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Protein Trends & Technologies Market Overview, Top Key Players, Industry Growth Analysis and Forecast to 2027

LogoProteins are large biomolecules made up of amino acids. They perform various functions such as DNA replication, catalyzing metabolic reactions, transporting molecules from one place to another and responding to stimuli. There has been invention in technologies for protein synthesis and purification in last few years. According to the International Food Information Council Foundation's (IFIC) 2017 Food and Health Survey, there has been 33% increase in consumption of protein in the Americas since 2012, whereas in 2016, around 64% of Americans saying they consume protein. Report suggest consumer believe calories from protein are less likely to cause weight gain than those from sugars, carbohydrates and fats.

New Podcast Episode: How to Leverage LinkedIn's Power

LogoLinkedIn has become one of the best tools for businesses to attract leads.

Total Scaffolding Supplies, a Well-Known Company in UK for Scaffolding Supplies Now Offers Scaffolding Tube

Total Scaffolding Supplies, a well-known company in UK for scaffolding supplies now offers scaffolding tube. The company supplies a wide range of scaffolding tubes that are unused. They measure 5 feet to 21 feet. These tubes are supplied in steel that are of high yield for both hire and purchase. It can be supplied in aluminium as well. Besides the used ones, Total Scaffolding Supplies also offers used and brand new scaffolding tubes, scaffolding boards, and scaffolding fittings. Galvanised steel is used for manufacturing these tubes to maintain a long life and good performance. Aluminium is also used producing reducing the weight. The scaffold tube is later supplied in various sizes and ranges.

German Team Launches Indiegogo to Make Toys Vibrate

An exciting new communication device with vibrating sensor makes for quite a few design possibilities with the German made Body Interaction BI1. An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched to raise funds for final production, testing and shipping.

Paris Bureau of Weights Confirms Omerbashich Theoretical Value of Gravitational Constant G

International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris, France confirmed the first-ever scientific prediction of value of the Newtonian gravitational constant G that is also known as the Universal gravitational constant. G is used in the calculation of gravitational attraction between two bodies, so that the value of G determines the intensity of gravity force too. Until now, G was the least understood scientific constant. From experiment to experiment, and lab to lab, its value varied drastically since the 18th century when Cavendish gave his estimate.

Wundaland – Jewelry That Makes an Impression

Wundaland, a company based out of Germany, wants to bring their unique fine jewelry that is affordable for everyone to the world and they've launched an IndieGoGo campaign to get it manufactured and distributed., the Best Social Media Agency Now Offers Cutting Edge Solutions to the Clients, the best social media agency now offers cutting edge solutions to their clients. is catering clients from all sections of social media marketing. They offer wholesome social media marketing services to their clients. They are based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE and known for their quality social media marketing service. Their service helps companies to escalate their sales volumes and thus helps the company to grow.

Speed Up Magento Store's Loading for a Better Buyer Inflow with Magento Speed Customization from OSC Professionals

How fast an online store loads have a direct impact on the chances of buyer visiting an online store, if the loading speed is slower there is more chances that a buyer will switch to other website. That's where one needs the Magento speed optimization to speed up the loading for a better customer experience. OSC Professionals offer Magento speed Optimization in US and UK , while making use of the Magento optimization techniques such as Full Page Caching and other internal Magento tweaks and hardware configurations for best results.

DAS Formally Introduces SES Singapore as Part of Their Family

In the quest to provide proper services for special needs children in Singapore, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) announces Specialized Educational Services (SES) as their partner.

Linear ID Singapore Promises to Provide Personalised Design Home Designs

They say no two snowflakes are alike--not even two fingerprints. So why should two tastes in home interior design be alike? Interior design is as much a personal, curated choice as anything else. When one wants to change up their home a little, they often turn to interior design. Singapore has, in fact, some of the most talented interior designers in the region. However, not all of them can capture the clients' vision and make it a reality quite like Linear ID.

Australian Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Timeless Elegance

ERROYL, a new Australian watch company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce their automatic timepieces to the market that imbue elegance, respect and timeless appeal. Their first collection, the Heritage Collection, is designed to capture the beauty of classic watches with a timeless design that radiates class and refinement.

Body Kneads Massage Launches Attractive New Referral Bonus Program

Body Kneads Massage, one of the Gold Coast's top mobile massage services, announced the details and availability of the company's new referral program. Current customers who refer others to Body Kneads Massage for any of the company's services will receive $10 off the cost of their next massage appointment. Founded in 2010 by Q Academy School of Massage graduate Michael Paton, Body Kneads Massage provides convenient mobile massage services to athletes, corporate clients, individuals and others throughout the Gold Coast region.

Shortcut to Stream DVD Movies to Roku Rolled Out

LogoThe shortcut to play DVD movies on HDTV via Roku has been rolled out by Digiarty Software. No DVD player is required. The only thing people need to do is rip DVD to Roku compatible formats before streaming media content to HDTV. This leading multimedia software provider also brings the step-by-step guide to stream DVD to Roku. Promotes Being Healthy in the New Year with Six Healthy New Year's Eve Resolutions

The New Year signifies new beginnings, and most people want a clean slate to improve their health and their lives. At, they are offering six healthy New Year's Eve resolutions to consider as the ball drops in Times Square this December. My Identity Doctor is an online store that sells medical alert jewelry for kids, men and women that is durable, easily-readable, and helps promote a healthy future.

