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Elevate Customs Explodes Onto Scene with One-of-a-Kind Gaming Tables

LogoUnique elements of a home or office are what visitors remember long after they've left the premises – the touchstone pieces that tie a room together and make a lasting impression. An attractive modern pool table, or sleek table embedded with the company logo; these sorts of things are distinctive and memorable for the right reasons. They are also the bread and butter of California-based Elevate Customs, a newcomer to the industry of game tables, office tables, and furniture. February of 2016 marked their beginning, and since then the company has hit the ground running and demonstrated a substantial amount of promise for the future.

YMCA of the Greater Omaha Area Happily Utilizes 3rd Degree Screening Software for Applicant Tracking Systems

LogoHiring new personnel to a company is a complex process that requires an honest appraisal of candidates and evaluation of which applicant best serves the needs of the company. Important positions require extra review from multiple team members, further confounding the methodology. Fortunately, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have streamlined hiring processes like never before, and companies such as 3rd Degree Screening have been helping companies link up with the right ATS for their needs. Most recently their relationship with the YMCA of the Greater Omaha Area was strengthened when the organization agreed to utilize 3rd Degree's technology and integrate with the ATS iCims. The partnership is a win-win for both parties, and spells good news for the future.

A Queen Limousine Now Offering Limo Services for Summer 2014

LogoA Queen Limousine is now offering limo service in Camden County for summer 2014. The company provides airport transportation as well as wedding, prom and event services with several different vehicles available depending on the client’s needs. A Queen Limousine caters to customers with high expectations. They strive to maintain superior comfort in all their vehicles, regardless of how long the trip is. Passengers enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks in luxurious seats plus the peace of mind of knowing their driver has been trained and screened extensively to ensure the utmost safety.

Krista & Michael Promises Best Deal on Calgary Homes

LogoThose looking for a prospective real estate investment in Calgary will receive the best possible assistance from seasoned realtors such as Krista and Michael Kehoe who guarantee to find you the best deals on Calgary homes.

Pop-a-Lock Offers Quick and Professional Locksmith Services in St. Louis

LogoIt is common for anyone to misplace the house or car keys and it can be detrimental as entering the place becomes difficult. Approaching a locksmith is an effective idea since he can come up with additional security enforcements and help with installation. Besides, managing the property and belongings is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of a home.

Dishes with Fishes Ships Final Reward Packages

Dishes with Fishes, the popular KickStarter campaign that received over $35,000 last January in donations, is proud to announce the last shipment of rewards to backers. The new and improved dishes were created using a more expensive silk-screening printing process than before, as well as new blank dishes that were funded from the campaign. "The quality of dishes and inventory levels have increased significantly thanks to my 124 great backers" said artist Kim Rody. "Another unexpected benefit (of the Kickstarter campaign) was being able to decrease the dinnerware's pricing structure due to economies of scale. Because of increased quantities in printing and blanks, the per piece price went way down."

New Novel Bests NSA Spy Scandal in Outing Washington's Covert Foreign Policy Excesses

In the ongoing aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying, Peter Shadowhawk’s action-packed thriller about an out-of-control CIA couldn’t be timelier. Intense, fast-paced, and chillingly real, “The Knights of the Cold War and The Road to Bin Laden” (ISBN 0615976913) portrays a convoluted clandestine world where arrogance and egos run rampant and heroes, rogues, and psychopaths are pitted against each other on their way to putting an end to the communist menace.

Now Available Factory Direct Hot Tubs and Spas Atlanta

LogoCustom ordered, built to last hot tubs and spas are available direct to customers in Atlanta, from Alps Spas. All spas come with a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel constructed frame. The acrylic backing is environmentally safe and all spas are water-tested for twelve hours to ensure all components are properly working. Come visit the Atlanta location or call today.

Author Publishes Exciting Book Titled WhipEye Chronicles That Is Aimed at Middle and High School Students

Author Geoffrey Saign releases his latest work, “WhipEye”. This exciting fantasy/suspense/ action adventure story is the latest work of Saign. “Whip Eye” is gaining popularity with not only students but also young adults. More and more readers are turning to the fantasy/action adventure genre since the huge success of stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and others. This story by Saign not only encourages thought and adventure in readers but is also an exciting must read that puts you in an amazing adventure. Creates Online Rehab Directory for Users from Every State to Find Help

Cannabis is one of the most frequently used drugs across the world, as many feel it simply creates a heightened, altered state of awareness and calm. However, cannabis can have major side effects, especially on developing brains, and has been shown to be addictive. In fact, millions around the country suffer cannabis addiction, and need help. Now, Cannabis Rehab, an online forum support group for sufferers, has launched a rehab directory to help people get support from local establishments.

Anti-Aging Expert Discusses His Own Telomere Measurement Changes

LogoLeading telomere expert and anti-aging specialist Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD has been following his own telomere lengths for the past 5 years. The reason is to prove to himself and others that TA-65 really works.

Royal Kona Article Talks About Avoiding Stress and Conflicts on a Hawaii Family Vacation

LogoRoyal Kona Resort on Hawaii's Big Island has a historic place at the heart of Kailua Kona town, which in turn is famous for its food, desserts and particularly Kona coffee. It's the rest and shopping hub of West Hawaii, brimming with restaurants, boutiques and rentals for all conceivable types of water sports equipment and active lifestyle gear.

Get Familiar with the World of Composite Volcanoes Only at World Landforms

World Landforms is an enlightening and edifying portal dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of nature and its varied landforms and as a part of this endeavor, it familiarizes readers with the world of Composite Volcanoes by covering truths and facts associated with them.

