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ImageFIRST Dallas Seeks Production Assistant Who Embodies Company Purpose and Values

LogoImageFIRST, a leading supplier of medical uniforms and scrubs in Irving, TX, is undergoing tremendous growth throughout the company, and is currently seeking a full-time production associate for their Dallas location. Specifically, this equal opportunity employer seeks candidates who will not only excel in their day-to-day duties, but who also live up to ImageFIRST's Purposes and Values.

Two New Busses Added to United Coachline Fleet

LogoOne of the best ways to ensure any transportation company does its job efficiently and effectively is to ensure they have the necessary equipment and manpower to do so. This begins by having enough vehicles to satisfy the demand of the customers, a fact which United Coachline is all too familiar with. Recently, the New York-based company added two brand new busses to their growing collection of luxury vehicles. The 24-seat and 35-seat 2017 Merdeces Benz busses will go into use immediately, and feature a slew of useful, lavish amenities including: leather seats, WiFi, electrical outlets, restroom, 5 Flat-Screen TVs, and a luxurious wood floor. Riding in style has never been sweeter.

Government Support Encouraging the Growth of Biosimilars

LogoThe governments world over are realizing the cost cutting benefits of biosimilars, which when introduced at a discounted price, entice competition and reduce the overall cost of the therapy. For Example, to further increase prescriber’s confidence and encourage the use of biosimilars, the EMA has planned to introduce risk management plans. In another country America, currently devoid of a specific regulatory pathway, all is set to change in 2014 when the country’s new framework for biosimilars, set out by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of March 2010, will come into effect. Coming to the South Korean pharmaceutical industry, a remarkable feature is the government’s initiative and involvement in the entire lifecycle of biosimilars. In addition to setting a target global share of 22% by 2020, the South Korean government has also engaged in creating a robust platform to provide infrastructure and financial assistance.

Players Bank on Aggressive Marketing Strategies to Tap Rural Market

LogoEuropean and American Athletic footwear brands are increasing their efforts in the expansion into second and third tier cities in China by introducing products with price levels suitable for such markets thereby resulting in direct competition with local athletic footwear brands and diversifying consumer demand. The race is on to sign up athletes, to associate with popular sports and events and to expand distribution networks.

Government Support Aids in Realizing Potential of EPO Biosimiliar Market

LogoDue to unprecedented patent expirations and certain financial crisis, government across the world has been pushing the availability of EPO biosimilars at a much discounted rate in the market in a way to reduce the healthcare costs. For Instance, CEO of biotechnology Industry organization has promoted company’s biosimilar bill to provide them access to biologic medicines. Besides, EMA has planned to introduce risk management plans to lead the world in biosimilar regulation. This in turn increases the prescriber’s confidence and also encourages use of biosimilars.

Growth Opportunities for NIPT in Indian Market

LogoSeveral factors including huge patient population, growth in country’s total healthcare expenditure and highly efficient pathology services offers immense scope for NIPT in Indian market. The country’s government is increasing public expenditure to approximately 2.5% of GDP. Besides, increasing spending power of middle class population also encourages the market to grow, simultaneously fuelling the demand for efficient healthcare services. Moreover, a rising trend of birth rate has been observed in Indian cities thereby surging the demand for NIPT tests in future. Even the gaining popularity of IVF clinics in Indian states will also create a growth potential for NIPT players in Indian market.

Portable Battery Pack Market Is Expected to Reach Up to 10.94 Billion by 2020, at an Estimated CAGR of 17.53% from 2014 to 2020

LogoThe portable battery pack market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.53% in the forecast period (2014-2020). Asia-Pacific region leads the overall market. The lithium batteries have emerged as the preferred choice for the consumer electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. Lithium-ion is leading the portable battery technology in this market.

Global Aquaculture Market Analysis, Share, Szie, Trends and Forecast Research Report Till 2020: Grand View Research, Inc

LogoThe global market for aquaculture is expected to reach USD 202.96 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Aquaculture includes farming of aquatic organisms such as mollusks, fish, crustaceans and other aquatic flora and fauna. Increasing consumer awareness of health benefits associated with seafood and growing consumption serves as a key driver for development of the market. In addition, the market demand is expected to be further fuelled by the lack of naturally available varieties owing to extensive fishing. Rice-fish culture is expected to serve as key growth opportunity for this market over the next six years.

