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City Tap House in University City Announces 2016 Pumpkin Smash Event

LogoCity Tap House in University City is pleased to announce their 2016 Pumpkin Smash Event. Starting at 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 9, 2016, this award-winning bar and restaurant in University City will be offering over 25 pumpkin beers on tap and delicious pumpkin-inspired brunch dishes. Tickets are available for $10.00 and include one complimentary beer and a specialty glass. City Tap House in University City strongly encourages guests to get to the venue before, or at 1:00, to witness the tapping of a 200lb pumpkin keg.

LEM Products, Inc. CEO Maureen O'Connor Attends Trump Speech at Union League of Philadelphia

LogoLEM Products, Inc. a Doylestown, PA-based manufacturer of custom and standard printed safety labels, is more than merely a company. LEM Products, Inc. strives to be a responsible community member, whether through providing custom safety tags to local utility companies or developing innovative strategies for business development. The leadership of CEO Maureen O'Connor has established LEM Products, Inc. as a leader in the Philadelphia business community.

Bouncy Bands: Latest Breakthrough for Students to Focus in School

When you think about it, asking an elementary school-aged child to sit still and concentrate on class work is a lot to expect. Kids have energy and they need to move and we’re not just talking about the 19 million children with ADHD, anxiety disorders or learning disabilities.

The Miami Movers Offer Moving Services Tailored to Clients' Needs

The Miami Movers a family owned and reputable storage and moving company serving the Miami and South Florida region, as well as cross country and internationally are offering comprehensive moving solutions including:

Graphic Novel Delivers "Safe" Danger

New and creative ways to get youngsters interested in reading is James Mascia's passion. The High School English teacher has a talent for writing comics and novels for children and teenagers. His latest title, “The Most Dangerous Game” is an adaptation and extension of Richard Connell's 1924 short story by the same title.

Centurion Index: An on-Line Marketplace for High-End, Luxury Items

If you’re searching for high-end, luxury items and would like the convenience of shopping on-line, Centurion Index is the place to go.

La Caja China BBQ Grill Boxes Now Offers Cleaner, Fresher… Website

LogoAfter nearly 30 years of success with their innovative La Caja China roasting box, Robert Guerra and his team are changing it up a bit.  The roaster has been endorsed by celebrity chefs and even featured on major networks such as the Food Network, but the most recent good news has to do with their website.  Now the company not only offers an exceptional product, but a website to match.  Customers can look for cooking worksheets, meat cut charts, recipes, and discounts in an easy-to-navigate site.

Crowdfunding - 7.8 Million for a Cooler

LogoThe hottest wave of social media to jump start any company is KickStarter, a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. According to their website, KickStarter has received over $1 billion in pledges from 5.7 million donors to fund 135,000 projects including films, music, video games, and foodrelated projects.

Tourist Arrivals in Florida Seen to Increase This Year

Tourism is expected to grow substantially this year in Florida, with governor Rick Scott’s recent revelation that the tourism sector in Florida made history at least in the first three months of the year.

Grammy Award-Winning Artist Raymond Reeder Releases New Hit Single

LogoRaymond Reeder could truly be described as an all-around great musician.  He sings, writes his own music, plays and produces all styles of music.  He loves to focus on the positive aspects of life and provide support and hope to all who enjoy his music.  His fans have rewarded him with a loyal following and he is honored with a Grammy for producing Yolanda Adams CD entitled “The Experience.  Now, Reeder releases his latest hit single, entitled "Alright," as a download on his website at

iDreams Shop Offers a Collection of Contemporary Jewelry for Couples

Jewelry is the best thing that can express love. Nothing pleases one more than being gifted with an exclusive piece of jewelry by the loved one. These days, couples have a romantic way of showing their affection for each other. They can now do it through the use of appropriate jewelry. A matching pair of jewelry worn by a couple can be a token of love. While long before the only jewelry men could be seen wearing was a ring, in the present times there is a number of things that men can wear. Bracelets and necklaces and rings are not just for women, but for men too. Moreover, the fact that men too have a fascination for jewelry has made the concept of couples’ jewelry all the more easier. iDreams Shop is an online store that offers a massive collection of contemporary jewelry sets for couples. The collection showcases different types of jewelry which include rings, necklaces, bracelets, and key chains for couples.

Floating MIGHTY Speaker Withstands the Elements

A beach-worthy Bluetooth speaker, called the MIGHTY Speaker, will enter the marketplace capable of being used in the shower or on a boat or pool due to its ability to withstand water, sand and dust. This innovation will not skimp on music or other audio quality, as it's capable of defying elemental exposure and aquatic assaults. There's nothing comparable in its class.

Very Sneakers: The Legit Sneakers Search Engine is a recently launched website that allows its users to search for legit sneakers from trusted stores and well-known brands in one go. The creators of the website are a group of people who call themselves “crazy sneakers fans”, they also believe that life is too short for wearing shoes that are unadventurous and plain, and therefore they have created a website that will help sneakers lovers like themselves locate the best sneakers the world has to offer.

Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-the-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: Will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

LogoThe purpose of this press release is to announce that Adam Paul Green (MXI Corp Ambassador, Xocai Founding Distributor and XO-Lifestyle-Worldwide “Inner Circle” Member) will host the online meeting/webinar from his virtual office discussing the following: August 13th Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-THE-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

New Website Helps, Aims to Cure Painful Ovarian Cyst for Women

A mother from the USA named Tiffany started a new blog on how you can cure ovarian cysts naturally giving tips on how to diagnose, treat, and cure ovarian cysts this week called Ovarian Cyst Rescue

Artisans Linked, LLC to Launch Its New Website Called in July 2014

LogoArtisans Linked, LLC is an established company that launched its new website called in July 2014 to people interested in quality jewelry and fundraising opportunity. The aim of the website is to provide an ever-changing collection of high-end .925 sterling silver designs, fashion pieces and artisan creations.

