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Global Physical Security Software Market Manufacturer 2017 – MoboTour, Milestone

LogoIntense Research published today its Physical Security Software Market Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior, demographics, and preferences, as well as a complete account of industry trends in the worldwide Physical Security Software market in 2017. This latest edition of the industry-leading report presents several new datasets and analyses including an expanded list of new states. The report captures key observations of local, regional and national Physical Security Software in both residential and commercial markets.

Global Coffee Market - Insights and Trends 2016 - 2024

LogoZion Market Research recently added a new report on "Coffee Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2016–2024" in their database which includes the in-depth analysis and global forecast for the market. The Coffee Market report also covers the major growth factors, key trends, opportunities and major company profiles.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts Issues Alert: New Mothers Should Take Care of Themselves

It is no secret that a woman will experience a lot of changes with her body after giving birth. The biggest changes are often not the result of pregnancy and childbirth, but with the hectic schedule new mothers are forced to endure. The professionals at Nouri Face and Body Concepts want all mothers to know that they understand the sacrifices women make are because they want to be the best mothers possible. However, studies have shown that women who are happy and feel good about themselves are often able to be healthier, better organized and more relaxed. For this reason, the stylish spa is encouraging all new mothers in the area to come in and experience the pampering they deserve.

GeckoRed Waterproof Phone Case: Peace of Mind While You Are Fishing

GeckoRed, a rapidly growing company, and expert in manufacturing waterproof mobile phone accessories, is happy to announce the launch of His and Her 2 pack waterproof phone case ideal for any kind of water activities especially fishing.

Pacific Auto Parts Celebrate Being in Business for over a Decade

One of Otago's leading car wrecking and cash for car companies - Pacific Auto Parts - recently celebrated a huge milestone for their business. Their well known and trusted car wrecking company has now been in business for over 10 years now and the team recently celebrated by getting together and brainstorming where they want the business to go in the future.

Where 3D Printing Technology Is Heading To: Reduced Costs, More Revenue, More Novel Ideas

LogoWith a number of companies going 3D, adding up the large capital more are willing to invest on it, 3D printing is certainly on its way to stardom. With the growing number of novel ideas being created in utilizing 3D printing, it is important to watch out for the direction it is heading to.

ASTE Hire New Staff to Keep Up with the Busy Work Load

ASTE (Australian Synthetic Turf Enterprises) - well known throughout the greater Melbourne area for being leaders in synthetic turf design and construction - have recently taken two new staff members on board to keep up with the busy workload. 2015 has proven to be one of the busiest years yet for their team of professional tennis court builders, and actions needed to be taken to ensure they can continue to provide prompt delivery of new tennis courts.

Face Painting Melbourne Pros Show Simon Cowell How It's Done

LogoEarlier this week, Simon Cowell displayed another talent by demonstrating his face painting ability by painting the face of his pal David Walliams. It's not a bad effort on Simon Cowell's part considering his amateur face painting status, especially when it is just for the 2015 Red Nose Day charity campaign.

Positive K9 Training Prepare for a Busy Autumn Season

Positive K9 Training - a local Melbourne dog and puppy training company that offers both group training and in home training sessions - have had a busy start to the year and are working harder than ever to continue to provide a second to none training services. Now in the Autumn season, sessions are being booked up fast, and the team prepare for a busy next couple of months.

Little Red Trucks Enjoy a Busy Easter Weekend

Little Red Trucks - one of Melbourne's leading home and office removalist teams - recently experienced an extremely busy period over the Easter weekend. While many Melbournians choose to spend their Easter weekend away on holiday or with family, it turns out there are plenty that choose this long weekend to move house. With the help of the team at Little Red Trucks, these Melbournians were able to more with ease.