CIS Insulin Market Is Expected to Reach USD 3,008.5 Million by 2020: Grand View Research, Inc

LogoThe CIS market for insulin and insulin products is expected to reach USD 3,008.5 million by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 15.0%, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. The presence of an extensive pipeline portfolio of products exhibiting higher efficacies and their subsequent commercialization over the next six years is expected to serve this market as a high impact rendering driver. The introduction of government initiatives aimed at improving the affordability of insulin via price reduction, such as the collaboration between the government of Ukraine and Indar to reduce the price of insulin by 20% in 2013 is expected to have positive influence on demand. Some of the other drivers of this market include increasing attempts made by manufacturers to capitalize on the untapped opportunities by opening new manufacturing units to improve the supply of insulin and growing incidence rates of type II diabetes are some of the factors expected to fuel future market growth.

Global Emulsion Polymer Market Is Expected to Reach 17,398.3 Kilo Tons by 2020: Grand View Research, Inc

LogoThe global emulsion polymer market is expected to reach USD 44.22 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research Inc. Growth of major end use industries such as paints & coatings and adhesives coupled with regulatory support across various nation is expected to remain key driving factors for the market. Environmental benefits associated with the use of emulsion polymers have been significantly instrumental in enhancing market penetration. However, volatile prices of key raw materials including styrene and acrylics is expected to be a challenge for industry participants over the next six years. Owing to these factors, the industry has shifted its focus towards developing bio-based alternatives to synthetic emulsion polymer.

Hannah's Homeless, Inc. Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Open Their New Drop-in Center

LogoLisa Trunzo is the founder of Hannah's Homeless, Inc. Hannah's Homeless was first officially registered as a non-profit two years ago. Hannah is the name of Lisa’s daughter that she had 14 years ago when she was homeless. Lisa chose to give her up for adoption because it was the right thing to do for her. Lisa has never forgotten Hannah and has carried that grief with her for a long time. In 2006, Lisa began to feed homeless people in St. Pete and quickly grew passionate about helping homeless people. Then in 2012, all contact with Hannah's adopted family was completely cut off. Initially, Lisa was devastated, but decided to turn her grief into something positive.

MarketResearchReports.Com: The Global Armored and Counter IED Vehicles Market 2014-2024 - Major Programs - Market Profile, New Report Launched

LogoThis report provides information on major programs planned in the global Armored and Counter IED Vehicles market. It provides details on top programs in each segment expected to be executed during the forecast period.

MarketResearchReports.Com: The Global Maritime and Border Security Market 2014-2024 - Major Programs - Market Profile, New Report Launched

LogoThis report provides information on major programs planned in the global Maritime and Border Security market. It provides details on top programs in each segment expected to be executed during the forecast period.

MarketResearchReports.Com: New Entrants to Boost Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment Market Value to $3.3 Billion by 2018, Reveals New Report

LogoThe introduction of several new drugs will accelerate growth in the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) treatment market, from $1.4 billion in 2013 to $3.3 billion by 2018 across six major markets (6MM: the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), according to a new report from research and consulting firm by Publisher.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020, New Report Launched

LogoLevel 2 Charging Stations Gaining Global Popularity

MarketResearchReports.Com: Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014, New Report Launched

LogoThe EU directive on renewable energy has set a target for each member state to increase its renewable energy share to 20% of gross final energy consumption by 2020. The member countries can choose a mix of renewables to achieve the overall target.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Regulatory Frameworks and Product Pipelines in the Global Biosimilars Market, New Report Launched

LogoLucrative Biosimilars Space to Erode Biologics Market from 2019

MarketResearchReports.Com: Graft-Versus-Host Disease - Epidemiology Forecast to 2023, New Report Launched

LogoGraft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is a common complication of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) that occurs when the donated (graft) cells are rejected and attack the host’s cells as foreign. GVHD can progress from mild to severe forms as either acute GVHD (aGVHD) or chronic GVHD (cGVHD).

MarketResearchReports.Com: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - Saudi Arabia, New Report Launched

LogoA high burden of chronic diseases, improving regulatory guidelines and the launch of new products will provide the necessary impetus for the growth of the pharmaceutical market in Saudi Arabia

MarketResearchReports.Com: Mexico - Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape, New Report Launched

LogoThe healthcare market of Mexico has significant potential for growth. The increasing elderly population, prevalence of non-communicable diseases, improvements in regulatory guidelines, government support for the healthcare sector, and the North American Free Trade Agreement, which assures its members protection of intellectual property rights, provide the impetus for the growth of the Mexican pharmaceutical market.

The Price Russians Pay: New Books Put Psychology of Modern Russia Under the Spotlight. Is the Nation's Imperial Mentality Its Own Worse Enemy?

According to Psychologist Vladimir Zakharov, the primary measure of any civilized nation and its Government’s performance is the price of human life and achievements. While Russia has had its fair share of victories (Industrialization, WWII, getting a man into space), the inefficiency of the country’s distributive socialism has forced the country to pay a huge price for these achievements. Russia’s population has taken the biggest toll, declining or at least not increasing each year. Why is this happening, and how does the country’s collective mentality contribute?

Comedienne's Raw Yet Side-Splitting New Memoir Exposes Current State of Working-Class America. Unemployed? Here's a Tonic

Tonya Ellis’ move in with her cousins in Houston symbolizes how her life has come full circle; after she packed her bags as a young woman to embrace life’s opportunities, only to end up moving back in twenty years later as Obama’s economy collapsed around her. However, it also serves as a microcosm that questions the wider American dream, and Ellis’ witty new memoir showcases a vision for the nation that has been swept under the rug.

Rahbaran & Associates Cautions Foreign Nationals of Limited EB-5 Visas

Green cards for foreign nationals fall under the EB-5 classification, and the United States government limits eb-5 visas to only 10,000 each year. The government established this visa classification as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, and it is designed to make it easier for foreign investors to become permanent residents of the country. To obtain this type of visa, one needs to meet certain requirements. "When one finds he or she needs assistance in obtaining one or more of these visas, Rahbaran & Associates can be of help," Brian Zirulnikoff of Rahbaran & Associates declares.

Insurance Hero Announce the Inclusion of Cancer Life Insurance in Offerings

Insurance shopping comparison providers Insurance Hero have announced the inclusion of cancer-specialized life and critical-illness policies into their informational offerings. Policies of this sort provide extra financial security and peace of mind for holders and beneficiaries when cancer strikes and are increasingly popular among residents of the United Kingdom. The policy-comparison tools provided by Insurance Hero can now help those looking for such coverage discover the most economical and cost-efficient policies of this type in the same way that they have helped countless others secure similarly valuable policies of other sorts.

Walnut Central Orthodontics Reveals Latest Options for Teeth Straightening

Almost everyone is familiar with dental braces, whether by direct experience or by seeing other people wearing them during school times. The old-fashioned metal variety is still popular and useful, so it's no surprise that it's still being used today. Even so, there are now plenty of variations and even completely different types of teeth straightening solutions available. Information from Walnut Central Orthodontics helps to clarify the possibilities and when it's a good idea to use alternative options.

MarketResearchReports.Com: The Global Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Market Will Reach $4.0 Billion by 2020, Reveals New Reports

LogoPublisher estimates that the global diagnostic X-ray imaging market, worth $2.4 billion in 2012, will reach almost $4.0 billion by 2020, increasing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.7% during the forecast period. Many players are active in this market, and the key drivers for increased revenue in the global diagnostic X-ray imaging market are:, Now Announces Christian Movie DVDs and Blu-Rays at Reasonable Prices, a well acclaimed online store, now announces the availability of Christian movie DVDs at the most affordable prices. The online store has the finest collection of all kinds of Christian movie that are intended for enhancing Christian values and culture. The store has Christian movies of all types. In order to make things simpler for the customers, they have categorized movies as Biblical movies, Biography, Catholic movies, children Christian movies, Christian documentary, Christian comedy, Christian living, Christian movies on Blu-rays, Educational Christians movies, Evangelistic movies, Family bargain movies, Fox faith, and lots more. Now customers can enjoy their favorite category and can take the pleasure of Christian movies which surely leaves a positive impact on them.