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Versatran, Inc. Sells First Quad Axle Truck with Retriever

LogoEver since the invention of wheel, civilization has found increasingly better, smarter ways to transport goods and machinery. For better or for worse, the equipment transportation industry for mid-sized equipment remained largely the same for many decades. But in 2002, the team from Versatran Inc. changed all that, and created a revolutionary system they dubbed "The Retriever." Most recently, this innovative design was applied to a quad axle truck, the first of its kind – and sold to a very happy buyer. Discusses the Major Health Benefits of Diving, the best diving school in Phuket, Thailand discusses the health benefits of Phuket diving. In the past few years, diving is considered as one of the most popular underwater activities in Phuket. The marine biodiversity of Phuket, Thailand is known for its amazing coral reefs and rich marine life. Thus, encourages the tourist to try out diving not just for pleasure purposes but also because of its health benefits.

Home Brew Videos Review Exposes the Secrets to Brewing Delicious Beer at Home

According to this Home Brew Videos Review, Home Brew Videos is a complete home brewing guide that will surely save beer lovers thousands of dollars. Home Brew Videos guarantees great tasting beer in an instant and at a fraction of the cost of commercial beers. For just 30 minutes a day, and about two weeks of patience, users will be brewing beer like a pro. That is true even for those who know nothing but to drink beer. With the help of Home Brew Videos, anyone can start saving money from beer, or start a business from it.

The Goldsboro Curve: Compelling New Novel Depicts Hot Rods, Bullies and Mysterious Deaths

In a powerful fusion of fact and fiction, author William Campbell captures the coming of age of the “hot rod” cars and the boys who drive them in his new novel, ‘The Goldsboro Curve’.

Shockdav Now Announces Their SEO Services in Calgary for Bringing the Websites in Top Rank

Shockdav now announces their SEO services in Calgary for bringing the websites in top rank. In this virtual competitive age, it has become important to show one’s presence and this is only possible by having SEO services. If someone thinks that just by making a website and uploading, it will be enough for being visible in the virtual world, then there is an urgent need to come out from this misconception. In order to be more visible in the search engines, one must inculcate SEO services. Shockdav offers excellent SEO services which is bound to fetch the rankings of website on major search engines.

New Online Site Promotes Post-Renovation Recycling

LogoRenoback Inc., a new online classifieds service, is now open and accepting listings for sellers of gently used or leftover material from home renovations and construction projects. The website offers listings for a wide range of items, such as windows, masonry, drywall, and flooring, as well as plumbing parts, electrical components, and tools. Other items are also available to buy or sell, like paints, shower doors, electrical fixtures, and roofing materials.

The Adventures of Buford T. Johnson: Compelling Novel Fuses Faith & Fiction to Prove God Has a Plan for Everyone

Everyone faces adversity, but those putting their faith in the Lord an those ignoring his word will see drastic differences in their outcome. In a powerful and thought-provoking new novel by author Eric Wright, this struggle plays out in gripping fashion.

San Francisco Company Offers State-of-the-Art Video Solutions for Modern Businesses

LogoCompanies can now effectively reach their customers who are geographically spread out with the help of ArgusHD’s amazing live webcasting capabilities. With state of the art video and Internet equipment, ArgusHD can deliver high quality video experiences across different media platforms such as Smart TVs, web channels, smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Manipal Hospitals Joins PlacidWay to Promote a World-Class Network of Hospitals

LogoPlacidWay, a leading medical provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado, has recently developed a relationship with Manipal Hospitals, a healthcare network of hospitals and clinics in India.

Dr. Daniel Quon, OD Voted One of America's Best Optometrists

Dr. Daniel E. Quon, O.D. has been selected as one of the America’s Best Optometrists for 2014. Optometrists were selected based on training, experience, abundance of continuing education hours, and dedication to excellence. Selections were made by the National Consumer Advisory Board, an organization that identifies top professionals in their fields. The National Consumer Advisory Board accepts no fees, sponsorships, donations or advertising in their selection process. Only Optometrists that satisfy all of the board’s criteria qualify for this prestigious selection.