Bunk Bed Land Introduces Brand New Bunk Beds to Make Beds Fun for Kids

When starting a family, one of the main things parents underestimate is the amount of space children take up. Despite being physically small, their requirements are huge, and their toys, clothes and other accoutrements can take over the entire house. With space at a premium, bunk beds provide an excellent way to economically allow for more children, whether they are little brothers, sisters or simply friends sleeping over. Bunk Bed Land has a new range of bunk beds on offer that offer the very best in practical space saving while also stimulating a child’s imagination.

Reliable Knoxville Dumpster Rental Company Guarantees Quickest Waste Removal Solutions

When it came to waste removal in Knoxville, residents often had difficulty to get the accumulated waste removed from their property quickly and efficiently. This was due to the reason that there was no decent service provider. However, that was a thing of the past. Now with the availability of efficient service provider’s people can easily locate a reliable company and get their garbage removed quickly without any hassles. One among the best service providers in the region is the Knoxville dumpster rental company. This particular company is reliable and competent and is always ready to handle any waste removal problem.

Laredo Dumpster Rental Ensures Quick Pick Up and Delivery Service

There are several dumpster rental services available in Laredo. One of the best amongst the various services providers is the Laredo dumpster rental company. This company is one of the most leading suppliers of dumpster throughout the nation. The company has built itself a name in the industry by providing efficient and reliable service in the entire region. Because of their commitment to service and their reliability, they continue to exceed their customers’ expectations each time. In addition, the company also offers better pricing in the industry and this is one of the reasons why their services are mostly demanded by the customers. The company’s fees for dumpster and other services are very reasonably priced. The prices offered by the company are probably the lowest that one can find in the market.

Lincoln Dumpster Rental Offers Swift Delivery and Swift Pick Up Service

The number of dumpster rental companies has amplified in Lincoln over the years. Therefore, residents can locate a service provider without any difficulty whenever they require dumpster rental service to remove the waste from their property. However, all the service providers do not cater equal services. It is therefore important to know which service provider to rent from whenever it is required. Customers may look for the service provider that offers excellent services at the most affordable rate. The Lincoln dumpster rental is one of the most reliable and efficient service providers in the region.

Efficient Clean Up Service Offered by Lubbock Dumpster Rental Company

When it comes to renting dumpster for various purposes, it is always important to do a proper research first. There are several reasons why people should look for an efficient and reliable dumpster rental service. In order to make a smart search, people are encouraged to compare the price quotes and service features of various service providers in the area.

Madison Dumpster Rental Company Reveals Advantages of Dumpster Trucks

Whenever people embark on any type of home improvement projects either for office purposes or at home, a huge quantity of waste is produced after the job is done. This type of large quantity of waste can be removed only with the assistance of professionals help. When people try to deal with the garbage cans on their own, it may often result the waste to spill over.

Safe and Intensive Cleaning with Maid Naturally's All Natural Cleaners in Spokane

Maid Naturally, a well-recognized provider of licensed, bonded and insured residential cleaning and maid services, is also known for ensuring safe and intensive cleaning with their wide range of all natural cleaners in Spokane. The offered inventory includes leather and stainless cleaners, mirror and glass cleaners, all-purpose cleansers, leather and stainless cleaners, soft cleansing scrub and abrasive scrubs.

Voices4Peru Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Promote Education & Human Rights

LogoVoices4Peru has been serving the community of Ventanilla, Perú since 2001. Community development through wraparound concepts of bringing services to the community has been the focal point of Voices4Peru, Inc. Passionately fighting against modern day child slave labor, human, sex, and child slave labor trafficking, while providing education unite Voices4Peru's mission to bring safety & equality to all.

Kustom Koozies Offers Monthly Give Away to Fight Cancer

Kustom Koozies is offering to support one Cancer event per month with 100 Free Can Coolers to fight Cancer.

Stretch Recipes Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Help Everyone Eat Better and Save More

LogoThe entire Stretch Recipes team is on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more. They are starting by building a Food App that will help users eat better and save more without lots of planning and without blowing their budget. Stretch pairs their cash on hand or budget with delicious, easy to make nutritional chef recipes and coupons. This app will be available for Web, iOS, and Android.

Carl Ceder Earns Recognition from American Registry

LogoLeading Texas trial lawyer Carl David Ceder has been recognized as one of North America's Top Attorney by American Registry. It was the popular news show "Recognizing Excellence" that aired the news of his hard-earned recognition.

NYC's Central Park Haunted Ghost Whispers Discovered

Amid the sounds of birds singing, people laughing and children playing are some strange ghostly voices emanating from New York's own Central Park says Pete and Stew Kandel (know ans Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka New York's Ghost Doctors.

IT's the Summer Sale at

LogoAquarium led lighting, protein skimmers, apex controllers and other saltwater aquarium supplies are now available at 20% less than their regular cost at Products of reputable manufacturers like AquaIllumination, Maxspect, Reef Octopus, Deepwater Aquatics, Bubble Magus, Tunze, ATI, Ecotech Marine, Coralvue, NextReef, Aquafx, Red Sea, Eheim, Seachem, Boyd Enterprises, Kessil Lighting, Aquamaxx and Neptune Systems are on sale.

Serial Entrepreneur Omar Isaac Invents a Revolutionary Augmented Reality Hat That May Actually Beat Google Glass at Its Own Game

LogoSerial entrepreneur and inventor Omar Isaac is quickly becoming a familiar figure in and around NYC, thanks to his extraordinary creation HattrickWear: An Augmented Reality hat that comes with an extension to plug-in a mobile device and allow users to interact with phone’s screen and camera via two reflecting prisms.