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Schneider National Is Hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Career Fair

LogoGet My Vet a Job Career Event - Companies Coming Together! Get My Vet a Job announces Schneider National will be a part of the Get My Vet a Job Career Event on August 28th, 2015.

Joy Reiche Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Support Pendo Kenia Kids

LogoJoy Reiche is the founder of Pendo Kenia e.V, a non-profit organization that she started in Germany to support her father's non-profit organization "Forum for Orphans Malindi" in Kenya. Since many years, Joy has been inspired and influenced by her father's love, care, and spirited tenacity to help underprivileged children. Since 2003, Joy's father has helped over 2,500 orphaned and deprived children by providing them education and food.

Esquire Transfers Introduces Unmatched Luxury in Your Travels

Providing the quality transport solutions, Esquire Transfers enjoys an edge over the peers. With a view to enhance the overall experience of travelling from airports to the destinations or visa-versa, the company now introduces unmatched luxury in their gold coast to Brisbane airport transfers.

Nikon D7100 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2013

The holiday season is coming soon, and the renowned camera manufacturer, Nikon has some good offer for the holiday makers. The company is offering their Nikon D7100 at unbelievable prices through the forthcoming Nikon D7100 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2013. One can buy this camera at a highly discounted price for his own use or can gift it to someone, particularly a person who is more interested in photography. The website Weekly Price Deals reveals everything about the deal and maintains that the camera is made particularly for people who are the real photography enthusiasts.

PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2013

The date of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals is fast approaching and the website Weekly Price Deals brings all details about the PlayStation 4 console deal that any online video gamer would never want to miss. The forthcoming PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2013 could be a great treat for any gamer who is an ardent fan of PlayStation games. This Wireless Controller is the top PS4 accessory that helps users to enjoy a multi-player game with a great satisfaction.

FiveStead.Com and It'S Charitable Ways Setting an Example Through Good Corporate Social Responsibility

(FiveStead.Com), a business operating in the micro job and employment niche provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of small services to communicate and complete mutually beneficial transactions that provide each party with value. Their online platform is clear to understand with intuitive navigation offering community members many specific categories where services can be marketed and located. Marketplace sellers are charged one of the lowest commission rates per transaction compared to other operators in this niche, buyers pay no fees for transactions and membership is free for both buyers and sellers.

Alexander Appraisal & Estate Services Announces New One-Stop Estate Liquidation Service

Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services offer a One-Stop Estate Liquidation Service. This personalized professional service allows people to achieve maximum returns with minimal stress by utilizing one single company. Literally, One Call Does It All!

How to Heal Kidney Disease - New Ebook Program

Now there is a way people can learn how to heal kidney disease with a new ebook program available. This is the first program of its kind that actually gives people the hope of healing their kidney problems and actually gaining back kidney function.

The Wicked StepMomster Wants Moms Doing Less While Kids Do More

Toss out all of those serious parenting references and every book that dictates the best way to rear children. The Wicked Stepmomster, in her maiden offering, Fat Kids Can’t Clean Chimneys: How To Turn Your Sack of Lazy Into Works Like Crazy ( Amazon ), has penned an indispensable and funny (slim and tipsy) volume in a series that promises to make you re-think everything that Parents Who Want To Be Liked have said and done. In concise, tweet-like form, this book encourages adults to live instead of sacrificing themselves upon the pyre of bake sales, soccer games and Suzuki classes. A chore done by a child is a drink sipped by an adult. Buy this book, let your child labor force make you a martini and watch as the joy in your life and your free time multiply tenfold.

An Essential Guide for Cat Owners -

Owning a cat can be tricky as they are not exactly as expressive as dogs are and although there is a lot of awareness about dog caring, there is not much about taking care of or feline friends. As its name suggests, is a comprehensive online guide that contains tips, advice and techniques needed to raise a kitten well.

Health and Nutrition During the Holidays

Holiday meals bring out favorite dishes that are only prepared once a year including sweets, creamy soups, and plenty of pie at family gatherings. But instead of stuffing ourselves with guilt, below are some tips to monitor nutrition and stay on track with dieting during the holiday season.

We Are Our World Crowdfunding Project Launched

LogoBelieving that inherently people are good and they will rise to the occasion when given an incentive Stuart White, Founder, CEO and President of We Are Our World (WAOW) has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo with a goal of $25,000. WAOW is a community of giving whereby members earn complimentary contribution credits, and WAOW Bucks, that allow them to donate to their choice of over 830 thousand charities. The credits are earned when purchases at fifteen to ninety percent off of retail are made in the WAOW Insider Section of website through local and soon to be national retailers and merchants. At the time of purchase, ten percent of each transaction will go toward the member’s favorite choice of charities.

Restaurant Catering Trend on Rise in Idaho

With over 2,941 locations, Idaho restaurants are projected to generate $1.9 billion in sales this year, according to the National Restaurant Association. A growing number of Idaho restaurants are adding drop-off catering to increase profits and diversify operations.

