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Investor Alert: Key Energy Services, Inc. (NYSE:KEG) Under Investigation

An investigation on behalf of investors of NYSE:KEG shares over potential securities laws violations by Key Energy Services, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

ZipRealty, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZIPR) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover by Realogy Holdings Corp

An investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of ZipRealty, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZIPR), was announced concerning whether the takeover of ZipRealty, Inc. by Realogy Holdings Corp for $6.75 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:ZIPR stockholders.

Top Quality Home Cleaning Gold Coast Services 100% Guaranteed by

LogoA squeaky clean home is one of the essentials to happy, comfortable and safe living in Australia. Homeowners who understand the importance of cleanliness in their household spend time to do the chores. For some, however, finding the time to clean the entire place can be difficult, given their busy schedules. There are also homeowners who find it impossible to get that dirt off the house's nooks. In such cases, it is important to partner with the right home cleaning professionals who understand and address their unique needs.

A Series of Free Tutorial Videos by Helps People Build a Website from Scratch, a company dedicated in providing free WordPress tutorial videos, has been commended by many of its visitors for helping them build a website or blog without any prior knowledge. The tutorial videos have also been appreciated for their effectiveness and easy to follow step by step instructions. has quickly become a prime destination for all WordPress website or blogging needs, as their tutorials comprising of nearly 75 videos offer guidance to both beginners and advanced web designers. Relaunches Website with New Updates has relaunched their website with history, some great anecdotes about Moldavite and an easy to navigate shopping cart system. This green crystal also known as “The Stone of Transformation” often changes the life path of the owner. People can now buy these stones from this website and the owners pride themselves on taking outstanding photographs of each piece so that their buyers get an excellent view of the genuine Moldavite they will be purchasing!

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review - The Real Truth Exposed

Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore has become a best selling and respected product in the industry mainly due to his reputation as a fitness blogger and physique guru. Moore exploded onto to the web with his blog in 2007. He soon realized that the mainstream fitness industry’s idea of an “ideal physique” was far from what most people idea of looking good was. Following the urging of his fan base, he set out to create a blueprint to achieve what he refers to as “A workout for the lean Hollywood Look.” This led to the birth of Visual Impact Muscle Building. Moore has also recently released a course called “Visual Impact For Women.”

Text Your Ex Back Review - Reigniting the Flame and Passion

Fights amongst couples are rather common these days and most of the times they can lead to breakups. Sometimes the fights are due to a slight issue, sometimes a major issue. Often these fights could have been avoided. There comes a time in most relationships where both partners can benefit from some space and sometimes even a break. If this is not done often they start drifting apart and the relationship can end up being doomed. Ex’s are hard to forget particularly when you feel you could have done more to rekindle the passion and save your relationship.

Make Small Talk Sexy Review - The Real Truth Exposed

A lot of men these days seem to have problems when it comes to making small talk with women. The trouble is that women really go for the men who can hold a conversation. When a man appears to be stammering and clearly confused, women take that as a cue to not take the friendship or conversation any further. Men just don’t want to be friends with women as they always crave for something special and intimate with them.

The Tao of Badass Review - the Real Truth Exposed

Girls can be complicated to work out at the best of times for most men. The Tao of Badass pdf and videos is every man’s shortcut to knowing exactly what to say to women and teaches how to engage women in conversation with confidence. Joshua Pellicer the creator of The Tao of Badass, over the years has witnessed many ways in which men have tried to engage the interest of women. He finally decided to put this series of books and videos together to help men around the world jump start their ability to get the women they want.

The Muscle Maximizer Review - the Real Truth Exposed

The Muscle Maximizer is a new muscle building software developed by nutritional expert Kyle Leon. With this software he claims you can build firm lean muscle minus the fat. Allowing you to build muscle mass at a rate a lot faster than any other products on the market.