Two Texas Parks & Wildlife Properties Achieve International 'Dark Sky' Status

LogoTexas state parks remain among the few public places in one of the nation’s most populous and increasingly urbanized states where the starry heavens can be viewed in all their celestial glory with only minimal intrusion of artificial light. Copper Breaks State Park in the Panhandle Plains and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in the Hill Country are the first Texas state parks to be designated International Dark Sky Parks by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Discount Auto Parts Retailer Parts Geek Surpasses 5,850 Reviews for Toyota Parts

LogoParts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is happy to announce that they have recently surpassed 5,850 reviews for Toyota parts on their user-friendly website. Those who visit their website will also be pleased to find a 4.9 out of 5 star rating for their Toyota products.

Responsive Web Design and ASP.NET MVC Development Company in Europe, InGenium Lic. Offers Designing Tips for E-Commerce to Generate More Traffic Responsive Web Design and ASP.NET MVC Development Company in Europe, InGenium Lic. is a premier name in the industry of web design and development. InGenium Lic. Employs a team of experts who have a vast knowledge about the industry and blessed with highly creative minds. Since the e-commerce sector is at a boom the team announced few changes in the layout of the websites that can make all the difference and generate a huge traffic.

Independent Erotica Author Writes About His Real-Life Sexual Adventures Publishes Groundbreaking Book in Chinese Mandarin

British independent author EH Watson is offering a 67% discount on his four bestselling transgender erotica books [his Ladyboy Erotic Vacation Series] until midnight of September 5 for a 30 day period. All books are now available to purchase for just $1 dollar each. The first of these books, entitled 'My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation' is now also available in Chinese Mandarin. EH Watson is one of the few (if not only) erotica authors to see the future potential of a 1 billion+ Chinese market. The Chinese edition is initially available on Smashwords. All books are published and also available on Amazon, Smashwords, and other major platforms.

Hellbounce: First Volume of 'The ARC Chronicles' Takes Readers to Hell and Back, as Author Matthew W. Harrill Is Hailed "Next Stephen King"

While most authors use their debut release to simply test the literary waters, British author Matthew W Harrill is rapidly proving that a first novel is also an opportunity to a rival a genre’s bestsellers. Boasting an intricate narrative that thrusts readers from normality to the confusing world of evil, Harrill has stormed the scene with gusto.

SAPD Launch Their New Branded Phone Charger - Dead Mobiles Will Be a Thing of the Past

SAPD the well know promotional items supplier based in Bovingdon is proud to announce its latest innovative, brand able product, the PowerBank. Set to become one of 2014's most popular promotional items. The PowerBank both promotes your company's brand and provides exceptional functionality to you potential customers.

Safety Footwear Store Brings Range of Safety Boots, Shoes and Trainers to Market

As companies from all industries strive to improve the safety of their workers, a Derbyshire company presents a one stop shop safety footwear store which offers a safety boot, safety shoe and safety trainer for every hazardous environment along with supplying the world’s first range of ladies safety footwear.

Art School Television Slated for Launch

A TV channel devoted to art and art instruction with daily live broadcasts, reports, shows and interviews related to painting, sculpture and other genres of art is slated to go live on television. Operating under the name Tokkun Academy, this venture will expand upon the existing online art school for professionals and its current extensive DVD platform.

Dr. Dorina Cosgrove of Desert Med Aesthetics Joins IMAHelps to Provide Medical Aid to Underserved Populations

Dr. Dorina Cosgrove, the owner and director of Desert Med Aesthetics, a medical spa in Indian Wells, CA, is donating 10 days of her time to serve the underprivileged people of El Salvador. Dr. Cosgrove generously donates her time working for the International Medical Alliance (IMAHelps) as the Assistant Surgery Team Director and the Mission Site Evaluator. Dr. Dorina has provided anesthesia for surgeons, helping with hundreds of operations while in San Salvador. The El Salvador mission is based in the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador which is also the most densely populated city in El Salvador. The mission starts on July 24 and will be serving patients till Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014.

BootstrapMaster Offers Highly Responsive Origin Admin - WebApp Bootstrap Admin Template

BootstrapMaster is acclaimed for the new age range of Bootstrap themes. Among them you can find highly responsive Origin Admin – WebApp Bootstrap Admin Template developed in accordance with the latest edition of the Bootstrap (3.1.1). Origin;s immensely responsive design enables it to be easily adjusted to the requirements of the user. No matter if it’s planned to being used on a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. Besides that, transparent code and file structure, sets apart Origin from other Twitter Bootstrap Admin templates and gives users fastest ever speed for app download.

CRMnext Features in the NASSCOM 2014 Product Excellence Matrix

CRMnext, a leading global CRM (Customer relationship Management) product company with practice leadership in more than eightindustry verticals, has been recognised as theonly ‘Full Fledged CRM’ software product company in ‘EXEMPLAR’ Quadrant of the NASSCOM 2014 Product Excellence Matrix. NASSCOM, in association with Frost & Sullivan, releases the Product Excellence Matrix (PEM) as an important industry position indicator of Indian software products that have achieved strategic approach and excellence to growth.