the years of commitment he has shown to his patients, Dr. Vincent Marin has been recognized as a 'Top Doctor' on

Global Pulmonary Inflammation Market Segment Forecasts Up to 2024, Research Reports

LogoTransparency Market Research Report Added "Pulmonary Inflammation Market" to its database.

Longevity Now Introduces Its Latest MIG Welder, MIG WELD 250MP

Recognized globally since 2001 as one of the most prominent providers of welders and welding equipment, Longevity is proud to introduce its latest MIG welder, the MIG WELD 250MP. Operating on pulse to pulse technology, the welder machine can weld everything from stainless steel to aluminum without issue.

Trasumo Allows International Money Transfers to Different Countries with Ease

LogoInternational money transfer is a hassle for too many people. All those who are looking to get hold of some of the best schemes which will aid in easy and quick transfer of money should make it a point to explore the details of what the different sites can offer.

Bulletproof Playing Cards Has "Rivered" Its Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSly Kly Design, the Utah-based inventions company, has today announced that their Kickstarter campaign, which aims to mass-produce their new and improved Carbon Fiber and Kevlar hybrid playing cards, has thus far been a success.

Grab the Chance to Win $1800 with Longevity

Recognized globally as one of the prominent providers of reliable welding, cutting and power generating equipment, Longevity has now launched a big cash contest, where individuals can get a chance to win $1800. This contest continues until May 31, 2015.

'The Singing Guru - Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh' Soon to Hit Stands

LogoKamla Kapur continues to earn the admiration and respect of book lovers across the nation with her engaging literature. Her new book, 'The Singing Guru - Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, The First Sikh' is going to be yet another literary treat taking readers on the journey of spiritual empowerment. The book is soon to launch and is already attracting the attention of her fans. Provides Quality Contacts and Top Rated Shipping Speeds is one of the top recommended portals for all those who are looking to buy some of the best lenses. When people are buying lenses, it is extremely important to be sure that one finds out the best site which will serve the right need.

MigrateWeb Provides Professional Website Migration

LogoWhen websites are to be migrated, it involves a lot of tasks and one has to be sure that they are seeking professional help, unless they are fully proficient in the field. There are websites that offer data migration services; however, it is important to be sure of the services and the quality which will be offered.

Daily Grocery Coupons Website Provides Homeowners Online Coupons and Savings

LogoWhen carrying out shopping; one needs to be sure that they are choosing the right kind of economical deals. Shopping entails quite a lot of expenses and this is why obtaining the right kind of coupons can help people in making a good deal of savings.

Heather Jameson Has Just Released a New Website About How Women Can Lose Weight Fast by Thinking as Naturally Thin Women Think About Foods and Eating

LogoHeather Jameson has just released a new website about how women can lose weight fast by thinking as naturally thin women think about foods and eating.

American Dance Training Camp Creates Video to Announce Summer Dance Camp 2015

For those who love to dance, there often isn't enough time in the day to indulge in their favorite form of expression, especially for those in their early years. School allots very little time for dance and demands more and more of children's time in exams and homework, meaning those who want to get better at dance often have to wait until Summer. American Dance Training Camp offers young girls the ability to maximize their summer break training with experienced coaches while having a great time. The dance training camp has just launched a video introduction to their 2015 summer camp.

Raj Jackson of Las Vegas Earns the Advanced Player Development Certification from the PGA of America in 2015

LogoPGA Professional Raj Jackson from Las Vegas has completed the requirements and became certified in Player Development in the PGA's Certified Professional Program (CPP). Raj has become the 48th PGA Professional in history to earn this professional certification in Player Development. He is among the top 1% of PGA Professionals who have this certification since the program's inception in 2004.

Champion Pain Care Corporation (CPAI) Is Pursuing the $4 Billion Pain Management Market

LogoChampion Pain Care Corporation(CPAI:OTCBB) is pursuing the roll up and consolidation of private pain management clinics across the US.

Carbon Cycle Crush Provides Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil in Spokane, Washington

Carbon Cycle Crush, a trusted supplier of Canola oil, provides expeller-pressed Canola Oil in Spokane, Washington and around the world. The company helps ranchers and local farmers create socially, environmentally and economically sustainable businesses by consistently driving the demand for crops, creating jobs for locals, providing educational support and selling good quality Canola oil and pressed Canola meal. The oil supplied is environmentally-friendly and can be used as an alternative to petroleum. Because of its high-quality and lubricating properties, many industries are now opting for the virgin Canola oil. The company's natural oil can also be used for creating green plastics. It is used as an agent for concrete release and for lubricating industrial equipment. Being the producer and distributor of the oil, they supply the lubricant to customers at a competitive price.

Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Improves Quality of Life Through Better Hearing

Lawrence Hearing Aid Center in Carlsbad California is offering patients with hearing problems a chance to lead normal lives despite their hearing issues. The center which has adopted a patient centered approach, places the patient's needs first and works towards providing a solution which works. The center has been described as one of a kind for its affordability, effectiveness, and the fact that it has adopted a patient centered approach in solving hearing problems.

Harry Nelson Reveals How to Avoid Medicare Overpayment

Healthcare providers face many concerns in the upcoming year – but none may be more persistent and worrying than Medicare overpayments. In 2013 alone, it's estimated that nearly $60 billion in Medicare and Medicaid was overpaid, resulting in lost funds that could have supplemented other healthcare services.

Annie Duke Educational Videos Featured on Big Think

LogoThrough the years, Annie Duke has worked her way to becoming one of the top poker players in the world. After winning over $4 million on poker's biggest stage and using her academics to help her make the appropriate decisions, Duke is featuring informational videos on Big Think. Through a series of interviews, the former World Series of Poker Champion discusses what she has seen at the poker table. She goes into detail about how she processes decisions, and how after almost two decades in the game she hasn't seen any player become a master of the game.

Miller Construction Company Launches Special Projects Group to Capture Rising Demand for Renovations and Tenant Improvements

South Florida's increasing demand for service work, capital expenditure projects and tenant improvements valued at under $2 million prompted the firm to formalize the Special Projects Group, according to Traci Miller, vice president of business development. "Clients and industry colleagues call me on a regular basis asking Miller to handle their smaller projects," she said. "We're committed to serving our clients for all things construction-related, and with demand stronger than ever, dedicating an expert team that streamlines all phases of these projects."

Former World Series of Poker Champion, Annie Duke's Book Available at Bargain Price on Amazon

LogoWhen interested in learning about the journey of a successful poker player, Annie Duke has authored three books about her experience at the poker table and how she used her background in cognitive psychology to make favorable choices. Now, her autobiography, "Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at the World Series of Poker," is available for bargain prices on

Get Paid to Upload for the Best Payouts in the Industry

It is not every day that a user gets to earn a couple of hundred dollars in a day! While this may sound like a wild fantasy, it is true because of Dollar Upload which is known to offer the best payouts in the industry.

Bashford Jewelry Introduced Conflict Free Diamond Engagement Ring Makes a True Statement

Diamond, the most coveted stone in the world is indeed a stone of desire. However, it is not always naturally and ethically sourced, the way it should be. To enhance its commercial value and make profit out of its sale, jewelry makers often resort to unethical sourcing and superficial enhancing which not only hurts the credibility of the market as a whole but, also results in supply of the stone from countries that use harsh labor measures.

Author Amber Richards Releases Book to Help Parents Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites and Attacks in Children

LogoAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 50% of children under the age of 12 have been bitten by a dog. The bulk of these dog bites are dogs the child is familiar with such as the family dog, a friend's or neighbors. Teaching dog safety is vital.

Vegas-off Road - Las Vegas Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas

LogoVegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) has awesome Las Vegas Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party Ideas. In VORE's packages, guests are invited to get behind the wheel of the VORE Challenge truck and take it for an adrenaline rushed drive around their professionally built short course track, along with other course options.

Harmless Newport Pleasure Now Comes at Affordable Costs for Worldwide Smoker Community

Smoking of purely tobacco based products could be injurious to human health. Despite this well-known fact, people often find it difficult to quit smoking. But now, brings a healthy smoking choice in the form of Newport cigarettes. These cigarettes contain a healthy blend of tobacco and menthol to offer a unique Newport Pleasure that is refreshing as well as satisfying.

Health Worker Salary Center Explains Why the Career of a Dental Hygienist Is Gaining Momentum

New fields in the health care industry continue to evolve and, the increase in interest in these fields helps boost career opportunities for those who would like to make a career out of their passion. In this regard, the website of Health Worker Salary Center takes readers through a detailed look at why the career of a dental hygienist is growing in demand.

Maid Sailors Expands Its Coverage Area to Include Brooklyn and Announces Special Offers for Professional Home Cleanings

Over the last 50 years, Brooklyn has transformed into one of New York City's hottest and hippest places to live. Brooklyn's modern popularity has undoubtedly led to a heightened need for high quality, on-demand home cleaning services. Maid Sailors ("the Company"), an NYC-based provider of professional, on-demand home cleaning services, continuously strives to provide affordable cleanings for all NYC residents. To celebrate its expansion into Brooklyn, the Company is offering new residents a special discounted rate for a professional, on-demand home cleaning. The Company hopes to emulate the recent success it has experienced within Manhattan – through its promotional offer, Maid Sailors will help new Brooklyn residents experience the benefits of a professional cleaning and potentially generate loyal, long-term clients through its attractive pricing.