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Texas Based Luxury Children's Wear Designer Elizabeth Copeland Launches "La Plus Belle" Collection

LogoDallas based Luxury children's wear Bentley and Lace by Elizabeth Copeland debuted their newest collection "La Plus Belle" Collection during Fashion X Austin.

Paul's Tavern to Open Patio Bar and More on May 21st

LogoPaul's Tavern, one of the top bars in Spring Lake, NJ, is pleased to announce the opening of its outdoor Patio Bar just in time for the summer on May 21st, the weekend before Memorial Day.

Desert Med Aesthetics, A Leading Medical Spa Has Moved to Indian Wells

Dr. Doriana Cosgrove is the owner and director of Desert Med Aesthetics. Dr. Cosgrove has recently located her medical spa practice to Indian Wells to better serve her patients.

My RCTopia Announces Site Demystifying the Remote Control Vehicle World

An examination of the industry shows that a remote controlled car can cost over $1,000, and civilian-grade radio-controlled helicopter prices can reach $15,000. Yet there are also toy versions of both that run $30 or less. John Donaldson, spokesman for My RCtopia (, announced that the site will now be posting tips, information, and reviews to help demystify the market and teach people the important differences between the toys and the high-end hobbyist versions.

Surface 604 Launches New Fat Tire Bikes for to Ride over All Kind of Terrains

The fat bikes are a latest bike-type. It's featured with extraordinarily big and wide tires. Initially created for mud and snow, it's currently being widely utilized as a regular mountain-bike as well. The fat tires allow riding on some areas, for example snow crust, which might be difficult by having a usual bike in the price of raising the rolling resistance on concrete and also to some dirt streets. The weight of these bikes is also greater. The fat bike tires supplies a good bit of suspension, at least in reasonable rates, in a mechanically simple deal.

Electric Bike - A Perfect Mode of Transportation in Adjacent Areas

Many people are keen to mountain-biking for many causes and though it is amazing, this activity offers to boost body fitness and wellness. Before anyone think of experiencing this activity, it’s vital that one is aware of the riding they wish to do in order to decide which the correct mountain bike is for them. Actually, it will help in burning body calories and aid individuals to accomplish their desired bodyweight. Getting an electric mountain bike driving session with buddies is clearly among the several activities that one is able to enjoy actual fun as they like the natural environment.

Hot Tubs Produce Health Benefits

LogoHot tubs have many benefits both physically and mentally, and are just a ton of fun to boot. First when one sees a hot tub one will think how awesome it makes the home or yard look and makes the neighbors jealous. That does not even touch the benefits to a person's health that happen with regular use of a hot tub.

The Startup Quiz Is a Must Take Quiz for Startup Entrepreneurs

The Startup Quiz, developed by Andy Jacob, is the first line of questioning for successful startup founders. The Startup Quiz, developed by Andy Jacob, asks aspiring entrepreneurs 11 of the most difficult questions about their startup business. Startup entrepreneurs, founders, and investors wishing to take the quiz can simply log into any web-enabled device and take the quiz in real time. Quiz takers will see all 11 questions, and it is recommended that they take the Startup quiz out loud with all of the founders of their startup together.

Reliable & Experienced Construction Company Offers to Be a One-Stop Shop All Sorts of Construction Requests to Texas-Based Clients

SMR Construction Inc., a reliable and experienced construction company, offers to be a one-stop construction shop to Texas-based clients. With its lineup of commercial and general contractors Fort Worth, Arlington, and Arlington residents, as well as those located in surrounding cities can depend on, it proposes to accommodate all sorts of construction requests.

Peggy Gascon Real Estate Partners with BizIQ

Peggy Gascon Real Estate, a real estate firm located in Paradise Valley, AZ, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

Buying Racing Wheels Have Become Easy with

When it comes to buying wheels online, is the online portal to look at. They have everything that you might need at the best price. Regardless of what you are looking for, this online store has everything included, be it truck wheels, truck rims, car wheels, car rims, off road tires or off road wheels. In addition, they also have a collection of discount trims and car accessories that outfits all your vehicles. If you are looking for buying car accessories, all you need to do is to choose the right one for your vehicle and ensure that your product reaches you at your doorstep, no matter which corner of the world you stays.

