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Isabella Santos Foundation Announces Charitable Partnership with Eleven 13 Products, LLC

LogoIndividuals searching for a fun and easy way to learn Windows 10 can now save money on a helpful online course on Udemy, while donating to a great cause. The Isabella Santos Foundation, a Neuroblastoma foundation based out of Charlotte, NC, has announced that, thanks to the generosity of Eleven 13 Products, LLC, it will receive up to 50% of the profits from sales of the "Udemy Windows 10 – how to get it free and use it" course.

PA Disability Lawyers, Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, LLP, Announce Long-Term Disability Win

LogoMistreatment by insurance companies on the part of individuals who need long-term care is a typical, frequent occurrence. Insurers – whether private or through an employer – will sometimes approve short-term disability claims for those who file them, only to deny additional benefits later on, despite concrete proof of an inability to work due to injury or illness. Even when the insured has been placed under constant care in a hospital or other inpatient center, insurance companies may deny claims. With the help of the right lawyer, however, disabled individuals can reclaim their rights to full medical coverage through their insurance company. Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, LLP, disability lawyers in PA, announce that they have recently won one such difficult case for a Pennsylvania client.

Game Repair Inc. Now Offering Super Retro Consoles for Holiday Season

LogoGame Repair Inc., the leading video game repair store in Las Vegas, is pleased to announce they are now offering Super Retro consoles during the holiday season. The new Super Retro consoles, which arrived to the U.S. market this past April, allows hardcore game-lovers to revisit the 20th Century without using a time machine. With the consoles, users can play Original NES, SNES, GENESIS and GBA games without having to hop from console, to console.

MasterForex Deposit EgoPay Leads the Way in Online Forex Trading

Recently chosen as a preferred method of MasterForex deposit EgoPay, a leading e-currency that allows people to instantly buy and sell goods and services online, has become one of the most popular e-currencies in just over one year’s time. Adding MasterForex to their list of prestigious clients helps to solidify EgoPay’s reputation as a convenient, trusted and safe online payment system. Translates Site and Widgets Into Five Additional Languages, one of the leading calculator developers on the Internet, recently translated its website and widgets into five more languages. Visitors can now enjoy the site and its online calculators in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

LeapPad Ultra Black Friday Cyber Monday 2013 Deals and Sales Details Are at

LeapPad Ultra Black Friday and LeapPad Ultra Cyber Monday deals and sales information and prices will be posted soon on Shoppers who want to save money this holiday season on the educational children’s tablet can learn more about the price of the product on the website.

iPad Mini Black Friday Cyber Monday 2013 Deals and Sales Details Are at

iPad Mini Black Friday and iPad Mini Cyber Monday deals and sales information and prices will soon be posted on For those who want to save money this holiday season on the new and popular tablet, they can learn more about the price of the product on the website.

The Basics of Eating a Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic Diet (Paleo Diet) has become a popular nutrition plan for those seeking weight-loss or a change to a healthier approach to nutrition. The diet is healthy overall, but can seem daunting to those wanting to get started. If interested, below are the basics approaches to engaging in the Paleo Diet and how one can make it work within their lifestyle.

Working with Personal Goals to Increase Physical Activity

Setting goals can be a powerful form of motivation when wanting to change lifestyle habits. A study recently looked at the habits of older women and found that, despite knowing that exercise and being active can promote healthy aging and other physical and mental benefits, a majority of those studied remained inactive due to other goals taking precedence.

Bedding Mart Sponsors "Healthy Sleeper" Blog

Bedding Mart is a store that focuses on selling the best mattresses for particular sleeping needs, body types and preferences. When customers visit the Bedding Mart store to buy a mattress in Springfield, MO, they find a great selection and helpful, friendly service. However, Bedding Mart is not satisfied with working only with walk-in customers; the store now sponsors the "Healthy Sleeper" blog so that Internet visitors can also benefit from the latest news and advice in selecting the right mattress and other sleep-related issues.

Cal Banyan Offers Distance Learning Courses for Hypnosis

In 1996, Cal Banyan became a certified hypnotist and began using this skill to help others make their lives better, overcome fears and bad habits and achieve success. Since then, Mr. Banyan has taught hundreds of students the art and science of professional hypnosis. Now, Cal Banyan offers his famous hypnosis classes in two platforms: in person and online through distance learning from his website located at

iPhone 5S Black Friday Cyber Monday 2013 Deals and Sales Details Are at

iPhone 5S Black Friday and iPhone 5S Cyber Monday deals and sales information and prices will soon be posted on For those who want to save money this Christmas season on the new state-of-the-art smartphone, they can learn more about the price of the product on the website.

The Tea Chest Starts Indiegogo Fundraiser to Introduce Their New Product Line 'Mamaki: Wellness in a Cup'

LogoMamaki is a natural healing herb that grows in Hawaii’s tropical rainforest. The Tea Chest is all set to create new delicious tea blends with Mamaki so that more people can benefit from the power of this super plant.

