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World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon Hold Biannual Compton Creek & Bike Trail Cleanup

LogoWorld Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon – California's Leading Recycler of Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze – will hold their biannual Compton Creek and Bike Trail Cleanup on Saturday, October 22nd from 8 AM to 12 Noon in Compton, CA. Community residents are encouraged to join their family and friends, World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon employees, and Council member Tana McCoy to clean up the trash and debris along the creek and bike trail.

Creative Realty Partners Acquires 130-Unit Villas in Kissimmee, Florida

LogoCreative Realty Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 130-unit Villas at 17Th Apartments in Kissimmee, FL, a submarket of Orlando within Osceola County. With this latest acquisition, CRP has further expanded its portfolio in the Florida market. CRP's strong track record and growing relationships in the Florida market allowed the company to purchase the property for 10% below the initial asking price.

Should Women Preach, New Book Uses Bible References to Prove Women Can Be Called to Preach in Any Capacity of Ministry

While any Christian will claim that God loves everyone equally, the seemingly hypocritical argument that women shouldn’t teach or preach within the church has stirred up decades of great controversy. However, Connecticut-based man of God, Rev. Salvatore Mancini, is about to tighten the lid on the debate with his new book.

The Doodle Institute Opens with a World's First: Online Course Aids Preschoolers to Professionals in Developing Visual Vocabulary (Doodling!) Skills

Doodling away on paper during a meeting may first appear to be an abstract time-killer, but the messages contained within the scribbles can literally hold the key to that next big idea, life change or emotional epiphany. Diane Durand has spent years both studying and teaching ‘effective doodling’ and, with demand for her services going global, is now launching a most unique online course.

Canada's Tale-Telling Tax Lawyer Announces Enthralling Third Book, Think Tax Is Dull or That the CRA Is on the Side of 'The People' Here's the Truth

Aside from the Beatles’ 1966 hit or the annual delivery of a (seemingly shrinking) refund cheque, everyone knows that tax is a dull and drab topic that deserves its reputation. Hold fire! Canada’s best known Tax lawyer is back again, proving once and for all that tax and the CRA is as full of crazy stories, unlikely anecdotes and gripping debates as any other industry.

Catula: Author's Rescue Feline Inspires Satirical Picture Book About the Misadventures of Dracula's Cat - Who'd Have Thought Dracula Was a "Cat Person"?

When Melissa Haas rescued ‘Catula’ the cat, she didn’t expect her hypo-allergenic feline to fall into the hearts of so many others as well. However, after dealing with his terrifying escape, Haas tapped into a humorous interpretation of an idea (unfortunately) familiar to families with beloved pets.

Oil Website Advices Investors to Rollover to Gold IRA

In response to the massive oil shale boom prompted by accessibility to the Bakken formation in North Dakota, was founded to educate individuals about oil and gold investments. Of particular interest to many are gold IRAs, although little information can easily be found about rolling over from a 401k or IRA to a gold IRA.

Brickell Travel Management Enters Into Hotel Agreement with Expedia

LogoThrough our partnership with EAN, Brickell now has expanded access to an additional 80,000 worldwide rates and properties not found in the GDS today, with over a million deals and promotions daily.

'Broken' by Tanille Attracting Worldwide Readers

Tanille has once again proved that she is one of the most read and beloved multitalented artists in the country. Her new novel, Broken has already been a huge success in the world of romance fiction garnering critical success. The book was recently launched at the renowned BookExpo convention to outstanding acclaim. Wind Energy Market in India 2014 - 2022, New Report Launched

LogoIndia has set a target of achieving overall wind energy installed capacity of 27,300 MW by 2017 and 38,500 MW by 2022, this creates an US$ 31.25 billion opportunity in the wind energy market in India till 2022. Are Offering Free Advertising to Rescue Organizations for September

A leading puppies for sale website in Pennsylvania is helping rescue organizations to find their pets a home in September, by offering free advertising. Finding a person who does not like dogs and puppies is a rarity. In America and Pennsylvania, most people love dogs and puppies, from Labrador puppies and Golden Retrievers, but trying to choose the right one to buy can be a struggle.

McClure Pediatrics Publishes Online Tips to Aid Parents in Childcare Dentistry

According to recently released data by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 19% of children between the ages of 2-19 have untreated cavities. Experts report at the very least, not filling a tooth can lead to dental sensitivity, dental pain and an abscess which causes the face to swell, all factors that can affect a child's ability to eat and speak. The worst case scenario could see the infection spread to the brain.

Website Launches to Follow the Latest News on Charisma Condos in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

One of the first signs of a recovering economy is when real estate development grinds into motion once again. In Canada, this industry barely skipped a beat, and developers are constantly looking to outdo themselves with future-proofed, impressive condominium complexes. In Vaughan, Ontario, developer Greenpark Homes is developing a complex called Charisma Condos that will include some 2,050 units, and a new blog has been launched to chart the progress of the development from concept to execution, together with offering investors the opportunity to get Platinum Access to units, offering first refusal at the lowest prices.

