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ImageFIRST Miami Associates Volunteer at Local Habitat for Humanity Organization

LogoImageFIRST Miami is much more than a provider of medical uniforms, patient apparel, and cubicle curtains in the West Palm Beach, FL area and beyond. Just like other ImageFIRST locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, the company makes it a point to give back to the communities that they serve. In fact, this past March, several of the company's associates spent time volunteering at their local Habitat for Humanity organization.

City Tap House in University City Announces 4th Annual Charlie Bravo Charlie Beer Dinner

LogoCity Tap House in University City, an acclaimed craft beer bar in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce their 4th annual Charlie Bravo Charlie Beer Dinner. The beer dinner will be held on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, is $100 to attend, and will be seven courses. Each course will be prepared by Chefs Rhett Vellner and Chad Vetter, and will be paired with a beer from one of the seven top class breweries in the United States.

SEO Isn't That Complicated: Improving One's SEO in Five Simple Ways

LogoThere are small but brings significant improvement to the site’s search engine optimization. Here are the things that can be done right away to improve one’s SEO.

Corporate Profile Samples NYC's Top 5 Food Trucks - Street Meats & Sweets Urban Guidebook

LogoWhen you think of NYC “street meat” it conjures up images of cold hotdogs and greasy kabobs; but in recent years these curb-side vendors have gone gourmet, with chefs from some of the finest of NYC eateries taking their show on the road. Nowadays, you can get everything from lobster to crème brûlée from the side of a truck. New Yorkers and tourists alike, are willing to skip the wait-staff and ditch the silverware get grub to-go.

New Generation of CAPTCHAs: Fun, Entertaining and Interactive

LogoTrying to decipher or bypass a CAPTCHA can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the characters are too distorted that even a man may find it difficult or next to impossible to comprehend. These instances will make the searchers or visitors leave the site and navigate to another site.

Edmontonians' Lives Restored with Burn Scar Treatments

LogoMedia are invited to join Dr. Barry Lycka, speakers and guests at the Edmonton film premiere of the critically acclaimed documentary Trial By Fire: Lives Reforged on June 3, 2014 at the Telus Centre for Professional Development at the University of Alberta. This powerful film has been lauded by the Los Angeles Times as a gripping, emotionally potent documentary, a “must see” by RealScreen, and “a truly important film” by PBS International.

AWMA Now Offering Proforce Boxing Training Equipment

LogoOnline mixed martial arts equipment distributor AWMA® is now offering ProForce boxing equipment on their website. For just $29.95 per pair, ProForce Fingerless Grappling Gloves provide easy gripping and extra padding on high-impact areas of the hands. Experience superior comfort during workouts with this advanced pro leather light design. These gloves offer flexibility with three sections of padding, and the padded flex grip palm helps the user perfect punching technique. When used properly with all appropriate protective gear, ProForce Fingerless Grappling Gloves are a safe and effective training tool for boxers and martial artists of all stripes. This product is available in size Large.

Honda Shoppers Advised to Save on Used Cars San Fernando Valley Dealership

The sticker price is not the factor that makes a new car an unnecessary expense. There are other used Honda Van Nuys dealerships that provide overpriced cars, as well as deals on new models. The factors that make new cars less attractive are associated fees, depreciation, and other subsequent costs that make the first couple of years of new car ownership expensive.

Charlene M. Gibson - A Successful Bankruptcy Attorney for All Financial Legal Needs

Charlene Gibson Law is a dedicated legal firm headed by Charlene M. Gibson, an effective and experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney. The law firm specializes in all areas of consumer bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Attorney Gibson has been successful in removing liens from her client's real estate, stopping wage garnishment, stopping collection calls, helping people stay in their homes and discharging debts, including credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and secured loans.

Rock-Tops Now Brings Granite Countertops in Wayzata at the Most Affordable Prices

Rock-Tops now brings Granite Countertops in Wayzata at the most reasonable prices. They are a superior quality provider of Granite countertops along with other natural mesmerizing stones. They are highly recognized for their durable products which are unparalleled in terms of quality in the industry. They offer a wide range of stylish and innovative Granite Countertops for all purposes like home remodeling, kitchen design or designing a project from scratch.

A Range of One Click Cleaner & Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Available with Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek International Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of fiber optics cleaning products. The China based company announces the availability of one click cleaner and Portable Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits for the worldwide buyers.

LiveGown Presents Its Online Store with a Wide Range of Beautiful Bridal Gowns and Dresses

Shopping is one of the popular activities which women love to indulge in. The things which they buy includes the clothes for both their regular and special occasions. While shopping could be expensive, it might just be difficult for every women to step out and devote time in today’s world. To facilitate this growing needs of the customers, the online platform has been filled with a huge number of shopping portals. Every country has its own store for almost all products. Clothes being one of them comes in different range and varieties. However, customers are pretty weary about shopping online as they fear that in the name of cheap prices shops might sell inferior quality products. This is why it is important to shop from a trusted and reliable online seller. One such platform which has been around for some years and presents different collection of dresses for sale is the LiveGown.

Houston Matchmakers Are Cranking Up the Heat in the Houston Dating World

May flowers, longer hours, sunny days, cool evenings—a recipe for love or just a fling in the air? Just as spring is coming to an end, summer is opening its doors and many people are wondering if they will spend this summer alone. The return of warmer climates gives everyone energy and hope, it makes those who have been let down want to try finding love again. People are willing to give it their all for the chance of finding summer love—and local Houston matchmakers are coming to the rescue!

