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Take Flight Learning Hosts Taking Flight with DISC Certification in Princeton, NJ Area

LogoAs home of one of the nation's most prestigious halls of higher learning, the Princeton, NJ area is an appropriate location for DISC facilitators to educate themselves to drive both their careers and that of their students to higher achievements. Take Flight Learning, the innovative DISC training company whose founder, Merrick Rosenberg, put a fresh and exciting twist on the DISC styles with his book Take Flight!, will host a DISC certification in Hamilton, NJ, on December 3, 2015. This all-day event will educate DISC facilitators—whether novices or experts—on how to lead an engaging, informative and memorable DISC session.

Public House National Harbor Announces Their 2015 Thanksgiving Dinner Event

LogoPublic House National Harbor is pleased to announce their 2015 Thanksgiving event. On Thursday, November 26, those who would rather skip out on slaving away in their kitchen this year can head on over to this National Harbor restaurant for a Thanksgiving feast.

Remy Capillus Now Offering Advice to Select the Proper Hair Extensions

LogoAs a leading distributor of human hair extensions, Remy Capillus is always reaching out to customers and potential customers, making a positive impact in the online retail community. With the holiday season around the corner, many individuals new to the world of hair extensions will be purchasing them for the very first time. Ensuring consumers are 100% informed on the hair extension products they purchase; Remy Capillus is pleased to announce they are now offering advice on how to select the perfect hair extensions.

Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats Made in the USA - Appetizing and Healthy Snack for Dogs

LogoHigh in protein and low in fats, Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats are made in the USA is an tasty and healthy snack for dogs.

Allstate Private Car & Limousine Inc. Announces Airport Transportation Services This December

Allstate Private Car & Limousine Inc. is pleased to announce airport transportation services for holiday travelers this December. As part of the premium airport transportation services, the company offers fixed rate car and limousine service to and from primary airports in the New York area including LaGuardia, JFK and Newark, along with secondary airports including Westchester, MacArthur, Teterboro and Stewart airports.

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Now Offering Customized Diamond Rings This Holiday Season

LogoAs the holidays are approaching and many individuals are deciding on the perfect gift for a spouse or loved one, there’s no better way to show love and appreciation than with a customized diamond. In an effort to appease all their customers, Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers is pleased to announce they will now be offering customized diamond rings this holiday season. Having a diamond ring personalized is the perfect way to display an individual’s true colors and bring out a little personality.

The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore Provides Valuable Legal Advice to Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Claimants This Holiday Season

LogoThe Law Offices of Eric A. Shore will continue to offer valuable legal advice to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claimants nationwide this holiday season. Applying for SSD or SSI benefits can be a confusing and lengthy process for many individuals. Especially with the added stress of the holidays, disabled individuals may get overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork that stands between them and the money they deserve.

Grossman Furniture Now Offering Extensive Collection of AICO Branded Tuscano Furniture

As one of the premier furniture stores in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, Grossman Furniture is pleased to announce they are now offering an extensive collection of AICO Tuscano furniture sets to their valued clientele. When looking for a classic design with a traditional, antiquated style, AICO has the intricate finish that will bring homeowners back to the Renaissance era. These pieces are perfect for that classic Italian look to implement into a modern home.

J&L Paving Now Offering Residential and Commercial Ice Removal

LogoOver the last twenty years, J&L Paving has offered a variety of paving services to residents and business owners all over the Philadelphia area. Today, J&L Paving is a local industry leader in all things asphalt related. Whether it is concrete restoration, asphalt paving, or sealcoating, J&L Paving gets the job done right the first time. Plus, the professionals at J&L Paving treat every job with the same sense of importance and diligence. The rates at J&L Paving are also extremely competitive and there are always great coupons on their website. Now, J&L Paving is helping residential and commercial customers to combat the upcoming winter and the inevitable mess it will leave behind.

Direct Mail's Precision Targeting Comes to Radio

LogoThe Radio Agency has tapped into technology that enables advertising on radio to reach consumers who have searched online for specific products or services – with zero waste outside of that listener base.

New Website Launches for Western New York Real Estate Homeowners

LogoA new website called gives Buffalo Real Estate Homeowners valuable advice on selling their Real Estate in Buffalo and throughout New York state.

New Urban Suites Introduces Office Suite Plus, Ensures Added Bonuses

One of the major success factors for any business consists of leaving a positive impression on anyone who visits your office. New Urban Suites strives to be a major contributor to making such good impressions by providing the most superior executive office suits; and thus introduces Office Suite Plus, a plan that adds bonuses and amenities which help provide a superior customer experience.

The Garden: Child Abuse, Foster Care & Mental Health Come Under Spotlight in Bold New Novel. Can They Turn Any Child Into a 'Monster'?

While plenty of books offer readers a brief thrill with no afterthought, author Mark E. Baylor is using his first published novel to leave readers with a thought-provoking examination of the world around them. In ‘The Garden’, child abuse, mental health and the foster care system are put front-and-center for a blistering exposé’ of their effect on an innocent child’s future.

Heart-Warming & Family Friendly New Book Gets Kids Journaling - Inspired by "He Said, She Said" Life of Tumultuous Twins.