Progressive Vision Center, LTD First to Offer Revolutionary Modality for Retinal Disease Detection to Patients in Canton

Progressive Vision Center, LTD is the first eye care provider in the Canton area to offer patients the optomap® Retinal Exam, offered by Optos, Inc. The optomap® Retinal Exam is a scanning laser ophthalmoscope that captures an image of virtually the entire retina.

New iPhone App Sets Buy-Sell-Hold Ratings for 5000 Stocks

LogoInvestors can enjoy a new FREE iPhone App ( that constantly monitors thousands of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds and gives Buy-Sell-Hold ratings for each stock and ETF. Ratings are updated hourly. Users can create their own portfolios and are notified when their stocks receive “Sell” ratings.

VIMANA by System Insights a Solution for AIP Aerospace Coast Composites

System Insights ( announced that AIP Aerospace Coast Composites has selected VIMANA as their manufacturing software platform for improving shop floor production efficiency.

Downtown Off Price Announces Its Wholesale Clothing for Merchandise and Personal Purposes

Downtown Off Price has recently announced its wholesale clothing for merchandise and personal purposes. This company is a leading wholesale clothing company in the U.S. It has everything to offer at wholesale rate in the bandwagon of clothing and apparel. It is a dedicated company in the wholesale of ladies clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, apparels, and many more. Their large inventory makes them the most sought after name in the world of wholesale clothing.

Rightway Waterproofing Announces $500 off Sale on Waterproofing or Mold Remediation Services This Spring

With the winter quickly disappearing, and the warm weather beginning to heat up, residents of Philadelphia and New Jersey are wishing the snow and rain are behind them. Whether or not the 2014 summer season will be wet is still up in the air, however, homeowners should prepare for the worst case scenario. Those who have experienced property damage caused by the heavy snowfalls this past winter can take advantage of the new special Rightway Waterproofing is offering this spring.

Fans Championship Ring Presents a Wide Range of Championship Rings Online

Fans of each and every sport like to be close and have a personal feel of their favourite teams. Jerseys, accessories and caps are among the most widely used things which help fans to copy their favourite stars and teams. One such thing is the rings with dedicated symbols and texts of teams and tournaments. Although it is a great option for fans, not many suppliers provide such services. Moreover, there are only a segment of fans who wish to wear these as accessories. This is where Fans Championship Ring has come up with hundreds of customized products. As mentioned on their website, they cater to only VIP customers and offer exclusive rings for the fans who wish to have one of these on their hands.

Glucosamine for Dogs Supplement Mobility CARE+ Is Now Available from PetVitalix

PetVitalix, a company that is dedicated to providing pet owners with top quality pet health supplements, is now carrying an all-natural glucosamine for dogs product called Mobility CARE+.

South Bay Dermatologist, Dr. Susan Goodlerner, Hosts "Night of Beauty Event"

Dr. Susan Goodlerner, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in Torrance, CA will be hosting a special event on Thursday, May 8th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, to spotlight treatments, products and providers. The fun filled “Night of Beauty” will include raffle prizes, and special event pricing for select products, procedures and cosmetic injectables. Attendees will enjoy complimentary wine and catered hors d’oeuvres. Patients from the South Bay area interested in learning more about minimally invasive cosmetic procedures like Juvederm® Voluma, Laser Treatments and Botox®, will have the opportunity to participate in live treatment demonstrations and skin care evaluations. The open house is complementary, but space is limited and those interested should RSVP by May, 6th to or 310-375-9994.