ReferAFriend.CO Offering Beauty Salon Appointment Software at Highly Discounted Prices

Aimed at facilitating the growth of micro businesses, ReferAFriend.CO has carved a niche for itself as a software provider. It offers a plethora of web based software that provides the much-needed leverage to the micro businesses to compete with the established names in their respective trades. The software on offer is comprehensive and designed to meet the diverse business related needs of the client. With the base of operations in San Jose, California, USA, ReferAFriend.CO believes in offering viable, feasible and cost effective solutions to its clients scattered all across the globe. The company possesses a penchant for perfection and does everything possible to achieve it.

ReferAFriend.CO Offering Comprehensive Online Event and Appointment Scheduling Software at Discounted Prices for Home Based Business and Micro Business

ReferAFriend.CO has done a commendable job in offering quality software solutions to its clients at competitive rates, earning a name in the field. With its base in San Jose, California, USA, ReferAFriend.CO has established itself as the one stop destination for micro business operators that wish to manage their businesses in a highly professional manner. The Web Service software on helps micro businesses to streamline their entire business and garner new vistas for growth providing both a complete website and a storefront to manage services.

Increase Visibility for Your Business by Availing Instagram Likes

“Being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly.” As funny as this might sound, it is true that a lot of business can stand to receive a lot from being more visible on Instagram. With practically everyone having social media Accounts ad accessing them day and night, it is no surprise that marketing methods have turned online. Yet, getting Instagram likes for a business is not easy, and SatisfySocial has a team of experts who are trained and experienced for this, and aim at providing only legitimate and quality services.

Champion's Portable Toilets Announces Launch of New Sanitary Units for Construction Business at Bakersfield

Most of the people consider portable toilets as a basic necessity for any type of outdoor events such as weddings, birthday parties, festivals, concerts, fairs, sports events, festivals or construction site job. With the introduction of modern technology, there is a solution to every problem and this extends to the introduction of portable toilets. It has offered a solution for temporary outdoor toilet arrangement.

Aurora Portable Toilets Unveils Brand New Sanitary Units for Outdoor Occasions

When it comes to outdoor events, quality portable toilets rental is the key. Whether the event is held indoors or outdoors, having a good and hygienic sanitation is essential and this is for many reasons. Research has shown that having a clean environment lights up the mood of the guest and thus prolongs their stay. When planning for an event, the event organizers plan with one thing in mind- to keep the guest happy and to impress them. For this very reason they make it one of their main concerns to provide a clean and hygienic sanitation to their guest. With a proper access to toilet facility the guest will not litter around and thus keep the surroundings clean throughout the event. It will also keep the guest comfortable and help them meet their toilet needs.

5 Baby Sleep & Feeding Schedule Tips: Nicole Johnson of the Baby Sleep Site Shares Her Top Scheduling Do's and Don'ts

LogoFor many parents, when it comes to baby and toddler care, a top concern is how to develop and implement an age-appropriate daily schedule. The right daily schedule helps a family’s day remain predictable, which can be a big help to mom and dad. But the right schedule can also improve a baby or toddler’s overall sleeping habits, not to mention ensuring that a child gets adequate daily meals!

Expanded Email Marketing and Social Media Training Seminars and Webinars Available

LogoAnswering a call for more marketing training for small-to-medium businesses and non-profits, The Countess Group (, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy, today released an expanded calendar of email marketing and social media marketing workshops and seminars for June and July 2014.

Pharmaceutical Membrane Filtration Market - Application (Cell Separation, Protein Purification, Sterilization) Worth $7,960.3 Million by 2018

LogoThe global membrane filtration market for pharmaceutical is segmented on the basis of technology, application, and region. The technology segments included in the report are microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange; the application segments are cell separation, protein purification, sterilization, virus removal, and water management; while the geographic segments are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW).

