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Ivy Panda Raises $300k in Funding from Angel Investors, a study assistance company located in Sacramento, California, announced that it has successfully raised $300K in funding from angel investors. The raised funds will fund's global expansion, as well as its charity programs.

Online on-Demand Laundry Service Market Expected to Reach USD 96,155 Million by 2024

LogoThe global online on-demand laundry service market was valued at around USD 9,358 million in the year 2016 and it is expected to reach approximately USD 96,155 million by 2024. The global online on-demand laundry service market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of around 34% between 2017 and 2024.

Luxury Bazaar Announces Deep Discount Sale on Select Designer Watches

LogoWatch collectors and fashionistas looking to get their hands on some of the most high-end timepieces available on the market can take advantage of the blow out watch sale at Luxury Bazaar. The company is pleased to announce that they have select luxury timepieces available at a deep discounted rate, below their retail value. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to shop the blow out watch sale selection available online at Luxury Bazaar.

The Arthritis Foundation Has Provided Some Guidelines About Flares for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis symptoms make life challenging for those who suffer from the ailment. Although they often resort to measures that can help them manage their pain and discomfort, patients still experience flares.

The Launch of Airwheel Intelligent Electric Unicycles for Seasoned Riders

Airwheel Technology Holding Co., is a pioneer in battery-operated Electric Unicycles. Their single wheeled scooter is one such product which is ideal for experienced riders. Since it requires a lot of balancing skills, this cannot be controlled with as much ease as the ones with two wheels. However, there are many attractive features in this unicycle that many riders would find interesting.

A New Airwheel Electric Unicycle That Is Compact and Convenient

An Electric Unicycle Electric Unicycle is an ideal way to cut down on pollution. In order to control it, there is a certain degree of expertise required and hence, these products are for the experienced riders. They are available at the website at competitive prices and all those who are interested can check their features there.

The Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Is Designed Well and Is Technologically Advanced

The Airwheel Technology Holding Co. introduces this Electric Scooter that can be ridden by people of all ages. A lot of thought has gone into making it a convenient ride which can be controlled easily. In order to know more about the features and other details, the website can be referred to.

Research Revealed Some Easy Meditation Options for Pain

Pain is one of the most undesirable consequences of having arthritis. It can make patients suffer emotionally and physically. There are even those who are unable to do their daily routines and go to work because of pain. However, it seems that there are some pain relief techniques that can potentially help those who suffer from arthritis.

Hivetech HR Partners with Fairsail to Innovate HR Market in the US

As the growing leader in strategic HRIS consulting, HiveTech HR is poised to provide a significant portion of US-based implementation to one of the UK's fastest growing providers of HR Management Systems (HRMS), Fairsail. The UK-based company is seeking to expand its presence in the US and provide a growing number of middle-sized companies its innovative HRMS solutions software.

Steam Doc Offers Deep Carpet Cleaning

Steam Doc provides high-quality carpet and floor cleaning for clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and all of the surrounding regions. They have earned a reputation for offering top notch cleaning services for both residential and commercial property owners. Right now, Steam Doc is announcing their availability for deep carpet cleaning projects, with the capability to remove dirt, allergens, hair, smoke residue and much more. Highlights the Long-Term Benefits of Solar Panel Investments

LogoInstallation of solar panels is the best choice in attaining a renewable energy that does not disrupt the environment and could cut the use of fossil fuels more effectively. Since the efficiency of these photovoltaic modules in the panels has been known far and wide, the only challenge left for people is how they are going to utilize its harnessing ability to store electricity.

GetSolarPrices on Solar Panel Rush by 2020: A Good Omen for Consumers to Go-Solar

LogoAmidst the energy crisis that every nation is experiencing today, where oil reserves from major providers in the Middle East are facing great danger of drying up the oil deposits below the Earth; many have found hopes with the sun's renewable energy that is the solar power. The idea at first was not welcome by some nation because developing a tool to harness the sun's light to convert it into electricity may be costly. Yet, with the continuous efforts of many scientist and engineers to develop a mechanism that will effectively harness the sun's energy by increasing its efficiency, the United Kingdom took the solar power harvesting to the next level by cutting the subsidies and turning to large-scale solar farms. With this in effect, a great decline in solar panel costs was experienced in UK, which has cause the government to revise upwards it latest forecast towards solar energy use.

Honda Earns Accolade for Reliable Cars

Honda has beaten other manufacturers to be crowned the UK's top manufacturer when it comes to the reliability of its second-hand vehicles.

Strong New Car Sales Are Good for the Used Sector, Says Morpeth Dealer

Continued high sales volumes in the new car sector spell good news for used car buyers says Morpeth dealer.

