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Lawsuit for Investors in Shares of Eco Science Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:ESSI) Filed

LogoA lawsuit was filed on behalf of investors in Eco Science Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:ESSI) shares over alleged securities laws violations.

Global Waterproofing Membrane Market 2016 Industry, Analysis, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Forecast to 2024

LogoZion Market Research, the market research group announced the analysis report titled 'Waterproofing Membrane Market: Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2015 – 2021'

Brigands Militia Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Sandals for the Homeless

How people treat the least fortunate of society says a great deal about their character. The same analogy certainly applies to businesses, both for better and for worse. Florida based Brigands Militia, creators of innovative sandals that have been a hot topic of conversation in fashion circles, are certainly on the plus side of this equation. Recently, the company announced they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their "Sandals for the Homeless" project. The project will not only provide a pair of sandals for a homeless person for every pair sold, but will also donate much needed funds to the Homeless Voice, a Florida institution that makes lives more liveable for the Florida homeless each and everyday.

A Book on Avoiding the Pit Falls of Plastic Surgery Has Achieved No1 BestSeller Status on Amazon and Kindle

"Trust Me I'm a Plastic Surgeon" is a survival guide written by Donald W Kress, MD, who is a board certified plastic surgeon with a huge experience. The book presents in an honest and straightforward way all the things that people, who intend to have a plastic surgery should know in order to avoid a variety of deceptive scams, injuries, and big disappointments.

Vitamins and Their Role in Promoting Skin Health & Rejuvenation: Dr Lycka & Dr Telford

LogoFollowing years of research, a range of vitamin skin creams – Cloud Vitamin creams - have been developed by Canadian Dermatologist Dr Gordon Telford which use the power of naturally occurring vitamins within the skin. A form of Vitamin A called Retinyl Palmitate when used in a cream, is showing great results in repairing sun damaged skin, reversing the signs of aging and importantly, in skin cancer prevention. Another formulation using Vitamin B3 Niacinamide is showing equally powerful results in skin barrier repair, and in treating skin problems such as Eczema and Acne Rosacea. These vitamins are discussed in detail this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Telford from his Vitoria, British Columbia practice.

Kaza Fire Equipment Co. Takes New Delivery of Hard-to-Find N5A Fire Fighting Helmets

Kaza Fire Equipment Co., a leading supplier of fire-fighting equipment and apparatuses, announced that the company has received new stock of hard-to-find N5A leather helmets. As manufacturer MSA is operating with a 14-week backlog in producing the helmets, Kaza Fire Equipment's inventory represents one of the best available opportunities for those seeking to purchase helmets in the near term, whether as holiday gifts for others or for their own use. Kaza Fire representatives expect that the company's remaining stock of these important, in-demand safety accessories will go quickly, so those interested in them are urged to visit the company's website as soon as possible.

AppZapp Notify the Personal App Discovery Tool Launches a New Update

ConIT AG and founders Sascha Brenk and Thomas Drost, are pleased to announce a helpful update to AppZapp Notify, a personal alert service. The firm is an independent software firm founded in 2008. The mission of ConIT is to find the best APP deals for iOS devices on the iTunes AppStore.

White Mountain Process Launches Updated Poly Mixing Tank Specialty Site

White Mountain Process, one of the world's leading producers of commercial and industrial mixing and blending equipment, announced that the company has launched an updated and improved version of its poly mixing tank specialty site. The site, which focuses specifically on a style of mixing tank made from PTFE and plastics like polypropylene, has proven to be a valuable resource for customers in a range of industries including food, biopharmaceutical, and chemical production. The new improvements to the specialty site include streamlined navigational features and updated cGMP documentation, making the site even easier to use and more valuable to readers. Reduces Cloud VPS Pricing and Offers Free Windows Server Licenses, a California-based Internet solutions provider specializing in web hosting services for entrepreneurs, has reduced the pricing of its Cloud VPS Hosting plans.

Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Uplifting Book Celebrates Humor, Truths & Inspiration Millions of 'Nightingales' Embrace in Their (Often Tumultuous!) Line of Duty

While nursing is often messy, challenging and won't buy that dream yacht in the Mediterranean, it's seemingly impossible to find another profession where people are so dedicated to and passionate about their day-to-day work. Audrey Friedman knows this first hand, with twenty-eight years in uniform and thousands of lives touched under her responsibility. When asked what keeps her so grounded and focused, Audrey is quick with an answer – putting it down to the essential truths, humor and wisdom that she and her colleagues have developed and share with gusto.

Pushing Double Nickels: Larger-Than-Life Californian Shares "Fifty Lesson from Fifty Years" in New Book; Empowering Readers to Make Positive Life Changes

There's no way to sugar coat it; Bradley Stewart Fischl was once an obese couch potato with a 30+ year smoking habit who, while for over a quarter-century excelled as an Information Technology leader, found his personal health spiraling out of control. In a miraculous transformation Fischl quit a 31 year cigarette habit, shed over 100lbs, gained control of his Type II Diabetes, manages chronic back pain and now embraces a healthy, happy and ethical life with gusto.

Live Oak Systems LLC Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Real Time Water Usage Monitoring System

LogoWater supply – and the lack of it – is of increasing concern all over the world. Despite the recent heavy rains in California leading to massive flooding thanks to the pineapple express out of Hawaii, California is still years away from emerging from its worst drought in many years. So are many areas throughout the USA and other parts of the world. Water delivery costs in municipalities and other areas, where water distribution is measured, are steadily rising. This puts a pinch on household budgets as sticker shock can set in every time a home opens their next water bill.

Chris Glenn Hytrol Conveyor Vice President Described Lean Journey in Quality Digest Series

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting a deep dive inquiry among members of the organization about their lean journey.

Distribution Industry Delivering Preassembled Cabinets Meeting Customer Demands

LogoThe Delivering Excellence newsletter reported cabinet makers offering door-to-door shipping and delivery service on affordable, ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. Homeowners will now be able to give their kitchen a whole new look for a lot less money, in a small amount of time by choosing RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets. Homeowners have a simple way to remodel kitchens for a reasonable price without compromising quality. Cabinets are made from the same high quality materials as other kitchen cabinets on the market. The new Pre-Assembled Service is designed for homeowners seeking a budget remodel.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment Process Keeps Costs Down as Customer Demands Increase

LogoThe Picking Perfection newsletter reported that cost efficiency is still king inside the four walls. The omni-channel fulfillment challenge is pushing to take more economical moves focused on process improvement and layout changes. At a recent webinar sharing these findings, cost effective moves that savvy warehouse and distribution center (DC) managers are making to keep costs in line while meeting ever-increasing customer demands were reviewed. DC network profile changes due to the omni-channel challenges were revealed including new best practices of warehouse/DC operations leaders. Ultimately the omni-channel process is challenging all DCs to utilize technologies and strategies to keep costs in line while improving service under increasing pressure.

TraceGains Recognized as Food Logistics Top 100 Software and Technology Providers

LogoTraceGains, a leader in supplier document management in the food industry was recently honored as one of Food Logistics Top 100 Software and Technology Providers in 2014. "The impact of software and technology on the global food supply chain is truly profound," emphasized Lara L. Sowinski, Editor-in-Chief at Food Logistics. "Software solution providers, equipment manufacturers and numerous technology innovations are supporting growth in our industry while concurrently lowering operating costs, improving productivity and enhancing visibility from farm to fork."

Forecast Errors Reduced in Medical Device Manufacturing Using eKanban

LogoThe Forecast Errors newsletter reported that kanban is a type of scheduling system that can be used to help a manufacturer determine what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce for customers and supply chain partners. A major medical device manufacturer transitioned from a traditional paper-based manual kanban system to a cloud-based ekanban system for the lean manufacturing of high quality, defect free, and low cost intravenous (IV) infusion, medication and supply dispensing, respiratory care, infection prevention, and surgical instruments. Forecast errors were significantly reduced.

Watch Box Co. Now Offers Versatile Range of Wooden Watch Boxes at Affordable Prices

LogoWatch Box Co. is now offering a versatile range of wooden watch boxes at affordable prices. The company stores superlative quality wooden watch boxes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Their watch boxes are not only elegant but highly durable. They put special attention on the material of the box and collect the finest grade wood for creating the boxes. Apart from the materials, they also place a high emphasis on the box designs. Their wood watch boxes are ideal to be used for individual purposes, or for commercial purposes in shops and showrooms. Their innovatively designed boxes help showcase the watch and attract instant interest of the passersby.

