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Anticoccidial Market Has the Potential to Reach USD 1,180 Million - Market Data Forecast Analysis

LogoAccording to the report Anticoccidial Market, published by Market Data Forecast, the Global market is projected to reach USD 1,179 million by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.61% from 2017 to 2022.

S2C Delivers S10 GX 2800 Prodigy Rapid FPGA Prototyping Solution with Unsurpassed Capacity and Scalability

LogoS2C Inc., a world leader in FPGA-based prototyping solutions for today's innovative designs, has announced the development of a new family called the S10 2800 Prodigy™ Logic Modules based on the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 2800 FPGA. The S10 2800 Prodigy Logic Modules (LMs) are developed for designs requiring large capacity and very fast efficiency. Just as with other Prodigy Logic Modules, the S10 System comes enclosed in a unique low-profile modular chassis that fits all components—FPGA board, extendable power control module, and power supply—into a single unit for maximum flexibility, durability, and portability.

Retail Industry Leaders Association Identifies Retail Megatrends

LogoRILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) and Forum for the Future's Retail Horizons identified twenty-two megatrends. Some of these megatrends were profiled in Delivery Excellence including:

RPE Enhances Alliance with JDA Software as Authorized Reseller

RPE is kicking off the year with two events to enhance its Authorized Reseller alliance with JDA Software. RPE has been providing strategic and tactical JDA consulting services since 1999. Implementing, managing and hosting JDA Software retail solutions, RPE specializes in JDA Merchandise Management System, JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management, JDA Advanced Replenishment, JDA Enterprise Planning, JDA Allocation, JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis and WinDSS support.

Pcdata USA ProMat Education Session March 25th Focuses on Affordable Order Fulfillment Automation

LogoPcdata USA presents an important educational seminar, titled, "Order Fulfillment Automation - Low Cost Options," on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM in Theater C. Seminar attendees will gain deeper insights on how to develop a thorough and holistic assessment of automation options. There are many affordable technologies available that can help small to medium-sized operations implement automation with quick ROI's; most managers are not aware of the options available and the new technologies. As e-commerce grows, the consumer demands quicker deliveries, and the number of SKUs increases.

Universal Funding, a Prominent Invoice Factoring Company, Responds to the President's 2015 Economic Report

The Council of Economic Advisers recently released the 69th-annual Economic Report of the President, which reviews the United States' accelerating recovery. According to the report, the economy is recovering from the Great Recession at an increasing pace, growing at an annual rate of 2.8 percent over the past two years, compared with 2.1 percent over the first three-and-a-half years of the recovery. The increase is especially noticeable in the labor market, where job gains have reached a pace not seen since the 1990s.

Jewelbox Display & Supply Co. Now Announces the Availability of Jewelry Display Boxes

LogoAn interesting way of displaying any item leads to attracting more and more people to that particular object. Items like jewelry pieces need to be displayed in the most beautiful way to catch the customer's attention. Thus, Jewelbox Display & Supply Co. now announces the availability of jewelry display boxes in exciting designs. Well-organized jewelry pieces always generate excitement and interest among customers. This further leads to increased sales and a demand for the item in the market.

Number 1 Unlock Launches Unbeatable New Special Offers for Phone Unlocking

Number 1 Unlock unveiled more than twenty new special offers good for the company's industry-leading phone unlocking services. Listed in a dedicated section at the Number 1 Unlock website, these specials entitle customers to discounts of up to 50% off the company's otherwise unbeatable regular prices. With a 100% money-back guarantee, guaranteed lowest prices, and the fastest service in the industry, Number 1 Unlock is the best way of all to factory unlock iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, and other mobile devices, allowing owners to use them on any compatible network.

Award-Winning Author J. Lloyd Morgan Launches Kickstarter Project to Create a Novel Based on Short Story "Howler King"

LogoFollowing on the heels of his very well received short story "Howler King", Mr. Morgan intends to roll out a full-length novel building upon the groundwork he set in the original story. Everyone is encouraged to read the short story -

The 99 Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New, Politically-Based Music

LogoThe goal of The 99 is to bring about political change through the medium of music.  According to the group, "The goal of this project is to get messages of the need for change out to the American people through music.  Messages that reinforce and promote dialog regarding issues they are already feeling and thinking about….. Music that speaks to the need for socio/political change in this country we all love, America."

LONGEVITY Now Announces the Availability of Plasma Cutters at the Most Reduced Prices

With their reputation as one of the leading suppliers of welding equipment, LONGEVITY now announces the availability of plasma cutters at the most reduced prices. Individuals can easily get their desired plasma cutter through the company's online store where they have organized their plasma cutters for sale. The wide range of cutters that individuals can get through their sale includes PLASMAPRO 100, FORCECUT 80i, FORCECUT 60i, FORCECUT 80i and PLASMAPRO 100. All the plasma cutters that the company is offering are inscribed with the Pilot Arc feature. Through this Pilot Arc, individuals will get assistance in easily cutting expanded metal that has rough surfaces.

On Shore Construction and Mechanical Expands to Carry Four Tankless Hot Water Heaters

According to area statistics, an increasing number of homes are converting to tankless or "on-demand" hot water heaters as a means to not only save money, but also, to add value to their homes, gain space and eliminate the threat of water damage that accompanies aging traditional hot water tanks. With this in mind, On Shore Construction and Mechanical, a Bay area plumber that has provided reliable, affordable plumbing solutions for San Francisco Bay area residents for over 30 years, is keeping pace with ever changing consumer demand, and has now expanded their services and inventory to provide Bay area communities with the four most often asked for tankless hot water heaters.