Call a Cooler Launches New Free, No-Obligation, 7-Day Water Dispenser Trial Offer

Call A Cooler, one of the area's leading water dispenser companies, announced a new, 7-day free trial offer. By filling out a simple sign-up form at the company's website at, those interested can arrange for a free, no-obligation home or office trial of one of Call A Cooler's affordable, reliable water coolers. Call A Cooler is a top perth water dispenser specialist, saving customers money and allowing them to enjoy fresh, pure, great-tasting water with the greatest possible convenience.

Australian Team Launches Tago the Lost-Item Finder

It happens to everyone. Keys disappear, bags seem to vanish, phones go missing. It launches a frenzied search that requires time the searching party often doesn't have. One team in Australia has found a solution to stop the hunting madness that goes with a lost item. Tago, a small digital tag that is small enough (about 30mm in diameter) to use anywhere! Tagos attach unobtrusively to anything: from your keys, to your pets, to everything you care about and a companion App for both Apple iOS and Android. From that point, anything you're missing is just a click away.

'We Will Beat Any Quote,' Claims Perth Based Gutter Replacement Company

LogoEstimating costs for a budget is a skill that not many can master. It takes experience and a keen sense of business to anticipate expenses. With more than 25 years of experience in the gutter installation and repairs industry, Perth Gutters are well equipped to challenge almost any quote brought to us by prospective customers.

iVue Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker & Finder Ever

LogoWe all know that sense of panic when we realize that our wallet, purse, keys or phone is missing. The initial panic is mild – did I leave it on the kitchen table? Did it fall between the seats of my car? After a thorough search of one's home and car without success, a deeper sense of worry kicks in; what if my wallet is gone forever? What if a stranger found my smart phone on the train? The mind runs wild with all of the horrible things that can happen next. Reports Millennials Significantly Influence Purchasing Decisions

According to, 50 percent of millennials prefer to buy brands which support a specific cause, and this becomes of great importance when one realizes this audience influences purchasing decisions which total $500 billion every year. Many millennials express concern about the environment and global warming. Companies wishing to show their support for the environment through the use of green products often turn to corrugated cardboard boxes.

Urban Swimming Pools Introduces Complete Pool Renovation Service for Pool Owners

In Melbourne, summer temperatures have been known to get as high as forty degrees Celsius. Homeowners always want to seek relief from the heat and the best way to do so is in the comfort and luxury of a swimming pool. Getting a swimming pool can be difficult enough, but maintaining a swimming pool can often be even more difficult, and results in neglected, aging pools that quickly take the shine off of the experience. Urban Swimming Pools ( specializes in creating the perfect pool for the client, but they have recently undertaken to breathe new life into existing pools as well.

High Quality Photo Canvas Prints in Various Sizes and Patterns from

Printed Canvas Direct is a company that offers premium home and office canvas prints. These prints can enhance the look of a living room or an office interior and add meaning to any space. The site offers a wide range of in-stock canvas prints in different categories such as geometric patterns, photo prints, illustrations, triptych sets and interesting statement prints as well. Be it black and white pictures, colorful images or those with color isolation, there are great patterns to choose from. For customers who want to get their favorite Instagram image or mobile photographs on a canvas, they can simply do so right here at Printed Canvas Direct.

January TraceGains Webinar Addresses FDA Menu and Vending Machines Labeling Requirements

LogoTraceGains, a full service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution, will host a highly requested webinar about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) recently released final rules on menu labeling. The FDA has finalized two rules requiring that calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards in chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments and vending machines.

Chicago Team Launches Indiegogo to Change Food System

A young married couple in Chicago is making a documentary film investigating America's impending food crisis and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise awareness of the issues and finishing funds for the film.

California Team Launches Kickstarter to Automatically Detect Images Similarity

Images. They're all over the internet. Incalculable image multiples clog the overall world wide web with proliferations of image duplications. This can slow image processing down. A California team has dedicated a project to the development of a lightweight, user-friendly automated image similarity detection algorithm specifically for targeting individuals, small and medium organizations and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to further develop, deploy and distribute this algorithm.

A Secret Among Friends: Debut Novel Grips Readers, as Three Best Friends Risk Losing Everything…To the Power of Secrets

While most readers use their first novel to do nothing but test the literary waters, Jay Kosharek is rapidly proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to compete with a genre's bestsellers. While he has been unknown in the world of literature until now, Kosharek has stormed the scene with 'A Secret Among Friends' – a novel readers won't be forgetting any time soon.

Angel Wings: Poet Beams Verses from New Book to Mars, Reminding Humanity of the Power of Angels

Ronald Chapman has led an interesting, diverse and ultimately successful life. However, he doesn't credit himself with all he has achieved, instead putting all of his experiences and accomplishments down to his Guardian Angel and friend - Evelyne Cojocar. In a unique and compelling new literary project, Chapman has brought together inspiration from Cojocar, his dreams of Angels and his dreams of South Korea into 'Angel Wings' – a volume of powerful and thought-provoking poetry.

Earth Allies: Compelling New Children's Book Shares Bold Message of Love; Empowering Young Readers to Respect the Earth & Live with Gusto

While children's books have long been a staple of the literary world, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-original stories that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, V.A. Farria has stepped up to the plate and is already making waves with a book carrying a message for all of humanity.