Rise in Collaborations Aiding Biosimilar Development

LogoPartnerships are evolving rapidly and seem to drive the biosimilar market globally. The big pharmaceutical giants have been aggressively involved in certain agreements for early development of biosimilars soon as and when the product patent expire. Moreover, the companies have been expanding their reach and increasing their market share by the way of collaborations and agreements. For instance, Baxter International and Coherus Biosciences have entered into an exclusive collaboration to develop and commercialize a biosimilar to etanercept for Europe, Canada, Brazil. Besides, Government across the globe have been trying to explore more options for healthcare cost containment.

Financial Education Can Help Students with Pesky Loans

On Monday, June 11, President Obama signed an executive order that will help up to five million student loan borrowers, signaling a need to address the $1.2 trillion problem. However, one area that the administration did not address was financial literacy. Improving young adults understanding of financial, credit, and debt management topics will help them better understand and apply for the proper student loan.

Garrido Fences Announces Growing Staff and Employee Promotions

LogoGarrido Fences is proud of the professionalism and skill consistently delivered by their staff. One of their top performing laborers, Ben, has recently been promoted to foreman, with Ricardo, a promising new recruit, taking his place. Ben’s years as a laborer gave him the experience he needs to move into this leadership role, and Garrido Fences looks forward to seeing how these changes will benefit their clients.

Infintech Designs Launches Web Design Awareness Campaign

Business owners struggle to keep up with search engine algorithm changes as they occur so frequently. According to, as of May 2014, the Google algorithm has undergone four changes this year alone. In 2013, Google changed it 17 times, leading many business owners to fall behind. In fact, many fail to realize the website home page holds less importance now than it did in previous years, yet Infintech Designs Web Design Company states this is the case.

ezCheckPrinting: Simple Business Check Printing Software Without Monthly Fee

LogoCheck printing software developer ( understands that new business owners have a lot on their plates with expenses when running a successful establishment. So they released ezCheckPrinting software for both Windows and Mac without a monthly fee. With the new edition of ezCheckPrinting software, customers can design and print unlimited professional checks with MICR encoding and logo in house easily and inexpensively.

BackApp Now Offering No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Ergonomic Chairs

LogoBackApp is now offering a no risk 30 day money back guarantee on their High and Low Lift Ergonomic Chairs. Now only $695, this chair features a polished chrome steel frame and molded polyurethane foam seat for optimum comfort. With Low Lifts for those under 5’2” and High Lifts for average folks and giants, now anyone can enjoy ergonomic, contouring seats that support a natural posture, preventing injury and strain.

Intellectual Pats Announce Free Consultations and Patent Info to Inventors

Creative people come up with unusual ideas and new inventions daily, but they don't know what to do with their ideas, and far too many end up being stuck in the back of a desk drawer simply because of a lack of knowledge of what patents are and how they work. In the United States, a patent is essentially a form of intellectual property. The inventor (or his proxy) applies to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for what is basically a type of copyright to prohibit other people from making, selling or importing that invention for a set amount of time. In return, the inventor agrees to provide detailed public disclosure regarding what they have originated. There are utility patents, design patents, software, hardware, plant, product and invention patents. Patents generally only apply in the countries in which they've been applied for, and they usually last for 20 years. In the hopes of encouraging more people to apply for patents for the goods, technology and/or designs they've innovated, Intellectual Pats ( is currently offering a free 15 minute consultation with a qualified patent attorney to discuss the feasibility of obtaining a patent. Intellectual Pats ( also provides the latest information on patent laws and provides a directory of patent attorneys.

Private Expeditions Limited Steps Up Safety After Everest Avalanche

Private Expeditions Limited, high-altitude climbing specialists and leaders in the luxury expedition industry, announced its plans to increase its safety measures after the devastating avalanche on Mt. Everest. The company currently has existing safety systems in place that are superior to some of its competitors but plans to intensify these measures to ensure the safety of its guides.