Bus Travel Facility Between Brisbane and Gold Coast Airport

If you are concerned about travel related service in Brisbane, Australia, well do not really concerned since many companies exist that could provide you with good bus facility from Brisbane to the gold coast airport and gold coast airport to Brisbane. A lot of low cost costing flights to Asia which take off from Gold Coast Airport, and these bus services wish to give door to door pickup facility so that you never face any difficulty while travelling. They strive to provide affordable along with luxurious airport shuttle bus facility for all of the Brisbane dwellers.

Gibout Toys Adds More Green to Its Toy Lineup

LogoGibout Toys sets the standard when providing the largest selection of eco-friendly toys, and is proud to bring a few new brands on board. Some new additions to the collection, are Green Toys Inc., who manufactures toys from recycled plastic milk jugs. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing safe toys without harmful BPA or phthalates. Best of all they are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Amovius Is 'Going Green' with Custom Software Development

LogoAmovius is custom software development and consulting company located in Melbourne, FL. They offer software solutions ranging from Consulting, to Enterprise Software Development and Application Support services. John Hudak, Vice President of Solutions Delivery, architected and developed the enhanced remote access program, allowing greater flexibility to Amovius employees. John noted, “Remote access programs and telecommuting options are all excellent recruiting and retention tools that allow our organization to be competitive. Our pool of Consultants and Software Engineers has increased dramatically, allowing us to acquire top talent across the U.S. and better serve the needs of our clients.”

Penny Stocks Volume Leaders: (OTC:SWVI), (OTC:REDG)

Swingplane Ventures Inc. (OTC:SWVI) stock is at $0.11, down 14.40 percent from its previous close of $0.13. Its today’s volume stands at11 million shares so far, while its usual trading volume is 24.826 million shares. The stock opened the session at $0.13 which is also its highest price point for the session so far. Swingplane Ventures’ lowest price point for the session stood at $0.10. The stock’s MACD chart shows neutral trend in the short term. Its first support level is at $0.10. Upon breaching this level, the stock may fall to $0.08 level.

Trulan Resources&Be ActiveHoldings Trend Analysis Report: (Pink:TRLR), (OTC:JALA)

Trulan Resources Inc. (OTC Pink: TRLR) shows neutral trend as the stock made a sharp movement in its latest trading session. It opened the session at $0.09 and remained in $0.06 and $0.10 price range during the session. The stock is 14.29 percent lower at $0.07. Trulan Resources’ first support level is at $0.06. Upon breaching this level, the stock may go as low as $0.05.

Trend Analysis Report On: (OTC:TEWI), (OTC:SRBL)

Titan Energy Worldwide Inc. (OTC:TEWI) opened at $0.04 and oscillated in the range of $0.02 and $0.04 in the latest trading session. It is at $0.03, down 32.68 percent from its previous close of $0.04, with volume of 4.973 million. Titan Energy Worldwide shows bearish trend and the stock’s first resistance level is at $0.04. Upon breaching this level, the stock may touch $0.05. On the downside, it may slip to $0.02.

Mid-Day Update on Most Active Stocks: (OTC Pink: BCCI), (OTCQB: FCPG)

Baristas Coffee Company Inc. (OTC Pink: BCCI) stock is at $0.05, down 2.00 percent from its previous close of $0.05. The stock shows neutral trend as it made the down move with trading volume of 8.559 million shares, in contrast to the average daily trading volume of 1.927 million shares. Its bearish trend is further confirmed by its MACD chart and the stock is also trading lower than short term EMA. The stock may go as high as $0.06 in its coming trading sessions.

Intra-Day Update on Selected Picks: (NASDAQ:MU), (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) traded in the range of $9.00 and $9.18 during its latest trading session. The stock had opened at $9.15 and is at $9.16, down 0.38 percent from its previous close of $9.20, with 18.223 million shares volume. Its MACD chart shows bullish trend. The stock may go as high as $9.25 level in the coming trading sessions. Micron Technology’s first support level is at $9.05. Upon breaching this level, the stock can go down to $8.90.