PayMore Stores Pays Cash on the Spot for Used Electronics

Those who are looking for cash for electronics or who want to sell cell phones for cash have not had many options in the past. In fact, most people are told to throw out old cell phones and other electronic devices as they are considered to be of no value. However, that does not have to be the case. PayMore Stores offers the highest returns to those who want to sell electronics for cash, including cell phones, laptops, tablets and other devices.

Black Friday 2013 Kindle Fire HDX Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at

New York, NY –, a website that has provided a list of recommended gadgets and consumer electronics that can be gifted to friends and family this holiday season, has recently added Kindle Fire HDX in its recommendation list and has published a comprehensive review of the tablet.

Black Friday 2013 LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at

New York, NY – has called the latest kids tablet LeapPad Ultra by LeapFrog a ‘gem’ for children and has highly recommended it as a gift during the holidays. Bigger screen, better resolution, improved battery life, special hard body which comes with a kid-proof warranty, secured Wi-Fi and many more features of the tablet have been commended by

Black Friday 2013 Xbox Kinect Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review Available at

New York, NY – “With the release of Xbox One, Xbox 360 Kinect will see an increase in sales due to falling prices. Hence, it will be one of the ‘sold-out’ products these holidays”, says the media spokesperson of, a website that has recommended numerous gadgets and consumer electronics that can be great gifts during the holidays.

Black Friday 2013 Nintendo Wii U Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at has recently reviewed and recommended the Nintendo Wii U console as a gift to friends and family for the upcoming holiday season. The site is offering a unique service of listing gadgets and consumer electronics that are predicted to be highly demanded during the holidays and are considered as ideal gifts.

Black Friday 2013 PlayStation 4 Deals, PS4 Cyber Monday Sales and Review at

New York, NY –, a website that has provided a list of gift recommendations for the upcoming holiday seasons, has listed PlayStation 4 as one of the most desired holiday gifts. The PlayStation 4 has created a lot of buzz since its release in November 15, as expected, and will be undoubtedly heavily demanded during the holidays.

Black Friday 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at

New York, NY –, a website dedicated in recommending various gadgets and consumer electronics as gifts for the upcoming holiday season, has recently added Samsung Galaxy S4 to their list. The Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been a huge hit for past many years, and the latest 4th version is considered as one of the best phones every created.

Black Friday 2013 Motorola Moto X Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at

New York, NY – has recently added the Motorola Moto X to its list of gift recommendations for the upcoming holiday season. The first phone by Motorola after Google’s acquisition has also been reviewed by the site, highlighting its pros and cons.

Plaintiffs Continue to Emerge in Dialysis Lawsuits

Plaintiffs who have been injured by the dialysis drugs GranuFlo and NaturaLyte continue to emerge as the lawsuit against Fresenius, the maker of these drugs, progresses to settlement.

Herbalife Diet Information and Products Now Available at

ItBody Inc., one of Korea’s leading diet and nutrition companies, recently announced the launch of its new website, The new website will enhance the shopping experience of American and European customers by allowing them easier access to the company’s products.

Ultimate RuneScape Playing Guide Now Available on

LogoThe website now brings the ultimate Runescape guide , which is a compilation of the best secret methods to develop a winning edge in the game of Runescape. These are the methods that an expert gamer never wants to reveal to others, and one may need several years to identify these strategies and develop them on their own. Now, the website offers an opportunity for the avid gamers to grab the guide and start playing the game like a real Pro.

Buying Runescape Gold from the Best Place Online at Affordable Prices

LogoAll video game enthusiasts who are looking for a safe online site for a secure transaction of Runescape Gold will find as the best place for buying the hand-made RSGold. The site offers a safe payment process and the personal information of the buyers is never disclosed to a third-party. The site has been endeavoring to provide the best price for the RSGold and other stuff that players can order from them sitting comfortably at home.

Blog Shares Tips for Selecting the Right GI Doctor in Beverly Hills to Perform Colonoscopy

When looking for a gastroenterologist in Beverly Hills to perform a colonoscopy, the colon cancer screening exam, one can’t help but notice there are many options in the city. Finding one can be as simple as getting a referral from a general practice or family doctor, or a friend. But it can also require more work even if a referral is involved, because most people don’t want just a GI doctor—they want a high-quality gastroenterologist who will give them the best care. One such option is Dr. Peyton Berookim, a double-board certified GI Doctor who performs the highly specialized procedure and provides accurate results.

People2Avoid Introduces Map Tracking Feature

People2Avoid is introducing a new map tracking feature that will allow those who make a bad date report or report a creep to update the geographical location of a subject to warn others when the person moves. In this way, People2Avoid, located on the web at , helps others avoid their worst date ever or being taken advantage of by a financial fraud.