With modern technology gripping young minds around the word, many adults have retired the age-old pastime of journaling to the dusty shelves of history. However, author and Mom Ali Maier believes that the days of journaling are far from gone; in fact, she’s out on mission to get millions of kids putting pen to paper!

New Study Shows It's Never Too Late to Start Exercising

New information released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine has provided insight into a link between healthy aging and physical activity, no matter when the physical activity began.

Roadtrippers Launches New iPhone & Android Apps for Thanksgiving Road Trip Travel, the popular road trip planning site, today announces the launch of their much anticipated Android app, as well as a major upgrade to its iPhone app.

Entrepreneurs, Shiny Objects, and the Internet Money Club

Need help to succeed in the internet world? Then the Internet Entrepreneur Club is a must try for noobs! The Internet Entrepreneur Club is a membership site that is composed of veteran internet entrepreneurs that will help people quickly build a successful online business. This is a one of a kind program that that promises to take your business to the next level, be successful and gain multiple profits.

The Most Exclusive Jungle Gyms for Kids - Now Available

It is important for all parents to provide with children with all the necessary things in order to develop mental and physical awareness from a young age. There are different ways to do so, however, it can be best done through recreational activities which are surely enjoyed by all children these days. Jungle gyms are considered to be exceptionally helpful for this task and therefore, parents are recommended to buy them at the earliest convenience for their children. These gyms tend to enhance the social, mental and physical development in children from a very young age. Moreover, it also tends to provide kids with a great way to indulge in outdoor activities that are sporty and fun.

Aligning Company Strategy with Departmental KPIs for Real Results

A company is made up of various different departments, each having their own significance in the development of the overall progress of the company. It would be fair to say that even if one department is unable to do its bidding then the company’s progress will greatly suffer as a result, no department of a company is a separate entity thus it is necessary for them to not only perform better within the department but also align their performance with the strategies of the company to reach their ultimate goals and objectives.

Indianapolis Sport & Fitness Show Will Be Held in Indianapolis from January 3rd-5th, 2014

Our “New Year, New You!” show is focused on educating & encouraging Hoosiers to kick start the new year off right with new health & fitness methods for a better sustainable health. 250+ health & fitness exhibitors, FREE health screenings, Nutrition advice, FREE Samples, 50+ Sports & FREE Interacting activities for all attendees including the NFL PLAY 60 Zone from the Indianapolis Colts, a 6,000 sqft Skateboard Park w/live professional entertainment, Archery & Tennis Lessons, Cornhole Tournaments, Golf Driving Simulator & various LIVE Exercise sessions every hour in our Fitness Zone. More information can be found at our website at Get lean & mean in 2014 & kick start your new year off right by attending the largest 3 day sport & fitness show in Indiana!

The Most Exclusive Beach Resort & Hotel in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Individuals can be seen to be looking for various ways to spend their vacations and holidays adequately. People from all across the globe mostly opt for options such as resorts and hotels since they offer the much needed fun as well as exclusive accommodation services. Malaysia, being one of the best tourist destinations of the world, offers a wide range of places which individuals can choose in order to have the time of their lives.

Malan Breton HOMME Presented by Taiwan and Smithsonian Museum at Grand Central Station

Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York partners with the Smithsonian Museum promoting Taiwan culture with "Celebrate Taiwan at Grand Central Terminal" this Saturday September 28 from 11 - 2 PM. Taiwan celebrity fashion designer Malan Breton has been invited to show his fashions as a part of the festivities. The Malan Breton Collection will be shown at 1 PM.

Bitcoin Set to Heat Up Miami

LogoRich in potential and steeped in controversy, bitcoin is a radically new kind of money that operates without governments or banks. Already available and in limited use, bitcoin has recently become a hot topic thanks to intense value-fluctuations, political pressure and surging media attention.

Black Friday 2013 Samsung Galaxy Gear Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at has called the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear ‘revolutionary’ and ‘one of the best Smartwatches so far’. The gear which connects to the Samsung galaxy devices is capable of making phone calls and is inclusive of great features such as much needed gorilla glass, 1.9 MP auto-focus camera, 1.6” AMOLED display.

Black Friday 2013 GoPro Hero 3 Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at, a website dedicated in sharing list of gift recommendations for the upcoming holiday season, has recently included the GoPro Hero 3 to its list. The tag line ‘World’s Most Versatile Camera’ is rightly used by the GoPro company, as the capabilities of its products have surpassed many previous boundaries. The latest Hero 3 is one of their most popular products, and has been admired by both critics and users alike.

Black Friday 2013 MacBook Pro Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at, a website that has listed many gadgets and consumer electronics that can be great gifts during this holiday season, has recently reviewed and added MacBook Pro to its list. The MacBook Pro laptops, which come in 13.3” and 15.4” screens, have the much talked about ‘Retina Display’ offering an amazing 4 and 5 million pixels display.

Black Friday 2013 Nintendo 3DS Deals, Cyber Monday Sales and Review at, a website that provides list of gift recommendations for the upcoming holiday season, has recently added the portable gaming console Nintendo 3DS to its list. The latest console in Nintendo’s long line of products is considered as one of the best entertainment products ever created and even predicts the 3DS units could be sold out this season.