New Jersey Match Makers Are Helping Local Singles in the NJ Dating Scene

New Jersey match makers from South Jersey Matchmakers are helping local singles understand the benefits of a dating and matchmaking agency

Where to Buy Outdoor Furniture in Thousand Oaks

The main priority of most buyers is choosing items that are long-lasting. There are several factors that must not be overlooked since they determine the quality of the item. This is true when it comes to purchasing furniture. When it comes to outdoor furniture selection, it is necessary to look for those that are aesthetically appealing, but are also very functional and sturdy as well. When in the lookout for high quality furniture, one should consider buying outdoor fixtures at Thousand Oaks. For one, they can go to Zin Chair, a company that offers wine barrel inspired products that have excellent quality.

Strategic Lean Consulting Offers Free Small Business Training for Limited Time

Strategic Lean Consulting, a business agency providing top-quality results to clients, is offering their Lean Small Business Video Training Program for free. This training program, which includes over six hours of high-quality training video, will be available at no cost for a limited time only.

Oklahoma City Portable Toilets Rentals Enhance Special Events

Planning an outdoor task can be quite daunting as they involve a lot of details for the arrangements. Most of the event organizers reveal that outdoor event planning is more complex than an indoor event. While hosting an indoor event, all that needs to be done are just some re-arrangements and some polishing that are already in the house. However an outdoor event involves arranging everything from the scratch.

Online Dating Site for Gay Men Voted the Best Gay Dating Site in the World with Thousands of Successfully Matches

There are no shortage of online dating sites, but for gay men looking for fun, friendship, and love—a niche website like has more to offer than general online dating sites. Not only are all website members gay men, but the site is designed to celebrate all aspects of gay lifestyle.

Royal Coachman Worldwide Named Supplier of the Year from New Jersey Chapter of Meeting Professionals International

Royal Coachman Worldwide is pleased to announce the distinguished award from the Meeting Professionals International, New Jersey Chapter (MPI-NJ) of 2013-2014 Supplier of the Year.

Balkan Diaspora Organization to Transport 100 Tons of Humanitarian Flood Aid, Needs Funds

The current Balkan state of emergency due to the massive, unprecedented flooding and landslides has sprung American and Canadian Serbs into action. Over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, valued at over $1.5 million, is now ready for partners at the Serbian Red Cross to distribute to the thousands of flood victims in need of food, clothing and general hygiene products.

OnSite Digital Expands Their IT Support Team

Technical problems can be baffling to the average user, and computer meltdowns often require a greater level of expertise than one can muster, especially when dealing with hardware issues. Taking a PC to a shop to have it analysed is inconvenient and often requires individuals to be without access to their computers for days on end. OnSite Digital does things differently. They send qualified experts out to the client’s location with a same day fix guarantee, and they have now expanded their IT Support team and their range of services to cope with their growing business.

Atlantis Law Firm Reveals Intricacies of Bankruptcy Filings

In the state of California, courts recorded 10,097 bankruptcy filings in March 2014, as reported by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Atlantis Law Firm recognizes this isn't a step one takes lightly, yet obviously it is one many discover they must take. The firm offers a free initial consultation, one designed to provide clients with options to determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right move for them.

Public House Philly Now Hosting Birthday and Bachelorette Parties This June 2014

LogoPublic House Philly is now hosting birthday and bachelorette parties in Philadelphia this June 2014. Located in Logan Square, the bar offers semi-private and private party spaces for all occasions. These areas provide the opportunity for intimate dinners with family and friends as well as dancing, food, drinks, and debauchery. Bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners at Public House Philly are a great way to give a friend a fun sendoff into married life. The bar offers several customizable packages to suit all tastes. Receive bottle service, champagne toast, and all the bachelorette party essentials as well as drink specials and Public House Philly’s in house DJ.

Children's Author, William Ziegler Debuts Latest Book Titled 'JB Gets Ready for School' for Amazon Kindle

Launched on March 08, 2014 ‘JB Gets Ready for School’ is the newly released children’s book from American author William Ziegler. This 36-page book is published by CreateSpace and is now available for instant download for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle or paperback for $8.99 on Amazon.

Food Manufacturers Have Checklist for International Featured Standards for GFSI Compliance

LogoTraceGains recently made available Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) checklists for Food Manufacturers. The checklists were co-produced with the respective scheme owners to ensure accuracy, including International Featured Standards (IFS).

The House of Divas - A New Show by Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips About to Change the Face of Reality TV

House of Divas’ a new reality TV show is about to give audiences daily dose of entertainment. The show is about ten celebrities and their impact and eight divas to be casted via Nationwide casting calls. The divas will join together to change the lives of people and families in America. Benjamin claims that that the concept of the show is exceptional and there is no any other show like this on TV today. The show is inspired from his real life. He lost his mother Jessie Phillips (Artist and Humanitarian) due to cancer.

Roberts Liardon Ministries Announces UK Tour

Roberts Liardon proudly announces the continuation of his UK tour as he wishes to spread the word of God across the globe. With visits to Telford, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London, many find they are able to hear Mr. Liardon speak in person and see how he shares the love of God.