Mid-Day Follow-Up On: (NASDAQ:BBRY), (NASDAQ:FB)

Research in Motion Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY) traded in the range of $13.00 and $14.56 during its latest trading session. The stock had opened at $13.14 and is at $14.32, up 9.72 percent from its previous close of $1306. Research in Motion recorded the volume of 56.848 million shares. Its average daily trading volume stands at 62.228 million shares. Its MACD chart shows bullish trend and the stock may go as high as $14.85 in the coming sessions. Its first support level stands at $14.25, breaching this level, the stock may tumble to $14.08.

2 Tech Stocks on the Move: (NASDAQ:INTC), (NASDAQ:DELL)

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) stock is at $21.57, down 0.07 percent from its previous close of $21.58. Its latest trading volume has been recorded at 20 million shares, while its average daily trading volume stands at 44.96 million shares. The stock has made down movement with high volume and thus shows neutral trend. It is likely to maintain its neutral stance in the short run and medium run. The stock is likely to go down to $21.25 level in the coming trading sessions.

Daily Market Stocks to Trade On: (NASDAQ: SIRI), (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Sirius XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) is showing bullish trend as it traded in the range of $3.17 and $3.22 during its latest trading session. The stock had opened at $3.21 and is at $3.19, down 0.62 percent from its previous close of $3.21. Sirius XM Radio recorded the volume of 18.376 million shares, in comparison to its average daily trading volume of 59.329 million shares. The stock is likely to turn bullish in medium time period and may tumble down to $3.05 level. On the up side, the stock may go as high as $3.35 in the coming trading sessions.

Stocks Sparking Investors Interest: (NASDAQ:CLWR), (NASDAQ:AFFY)

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWR) traded in the range of $3.16 and $3.24 during its latest trading session. The stock had opened at $3.16 and is at $3.23, up 1.57 percent from its previous close of $3.18. Clearwire recorded the volume of 7.5 million shares. The stock price is trading below its short term moving average price and long term moving average price of $3.23.

Leading Medical Travel Portal,, Adds Comprehensive Destinations Guide

This new area of the site, an easy-to-access tab simply titled “Destinations”, features information on India, Thailand, and Singapore, the three countries that comprise a vast majority of the massive medical travel market in Asia.

Market Point Extends OEM Product Portfolio

Market Point, a leading national distributor of printers, printer parts and printer supplies, has been named an HP PartsOne Authorized Parts reseller, extending their portfolio of quality printer products fully backed by HP.

Stronger Than Expected Employment Report Suggests Improving Economy and Risk of Higher Rates Ahead

LogoLast Friday the Labor Department released the Employment Report for February. It was stronger than was expected. Job creations increased by 236,000, better than the 171,000 that was generally expected. The Unemployment Rate declined to 7.7%. There were some revisions to prior months, January down and December up. It was an improving report and there were cheers from Washington and from the financial press. The stock market continued to climb to new highs while the ten-year bond, the benchmark for commercial mortgage interest rates, increased several basis points in yield.

Precision Coating Company, Inc. and Medi-Solve Coatings LLC to Attend the BIOMEDevice Boston Show

LogoPrecision Coating Company, Inc. and Medi-Solve Coatings LLC will showcase their respective medical device coating technologies at the upcoming BIOMEDevice event in Boston, MA at Booth 929. The two subsidiaries of Katahdin Industries Inc. are fully qualified to serve the demands of medical device manufacturers with complete process capability documentation and required controls.

Hyundai Plans to Phase Accent Exclusive Review by researches that Hyundai may be planning to phase off Accent very soon. Accent has seen many peaks and falls in its living phase. In the year 2005 around 30,000 units were sold. In the month of March 2006, 3,500 Accents were sold. As compared to this, in 2011, only 11,000 new Accents were sold in India and 2012 witnessed a steep decline. In Jan 2013, sales figures had dwindled to just 157 units.