Another Good Reason to Eat Healthy

Eating more fruit and vegetables, while avoiding red or processed meat has always been assumed to be a healthy dietary practice.Now, there is one more evidence to support this long-held axiom. Presented during a recent annual American Society of Human Genetics 2013 meeting, a study involving nearly 20,000 people found that eating more fruit, vegetables, and fiber, while avoiding red or processed meat, can decrease the risk of developing colon cancer, one of the most common cancer affecting Americans today. In fact, the researchers postulate a genetic basis for which this may be occurring.

The Skin Spa of Newnan Dermatology Hosts "the Little Black Dress Event" Featuring Life Coach and Speaker Corby Carlin Winters

The Skin Spa of Newnan Dermatology will host a special event featuring motivational speaker Corby Carlin Winters on Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. “The Little Black Dress Event” will feature, special discounts, live product demonstrations and raffles prizes.

Now Michael Kors's Designer Handbags Are Available Online

Regardless of whether girls desired to have a Michael Kors purse together with the conventional style, or expect to possess the hottest style design, she might constantly have the ability to obtain the various selections of purses in michaelkors outlet. Like a matter of reality, among several bags, lots of girls will get confused regarding their perfect alternative. Therefore, she must confine the choices based on her taste. Girls may get a few unique kinds of MichaelKors purses like hobos, satchels, clutches, customers, and flap bags. It is essential to obtain a little time for one to create which particular design will produce the absolute most powerful unbelievable outcomes.

Travel Agency Fox World Travel Predicts Group Vacations Growth in 2014

Fox World Travel, Wisconsin’s leading vacation travel agency, continues to offer clients superb customer service, time-savings and added values when it comes to vacation planning.

Huntington Surf and Sport Sponsors Surf Demo Day

Huntington Surf and Sport, located at the Huntington Beach pier and online at, sponsored its second annual Surfline Surf Demo Day on Saturday, September 14, 2013, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the first block of Main Street. Announces Growing Interest in Bayeux Tapestries, a progressive online distributor of high quality woven wall tapestries, proudly announces a marked increase in customer interest with regard to the Bayeux Tapestry collection. The company has shipped literally thousands of high quality replica wall tapestries to satisfied customers across the country and throughout the world. No other online distributor of wall art provides such an extensive selection of beautiful interior décor wall art than Save On Tapestries. The company has experienced steadily traffic increases to their website located online at Much of this increased traffic has been attributed to a growing consumer interest in beautiful Bayeux Tapestry.

M&A: Due Diligence Analysis when Buying a Company - Corporate Law

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and London – conclude: Someone acquiring a company always has a disadvantage in comparison with the vendor of the company in terms of vital company information such as earnings or sales. That is why the Due Diligence process has been developed for buyers. In practice, Due Diligence means “taking necessary caution”. This also establishes the measure of a Due Diligence analysis.

Introducing a Wide New Range of Energy-Efficient Lamp Glass Shade

Lamps Clinic has been serving their customers throughout California for lamp parts and lighting fixtures since 1993. They have countless fashionof lighting fixtures and lamp parts for vending and also offer lamps repairing service.

Insurance Advisors Prepares for Covered California

LogoInsurance Advisors is a company that has been serving the need for quality and affordable health insurance in California for 22 years. Now, as individual health insurance in California as well as group California health insurance plans undergo radical changes, Insurance Advisors is preparing to work with new programs such as Covered CA, part of the new Affordable Care Act’s mandates and slated to be the next large California health insurance plan.

InDemand Web Solutions Launches Brand and Print Design Services

Many web design firms limit their services to online designs, but this may be a mistake. Creating a visually-appealing real estate web design can satisfy a service need, but what about the companies that sell tangible products? A great web site can draw in Internet customers, but ultimately people have to buy real items in a real world.

American Cab Introduces Corporate Transportation Packages

American Cab provides taxi service for the entire Coachella Valley. This Palm Springs taxi service offers 24-hour dispatch throughout the desert area. For Palm Desert taxi service as well as Hot Springs taxi transportation, American Cab, located at , has become the top Palm Springs taxi service providing transportation to this area.

Douglass Door Service Helps California Homeowners Prevent Injury

Douglass Door Service provides a 25-point inspection that takes in all parts of residential garage doors to check for possible points of danger. Douglass Door Service provides this thorough inspection because the company knows how easy it is for adults and children to be hurt or killed by garage doors.

California Car Insurance Rates Among Slowest to Increase

The cost of living in California is one of the highest in the country, especially given housing and fuel prices. Many Californians complain about the high prices of almost everything, especially near large urban areas. However, there is one area in which Californians have benefited greatly in terms of relative cost, and that is in the area of auto insurance. EIS Insurance is able to offer the best prices on auto insurance in California due to the fact that the company’s independent agents are able to choose among many different companies to find the best rates.

H3 Assist Helps Patients and Families Transition to Assisted Living

H3 Assist is helping patients and families transition to assisted living, helping patients to get acclimated to their new living arrangements. With the help of H3 Assist, families do not have to face this scary transition alone.