No. 7 Wholesale Center Presents Range of Soccer Jerseys and Kits for Soccer Fans

Football tops among sports in terms of viewership, revenue, number of teams and every facet of sporting. Football fans are also the most passionate sports fans. The grandest event of the biggest sports is due to start in a matter of weeks. Undoubtedly, the fans are readying to get loaded with all the stuff to show their support for their favourite team in the World Cup, 2014 tournament. Thus, AAA World Cup soccer jerseys need to be present in abundance in every market and sports shop. No.7 Wholesale Center is one of the companies that have been catering such high volume demand for sports gear.

Private Label-Manufacturer Update for Wasatch Labs: G3 Development Sales Manager Endorses the Custom Pharmaceutical Provider

LogoWasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years. The Wasatch Product Development’s lab is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) along with being registered and certified by the ATF, and FDA. Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing several unique products for many of the World’s most successful consumer product companies since 1998. 801-566-4449 Owner, Kevin Casey Mission Statement To proactively serve our business community by providing solutions in personal care, business development and liquid nutrition. Vision Statement To provide leadership in establishing our client’s international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity. About Wasatch Product Development Wasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years. The Wasatch Product Development’s lab is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) along with being registered and certified by the ATF, and FDA. Wasatch has been developing and manufacturing several unique products for many of the World’s most successful consumer product companies since 1998.

Improve Shower Safety by Eliminating Slips and Falls in the Shower

Slips and falls in the shower are the cause of many thousands of hospital visits in the USA every year. Shower safety is something which disproportionately affects the older generation, as reaction times slow down the chance of sustaining injury increases. On top of this, any falls incurred by seniors have a much longer recovery time and so can have a serious effect on the overall quality of life of the individual.

Hedding Law Firm Presents Its Attorney Services in Los Angeles

Law is one of the most complex things which can land up people into loads of trouble. There have been cases where due to no fault of their own people have been booked for crimes they might have not committed. It may be a scenario where they have landed up in the crime zone accidentally or committed a crime with no intentions. Also there may be situations where people are highly booked for their crimes which are not justified as the scale of crimes might have been much lower. All these usually take place due to weak attorney or lawyers with no experience for law. This is why it is always recommended to trust the experienced and take services of people who have been in the field for years.

Worldwide Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Market Worth $9,957 Million by 2015

LogoEMR is a part of healthcare information technology that is used to make paperless computerized patient data in order to increase efficiency of hospital systems and reduce chances of errors in medical records. A substantial growth rate (more than 16%) of global healthcare IT spending is expected to push EMR development across the world.

A History of Steaming Pressure: The Wonders of Perfecting the Pressure Vessel's Technology

LogoPressure vessels have many applications and are widely used both in private and industrial sectors, in which transportation and storage of an array of pressurized gases and fluids are the top priorities. They are designed strictly according to the appropriate design codes and standards governing its manufacturing, installation and operation, for it will cause a substantially safety hazard if inadequately designed.

NFL's Anthony Fasano Teams Up with Go the Distance for Autism

LogoGo the Distance for Autism is pleased to announce that Anthony Fasano, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs will attend the bike event on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at the Westfield Garden State Plaza. Fasano will host a meet & greet and take photos with guests, signing autographs. Attendees will also be treated to an interactive football toss with the NFL star in the family fun zone from 12pm – 2pm.

TraceGains Reveals Breweries Not Exempt from FSMA

LogoBrewers may have previously thought their processes were exempt from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations, but they are quickly learning that is not actually the case. Jennifer Brusco, TraceGains’ Marketing Specialist explained that although the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has jurisdiction over the brewing industry, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may get involved if there is a case of tainted batches of beer. Brusco noted in the current company blog, “To put it simply, under FSMA, alcohol is categorized as ‘food,’ which gives the FDA some jurisdiction over its regulations.”

TraceGains Webinar Targets GFSI Supporting Manufacturers in Two Weeks

LogoFood manufacturing industry demanding more information about the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), its benefits, and basic steps to support food manufacturers on the process to becoming compliant. TraceGains is offering a highly requested webinar on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST. To register, go to: