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Los Angeles County Small Businesses for Sale Sold Stats: May 2017 Results

LogoTotal sales of Los Angeles County small businesses sold were down 3.9% from last month and down 19.2% from the same time last year in Los Angeles County.

Phoenix Comicon Celebrities, Luminaries and Entertainment Innovators Join Finding Your Frequency Live

LogoFinding Your Frequency, hosted by VoiceAmerica CEO Jeff Spenard and co-host Ryan Treasure, VP of Broadcast Operations will broadcast LIVE from Phoenix Comicon this Friday, May 26, 2017 at 2PM PST on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel as part of VoiceAmerica's Friday and Saturday full Phoenix Comicon coverage on VoiceAmerica Live Events.

eUKhost Celebrates 13th Anniversary

eUKhost Ltd., a leading provider of web hosting in the UK is celebrating its 13th birthday. eUKhost was originally established under the Hosting Brand in 2001 with the mission “to provide advanced web hosting technologies backed by true customer care.” Having started with just 4 shared web hosting plans in 2001, eUKhost’s service portfolio has grown and adapted over the past 13 years to include products under 5 different categories and catering for businesses of all sizes.

VINCI Talks About Hair Transplants and How This Hair Restoration Surgery Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Balding Person

LogoBaldness is not disease. However, it is a condition which creates certain feelings of insecurity. For some people, it is a sign of aging – the end of their youth. This unconscious association inevitably makes people who experience balding even more distressful and inevitably adds up to that “aging dramas”.

Alglas UK Collects More Approvals for Industry-Leading Aviation Cleaning Products

Alglas UK, a top producer of aviation cleaning supplies, announced that 35 major aerospace industry firms and organizations now specifically approve or recommend Alglas products. This total makes Alglas one of the most often-approved companies in the industry, with the company's lineup receiving positive attention from such highly regarded and important names as Airbus, Boeing, British Airways, and the Royal Air Force. Alglas produces a range of Avionics Cleaning Products, cockpit and cabin glass cleaners, and similar supplies that are widely relied upon in commercial and private use.

CMS Gives Long-Awaited Protected Status to Six Shark Species

Sunday, November 9, 2014 saw the awarding of protection to a handful of shark species according to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Although the CMS treaty has been in existence since 1979 and provides protection for sharks, whales, rays and other migratory marine species, the new measures certainly signal a significant turning point for these animals. The species which are now protected include three threshers (genus alopias), the silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis), and both the great (Sphyrna mokarran) and scalloped (Sphyrna lewini) hammerhead sharks. It was during the eleventh Conference of the Parties to the CMS treaty (CoP11), which met in Quito, Ecuador with the purpose of discussing worldwide measures to bolster the conservation status of migratory animals, that the decision to protect these shark species was finally made.

CRT Now Offers Highly Interactive Real-Time Feedback Touch Screen Survey Solutions

CRT now offers highly interactive real-time feedback touch screen survey solutions. These surveys enable users to capture customer, staff and visitor feedback, and instantly see the feedback results to create reports. CRT is now presenting state-of-the-art touch screen survey tools for accurate and effective data capture. They provide kiosk and tablet touch screen tools which effectively conduct the surveys. Their kiosk touch screen survey tools are widely used in the UK and other places for capturing customer feedback.With the help of a kiosk tool, customers can provide feedback on their experience within a matter of seconds. CRT will deliver their clients with validated and analyzed helpful information.

£800m Regeneration of Central Manchester - NOMA

LogoCapital growth figures in Manchester outstripped London in 2013 according to Nationwide, the building society. The annual growth rate of twenty one percent (21%) was achieved and it seems hard to repeat. However, when one considers the £800 million pound rejuvenation of central Manchester, attractive growth rates are bound to continue.

SimpliSafe Offers the Best Home Security System

As far as safety is concerned, people should make it their first priority and take all the necessary measures they can in order to ensure it. A lot of high end home security systems are currently available in the market for people who want to upgrade the security within their homes for the purpose of preventing burglaries and many other such issues these days. One of the most talked-about and highly rated home security systems these days include the DIY Wireless Alarm System that has been created by SimpliSafe.

LLAVES JML Gives Advice About Unsafe Door Lock That Is Causing Home Invasion in Westford, MA

LogoPolice Authorities in Lowell, Westford Massachusetts have been in search for the suspect of a home invasion which happened on October 21st at around 10:35PM. In 2012, only 310 crimes have been reported in Lowell which is about the average rate yearly, it has been very hard for the victims to imagine that they will be robbed inside the confines of their homes even with doors locked.

Web Hosting Plans - For the Geeks, by the Geeks

Selecting a web-host could be a complicated process, due to the fact there are a lot of businesses providing free or cheap web hosting. Although it’s alluring to simply subscribe to a free web host, but there are many facets to bear in mind, plus one should retain in mind that the paid host is a lot more advantageous within the long term. All web hosts are different offering different storage capacity, bandwidth, e-mail features, applications and undoubtedly, costs. A great hosting organization facilitates their client’s company requirements and does not produce needless obstacles to their site’s success.

The CapitalHub Launch: Helping Traders Make Better Forex Decisions

So many individuals want to get into forex trading, but they don’t know how and think it’s complicated, so they avoid it. Companies like CapitalHub care available to lend a helping hand. In fact, CapitalHub, a forex signal service, located in Zurich, Switzerland, is available to help individuals generate high quality signals. Their team is based in Europe and they bring individuals their latest trade signals 24/5. They have networks of traders in Singapore, China, Switzerland, Indonesia and the United States. Enlightens Readers on the Importance of Christmas Poems

Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year. It is a time of celebrating the birth of Christ and giving selflessly from the heart. Today, however, many people have a misconstrued idea about Christmas and gifting. In these challenging economic times, many people spend way more than they can afford on buying expensive Christmas gifts to try to please other people. Christmas is more than just expensive gifts; it is about spending time together with loved ones and giving gifts that come from the heart.

SarkariNaukriSms: Best Way to Get a Government Job

It is a common fact that many people do not join any private job and try for years to get a best government job. Currently with the advancement in the internet technology people have online means to get the notification of the job like SarkariNaukriSms. People generally use internet for basically everything comprising shopping, finding directions and socializing. So it is supposed to be a best platform where the job seekers and employers are also going online to find each other.

Kick the Style Quotient Up a Notch This Winter, with the Trendy Range of Coats and Jackets by Kashish Dang

Kashish Dang one of the best Modern Fashion Designer in Dubai and a promising young upcoming designer in the UAE brings stylish, comfortable and elegant range of coats and jackets, with a fresh breeze of innovation and artful designs to give a unique and a stylish look to all the gorgeous women. Her range of ready to wear attires in Dubai are trendy with a refined look and high fashion quotient for the fashionistas to try out a versatile and unique look that highlights the feminine features elegantly.

Vietnam Visa Gets Cheaper for Frequent Travelers with

LogoMuch to the pleasure of frequent Vietnam tourists, has announced special discounts on Vietnam visa. The company is offering discounts on its online visa service called Visa on Arrival Vietnam.

Secure Your Spot for Imdex Asia 2015

Celebrating its tenth year, IMDEX 2015 will once again be the global platform for the heavyweights of naval and maritime industry players to network and build partnerships. From May 19-21, 2015 the event will cover exhibitions and strategic conferences to foster understanding and cooperation of key stakeholders from the military, government, industry and academia about the latest challenges and solutions available. This maritime conference will give exhibitors and visitors a rare opportunity to get on-board experience of international warships, patrol vessels and witness an impressive static display of amphibious crafts, unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters.

IWB Launches Organic Metric - A Free SEO Tool

Integrated Web Businesses (IWB) is pleased to announce the launch of Organic Metric, a Free SEO Tool. It is not just a tool but an exceptional SEO Platform that offers all the tools that deliver guaranteed top class results. Strategic and Organic SEO always leads to top rankings in the major search engines and earning high quality traffic but only if the websites have a proper SEO tool in place. Organic Metric is the right kind of tool that is packed with features such as:

Tronix Unleashed the "Powers" of the Power Bank: What Sets It Apart and Why It Has Gotten Its Title as the Tool of the 21st Century

LogoA portable charger which comes in the form of a power bank is the next big thing when it comes to “mobile power problems”. This add-on tool is definitely “life saving”. Not really exaggerating the benefits of a power bank, but anyone who is in the middle of an important business call would certainly thank the inventor of the power bank when after experiencing running out of battery, he has on his side a power bank to his rescue.

NES Group Has Emerged as NSW's GO-to Portal for Medical Lights

LogoNES Group Medical has reportedly emerged as NSW’s GO-TO portal for medical lights. The company has assured premium quality lighting arrangements for health care sector that are practical & cost-effective.

I Waterproof & Repair Emerges as Absolute Aide for Sydney Waterproofing

LogoI Waterproof & Repair has reportedly emerged as the absolute aide for Sydney waterproofing needs. The leading company caters to both residential & commercial projects.

Spectacular HD Aerial Captures Seem Convenient in Sydney with Hoverscape

LogoFor those in need of quality Aerial Filming sydney need not search further- Top aerial imagery company Hoverscape has assured spectacular HD captures from air at convenient rates.

Shimmer Promises Premium Spot-Free Window Cleaning with Lowest Price Guarantee

LogoThe Sydney residents looking for cost-effective window cleaning service need not search further- Shimmer Corporation has assured a complete spot free & streak free window cleaning at the lowest price.

Cosmetic Surgery Information New eBook Series Highlighted in Dr Barry Lycka Video

LogoCosmetic surgery information is available in many forms from Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, including his weekly video blog, his weekly podcast on WebTalkRadio, and now a series of in-depth cosmetic surgery eBooks. These books are featured in the short educational video released this week (19Nov14) by Dr Lycka.

MyIdentityDoctor Supports Lung Cancer Awareness Month with Availability of Durable Bracelets for Cancer Patients

It is, by far, the leading cause of cancer death among both women and men. Lung cancer is responsible for 27% of all cancer deaths, making it a truly formidable disease. The chances for developing lung cancer are 1 out of 13 in men, and 1 out of 16 in women. The elderly are most at risk for developing lung cancer, and the average age at diagnosis is 70 years, with fewer than 2% of cases being diagnosed in people under 45. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and many events are held to help those with the disease, and to help find a cure. You can find a list of those events here:

Detroit's Central Collegiate Academy Becomes Star in Urban School Reform

Detroit’s most historic, flagship high school has emerged as an inspiring success story in the city’s struggle to reform its failing local schools. -- well above the national average for urban African-American students -- Central Collegiate Academy’s Class of 2014 placed 88% of its students in postsecondary education, achieved a 78% graduation rate and raised average ACT composite scores by 1.7 points.

European Dermatology Diagnostic Devices Market to Poise 8.7% CAGR to 2018

LogoThe European dermatology diagnostic devices market is considered as the second largest market, preceded by North America and it is poised to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2012 to 2018. With rapid advancements made in the field of dermatology and increasing prevalence of skin disorders among the European population; it is quite evident that the dermatological diagnostic devices market is undergoing a significant progression. Complete report is available at