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. Featuring Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. is a window manufacturing, installation and servicing organization located on Black Horse Pike in Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey. They have been serving in and around South Jersey since 1995. New Window Factory Sales, Inc. manufactures, ships, installs and maintains a wide selection of custom windows that are guaranteed for the entire life of the house they're installed within.

FreedomPlus Attracts Emerging Prime Borrowers and Investors

LogoWith the increasing popularity of personal loans, (TBC) constantly monitors changes in policies, interest rates, and customer satisfaction to provide helpful insight to those looking for a personal loan.

Showcasing Women Announces New Ownership and Renewed Commitment to Women Business Owners

LogoToday Founder, Suzanne Duret, announced a winner in her quest for giving the business away to someone wishing to carry forward its mission to help entrepreneurial women succeed.

Roman World Wide Transportation Presents the Opportunity to Start a Quote Online

Roman World Wide Transportation, a limo service orange county, now offers the opportunity for clients to start a quote online. Using this feature, clients find they are able to obtain a free quote in a matter of minutes as representatives remain available around the clock to assist customers. Individuals in need of a limo rental orange county should take advantage of this feature to simplify the rental process, whether one needs personal or business transportation.

Watch Box Co., a Leading Watch Box Supplier, Now Offering Travel Watch Cases at Competitive Prices

LogoAiming to help clients travel safely with their watches, Watch Box Co. now offers an array of travel watch case at competitive prices. The company offers an extensive line of watch cases that is stylish and will add class to your travel accessories. Now users can stop worrying about their expensive watches as travel watch cases are there to keep them safe wherever they go. The elegant look of these watch cases makes them an appropriate gift item for any occasion. The watch cases provided by the company are available in various sizes, styles, colors and finishing.

Divinity Clergy Wear Now Offering 8-Button Branded Collar Suit with Custom Monogramming

LogoEaster is a little over a month away, and not many things will make clergy members look more official that Sunday than a name and title monogrammed on a brand new suit. Therefore, to help clergy members look their best this Easter Sunday, Divinity Clergy Wear is now offering an 8-button branded collar suit that comes with a custom monogramming option.

Financial Security Startup to Monitor Stolen Data in Next Breach

It seems like you can't blink without hearing about a case of credit or debit card fraud. According to the Department of Justice, 23.7% of households in the United States were victimized by identity theft in 2010 - a number that has continued to grow since and shows no signs of stopping.

Individuals Suffering from Unjust Personal Injury Are Urged to Contact the Law Offices of Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. This March

Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. is a firm of personal injury attorneys with offices operating out of Media, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the 2015 winter season, they are offering their services to any individuals suffering from unjust personal injury in Philadelphia and Media, PA, and many of the surrounding regions.

First Business Flights Now Offers Cheap International Business Class Flights

Preserving their top position as one of the most reputed providers of cheap flight tickets, First Business Flights is now enabling their customers with services for cheap business class flights. With their affordable tickets, individuals can get assistance in planning a trip that is both affordable and exciting. The business class deals the company offers include cheap flight tickets for business class to Russia. Not just Russia, individuals can also enjoy their trip to various international destinations with the company's cheap flights.

UAC General Contractors Offer the Best Kitchen Remodeling Service in California

LogoThe house is the most valuable asset for any person. Keeping this in mind most people spends the most in maintaining the house in order to get long benefits from it in the future. Maintenance of the house can be done by updating some features of the house or by undertaking a remolding project. Sometimes addition of rooms also gives a new look to the house. All such makeovers upgrade the value of the house. However, for all these purposes one needs a reliable contractor. The UAC General contractor is one such reliable contractor for the people of California who cater all the above mentioned needs. They have licensed local contractors who concentrate on whatever work they do in order to get the best result. They are known to deal with the latest products available on the market which are highly beneficial for any home remodeling. They also work with the top quality building materials.

'Water Damage Culver City' Offers Water Damage Services in CA

LogoFor the third time in four years, water is rising over the curb on McDonald Street in the Sunkist Park area of Culver City. Both Culver City Fire Department and Golden State Water are on the scene, attempting to discover the break so they can stop the water.  Residents are urged to call a water damage company before the water recedes in order to contain hazardous mold.

Kickstarter Campaign to Produce a Tour Featuring Two Generations of Russian Ballet Stars

LogoU.S. audiences will have a rare opportunity to see two a performance created by two generations of Russian ballet stars if Metro Detroit-based Producer Laura Lee successfully raises $38,000 in a Kickstarter campaign.

Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers TIG Welder at Discounted Rates

Reflecting their prominent position as one of the global providers of welding equipment, Longevity Global Inc. now presents their wide range of TIG welder for sale, where individuals can get their desired TIG welder at the most discounted prices. The wide range of welding equipment that the company has organized in their sale includes TIGWELD 250EX, TIGWELD 200EX, TIGWELD 200D, TIGWELD 200i, TIGWELD 200SX and much more. Besides enabling customers with the affordable sale, the company has also provided step by step assistance for their customers, which will help them obtain their desired TIG Welder., a Trusted Online Store, Now Offers USA Built Massage Chair

LogoThe modern lifestyle has mechanized people and nowadays they hardly get time to unwind. So, they are more prone to health issues due to sheer exhaustion. To help people relax in their home with effective results,, a trusted online store, now offers its latest high-engineered USA built massage chair. The massaging chair has been designed especially to provide massage at exact pressure points, resulting in an optimum relaxing experience. The leading company imports their massage equipment from some of the best distributors and brands around the world. So, go ahead and order online if you are seeking a relaxing experience with no side effects.

Educate Offend Launches WTF Technology App for Smart Devices

LogoEducate Offend ( has launched their new WTF Technology app promoting technology literacy and critical thinking while also possibly offending the user's sensibilities.