1930's Long Beach Featured in a New Murder Mystery E-Book

This week marks the nationwide re-release of "Who Done It...For Nothing?: A 1930s Murder Mystery ," a "funny, quick-paced" new book by authors Gene Dermody and Gail Reifert Dermody.

Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Affordable Kava Powder

LogoWakaya Perfection is now offering reasonably priced kava powder for your health and well being. Known for its anti-anxiety properties, kava relaxes, unwinds and de-stresses instantly while also treating muscle pains and spasms, insomnia, menopause symptoms and depression. Pure and organic, Wakaya Perfection kava powder is derived from a pepper plant native to the South Pacific and hand-cultivated in rich volcanic soil without the use of additives, pesticides, colors, preservatives or other chemicals. Just add water or juice to the powder and start a healthy way of life. Drink it after a hard day at work to rejuvenate and feel good, or enjoy with friends. There's good reason why kava is Fiji's national drink!

Ghost Hunters Team to Kick off 2015 with First Live Exploration of Haunted Florida Jail

Ghost Hunt Weekends, the world's premier organization for paranormal events, announced that it is headed to the Old Clay County Jail and Courthouse in Green Cove Springs, FL on Saturday, January 31, 2015 for their first event in the Sunshine State.

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council Seeks Crowfunding via Kickstarter for the Pocket Park in Maple Valley, Washington

LogoThe Maple Valley Creative Arts Council is poised to take back an alley in a wasted space between a grocery store and a coffee shop. Currently crowded with shopping carts and garbage dumpsters, the plan is to improve the quality of life for residents of Maple Valley, Washington by transforming it into an innovative pocket park that will provide recreation, gathering space, and arts access for residents of Maple Valley WA. In collaborating with the Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, artist Kathleen Fruge-Brown has designed a complete makeover of the space.

Hideez Technology, Inc Launches Kickstarter Project for Safeband: A Unique Personal Security Solution

LogoSafeBand is a smart, secure and trustworthy solution to keep daily life as protected as possible. Combining the latest technology with the most useful features in a safety device while protected by a waterproof steel case and offering unprecedent 20-day battery life, SafeBand is unique in every way. SafeBand can protect everything and everyone we care about.

JSH Web Designs: One of the Fastest Growing Web Design Firms in Tennessee

JSH Web Designs may be new, but it's quickly proving itself as one of the best in its niche. A new website design firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee, JSH Web Designs is one of the fastest growing companies in the state. With more than 14 years of experience in web development, the company prides itself on making professional web designs at affordable prices.

All Canadian Plumbers Launches New Website to Promote the Best Victoria Plumbing Services Online

Plumbing is something homeowners are happy to ignore when it's working, but the second something goes wrong, it can quickly become a critical situation. When looking for plumbers, people need to have all the information to hand to make decisions quickly, and there is no better way to do that than through the internet. For the people of Victoria Canada however, they would have missed out on the best company in the area. Righting that wrong, All Canadian Plumbers has now announced their new feature filled website, which helps them introduce themselves to new potential customers through the most convenient medium, the internet.

Road to Dreamland: Uplifting & Enchanting New Storybook Empowers Children to Pursue Their Dreams, Defy Their Age and Embrace Their Potential

There's no way to sugar coat it; millions of children fail to achieve their dreams either because they don't believe in themselves, or because adults tell them they're not capable. Author T.T. Touray is fighting back with a powerful and potentially life-changing new children's book that puts nothing between children and their full potential.

Kraken Kratom Launches to Provide the Best Kratom Powder Products on the Market Today

Kratom is technically an opioid receptor agonist. In simple terms, this means it is a morphine like compound, derived from an evergreen tree in the coffee family. The popularity of Kratom has exploded and people from all over the world are now looking to buy Kratom in many different forms but particularly powdered Kratom. Kraken Kratom is a new online store that allows people to buy premium Kratom powder at market leading prices.