Supply Chain Forecasting and Planning Discussed in Ultriva Sponsored Newsletter

LogoUltriva, sponsor of Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, which shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries, recently looked at the pros and cons of supply chain forecasting and planning. Supply Chain Forecasting and Planning encompasses the fundamentals of demand planning and eliminates forecast errors. The key elements of measuring forecasting performance and shaping manufacturing organizational footprint for the future means companies must successfully deploy a new forecast planning infrastructure; devise effective steps to drive costs down in demand planning and still maintain forecast integrity; and collaborate with various functional areas in the organization while maintaining forecast excellence. Manufacturers are building the best demand planning team within budget constraints, while moving from 'worst practices' to best practices in just a few easy steps. Reveals the Secret Sauce in Playboy's Digital Marketing Strategies

LogoWhat's that secret sauce in Playboy's digital marketing strategies?

Advanced Facelift & Eyelid Rejuvenation Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Jon Mendelsohn

LogoFacelift surgery has changed drastically over the last decade and those previously 'tell-tale' signs of facelift surgery are no more, due to the advent of the advanced facelift. It is now done under local anesthesia, with much smaller incisions, and far less downtime and recovery, and the results are natural and enable a person to look refreshed, not different! Eyelid rejuvenation surgery has followed that same trend and the lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) is rarely performed as better results are typically produced with non-invasive techniques and procedures.

Celebration of Life and Fashion at Live out Loud Charity 3rd Annual Chicago Fashion Show

The City of Chicago, national and international guests celebrated life and fashion at the Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) 3rd Chicago Fashion Show during Chicago Fashion Week. The prestigious event, held on St. Patrick's Day, was an annual fundraiser that promoted self esteem, suicide prevention and awareness, anti bullying, and community service.

Active Duty Service-Member Reschad Oliver Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for His Album – Smoke & Mirrors

Reschad Oliver is serving as an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a budding Hip-Hop Artist with the ambition to become your new favorite Hip-Hop Artist. To help raise funds for his new Professionally Recorded, Mixed & Mastered album: Smoke & Mirrors, he has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to $7,500 by Mon, May 4 2015, this provides campaign backers 30 days to help Reschad's dream come true. Reschad calls this campaign an "all or nothing" step towards achieving his dream.

Burbank Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ara Gulesserian, DDS Burbank, Is Now Offering Complimentary Consultations for Lumineers and Invisalign

LogoBubank Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ara Gulesserian, DDS Burbank, is now offering complimentary consultations for Lumineers and Invisalign. These consultations can provide patients with more information about their options so that they can choose the best treatments for their needs. Many options are available for improving not only the health but also the function and appearance of a smile. Even cosmetic treatments can have restorative and functional benefits, and patients can enjoy improved dental health after undergoing cosmetic dental procedures.

Law Office of Zeeshan Ullah Announces New Immigration Legal Services Location

Zeeshan Ullah is a well-known lawyer in the city or Toronto. He has an excellent record of being successful in his cases for his clients and most of that is because of the fact that he is very determined and focused on his work and does all in his power to achieve what he has to in order to give the client the results they want. He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer and was very successful at that, and now, he has started an immigration service. Zeeshan got his law degree from the city law school in London, which is one of the top institutes of law in the world.

Catering by Mario's Introduces Brand New Venue, the Lulu Country Club

LogoThe award-winning catering company, Catering By Mario's, is pleased to introduce their new venue, the Lulu Country Club. Just like their banquet facility, Richmond Hall, the country club is a beautiful reception venue that can be booked for weddings. The new venue is a private country club that features a full bar and grill restaurant with cuisine from the chefs of Catering By Mario's. The company welcomes new memberships for the Lulu Country Club and is offering daily rates for their 2015 "Member Fore a Day" program. Customers are invited to schedule a tour of the facility by calling 215-722-2945.