Drug Bot Launched by Berstein Liebhard, Protects Victims of Defective Drugs

Recent survey has reported that there are numerous cases of people being harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices. The unfortunate news is that many of these victims are not even aware of their legal rights over the culprits. In a bid to help the victims harmed, the web site called Drug Bot has been started to provide detailed information about these dangerous drugs and other medical devices.

The Fine Young Capitalists, Making Video Games for Charity

LogoTFYC took 5 women, gave them professional concept artists and asked them to come up with their ideal video game. Now they need you to pick the best one. To raise money for charity.

GoldIRAReview Launches New Online Seminar Delving Into Gold-Backed IRAs

GoldIRAReview, an online source of information regarding individual retirement accounts backed by gold or other precious metals, announced that the company is taking reservations for spots in an upcoming web-based event. The online seminar will cover all of the basics concerning gold-backed IRAs, including the rolling over of other sorts of IRAs into them and an overview of some of the most popular providers of the accounts. GoldIRAReview is one of the Internet's leading destinations for those interested in learning about these relatively low-profile kinds of retirement investment accounts.

SEO Outsourcing Guide Publishes New Hints and Tips for Outsourcing SEO Work

According to, businesses opted to outsource more than 50 percent of digital marketing in 2013, with numbers expected to increase over the coming years. Although some companies remain reluctant to release control of the SEO component of digital marketing, now is the time to do so.

Club Penguin Mash Publishes Party Cheats for Upcoming Club Penguin Frozen Party

Club Penguin Mash has a wide array of pages containing cheats for every aspect of Club Penguin, including mini-games and extra aspects, fun Easter eggs and account trading, giveaways and item IDs. They can even help players generate trackers for every single Club Penguin character, discover secrets in every single catalog and offer step-by-step guides for completing all missions on Club Penguin's DS games. With additional tools like coin generators, item adders and even a means to view the configuration of Club Penguin's virtual rooms, there is nothing players need that they can’t find on the site. Launches New Craigslist Automated Posting Software for Sellers Everywhere

Craigslist is a hugely popular online classifieds site that now covers the entirety of America and even countries around the world. The site was created for individuals to sell on their second hand goods to others in their local area, using the power of the internet to provide a truly community orientated service. Ads of all kinds can be found on the site, from goods and services to personals and more. However savvy marketers and business people have long understood the power of Craigslist with the only drawback being the amount of time it takes to make multiple listing required to truly scale a business. Renew Robot is new software designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs to scale the opportunity on Craigslist with the help of an automated tool.

A Simplified, Improved and Feature-Filled Time and Attendance Tracking Solution says that they are launching a simplified, new, improved, cloud-based and feature-filled Time and Attendance Tracking Solution or Mobile Timesheet Software. Users can easily integrate their payroll system to this solution. Further, this system comes with several other features as well.

Intagent - On Top of Field in Real Estate Website Designing

One reason that Intagent stays on top of the field for software development related to the real estate business is that they strive to keep abreast of new trends and tools as they reach the internet, so that only the best techniques are being used to present an interface to the user world. With that kind of forward thinking, the company is always at the forefront of new technology, which in turn they pass along to their clients.

KenKay: Hair I Am - Psychologist Empowers Girls of Color to Accept Their Natural Hair & Beauty, with Compelling New Picture Book

After switching careers from Master Level Psychology to owner of a popular hair salon, Kandra Ferguson was surprised to find that her former experience would prove more than useful. With fewer women of color getting their hair chemically straightened, Kandra noticed the hard time many were having bridging the disconnect between themselves and their hair.

Energizer Resources Well-Positioned to Be Major Supplier of a Critical Material in Short Supply

LogoUPTICK Newswire discovers a world-class graphite project in Energizer Resources, Inc. (OTCQX:ENZR, TSX:EGZ), a mine development and mineral exploration company based in Toronto, Canada, that is rapidly developing its flagship Molo Flake Graphite Project in southern Madagascar to mine production.

Edward Bass to Announce Official Emmy Award Predictions for Splash Magazine

LogoSplash Magazine announced today that Edward Bass will release his official Emmy Predictions this week. Bass, whose company, Edward Bass Films, has just opened a new TV division, claims to have an “Everyday American”-eyed view that has allowed him to predict with great accuracy previous years’ winners.

Barclays PLC (ADR) (NYSE:BCS) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Statements

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Barclays PLC (ADR) (NYSE:BCS), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Barclays PLC in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between August 2, 2011 and June 25, 2014.

Trulia Inc (NYSE:TRLA) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed to Halt the Takeover by Zillow, Inc

LogoAn investor, who currently holds shares of Trulia Inc (NYSE:TRLA) filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Trulia Inc by Zillow, Inc.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (NYSE:SEAS) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (NYSE:SEAS) shares over potential securities laws violations by SeaWorld Entertainment and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.