GetSolarPrices Shares the Many Possibilities That Free Solar Panels Can Bring to Every Household

LogoSolar panels that harness the solar power more efficiently is the source of renewable energy that every nation could count on; if and only they started to make an investment for it. Since most industries around the world heavily rely on energy from the 'black gold' to keep up with the demands, implementing the use of solar panels as an alternative source of power became a must – now that the deposits in oil producing countries is at dwindling state. And to encourage homeowners to create their own energy for own use, free solar panels were offered by many major companies that manufacture them along with the incentives that the government is providing for every electric unit produce.

Nationwide Health Care Available Online with Online USA Doctors, Now Allowing Patients to Get a Prescription Online

With healthcare costs continually on the rise, Americans are seeking a better way to confer with doctors. As of the last health insurance report, issued in 2012, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $15,745 yearly, up 4 percent from 2010, with workers on average paying $4,316 toward the cost of their coverage. A single or individual employee's coverage cost $5,615, with the worker on average paying $951 out-of-pocket.

Audi Announces Fresh Plug-in Hybrid System

Audi will be outfitting its vehicles with a newly announced plug-in hybrid solution which combines electric and petrol engines for improved fuel efficiency.

Kintore Car Sales Is Delighted to Announce a Trio of New Golf Variants

For fans of Volkswagen, Kintore Car Sales is delighted to announce a trio of new Golf variants. The new vehicles include the Alltrack, GTD and R models.

Change to Pension Rules Set to Boost Car Market, Says Cramlington-Based Dealer

The changes to pension rules that come into force this month could be good news for the car business, says Cramlington-based dealer.

Dermatology Ireland Launches New Website to Promote Innovative Skincare Practice in Dublin

Dermatology is the area of medical practice dedicated to caring for the skin. As the largest organ, and the one that shields and protects people from the outside world while at the same time absorbing and processing key nutrients, skin is a versatile but delicate thing which must be taken care of. Sometimes, doing so requires professional help. Dermatology Ireland is a new dermatologists practice in the heart of Dublin, and they have recently launched a website to promote their services to online audiences, as well as demonstrate their expertise through insightful new resources.

Honda Cars Still the Most Reliable, Says Reliability Index

For the ninth year running, Honda has been named the most reliable used car manufacturer in Warranty Direct's annual Reliability Index.

The Stig Calls the Subaru Outback the 'King of Crossover'

After test-driving the new Subaru Outback Ben Collins aka, The Stig, from Top Gear, declared it the "king of crossovers".

Delta World Charter Announces Successful Operation of Cargo Flight to Sulaymaniyah for Global Service Solution

DELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company"),in cooperation with its partners MENA Aviation and Iraqi Airways, successfully operated its first 747-200F cargo charter to Iraq on April 22, 2015.The flight was operated on behalf of Delta World Charter (DWC) customer 'Global Service Solution FZE'.General cargo was delivered to Sulaymaniyah and DGR freight co-loaded at the last minute on the empty leg sector back to Sharjah.

Routesmart Technologies to Exhibit at Post Expo 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Date for your diary: RouteSmart Inc will be exhibiting at Post Expo 2014 to be held in Stockholm, September 23 - 25. The latest version of RouteSmart for ArcGIS will be available to view on the stand.

Demand for Lingual Braces Fueling All over the World

People may have been mulling over getting braces, but are usually worried that it'll cramp their look and style. Metal wires and brackets just don't look to go with much of anything! However, dental braces are the best things that assist to straight teeth and minimize the risk of tooth decay as well. People having crooked or uneven teeth, usually cover their mouth every time they laugh or smile as they feel embarrassed.

TamilSong Lyrics Releases the Music Review of Film Uttama Villain

The honorable people of the South who want to get the real feel of the music of Kamal Hassan's latest release - Uttama Villain, can now head straight to its music review released by Moving straight to the review of its song titled "Iraniyan Nadagam" that lays out both the theme of the film and also seize the quintessence of its music is one masterpiece. The lyrics of this song was written by Kamal Haasan and Ghibran, who tries to blend the western orchestration with traditional Indian-folk music. One can feel the dramatic feel of the lyrics, the emotions of the movie's plot (basically the relationship of father and his son), the different singing styles (By Rukmini Kumar and Kamal Hassan) that all climax in an inspiring finale which leaves song lovers exhilarated.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan by PMDC Registered Doctor

Hair transplantation in Pakistan is turning out to be a big industry. Specialized surgeons and doctors are getting into the field of hair restoration surgery by getting foreign degrees and diplomas. Taking advanced courses in the field of hair restoration surgery from abroad and then utilizing their expertise here in Pakistan is actually a major reason for this industry to flourish.