A Rumor of Empathy on the Air, Lou Agosta to Interview Dan McDuff, Principal Scientist, Affectiva Software: April 8, 2015 at Noon CDT on

LogoA Rumor of Empathy on the Air, Lou Agosta to Interview Dan McDuff, Principal Scientist, Affectiva Software: Starting April 8, 2015 at noon CDT

Latin American Team Lead by Rick Moore Sees Significant Growth

The Latin American air compressor market is growing at a rapid pace. Rick Moore is the Director of Sales, Latin America, for T/CCI. He oversees all sales activities for the region and manages relationships with new and existing clients. His industry expertise allows him to be a trusted advisor to our customers as he leads development and formulation of both short and long term strategies and budgets. Additionally, Moore's invaluable network of existing relationships globally makes him an asset to overall sales strategy.

Xpress Dental Clinic Outlines the Different Types of Dental Cosmetic Surgery

LogoSurgeries done by celebrities with the aim of making themselves more pleasant and more appealing are not merely confined to face lifts, nose jobs, boob jobs, hair transplants, and stomach tucks. Cosmetic surgery is now all the rage that has convinced George Clooney, Victoria Beckham, Ben Affleck, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jim Carey, Cheryl Cole, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, Celine Dion, Nicolas Cage, and a lot more to invest in this pricey yet all worth-it perfect smile. Offers Health and Safety Tips for Administrative Professionals During Administrative Professionals Week April 23-April 30

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative professionals including secretaries and administrative assistants, account for over four million jobs in the United States. This sector ranks among the largest occupation in the United States economy. With so many people working in the office, their health and safety becomes an issue.

A Rumor of Empathy on the Air, Lou Agosta to Host Radio Talk Show: Starting Wednesday April 8, 2015 at Noon CDT and Running for Twelve More Weeks on

LogoLou Agosta is on the air pursing a rumor of empathy in the community. Join Lou and his guests for an on the air conversation about expanding empathy in the community. Empathy is supposed to be like motherhood and apple-pie – everyone is in favor of it. Yet the resistance to empathy raises its head in the pressure to conform, comply, and not rock the boat in the face of emotional suffering, breakdowns in communication, cynicism and resignation. If empathy were so easy, there would be more of it in the world.

Manufacturers Fail to Communicate Value of Ergonomics to Shop Floor Workers

Manufacturers' Pain Points, a weekly e-newsletter, sponsored by PDP (People Driven Performance) Solutions shares methods, modes, and tools used to inform manufacturers' of the pain points that they face on the manufacturing floor, or with their employees, or just best business practices.

Customers Can Now Avail the Services of Orthodontist in Aventura in Competitive Price Range

Maintaining their leading position as the most reliable dental service provider, Gentle Braces is now offering their customers the services of Orthodontist in Aventura. The dental services provided by the clinic are of high-class and is considered most effective in solving dental problems. The team of expert dentists strives hard to restore the beautiful smile of their clients. Those who are suffering from any kind of dental problem and need permanent solution can count on the team of Gentle Braces for resolving their dental abnormalities such as overlapping teeth, misaligned teeth, cross bites, and variety such problems.

Renowned Orange County Physician Performs Another Vasectomy Live on "The Doctors"

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz is a renowned fertility physician in Orange County, California, as well as a partner at Orange County Urology Associates. He also leads Vasectomy Reversal USA, the male fertility division of Orange County Urology Associates. Recently, Dr. Spitz was featured on the popular CBS television program, "The Doctors," where he performed a live no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy in order to educate America on how easy and minimally invasive this form of contraception can be. This procedure will air the last week of April during "sweeps weeks."

Amidst an Impending Doctor Shortage, Dr. Aaron Spitz Lobbies Congress for Greater Educational Funding

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz serves as the lead practitioner of Orange County Urology Associates and Vasectomy Reversal USA, a division of Orange County Urology Associates providing vasectomy reversals throughout San Diego and nationwide. Recently, Dr. Spitz visited the nation's capital to raise awareness of the looming doctor shortage in America, lobbying for greater funding for the education of new doctors. Dr. Spitz also lobbied in favor of improving different aspects of healthcare in the United States, including earlier, more effective detection of prostate cancer.